Passions Recaps: The week of December 30, 2002 on PS

Miguel promised Kay he'd take responsibility for his child but made it clear his heart remained with Charity. Kay worked to keep Charity and Miguel from connecting. Ethan was impressed with Theresa at work but was concerned about her growing bond with Fox. Sheridan and Luis reunited and made plans to elope. Beth was pushed to the edge when she caught them making love. Thanks to Beth's machinations, Luis and Sheridan had a misunderstanding and were left believing the other didn't want to elope after all. Tabitha learned she was pregnant.
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Passions Recaps: The week of December 30, 2002 on PS
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Monday, December 30, 2002

Tabitha can't believe that she could actually be pregnant with Julian Crane's baby. She goes through two dozen home pregnancy tests which all say positive. Tabitha tries to be positive herself and thinks maybe the home tests are wrong. She goes to a clinic to find out for sure. The doctor tells Tabitha that she is indeed pregnant. He tells her not to worry about her age. He says that she needs to take her vitamins and should have amnio done but not to worry. Tabitha goes home and throws the vitamins on the couch, flops down and remembers the wild night with Julian. Tabitha then has visions of giving birth to a demon.

Kay stops Sam from killing Miguel. She tells everyone how she loves Miguel and wanted to give him her virginity. She says that he told her that if it weren't for Charity they would have been together as a couple. Grace still has doubts but Sam is on his daughter's side. After hearing Kay's story, Sam tells Grace she should be ashamed of not taking their daughter's side. Sam tells Grace that she kept on accusing Kay of manipulating Miguel but it was Miguel who took advantage of Kay's love for him. Miguel assures Kay that he will be a real father to the baby but he won't marry her. He says he won't lie. He loves Charity and wants to be with her and only her. He tells everyone he wants to be with Charity and he came there today to try to make amends. Miguel then point blank tells Kay he does not love her. Sam won't let Miguel talk to Charity but Grace intercedes. She wants the couple back together. Kay silently calls her mother a bitch. Miguel goes to Charity's room but she won't see him. He keeps on trying until Jessica comes up with a plan. Jessica suggests that Miguel go home and send Charity a video message. Jessica will make sure Charity sees it. Miguel agrees to the idea.

Sheridan and Luis share a steamy shower. Sheridan tells Luis she simply can't go through with marry Antonio. Luis then carries Sheridan to bed and they make love. The couple pledge their love to each other. Luis then has an attack of "the guilts" as he thinks of their future mates. Beth accidentally sees Luis and Sheridan in bed together. She rushes home in tears as her mother badgers her for the truth. Mrs. Wallace takes great pleasure in tormenting her daughter. Beth can't take anymore and flips out. She drags her mother to her bedroom and locks her in. As Mrs. Wallace pounds on the door Beth goes rummaging in the closet. She finds a handgun. As if in a trance she says to herself, if she can't marry Luis no one can.

Sheridan tells Luis that they can't destroy their future and their happiness. Luis reminds Sheridan that he has been saying the same thing for months now. Sheridan says she knows but she now realized that Beth and Antonio should be loved as they deserve to be loved. Sheridan then begs Luis to elope.

Kay tells John that there is nothing to stop him from pursuing Charity now.

Grace tells David that she knows Kay is behind Miguel's seduction. She can't imagine what Kay promised the forces of evil.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Sam and Grace face off. Sam feels Kay is innocent, while Grace continues to doubt their daughter. Ivy takes advantage of the situation to get closer to Sam. Sam admits he can't help but feel anger towards Grace. Meanwhile, David supports Grace in her feelings.

Charity and Miguel connect. Kay uses Charity's values against her to drive a wedge between her and Miguel. Pilar believes Miguel's version of what happened and hurts for all her children. Pilar and Hank know someone will be hurt at the impending double wedding.

Sheridan and Luis make plans to meet up later and elope. Beth is driven to violence by what she sees and overhears. She vows she won't let Luis be with Sheridan.

Wednesday, January 1, 2002

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Thursday, January 2, 2002

Beth returns home to find her mother upset and questioning her daughter's actions. Beth assures her mother that she did intend to kill both Sheridan and Luis before she would let them be together. Beth recounts how Sheridan begged Luis to elope. She goes into detail about the agreement to meet at the judge's chambers. Beth the says she got a great idea in which she could still have Luis. While Luis left his room, she put her mother's tranquilizers in the drink he had. He passed out cold on the bed and never went to meet up with Sheridan. Beth is sure this will crush Sheridan and have her go ahead with the wedding to Antonio.

Sheridan wakes up in the judge's chambers as Gwen finds her. Sheridan is heartbroken to realize that Luis never came. She can't believe he didn't want to go through with marrying her. The judge's assistant comes in and Sheridan, feeling hurt and ashamed begs her to rip up the marriage license and not to ever tell a soul she was there. The assistant agrees and Sheridan leaves to go to the church for her wedding to Antonio.

Hank wakes Luis and reminds him it is his wedding day. Luis remembers the night before and realizes that he stood Sheridan up. He rushes to the judge's office to find that she is not there. The judge's assistant remembering the promise she made to Sheridan swears that Sheridan was never there. After hearing this, Luis becomes hurt and angry. He is sure that Sheridan got cold feet about hurting Antonio and backed out. He leaves for the church.

Fox proves to be a valuable assistant to Theresa on his first day at Crane Industries. Ethan once again warns him away from Theresa. Fox accuses Ethan of still being in love with Theresa. Ethan swears he is not but Fox just smirks at his half-brother. He tells Ethan that he has not made up his mind yet if he wants to pursue Theresa or not. He says that even if he does, it is none of Ethan's business since he is married to Gwen. Theresa confides to Whitney that she is using Fox to make Ethan jealous. She also vows that her New Year's resolution will be to get Ethan back.

Luis and Sheridan come face to face at the church.

Friday, January 3, 2002

Kay runs into Grace as her mother brings Charity a tray of food. Grace tells Kay how worried she is about Charity. Kay tells her mother of course she is worried about Charity and not her. She says that she is the one who could use a thoughtful gesture like a tray of food since she is eating for two. Grace turns on Kay and tells her she should not show her face at the Lopez-Fitzgerald wedding today. Kay says of course she should go, after all she will soon be marrying into the family. As Grace starts in on her, Charity shows up. Charity tells her aunt that it is alright. Kay should go and that she will go too. She says she knows that she must get on with her life even if Miguel is not in it. Grace turns on Kay and asks how she can be so happy that her cousin's heart is broken into pieces. Kay smiles at her mother and replies, "Oh, I know your sad that it's not my heart in tatters." Grace promises her daughter a long talk later and storms away.

Grace goes to Charity for a heart to heart. Charity admits that she still loves Miguel and was willing to take him back, baby and all. Grace asks why she changed her mind. Charity says Kay helped her to see the light. Grace swallows hard and goes to find Kay. She overhears her daughter tell the unborn baby that soon she will be married to his daddy, Miguel. Grace stands in the doorway and says "The hell you are!" Grace can't believe how Kay manipulated her cousin. Kay turns the tables on her mother. She calls her a hypocrite because she says Grace knew Ivy was in love with Sam and Grace took him away. Grace calls her daughter a monster. Kay says she is the monster by keeping Sam from his firstborn son. Grace worries for Kay's soul. Kay doesn't mind if she loses her soul as long as she gets Miguel. Kay gives Grace an ultimatum. She can be her mother or her worst enemy.

Eve gives Antonio a clean bill of health before the ceremony.

Liz jumps in the shower before TC can get there. She fixes it so he accidentally walks in on her. TC is embarrassed but Liz tells him it it is o.k. When Eve arrives home, she knows something is up.

Sheridan and Luis come face to face at the church. Beth intercedes before either one can question the other. She goes on about how it is bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding. She ushers Sheridan away. Once alone with Sheridan, Beth goes to work on her insecurities. Beth reminds Sheridan how much Antonio loves her. She also says that she and Luis know each other much longer than Sheridan and Luis. Beth explains that this wedding is the right thing for everybody.

Gwen is in the background listening. Gwen voices her opinion about Beth. She tells Sheridan that Beth can't be that good and understanding. Sheridan defends Beth yet again when Gwen tells Sheridan that Beth more than likely hates her. Sheridan tells Gwen that this mess is all her fault. Gwen still says she does not trust Beth.

Mrs. Wallace goes to Luis to have a "little chat." She wants to tell him a few things about her "Little Bethy" before the wedding. Luis tells his future mother in law that he knows everything there is to know about Beth since he has known her since childhood.

Mrs. Wallace gets cold feet, afraid of what Beth might do to her if she spills the truth. She tells Luis that she is worried that Beth will not have time for her after the wedding. Luis assures Mrs. Wallace that won't be true. He explains that he admires Beth so much for how close and loving she is to her mother.

Hank questions Luis about going through with the wedding. Hank reminds Luis that promises made before the wedding can be broken, not the ones made before god.

Gwen urges Sheridan to go to Luis to find out why he didn't show up at the judge's office. She tells her that she can't walk down the aisle and possibly make the worst mistake of her life until she has one last talk with Luis.

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