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Adam tried to bond with Junior after he cut school. It was revealed that Gordon had kidnapped Leslie to form an alliance against David. Tad and Liza confronted Leo about the missing videotape of David at the yacht party. Leo denied everything, but hid the videotape at the boathouse, where Tad later found it. Dixie and David's work won a prestigious medical award. Greenlee called the cops, and they nabbed Vince just after he tried to rape Laura.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 26, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, March 26, 2001

Tad broke into David's room at the Valley Inn. Tad was looking for something to "hang" David with. During his search, he found a card addressed to Dixie along with a present from David. Tad opened the card and the present. The present was a black nightie. The phone rang in David's room and it was Dixie calling him. She left her message on the answering machine and said that Derek was looking for him and still had some questions about Leslie's disappearance. She also asked him to call Derek when he got the message. Tad erased the message from the answering machine. As Tad was looking through the closet, David came in and surprised him. David grabbed him and they started to fight. David asked him what he was looking for and Tad said he was trying to figure out for starters where he hid Leslie Coulson. David asked Tad if he thought she was hidden under the bed and Tad said no but he knew that normally someone as arrogant as he would screw up and leave something behind. Tad said that whether he knows it or not, he was breathing right down the back of his neck and when he catches him, he was going to have a ball screwing him into the ground. David told Tad to go ahead and check his place, he has nothing to hide. David even opened his safe in the closet for him to look in. David told Tad that he had an alibi. David said that he was with Dixie in his room at the time of the kidnapping. David asked Tad what his alibi was. Tad asked David why he would want to kidnap Leslie. David told him to probably program her what to say when she woke up. Tad told David that was not his style. David said that he didn't kidnap Leslie and Tad said that he didn't kidnap her either. David said that she didn't get up and walk out, she had to have help. Tad asked David who would be crazy enough to do that. David said that he was going to call security and Tad told him to be his guest. They could check his place and see if they could find anything. David told Tad that he was a desperate man. Tad said that his life was on an upswing. He had a nice talk with Dixie and she told Tad that she talked to David about the Libidozone incident and his partnership with Leslie. David told Tad that he did tell Dixie those things and she believed that he was innocent on all accounts. Tad just shook his head and told David that he knows his wife and if she had to ask the questions, she had doubts. Tad told David that he thinks he doesn't have a care in the world, but sooner or later, and probably sooner, he is going to crash and he will be there with his wife and a bag of marshmallows. David told Tad to leave his room. Tad started to leave and then went back to the black nightie. He told David that he hoped he kept the receipt because Dixie was too classy of a lady to wear it. Tad carried it to the door as he left and then threw it in the trashcan. David took the nightie out of the trashcan and said to himself that Tad was not going to get the better of him, he was not going to let him win.

On the yacht, Ryan, Leo, Gillian and Laura gave Mr. Miller and his bodyguard, Carl, a tour. They then went to their cabins. Carl searched the closets and told his boss that everything was clear. Gillian asked Mr. Miller what kind of work he was in. He told them he was in imports and exports. Laura tried to take a picture of them and Carl confiscated her film. Leo wanted to go check with the captain and make sure they were on course. Mr. Miller told them that he has his own navigator on board. Ryan wanted to talk to the people at the helm and make sure they were on course. Mr. Miller told them that he reset the course. Mr. Miller told them to sit back and relax and enjoy the ride or else. Leo asked him "or else what?" Carl showed them the gun that he had. Gillian asked why he was carrying a gun. Mr. Miller told him that it was for his protection. Leo asked Miller what business he had off shore. Mr. Miller told them that he had a business partner who he had to pick up along with some exports and imports. Miller grabbed Laura by the arm and told her that he feels he has met her before. Carl was outside their cabins posted as a guard to make sure they stay in the cabins. Leo was with Gillian because Mr. Miller thought he was Ryan. Ryan was with Laura because Mr. Miller thought he was Leo. Ryan and Laura were talking in the cabin and couldn't believe that Leo was capable of getting them involved in something like this. Laura said that it wasn't fully Leo's fault. She thought the yacht was jinxed because she had been drugged, thrown overboard and now being held hostage by two wise guys. Ryan told Laura that they would be fine and as long as they cooperated, they would be let off the boat unharmed. Meanwhile, in the other cabin, Gillian asked Leo why he was involved with Mr. Miller and who was he. Leo confessed everything to Gillian. He told her that Mr. Miller was a loan shark. Leo told Gillian that, in the beginning, he and Ryan invested with a guy and he wanted more capital so he used Ryan's money without telling him. Leo told Gillian that he didn't know that it was their wedding and honeymoon money. He said that it wasn't a problem until the deal went bust and they lost their shirts. He told Gillian he went to Palmer to get the money but he turned him down so he had to set up this appointment with Mr. Miller. Leo told Gillian that he pretended to be Ryan and used the yacht as collateral. Gillian told Leo that Ryan doesn't even own the boat, it belonged to Adam. Leo told her that Mr. Miller doesn't know that. Leo thought that everyone would live happily ever after. Gillian asked Leo how he planned to pay him back. Leo told her that at a zillion percent interest compounded hourly, he hoped he would be hit by a bus before the first payment was due. Gillian said that would probably not even satisfy him. Leo said that he had to figure out something. Gillian said that she had been broke before but never been held hostage. Leo said that this was the darkness before the dawn. Then the lights in the cabin went out. The lights came back on after a while and back in the cabin with Ryan and Laura, Ryan said that Miller must have put on the auxiliary generator to cut the power in half. He probably didn't want the coast guard snooping around when he picked up his guest and cargo. Ryan wished he could check on Gillian to make sure she is OK. Gillian and Leo were talking and Leo told her that he should have let Greenlee bail him out of this mess. Gillian said that she didn't want Greenlee paying for her honeymoon. Gillian said that she had some money and she would call her grandmamma and she would have the money waiting for them on the docks in the morning. Leo said that they had to do it tonight. Leo said that he would go through the porthole in the bathroom and take the dingy back to shore. Gillian said she would call her grandmamma and have her met him at BJ's tonight. She then thought it would be too risky. Leo said that it was not and he left to go through the porthole. Gillian got the answering machine when she called her grandmamma and told her to meet Leo at BJ's with the checkbook, it was a matter of life and death. After Leo left, Mr. Miller entered the room looking for him. He told Gillian that he needed to talk to him and get some information on the coast guard and their scheduled patrols. Gillian said that he was sleeping and Mr. Miller started to go towards the bed to wake him up. Gillian stopped him and said that he would be really sorry if he woke him up. Leo had put pillows under the covers to look like he was sleeping. Gillian told Vince that he looked very tense and that he needed a drink. She gave him the bottle of cognac and told him to have his own party when his guest arrives. Ryan was really worried about Gillian. He opened the door and noticed that Carl was gone. Laura told him to go and check on Gillian. She said that she would be OK while he was gone. Mr. Miller knocked on Laura's door and wanted to know if she would like a nightcap. She told him that she was getting ready to go to bed. Mr. Miller pushed his way into the room and said that he remembered where he had seen her before. He told her that he saw her pictures on the Internet. She told him to leave her room. Mr. Miller said that he didn't recognize her with her clothes on and told her to refresh his memory. Meanwhile, in the other cabin, Ryan and Gillian were talking and Ryan wanted to know if Vince was harassing her. She told Ryan that she gave him the bottle of cognac and sent him on his way. Gillian told him to leave and Ryan said that he wanted to stay with her. Gillian said that he needs to stay with Laura because she should not be left alone. Ryan said that he would send Leo over there and Gillian told Ryan that Leo was asleep. Ryan said that he would wake him up and then went to his bed and pulled the covers back. All that was there were the pillows. Ryan asked Gillian where Leo was.

Brooke and JR met with Dixie at BJ's. Brooke excused herself to get some drinks so Dixie and JR could talk. JR asked Dixie if she and Tad got back together yet. Dixie told JR that the things that came between them at the beginning are not the same things that are keeping them apart now. JR knew about Tad and Leslie sleeping together. Dixie told JR that Leslie had been kidnapped from the hospital. JR said that since she was in a coma, Leslie could not do anything to hurt them now. Dixie said that she could not predict the future. Dixie told JR that he is asking questions that she doesn't have answers for. JR told Dixie that he wanted Tad and her to get back together. Dixie said that life changes. JR asked his mother just exactly what does she want. She told him that she didn't know. JR asked her what was he supposed to do while she decides his life and he has no vote. Brooke came back with the drinks and JR asked her if she would drop him off at Adam's. Dixie told JR that she thought he was going to stay with her and JR told his mom that he didn't want to run into her boyfriend. Dixie told JR that David would not be there and JR said that he didn't want to chance it. Dixie told Brooke to drop him off at Adam's home. JR started to leave and Dixie went to him and said that she loved him. He walked away. Dixie sat back down and put her hands over her face and Tad came behind her and put his hands on her shoulder. Dixie told Tad that Junior was so upset with her because he had hoped that when he came back from vacation, he would find her and Tad back together and all of their problems solved. Dixie said that she couldn't lie to Junior and tell him that things would work out. Tad told Dixie that things could work out. He grabbed her hand and held it. Dixie said that when Junior was younger, she would reach out to him and he would respond but now since he is older, he just pulls away. Tad said that he knows their boy and told her to keep reaching out, he will reach back. Dixie put her hand on top of Tads hand and they both smiled at each other.

Leo raced into BJ's looking for Gillian's grandmamma but she wasn't there. He started to call her on the phone when he noticed Greenlee was there. He hung up the phone and went to Greenlee and said that if she would write him a check, they would be friends again. Greenlee reminded Leo that before when she wrote the check, he couldn't turn her down fast enough, and he told her that he would rather die than take money from him. Greenlee held the check up to him and said that if she gave him the check, he would let bygones be bygones and they would be lovey dovey again? Leo agreed and said that he would be eternally grateful. That was all Greenlee needed to hear. She tore the check up into little pieces. Leo asked her why she did that and she replied that he told her she could do anything she wanted to do with her money.

At the place where Leslie was being held, her kidnapper gave her an injection. The kidnapper was revealed and it was Gordon, the lab technician from Pine Valley Hospital who helped David forge the blood reports from the yacht incident. Leslie woke up and told her kidnapper that she owes him her life. Gordon told her that she was going to pay him back by making sure David pays for ruining his life. Gordon told Leslie that she was getting better, with his help, and she would help him soon. She asked him "how?" Gordon told her that she and he were a team now and they were going to hammer the good doctor for trashing their lives. Leslie asked Gordon if David let her fall and he said yes and that was one of the things they were going to tell the police. Leslie said that they would end up in jail if they went to the police. Gordon said that David has to be punished. He told Leslie that he still wants her dead and that was why he took her out the hospital so she could be safe while she recovers. Gordon told Leslie that she did what she asked by putting her hospital bracelet in Tad's car. Gordon told Leslie that he doesn't see why she still has feelings for him. He told her that Tad Martin is hazardous for her health and she should just forget about him. Leslie said "never" and she will get Tad but this time she is not going to be a lady about it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

A rumpled Leo nervously explained the situation aboard the Fidelity to Greenlee. Greenlee listened intently until Leo was finished. "Where did you get your flair for the dramatic?" she asked sarcastically. Surmising that Leo had taken a page out of Vanessa's handbook on how to dupe people for money, Greenlee firmly stated that her offer of money to Leo was off the table. Leo was stunned; he was convinced that Greenlee would hand over a check because she still cared about him. Leo insisted that everything he'd said was the truth and hinted that if he didn't get the money he needed, a boatful of people could be killed by his loan shark. Again Greenlee declined to help. "After all the times I saved your butt?" Leo snapped. He threw his hands in the air and rose from the table. With a piercing glance, he told Greenlee that he no longer wanted and thing to do with her and stormed out of the restaurant. Shortly after Leo left, Greenlee placed a call on her cellular phone and asked the person on the other end to "just look into it." After hanging up, Greenlee looked up and spotted her father hovering over table. Roger took it upon himself to invite himself to join his daughter at the table. Greenlee wasn't the least bit pleased to see her dad and sassed that the only reason he was free was because "Erica Kane's dance card [was] full." Roger continued to insist that his interest in Erica was purely to help do damage control for his daughter. He asserted that he was truly interested in Greenlee and wanted what was best for her. Greenlee countered that Roger was only interested in her trust fund, money that he has helped himself to many times over the years. Greenlee tired of her father's presence and left him at the table by himself. Roger looked over to the entrance of the restaurant and gasped. "Of all the gin joints," he said softly. He rose to his feet and quickly walked over to the woman who'd just entered - Vanessa. The two smiled broadly at one another and exchanged the familiarities of two friends who hadn't seen each other in years. According to Vanessa, the last time they'd been together was during a summer in Tijuana. Vanessa cracked a wry smile and mentioned that from the looks of it Roger's interest in young women with big bank accounts had not changed since last they'd met. It took Roger a few moments to realize that Vanessa thought that he and Greenlee had something going on. Roger chuckled slightly and revealed to Vanessa that Greenlee was his daughter. Vanessa was caught off guard by the announcement and it took her some time before she could offer a response. As her daze continued, she questioned why she and Roger had not bumped into each other. After all, she explained, they do travel in the same social circles. Now it was Roger's turn to be surprised. Vanessa informed Roger that she was married to Palmer Cortlandt. Roger laughed deviously and appeared quite pleased for his friend. As the conversation continued, Vanessa told Roger that their children had once toyed with the idea of living together. Roger had had no idea that Leo was Vanessa's son and questioned how Leo had picked up his French surname. Vanessa smiled devilishly and said that everyone was under the impression that Leo's father was Count du Pres. The two seemed to both know that that was not the case. Vanessa pleaded with her friend to keep quiet about the truth. Roger nodded his head and agreed to keep the truth a well-guarded secret.

Aboard the yacht, Gillian explained to Ryan that Leo had gone ashore to handle some "business." Ryan was furious and worried that Leo's excursion would cost them all dearly. Across the hall, Laura cringed as Mr. Miller told her how much he enjoyed the photos he'd seen of her on the Internet. With Laura's back to the wall, Vince easily overpowered her. Vince forced himself upon Laura, kissing her neck and running his fingers through her blonde hair. Laura managed to knee Vince in the groin and run away, but she could only get so far because the room has just one exit. Mr. Miller caught up to Laura and again forced himself upon her. Fortunately, Ryan overheard the commotion and raced into the room. Ryan clobbered Vince and rendered him unconscious. Gillian made her way to the room and a little while later Leo returned to the boat and joined the fray. Leo declined to say where he'd gone, saying only that he had business to tend to. Outside, Carl, Vince's bodyguard, listened to the conversation with his gun drawn. Quietly, Carl entered the room and demanded to know what had happened. As the foursome struggled to come up with an answer, Derek's voice blared over a megaphone announcing the arrival of the Pine Valley Police Department. Derek's arrival couldn't have come at a better him. Several of his officers rounded up Vince and his goon and hauled them off to the station. Derek said that the police had received an anonymous tip that something foul was going on aboard the ship and that they decided to investigate. Leo asked if the anonymous informant was a woman. Derek puckered his lips and asked Leo if he know the meaning of the word "anonymous." As the group continued to discuss what had happened, Leo sneaked out of the room and left the yacht. Derek revealed that the "big fish" Vince Miller had wanted to pick up was wanted on tax evasion charges. Laura announced that she wanted to get off of the yacht as soon as possible because she was convinced it was haunted because something bad happens to her every time she's on it.

After a boys' basketball game at Pine Valley High, Bianca and Philomena discussed Shannon's fall from grace courtesy of Ecstasy. Phil assured Bianca that she'd done the right thing and said that she can only hope that she'd do the same thing if she were ever in her shoes. A few feet away, Shannon, Mindy and Heather looked on with frowns. Shannon, who'd been kicked off of the cheerleading team, grumbled that sitting in the bleachers during the game was extremely boring. Mindy smiled broadly and told her friend that "some X" would cheer her up. Shannon rolled her eyes and said that taking ecstasy was out of the question because she undergoes a urinalysis every morning before school. Meanwhile, Phil expressed her concern that the three girls might try to cause trouble for Bianca. She offered Bianca the use of her pepper spray, but Bianca politely declined. After Phil left to post the basketball scores on the school's web site, Shannon and her friends approached Bianca. As Mindy and Heather confronted Bianca by calling her "the queer," Shannon stood quiet in the background. Shannon asked her friends to stop insulting Bianca,. But she didn't do so in a way that made her look like she was defending Bianca. Mindy and Heather headed on their way to get ready for a post-game party, but Shannon lingered behind. Speaking as Shannon's interim sponsor, Bianca urged Shannon not to go to the party with her friends. Shannon insisted that she would not take any drugs at the party, but Bianca felt that the temptation factor wasn't a good thing. Bianca noticed that Shannon was having some real difficulty with her situation and offered her some advice to get through the hard times. She suggested that Shannon write her private thoughts in a journal, adding that the journal she kept while she was in rehab really helped her out. Bianca then warned Shannon to make sure that no one ever read her journal. After Bianca headed on her way, Shannon teamed up again with her cheerleader pals. She smiled broadly and revealed that she'd come up with the perfect way to stick it to Bianca.

In the bar at The Valley Inn, Jack briefed Erica on the fallout of Bianca's learning that Sarah was going to Paris for Easter. Erica insisted that she hadn't willingly kept that information from her daughter, but Jack explained that Bianca had a fear that she was trying to keep her and Sarah apart. Opal entered the bar and, upon spotting Erica, quickly shielded her face. Erica called out to her gal pal, but Opal did her best to ignore her. Erica left her seat and approached Opal and asked her if she was mad at her. Opal sighed deeply and sat down with Erica and Jack at their table. Opal explained that she'd had dinner with "Roger Smith" and that all the man could talk about was Erica. Opal had been hoping that Roger was interested in her and the constant Erica talk upset her. Erica apologized for Opal's failed date. Jack, meanwhile, wanted to know who the women were discussing. Erica and Opal both assured Jack that Roger was harmless, but Jack remained concerned. Jack was paged away before he could express any additional worries. After the attorney left, Opal and Erica made amends - not that Opal was really mad at Erica. Opal explained that her dinner with Roger had gotten her hopes up because it's been a long time since she had a date. Erica pledged to make finding a new man for Opal her personal mission. Opal also mentioned that during the date-that-wasn't, Roger has expressed a desire to make a donation to Erica's Teens Against Addiction fund. Erica wondered aloud if she had misjudged Roger. As they talked, Opal's eyes wandered into the distance. Saying that the town had gotten "too small," Opal excused herself from the table. Erica spun around and noticed that Roger has taken a place at the bar. Erica apologized to Roger for thinking the worst of him and the two agreed that they'd try to get together for another dinner date.

As Greenlee sat alone in BJ's, she again picked up her cell phone and placed a called. To the person on the other end, she explained that she wanted information about the anonymous tip she'd just called in. The person on the other end, presumably a police officer, declined to give her any additional information. Leo walked into the restaurant slowly and approached Greenlee's table. "You did it, didn't you?" he asked softly.

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

At BJ's, Greenlee denied that she tipped off the police but Leo didn't buy it. He told her that he went back to the yacht because he didn't want to leave his friends "hanging" and told Greenlee that she couldn't leave him hanging either. Greenlee became confused and asked why he wanted to be "friends or anything else" with her. Leo took her hand, told her that they didn't have to pretend to be enemies and asked her if she still cared about him.

Edmund went to visit Anna at the hospital. She didn't recognize him and jumped out of bed in fear. She wildly screamed that she had to leave because someone needed her. Edmund hugged Anna tightly and asked if she was having a memory of Robert Scorpio. She immediately calmed down and got back into bed. She replied that she didn't know who Robert was and that all she knew about him was what Alex had relayed to her. Edmund sat on the edge of the bed as Anna told him that she woke up with the feeling that she was needed by someone who loved her but she didn't know who that person was.

Outside her hospital room, Jake heard Anna's cries and began to dress to enter. Joe approached him and reminded him that "Alex" strictly told them that only he, her specialist, Dimitri and Edmund be allowed into the room. Jake began to protest and demanded to know what was going on but Joe replied that he had given him a medical order and began to dress. He assured Jake that they were only following Alex's orders and assured him that she would be okay. Jake backed down and told Joe that he trusted his expertise and left. Joe entered Anna's room and checked her charts. He informed her that she was improving and suggested that she get some rest. He took Edmund aside and explained that Jake and the rest of the hospital staff was becoming suspicious and that he wouldn't be able to keep up the quarantine scheme for long. He told him that Alex's "popularity" was the issue and joked that if it was David he was treating, they wouldn't have a problem. Joe assured him that he would give him as much time as he could and left. Alone, Anna told Edmund that she overheard what had been said and agreed that Alex would be worth all the trouble. Edmund replied that she was too and Anna mysteriously asked why he was being so nice to her. She reasoned that he must just be a kind-hearted man. With her face covered by a mask, Alex suddenly walked in and interrupted them. She told the pair that she believed she had come up with the proper medicine to give to Anna to stop her seizures. Intuitively, Anna asked Alex if she blamed herself for not discovering it earlier and assured her that she had the "utmost confidence" in her. Anna replied that she hoped regular doses of medicine would help her stop her seizures but couldn't make any promises that she would regain her memory. Anna became upset and demanded that Alex conduct surgery on her to speed up her recovery. Edmund told her not to be hasty and to trust Alex's judgment, then enveloped her in a warm hug. After Anna had fallen asleep, Alex commented to Edmund that he had the "right touch." Edmund suggested that he might remind Anna of Robert Scorpio. Shocked, Alex asked if Anna had remembered him but Edmund replied that Anna only knew what she had told her. He pulled up his mask and was about to leave but Anna suddenly called out his name and asked him if he was leaving. She explained that she felt safer when he was with her in the room. Alex interrupted them and told them she was going to leave to get Anna's medication. Alone, Anna apologized for needing him but Edmund assured her that she was "stuck" with him. He agreed to stay until she fell asleep and she jokingly asked him if he knew any bedtime stories. He smiled, picked up a medical journal and began to quietly read about small pox. When he paused to look at Anna, she had fallen asleep. Alex entered the room and watched Edmund stroke Anna's hair. Edmund walked to the door to leave but Alex stopped him and thanked him for helping her sister. Edmund replied that it was his pleasure and left.

Greenlee didn't respond to Leo's question and instead asked him what happened when he returned to the yacht. Leo explained that Vince had been knocked out and they were almost killed by his right hand man before Derek arrived. He asked her to quit playing games and to just confess that she was the one who called the police. Greenlee became agitated and asked him if his feelings for her would really change if she had. Leo replied that she took everything too seriously and Greenlee became angry. As Leo got up to leave, she threw her food at him and told him that she hadn't called because she didn't care about him anymore. On his way out, Leo ran into Jake. "If you're looking for an order of pain in the butt, she's sitting right over there!" he declared and pointed in Greenlee's direction. Jake made his way over, told Greenlee that he didn't even want to know what happened and called the waiter over to clean up the mess. Greenlee angrily explained to Jake what had happened and was in disbelief that he turned her "civic duty" of calling the police into something about him. She declared that she would never help Leo again, not even if he was "bleeding on the side of the road with a telephone pole through his chest." Jake smiled and told Greenlee that she had a "terminal case of Leo Du Pres" because she really loved him. "Love him?" Greenlee asked. "I hate him!" She explained that her feelings for Leo were ambivalent and that she didn't know how she felt about him. Becoming cheerful, Greenlee asked how he knew she was going to be there but Jake only asked her if she thought she was his reason for everything. She suggested that they go to the Valley Inn for dinner but Jake didn't want to leave BJ's. Suddenly, a woman walked in and smiled at Jake. He told a stunned Greenlee that she was the reason he was there. The woman walked over and Jake introduced her to Greenlee as Pat Trobridge. Greenlee told Jake that she was planning on making this "an early night" and rose to take her drink to another table. She asked Pat if she was a doctor. Pat replied that she was a resident doctor in the ER and asked what Greenlee did for a living. "Cause trouble," she replied and told her to ask Jake all about it. "I think we'll have other things to discuss," Pat replied. Greenlee turned around in disgust and settled at a table where she could watch Jake and his dinner companion. They were enjoying a conversation concerning the ER until Pat asked Jake if the rumor that he took all the new residents out was true. Jake replied that he only took the "pretty ones" out. As Greenlee looked on in contempt, Jake called the waiter over to take their drink orders.

Leo returned to the yacht and entered a dark room. Before he could turn a light on, Laura jumped out from behind the door, holding a tripod, and demanded that he freeze. Leo quickly identified himself, turned on the light and asked her what she was still doing there. Shaken, Laura explained that she thought he was Vince but Leo assured her that he was locked up. He asked her again what she was doing there and Laura replied that she had stuck around to take pictures of a "real crime scene." Leo was bothered that she would take pictures of a man who tried to rape her and another who tried to kill them, but Laura explained that she felt detached when she was behind the camera. She asked him where he went earlier and Leo replied that he needed some breathing room. Laura packed her things up and was almost out the door when Leo stopped her and asked her not to leave. He began to take her coat and tripod and asked her if she wanted to have something to eat. She replied that she didn't like to eat at that hour and he suggested that they watch a movie instead. Hesitant, she agreed and the two sat down to watch Groucho Marx. Leo looked at Laura several times until she finally asked him what was wrong. He turned the film off and apologized for leaving her alone with Vince. Laura explained that his behavior had been her reality since she posed nude and her pictures hit the Internet. Leo reasoned that she was a child and it wasn't her fault and Laura agreed that she had done it to aid her sick mother. She stopped and told Leo that she didn't want to bore him with tales of her sorry life, but Leo told her that her kind of material sells and suggested Erica Kane's book, "Raising Kane", as his example. He told her that if she hung around him, he could have her on "Oprah in a week and a half" with a book launch. Laura replied that she would hang around him even without a book deal and Leo asked her again if she would stay.

Laura and Leo returned to the room with armfuls of junk food. As they sat on the bed, Laura began to have second thoughts about staying overnight. Leo asked her if they were "cool" and told her that he knew he wasn't good enough for her. He repeated what he heard Brooke say and stated that the few friends that he had, he wanted to keep. Laura agreed to stay and the two settled down for "movie night."

Pat asked Jake if BJ's was a "popular hospital hangout" but Jake replied that he wouldn't know because he didn't get out a lot. Pat laughed and told him that wasn't the rumor. She relayed that everyone talked about the cute, single, Chief of Staff's son but Jake assured her that she could tell everyone that he was staying as far away from "relationships and romantic entanglements" as possible. Suddenly, Greenlee walked up to the table and told Jake that she was going home but that she would leave a light on for him. As she walked away, Pat's eyebrows shot up and Jake began to explain their situation. Greenlee left BJ's, paused outside the door and began to think of Leo.

Thinking of Greenlee, Leo sat in front of the television, looking preoccupied and distressed, with Laura asleep by his side.

Thursday, March 29, 2001

In the park near the boathouse, David found Dixie sitting alone with an atmosphere of heartbreak enveloping her. Dixie looked up only slightly when David approached and greeted her. Dixie told David that JR wanted to move in with Adam. The reason, she explained softly, was because of David's presence in her life. Sitting next to Dixie, David announced that he had the "cure" for her problem. "Get rid of me and your life will be healed," David stated calmly. Dixie shook her head and questioned the "surgeon's solution" for cutting out whatever was causing problems. It was the first time in the discussion that Dixie maintained eye contact with David. David took a deep breath and said nothing in return. Instead, he mentioned that he and Dixie shared a common bond - they were both "outcasts." David recalled the first time he'd realized that he was in love with Dixie. According to him, it was sometime in June of last year. Some time passed and David found the trays he and Dixie had stolen from BJ's and used as sleds during the winter. Dixie cracked a smile and told David that she'd enjoyed her time with him.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Joe scolded Alex for putting in long hours with little food or rest. Alex insisted that she'd be fine, but Joe remained concerned. Shortly after being told that Anna had slept through the night, Joe headed off to the cafeteria to round up some food for Alex. Alex returned to Anna's room to find a surprise. Anna was in the process of rolling out of bed to pack up her belongings. Quite casually, she asked her sister to call her a cab so that she could hit the road. Alex refused to let her sister out of the hospital and ordered her back into bed. Anna worried that Alex was "living in [her] shadow" and that her devotion to her would strain her marriage. Edmund entered the room and remarked that he rather enjoyed having the Devane sisters in his company. Edmund took Alex outside into the corridor and also voiced his concern that Alex was overdoing her workload. Alex assured her brother-in-law that she was fine and headed off to mix Anna's medicine. Edmund returned to Anna's room where Anna sensed that he wasn't as "fine" as he wanted her to believe. Later, Joe returned and gave Alex a tray of food. Alex hungrily ate her food and admitted for the first time that she might be neglecting her health. Edmund and Alex briefly discussed David's involvement in Anna's care. Alex said that she wished David hadn't been in on the treatment process, but again admitted that David was a good doctor. Edmund called David "overconfident" and claimed that he's "so right for a fall." Edmund looked somberly at Alex and said that he hopes Dixie isn't taken down with David.

JR and pack of friends entered BJ's, unaware that Tad was seated at the restaurant's bar. JR froze in his tracks upon seeing Tad and walked over to give his dad a hug. Tad embraced the boy, but wasted no time in asked JR why he wasn't in school. JR claimed to have some "free time," but later admitted that he was cutting English Lit. Tad understood that English Lit wasn't the most exciting class, but he explained to JR that his schooling was very important. The boy seemed to get the hint and walked over to his friends and told them that he'd been "busted." The other guys didn't seem too upset and agreed to head back to school with JR.

Barry escorted Adam and Liza home from jail. He had worked out a plea bargain to get the pair out of jail, with Adam being sentenced to community service. Adam handed Barry an envelope full of cash before focusing his attention on his new wife. Barry could see that the pair wanted to be alone and left the mansion. On his way down the walkway, he passed Ryan and Leo. Barry warned the two men, who were dressed to the nines, that they shouldn't disturb Adam. Ryan claimed not to be concerned about Adam and continued towards the house. Before entering, Ryan warned Leo to remain quiet during the meeting with Adam. When asked why he was there in the first place, Leo was told that he'd be used as a shield in case Adam tried to throw any punches. Leo and Ryan burst into the mansion and caught Adam and Liza halfway up the staircase in a very passionate kiss. Adam tried to shoo them away, but Leo and Ryan weren't about to leave. "This is a showdown, Adam," Ryan replied. "And we aren't leaving until we get what we came for." Adam and Liza reluctantly joined the men for a business discussion. Ryan handed Adam some paperwork that showed that he had lived up to his end of the deal that they had made earlier in the year. The deal, as it were, was for Ryan to bring back into profit by the end of March. Liza was impressed with the figures, but Adam questioned the validity of the numbers. Nevertheless, Adam was pleasantly surprised by the turnaround the company had made. Adam extended their stay in power at the Internet company by another 90 days. Leo and Ryan looked at one another and decided to press on. They both asked Adam for a raise - at least $100,000 worth of raise. Adam laughed at their request and said that he'd consider a bonus if they were able to repeat the profit margin during the next quarter. Liza reminded the pair that they lived rent-free on a yacht. Leo explained that he had lost $100,000 on a bad investment. Liza cocked her head to the side and asked Leo where he'd gotten so much money. Neither Leo nor Ryan offered an explanation. Adam again demanded that Leo and Ryan leave. As the two men were leaving, they passed by Tad and warned him that Adam wasn't in the best of moods. Tad pressed on and walked into the mansion to talk to Adam. Adam told Tad that he was on his honeymoon and that nothing could tear him apart from his wife. Tad mentioned JR's name and suddenly Adam's interested shifted. Tad told Adam that he'd caught JR skipping school. After some initial back-and-forth blaming, Tad and Adam agreed that something needed to be done to help JR. Liza suggested a meeting with JR's counselor and Adam headed off to the study to handle the call. Liza asked Tad if he had any idea why JR was so troubled. Tad admitted that his affair with Leslie hadn't helped, but laid most of the blame on David Hayward. AS the discussion turned to Leslie's disappearance from the hospital, Liza wondered if David had an accomplice kidnap Leslie. Tad and Liza both agreed that there were few people who like David enough to help him out. Liza mentioned Leo's name, but Tad didn't think it was possible for "goofy" Leo to be part of David's plan. When Liza mentioned that Leo had recently come into $100,000 through an unknown method, Tad's suspicion grew. He placed a call to Alfred Vanderpoole and learned that David had written a check for $100,000 to Leo on March 8th. Liza paged through her logbook and realized that that was the same day that they had gotten the WRCW tape that was supposed to have been of the yacht party. Tad and Liza looked at one another and agreed that Leo was hiding something. Tad asked Liza if she wanted to accompany him on a visit to Leo. Liza shook her head and said that "wild horses" couldn't tear her away from Adam. Adam exited his office and told Liza that he had a meeting with JR's counselor. After he left the house, Liza agreed to tag along with Tad.

Unaware that Vanessa was sipping a Bloody Mary at the bar, David and Dixie sneaked into BJ's to return the trays that they'd stolen weeks before. Dixie headed to the restroom and David wandered over to a table to place an order for two coffees and muffins. Vanessa strolled over to the table and scolded David for "flaunting" his affair in public. David claimed that despite what his and others might think, he truly enjoys spending time with Dixie. Vanessa argued that Dixie would leave David to return to Tad sooner or later. Dixie returned to the table and tried to offer her comments on what Vanessa had said, but Vanessa cut her off and noted that she was having a "private conversation" with her son. Dixie refused to leave and sat down next to David to listen in on the chat. Dixie blasted Vanessa for not being supportive of her son and for always "belittling" him. Vanessa was outraged to be talked to in such a sassy manner. Dixie told Vanessa to can her outrage and threatened to go to her Uncle Palmer to tell him what Vanessa was doing. Vanessa looked to her son muttered that David might have finally found his match. "And it's not a compliment," she clarified as she stormed away from the table. Dixie apologized to David for speaking so poorly to Vanessa. David felt no apology was in order and thanked Dixie for once again rallying to his defense. Even though she'd just defended David, Dixie remained unsure of her future with David. She told David that she needed some time apart from. David rose to prevent Dixie from leaving, begging, "Tell me that there's still a chance." Dixie shook her head and told David that she couldn't give him an answer.

Fresh from their failed meeting with Adam, Leo and Ryan headed to the steam room at the health club. As they sat wrapped in towels it was difficult to tell what was steaming more - the two men over their failure or the sauna! Ryan plotted Adam's eventual ouster as head of the company. Leo, meanwhile, fretted over his lost of $100,000. Ryan told Leo that he had "bad money karma" and was better off without money than with it. Time passed and both dozed off. When Ryan awoke, he quietly left the room and let Leo remain asleep. Soon after Ryan left, two figures slowly walked into the steam room and sat on either side of the slumbering Leo. Leo opened his eyes slightly and looked around; to his right sat Liza and to the left was Tad.

Thursday, March 30, 2001

Joe was still trying to cover all bases and figure out how Leslie could possibly have been taken out of the hospital. Joe summoned Dixie to inform her that David had just won the highly prestigious award for medical service - the "John B. Thurston Prize." David entered - as cocky as ever - and assured Dixie that it was true...he had submitted both their names and that they had earned it together." David tried to talk Dixie into accepting the award for them since he wasn't the most popular guy in town these days.

Dixie asked David why he even bothered to put her name on the award submission. David told her that he couldn't have saved Dimitri's life or advanced the hormone therapy research without her assistance. Dixie told him that she was touched and flattered but that she had just been his Administration Assistant and she should not be getting credit for the things David had done. When Dixie accused him of just making a play for her, David gushed on to no end about all the support that Dixie had given to him when she had been in his employment. Dixie ultimately refused to accept the award on his behalf insisting that he should accept it on his own as he had earned it but thanked him for making her feel so needed.

Leslie was up and about with the assistance of a walker. Gordon praised her for making such good progress. Gordon said that he couldn't wait for her to get her strength back so they could "go to the police station, turn state's evidence and nail that slimy creep to the wall." Gordon informed Leslie that he had heard on the radio that David had just won the "Thurston" award. Gordon got pretty upset about it and continued to muse over David's downfall, whereas Leslie begged him to just wait a little while longer. Gordon told Leslie about the dreams he has about seeing David go to prison, that he thrives on it and that is what he lives for. Leslie admitted that she felt the same way. Gordon told her that he knew a lot of people think of her as "one egg short of a dozen" but that was only because they didn't take the time to get to know her.

Leo was in the steam room wrapped in a towel when Tad and Liza entered. They informed Leo that they knew he was in possession of the videotape implicating David in the Libidozone affair and that they were privy to the fact that David had paid him $100,000 to keep quiet about it. He went on to threaten Leo with 5-10 years in prison should they decide to turn him in for suppressing evidence from the police. Liza told him he could be charged with "accessory to a felony - intent to defraud and malign." When Leo stood firm and denied any knowledge of the tape, Tad offered him $250,000 to hand it over. Leo did not crack, and told them that they were bluffing, that they didn't have any proof and that he wasn't buying it. Leo left and Tad went after him.

Adam tried to blame all of Leslie's shenanigans on Tad. J.R. defended Tad and instead blamed David and that "freak" Leslie. He did admit that Tad had royally screwed up but that he was trying to put things back together again. Adam reprimanded J.R. for cutting class at school and blamed it on the stress he was under with the whole David/Dixie thing. Adam asked him if he was mad at him for getting married while J.R. was out of town. J.R. informed him that he could care less about his stupid wedding and reminded him it wasn't exactly his first wedding, he had been down the aisle numerous times before.

J.R. reminded his father about the previous summer when Adam had pushed everybody away from him and had told J.R. to "just pretend he was dead." Adam apologized and admitted that Tad had been a better father to J.R. then he could ever hope to be. J.R. told him that he forgave him and admitted to Adam that he had a lot of fun with Tad, Dixie and Jaime and he missed them, but that he liked being at his father's house too. Adam was glad to hear that J.R. liked spending time there and told him that he understood that is wasn't the same for J.R. He then asked J.R. if he would give him one more chance to be a good father to him, start with a clean slate. J.R. agreed.

J.R. asked his father if he was still grounded as he had band practice that day. Adam offered to refurbish one of the outbuildings on the estate for J.R. and his band to practice. J.R. was excited and thanked him. AS a giddy Junior headed out of the mansion, Liza returned home and sensed that father and son had had a good talk. Adam and Liza fantasized about having a wonderful, romantic honeymoon. Adam promised that one day soon they would actually have one.

Leo went to the boathouse, pulled the tape out of his pocket, hid it in a crate, and quickly departed. Tad showed up and recovered the tape as he had seen Leo hide it. Gordon appeared and told Tad that he thought he had some information that Tad wanted. Tad recognized him as the lab technician that worked for Hayward and who had covered David's tracks for him. Gordon told Tad that David had threatened him. Tad tried to get Gordon to accompany him to the police department right away to tell them what he knew about Hayward. Gordon told him to just listen to him, that he could take Tad to see Leslie right now. Tad was shocked but agreed to go with Gordon. Meanwhile, back in her secret location, Leslie sat before a mirror awaiting Tad's arrival. Methodically - and quite eerily - she applied lipstick and announced that she was ready to see Tad again.

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