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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 26, 2001 on GL
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Monday, March 26, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Noah and Reva are getting their stuff together to get ready to leave when Richard and Cassie come in to say goodbye. Richard tells them that he and Cassie will be home (to Springfield) very soon. He tells them (sarcastically) that Ed was 'kind enough' to have all their bags packed and sent over to them at the hotel. Cassie says it is a little cramped but cozy and a lot nicer than having to stay at the palace. Richard and Cassie tell Reva and Noah that they will be leaving San Cristobel as soon as the election is over and they will start their normal life. Richard thanks them again for all their help. They leave Noah and Reva to finish packing. Noah calls to check on flight arrangements. He tells Reva that their flight has been delayed and they will be stuck in San Cristobel a little longer. Reva is disappointed. Just then Phillip and the kids comes in to surprise them. Reva is glad to see Phillip and asks her how she is doing. She tells him she will be going home today if the flights will pan out and she will be a lot better then. She asks why he is there and he tells her that the kids missed their mother and he brought them to see her. Reva takes Phil aside and tells him he should get Beth out of the country ASAP. He tells her that is exactly what he had in mind. She goes in to tell Phil how Ed has totally snowed Beth. She informs him how Beth had to be physically pushed out of the way by Cassie when she went to tell her side to the royal council. She has taken on the job as Edmund's personal pit bull. Phil can't believe it and wonders what Ed is doing to Beth. He tells her that ever since Jim's funeral, he has been preying on Beth's vulnerabilities. He tells her what she needs to hear and she believes it all and now she is under Ed's spell. Lizzie walks over and Reva hugs her and asks her how she had been and about her little brother. Phil lets Reva hold the baby, and she is surprised with how big he has gotten. Noah comes over and tells Reva their flight has now been rescheduled. Phil says they can take the Spaulding jet and limo instead, since they both have to head back home anyway. Reva thanks Phil and the kids for the everything, especially the visit. They leave. Reva and Noah are getting ready to leave the hospital. He asks if she is okay. She tells him she is just afraid of going home blind and not being able to see the kids. Noah says her kids will understand but Reva is still worried. She doesn't want them to be angry with her because she went off and did another stupid thing. Noah says everything will work out. Reva says Marah promised to take care of her and Reva doesn't want her to feel tied down with her. She feels like she keeps hurting the people she loves most. He tells her she didn't hurt him. Reva tells him that she did when she made him come to her rescue when she was ready to kill Ed. Reva thinks she asks too much of him and other people and it squeezes the life out of them. Noah says he and her kids are tough. She doesn't need to worry about them. He kisses her and tells her it is time to go home. Reva takes his arm as they leave the hospital.

At the Palace:

Beth is talking to Ed about everything she wants to do with her kids. He tells her she sounds nervous. She tells him she isn't. He tells her he hopes that his feelings for her haven't been a burden to her. He doesn't want to put pressure on her. She says she is just excited about seeing the kids, not nervous about their relationship. Ed wonders where Phil fits in to her nervousness but Beth says he doesn't. Beth thinks Phil will entertain himself and he will also be busy with business projects. Beth says she doesn't think Phil's agenda is to interfere with them. Ed says he wouldn't let him anyway, so everyone should be happy. The kids come in with Phil and Beth hugs them and kisses them. They talk briefly and Ed leaves to give them their space. Beth tells Phil she wants to take Lizzie for a walk. He takes Jim and says they will hang out there. After the girls leave, Phil tells James they will get Beth out of there and be back home. Ed comes in and tells him that Beth is there by her own free will. He offers Phil a drink and they toast family reunions. Phil tells Ed he wants to ask him a question. He tells him he knows Ed likes the kids, but wonders if that is true she doesn't understand why he would keep her away from her children for so long. Ed says Beth was there because she wants to be. Phil says he is not there to rescue her. Ed says he poses no threat to Beth but maybe to Phil's ego. Phil says he can give Beth two things that Ed will never be able to; stability and history. Phil thinks Ed is in for a rough political time and he won't be able to care for himself much less Beth. Phil tells him that he is her first love as well as the father to her children and now he is single and if he has to he will sacrifice himself to get Beth away from Ed. Phil says that Ed should stop deluding himself that Beth will be his dream princess because he doesn't have a chance in hell.

At the Lewis House:

Reva and Noah arrive and she starts feeling around. She smells something freshly baked but no one is there. Noah tells her that he left messages with everyone that they will be early so they will be there soon. Reva goes around commenting on what should be here and there and does a good job of it. Reva asks Noah if he heard a car door. He says no, she tells him that she will keep practicing showing off some more. She finds the creak in the floor and walks over to the couch for her seat and flops right onto Noah's lap. She tells him he is in her seat but she kind of likes it. He tells her it is fine for him as well. Reva thinks the kids will relax if they see she can take care of herself by knowing her way around. She kisses Noah and tells him she will be okay.

At Infierno:

Tony comes in dressed for the wedding and asks May if she can cover him for a while. She agrees but asks him why he is so edgy. She admires his clothing and asks why he is dressed up. He says Michelle and Danny are getting married tonight. May is stunned and says divorce isn't what it used to be. Tony says they want things to be official now that the baby is here. The wedding will be at Laurel Falls. May thinks the wedding is sudden. Tony wants to know if May can handle the dinner set up without him. She tells him Catalina is there and they will be fine. Tony leaves and May tells Catalina she has to leave and will be out for a while.

At the Bauer's:

Meta comes in to see Michelle getting ready for her wedding. Meta gives her something to wear in her hair. Meta tells Michelle she is proud of her and so glad she invited her and Rick to the wedding. Meta wishes Michelle and Danny health, happiness, humor and trust. Michelle tells her that when they are together they can handle anything and she doesn't want to waste any more time without Danny. Meta goes to let Michelle get ready. Michelle goes to answer a knock on the door, its May. May asks why she and Danny are in such a hurry to get married. She wonders if it has anything to do with her trying to get out of testifying against Danny. Michelle says May is too suspicious, she and Danny are in love and that is why they are getting married. May tells Michelle that she is on their side, she is there friend. Michelle laughs at that thought and tells her that if Danny testifies against his family, he may be killed or have to leave all their loved ones and go into witness protection. The other alternative is to be harassed by the Feds and go to jail. May says the only way out is to cooperate. Rick asks "Cooperate with what?" May lies and tries to dodge the question. Michelle tells Rick she will tell him what is going on. May tries to stop her but she disregards her. Michelle says there is no May, only Mary Murdo. May reluctantly shows her FBI badge and ID. He takes everything in. May is upset at Michelle and tells her that telling more people will not help. Michelle tells her it will help her because she trusts her brother and he knows her and Danny and knows that they are honest. Michelle tells Rick everything and Rick thinks that either way Danny will lose, either jail or death. Robert starts crying and Michelle goes to check on him. May tells Rick that Danny doesn't have to be hurt by any of this. Rick asks May if she is the girl he dated or did she ever exist. She tells him she was the girl he went out with. He asks if she slept with Danny because she cared about him or was that part of the game. He tells her it was her job. Rick wonders if she was playing with him as well. May says just because she was doing a job, doesn't mean she didn't have feelings too. Rick says their relationship was doomed because he didn't have any info she could use about the mob families. She says she spent time with him because she liked him. It wasn't part of the job. He asks about the old movies. She says she got hooked on them during late night hotel stakeouts. She used her experiences to make up another person. Rick says he liked that other person. She apologizes again and tells him that she is sorry they couldn't have met under better circumstances. He says yeah, or better yet maybe not at all.

At Laurel Falls:

The Justice of the Peace asks if Danny and Michelle wanted to say anything before they started. Danny says a poem by Sir Francis Drake to Michelle. He says the quote reminds him of her and the fact that she never gave up on them. That is why they are both there today. He wants to thank her for believing in him, loving him and helping him see he doesn't have to be defined by his past. They will have problems but there will be nothing but glory for them. Michelle says the most glorious thing for them would be a normal life with their baby and possibly more children. She can't wait to find out what their lives have in store for them. The Justice starts in and tells everyone that they are here to celebrate the marriage of Michelle and Danny. They go through the ceremony and exchange rings. Ray notices two men in the woods and goes over to block Danny's path. Tony comes over and Ray tells him about the men. Tony pulls out a gun and tells Ray he will take care of it. Ray can't believe they would take Danny out there during the wedding.

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

At the Lewis House:

Reva is asking Noah how her hair looks as she tries to comb it. He helps her get her makeup together and helps her by putting it on for her. She is getting nervous waiting for the kids. He tells her to hold still since he is not an expert makeup artist. He thinks the kids are tough and as honest as she is so they should be fine. She kisses him as she hears the kids enter. She calls them both to hug her as Josh watches in the doorway. Reva sits down with the kids and talks to them. Marah and Shayne are promising to keep their rooms clean and help her out as much as they can. Marah offers to help Reva with her make up since Noah is obviously an amateur at it. Reva tells them that the whole situation is temporary and her sight will come back so they shouldn't change into super kids, she wants them just the way they are. Josh is still watching and finally speaks. He tells Reva that the kids were just looking forward to paying her back for all that she had done for them. Reva asks Josh if he had been there the whole time. He tells her that he had. She tells him that from now on they will say something when they walk into a room. She tells them she refuses to be watched or treated like a cripple. Josh apologizes to Reva. She asks if Olivia is with him but he says no but she sent her prayers. Reva doubts it. Josh asks if there is anything he can do. Reva says she can do most things by herself, so she doesn't want the kids hovering over her. She will be independent and will recover very soon. She tells them she has an appointment with a few doctors soon and she is sure one will be able to help her. She tells them she has to be in control of her sight and her own life. The kids hug her and offer to help her with anything. They go up to unpack. Reva asks Noah if they are gone. He tells her they are and she lashes into Josh telling him never to put her in that position again. Josh apologizes for not speaking when he came in. She tells him that she is the most upset that he talked to the kids before she came home and made her seem like a pathetic handicapped woman. She tells him there is nothing she can't do. She tells him if he has to feel sorry for someone he should go find a sweet little old lady to help. He speaks again and she yells at him because she can hear the pity in his voice. She starts to walk towards him and trips over Shayne's bag that he left in the floor. She starts to cry and curses Josh. She is angry and tears are flowing. She tells him she hates him but he knows she doesn't. Josh tells her that he knows she is just scared and is lashing out at him because it is familiar. Reva is upset and Josh tells her that she will be fine and he knows that. He hugs her and she cries on his shoulder as Noah looks on and Marah watches from atop the steps.

In San Cristobel:

Beth is holding little James and telling Phil she didn't realize how much she missed the baby. Phil says the kids were okay but they are happier now being with her. She thanks Phil for bringing the kids down. Beth tells Phil that Ed didn't force her to stay with him. She tells him she knew the kids were safe with him and Ed needed her support. She would make the same choice all over again. Phil tells her that he owes her an apology. Beth is surprised. Phil says she has given him the greatest gifts. He goes on to tell her that he has always know her to be the most important parent to Lizzie and he was always the fun one that got to give gifts and take them out to special places and when she left he got a taste of being the real parent, the responsible one and now he no longer feels like a visitor with his kids. He feels like a real father and he thanks her for that. He tells her that he was very surprised at how good a job he was able to do. He tells her he has spent a lot of time thinking about Jim and has found a lot of gratitude for him. He feels terrible for the way he treated Jim and when all Jim did was loved his (Phillip's) children like they were his own. Phil wishes he could go back and let Jim know how much he appreciated him. He wonders if he will ever learn to appreciate anything before it is too late. Beth says he is being too hard on himself but Phil says that is his way. Phil wonders if Beth is being hard on herself. She says she has a lot of guilt. Phil tells her she needed to get away. Beth says she didn't come here to forget Jim. She knows he wanted her to be happy and that is the least she can do, to be happy. Phil says she should figure out what will make her happy and then go for it. She asks Phil how long his business will take. He tells her a few days. She thinks she may be ready to leave by then as well. Ed comes in and interrupts. Phil leaves to read Lizzie a story. Ed tells Beth he has been selfish to keep her there so long. She tells him that she wanted to stay and she has a mind of her own. She tells him she is happier now and the children are none the worse for it so things worked out. She goes to put James to bed and tells Ed she will see him later. His phone rings and he tell someone to send them up. Then he talks to himself about his insurance policy.

Later, Phil comes back down and hears Ed talking to two men. He listens while Ed shows the guys a map of the voting districts and tells them how to stuff the ballot boxes to insure his win.

At Laurel Falls:

Ray and Tony go over to the guys in the bushes. Ray asks them what they are doing there. They say they are two farmers from up the road searching for their stolen tractor. They apologize for intruding and leave. Meta tells Michelle that she thought an outdoor wedding in March was crazy but she thinks their warmth took care of that and everything is fine. Rick kisses Michelle and says 4th time is the charm. The judge has them come over and sign the marriage certificate. Michelle tells everyone that it is the most perfect day ever and Danny agrees. Meta invites the judge to come to the house for the reception but he tells her that he has another engagement. Michelle asks Rick if he is happy for her and he says yes. Danny goes over and asks Tony and Ray who the two guys were. Ray tells him they said they were farmers.

At the Bauer House:

Meta unveils the wedding cake as Danny cuts it and feeds it to Michelle. Rick wants some cake too and Meta tells him she saved the beaters and extra frosting for him as well. Ray goes over and tells Tony it is tough to see them so happy, isn't it. Tony wants to leave but Ray reminds him the best man has to make a toast. Tony goes to make his toast and says that he owes Danny a lot. He took him in and taught him rules to live by. Some people don't live by those rules and you have to make tough choices but everything seems right at times like these. He tells Danny and Michelle never to take things for granted and live every minute they have together to the fullest. He wishes them only good things and hopes they enjoy every minute together. Rick steps in and promises to babysit and tells Michelle he is happy for her. He tells Danny that he appreciates his commitment and love for his sister. He has never seen Michelle happier. He toasts to a long and happy marriage. Meta suggests music. Danny and Michelle dance and Danny backs away to let Tony dance with Michelle. Danny goes over to Ray and asks about the real story with the guys in the woods. Ray tells him what they said and Danny wonders why two farmers were lurking on his land at night. Ray says they said they were searching for a missing tractor and then they left. Danny tells Ray he is a bad poker player and he doesn't buy that story. Ray tells him the name of the farmer and Danny says that person died last summer.

Danny and Michelle go over to see Robert. They talk about the men in the woods. Ray suggests he talk to Abuela. Danny says if Abuela knew he was in danger, she would tell him. Ray says what about the other families. Danny says he will not turn on them or his family. He wonders what kind of Judas would do that. He thinks that would be unforgivable. Michelle asks Tony to come over and lets him hold his godson. Ray offers a toast to courage. He praises Michelle and Danny and tells them they deserve every blessing and time to watch their son grow. Danny says they asked Tony to be Robert's godfather because he has turned his life around and will be a good example for their son. He tells him that he is a great guy and Tony gets upset and has to leave. Danny apologizes to everyone for doing that and tells them that Tony doesn't want anyone to know he has a heart.

At Infierno:

Blake and Ross order some champagne. She tells him they have to celebrate. Her editor called and told her that a famous book reviewer saw her rough draft and couldn't put it down. He wants to read the whole thing and offered to review it himself. Ross is proud of her. He tells Blake that she should publish this one under her real name and not her pen name. Blake gets teary eyed and says she almost has everything she wants. Ross tells her to be patient a little while longer.

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Cassie asks Richard if they are safe meeting Phillip there. Richard assures her the owner is a reliable friend who would never betray them. He just wonders why Phillip wanted to meet with them. Cassie thinks he may be worried about Beth. Phillip comes in and tells them that he is sorry for the political discord the country is in and is sure they are upset about it. Richard tells him that now that everything is out in the open and he and Cassie are starting a normal life for themselves he can honestly say he is relieved. He goes on to say that Edmund has no idea what is in store for him if he has to reign as sovereign of San Cristobel. He is sure Edmund has no idea of the complexities of the job he desires so much. Phillip tells him he has some more news for them. He goes on to describe what he had overheard at the palace. Edmund was instructing two aides to rig the voting by stuffing the ballot box with votes from deceased voters as well as give broken tally machines to the sections that are against him. Cassie is worried and wonders what they can do now. Richard tells them that maybe they shouldn't worry about stopping him. Richard suggests they let Edmund corrupt the election and end it by exposing the corruption and seeing how he handles that. Richard is sure tampering with the election will be the final nail in Edmund's coffin. Phillip wonders how to proceed. Richard tells him they have to let someone in charge know what is going on. He suggests Phillip contact Dax and Lord Chancellor himself, since it would seem self-serving if he or Cassie did it. He instructs Phillip to tell them everything he heard and what they had spoken about without mentioning Richard. Richard gives Phillip the phone numbers for Dax and Lord Chancellor and tells him to call them and arrange a meeting, assuring him that both men are indubitably honest. Cassie and Richard go to make themselves scarce. Phillip calls the numbers thinking to himself that Edmund's days are finally numbered.

Dax arrives at the restaurant and asks Phillip what this meeting is about. Lord Chancellor shows up before he can respond to Dax and assures Phillip he has nothing to worry about, if he is concerned about his business ventures there. Phillip tells them he is concerned about the fairness of the election. He tells them how he overheard Edmund plotting to tamper with the election. Philliip says he heard Edmund making specific plans and goes on to list them. Dax wonders what Phillip's angle is since he is a friend of Richard and Cassie's and his ex-wife is involved with Edmund. Philliip says he heard what he heard and now he has came to the proper authorities to report it. The Lord Chancellor wants to question Edmund's aides and see what they know. Philliip says that may not be the best way and offers them another solution. He thinks they should allow Edmund to do whatever he is going to do. They should conduct the election and watch Edmund's every move closely and catch him with his hand in the cookie jar. Then there will be no way Edmund can dispute it. They agree. Lord Chancellor tells Philliip that election tampering is a serious offense and will be dealt with swiftly.

At the Lewis House:

Marah comes in with the breakfast she made for her mom. Reva tells her to stop waiting on her and go to school. She tells her that she is expecting Blake and Catalina and they will be there if she needs something. Just then Catalina arrives hugs Reva. She is sad that this happened to her friend and tells her how sorry she is. Reva tells her that she is very optimistic so there is no need to worry. Catalina wants to know what she can do. She tells Catalina to keep Marah company, while she goes to get herself some juice. Reva leaves the room. Marah tells Catalina it s hard for her, every time she looks at her mom she wants to cry. Catalina thinks she is a comfort to Reva and will truly help her. Catalina asks about Marah's stay at Josh and Olivia's. Marah says it was terrible and it got worse after she and Tony broke up because they were feeling sorry for her. She tells Catalina she doesn't know what is bothering Tony but knows it has to be big. Catalina asks Marah if Tony is upset because Sam kissed her. Marah tells her it is something else, something to do with his family. Catalina tells her that she understands why he was hurt and thinks she may have let Sam kiss her. Marah tells her she didn't but Catalina tells her that she has been playing the two guys off one another for months. Marah says she doesn't mean too, but it is hard to say no to Sam. Catalina says she should be careful if she really wants Tony. Marah says she explained things to Sam and he knows she wants Tony. She also knows Tony still wants her but something is stopping him. Something is shutting him down and she thinks it has to do with his family. Reva comes back into the room with the juice. She tells Marah to go to school. She leaves. Catalina asks Reva what she needs her to do. She tells her she would clean the house but it is already very neat. Reva thinks the kids doing the cleaning is a miracle and laughs that she should go blind everyday. Catalina hugs her and seems very sad. They sit on the couch and talk awhile when Blake comes in. She tells Reva about her book being published and reviewed by some famous guys. Blake goes to answer the door and sees it is Olivia. Blake is rude and tells Olivia to go away. Olivia tells them she is just there to bring Reva a gift basket and tell her how sorry she is. Blake tells Olivia that Reva is not up for visitors and she should leave. Olivia barges past her and gives Reva the basket. Blake tells Olivia that Reva doesn't want her sympathy; she tries to throw her out. Olivia leaves and Reva tells Blake she shouldn't have done that. Blake says Olivia's visit didn't make her feel better so that is why she did it.

Blake goes about organizing the kitchen for her. Reva asks Catalina about Marah and Tony. She doesn't want her involved with him. Catalina says Tony isn't a bad guy; he is loyal and sweet. Reva thinks Catalina is interested in Tony but she says she isn't. Reva tells her he is bad news.

At Infierno:

Tony is talking to Carlos. He asks Carlos why he sent those two men to the wedding. Carlos didn't know anything about it. May is eavesdropping with her little recorder. She listens while Carlos asks if Tony is having second thoughts. Tony says Carlos agreed that Michelle and the baby were off limits. Carlos tells Tony he hasn't heard when the hit will go down but he will let Abuela and Tony know when he knows. May realizes she has to warn Danny and tries to call him but he doesn't answer. She leaves to go over to the Bauer's.

Danny comes in and goes into the safe. He sees Tony and tells him to come over there. He asks him about why he left the party. He asks if he can't handle the mushy things. Tony tells him it is bad for his reputation to appear sensitive. He asks Danny what he is going to do. Danny tells him he has to get some cash and is going to sell some things. Tony asked him why he would do that and Danny tells him he wants to tell him. Danny tells him that in telling him, he trusts him more than he ever has but he does trust him so he wants to share with him. Tony tells him not to tell him anything major and starts for the door. He turns and tells Danny if he and Michelle are planning what he thinks they are planning to do it fast. Tony runs out and leaves a surprised Danny standing there.

At the Bauer House:

Danny comes in his office and calls Abuela on her "secret" line. He wants to know if there is a hit ordered on him but she denies it. She wonders why he is asking. He says there has been talk going around and wonders if the other families would tell her if there was a hit. She says they wouldn't tell her but she would know. He thanks her and tells her he will talk to her later. Danny hangs up and tells Michelle the wedding crashers must have been feds. She thinks they should check with Mary. He tells her that Mary is not their friend and he doesn't want to talk to her. He tells her that he wants one day without someone breathing down his neck. One day to be a husband and a father. She asks him what he is going to do, but he doesn't know. Michelle says they will figure it out together; they have plenty of options. Danny tells her that he has to go out and will be back late. He tells her that he has to liquidate some of his assets so they will have money to live on. He asks if she will be okay. She tells him that Meta will be home soon. He kisses her and the baby and heads for the door. Frank is at the door when he opens it. He tells them they have a problem. Frank goes over to hold the baby and congratulates them on getting married again. He goes on to tell them that the governor is in town and he has to pull the men from watching the house. Danny says the extra protection isn't necessary and that there is no one after them. He leaves. Frank tells Michelle it is nice to see her happy again and he hopes it will last this time. She says it will -- It has to.

Frank is playing with little Robert when May arrives looking for Danny. She lies and says it is about a plumber at the club. Frank asks where she has been and she says she has been working at the club extra to let Danny spend more time with his family. Frank asks May for a date and she asks him if he is divorced yet and he says no. Michelle asks Frank to go warm a bottle for the baby. He leaves and she turns to ask May what is wrong. May tells her that she needs to speak to Danny ASAP. Michelle asks what she needs but May won't tell her. May says she needs to talk to Danny first and wants to know how to reach him. Michelle is getting scared. She calls Danny on his cell phone, while May waits. Danny's phone is off. Michelle asks May if the families are plotting against Danny and if he is in danger. Before she could answer, Frank comes back in the room and asks if they are playing nice. Michelle says she was trying to rope May into babysitting sometime. May tells her she will anytime. Frank says he will come over and keep her company when she does. May says she has to get back to work but she really needs to talk to Danny. Frank asks Michelle if something is wrong but she says no. May is outside on her phone telling her boss that they have to find Danny and protect him whether he likes it or not.

At Company:

Marah runs into Tony coming into Company. He stares at her wondering whether to ignore her or say something. Marah speaks first and says hi. She asks him how he is. She asks him why he is so upset but he doesn't answer. She tells him that she will be there when he is ready to talk to her. She tells him she isn't going anywhere.

Thursday, March 29, 2001

At the Bauers':

Danny comes in with his briefcase full of cash. He tells Michelle that he liquidated everything and at least they will be able to live the life they want no matter where there have to live it. Michelle tells him she was worried about him and couldn't get him on his cell phone. Danny looked at the phone and said it should have worked. She tells him that Mary came over and was very frightened and she wants to talk to him. He calls Infierno and asks Mary what she wants. She tells him that she has to talk to him but not over the phone. He asks what it is and she tells him it is about his health. Danny hangs up and looks worried. Michelle asks what it is and he tells her he doesn't know but he has to go talk to her. Michelle asks him not to shut her out and to tell her what is wrong. She reminds him that there are no more secrets between them. He tells her when he finds something out he will tell her. He kisses her and tells her she has gotten a lot tougher since they met. They kiss again and he leaves.

At the Lewis House:

Reva and Noah are sitting on the couch talking. She tells him the new doctors didn't have anything new to tell her but she is sure that she will be getting better news eventually. Reva says she has decided not to dwell on the bad anymore. She is going to get back to doing the things that give her pleasure and make her feel productive. She doesn't want to waste time sitting around waiting on her sight to come back. Noah is happy for her and asks her to marry him right then. Reva tells him she can't now, she wants to but now isn't the time. Reva tells Noah that he is pushing for the wedding because he feels sorry for her. Noah tells her that is so not true. He tells her he loves her and doesn't understand if she wants things to be the same, but they aren't. She tells him again that she can't. She wants him to help her through her blindness and all but she doesn't want it to become the basis of their relationship. She tells him that she has been through a lot and in the past it has been her practice to drag the people around her down with her. The point is her life is one crisis after another and that is why Josh left her and she is sick of it and she doesn't want their relationship to be that way. She wants it to be different, to be strong and full of love. Reva tells him that she has to clean up her own messes.

In San Cristobel:

Phillip goes back into the restaurant to meet Richard and Cassie and tells them about his meeting with Lord Chancellor. He tells them that they believed him and are going to let Edmund hang himself. Richard and Cassie are pleased and say Edmund will be going down. Phillip tells them he has to tell Beth, so she and the kids will go home before the blow out happens. Cassie warns him that Beth will tell Edmund. Phillip doesn't think she will but says if she does all that could happen is that Edmund doesn't rig the election and the people will have their say. He leaves. Cassie and Richard look worried.

At the palace, Beth is sitting on the sofa when Phillip walks in. Phillip says he wants to tell her something. He is going to trust her and tells her what she does with the information is up to her. She asks what he is blaming Edmund for now. He tells her that Edmund fixed tomorrow's vote. He tells her what he overheard and tells her she and the kids need to get out. He tells her to go get on the Spaulding jet and leave. She tells him she will have to at least say goodbye. He tells her to do what she wants but not to be there when the fall out happens. Phillip leaves and Edmund comes in. He asks what terrible think he is being accused of now. Beth tells him that Phillip said that he had rigged the election. She asks him if it is true and he tells her it is. Beth tells him he is trying to right a wrong with another wrong. Edmund tells her he has no other option because Richard and Cassie have stacked the cards against him. He tells her that SC has been a principality for over 300 years and now Richard is trying to demean him and cheat him out of his birthright. He tells her that he was born to rule SC and to love her. He wants this just as bad for her and her kids as for him. He tells her that she and SC are inseparable to him. She tells him it isn't honest. Edmund says Phillip bends the rules all the time for his business. He wants her to share this life with him and begs her not to let Phillip take it away from them. If he wins tomorrow, they both win. She tells him that Phillip had spoken to Lord Chancellor and Richard and they are sitting a trap for him. She tells him that they will be watching him. Edmund is surprised that Phillip shared that information with her and thinks he must have been sure that she wouldn't tell him. He thanks her for telling him. She asks him what he is going to do now. He tells her, "Timing is everything."

At Infierno:

Danny comes into the club and tells Mary she is fired. A dark headed guy, (Ricky Paull Goldin), walks up next to Danny and Mary introduces him as her boss, Gus. Danny tells them to call his attorney if they want anything else. Mary tells him that there is a hit put out on him and they have the information on tape. Danny asks where they got their information. Mary tells them they got it from the source. Gus says everyone is in on it, Maria, Carlos, and even his cousin Tony. Danny wants to know what proof they have. Mary tells him a tape of Tony and Carlos talking about it but no one is aware of the time or place as of yet. Gus tells him they have to have his trust or he will be too dead to testify. Mary and Gus tell Danny that they are using out of town help for the hit and the families have all pooled their money to pay for him. Gus tells him there is a van in the alley right now. He tells him to call Michelle and get her and the baby down and he will put them right into witness protection. Danny wants to know when the hit will go down, but they don't know. He tells them to let him know when they know something. Gus tells Danny he hopes he starts to trust him soon otherwise his son will never get to know his father. Danny tells them to get out; he doesn't want to see either one of them in his club again unless they have a search warrant. Danny goes into his office and leans against the wall.

At Olivia's:

Josh comes in and jumps in the shower with Olivia. She is trying out the bath products she got for Reva. She tells Josh about taking it over to her and being shut down. She thinks it was rude. He tries to explain Reva's point of view and Olivia gets angry. Josh tells her that she is wonderful and he loves and appreciates her.

She finally forgives her and they kiss again.

Friday, March 30, 2001

At the Church:

Ray is praying for Danny's safety and guidance for Tony. Danny walks in and asks him where Tony is. He tells Ray that the hit is real and Tony may be caught in the middle of it. Danny tells Ray that the feds cornered him and told them about the hit as well as Maria's and Tony's involvement. Ray asks him if he talked to Abuela. Danny said she denied it but he is ready to believe she is lying. That is why he has to find Tony. He doesn't think Tony would hurt him but he was hard on him when he first came to town. Danny has tears in his eyes and Ray starts holding his own back. Danny realizes it is the truth and is stunned. Ray tells him he wished he could help him but he can't. Danny figures he tells him he learned it all in confession. Danny is very angry. He is so upset that Tony told Ray without regard to what it would do to Ray not to tell Danny. He leaves. Ray goes back to his praying and asks God to let Danny have a fighting chance now that he knows.

At the Lewis House:

Reva is surprised when Buzz comes by with some of his chili. Reva invites him in for lunch. Buzz offers to do some errands if she would like. She tells him she is fine and fixes him some coffee. Buzz asks how she is doing and if she spends her entire day telling bad blind jokes. She admits she does. He tells her that she can be honest with him. She tells him how angry she is. She wants her life back and wants her eyesight not to be the center of everything. Reva tells Buzz that she should be living a normal, great life and now this happens. She tells him that Noah wants to go ahead with the wedding. Buzz asks if she shoved him off. Reva tells him she wants to be a whole woman before she marries him and doesn't want him to have to wait. Buzz tells her that Noah may want to wait. They talk about all of her and Noah's adventures together. Buzz tells her that she doesn't have to act like she wants a boring life since Noah is as crazy as she is. Holly comes to the door and Buzz greets her at the door. They both come in and Reva talks Holly into having lunch with her and Buzz.

Reva and Holly talk about work and the shows they want to do. Reva goes to the door to see Billy there. He comes in and sees Holly. He is glad she is there to and he tells them that he will stay for lunch as well and consider it a second birthday party. Reva feels terrible for forgetting. He tells her it is fine. Holly tells Billy she has to leave. Buzz comes out and isn't happy to see Billy. Reva begs Holly to stay.

Holly goes to help Buzz with the pie. Reva and Billy talk about Holly and his feelings. She tells him to stop beating around the bush and go after her if he wants her. Billy doesn't know what to do since Holly is so different. He tells Reva he doesn't have to even touch Holly to be happy. Holly and Buzz comes back in with the pie. They all sit down and eat their desserts. Billy asks Reva if she is going to keep Noah. She tells him that she is. Billy tells her that he isn't sure Noah is up to being number 8. They joke around a bit until Holly has to get back to work. Buzz starts heading out as well. Billy asks Reva what she saw in Buzz. She tells him she can't see anything anymore. He holds her and tells her that he may be going back to jail because he thinks he needs to go take Edmund down a few pegs.

In San Cristobel:

Ed calls his man and tells him not to do anything else at the polls. He tells him that he has it all covered. Beth comes in and tells him that the people could vote for him honestly. Ed tells her that he can't count on that but he will be fine, thanks to her. He appreciates her loyalty. Beth tells him she understands and believes he is doing the right thing. Ed kisses her hand and thanks her. Beth tells him she will continue to stand by him and understand as long as he is open with her. Ed talks about Phillip and Beth tells him that she doesn't see things as black and white so what Phil thinks really means little. Phillip and the kids walk in just as Ed and Beth start kissing again. Ed greets Lizzie and asks what she is going to do today. Phil tells them that the kids are leaving with one of the palace nanny's. Phil tells Ed that he will be staying until after the polls close. Ed tells them that they will have a celebration of sorts after the vote. Ed leaves and Phillip asks Beth what her decision is. Beth doesn't say anything. She doesn't want to leave until after the vote. Beth tells him that Ed is expecting a victory. Phil tells her that all hell will break lose very soon. She tells him she will decide when she will leave. Phil tells her that is fine but the kids are leaving. Lizzie goes to say goodbye to her mom and asks her to come home soon. Beth promises she will be back with them very soon.

Phillip goes back to the café and meets with Richard and Cassie. Phillip asks about the polls. Richard tells him that it is looking good. The way things are looking Beth didn't warn him. They flip on the television and hear that Prince Edmund is about to speak to the country. Ed comes on and tells them that he has uncovered a plot to rig the vote in his favor. He tells them that he will not rule under those circumstances. He goes on to say he is canceling the vote and will take back the throne until the situation could be remedied. He apologizes and tries to have it look like it is all Richards fault again. They he signs off. Richard, Cassie and Phillip are livid. Richard tells them that Ed just declared Martial Law. Phillip is very upset that Beth spilled the beans. He tells Richard and Cassie that he should have never trusted Beth.

Back at the palace, Ed thanks Beth once again for all her help and support. He tells her he couldn't have done it without her and they hug.

At Infierno:

Tony comes in needing coffee. Catalina tells him he smells like Rum and looks like he hasn't had any sleep. He doesn't want to talk. She tells him that Danny has been looking for him. She continues to ask him what is wrong. He goes into the office telling her to leave him alone. He flops onto the couch and closes his eyes.

Michelle comes in and asks Catalina if Tony is there. She goes into the office and wakes him up and tells him that he looks like hell. He asks what she wants and she tells him that they need him. She tells him that Danny has always said Tony would have his back and she needs to know that he will help them because she thinks that Danny is going to need him now more than ever. Michelle tells him that the news about the hit may be real. She tells him that Danny needs him. He tells her that he is there. He asks her if she thinks he wants something to happen to Danny. She tells him that she loves Danny and she is very scared. She begs him to please help them. She tells him that Danny loves him a lot and cares so much for him. She tells him that they both need him, he is like the little brother they never had. Tony has a look of clarity come over his face. He tries to push it away while Michelle asks how he is. She wants to help him and asks him if he needs someone to listen. He thanks her and tells her he will be fine. Michelle leaves. Tony gets a call from Carlos. He tells him that he has news about the hit and needs to talk to him.

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