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Aidan told Maria that he had found Fiona shot to death with a note warning that he would be next. Aiden baited someone into looking for him. Greenlee, Kendall, Simone, Mia, Maggie, Joni, Laurie, and Liza met to devise a launch plan for their company, Fusion. Erica had a meeting with a man from her past.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 30, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, December 30, 2002

NOTE: This episode is a little different than the typical "All My Children." It switches back and forth between reality and fantasy. The fantasies are purposely exaggerated, and most are meant to be funny,

WHAT DO WOMEN WANT? That is the question of the day. It's also a question for the new "cosmetic chicks," who are on major deadline. Seated at a round table are Greenlee, Kendall, Mia, Simone, Maggie, and their latest investor, Liza. The women have exactly ten hours to figure out a name for their new cosmetics line, which would denote a theme for their target buyers. Seated on the sidelines are Laurie and Joni.

As soon as the women begin to brainstorm, little Petey enters. As usual, he offers some comic relief. Is this going to one of those female rap sessions where you bitch about men, and try to find your inner goddess, he inquires? Before they could get too annoyed with the kid, stacks of pizzas arrive. Apparently, Kendall finds the deliveryman kind of cute and becomes a little flirtatious. The pizza guy, seemingly mesmerized by this room of beautiful women doesn't seem to be in any rush. Petey quickly befriends Mickey (the pizza guy), and offers him more money if he sticks around. Mickey happily complies.

Back at the brainstorming session, Greenlee is all business. We have to get into women's hearts, into each other's hearts if we're going to figure out what women want, she announces. Maggie reacts with skepticism and challenges Greenlee. You barely know me Greenlee, how can you know what I really want, she asks. Greenlee claims that she absolutely knows what Maggie wants.

Greenlee's version of Maggie's fantasy: We see Maggie in doctor's scrubs, getting prepared for an operation. Cousin David (Hayward) helps her with her mask. "OK, Maggie, it's time to make the incision." He hands her a huge scalpel and tells "Dr. Stone" to believe in herself.

Back in reality, Maggie says no way. Yes, her fantasy is about a cousin she admires, but not that cousin.

Maggie's fantasy: Wonder Woman Cousin Bianca is being attacked by 4 men. Maggie and Alex arrive at the scene in very serious-looking trench coats. Alex, with cop instincts, grabs for her gun, but Maggie stops her. "No, let me," Maggie says. Maggie whips off her raincoat, revealing a wonder womanish costume, cape and all. She cartwheels over to Bianca's attackers, delivers a bunch of karate chops, tugs self-consciously on her low-cut top, and saves the day!!

Back to reality: The women laugh appreciatively at Maggie's heroics. They then turn their attention to the younger folks, Joni and Laurie. Mia asks the girls what they dream about. Joni tauntingly says she knows exactly what Laurie dreams about:

Joni's version of Laurie's fantasy A shirtless JR is in Laurie's room. They are passionately making out.

Back in reality, Laurie gets mad at Joni for making it sound like all she thinks about is sex, and gives her corrected version.

Laurie's fantasy JR, wearing a shirt this time, climbs a ladder that leads directly into Laurie's room. He kisses her once and on bended knee, asks her to marry him.

Back at the round table, the women mock Laurie a bit for her corny Prince Charming fantasy. In retaliation, Laurie describes Joni's fantasy as a nun praying to the chorus of Hallelujah. Joni quickly corrects her. Here's my real fantasy, and it's not at all what you think, she says

Joni's fantasy Joni, dressed like Britney Spears, is performing a dance number on stage. Her backup dancers are 3 gorgeous hunks. An admiring Jamie peers longingly from backstage.

Back in reality, it's Mia's turn. And Liza claims she's got the inside track.

Liza's version of Mia's fantasy Mia is dressed like a 1950's housewife, apron and all. She tells her husband Jake how handsome he is as they await a visit from the "Cleaver family."

Back at the meeting, the women giggle at Liza's rendition of Mia. But Mia surprises everyone by saying her real fantasy doesn't even include Jake.

Mia's fantasy This one is much more serious. We see Mia meeting a young black teenager. It's her son William and he's thrilled to see her. He says that he always wanted to meet his birth mother so that he could thank her for the life he's had.

Back in reality, Greenlee says Simone's fantasy is real easy to figure out. We see Edmund announcing the new winner of the Pulitzer: Simone, all smiles, accepts the award. Simone gets a bit offended by this description. She insists that her fantasy has absolutely nothing to do with fame and fortune.

Simone's fantasy This one is a bit sad. Simone is at the hospital bedside of her brother Anthony (the one who died). She is crying about how much she misses him, as he lays listless. As she prays for him to wake up, his eyes open. She sees him alive and they hug.

Back at the meeting, Petey decides to finally give his two cents. "You babes are so off base... If you really want to know what women want, you have to ask a man - like me!" He declares that what women really want is Arnold Loomis, boss of the surfer chicks. The women chuckle, but listen attentively to his little fantasy.

Petey's fantasy We see little Petey sitting in a big armchair, like Charlie of "Charlie's Angels." He rings a bell and his angels quickly surround him. It's Kendall, Maggie and Simone, each clad in skimpy bikinis. The "angels" coo at how "boss" he is. In appreciation of these compliments, 'Petey/Arnold' leaps from his chair and kicks off a dance number. (Assuming this was not a stunt double, this young actor has definitely taken some lessons. He's a good little dancer)!

Back in reality, Greenlee is visibly annoyed. She feels like they've gotten nowhere. Kendall, also frustrated, suggests trashing this whole idea of finding a name, and start looking for a product. Greenlee mocks Kendall's naiveté and not surprisingly, the two women start to squabble. The other cosmetic chicks inform Kendall and Greenlee that the reason they fight is because they are so alike. And the common denominator: Erica and payback. Simone breaks it down for them in fantasy form:

Simone's version of the Greenlee/Kendall problem We see Kendall dressed in a red business suit, sauntering into the "Enchantment" office. Her first order of business: removing the huge portrait of Erica from the room. She spouts off some more orders on the phone, very boss-like. Just then Greenlee appears, in a similar red suit. She orders a worker to place a huge portrait of herself in the office. The women glare at each other and Kendall declares, "It looks like the company isn't big enough for the two of us."

Back at the ranch, both Greenlee and Kendall are perturbed that the other women think of them as Erica wannabe's. Then tell me what your real dreams are, Simone demands. Greenlee answers cynically, that except for this business, she no longer bothers with dreams. She essentially says dreams are for losers because as soon as you get close to one, your heart gets ripped out. "You want a world without heartache, just quit dreaming," she declares angrily. Understanding why Greenlee is so bitter (Leo's death), Kendall softens. "I don't blame you for thinking that all I want is to be Erica," Kendall gently tells Greenlee. But Kendall insists that her real fantasy is not about Erica.

Kendall's fantasy We see Kendall in a rocking chair hugging her newborn baby. She tells her baby that daddy's home and runs to the door. "Ryan, you're finally home", she says with a smile.

Back in reality, Greenlee seems to empathize with Kendall's dream. They toss around some more ideas for a company name. Liza, feeling that they are closing in on a title, slips pizza man Mickey (who is still with Petey) some money to buy some champagne. The guys return with the alcohol and Liza gives an inspirational speech about each woman combining their hearts and their visions to create a powerful force. "Like fusion?" Greenlee asks. And voila! It's the name of the new company: "FUSION." Everyone seizes a glass of champagne, including Petey (Kendall catches him and takes the glass away from him) and they toast to "fusion."

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Tossing and turning in bed, and remembering what Anna said about Aidan being wanted for murder, Maria woke with a start to see Aidan sitting at the foot of her bed. He told her that he knew she was sleeping in this wing, and he had to seek her out. She warned him that she would scream, and Edmund would hear her. Aidan was surprised that she was afraid of him, but she told him that he killed someone so she has a right to be frightened of him. He wanted to explain his actions and told her that she would just have to scream, because he wasn't leaving. Maria relented and told him that she wasn't going to scream, and she wasn't going to call the cops. She knew he wouldn't hurt her, but she did insist on knowing the full story of Fiona. Aidan told her that Fiona was his reason for leaving, and she has to believe he didn't kill her. She repeated to him that if he didn't tell her the full story, she would call Anna. Finally, Aidan began telling her the story. He recalled waking up with Fiona in his bed, and how she tried to seduce him into staying home from work. He said that he had to go, but he would bring up her favorite food. Her last words were, "You always know what I like". Instead of going to work, however, Aidan returned early with a surprise for her. When he entered the room, he saw her lifeless body laying across the bed. Over the bed was written the words, "You're Next". Maria questioned why he didn't call the police. She said that her husband would have been a natural suspect to them, not Aidan. Aidan refused to answer her questions, and Maria assumed that her husband might have been somebody in power. She began asking Aidan if the murderer was the person who shot him. Aidan continued to stay quiet, and told her to drop it for her own good. She said that she'll decide when to drop it, but then they heard Edmund knock on the door. He yelled, "Maria? Are you still in bed?" She quickly hid Aidan before opening the door. Edmund, standing in the hallway, asked her to a romantic dinner with him to bring in the New Year. She said it would be great, and he left, promising that he had more to say later. When Aidan came out from hiding, he told her that he has to leave Wildwind, because he's putting her in too much danger. She told him that he can't leave until he's well enough, and she assured him that she believed he didn't kill Fiona. He told her he had to get back the stables, and he asked for her to look out for him as he climbed out the window.

Simone and Kendall arrived for work at Fusion, excited about the ideas they came up with. Kendall expressed her worry about Greenlee, however, and that she wasn't much help in developing ideas. Simone defended her by saying that she's still getting over losing Leo. Kendall sympathised with that, but told Simone they'll get a lot more done today if Greenlee didn't show up. They looked up to see Greenlee standing in the doorway, and she told them that if this is just going to be smash and trash, "I'm taking my glass box home." Simone apologized and said that it wouldn't happen again. Greenlee accepted it, and showed the two women that she had been working all night and finished the incorporation papers. Kendall then asked them who would be responsible for the expense account, because she needs to buy new clothes for a business trip to New York. Greenlee and Simone informed her that there is no expense account until they have income, and this started a boicterous argument between Kendall and Greenlee about money. Liza and Mia entered the office at this point, and Liza screamed at them to stop. She said that if this fighting continues, they will both be replaced. After Kendall, Simone, and Greenlee assured her that they would be professional, Liza told them that she uncovered a goldmine. She said that a company went bankrupt due to poor marketing, so they will be able to get the entire warehouse of product that they were selling. The women were excited at the prospect that they now have a product to sell. Greenlee gave everyone a job to do, including herself. Liza told Greenlee she should take a break for a few minutes. Greenlee knew what Liza was trying to do, and said that she doesn't want her to tell her how to grieve for Leo. Later, the women all met back when the tasks were completed. They felt like they were on their way, and Liza suggested they all meet at the Domino Club to celebrate. The women left to get ready, but Greenlee stayed behind, saying she she would meet them there. When they were all gone, she sat down in a chair and began sobbing. Liza reentered the room and walked up to her. Greenlee continued crying and she put her arms around Liza. Greenlee quickly got up, drying her eyes, and said that she's just had a lot on her mind. Liza knew what she was going through, and asked her if she's thought about seeing a therapist. Greenlee allowed Liza to give her the name of her therapist, but when Liza had left, Greenlee crumpled it into a ball.

J.R. showed up at Tad's asking if Laurie left any messages for him. When Tad told him that she hadn't, and asked him what was wrong, J.R. filled him in on what her dad had been doing to her. He told Tad that her father gets drunk and takes it out on her. When J.R. said that somebody needs to stop him, Tad responded, "Good idea." He told him that he'll grab his coat and they can both go stop him. When he had his coat, and was standing at the door, J.R. recognized that Tad was trying reverse psychology. Tad backed down and asked for more details. J.R. told him that Laurie's dad doesn't let her have a life, and hates him because his last name is Chandler. Tad told him that he would be acting just like Adam if he barged into their home uninvited, and told Laurie's dad everything that was wrong with him.

Laurie arrived home to see her dad bent over the sink. He said he was trying to surprise her, but she assumed that he had been drinking "today of all days." He turned around with a bowl of pancake mix, and said he was trying to keep up with New Year's tradition by making the same buttermilk pancakes her mom made. "Guess I should have known better," he said. She apologized for jumping to conclusions, and he said she only expected one thing from him, and it wasn't a home-cooked meal. She reminded him how he acted when she was with J.R., by pulling her out of his house like she was a prisoner. He apologized for his actions, but told her that he's a Chandler, and he's not like them. He said he's made some mistakes, but he is trying to get better. Doug went on to say that he doesn't know how to be a parent to her, because he always let her mother handle her problems. He said that he wished he knew how to fix things up like she did. He apologized for how he treated her, and she agreed to make the pancakes. After finding her mother's recipe, she asked him if they had enough buttermilk. He said there was another quart in the fridge, but when she opened it up, all she could see was the alcohol her father bought. He tried to justify it by telling her it was New Year's, but she grabbed her coat to leave. He asked her where she was going, and she said, "What do you care? You'll be drunk in a couple hours anyway." He looked after her as Laurie slammed the door on the way out.

J.R. continued to try to convince Tad that there was something seriously wrong with Laurie's father, but Tad said that losing the person closest to you can have a strange effect on a person. He volunteered to talk to Doug and tell him what kind of person J.R. is. There was a knock at the door, as J.R. told Tad that he'll take care of it himself. He opened the door to see Laurie standing there. Tad left them alone to talk, and Laurie filled in J.R. on what happened. Surprisingly, J.R. told her to give her dad some slack. He said that Tad's worse off about Dixie dying then he realized, and he said that losing a wife is different then losing a mom. She understood this, and said that she should probably get back then. J.R. wanted to come over at midnight to ring in the New Year, but she said it wouldn't be a good idea. Instead, J.R. dimmed the lights, put on a cassette of "Auld Lang Syne", and reset the clock to midnight. He told her they could celebrate midnight right now. After counting down from ten to one, J.R. and Laurie kissed, ringing in the New Year in their own way.

Edmund and Maria met in her bedroom, where they were each dressed formally. She said that she felt ritzy having her own escort to the dining room. He told her that he got a little creative, and they weren't heading to the dining room. Edmund walked Maria out to the barn, where a table and lights were set up for their celebration. He told her that this place has special signifigance because it was the first place they made love, as well as the place where they first saw each other when Maria returned. Above them, Aidan sat in the loft, listening. Edmund presented Maria with a gift of a pendant. He told her that it was the keepsake he had made for this year's Crystal Ball. She thanked him for it, and said that she couldn't believe he had a ball in her memory all these years. He leaned over to her and said that that was all in the past. "Here's to the future," he said as he kissed her. Aidan looked down and watched them as they kissed and wished each other a Happy New Year.

When Laurie arrived home, she saw a dozen crushed beer cans lying next to the sink. At first she was worried, until her father walked out from the bedroom with a cup of coffee in his hand. He said that he poored the beer down the sink, and he's going to ring in the New Year with a cup of decaf. He went on to tell her that he's starting over this year, and he even circled some job prospects in the paper. She was happy and told him that he wouldn't be alone on New Year's. He said that their mother was looking down on them.

Tad called J.R. over to his computer, where he was looking at pictures of Dixie. J.R. gave him a funny look, but he said that he's fine. They actually helped cheer him up. He asked J.R. how his talk with Laurie went, and he said that she loves her father and that's all the matters. He then decided to take Tad up on his offer to visit with Doug. Tad said that he hopes things work out between him and Laurie. As they continued looking at pictures of Dixie, J.R. commented that she and Tad were good together. Tad replied, "Yeah, we sure were."

Laurie called J.R. up and gave him an update on her father. She told him what he did and that he's trying to improve. Her father called her out to watch the ball drop, and Laurie told J.R. she had to go. J.R. wanted to talk to her a little longer, but she had already hung up.

Wednesday, January 1, 2002

Due to the New Year's holiday, all soaps will be pre-empted for various holiday programming. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, I would like to thank you for making 2002 an incredibly successful year for us. It means a great deal that you visit the SOC site and take time to offer feedback, post on our boards or partake in the polls. I hope that we'll see you back in 2003. And here is hoping that your 2003 is even better than 2002.

Thursday, January 2, 2002

Kendall, Greenlee, and Trey unpack the cosmetics from the company Liza bought out. As Kendall and Greenlee try out some of the creams and lotions, Kendall comments that it is really good stuff, they should just repackage it with their own brand. Greenlee likes it, but thinks they can tinker with it and make it better. Kendall has a plan to hire Boyd, the chemist from Enchantment. Greenlee doesn't think they have a chance to lure him away from a big company, but gives Kendall the go ahead to try. Trey says that Boyd doesn't stand a chance if Kendall has made up her mind to get him. He mentions that even he thought Kendall was hot. That is, before he found out she was his sister. Greenlee is disgusted and prepares to meet her breakfast again. Kendall leaves and Trey playfully suggests that Greenlee is jealous of his one time attraction to Kendall. This makes Greenlee angry. She accuses Trey of once again trying to take Leo's place. Trey is hurt and leaves. As he does, a woman enters.

The woman introduces herself as Dr. Schwartz. She says Liza sent her. Greenlee knows that Dr. Schwartz is a psychologist and she wants no part of it. The doctor picks up some of the cosmetics samples and begins reading the Chinese writing on the packages. This gets Greenlee's attention and for a moment she is distracted until Dr. Schwartz asks if Trey was giving her trouble. Greenlee tells the woman to leave. She doesn't need anyone to judge her grief. However, the doctor is more interested in Greenlee's anger. What is it's source? She's angry at Vanessa, Greenlee admits. After all, Vanessa was the one who killed Leo.

Dr. Schwartz asks Greenlee what she felt like with Leo. Greenlee describes a feeling of completeness. They had a love that should have lasted forever. If only Leo had put her first, if only Leo had stayed away from his crazy mother, if only he had agreed to go to Paris with her, they would have had everything. Greenlee realizes she can never forgive him for that. When Dr. Schwartz offers to help, Greenlee flatly tells her no. Leo is dead and there is nothing they can do about it now. The doctor leaves and Trey returns. Greenlee laments on the fact that Trey is frightened of everything while Leo was afraid of nothing. Yet, Leo is the one who is gone.

At Enchantment, Erica hands Boyd a contract. In it, Boyd is given a 50% raise plus an extra two weeks vacation. On the next page, Boyd finds that he is getting a promotion as well. He will now be the Director of Product Development with an exclusive 3 year contract. Boyd happily signs. As he finishes, the phone rings. Kendall asks Boyd to meet her for lunch at the Valley Inn.

At lunch, Kendall makes her own pitch to Boyd. She offers him a position at Fusion. Boyd explains that he has just signed a new contract with Enchantment. He only accepted her invitation to lunch because he thought it was more personal. He tells Kendall that he is attracted to her and would like to ask her on a date. Kendall says she likes him too, but wishes he would give her his new formula that he created to revolutionize the cosmetics business. In the end, Kendall agrees to have dinner sometime.

When Kendall arrives back at Fusion, she tells Greenlee she was right. The plan to snag Boyd was a bust. Kendall expects Greenlee to jump up and down with joy that she was right and Kendall was wrong, but that doesn't happen. Instead, Greenlee curtly tells Kendall to go deliver some packages. Kendall leaves and Greenlee pulls out the card given to her by Dr. Schwartz. She dials the number and says, "You're right. I DO need help."

David glumly goes about his duties at the Front Street Clinic where he's been assigned to Triage. A patient named Reggie comes in with a pain in his lower abdomen. David examines him and is shocked to find Reggie has been stabbed. When asked about it, Reggie gives the lame excuse that it was an "accident." The head doctor comes in and tells David to handle it the best he can. David argues with her that this is not a superficial wound. It should be reported to the police. He is told that that is not the way they do things at the clinic. If they tattled on their patients, they wouldn't come in search of help. They need to gain the trust of the neighborhood.

When the police arrive looking for a suspect with a stab wound, the doctor refuses to give them any information. She tells them if they want to search the place, they have to come back with a warrant. The police leave. She explains to David that it is none of their business how their patient's get hurt. David doesn't understand, but goes about tending to Reggie's wound. He gives Reggie some antibiotics and tells him to change the gauze every day. Reggie gives him some attitude, but David reminds Reggie that if he doesn't take care of the wound, he'll wind up in the hospital where they'll be asking him some hard questions. David leaves to get Reggie some gauze and tape.

Anna arrives at the clinic waiting room in search of David. When the other doctor sees Anna, she accuses David of calling the police on Reggie. Reggie overhears this. He runs out of the exam room, grabs Anna, and holds a pair of scissors to her neck while screamin, "Everybody, stay back!"

Meanwhile, at Enchantment, Erica receives a flower delivery. Her assistant Val, is frustrated that the card was sealed, but he assumes the flowers are from Chris. At that moment, Chris arrives and asks who the flowers are from because he didn't send them. Erica claims they are a gift from a fashion magazine. When Chris asks her to dinner, Erica begs off claiming she has a full day of business appointments that she can't possibly break. Chris leaves as a woman named Lena arrives. Chris gives her a long look and asks if they've met before. She says no. Lena is applying for a job at Enchantment.

After the interview is over and Lena leaves, Val asks Erica why she lied to Chris. The flowers are NOT from a fashion magazine and she does NOT have any other appointments. Erica basically tells Val it's none of his business. Later, Erica shows up at the hotel door of a man. She gives him a beaming smile and assures him the flowers were beautiful. He invites her into his room.

Friday, January 3, 2002

Erica entered the handsome stranger's hotel room at the Valley Inn for lunch. He bombarded Erica with constant flattery and admired her perfume. She thanked him for the flowers he sent. When they sat down to eat, Jordan offered a toast of champagne. Erica promptly reminded him he didn't remember everything about her. She's strictly non-alcoholic bubbly. They talked about their chance meeting on his yacht in the Mediterranean when she was married to Dimitri. Jordan asked Erica if she was now unattached. Erica replied she was. They toasted to old friends and new possibilities. Erica refocused their meeting to the request she had asked. Would Jordan hire Chris to head his security division so Chris could leave the FBI?

Downstairs, at the Valley Inn bar, Kendall met Chris, who was seated at a table. She was curious why he asked her to meet him. Chris wanted to know when was the last time she saw Aidan. Kendall evaded answering and wanted more information. Did Aidan do something wrong? Chris wouldn't answer her at first and to Kendall's astonishment, listed most of the times Kendall had been seen with Aidan, the flowers he sent her and the time she covered for Aidan at the bar. He finally mentioned that a warrant had been issued in England for Aidan's arrest. Realizing that Kendall wasn't going to be forthcoming with any information about Aidan, Chris left the restaurant with Kendall following behind him. They spoke briefly in the hotel lobby as Bianca approached. She was meeting Chris for lunch. Kendall and Bianca exchanged a few barbs at each other before Kendall left the Valley Inn.

Chris and Bianca enter the bar lounge. They saw Erica and Jordan who had entered from another door. Erica was not aware Chris and Bianca had seen her. She continued her flirting with Jordan and he assured her Chris had the job as head of his company's security division. He kissed Erica's hand. Chris, stunned, left the Valley Inn. Previously, Erica had told Chris she had an emergency meeting and had cancelled their lunch reservation.

Bianca approached Erica and Jordan. Erica introduced Jordan Robert to Bianca before he left the Inn. Bianca congratulated Erica on making a fool of herself and insulting Chris. Erica was surprised Chris had seen her. Bianca chided her mother for causing Chris to leave for good after watching her flirting with another man when she is engaged to Chris.

At the Front Street Clinic, the standoff with Reggie and the medical staff continued. He still held Anna hostage with a pair of scissors at her throat. David pleaded with him to not hurt Anna and told Reggie she is pregnant. Anna sternly told David she would handle the situation and to stay out of it. She began to talk to Reggie and told him he was able to end the standoff. Reggie was unsure. He felt he was in a situation with no end and didn't know what to do. He saw a street wise guy standing in the background at the clinic. He knew him. Unknown to the others, the gang member let Reggie see he had a gun tucked into his jeans' waistband. Reggie became more agitated. Suddenly police officers entered the Clinic, guns drawn. They demanded he let the police chief go. David couldn't keep still any longer. He jumped between the police and Anna/Reggie begging the police not to shoot. Anna implored Reggie to give up and he finally did as the pain in his side from his wound increased. Before the police took him to jail, she told him she would testify in his behalf. When the gang member tried to leave the clinic, Janelle, the Clinic's director, stood in his way. I bet you know how Reggie got stabbed, she declared to the youth named Luis. She knew him from the neighborhood. He threatened her he would do anything he wanted and she couldn't stop him. He stalked out of the clinic.

Joni and Laurie had met at BJs and were seated at a table. Laurie talked about Joni's strong religious beliefs and judgments of other people. JR and Jamie entered the restaurant and were surprised to see the girls there. They joined them. Laurie found out that Joni had betrayed her trust by telling Laurie's father Laurie was at Chandler Manson visiting JR. Laurie's father had demanded that Laurie never see JR again and had caused great embarrassment to Laurie by dragging her home in front of her friends. Laurie was hurt by the revelation and admonished Joni for lying to her. Laurie left the table. JR told Jamie to talk to Joni while he went to undo the damage with Laurie. With JR and Jamie's interception, the friendship between Laurie and Joni was repaired.

Maria went to the loft in the stables at Wildwind. She thought she was alone. She was frantic about finding Aidan and he was not at the loft where he was supposed to be. Suddenly Maria realized Edmund had followed her to the hayloft. She asked him what did he want. I discovered your secret replied Edmund. Maria was scared Edmund knew about Aidan but what he really meant was that he thought she was coming to the loft to try to remember things she had forgotten. He was pleased she was working hard to get her memory back and told her they had first made love in the hayloft so it was a special place to him. They embraced and kissed tenderly Maria then left the loft saying she couldn't disappoint Edmund. He followed her.

Meanwhile, Aidan was at the main house, snooping in the living room. He discovered a laptop. He opened it and plugged it in. He was downloading a file when he heard footsteps. He quickly hid. Maddie entered the room. She saw the opened laptop and started to punch the keys. Maddie finished playing with the laptop and left the room. Soon after Maria, returning from the hayloft, entered the living room looking for signs of Aidan. He came out of his hiding place and caught Maria's attention. She turned at looked at the laptop. A message had been down loaded: "Come and Get Me." Maria looked quizzingly at Aidan and then she heard Edmund calling her name. He had returned from the stable and was walking toward the living room where Aidan and Maria stood.



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