One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 8, 1999 on OLTL

Dorian attempted to contact Mel through a psychic. Blair found out about Max and Kelly's relationship. Bo ended his affair with Lindsay after she told Nora about it. Sam disclosed that his father had been involved in organized crime.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 8, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, March 8, 1999

Kevin met with an edgy Ben, who revealed more about his past links with organized crime and the death of his father. Ben revealed a black book with the names of organized crime figures that also included Senator Graham. Meanwhile, Graham was released from jail and went to Sykes and asked for protection. Bo agreed to continue to spend time with Lindsay as a friend and nothing more. Nora was thrilled when she came home from the hospital and discovered that Sam had set up a dream nursery for Matthew. Asa continued to rail against Will after Jessica informed her grandfather that she had decided to keep the baby, but Jessica defended Will to Asa. Renee covered when Asa found her crying after an emotional talk with Jessica where Jessica asked her to be her baby's godmother.

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

At the Crossroads, Ben burned a newspaper clipping with a photo from his medical school graduation. A crafty Sophia questioned Ben about his personal life, but Ben warned her to stay out of his affairs. Sophia tried to get more money from Dorian, but she was thrown out when Dorian realized there was nothing else to know. Andrew paid a visit to Dorian and suggested that she visit with a grief counselor to deal with Mel's death, but Dorian decided to contact Mel through a spirit medium instead. Bo defused an argument between Sam and Asa and warned his father not to hatch a plan against Sam. Sam admitted to Nora that his father had been involved in organized crime and told her that his brother Ben was hiding out somewhere close to Llanview. A livid Bo asked Lindsay to stay out of his life after he learned she was responsible for telling Nora the truth about their affair.

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

Written by: Marina Lawson

Dorian and the Psychic

Dorian goes to the see the psychic. Her name is Madam Delphina. The psychic knows Dorian's name. Madam Delphina asks for the personal effects she's asked for. Dorian empties an envelope with Mel's things, but she's unsure about being there. Madam Delphina tells Dorian they can contact Mel if he wants to be contacted. Dorian pays her and Madam Delphina begins trying to contact Mel.

The Police Station

John Sykes is on the phone as Téa enters the station. She sees him and beats a hasty retreat. He sees her as she's leaving and stops her. John tells Téa he's been trying to get a hold of her. Téa makes excuses about being busy, but John knows something else is up. Téa admits that she lied to him about the key in the bus station. She apologizes, but John says she doesn't need to. He asks what was in the locker; Téa shows him the key. She wants to know what the key is to, she has to know.

In another part of the station, Bo is in a foul mood, ordering the officers to find the Pelligrino file. Hank tries to calm Bo down. Hank tells him that it's not the file, it's Nora's birthday. Bo says it's not Nora's birthday for him anymore, yet he shows Hank the reservation he made for a fancy restaurant in town. Bo says he can't even call Nora to wish her a happy birthday (AND WHY NOT?).

Nora's House

Nora is talking to Rachel the Jailbird. They make small talk about Matthew and Rachel wishes Nora a happy birthday, reminding her of her birthday. Nora notices a card addressed to her. She's excited that someone remembered her birthday until she sees it's from her dentist.

Sam's Office

Lindsay bursts into Sam's office, railing at him for telling Bo the truth (someone needs to tell her to comb her hair). As they rage at who is the more despicable human being (Lindsay because she wants another man's husband, Sam because even though he wants Nora, he wants Nora to be happy), Will walks in on them, asking them what the matter with them is. Asa looks on happily from the other room at the chaotic scene in Sam's office.

The Psychic's Office

Madam Delphina continues to try to contact Mel, seeing images, a bird with a broken wing (the plane), a diamond (Mel loved baseball), rage (is Mel still mad at Dorian?). Dorian wants to know if Mel is still angry with her.

Sam's Office

Will wants to know what they all have against the Buchanans. He goes on to tell Lindsay and Sam that everything they told him was a lie. He rehashes past stuff (which is starting to get really old and boring) and says the only reason he came there was to ask Sam advice on being a father. Lindsay and Sam both look stricken. Lindsay tells Sam that she never meant to hurt Nora, she was afraid of losing Bo, but she lost him anyway. (This is amazing to me; didn't the woman have a one-night stand with him and now she thinks he's the great love of her life? Talk about fickle!)

The Police Station

Hank and Bo are still discussing the dinner reservation at the exclusive restaurant that neither of them is going to use. Bo tells Hank that he and Lindsay are over, it was a big mistake. Bo finally gets the file he waiting for and insists that Hank take Lisa to dinner.

In the hallway outside, John tells Téa he can't compete with Todd's memory. He's going to give her time to make up her mind. Téa looks down at the key and John walks away.

Nora's House

Nora is lying on her couch and hears someone at the door. It's Renee. Nora is glad to see her, but disappointed that Renee isn't there for her birthday. Nora sees Renee looking around and she tells her that Sam isn't there. Renee tells her that Asa is determined to drive Sam out of town. Nora tells Renee that Sam has been there for her, Matthew is Sam's son, and Bo is gone. Renee asks her if she's accepted it.

Bo's Office

Bo is staring at nothing in particular as Hank walks into the office. Hank tells Bo to leave the office early and have some fun. John Sykes walks into his office and is surprised to find Bo still there (if he's so surprised, why did he go into his office?). John bids him good night and tells him he's on his way to Rodi's to have a beer and invites him to come. Bo declines, saying that the guys wouldn't want him to be there, but John persuades him to go.

Sam's Office

Sam tells Lindsay he's sorry that things didn't work out for her and Bo. Lindsay, boo-hooing, says that Bo was alone through this crisis with Nora and she thought he might need somebody (never mind the thousands of times he told her he needed to be alone) and that somebody might be her. Sam tells her she deserves better, certainly better than he gave her. Lindsay agrees that she deserves better than Bo, but she's not giving up on him. Sam, who is also having as bad a hair day as Lindsay watches her flounce out of the room.

Carlotta's Diner

Hooray we get to see Carlotta! Téa asks Carlotta if she's heard from Cris and Roseanne. Carlotta tells her that Cris and Roseanne are enjoying the galleries and parties. Téa tells her that Cris deserves happiness. Carlotta tells her she does, too, and Téa produces the new key and explains what's happened. Carlotta asks Téa what she will do if it's Todd behind the door that the key opens? Téa says she wants to be able to throw the key away, but she can't. Carlotta tells her to look at what's right with her. Téa isn't convinced. Carlotta tells her all men aren't Todd, she doesn't deserve the abuse.

Sam's Office

Sam is making an excited phone call and is hanging up when Asa walks into the room. Sam says he's leaving, but Asa stops him and hands him a notice of eviction. Sam says he has a lease, but Asa tells him he's violated a morals clause. Sam tells him he's stuck with him, the clause only applies to what happens in the office, and he'll give him a fight if he wants one.


Bo is buying drinks for his staff. Bo still is unsure about being there. John tells him he's with family and Bo finally relaxes. Just as he gets himself a beer, someone is being serenaded with the happy birthday song. Bo looks sad (call Nora you big dope!).

Nora's House

Nora is singing happy birthday to herself (pretty pathetic). The doorbell rings, she hopes someone remembered her birthday. A man delivers a package and Nora takes it, telling him it's her birthday. She opens the package only to find out it's for Matthew.

Sam's Office

Will comes back to the office to find the eviction notice tacked on Sam's door. Asa fight with Will about Jessica's baby. Asa tells Will that all of the Rappaports will be out of town, but Will doesn't want to hear it. Renee is there (how did she know he was there?) and admonishes Asa.

The Psychic and the Psycho

Dorian wants to know if Mel is still angry, does he forgive her? Madam Delphina is still talking in metaphors; Mel wants his killers brought to justice. Dorian mistakenly thinks she means Viki (what a nut!).

Carlotta's Diner

Téa says she should throw the new key away. She tells Carlotta she should be with someone who is good and strong. Carlotta tells her that Todd was consumed with his own problems, Téa deserves to be happy. Téa says she wants a future, starting now. She drops the key into the trash can (she misses) and leaves. A waitress finds the key on the floor and puts it in the lost and found box.

The Bar at the Palace

Lindsay joins Dorian at a table in the bar. Lindsay is still going on about how everybody hates her. Dorian reminds her that she told her she would get no place with Bo. Lindsay tells her that it's not exactly true. Dorian realizes that Lindsay has slept with Bo, but that's it. Dorian tells Lindsay you don't appreciate someone until they're gone and you wish you had told them how you felt. Lindsay tells her she's right, about everything (someone give that woman a brush).


Bo is having a beer, sticking out like a sore thumb. The DJ announces lady's choice and one of the officers asks Bo to dance. Bo declines. She tells him a joke, which makes him laugh. She takes him out on the floor (Bo really is a good dancer) and they dance. Bo loosens up and takes off his jacket and starts to have some fun.

Nora's House

Nora starts to turn off the lights. The doorbell rings and she's sure she's going to be disappointed again, but it's Sam with a birthday present for her from Matthew. She's so happy to have a present and thanks Sam. She opens it. It's a Velcro dart board. Sam starts to leave but Nora stops him. They play a game of Velcro darts.


Bo is still dancing (it's turned into a line dance), but now he isn't having so much fun, he looks sad.

Thursday, March 11, 1999

Written by: Heather Watson

Max and Kelly

Max wakes up with a pair of black lace panties in his hand. He looks around for Kelly and finds her sitting away from the bed. He tells her she is amazing and she responds that they should call it quits because of Blair. Max is stunned. Kelly and Max Discuss Blair's probing for information on Max's new lover. Kelly wants an uncomplicated relationship and no further hassles with Blair, but Max says he doesn't care about Blair and wonders why Kelly does after all Blair has done to her. Kelly says Blair is her cousin and she thinks she should be loyal to her family. Max swears he does not want Blair back, ever. Max doesn't want to talk about Blair anymore. He wants him and Kelly to go public with their relationship. Kelly says she still feels guilty about causing Blair to lose her baby, Ian, and The Sun. She thinks Max is sleeping with her just to stick it to Blair. She laughs when Max says their relationship is more than just sex. As Max and Kelly continue talking, a knock comes on the door and they hear Blair's voice demanding that Kelly let her in.

Sykes and Téa

Téa shows up at the bar to see Sykes and finds him still angry about her pursuit of the mysterious key. She tells him she threw the key away and shows him her annulment papers with her signature on the last page. She says she is turning it in tomorrow morning and she asks for a chance for them to start over. She pleads with Sykes to reconsider his decision to walk away from the relationship and promises no more searching for Todd's mystery. They come to terms about honesty in their relationship and start to dance and discuss their sordid upbringings.

Ben and Sophia

Sophia gets on Ben's case about Blondie and Ben becomes hostile. Ben makes a call and then hangs up the phone, running out of the bar in a hurry. Sophia correctly suspects that he is heading over to the Banner and calls Dorian to tell her he he's going there to see Blondie.

Dorian and Blair

Dorian is mad at Blair for not taking the opportunity to snoop around Viki's office while she is away on vacation. Dorian vows to pursue her vendetta against Viki. When Blair tries to convince her that she should drop it, Dorian tells her she thinks Mel approves of her actions because he told her so through a psychic named Madame Delphina. Blair is skeptical as Dorian goes on to tell her that Mel asked her to bring his "killers" to justice, overlooking the plural by stating he could only have meant Viki. She tells Blair about the mention of the name Hamlet and they assume it just meant that Mel liked Shakespeare.

Blair tells Dorian she wants to know who Max is sleeping with. She says Max is the only one who has truly made her happy, but admits Todd was also her type.

Dorian gets Sophia's call about Ben and leaves for the Banner, thinking she is going to get the goods on Viki. As she leaves, she advises Blair to follow her example and obliterate the competition.

Kevin and Graham

Kevin tells Joey about Graham's involvement in Mel's case. Soon after Joey leaves the room, Graham enters and tells Kevin to "call off the dogs." Kevin tries to talk Graham into telling him about his connections, guaranteeing him protection. Graham tells Kevin he knows someone is tailing him and he thinks Kevin is that person, or knows who it is. When Kevin implies it must be Graham's former associates, Graham says, "They got what they want. They don't need me anymore." Just then the phone rings. Kevin picks up and hears "This is Hamlet." Kevin looks over at Graham and tries to be evasive, responding to Ben as if he is someone from the pressroom trying to get approval on a story. Graham picks up an extension and hears Ben ask, "Did you get to Graham or not?" Graham pulls on gun on Kevin and backs him up against a wall.

Ben runs out of the bar when he suspects trouble at the Banner.

Graham again accuses Kevin about being one of "them." He thinks Kevin's phone conversation was about arranging a hit on him when he leaves The Banner. He becomes increasingly agitated and starts talking. He tells Kevin he didn't want to be in "their" pockets, but he needed a little help once. He just wanted to be a public servant, but "they" wouldn't let him. As he tries to leave, there is a struggle and a gunshot is heard. Kevin looks on in shock and panic as Graham falls to the floor, then looks up to see Ben standing there with a gun in his hand.

Ben checks Graham and pronounces him dead. Kevin asks, "Did I kill him, or did you?."

Joey and Dorian meet in the hallway at the Banner, and Joey asks her what she is doing there.

Friday, March 12, 1999

Written by: Diane Hopkins

Lindsay is in the hotel bar drinking and singing, " I hate Nora in the springtime, I hate Nora in the Fall", etc. The bartender claps and smiles and joins her in conversation, she's talking about the Commissioner's wife and about how she wants her husband and that she's ready for Plan B, the bartender is in complete alliance with her when Bo walks in. She begins to apologize to him for telling Nora that she and Bo had slept together.

Blair is at the door of Kelly's hotel room banging and shouting for Kelly to open up. Kelly, meanwhile, is in the room with Max whispering and asking Max to hide, something that he does not want to do. When Max hides she opens the door to face a bitter and jealous Blair, who is there to see what's going on in Max's love life. Blair comes in and looks around and says there's somebody in here. She searches under the pillow, but alas, no one to be found.

Dorian and Joey run into each other at the Banner, he asks what's she's doing there. She, of course, begins to lie and says she came to pick Blair up for dinner. Joey doesn't believe her, saying it's too late at night for that and accuses her of dirty work. She replies, that's nonsense. They discuss the plane crash and she lies repeatedly, but Joey knows why she's there, to find something to hurt Viki.

Kevin and Ben argue, with Kevin saying, no he did not shoot him. Ben says he didn't shoot Graham either and they can't figure out who did the dirty deed. They discuss Graham's (who's now dead) involvement and wonder if this was a setup. Kevin asks, was he scared of you, Ben?

Joey and Dorian continue to argue. Joey grabs Dorian and pushes her into the darkroom and says, you won't bother anyone else. She pounds on the door of the darkroom, begging Joey to let her out because she's claustrophobic, but he ignores her.

Ben tell Kevin that he never met Graham before and they both deny shooting Graham. They argue about people who are after Graham. There is nowhere these guys can't reach you, says Ben. Ben leaves and runs into Joey, who's coming into the room. He stops when he sees Graham's dead body.

Lindsay is completely apologetic and upset because she didn't mean to tell Nora about them sleeping together. She said Nora hurt her and was cold, she was afraid he was going back to Nora and leave her. Nora got under my skin, Lindsay tries to explain. Bo says, so that's why you told her and is that Nora's fault. Bo looks at her, not believing a word, and says its too late. She pleads with him again, I'm sorry.

Max is still hiding while Blair questions Kelly and looks around the room, not believing Kelly. Blair demands to know about Max and Kelly being close at R.J.'s the other night, she wants to know who Max is seeing. Kelly stares at her and says, why do you want to know about Max, you don't want him, that's Max's business. Blair accuses, you do know who he's seeing, he told you something. Kelly walks to the door and Blair vows she will find out.

Bo says that the apology is touching and tells her to stay away from Nora. Please drop the conversation, he requests, and he leaves. She tries to stop him when he says, "we are finished", but he won't stay. She's upset. The bartender comes over and says he guesses plan B didn't work. She replies to the bartender, that's not Plan B, that was the truth, now it's time for Plan B.

. Joey asks Kevin what happened, he tries to explain the situation with Graham. Joey wants to know about "the man", his source. Kevin denies seeing a man and tells Joey not to mention seeing his source to the police. Joey asks "why are you protecting him", just for a story? All of a sudden the cops rush in. John Sykes says put your hands up and they do. When John sees Graham lying on the floor, he kneels down and says, "I'm sorry and why didn't I listen to you, forgive me", he cries. He begins to question Kevin for answers when Bo enters. Bo says he is sorry to John and asks what happened. Kevin says it's not my fault and explains everything to Bo or what he wants Bo to know. When Bo asks Joey what happened, he doesn't say a word. Dorian marches in and says Joey locked her in the darkroom and says Kevin murdered Senator Graham.

Lindsay discussing Bo and Nora with the bartender, the bartender says what about Plan B. Lindsay won't tell him what Plan B is, she said "I don't want to corrupt you."

Kelly says to Blair it's none of your business about Max's lover and Blair goes on and on about Max's new girlfriend, her hair, boobs, etc. She's jealous and says to Kelly, you are the perfect airhead for Max, Max couldn't take it any longer, he burst out of his hiding place saying Kelly *is* the perfect airhead for him. Blair's mouth dropped opened and not a word came out, her face looked devastated, she was in total shock. Max, holding on to Kelly, seems pleased by hurting Blair. Blair finally speaks and says "he, she," she utters, because she had no words. The curtain had come down for Blair and behold, Max says, "eat your heart out." Blair says I don't care, the sleaze and the tease, calls them. Max and Kelly say together, you lose, Blair. Blair retaliates by warning Max to be careful, his new girlfriend has a habit of burying her lovers. Blair leaves and cries outside the doorway.

Lindsay begins to write a letter to Bo begging for forgiveness.

Ben opens a safe in the Bar and takes a box out with Viki's picture in it. He's planning to leave with his bag when the barmaid comes in, questioning him about his whereabouts. He says, take out the trash and go home. She leaves and Ben once again looks at Viki's picture longingly.

Kevin pleads self-defense to Bo. Bo asks why was Dorian locked up in the closet. Joey gives his side of the story, accusing Dorian of dirty deeds about Viki.

Max and Kelly talking about Blair, Kelly asks why he came out of the back, she did not want "this thing" exposed to the public. This thing meaning their secret affair, Blair was humiliated. Max just wants everyone to know. He admits they are a couple and wants Kelly to admit it too. Blair, meanwhile, is getting smashed at a bar, asking for one drink after another. She's crying and thinking about Max and Kelly when the bartender tells her no more drinks.

Meanwhile Lindsay has packed a suitcase and has pushed her car off the road and down a hill.

Joey says he heard nothing and Kevin confirms his story except when Joey says there was someone else here.

Crossroads -- Ben thinking

Next time on OLTL Sam says to Nora "if you had to do it all over again in the cabana, would you not do it. Ben says to Dorian, are you visiting one of the staff here, to the barmaid he says, is this a friend of yours (meaning Dorian) he looks from one to the other, curious. Bo says to Kevin "whoever you are protecting is a killer" is your story worth that kind of risk.

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