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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 8, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, March 8, 1999

The custody hearing for Parker started today. But before the trial started, Rosanna showed up and informed Carly that she was there to be a witness for John. She told Carly that she isn't fit to raise a curtain. There were a lot of great zingers today. Anyway, they got into a cat fight and Hal and Brad had to separate them. During the trial, each witness got up and told their rendition on how they thought Carly was an unfit mother. Lisa, Barbara, Rosanna, Hal, Andy and even M.J. was put on the witness stand. A couple of times the Judge had to take a recess because the court was getting out of control. At one time, she told Carly that she did not want to tick her off. When M.J. was on the stand, he told the same story that he saw Carly drop the baby. Carly came unglued and started to yell at M.J. The Judge took another recess and told Carly that she had better settle down. All through the day, Molly had been off to the side saying that she would have to reveal to the court who the real father is so that Carly and Parker could stay together. During this recess, Andy brings M.J. to John and tells John that M.J. has something that he needs to tell John. Andy leaves and M.J. tells John that he lied on the stand. M.J. says, "Carly did not drop the baby, I did."

Camille and her mother are at Camille's apartment. Sara Ruth is bugging Camille once again about Ben. Camille tells her mother not worry, she has a plan to let Ben know that she is interested in him again. Sara Ruth is nagging her to tell her and there is a knock at the door. Camille answers the door and Margo is there. Margo has a picnic basket in hand. Camille asks Margo to help her with her plan. They go to the high school and set up a little picnic. Camille tell Margo that this is where she first met Ben. Camille has Margo call Ben and get him to come to the school.

Denise is at the Oasis, dancing. She yells for Eddie, but no one is there. She puts on some slower music and starts to dance. Ben walks in and sees her dancing and get a smile on his face. Denise sees him and stops the music. He asks her why she stopped and she said that was only her stretching song. He tells her it was nice and she is a very good dancer. They talk about her dancing for men at the Oasis. Then Ben ask her if she ever dances with anyone and would she dance with him. She puts on some music and they dance together. She lays her head on his chest and he tells her that she is too good to be dancing at the Oasis. She tells him that he is ruining the mood. He says that she is a good dancer and very nice to dance with and that he is sure that he is not the first to tell her that. She pushes him away and says that he is the first in a long time. Then she makes up an excuse that she has a job to do and she needs to rehearse. She leaves and goes to the back room to get more music. Ben's phone rings and Margo in on the line asking him to come over to the high school. She says that she can't explain now, she just needs him to come over there. When she hangs up, Camille tells her that she sounded so cop like. Margo says, "that's because I am a cop."

Ben walks into the high school gym, but he doesn't see Margo. He does see that someone has set up a picnic on the bleachers. He yells for Margo, but Camille comes out from behind some mats. She says, "Margo isn't here, it's me."

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

Denise and Eddie are working on the lights at the Oasis. They are both thinking of other things (people). Denise makes Eddie pop out of his dream and she asks him about the love of his life. He explains that at first he was friends with Georgia and Katie but felt more for Katie. They started to date and then he realized that Georgia was the girl for him. He tells her how Katie would not fit into the world of the Oasis, but Georgia would rock the place. Denise tells him to call her and get her over to the Oasis, so she can help them get the place ready. He tells her that he messed that up real good. The phone rings and it is Katie for Eddie. Eddie tells her that he is real busy right now and it wouldn't be a good time for her to come over. While Eddie is on the phone, Denise accepts a package for Eddie. He just sit and looks at it and she tells him to open it. He says that he has never received a package in the mail before. He opens it and there is a bunch of money inside and a note from the owner telling him he is doing a good job and the money is a bonus for him. He tells Denise that he can't keep the money. Denise says, "don't be stupid, take the money." Then a flashback starts, she hears a baby crying and a man is holding money out in front of her saying, "don't be stupid, Denise, take the money."

Ben is at the high school gym, looking for Margo. Camille comes out from behind some mats and says that Margo isn't there, she is. Ben wants to know what is up with her. She asks him to give her his watch and she tells him that time is frozen. They are traveling back to the time after the pep rally when he asked her out. She tells him how infatuated she was with him and then he came across the gym and asked her out. Camille snaps back to reality and gives Ben his watch back and tells him that maybe he was right, they can't go back in time. She just wants to know that he doesn't hate her. Ben tells her that he forgave her a long time ago and he knows that he hurt her, too. Camille says that he has blown her away, she thought that he hated her. He says that you can never hate someone that you have loved with all your heart. They decide that the gym is getting cold and they will go for some coffee. They end up at Camille's apartment and she makes coffee for them. She tells him that she was looking in her rearview mirror the whole way back to her place thinking that he would change his mind. She tells him that she is hungry and gets out the sandwiches. A song comes on the radio and they remember that this song played the night of their first date. They get up and dance together. They are getting closer and Ben pulls away. Camille asks, "what is wrong"?

M.J. is telling John that he lied on the witness stand, Carly didn't drop the baby, he did. John tells him that is all right and he won't get in any trouble and they will just keep it to themselves and not tell anyone. Carly and her lawyer are trying to figure out a strategy to help her in court. Molly hears them and worries about having to reveal that John is not the real father and Carly will lose her millions. Carly is telling her lawyer to put her on the stand. Molly comes up and wants to talk to Carly. Carly tells her it is not a good time. Molly demands that she listen to her, so Carly turns and faces her. Molly asks her if it came down to her son or the money, which would she pick? Carly says both because her son deserves the very best. Molly says that she can't pick both, which would it be. Carly says that it would be her son of course, even if it meant burning the money bill by bill. Molly says that she can help Carly, she tells her to tell her lawyer to put her on the stand. Carly tells her to forget it, she sees Brad and goes over to him. Molly says, "he doesn't know what I know." Court reconvenes and everyone takes their seat. Carly turns and tells Brad thanks for being there for her. Carly takes the stand and swears to tell the truth. Carly tells the court that everything that everyone had said about her is the truth, to a certain extent. Carly tries to explain. She tells the court about her childhood, how her mother left her and married a rich man and had a new daughter. She tells about her and Rosanna's relationship and how they have never gotten along. She explains about how she lost her first baby and Rosanna felt bad so she made this deal with her about having a baby. She tells them about how she loved her first baby and then lost the baby before she was born. She talks about how John artificially inseminated her with his own sperm and didn't tell her. She tells them that she only signed the contract to give John the baby because he blackmailed her. She tells the judge that Parker is her miracle and he is why she gets up every morning, for him. She says that if her sister wants the money back, she can have it or she will donate the money to charity if the court wants her to, the money doesn't mean anything. The judge takes a recess and everyone leaves the room except Brad. He hears a child and walks to the front of the courtroom. M.J. is sitting there, talking to himself about lying. Brad starts to talk to him. At first, he startles M.J., he tells him that when he was young he liked to hide also. Brad also tells M.J. about a time when he was younger and he told a lie and didn't tell the truth when he had the chance. M.J. asks him what happened. Brad tells him that the truth finally came out and he felt better and he and his brother could talk again. He says that he didn't have a clue that being honest was the best way to solve everything. When Carly and her lawyer come back to the courtroom, Brad tells them about M.J. Carly says that they can't put him back on the stand, he is too afraid of John. They decide to do it anyway. Court comes to order and Carly's lawyer calls M.J. back to the stand. John stands up and tells the judge that his son has been through a lot today and he doesn't think he should be put through any more. The judge tells John to sit down or she will have him removed from the courtroom. M.J. takes the stand again and Carly's lawyer gets him to admit that Carly didn't drop the baby, he did. She wouldn't let him hold his brother and his father told him not to tell anyone. He looks at John and says, "it's wrong to lie." Carly looks at John and says under her breath, "you got that, Daddy"?

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

James asks Holden where he buried his son. Ben pulls back from Camille--there are things he must tell her. When M.J. confesses on the stand, Carly's lawyer jumps on the opportunity, depicting John as the true unfit parent. Denise breaks down in the bathroom once Eddie is safely out of earshot. When Holden refuses to tell James where the gravesite is, James calls him a murderer. John reassures M.J. that he did the right thing. When the judge grants her full custody, Carly exults. Andy urges her to be more generous with his father's visitations.

I can't begin to understand you, Ben admits to Camille. A teary Ms. Bennett urges him to fight with her, to be honest. Ben is insistent--while he'll always love her, he's not in love with her anymore. As he walks out, Ben spies Brad on the doorstep. What are you doing here? Camille cries.

Holden tries to warn Julia, leaving a cryptic message about James on Jack's answering machine. Jack walks in and tells Julia to stop lying to him. Eddie relates to Ben that Denise has been acting strange--he might want to keep his distance. Brad is hurt by Camille's focus on Ben--is it the color of his skin, or the fact that he's a doctor? Brad asks before walking out.

Julia tells Jack that she was at the hospital when he called last night. Jack is relieved and reminds her that they're in it together--it's them against the world. James surprises Julia. Holden tells Lily about James' demand--he has to confess, before the body is found. James tricks Julia into revealing clues about the location of David's grave. Lily tries to convince her husband that it wouldn't be good for his family. Julia informs Holden of her mistake and James gets another clue from the phone conversation.

Molly vehemently denies Andy's assertion that John has just as much right to see Parker as her cousin does. Carly arrives on Camille's doorstep, but Camille informs her that Brad has already come and gone. Determined to win Ben back, she tells Carly that Brad could use a good friend.

Ben surmises that Denise was distant because she was thinking of Gary and what he did to her. James hovers in the doorway, thinking of Lucinda's plea to him, as Holden announces he's going to confess to Jack as soon as he arrives.

Reid has to make a house call to Julia and elicits the fact that she helped bury David. Brad, who's drowning his sorrows, asks Carly to marry him. James stops Holden from confessing, telling Detective Snyder that he's heard from his son, who's very much alive. Reid instructs Julia that she must return to the scene of the crime--and take Reid with her as a witness.

Thursday, March 11, 1999

Due to NCAA coverage, As The World Turns will not be shown. Broadcasting will resume on Monday where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, March 12, 1999

Due to NCAA coverage, As The World Turns will not be shown. Broadcasting will resume on Monday where Wednesday's show concluded.


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