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Josie and Cameron's son died of heart failure. Gary began drinking again. Cindy disguised herself as Vicky so Jake would think that Grant and Vicky were sleeping together. Cass delivered Matt and Lila's divorce papers. Joe arrested Vicky.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 15, 1999 on AW
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Monday, March 15

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Remy went to talk to Tito because she's upset that Nick hasn't called her. She told him he was right and that she never should have told Nick the truth. Tito was more concerned about whether he's talked to Joe or Paulina. Nick arrives and says it's not surprising to find the two of them together. Remy wants to talk to Nick, but he told her they have nothing left to say and leaves. Remy's upset, but Tito told her that he's just a cold person, and he had unrealistic expectations of her. She's better off without him. She says she loves Nick, and if he came back, she'd take him back in a heartbeat.

Toni, Chris, Donna, Etta Mae, Paulina and Joe are organizing the Chamber of Commerce dinner at the Lucky Lady. Joe was still distracted by the fact that he lost the tape. Paulina says that at least Grant was out of town, but then in walks Grant. He says as mayor he wouldn't miss this dinner, he has to give the keynote speech. Joe orders Grant to leave, and Grant starts taunting Joe about Paulina until Joe loses it and attacks him. The others pull Joe off of Grant, but Joe threatens him still. Grant told Joe he's reporting his threats. Joe says he doesn't care; Grant's days are numbered. He says Grant better leave, or he'll kill him. Grant laughs at the thought of "boy-scout Joe" doing him in. Next, Paulina threatens Grant. He seems to take her threats much more seriously, and eventually leaves. Cindy follows him and remarks that scene went a little far even for him. She asks what he did when he was out of town. He leaves without answering her.

Vicky has nightmares about Grant. She wakes up saying his name, and Jake asks what that was about. She says it's nothing. He reminds her that she promised to stay away from Grant. He says he's not accusing her of lying, but he thinks she needs to talk about her obsession. She tells him she wants to go running, and after she leaves she says to herself that she'll never lie to Jake again once she catches Grant. Meanwhile, Jake finds Grant's cufflink on the floor of their bedroom. He realizes that Vicky has been lying to him.

Back at Carlino's, Joe was still seething. Paulina tries to get him to talk, but he won't. Tito arrives to ask Paulina about the money. She says there's some more red tape they have to get through at the bank, but the money will come through soon. Paulina's locket falls off and Tito helps her put it back on. She asks him where his locket is, and he remembers that Remy has it. Tito says he leaves the locket at home. It's not something a guy would wear. She told him to bring it with him next time and she could make it into a pin or something. Then Tito leaves, because Paulina told him Joe was having a bad day. Joe starts to leave, too, but Paulina wants him to stay and talk. He's too angry at Grant, and threatens him loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear before he leaves.

Jake finds Donna and demands to know if she knew about Grant being at his house yesterday. She's evasive, even after Jake shows her the cufflink. He begs her to tell him what she knows. She says Vicky was alone when she got there and didn't mention Grant. Jake says he doesn't believe her. She told him to talk to Vicky about it. She leaves, and Chris comes over and asks Jake what's wrong. He says his marriage was a joke. Jake told Chris that Vicky's lying to him. Chris tries to calm him down; he says if Vicky was lying, she must have felt she had no other choice. He says Jake needs to calm down, because he appears to be on the verge of doing something he can never take back. Jake chills out a bit, and told Chris that he's not going to worry about dealing with Vicky anymore. He's going after the source of the problem... Grant.

Grant hires Mr. Freeman to dig into Joe and Paulina's past for information he can use against them. He sends Freeman away and went into his bedroom, where he was surprised to find Vicky. She tries to be playful with him, but he told her he knows what she's up to, and told her to get the hell out of there. Vicky was surprised by Grant's reaction. He says he knows she's been snooping around trying to pin something on him. Cindy gets there in time to listen in. Vicky denies Grant's accusations. She declares that she loves him, but that it's too risky for him to come to her house. She asks him how she can convince him of her feelings, but he says she can't. She kisses him, and asks him to make love to her. He's still not buying it; he says her kisses lack passion. She says she's always worried about Jake showing up, so he makes reservations at a hotel. He says he never wanted anyone more than her, and she says she feels the same way about him. They kiss, and Cindy enters the room. She told Vicky to get her hands off Grant. Grant orders Cindy to leave, but she told him he's crazy to believe a word Vicky says. She told Vicky she'll get more proof that she and Jake are out to get Grant. Vicky asks her why Grant would believe the person who shot him. She says Marley told her everything. Grant screams at Cindy that she's a maniac and then attacks her. Vicky pulls Grant off Cindy and says she's not worth it. Grant told Vicky that she should go home. Cindy told Vicky that she'll pay for what she's done today. Vicky leaves, and Cindy told Grant that she never tried to kill him. But, he told her, she did shoot him, and they've both known it for a long time. She asks why he he tried to throttle her for it just now. Because I can, he told her. She says he's scaring her, and he says good, she should be frightened.

Nick thinks back to his earlier conversation with Remy. He wishes he'd handled things differently. He thinks they can work out their problem. Meanwhile, Remy finds Tito again. She was broken-hearted and starts to cry. Tito seems to feel bad seeing her upset, and they hug. He told her she's better off without Nick. She says he just doesn't get it. All she wants was to be loved, and she came so close to that with Nick. Tito told her that he has dreams of his own.. even ones that include love. She asks what he's talking about, and he kisses her. Nick arrives in time to see them kissing. He freaks out, saying that he actually came back to apologize for being a jerk earlier. Remy wants to explain, but he says every time she explains something, it makes things worse. He says the two of them deserve each other.

When Joe gets back to Carlino's, he's much calmer. He says he just snapped, but now it's over. However, when he sees Grant's picture in the paper, he fantasizes about sneaking up behind Grant and killing him with a choke hold. He told him he has the right to remain silent... forever. Paulina returned with soup for Joe and sees him smiling. She comments that it's a beautiful sight, and Joe, still in his fantasy, agrees that yes, it is.

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Tuesday, March 16, 1999

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Frightened by Grant's venomous tone, Cindy flees from the mayor's apartment. Cameron was dismayed to learn that his newborn son might have meningitis and will require an immediate spinal tap. Meanwhile, Gary comes to Josie's hospital room and asks his wife why she lied to him for so long about the child she was carrying---a child he grew to love so much. Realizing she has to reveal the rest of her deception, Josie shakily admits to an enraged Gary how she altered his test results to hide the fact that he can never father any children. Cindy describes for Jake the encounter she just witnessed between his wife and Grant, then reports that the mayor and Vicky have scheduled another rendezvous at a sleazy hotel. Sharlene urges her son-in-law to remember that it takes more than genes to link a father to his child. Josie completes her painful round of confessions by informing a stunned Joe that she was the one who tampered with evidence and helped Grant get off the hook. Cindy dons a blonde wig and sets a seduction scene at the Sinbad Hotel. After giving Jake a glimpse of "Vicky" in bed with her ex, Cindy vanishes, leaving Grant to face the jealous husband alone. Josie and Cameron are devastated when their infant son succumbs to heart failure. Later, Sharlene delivers the heartbreaking news to Gary. Cindy offers to lead Joe to the tape. Gary heads to a bar and begins drinking.

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Wednesday, March 17, 1999

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Tito conveniently dropped a book so Paulina would see how much he wants to go to college. He told Paulina how hard he was working so he can pay his way through school. Paulina offered to help. Tito asked to help with his college entry essay. Paulina agreed. After Tito left, Paulina asked Remy why was she looking so upset. Remy attempted to tell Paulina the truth about Tito but was interrupted by Nick.

Nick told Remy that he didn't care that she kissed Tito. Remy and Nick made up and she began to confide in Nick about her concern for Paulina and Tito. Nick immediately jumped to the conclusion that Tito was up to no good. Remy became defensive and the two began to argue again.

Jake warned Grant to stay away from Vicky. Jake was jealous of Grant's confidence that Vicky will soon be with Grant. Jake tried to choke Grant. Mr. Frameman showed up and broke up the brawl in Grant's defense. After Jake left, Mr. Frameman gave Grant the info that he wanted on Vicky. Grant eagerly raced to share the information with Joe.

At the pier, Cindy tried to convince Joe that she was the one who can put Grant behind bars. Joe didn't believe her. He attempted to arrest her unless she told Joe where the tape is. Finally, Cindy told Joe it was in the water. Joe didn't believe her. Grant showed up and wanted to know what the two were talking about. Joe demanded to know what Grant was doing there. Grant warned Cindy that he might have to tell Joe about the secret that he and Cindy share. Cindy became frightened then left as per Grant's request. After Cindy left, Grant told Joe that he had evidence that Paulina made a profit from selling her first born child. He would destroy the evidence if Joe gives Grant the file and the tape.

After Joe left, Cindy went to see Grant back at the pier. Cindy was frightened for Grant. He seemed to be too calm. Grant told Cindy about his conversations with Jake and Joe. Grant expressed his anger, as well as a tear or two, to Cindy. He said he hated that stinking town. Cindy told Grant how worried she was because when she talks to Grant, it was like he was dead. Grant kissed Cindy good-bye. As Grant walked away, Cindy yelled, "Someone has to stop you." Grant replied, "You could try."

Joe went to see Paulina at Carlino's. He told Paulina about Grant's ultimatum. Joe tried to convince Paulina that she needs to tell Tito that she sold him right after she gave birth to him. An outraged Paulina worried about Tito's reaction.

Paulina went to Tito's. He saw her coming up the stairs. So he faked a nightmare leaving Paulina worried that he was abused by his foster parents. Tito began to open up to Paulina about his childhood. Paulina was feeling guilty and decided to get Tito out of Bay City and into college as soon as possible. Paulina gave Tito a little motherly advice about being a good person, gave him a hug, and left. Tito showed a little concern for Paulina hoping that she will never find out about him. He doesn't want Paulina to get hurt. He tried to convince himself that she will be okay.

At Tito's apartment, Remy confided in Tito about her argument with Nick. Tito tried to talk her out of caring for Nick.

Vicky tried to sneak out of her house when Donna caught her and told Vicky that Jake went to warn Grant that Vicky loves Jake. Donna accused Vicky of being obsessive. Vicky called Donna obsessive for hitting Marley with the car. The two began to argue. Vicky apologized. Donna warned Vicky that her marriage will be in jeopardy if she continues to see Grant. Just then, an angry Jake walked in.

Jake tried to not lose his temper with Vicky, but eventually he lost it. Jake was upset because Vicky had taken this thing with Grant too far. Vicky was insulted when Jake suggested that Vicky would go as far as to sleep with Grant. Jake admitted that that was what Grant had implied when he was with Grant earlier. Jake gave Vicky an ultimatum. She was to make travel arrangements to anywhere for the two of them and the boys or Jake would take matters into his own hands. Vicky refused to go along with his plan. She agreed with the fact that she has gone too far and that she will not pursue this anymore, but she was not going to run away either. Jake was thinking that Vicky really loved Grant and stormed out.

Jake went to see Joe at Carlino's. The two men discussed Grant's strange behavior. Paulina returned to Carlino's to find out that Joe disappeared with Jake. Grant showed up. Paulina told Grant to get out. She told him what it was like to try to escape a burning house. She began to visualize Grant burning in the middle of the restaurant. After some cruel comments, Paulina went ballistic and tried to deck him. Nick played "hero" and held Paulina back. Grant left Carlino's laughing while Paulina made death threats to him. Back at Vicky's, Donna told Vicky that she should leave town with Jake. Vicky was feeling uilty and vowed to do whatever Jake wants her to do. Vicky saw Jake coming to the door from the window. She thanked Donna for her advice and raced to the door. She opened the door to find Jake standing there with Joe. Joe informed Vicky that she was under arrest for the shooting of Grant Harrison.

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Thursday, March 18, 1999

by Soap Central

Sharlene takes her grieving daughter home, where Josie's heart was pierced anew by the sight of all the baby paraphernalia which will never be used. The presence of baby stuff and the absence of Gary's belongings tear Josie apart. Sharlene tries to hide a baby outfit festooned with the logo The Chicago Cubs on it. However, Josie notices her trying to stash something and asks her mom what was she trying to hide. Sharlene tries to change the subject by telling her that the doctor said she should rest. Josie looks at her and Sharlene told her that she has nothing in her hands as she tries to keep moving by cleaning up the house. Josie continues prodding and told her mom she was never good at hiding things from her. Sharlene finally shows Josie the baby outfit she was trying to hide from her and told her that she didn't want to upset her further. Josie asks her mother if she doesn't think she remembers that she was suppose to bring a baby home. Josie then went into the bedroom and notices that Gary took everything he owned. Sharlene tries to console Josie after she finds that her husband has removed all of his belongings from their apartment. Josie told her mom that she knew this was going to happen. She knew because of the way she treated him, but she guessed and hoped. She then Stops short and told Sharlene that they use to share everything before she started lying and now, Gary hates her. Sharlene told Josie that this isn't the end, Gary will come back to her because he loves her so very much. Josie told her mom that she had his brother's baby and isn't feeling too optimistic right now. She then told her mom that she really needs Gary and doesn't know how she was going to do this without him. Sharlene told her daughter she loves her and will be there to help her. Josie says this was her and Gary's last chance for a baby. Sharlene told Josie they'll never forget the baby. He was their boy no matter how short a time they had with them. Sharlene then told Josie she wants her to take a nap and she's gonna take a shower and then finish making the arrangements for the service. Josie can't believe she was going to her baby's funeral. Sharlene told her that she needs to say goodbye, for herself and the baby.

After Sharlene went to take her shower, Cindy bursts into the place and told Josie if she wants to save her marriage and make sure her baby has a father, she better listen up. Cindy starts by telling Josie that she has a deal in the works with Joe Carlino and Josie was going to make sure that the deal went through. She told Josie that she wants her to confirm the fact that they had the tape, but it fell into the lake. Josie told Cindy to shut up. Cindy told Josie that she had better watch the way she talks to her or she will also let Joe know how she got the tape. Josie told Cindy that she already told Joe everything. Cindy told Josie she was going to have to tell Gary everything now. Josie told Cindy that she knows this ruins her blackmail, but the baby died. Cindy was shocked and asks if there was something she can do. Josie asks Cindy where was all this sympathy when she was going into labor on the docks. Cindy told her that she did call 911. Josie unleashes her pain and anger on Cindy by telling her that she was the one who ran Josie ragged for the last few weeks. She was the one who made her lose her baby, it was her fault! Cindy says no, I didn't want to hurt the baby. She then looks around for Gary, but Josie told her she doesn't have to worry about Gary, because she has told him everything. Cindy told Josie that she never would have hurt, but Josie cuts her off and told her to get out of her house now!

Cameron finds Gary and tries to pull his brother out of the bar by trying to supply him with coffee. Gary however, wants nothing to do with Cameron and told him where he can put his coffee. Cameron told Gary he's blowing his sobriety and begs him not to punish himself because of what he has done to him. Gary told Cameron not to take all the credit because he couldn't have done it without that wife of his. Cameron told Gary if he wants to do this to himself then he'll leave. Gary ignores Cameron and continues to drown his sorrows in one drink after another. Upon leaving, Cameron runs into Felicia and told her that Gary has been in the bar all night. Felicia told Cameron she will try to talk to Gary. A guilty Cameron told Felicia that he has really let Gary down. Felicia says you didn't get him to drink. Gary made that decision all on his own. Cameron told Felicia that he baby's funeral was today and Josie was really going to need Gary. Felicia told Cameron that she'll see what she can do. Cameron leaves and Felicia approaches Gary at the bar. As she comes up to Gary he told her that she was the only woman he knows that wears perfume in the morning. Felicia told him it's a old habit and she woke up so many mornings smelling like a distillery that -- well, perfume, mouthwash, mints -- oh, yeah, she knows all those tricks. Gary told her then she knows there's nothing she can do for him, so don't worry about it. Felicia says she thought maybe he could go to a meeting with her and then they could take him home, he can shower and change. Gary spouts out that he doesn't have a home, he moved out. Felicia says then how about a meeting? Gary told her he was staying right here and told the bartender to pour him another round for him and his pal. He then asks Felicia if she was his pal. She told him yes, he knows that. Gary says actually he doesn't. He has come to the conclusion that he can't trust anybody, wife, brothers, friends. Felicia told him she was so sorry about the baby and everything else, but if he was going to sit here and drink he was going to have to do it by himself. Felicia then asks him to try and forgive Josie because down the road he could have another baby, but Gary says that he's sterile, just one more of Josie's lies. Gary told Felicia that he believes that baby was a gift from God, and because he wasn't there for the baby, God took it back. Felicia told him that there will be a funeral for the baby and then leaves.

Jordan was talking to Ms. Allen and told her that Amanda told him that she's been dreaming of getting in to the other side of the gate since she was a child. He then wonders why she would admit this and then run from it. He then told Ms. Allen that he knows there was something that Amanda isn't telling him and he has to find away to get her to the next step. Jordan discovers that his book was missing and asks Ms. Allen where was it. She says excuse me and Jordan angrily told her that he has always kept it in his drawer. Margaret told him that she has not let anyone come into his office. He told her that no one comes into his office without his -- he then stops short and realizes that Rachel was probably the thief who lifted it and heads over to the Cory mansion.

Rachel pores through the book and told Lila and Matt that the language was pretty archaic. Cass brought over Matt and Lila's divorce papers and told them their divorce was in the works; Matt tries to put on a happy face. Cass told him with his signature and Lila's they can get the show on the road and get on with their lives. Matt says great and Rachel wonders out loud what Jordan Stark wants with her family. A curious Cass asks her if she was reading Beyond Imagination. Rachel told him yes and he asks to look at it. While the foursome are engrossed in the Stark document, Jordan shows up at the mansion as David to see Amanda; his actual goal, of course, was to retrieve the book. As he reaches the front door, he runs into Amanda as she was coming out of it. She asks him if they had a meeting today. He told her no, he came to invite her to accompany him to a magazine publishers' convention in New York City. She explains that she's too distraught over the death of Cameron's infant son to leave town just now. She then told David she was on her way to find Cameron and will talk to him when he gets back from New York. He lies and told her that he wants to discuss something with Matt while he was here, so he will see himself in. Amanda bids him good day and leaves. David slyly enters the mansion and hides behind the stairwell listening in as Cass and the Cory's flip through Beyond Imagination and discuss Stark's apparent ability to exercise mind control. They all wonder what he wants with this family and think that Jordan was a con-man using the real Jordan's identity. Lila isn't so sure and says what Jordan did to her and Matt was very real. Rachel told them the theme of Jordan's book seems to be the spirit never dies. This touches a nerve with Cass who acts nonchalantly and told them all it's the power of suggestion, just a mere parlor trick and anyone of them can learn or do the same thing. Rachel asks him what was going on with him. Cass says nothing. Rachel told him for months he has been trying to make her believe that Stark was right up there with the devil and now that she's inclined to agree with him, he told her it's just a parlor trick. Cass says not at all, it's just frustrating not being able to close the book on this thing, that's all. Rachel asks him if he's sure it's not about him and Lila going off into the sunset and so who cares about her and her family? Cass says of course not, that's not true. Rachel then suggest that they all put their heads together, comb through the book, and figure out what Stark was up to and deal with it so they can get on with their lives. Rachel then asks what are they going to do with the book. Cass told her he'll take it to his office and lock it up in his safe. Rachel says good because she was sure Stark has probably figured out by now that she was the one who took it and she doesn't want the book to be here. Cass told Lila to think about where she wants to have lunch and he'll come back and pick her up. Jordan ducks behind the stairwell as Cass leaves.

Matt notes that according to the book, two spirits can't occupy the same body. Rachel suspects the painting might contain a key to unpacking this mystery. Matt calls David to ask to see the artwork; David's cellular phone rings in the foyer. When Rachel investigates, David sneaks out the door very quietly. Shortly afterwards, Cass returns and Rachel asks him if he left his cell phone behind? Cass says he didn't. Matt makes a joke about a reunion of souls, which was one of the chapters from Stark's book, and Rachel thinks that was what Stark was after. Rachel speculates that Jordan was scheming to con her out of her fortune by pretending to have the ability to summon Carl from beyond the grave. As everyone listens, Rachel thinks that Stark will offer to make contact with Carl's soul, then claim that Carl wants her to give money to the Lumina Foundation. Cass thinks her theory's a good one and as Rachel went on about Jordan thinking he has the ability to convince people that he can communicate with the other side, Cass thinks of Frankie. His cellphone rings. It's Anne, who told Cass that she came in to clean his office this morning and she hates to break it to him, but he has a problem. Cass rushes out and told the others he'll be in touch. After Cass was gone, Rachel told Matt and Lila that she has decided to play Stark's game. When they asks her if she was going over to Lumina. She told them yes, and she plans on playing the grieving widow so that Stark will think that he has a live one on the line. Matt asks her if it was difficult for her to use her feelings for Carl like that. Rachel says yes, but this was her family they are talking about so if Stark wants her to play the grieving widow, then that's what she'll be. The phone rings. Matt picks it up and finds out that it's Cass who told him that he has been burglarized and the book was missing. Matt relays the message to Rachel and Lila who can't believe it. Rachel was fed up and decides to go see Stark. Lila told her to be careful because Jordan was dangerous. Rachel told her no more so than she was and then leaves.

Responding to an urgent call from Anne, Cass shows up and was alarmed to find his office torn apart and Stark's book gone. He calls the Cory's and relays the information. After hanging up, a suspicious Cass asks Anne what she did with the book? She invites Cass to check with another cleaning lady, who can verify her innocence. Cass apologizes and told her the circumstances are highly suspicious when you consider what was stolen and when. Anne thinks it was money and Cass told her it was a book he only deposited in his office safe an hour ago. Anne asks Cass why would she call him and tell him his office had been ransacked if she had been the one to do it. Cass sees her point and asks her how he can make it up to her. She asks him to let her quit and told him she doesn't need the job. Cass refuses and told her he'll feel guilty if she quits. He then offers her a raise. Anne eyes the photo of Frankie and told Cass that she sees he still keeps the photo around. Cass was very touchy about the photo and takes it from her. She told him that Frankie must have been something. Cass gets a lonesome look in his eyes and told her that she was really something and he never thought that he would ever-- he then stops short. Anne says ever what and he told her nothing and then changes the subject. Anne told Cass if she's prying or it's too painful for him to talk about, he can just stop her. Cass told her that Frankie's been gone for a few years now, and the wound was not fresh. Anne says Cass mentioned that Frankie was spiritual and asks him if she was into crystals and wind chimes. Cass told her yes, but it doesn't even begin to describe it. It was more a matter of her openness. Frankie embraced life -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Anne realizes they were total opposites. Cass says touche! He then told her he was the world's longest-reigning Peter Pan when he fell in love with Frankie, but she taught him that there were a lot of good reasons to grow up. He then changes the subject again and picks up a box of trash and told her he better get it down to the incinerator. After he was gone, Anne picks up Frankie's photo and looks at it and wonders aloud what was it like to have a man love you that much.

Amanda finds Cameron at the Neonatal ICU and told Cameron how sorry she was and she just heard the news. Cameron looks at Gary Jr's empty incubator and says this was as far as he got. The little man, this was the only world he'll ever know. Amanda asks him if there was going to be a funeral (Stupid Question I Think). Cameron told her yes and Amanda offers to go to the funeral with him, but he says he can't asks her to do that, he's put her through enough. Amanda then told Cameron that it was probably better if she doesn't go, Josie has been through enough and doesn't need to see her. Cameron told her she was probably right. Amanda told Cameron about the business trip. Cameron says he's put her through enough and advises her to attend the publishing convention to which David invited her. Amanda asks Cameron if he would think she was running out on him. Cameron told her no and that she has been there for him more than he could ever deserve. Amanda leaves and Cameron does too shortly afterwards.

Sharlene, Josie, Cameron and Felicia arrive at the cemetery for the baby's burial. After little Gary Junior was laid to rest, Josie asks Felicia if she saw Gary and Felicia regretfully informs Josie that Gary Senior has gone on a bender. Josie wants to go help him, but Felicia told her that Gary needs to work this out on his own. Sharlene takes Josie home and Felicia told Cameron that she didn't get anywhere with Gary. He thanks her for trying. Cameron and Felicia then leave. After everyone has gone, Gary shows up to say a private goodbye to the boy. He says I loved you son, I really did. I loved you. He then places his own flowers and leaves.

Ms. Allen announces to Jordan that Rachel was here to see her. Rachel corrects her and says that she was here to see what he has been up to. Jordan excuses Ms. Allen and Rachel told him that he has had quite a day. Jordan acts like he doesn't know what she was talking about. Rachel accuses him of sneaking around and breaking into places. Jordan told her that he has been in his office for hours and challenges her to ask anyone. Rachel asks him who would she ask? Ms. Allen or Zak Wilder who no one has been able to find for weeks. Jordan asks Rachel what he can do for her besides listening to her insinuations? Rachel says she didn't finish reading his book and wants it back. Jordan told her he admires her directness, but this was not a lending library. Rachel asks him point blank what he wants from her family? Jordan says nothing, so she swears to find out without him. She then told him if Carl were here, he wouldn't get away with any of this and things would be a lot different. Jordan told her that he knows she was angry with him and he understands her grief. Rachel asks him why would he care about her grief? Jordan asks her why wouldn't he? Rachel told him everyone thinks he's after her money, but Jordan says he has enough of his own and asks her if it hasn't occurred to her that maybe he's interested in her? Rachel told him no. He told her why not, she's beautiful, intelligent, and believe it or not, kind. He then told her not to underestimate herself. Rachel says since he won't answer her questions, she'll tell members of her family to stay away from him. Jordan told her that from what he has gathered of her family, they almost never do what they're told. Rachel walks out.

Amanda returns and told Alli that she was going to New York on business for a few days. Alli told her it's okay, she's used to being on her own. She then asks her mom if she's the reason her mom's going out of town. Amanda told her of course not, she just needs to be alone for a few days. Alli expresses her sorrow over Cameron and Josie's baby. Amanda told her she was glad Alli was born healthy and perfect. Alli asks if she's going alone and Amanda says she's going with David to a publishers convention and David wants her to show him around. Alli asks her was that what David told her. Amanda asks her what does she mean and Alli told her that David may want to show her the ropes, but she doesn't think it has anything to do with publishing. A shocked Amanda told Alli that David and her don't have that kind of relationship. Alli told her mom that he wishes they did.

Meanwhile in the study, Lila grows tired of waiting for Cass and decides to have lunch with Matt. As they eat, Lila feels guilty about stuffing her face while Cass was dealing with a break-in. Lila told Matt that she never thought she would see the day when she would be sitting here eating caviar leftovers. She then told Matt she's so happy that their little girl's going to grow up knowing about these things. Matt says hopefully the baby will be just like Lila and always get a kick out of it. Rachel returns and closes the door in the study so they won't be disturbed. Matt asks her if she found out anything and Lila asks her if Stark had the book. Rachel told them he did have the book. Matt asks if she has gotten any information. Rachel told him only confirmation that Stark wants something from this family and that he was dangerous, so she doesn't want any one of them near him.

The doorbell rings and Alli answers it to find David standing there. They greet each other and Alli invites him inside the foyer and told him to get ready because her mom doesn't travel light. David was shocked she knows he's accompanying Amanda to New York. He then told her that Amanda wasn't going to go at first and he was surprised she changed her mind. Alli told him that this trip was just the thing Amanda needs. As if on cue, Amanda comes from downstairs with no luggage and told David she has changed her mind again. Alli told her that she said she needed to get away. Amanda told her she does, but thinks that she would rather go away by herself. She then apologizes to David again for the inconvenience. David told her it's okay and asks her if she was sure about going alone. She told him yes and then excuses herself so she can go pack. After Amanda leaves upstairs, Alli told David that it was so weird of her mother, especially when here he was ready to go. She then adds that she'll never understand her mother. David told Ali that it looks like it's just the two of them now...........

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Friday, March 19, 1999

by Soap Central

Gary says his goodbyes to Gary Jr. after everyone else leaves. A hand touches his shoulder, and he thinks at first that it's Josie, but it's Cindy. Cindy and Gary help each other through their grief. Cindy says he's her only friend, and she'll do anything for him. He asks her to keep him company while he went and drinks some more. She questions whether that's the best thing to do, but went with him. They get drunk together. She told him about the night she shot Grant. Gary thinks it's too bad she didn't kill him. They leave to break into Grant's apartment. Paulina worries about how she was going to tell Tito that she sold her baby. Remy sees she was upset, and told her not to worry, because if Paulina was Remy's mother, Remy could forgive anything she's done. Rachel finds Paulina and says the bank just informed her that Paulina wants to withdraw a sizeable amount from her trust fund. She asks why. Paulina doesn't want to tell Rachel why she needs the money, but Rachel, as a trustee, has to know. So Paulina told her she had a baby when she was 16, and she wants to put him through college. Rachel warns her that money won't make up for all those lost years, and that she's handing over all that money to a total stranger. Tito overhears, and freaks out a little, but Paulina won't be swayed. Rachel says more DNA testing should be done, and if he's really her son, he won't object. Tito's worried and starts to rush off. Remy asks him if he's running away. He says yes and asks her to come with him. Remy asks him why he's running away. He says he's tired of everyone thinking the worst of him. He wants to go to school and make a new life for himself. Remy thinks there's more to it than that. Paulina refuses any more DNA tests; it would be like saying she doesn't believe in her son. She then told Rachel she sold her baby, but Rachel was understanding. Paulina says that unless someone stops Grant dead in his tracks, he'll go public with the information and destroy her, Joe, and Tito.

Donna and Jake argue about Jake's decision to have Vicky arrested to keep her away from Grant. The boys come home and ask where Vicky is. Jake tries to lie about it, but Steven knows he's lying. Jake tries to avoid answering the boys' questions, but eventually told them their mother was in jail for her own protection.

Tyrone told Marley that the judge has postponed her trial indefinitely. He says they want to evaluate her for another six months to make sure she's competent to stand trial. She'll have to remain in the hospital for that time. She gets upset because she knows she was making progress. Grant comes in and makes it known that he's responsible for the judge's decision. Tyrone starts to get angry, so Grant simply threatens to take his career away. Before he leaves, Tyrone told Marley he'll fix things, and told Grant that his reign of terror in this town was over. Marley told Grant that when Kirkland finds out what kind of man his father is, he'll hate him, but Grant just laughs and says she's just upset because she will be locked up in the hospital for six more months, perhaps longer. He told her she has no one to blame for that but herself.

Tyrone visits Donna to inform her about Marley's trial being postponed, and that it was Grant's doing. He also blames Jake, because he used Marley's feelings to get her to talk to him about Grant. Jake denies any responsibility. Donna wants to visit Marley. She and Jake go to the hospital. Jake visits with Marley first. He thanks her for telling him about Grant and Cindy. She wants him to help her get out of the hospital, but he refuses. She says he just wants her to pay forever for what she did to Vicky, and he agrees. He blames Marley for Vicky's obsession with Grant, and says that because of Marley's actions, he had to put Vicky in jail for her own protection.

Grant finds Joe at the docks. He reminds Joe that if they find the tape, he'll use what he knows against Paulina. Joe told Grant he'll be sorry he ever started this, then leaves. Freeman told Grant that the boat was ready for him and his guest for tomorrow.

Gary and Cindy are snooping around Grant's apartment. Gary went into the den, and Grant comes home. He sees Cindy and attacks her. Gary runs out and grabs Grant. He told him to get his hands off Cindy, or he'll kill him. Gary tries to hit Grant, but misses since he's somewhat drunk. Cindy gets between the two of them before they can hurt each other. Grant kicks them out. Cindy thanks Gary for protecting her. He says when he saw Grant attacking her, it was like watching what his father used to do to his mother. He says if he ever sees Grant touch her like that again, he'll kill him.

Tito told Remy he just wants to get out of Bay City, and wants her to come with him. She doesn't want to leave, but says she'll think about it. He's about to leave, but Paulina comes out of the kitchen and introduces him to Rachel. They talk a while before Rachel leaves. Tito is sure she hates him, but Paulina assures him that's not true. Paulina again tries to tell him that she sold him, but he says he doesn't want to talk right now. He told her maybe it's time he left Bay City. She says there will always be a place for him there, and that she could never give him up again. She calls him, "my baby" and give him a big hug.

Donna and Marley talk about how Grant was making Vicky do crazy things. Marley says Grant has to be stopped, but Donna says there's no way, short of killing him, to accomplish that. After Donna leaves, Marley fantasizes about putting Grant in a straightjacket and choking him. Marley promises herself that she'll get rid of Grant; she owes Vicky that much. She hides in a laundry cart to get out of the hospital. Tyrone tries to get Joe to do something to stop Grant from keeping Marley in the hospital. Joe says there's nothing he can do at the moment. They need the tape first. Jake says they better hurry, because they can't keep Vicky in jail forever. Joe says no one wants to get Grant more than he does. Don't bet on it, replies Jake.

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