One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 30, 2002 on OLTL

Bo and Gabrielle admitted their feelings for each other. Jessica refused to have anything to do with Mitch. Lindsay continued to threaten Troy. Nora thought it was possible for Natalie to obtain an annulment. Troy slept with Lindsay to keep her quiet.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 30, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, December 30, 2002

One Life to Live was not shown today because of a special airing of the show Port Charles. OLTL will be seen tomorrow at its regular time and will pick up where Friday's episode left off.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

At her gallery, Lindsay tells Troy she'll "kill" him before she'll ever allow him to marry Nora. Despite the fact that she's holding a letter opener to his throat, Troy grabs her and throws her down on the floor in a tempestuous embrace. Lindsay gets up and runs to the phone to call Nora about Joanna, but she and Troy struggle over it. He disconnects it and grips Lindsay close to his face. She evades him and runs for the door, but Troy physically prevents her from leaving. Their chase leads them to her bedroom. Lindsay is sure that Troy still has feelings for her, but that she hates him. Using her continued attraction for him against her, Troy gets up hot and close again. He baits her to admit she still wants him. She does admit it and they fall passionately kissing onto her bed.

Max surprisingly comes to Roxy's defense against her oppressive mother. Played by veteran film actress Silvia Miles, Roxy's mom Stella decides to take the goods Roxy brought her to the next room to dodge Max's heroics. Then Roxy suddenly realizes that it's strange for Max to be in South Philly and wonders why he is there. He admits to following her, but vaguely feigns concern for her as his reason for it. Roxy almost slips where she was really headed, but does admit her misguided quest for maternal approval. She cries and feels she deserves her mother's abuse because she was a bad mother herself. Max grudgingly hugs and comforts her. Sporting one of the new duds Roxy brought her, Stella comes out of her room and calls her daughter a "cry baby." Max leaps to Roxy's defense again and declares they are leaving. To her mother's protests, Roxy replies, "My husband says that I'm leaving, so I'm leaving."

Cristian walks in on Jen and Mitch's toast. Jen lies and says Marcy brought the champagne over earlier. Cristian sends Jen downstairs to get Bo, then goads Mitch to go ahead and kill him, as promised. Mitch chuckles. Quoting the commandments, he denies he ever intended to hurt Cristian. Cristian turns the tables and threatens to kill Mitch, unfortunately as Bo is coming through the door. They discuss what Mitch describes as his "wife's kidnapping." Bo denies any knowledge of it. Mitch leaves after Bo threatens him with a new stalking law. Bo chastises Cristian for giving in to Mitch's argumentative stimulus and leaves. With an awkward goodbye to Jen, Cristian also leaves to go stay at the carriage house. After he leaves, Jen opens the door where Mitch is still lurking. She and Mitch share a smirk and expound on their plans for revenge.

On the terrace at Llanfair, Seth and Rex continue their antagonistic dialogue. Rex belittles Seth because Jessica is spending the "worst moment of her life" with her friend Al and not with her boyfriend. Seth tries to get Rex to admit he wants Jessica for himself. Seth leaves to look for Jessica.

At his stables, Asa asks Jessica for the reason she's been so evasive and quiet lately. He wonders if Al has been "giving her a hard time," but Al covers and tells him that Jess had a fight with Seth. Asa recalls the day that the photo of Jessica and Clint was taken—the day she was born. Jessica explains that the baby in the hospital was Natalie and that the picture was actually taken after Jessica was returned to the Buchanan family. Asa apologizes that he can't keep the twin switch details straight. Al rescues her from the conversation that continues with memories of her childhood with Clint. They finally leave. Al takes her to the Millhouse and temporarily assures her privacy. They plan to leave the next day for a better place to be secluded. But it's too late. Seth walks in on them.

Nora arrives at Llanfair to help Viki and Natalie. She is surprised to learn that Jessica is Mitch's biological daughter. They discuss freeing Natalie of her marriage to Mitch. Nora advises them that an annulment is possible because Mitch defrauded Natalie about his true identity and everyone is thankful that the marriage was not consummated. Nora promises to keep things confidential with a hand gesture that reveals her engagement ring. Viki is very happy for her friend. Cristian arrives and Nora advises that it's not a good idea for Natalie to be with him until after her annulment.

Wednesday, January 1, 2002

Due to the New Year's holiday, all soaps will be pre-empted for various holiday programming. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, I would like to thank you for making 2002 an incredibly successful year for us. It means a great deal that you visit the SOC site and take time to offer feedback, post on our boards or partake in the polls. I hope that we'll see you back in 2003. And here is hoping that your 2003 is even better than 2002.

Thursday, JANUARY 2

Nora warns Cristian and Natalie that they can't be alone together. As Cristian and Natalie are about to say goodbye on the terrace, Jen arrives to let Natalie know she accepts the fact that Natalie and Cristian love each other. In the process, Jen "innocently" tells Natalie that Cristian threatened to kill Mitch. Alone, Cristian and Natalie share a passionate goodbye kiss. Todd is stunned when Viki explains how Mitch fathered Jessica and becomes enraged when he realizes Mitch drugged and raped Viki.

Troy sleeps with Lindsay to silence her threats regarding telling Nora about Joanna. Lindsay promises not to tall Nora anything when Troy implies her silence will lead to future lovemaking. After Troy leaves, Lindsay finds his tie in her bed. Troy returns to the loft and finds Nora waiting for him.

Sam arrives at the penthouse to see Blair and notes Todd's jealousy. Blair is touched when Sam gives her a bag of snow from outside. Sam and Blair's snowball fight leads to a passionate moment. Blair is hesitant to make love to Sam at the penthouse.

Jessica breaks up with Seth and later goes to confront Mitch. Bo is genuinely happy when Nora tells him about her engagement.

Friday, January 3, 2002

To Asa's surprise, he catches Roxy and Max in a lip lock at the Mill House. When Roxy excuses herself, Asa demands to know if Max has developed feelings for his wife.

After deciding that it would be wrong to make love in Todd's penthouse, Sam begins plotting a way to help Blair escape. Meanwhile, furious over Viki's confession, Todd threatens to kill Mitch. His sister prevents him from leaving by questioning Todd's true motives and begging him not to get involved. Determined to protect his family, Todd promises Viki he'll let the police handle it, then leaves to confront Mitch on his own.

Jessica surprises her father by showing up on his door, but quickly squanders his hopes by telling him that she hates him for what he did to her and her mother. When his attempt to make her see how much he loves her fails, Mitch becomes irate. Todd shows up just as Mitch grabs Jess, saying he'll never let her go.

Troy explains to Nora that he went to the gallery to tell Lindsay of their impending marriage and hoping to keep Lindsay under control. Meanwhile, Lindsay tells R.J. about her affair with Troy. At first, he doesn't believe her, then accuses her of blackmailing Troy into her bed and informs her that it is time to get over her failed relationship with the doctor. As Troy and Nora are leaving his loft, Lindsay shows up, presenting a gift as a peace offering.

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