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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 8, 1999 on PC
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Monday, March 8, 1999

Lucy confronted DV about the rumor that he was starting a competing dress line, but DV denied doing any such thing. Lucy became angry when Scott told her that DV might have ruined their dresses in order to force them to go to him for business help. Lucy prepared to attack DV head on, but Scott came up with a plan to beat DV at his own game and decided to accept his offer to become business partners. After a close call at the bank, Frank and Courtney were able to get their hands on Julie's money. Ellen was conflicted when she discovered that Sebastian still wanted to see her.

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

Lucy, Scott and DV

DV turns down Lucy's offer to become partners with him. Lucy is furious, after all, it was DV who wanted them to become partners from the beginning. I feel that you're only coming to me because of desperation, DV told them, and asks them what has happened to make them change their mind. Scott says they didn't jump on his offer originally because they didn't want to appear too eager. But now they've had time to think about it and realize what a great opportunity it is. DV suggests they approach this from a different angle. What if he will produce their line for a flat rate, no partnership, no ties. Scott wonders what the catch is. "There's no catch, trust me", DV assures them.

Back at Scott's place, Scott and Lucy are confused at DV's sudden turn-around. They promise that they are going to get the better of him, whatever he's up to, but unfortunately neither of them have any idea how to do it. Lucy thinks they should get their minds off the whole thing for a while and suggests dinner at the Outback. Scott suggests they skip the going out part and have their own party at home. Lucy heads upstairs to change into something that will take his mind off business completely.

Frank and Courtney

Frank and Courtney race into the Scanlon house, totally thrilled that they managed to get some of Julie's money from the bank. They only took a small portion out so as not to arouse suspicion, but it's still a lot of money, stacks and stacks of it. Frank and Courtney are so excited that they throw some of the money into the air. They can now rent an apartment across from Joe and Karen's and still have plenty of money left over.

Frank is finishing picking up the money when Courtney gets off the phone. She just made an appointment for herself at the spa and helps herself to a few hundreds to pay for it. Frank starts talking about all the things he wants to buy, a cell phone, ringside Knicks tickets, but Courtney reminds him that he can't start going around spending all that money. People will be suspicious. Frank promises to restrain himself until they fly off to Rio. Courtney, on the other hand, needs to spend lots of money to convince Chris that she inherited her husband's money.

Victor, Mary, Joe, Karen, Frank and Courtney

At the Recovery Room, Victor surprises Mary with an engagement ring, a beautiful and rare gray opal that he found himself when he was in Australia. Mary is thrilled, "six billion human beings on this earth and I'm going to marry the best one of all", she says, giving him a kiss.

At the hospital, Joe is treating a young boy with a high fever and headache. Joe's pretty sure it's meningitis and decides to put the boy on broad spectrum antibiotics even before the test results come back.

Joe and Karen run into Mary and Victor at the Recovery Room. Karen tells them what a great job Joe did treating the little boy. Mary has to literally wave her hand in front of their faces before they notice the ring, which is not small. When they finally notice, both Karen and Joe are genuinely thrilled for the happy couple. There are hugs all around and Joe says he couldn't be happier for them.

Frank and Courtney arrive and Courtney is wearing a brand new and obviously expensive outfit. Mary told them the news about her engagement to Victor and both Courtney and Frank congratulate them. Mary also mentions they are celebrating because Joe saved a boy's life today. "My brother's quite a guy", Frank replies, not meaning it as a compliment. Karen encourages Frank to join them, but he refuses, he has to work.

But instead of working, Frank daydreams that he is a famous doctor. In his dream, he steps off the elevator in the hospital and is surrounded by adoring nurses and doctors, including Karen, congratulating him on winning the Jonas Salk award and asking for his autograph. In his dream, Joe is a janitor mopping the floors and Chris is a homeless man. He throws them a nickel and he sits back and laughs as he watches them fight for it. Frank is still smiling at his daydream when Courtney walks over to the bar. "Forget about Rio", he told her, "staying in Port Charles is going to be a lot more entertaining."

Now it's Courtney's turn to daydream. She imagines herself and Joe getting married. Karen appears, fat from eating too much ice cream in her depression after Joe left her. Karen begs Joe to take her back in the dream, even grabbing onto his leg, but Joe shakes her off and carries Courtney away. Back in the real world, Courtney jealously watches as Joe feeds Karen some ice cream. "Enjoy your ice cream while you can", Courtney says quietly.

Courtney is admiring Mary's ring and Mary asks her to plan their wedding. Courtney says she'd love to do it. Mary went over to sit with Victor, who has an idea. Lucy's been designing romantic dresses, why don't you ask Lucy to design your wedding dress, he suggests. Mary likes the idea. Across the room, Karen and Joe are playing darts. Karen suggests to Joe that they have a double wedding with Mary and Victor and Joe agrees. At the bar, Courtney's telling Frank that the money hasn't changed anything, she intends to be Mrs. Joe Scanlon and Frank is still determined to get revenge on Chris Ramsey.

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

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Thursday, March 11, 1999

Ellen admitted to Lucy that fate may have drawn her and Sebastian back together. Meanwhile, Matt told Joe that Sebastian's presence in Port Charles made him uneasy. Courtney told Chris that her inheritance had arrived and gave him an expensive watch as a gift. Courtney later assured Frank that Chris had believed her story as they set up shop at an apartment they rented with Julie's money. Chris, however, learned that Courtney hadn't inherited any money from John Kanelos. Later, Chris called Courtney and invited her to dinner. Eve met Sebastian and was surprised to learn that he was the "Duc d'Orleans" from the infomercial. Eve was then shocked when Sebastian admitted that he suffered from a serious illness.

Friday, March 12, 1999

Scott and Lucy were relieved when DV signed their iron-clad contract. DV urged Lucy to create a second infomercial and Lucy tried to get information about DV's past loves. Sebastian was disappointed to learn from Eve that his condition had worsened. Eve guessed that Ellen was the "Lady of the Stars" and asked Sebastian to explain further. Ellen told Matt that Sebastian was making her uncomfortable. Matt confronted Sebastian and demanded that he stay away from Ellen.

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