Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 30, 2002 on GL

Tony and Ray learned that Eden was responsible for their father's death. Carmen caused her final reign of terror as she escaped from prison and attempted to kidnap Robby at all costs. Bill ended his relationship with Beth when he admitted that he had gone to see Michelle to tell her that he was in love with her. Alan exercised his prenuptial agreement with Olivia, leaving her virtually penniless. Alexandra threatened Alan to stop his actions or else she would tell Olivia and Phillip that Alan had faked his heart attack and used their guilt to manipulate their lives and feelings for each other. Harley was forced to reveal to a devastated Gus that his father might have been on the take for the Santos family. However, Gus agreed to help her uncover a truth that could change his entire life.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 30, 2002 on GL
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Monday, December 30, 2002

by DEE

At the Beacon, Olivia asked Cassie to help her keep her half of the Beacon and told her she was scared Alan was going to invoke the prenuptial agreement and take her half. At first, Cassie reminded Olivia of how she tried to steal it out from under her when Richard was in the hospital and told her she would not help her. Olivia told her that Alan does not care about the Beacon only money and if something happened financially, Alan would withdrawal. Olivia said that she cared about the Beacon as does Cassie. Cassie new this was true and agreed to help her keep it.

Phillip came to see Olivia at the Beacon and said he was going to fix the mess between her and Alan because he felt responsible for it. He called Alan and pleaded with him to give Olivia another chance. Alan asked "would Olivia happen to be there with you?" and he said "yes" and he asked to speak with her. Alan told Olivia that he's going to invoke the prenup and that he was going to "bleed her dry." Beth was at the mansion and saw that Alan looked miserable. She talked with him and he confided in her about Olivia and Phillip. She encouraged him not to seek revenge.

Reva, Josh, Billy, and Bill talked about how Billy doesn't approve of Bill seeing Beth. They told Bill how cute him and Michelle look together. Billy told Bill how happy Michelle makes him. Bill admitted to them that he had a dream about Michelle. Bill still left to meet Beth for New Years Eve at the Country Club. They were taking Lizzie too because Lizzie's New Year's Eve plans fell through.

Danny went to see Michelle at the hospital and she told Danny how much she was looking forward to him coming over. They kissed! She told him to come over at 9:00pm and she would have Robbie in bed. He went back to the Beacon to wait and get ready and talked with Cassie. Cassie told him how good of a man he was and when he touched her cheek, you could see that she didn't want him to remove his hand.

Carmen called Danny to say good-bye and told him she was on her way to prison. She was really standing outside the Bauer's waiting for her chance to take Robbie. Danny told her to "have a nice life." When Mel left, Robbie and Michelle were alone in the house and Carmen rang the doorbell. When Michelle came to the door, she saw Carmen and Carmen said "I've come to get my Grandson."

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

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Wednesday, January 1, 2002

Due to the New Year's holiday, all soaps will be pre-empted for various holiday programming. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, I would like to thank you for making 2002 an incredibly successful year for us. It means a great deal that you visit the SOC site and take time to offer feedback, post on our boards or partake in the polls. I hope that we'll see you back in 2003. And here is hoping that your 2003 is even better than 2002.

Thursday, January 2, 2002

At Company

Gus admired the ring on Harley's finger. Gus commented on how much honesty and trust his dad had. Harley said it would give them plenty of time to work on the trust thing since it was a training ring. When Harley answered her phone, she stepped away pretending that the reception was bad. She told Gus that she had to return to the station. Gus exits. Frank enters. He wanted to know what was wrong with Harley. She told Frank that she was about to break into the apartment of the partner of Joe August. Frank suggested she ask Gus, but she said she couldn't hurt him. Harley exits.

At Inferno

Marah told Tony that she was proud of him. Danny said that this night was an important night for him and Michelle. Tony told Danny what Carmen offered him in exchange if he would help her get out of prison. Danny exits. As they were kissing, Eden walked in. Tony asked Marah to give them a moment. In the office, he took Eden to give her the paycheck. He suggested they go up to the roof and talk because that was where she did her best work. He told her he talked to Carmen. Tony grabbed her wrists and told her she should have stayed in Chicago. She admitted that she hated the Santos family. Tony told her that Carmen expected him to kill her. But he said he wasn't his father. Eden exits. Tony began to teach Marah how to dance.

At the Bauer house

Carmen entered the house and went to Robbie. She said she wanted what was good for Robbie for him to grow up happy and healthy. Michelle said that Carmen would have to kill her first. Carmen pulled a gun on Michelle. Carmen suggested she save herself. She assured Michelle that Robbie would grow up to lead the Santos family. Michelle said she was sorry she saved her life on the bluff. Bill ran in and knocked Carmen down. Michelle called 911. A policeman entered and Bill told him to drop the weapon and put his hands up. Frank enters with the paramedics. Carmen was knocked unconscious. Frank couldn't figure out how Carmen got out of jail. Bill and Michelle began to talk. Bill told Michelle that he didn't know what he would do without her. He said he had feelings about her that he shouldn't be having. They kissed.

Danny asked Frank what was going on when he got to the Bauer house. Michelle answered the door to find Danny. He hugged Michelle and wanted to know if she was ok. She told him that Bill stopped Carmen. Danny went to see Robbie. Bill remembered that he was supposed to take Beth to the Club. Bill exits. Michelle said that she couldn't do this right now. She told Danny to go to the hospital and see if Carmen was still alive. Danny kissed Robbie. Danny exits.

At the Spaulding mansion

They were playing scrabble. Lizzie could tell that Beth was worried because Bill was late. Lizzie gave her suggestions on how to act when Bill showed up. Beth was excited because Lizzie was talking to her again. Lizzie promised she would be nice when Bill got there. Beth said that Bill should have been there by now. Lizzie was glad they were getting some tome to talk. Beth suggested they go to the Country Club without Bill. Beth thought she might have told Bill to meet her at the Country Club. After Beth called the Club, she found they had lost their reservations. Lizzie decided to go out with her friends and told them to come over to the mansion. Bill enters and told Beth that he was sorry. Beth said she had fun with Lizzie and now she was going home. He told her that something happened. He told her he would explain tomorrow. Bill exits.

Roy Baker's apartment

Harley entered Baker's apartment. She began looking around and attempted to open the closet door. When she went inside the closet, someone grabbed her from behind. She pulled out her gun and when she turned around she found Gus. He wanted to know what she was doing there. Gus was hurt that she lied to him. She told him that she thought that Roy Baker was working for the Santos. Harley explained that she caught Eden stealing the CD with Carmen's confusion on it. She also mentioned that his father was on the take as well. Gus yelled for her to shut up. He said his father and Roy were good men. She wanted to know how Roy could afford designer clothes. Gus insisted that this was a lie. Harley suggested they start with the safe. After Harley got off of the cell phone, she told Gus they needed to go because Carmen escaped and was injured.

Friday, January 3, 2002

Phillip and Olivia were talking outside the Beacon when Olivia got served with papers from Alan confiscating her finances and the Beacon but there were no divorce papers. They realized what Alan was trying to do...gain control over her so she'll come crawling back. Phillip encouraged her to be the one to file for divorce so Alan doesn't get the upper hand. She said no because she doesn't want to lose everything.

At the mansion, Alan was trying to figure out a way to also ruin Phillip. He was talking to his lawyer about taking everything from him but Alexandra told Alan that would happen "over my dead body" and told him to ease up or she would tell Olivia and Phillip that his heart attack was a fake.

Bill went to see Beth. Bill told Beth the reason he was there to see Michelle on New Years Eve. He told her that he feels more for Michelle than just friendship. Beth is hurt but encourages him to tell Michelle how he feels. They said a sad good-bye. When Bill left, Beth broke down and cried. Phillip walked in and saw her and told her that Bill was an idiot and was too young to appreciate a woman like Beth. Beth told Phillip that she had spoke to Alan about what happened with Olivia. Beth encouraged Phillip to take it public and go for it! Phillip was shocked that she would approve "going for it" with his father's wife. She said going behind his dad's back and making out with Olivia in the elevator on their wedding night was just as bad. He said he would never do that for fear of his father having another heart attack.

Michelle had been thinking about her and Bill's kiss and called Danny over to talk. She was saying that they keep going through the same things and kept saying, "You weren't here, Bill was." Danny asked her if the problem was Bill and not himself. She denied it. He kissed her neck and she gave in and they kissed. She pulled back saying she couldn't do it but Danny pulled her close and hugged her. Bill was outside witnessing the whole thing.

When Ray and Danny showed up at the Beacon they told Tony and Marah what happened with Carmen. (Escaping from jail and trying to take Robbie.) Danny left to go see Michelle before Tony told the news about Eden killing his father. Tony told Ray and Marah that he forgives Eden and that she was a kid when it happened and that his father killed her father. He understood and is not going to seek revenge.

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