As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 30, 2002 on ATWT

Craig rushed to Rosanna's side after Carly told him about her surgery. Lucy was crushed to learn that her recovery would be delayed because of unanticipated nerve damage; she pleaded with Sierra to allow her to stay in Oakdale. Lily apologized to Aaron and welcomed him to the family. Alison told Craig that Aaron and Lucy had made love in Tennessee. Marshall bonded with his father after surgery. Per Jack's request, Margo made inquiries about missing babies. Molly was shocked to learn that Rosanna had purchased the penthouse; she expressed her feelings about Rosanna to Emma.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 30, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, December 30, 2002

Hal explains to Emily that he had promised Will that he can stay home, but now Will is going to have to spend time in a psych ward. Hal feels that he is responsible for everything bad that has happened to Will, but Emily buoys Hal by reminding him of all the loving family who will support Adam. Alison, eavesdropping outside the door , hopes that the family will support her when they need to, then she knocks on the door. Hal apologizes to Alison for chasing the three teenagers across the country, and he tells Alison that he will not press charges against her for her part in the jailbreak and escape. Emily explains that the court is insisting that Will go into a psych ward, which, of course, upsets Alison. Hal explains to Will and Alison that he is going to hire a lawyer to try to keep Will out of the hospital. Hal and Emily go out for groceries for a cookout, and Alison promises to stay with Will while they are gone. As soon as they leave, Alison gives Will advice on how to behave if he has to go to the hospital.

Bob explains that Ben's craniotomy was successful and that the bullet was removed intact from Marshall's brain. Jessica goes to Marshall's bedside, and his first words ask about her safety. Jessica tells Marshall that she cares about him, and he asks her not to break his heart, " It already has a pretty big hole in it." As she leaves the room, Marshall, with tears in his eyes, whispers, "Goodbye, Jessica." Bob Hughes asks Ben about a drop in Marshall's blood pressure, but Ben dismisses it as something to be expected. However, Ben turns back and looks through the door anxiously.

At the hospital, Carly angrily confronts Craig about his lie to Rosanna that he and Carly slept together on the eve of Carly and Jack's wedding. Craig tells Carly that Rosanna has invoked the "Carly clause," so that she will lose her business. Carly tells Craig that she fears that she will lose Jack as well. Craig accuses Carly of not ever giving herself completely, whereas Rosanna always gives herself completely.

Rosanna decides to have the surgery for her fibroid tumor, but she asks Emma to tell Craig that she has gone on a business trip, so that he will not know about the surgery. However, while Rosanna is still at the hotel room preparing to leave for the hospital, Carly tells Craig that she thinks that Rosanna is in the hospital having her surgery right then. Craig rushes off to find Rosanna. Rosanna grabs her coat and suitcase to leave for the hospital, but as she opens the door, she finds Craig standing there. Rosanna protests that she doesn't need Craig, but he silences her with a kiss. Rosanna rails at fate for depriving her of a child and of a lover. Craig gently takes her into his arms.

Jack and John are talking at the hospital, where Jack is preparing to bring J. J. home after having him checked for his ear infection. Against John Dixon's advice, Jack refuses to have another dna test, insisting that he knows that J.J. is his son. Carly then arrives in time to hear John trying to persuade Jack to have a second paternity test. John explains to Carly that scoliosis is a hereditary condition and that Jack might not be the father. After Jack leaves the room, Carly mourns that, if Jack loses J. J., she will not be able to console him with a child of his own, since she might be carrying someone else's child.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, no original episodes of your favorite CBS soaps were shown today. Regular programming will resume on Thursday, January 2nd.

Wednesday, January 1, 2002

Due to the New Year's holiday, all soaps will be pre-empted for various holiday programming. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, I would like to thank you for making 2002 an incredibly successful year for us. It means a great deal that you visit the SOC site and take time to offer feedback, post on our boards or partake in the polls. I hope that we'll see you back in 2003. And here is hoping that your 2003 is even better than 2002.

Thursday, January 2, 2002

Holden, Lily, Luke and Faith are gathered around the new baby admiring her. Aaron is sitting off to the side watching them. Lily looks over and sees Aaron sitting by himself. She asks him if he would like to hold the baby. Aaron isn't sure, but Luke reassures him that it will be ok if he holds their new sister. Aaron walks over and Lily puts the baby in his arms. He tells her that it is nice to hold a newborn baby. Holden takes Faith and Luke upstairs to take a bath and Lily has some time with Aaron alone. She tells her stepson that she and his father never believed that he set the fire to the barn. She apologizes to him for not giving him the attention that he deserved. He tells her that he understands because she was ordered to have bed rest. Holden comes back down stairs with Luke and he is soaked with water. Lily asks what happened to him and he tells her that Faith thought that he should have a bath too. Holden tells Aaron that Faith is waiting for him upstairs in her bedroom with a stack of books for him to read. He says that he had better go up and see her and with so much reading, he will stay in practice for when his new sister gets older. Aaron and Lily smile at each other.

Barbara shows up at Hal's and she is furious that Hal had returned to Oakdale and didn't notify her. Hal tells her that he was about to call her but he has been busy reassuring their son. She asks what he needs reassuring on. Hal informs her that Will has to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for a week. Barbara tells him that he has to do something. He has to stop this. Hal says that this is out of his hands and there is nothing that he can do. Hal also tells Barbara that if she does not have a decent home for Will to visit, she will not be able to take him out of his house. Barbara looks like she is going to attack and Hal reminds her what their son has been through. Barbara starts to soften. She tells him that she has made some big mistakes and she wants to be a better person and a better mother. She tells Hal about Paul and that he trusts her again. Hal asks how did that happen and she tells him that she stood by him during his trial and he started to come around and believe in her. She tells him that he even said he loves her. She goes on to say that after everything that she has done to him he still loves her. She adds that is all she wants from Will is for him to love her. Hal tells her that Will does love her. She tells him that she just wants to hold her son and can he understand that. Will comes downstairs and wraps his arms around his mother. Barbara hugs her son and tells him that it is going to all right. Will tells his mother not to get upset. Barbara hugs her son tighter and says that she will be with him every step of the way. Will gives a look to Emily like he really wants to get away from his mother and Emily gets a worried look on her face.

Jack comes downstairs and Carly asks how J.J. is doing. Jack says that his temperature is down. Carly asks if they can talk about what John Dixon had brought up at the hospital. Jack looks at her and says that she doesn't believe that J.J. is his son. Carly tells Jack that with Julia past there is a slight chance that J.J. belongs to someone else. Jack reminds Carly that they were all there. They stood by and watched as the doctor put the swabs in the plastic bags. Carly tells him that they have to at least consider the fact that Julia orchestrated this from the beginning. Carly tells Jack that there maybe a mother and father out there that is missing their child. There is a knock at the door and Jack answers the door. Margo is there to inform Jack that Hal is back in town. She tells Jack about Will having to spend some time in a psyche ward and that she wanted to give him a heads up in case he called Hal. Jack thanks her for the information and Margo starts to leave. Jack stops her and tells her about the news they found out that J.J. may not be his son after all. Margo tells Jack that she is so sorry. Jack asks her to search the database for any infant that might have come up missing in late September or early October. Margo tells Jack how sorry she is and she will see what she can find and she pats him on the back and leaves. After she is gone, Carly tells Jack how much she loves him and what a good man he is.

At the hospital, Lucy and Sierra and Craig wait for Dr. Harris. When he shows up, Dr Harris takes Sierra and Craig into the hall to tell them about the test. He tells them that there is more nerve damage that they had originally thought. Sierra asks what does that mean and Ben tells them that Lucy's recovery time may be longer. Alison comes walking up and sees that she is interrupting something. Sierra tells her to go in and see Lucy. She turns and walks into the room. Ben goes on to say that he has consulted several doctors and no one thinks that Lucy's condition will be permanent. Craig and Sierra are relieved. Ben explains that the muscles have a built in memory and if they get them working again then the recovery will be better. Ben tells Craig that they can set up some equipment in his suite and the physical therapist can give Lucy her treatments there. Sierra tells him that won't be necessary because she is taking Lucy back to Montega as soon as she can travel. Craig asks Ben if that would be safe. Ben says that they will have to watch Lucy and she how she feels about traveling and it will be up to Sierra and Craig to decide. Ben tells them to talk to Lucy and he will be back later to check on them.

In Lucy's room, Alison asks Lucy if she is remembering anything about her. Lucy says that her face makes her remember something but she can't remember what it is. Lucy tells Alison that when she gets out of the hospital maybe they can go to some of the places where they use to hang out to help her get her memory back. Alison asks when is she getting out and Lucy says that Dr. Ben told her it would be soon. Alison asks if she will be hanging out with Aaron too. Lucy says that she thinks they will. Lucy asks Alison if she can keep a secret. Alison says that is what she does best. Lucy tells her that Aaron came to see her on Christmas Eve and kissed her. Alison says that it was good that her father didn't walk in and see Aaron slobbering all over his little princess. Lucy asks why would she say that because her father likes Aaron. Alison says, "You know father and daughters." Alison suggests that they just all start off new. Lucy asks why and Alison says, "Well, why do you have to remember every little thing from before?" Lucy tells Alison that she needs to remember everything or she won't feel like herself again. Craig and Sierra come in and asks if the can have some time with their daughter. Alison says goodbye to Lucy and Lucy tells Alison to come back and visit again because it really does help. Alison walks out and Craig closes the door. Sierra and Craig explain to Lucy that her recovery will take a little longer than they had originally thought. Craig tells her that they will get her the best doctors, the best equipment, the best wheelchair. Lucy starts to cry. She says, "Did you say wheelchair?" Craig tells his daughter that it will pass. Lucy cries harder, "Daddy! Make it go away daddy!"

Later, when Lucy has settled down, Ben comes in and helps her sit in a chair. He double-checks her arms and hands for tingles or numbness. Lucy says that there is no numbness, but she can't say that about her legs. Dr. Ben tells her that if she does what the physical therapist tells her to do, she will be walking before she knows it. The physical therapist comes to the door and Ben introduces him to Craig, Sierra and Lucy. As Dr. Engler, the P.T. gets started on his evaluation, Craig steps outside in the hall. Alison is waiting there for him. Craig tells her that it is not a good time. Alison tells Craig that she needs to talk with him. Craig asks her about what. She says that Aaron told her that Craig wanted Aaron to help with Lucy's memory. Craig says that is right. Alison says that a lot went down between Aaron and Lucy and it will come back to her sooner or later. Craig asks if she is talking about something specifically. Alison tells Craig that Aaron wants Lucy to remember the night they were in Memphis in a barn all alone. She adds that if Lucy doesn't remember soon, she thinks that Aaron will tell her about their night together because he would like to pick up where they left off. Craig thanks Alison for bringing this to his attention. Alison tells Craig that she and Lucy really got close when they were on the road and she tells Lucy all her secrets and Lucy tells her all her secrets. Alison asks if Craig will tell Lucy what she told him and he says that he won't. Ben and Dr. Engler come out of Lucy's room. Ben tells Craig that the evaluation looked good and Lucy is young and energetic and they think she will have a fast recovery. Craig thanks them for telling him the news and he walks into his daughter's room. He stands at the door and hears Sierra talking to Lucy about going back to Montega. He hears Lucy tell her mother that she just can't leave, not yet. Sierra asks if it is because of Aaron. Lucy tells her mother that Aaron has been visiting her every chance he gets. She adds that he wants her to remember something, something really important. She says that if she leaves she may never find out what it is.

Friday, January 3, 2002

by Andy

Lucy argues with Sierra about wanting to stay in Oakdale. Sierra blames Craig for Lucy's reluctance to go to Montega, but holds back when she overhears Craig at Rosanna's bedside following her surgery. Later, Sierra and Lucy have a tender reconciliation. Afterwards, Sierra and Craig are arguing when he realizes that she is jealous of his relationship with Rosanna. Lucy sees Alison wearing a Washington University T-shirt. When the shirt triggers Lucy's memory, Alison hurries the patient out. Later, Lucy questions Alison about an argument she remembers having in St. Louis. Carly assures a guilt- ridden Mike that he's off the hook with Rosanna since Craig claimed it was him that slept with Carly. When Mike tells Carly that Molly was questioning their relationship, Carly promises to make things right with Molly. Meanwhile, Molly discovers that Rosanna is the mystery buyer who purchased the penthouse. Jack struggles with the possibility that J.J. may not be his son. Later, Carly and Jack go to the hospital for the results of J.J.'s paternity test. Margo admits that she may have found J.J.'s real parents. Aaron and Holden are thrilled when Hal surprises them with the news that all charges against Aaron have been dropped. Hal apologizes for the trouble he put the family through. Later, Aaron works on a list that he hopes will help Lucy regain her memory.

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