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Bianca confronted Maggie about her feelings for Bianca. Anna's baby was found to have a possible heart defect. Edmund learned that Aidan was wanted for murder. Trey kissed Greenlee. Cops surrounded a bus stop where a disguised Aidan was attempting to escape.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 6, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, January 6, 2003


It started out a normal day at BJ's until Maggie asked Bianca to the movies. Boy, did she get a big surprise with Bianca's reaction: "Are you asking me out on a date?" Bianca demanded. Maggie looked a bit uncomfortable, and at first, said it wasn't a date, but friends hanging out. "What's the difference?" Bianca asked. "What are we? Are we friends or more than friends? Are you curious? Turned on? Turned off? How do you feel?" Maggie danced around the questions for a while, but never really gave a straight answer. Bianca pressed on, and accused Maggie of avoiding the questions. Bianca then stood up, and in the middle of the popular coffee shop, shouted, "If we were going to go tonight, will it be a date?" Maggie got very embarrassed this time because customers stopped and stared. She begged Bianca to go somewhere private to continue this discussion. After Bianca saw that Jamie had overheard her loud ranting (remember - Jamie and Maggie once dated), Bianca felt badly and agreed to leave. The girls left together and headed for the boathouse.

At the boathouse, Maggie confessed that at first she was very confused by her feelings for Bianca. She reminded Bianca that their friendship began because of Bianca's affair with her twin sister Frankie. They reminisced about some of the good times they've had, and remarked how close they had become. I feel safer with you and closer to you than any other guy, Maggie admitted. Maggie then covered her eyes and confessed that she never felt this way about another person, and that she honestly loved Bianca. Seeing hope for this relationship, Bianca pressed Maggie about the love thing. "Do you love me as a friend or more?" Bianca implored.

At this point, Maggie started to walk away, but Bianca wouldn't let her. "Just tell me. No matter what your conflicting feelings are, I won't ditch you," Bianca promised.

Maggie took a deep breath and stared deeply into Bianca's eyes. Then she finally fessed up: "Bianca, I love you. BUT ... I'm into guys. Bianca's face immediately fell. She smiled sadly, kicking herself for yet again, falling for a straight girl.


Even though the "Anna-Hostage" situation at the Front Street Clinic had ended with nobody hurt, clinic director Janelle was still hot. She saw David comforting Anna, and then overheard David's sarcastic comments about not being able to report Reggie's stab wounds to the cops. That's when the insults started flying. She yelled at David some more about his arrogance and lack of sensitivity. David, clearly not getting why anyone could care about people "like Reggie," angrily told her: "Whatever angel ghetto trip you're on, count me out.

Outraged, Janelle blamed David for the whole hostage situation. If you hadn't called the cops, Reggie wouldn't have panicked and grabbed Anna, she yelled at David accusingly. At this point, Anna jumped in and explained that yes, she was a cop, but no, David hadn't called her. She was merely visiting David and this was all a big coincidence. Janelle, accepted Anna's explanation, but made it clear that nothing could change her mind about her strong dislike for David. Anna, ignoring Janelle's barbed comments about her husband, offered to help out Janelle with the gang problem. She gave Janelle her cell phone number, and called Derek, requesting help with the investigation.

Hearing this, David got incensed and commanded Anna to stop. David essentially informed Anna that her job was not as police chief, but as baby chief. He worried that this gang investigation was too dangerous and could hurt their unborn child. Anna challenged him: David, if you were pregnant, would you give up being a doctor? She assured David that she'd be careful and kissed him goodbye.

Then, horror struck. Anna doubled over in pain. David took quick action and wheeled her into one of the clinic rooms. Once in the room, Anna seemed to be okay. David lectured her again about the danger of job stress. But David, it's not the job that stresses me out, it's you, Anna said gently. Before David could respond, he was called out to work and left Anna in the room alone.

But wait. Horror struck again. "Oh my God" Anna cried, while feeling her stomach. David ran in, and panic stricken, Anna told David that the baby wasn't moving.


Maria was scared to death as Edmund entered the living room at "Wildwind." The injured Aidan was hiding just a few feet away. And right next to her was the computer with Aidan's email "Come And Get Me" in large bold letters. When Edmund asked Maria what she was looking at on the computer, she nervously lied and answered "Oh, nothing." Edmund appeared to believe her and Maria sighed in relief. They made plans for a quiet dinner after he returned from work and Maria exited the living room.

But Edmund was apparently more suspicious than he had let on. Once Maria was gone, he checked the laptop and saw the message "Come And Get Me." He pondered for a moment, and then became angry. He took the laptop, and stalked out, muttering "Dammit Maria."

At Tempo, Edmund was not a happy camper. He was throwing papers around and yelled at a nice fact checker for daring to ask a question. Brooke walked in on the fact checker getting scolded, and ordered Edmund to get a grip. She got Edmund to admit that his anger had nothing to do with work, and everything to do with Maria. He told Brooke about the his continued frustration with Maria's memory spurts. At first Brooke nodded attentively. But then Edmund took his complaints a step further. "One minute we're kissing and the next she's tearing herself away." Brooke clearly looked uncomfortable with this kissing information and tried to change the subject. But Edmund didn't take the hint at all and pressed on. He told Brooke about the recent email. He mistakenly believed that Maria wrote "Come And Get Me" to Aidan and expressed his fears that they were romantically linked. Edmund continued to pour his heart out to Brooke. "I look into her eyes and I'm in heaven, but now Maria's just sneaking around my home."

This was the final straw. Brooke totally lost it. She angrily told Edmund to shut up, that his love for Maria was way too much information. She explained that her life has been a mess since their breakup, but he was too wrapped up in his own stuff to even notice. Let me see, I had an affair with Adam Chandler, spent Christmas cheering up Tad, my son has lost you, and all faith in me, she exclaimed.

Edmund tried to apologize, but by this point, Brooke was too furious. You don't give a damn Edmund. I'm through being a nursemaid to your Maria obsession, Brooke yelled, and slammed the door behind her.

BACK AT WILDWIND, Maria returned to the room where Aidan was hiding. Aidan was panicked because the laptop was now missing and begged Maria to get him another computer. Maria became furious and demanded to know why and for whom Aidan left the "Come and Get Me" message. "I've been protecting you for weeks, and you're too cold and selfish to even tell me what I've been protecting you from." Maria shouted.

Maria threatened to call the cops, but Aidan grabbed the phone from her. He explained that the email message was for Fiona's killer who was now in Pine Valley. Aidan explained that he faked the email to make it look like he was far away. After he was certain that the killer received his email, Aidan was going to take off for who knows where. Maria didn't buy Aidan's story. She figured out that what he really wanted to do was confront the killer. Aidan admitted that he had to kill this man before the man killed him.

Aidan begged her once again to get him a computer so that he could go through with his plan, and then get the heck out of dodge. But Maria wouldn't comply. She stared at him and told him with emotion that he was now a part of her, and she just couldn't let him go. Aidan stared back at her and agreed to stay in Pine Valley.

Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Anna and David were pacing with worry in the hospital emergency room. Anna speculated about what could be wrong. She hadn't felt the baby move since earlier in the morning, and she knows what that means. She told David that she'll never forgive herself if she's responsible for something happening to their child. David told her to stop worrying about it, because it isn't doing any good. Dr. Clader finally arrived, and Anna told him her fears. He wasn't worried, and said that babies need to rest occasionally. He did order an ultrasound, however, to make sure that everything was going along nicely. Later, Anna was in bed as all three gathered around the monitor and watched the ultrasound. The baby was peacefully sucking her thumb, and Anna was thrilled. She noticed Dr. Clader's face fall, and David's fall along with it, however, and she asked them what was wrong. They told her they were concerned with the size of the baby's heart. Clader ordered a more targeted ultrasound, while David tried to get Anna to relax. When Dr. Clader returned with the results of the later ultrasound, he told them that the fetus has a cardiac anomaly that prevents the aortic valve from opening properly. He said that Anna has to stay at the hospital for continued observation, and, if surgery is necessary, they would perform it in utero. David agreed with all that Dr. Clader said, and he announced that he would like a surgeon from Zurich to perform the operation if it's required. Anna became agitated and reminded him that he's on probation and can't leave the country. She said that she's not going to Zurich alone. He assured her that he would consult over the phone, but if he flew to Zurich he would be arrested as soon as he returned. He told Anna that he didn't want his first glimpse of his daughter to be through a glass partition in prison. Anna understood, and told him that she would fly to Zurich alone if she had to. David told her that she wouldn't be alone, because if he can't be there he wants someone else close to Anna to be by her side. He picked up the phone, and called Anna's daughter, Robin. Anna broke into tears as she took the phone from David, and she made arrangements with Robin to meet her at the Zurich airport. After hanging up, she realized that David had already called Robin, during her second sonogram, and she accused him of being sly. He told her that he wished he could be with her, and they kissed as she said, "Me too."

J.R. walked into Adam's study aware that his father wanted to see him. Adam was livid at J.R. because he was failing three of his core classes. He told him "You're ruining your life!" J.R. responded, "No, Dad. That's your job." Adam ignored the comment, and asked him for an explanation. When none was forthcoming, Adam asked him what he was doing with his life. It was J.R.'s turn to become irate as he told his father that he doesn't really care about him. All he cares about is grooming another Adam Chandler. J.R. said, "I'm not him! I will not be a Junior Adam Chandler!" He said that he just wants to live his own life. Adam said that he finally got it. He began telling J.R. about being seventeen once, and J.R. rolled his eyes in response. He said all he cared about was getting in the backseat with his girlfriend. A light went on over Adam's head as he asked J.R. about his girlfriend. He said that J.R.'s wrecking his life on purpose, so he doesn't have to go to Harvard and can stay in Pine Valley with "Libbie". When J.R. turned to leave, Adam told him he couldn't go out, because it was a school night. J.R. dared him to stop him. After he left, Stuart entered the office to see Adam on the phone to security. Knowing what his brother was up to, Stuart screamed at Adam to put the phone down and Adam did. He told Stuart that J.R. is throwing his life away, because he's in love with some "piece of trash". Stuart giggled and reminded Adam that people used to call them trash in Pigeon Hollow. Adam smiled when he remembered, and then he told Stuart he wanted J.R. to be better then him. Stuart said that Adam's just fine the way he is. Adam said that it isn't about him; it's about J.R. falling for some "low-rent loser". Stuart stuck up for his nephew, and told Adam that J.R. finally found someone that he loves and that loves him back. Adam continued ranting that J.R.'s throwing away his future, but Stuart told him that J.R. should only be concerned with tonight. He told Adam "Maybe your son knows something you don't."

Edmund was waiting for someone at B.J.'s when Jamie walked in to pick up an order. When he walked up to him, Jamie gave Edmund a cold shoulder. Edmund told him that he apologized to Brooke for how he treated her, and now, he wants to apologize to him. They sat down in a booth, as Edmund told him that Brooke didn't deserve what he did to her. Naturally, Jamie agreed, and said that he treated her like something he scraped off his shoe. Edmund apologized for what he did to Jamie, but Jamie said he didn't want any part of it. "It's between you and my mom," he said. When Edmund asked how she was feeling, Jamie wondered if he was still interested in Brooke. He screamed at Edmund, "There's no way your going after my mom again!" Edmund told Jamie that he just wanted to give Brooke some healing time. As he left, Jamie told him that if he really wanted her to heal, stay away from her. When Jamie was gone, the man Edmund was waiting for walked in and joined him at the booth. He filled Edmund in on what he found out about Aidan: he's wanted for murder, and there's a $50,000 reward for him. Edmund was shocked, and the man asked, "What? You didn't know about that?"

At Wildwind, Maria told Aidan that she has to find a safer place for him, because the hay loft just isn't cutting it. He was in favor of finding a nicer place to live, and she told him about a place she knows, and she even has the keys for it. When she left to get her car, Brooke was waiting at the front door. Maria told her it wasn't a good time, but Brooke burst past her into the foyer, saying, "I only need a minute." She ran into the sitting room, where Aidan had been, but it was empty. Maria was relieved, but Brooke hardly noticed. She began ripping into Maria for possibly losing the one man who truly loves her. Maria was confused, and asked Brooke what she meant. Aidan was listening from the next room as Brooke told Maria about the email Edmund read saying, "Come get me." She asked Maria, "Are you planning to leave Edmund?" Maria dodged the question, but Brooke kept pestering her. Finally, Maria told her that it doesn't really concern her. Brooke said that she's worried for all involved, because she knows that Aidan's wanted for murder. When Maria didn't react in surprise, Brooke assumed that Maria already knew. She became more upset, and wondered why Maria would consider running away with a wanted fugitive. Again, Maria said that it's none of her business. As Brooke left, she told Maria that her only concern was Edmund, and his happiness. With Brooke gone, Maria sat down on the sofa, as Aidan returned to the room. He offered to go alone, but Maria insisted on continuing to help him, and they left through the back way.

Later, Edmund stormed into Wildwind screaming for Maria. Stella informed him that she just got home, but Maria's car wasn't there. As she left, Edmund muttered to himself, "Maria, what have you let into our lives?"

Maria let Aidan into Hayley and Mateo's vacant condo. He seemed happy about the new arrangements, even though there wasn't much food. He apologized for the misunderstanding with Edmund, and Maria told him that has to go talk to him. He urged her to go, and when she asked if he would still be there when she returned, he said, "Just go, Maria." He told her to be as honest with Edmund as she could without giving him away. She told him she would be back soon, and he should wait for her. They hugged, but didn't kiss, before she made her way to the door. As she was leaving, Aidan thanked her for all she did for him, in case he wasn't there when she returned. She told him that she would be back, and he needs to wait for her.

J.R. met Laurie at the boathouse, and she immediately suspected something was wrong with him. When she questioned him, though, J.R. responded, "No, nothing's wrong." She told him he sounded messed up on the phone, but he told her he was just tired of sneaking around. He wondered why her dad didn't just lighten up. She told J.R. that he's just like her dad, unpredictable. He said that it's better then being boring. She said, "Way better," as J.R. moved closer to her.

When Maria returned to Wildwind, she heard Edmund on the phone to Derek telling him that he believed Maria's life might be in danger. She called out to him, and Edmund said, "False alarm," before hanging up. Without saying a word, Edmund slowly walked to Maria and pulled her towards him in an embrace. He told her that he thought she wasn't coming back after that email. She said that her relationship with Aidan is complicated, and he asked her to lay it out for him. She said that Aidan needed her, and Edmund responded, "But I didn't?" She was ready to give up, telling him "you don't get it." When Edmund told her that Aidan's wanted for murder, she responded by telling him that he didn't kill her. She told Edmund that Aidan already told her his story. He became more upset and accused her of living in his house while exchanging emails with a murderer. Again, Maria was ready to give up, but Edmund said, "I DO get it." He shocked her by grabbing her by the arm and roughly dragging her upstairs, while she shouted, "Edmund? What are you doing?" He pulled her to her bedroom and tossed her on the bed. He said that she begged to stay with him, and to move in, and now she wants to throw it away for some murderer. He screamed, "I'll see you rot in hell first!" Edmund slammed the door on his way out. Maria was shocked when she heard keys rattling, and when she tried the door she found it locked. She began pounding on the door, screaming for Edmund to let her out. Edmund, however, was leaning against the door and didn't make a move.

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Edmund locked Maria in her room at Wildwind to keep her away from Aidan. She hollered and banged on the door but Edmund accused her of knowingly bringing a murderer into their home. He said Aidan was wanted on 2 continents and had a $50,000 bond on his head. Maria said Aidan was not a murderer and continued yelling. Edmund told her not to bother, that no one was home but the two of them. She screeched "Who the hell do you think you are?" and Edmund replied "I'm your husband whether you remember it or not!." Maria said he couldn't stand the fact that she might feel something for another man and that he hates her because she isn't his Maria. Edmund sadly put his head against the door and said quietly, "Hate you? If only I could." They argued some more and Edmund told her he thought she was happy at Wildwind and that she wanted to remember the life they'd shared. Maria said she does but Edmund said she wanted both him and Aidan and he wasn't going to let her throw her life away on a murderer. Frustrated, Edmund told Maria that he was sick and tired of waiting for her to remember and that he was going to "make her remember." Maria yelled "You can't make me remember because I don't want it! It's not my life!'. Quickly she apologized for saying such a thing. Edmund told her that no matter what she remembers she'll always be his wife. He told her she was confused and that he was keeping her locked up until Aidan was picked up by the police and then he walked away. Maria screamed and tried to open the door. Then she paced and repeated over and over "Oh my God! Oh my God!." She finally calmed down and walked to her purse, where she took out her cell phone. She dialed a number.

Downstairs Edmund picked up a wedding photo and stared at it. He could hear Maria yelling so he shut the doors and turned on the stereo. He sat down in a chair near the fire and held the photo and was lost in thought. He dreamed that he went upstairs and opened the door and told Maria that if she wants to go to Aidan he won't stop her. Maria told him she wouldn't help Aidan if Edmund didn't want her to because she doesn't want to risk losing Edmund. They began to kiss and Edmund woke up. He stood up, put the photo in the fire and watched it burned.

In the darkened condo Aidan sat quietly in a chair. He went to a window and peered through the blinds. He walked around and thought he heard a noise at the front door. He whispered to himself "Maureen, don't forget to knock twice before using the key!." But there was no knock and a woman opened the door and walked in. Aidan grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth. He ordered her to be quiet and when she agreed he let her go. Kendall is startled to find Aidan there. She told him she was there to check out the condo because she may rent it. She thought he was had broken in to hide from the police since he's wanted for murderer. Kendall told him that Chris Stamp told her everything and then asked Aidan if it was true. Aidan was angry and yelled at her. Kendall said she'd leave and headed for the door but he stopped her. Kendall was very nervous and Aidan was horrified when he realized it was because she was afraid of him. He said he hadn't killed anyone and asked if she could be trusted not to tell anyone where he was. She agreed because she said it would be bad PR for her new company. She started to leave and then realized that Aidan was waiting for someone. After she put 2 and 2 together she figured out it was Maria. She got mad that he told Maria what was going on but not her, after all they'd shared. As they argued she opened the door. In a couple of seconds Isabella arrived to show Kendall the condo, which had belonged to Mateo and Hayley. She wondered who Kendall was talking to. Kendall pretended she was testing the condo for echoes. Isabella thought that was a little strange but got distracted by a cell phone ringing. She answered it but no one responded. It was Maria trying to call Aidan. Maria quickly hung up. Isabella turned to Kendall and said it was a wrong number and offered to give Kendall a tour. They began to walk around and Kendall told her how much she loved the condo. Isabella reminded her that Maria had first dibs on the place. Kendall said Maria belonged at Wildwind with Edmund, loud enough for Aidan who was hiding to hear. Isabella happily agreed. Kendall went on about how beautiful the condo is and that she wants to sign a lease right now because she had to move in tonight. Isabella said she had to check with Maria first. Kendall told her that if she rented the place to her, Maria would have to stay at Wildwind with her family. Isabella was overjoyed and agreed to get the lease as soon as possible. She left and Aidan came out of hiding. Kendall told him to leave, it was her place now. He said he couldn't go. Kendall said he was waiting for Maria and that she was at Wildwind and was never coming for him.

At Wildwind Maria wondered why Isabella was at the condo. She picked up the house phone and realized that Edmund had cut the line. She screamed "You're not going to get away with this!." She looked around the room and saw the window. Maria began to strip the sheets off the bed to make a rope. As she was knotting the fabric Edmund quietly came in the room and she was surprised to see him.

JR banged on the heater at the boathouse trying to get it to work. He tried to talk Laurie into running off to Atlantic City with him. She refused, saying she couldn't lie to her father like that. JR's cell phone rang and he started to throw it in the water. Laurie stopped him and looked at the caller ID. She told him it was his father. JR took the phone and turned it off. He told Laurie that his father found out about his bad grades and that he told Adam to shove it all, including Harvard. Laurie was appalled that JR would choose PVU over Harvard. JR told her he didn't want to go away from her. She wasn't impressed and told him she didn't want him to blow his chance at going to Harvard. JR said Harvard didn't mean as much to him as she did. Laurie asked him to prove it by finishing his incomplete classes and graduating. He agreed. JR told her that with her brains and grades she should go to Harvard. She said there was no way, they didn't have the money and her father wouldn't fill out the aid forms. But then she promised that if JR gets into Harvard she'll do anything she has to to get in with him. JR was happy with that and kissed her. She said she had to go home and he offered to drive her. After kissing for a while they left the boathouse in his car.

At the Chandler home Laurie's father argued with Winifred about speaking with Adam. She tried to get him to wait in the foyer but he stomped down the hall and walked into the office, where he found Liza on the phone. She got off and asked how she could help him. Mr. Lewis said he was looking for Laurie and was sure she was with JR. Liza tried to call JR on his cell phone but got no answer. She figured he was at the movies and had turned it off but Mr. Lewis said JR was probably ignoring her calls. Liza wondered why he was so sure his daughter was with JR. He told her that Laurie had lied about where she was going this afternoon and she'd done that before to be with JR. Liza tried to comfort him by saying when she was 17 she didn't make it easy for her parents either. Mr. Lewis asked if she'd always lived "in this world", looking around the opulent room. Liza said no, she grew up very middle class. He asked how she could stand to live with a man with no morals. Liza wasn't exactly thrilled with the conversation. Laurie's father said she was falling for JR and it was a dead end. Liza told him that JR is nothing like Adam. Mr. Lewis got angry and wondered if she was covering for the teenagers. Adam walked in, saw Mr. Lewis and said "What the hell are you doing in my house?" Mr. Lewis wondered if he wasn't good enough to be in the mansion and the two men began arguing. Liza broke it up and apologized to Mr. Lewis for not being able to help him find Laurie. He apologized to her for being upset and said he hadn't been feeling well lately. Adam commented that Laurie was the cause of JR's poor grades which set Mr. Lewis off again. As the two men yelled at each other the phone rang and Liza answered it. The men quieted down when they heard Liza mention the hospital. She hung up and told them there had been a car accident and the kids were at the hospital. They all rushed out and arrived at the hospital together. Adam grabbed a nurse and ordered her to get information for them. Adam and Mr. Lewis began making cracks about the other's kids until Laurie walked out of the exam room. She ran to her father, crying. Adam demanded to know how JR was and Laurie just looked at him with tear filled eyes.

Thursday, January 9, 2003

At the hospital, both Adam and Laurie's dad blame the other for the accident. Laurie tries to tell her dad that it was purely an accident; JR did nothing wrong. Derek decides he's heard enough and orders both families out of the hospital.

Once home, Adam immediately begins to harass JR over his choices. He orders JR to stay away from Laurie Lewis and concentrate on the life that's waiting for him. When Adam asks JR what he and Laurie could possibly have in common, JR replies, "Stubborn fathers." JR wants Adam to know what a great girl Laurie is and that she in no way will hold him back. Adam refuses to listen.

At the Lewis home, the same type of conversation is taking place. After forbidding Laurie from spending more time with JR, Mr. Lewis tries to warn Laurie that guys like JR Chandler only want one thing from a girl like her. He tells her that she is too nice and trusting and guys like JR will only take advantage of that. Laurie believes her dad can't separate JR from his father. She tries to tell him they are not at all alike. Like Adam, Mr. Lewis refuses to listen.

After the father's retire for the night, Laurie calls JR. They compare stories. JR again tells Laurie he's sorry for the accident. He swears that if she had been hurt because of him, he would have killed himself.

Kendall is trying to help Aidan when Maria comes charging in. When she asks what Kendall is doing there, Kendall explains she now lives there. She leased the condo from Isabella Santos. Maria turns her attention to Aidan. She tells him she would have been there sooner, but she was stuck. Aidan decides to leave before he involves Kendall and Maria any more. Both girls begin to fuss over his wound. They agree that Aidan should stay put. Maria threatens to call the police herself if he tries to leave. Kendall decides that the three of them will stay at the condo. Meanwhile, a furious Edmund stomps into Maria's bedroom and throws all of her clothes out the window.

Friday, January 10, 2003

Bianca and Maggie were in the student lounge at PVU. Maggie registered for pre-med classes with no social life and Bianca has all night classes so she can continue her day job at Enchantment. Their conversation with each other was awkward. Maggie thought Bianca was angry with her for not wanting to develop a relationship together. Bianca told her it was ok that she knows Maggie wants to date guys not girls. She confided in Maggie that she has a knack for falling for unattainable girls. Bianca reassured Maggie they are friends.

At the Front Street Clinic David talked to Janelle about Luis' threat to her. He was worried about her safety. Janelle was curious why he was concerned. David changed the subject and asked how Reggie was doing. Janelle told him he was in juvie and assigned to an assistant DA who had no time for him. Greenlee stopped by to visit with David. David told her about the baby's heart condition and that Anna had flown to Zurich to see the pediatric surgeon and to visit with Robin. David sensed Greenlee was not herself and asked how she was just as Trey came into the clinic. He was ecstatic. He had been reinstated as an attorney-- his suspension was over. Greenlee chided him that his brother is stone cold dead and you get to live and move up in the world. Greenlee angrily told Trey he was always forcing himself into her life. She wanted him to stop hovering over her and to stay away from her. She didn't want to hear how happy he was. She told him whenever she sees his face, she sees Leo dying all over again. She became agitated and exclaimed she is tired of grief management and left the clinic. David told Trey to let her heal on her own. Trey left the clinic.

David sat down sighing heavily. Janelle asked how long ago did Leo die and commented Greenlee needed serious help with her grief. David replied she was seeing a counselor. He also told Janelle that something good happened from the standoff with Reggie. Anna's baby needs heart surgery and they wouldn't have known that if she hadn't been involved in the hostage situation with Reggie. So the baby can now get the help she needs. David commented he would like to help Reggie and would ask Trey to help him pro bono.

It is morning at Kendall's condo she rented from Isabella Santos that belonged to Mateo and Hayley. She was wondering where Maria and Aidan were. They were not in the condo. Maria walked through the front door just as Kendall was trying to make herself some coffee. She asked where Aidan was and chattered on about his not drinking her coffee. Maria was impatient and exclaimed Aidan had left in the night and she didn't know where he was. Kendall chatted on and on about they will just go to the police station and if they find Aidan there, they will bail him out and bring him home. "Wrong," shouted Maria. Aidan is recovering from being shot and his life is in danger. That got Kendall's attention. Kendall then tried to blame Maria for not keeping Aidan in the condo. Maria realized that he must have gone to the bus station to get the bus for Montreal. They decided to go to the bus station to find him. They both got out their car keys and argued over whose car they were going to take. Kendall decided it would be hers because in her opinion, Maria was too keyed up to drive. The tire on Kendall's car was flat so before they could even leave the parking lot. Kendall didn't have a clue how to change the tire and wanted to call a towing service. Maria voted against that idea. It would take to long and they needed to find Aidan. So Maria hauled out the tools and spare and began working on the flat.

Kendall frivolously chatted on and on about her relationship with Aidan while she watched Maria changing the tire. The two sniped at each other over their relationship with Aidan. Kendall bragged how Aidan brought her flowers and made love to her. She also described the freckle he has and where it was located hoping it would make Maria jealous. Kendall wondered out loud why Maria would want to help Aidan. Maria told her because he had helped her when she desperately needed it. Kendall changed her attitude and realized that she and Maria wanted to help Aidan for the same reason. She told Maria she won't let Aidan down. The tire changed, the two women got in the car but the engine wouldn't start. Maria rolled her eyes, told Kendall to pop the hood. After making an adjustment under the hood, the car started and they went to the bus station.

Derek Fry and several police officers were at the bus station passing out flyers with Aidan's picture and asking passengers if they had seen him. So far no one had. Aidan was seated in the waiting room wearing dark glasses and a watch cap hoping no one would recognize him. Suddenly a strange woman approached him and exclaimed she had been looking all over for him. Aidan didn't know her and demanded she leave him alone. She finally walked away realizing Aidan didn't want to being picked up. She commented how groovy his accent was. Departure for the bus to Seattle was announced. Aidan stood up and got in line as Kendall and Maria arrived at the bus station. Kendall, seeing Aidan in line, shouted out his name. Maria quickly told her to shut up. Aidan turned around and saw them.

Greenlee went to the boathouse so she could think about Leo. It's all your fault, Leo, she said to herself. She chided Leo for choosing his interfering and suffocating brothers instead of moving to Paris with her. He would be alive if they had gone to Paris. Trey suddenly appeared at the boathouse. Greenlee glared at him and declared he was the shadow from hell. Trey told her she needed a serious attitude adjustment. He told her she meant something to him. He grabbed Greenlee and kissed her.

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