All My Children Recaps: The week of October 27, 2003 on AMC
Babe kissed Jamie. Maggie accompanied Bianca to her first sonogram. Maria struggled to save Ryan's life. Tad questioned Adam and Palmer about the bloodstain that had been found on Palmer's jet. Babe hurled an accusation at JR. Adam and Palmer admitted that they had plotted to kill Michael.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 27, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, October 27, 2003

Jamie claimed that he and Carrie, a here-to-unseen girlfriend, had stolen the cow from Benny's. There was a moment of confusion before Jamie announced his partner in crime's name - confusion that prompted JR to "mistakenly" believe that Jamie and Babe had been intimate. Jamie cleared the air and said that he ultimately decided to ditch the cow on an access road to the airport. Babe jumped in and said that that was where she'd seen the cow and decided that she needed to save it. Adam was caught eavesdropping and skulked off to spend time in the garden "pulling the wings off butterflies."

Maggie and Bianca walked in on Erica and David putting on another passionate display for the benefit of a cop who had been tailing them. Bianca was concerned about her mother's behavior and privately told Maggie that she was going to try to convince Kendall to hire their mother so that she could keep her mind on things other than David. Erica admitted to David that she wanted to tell Bianca the truth about their pretend affair, but noted that she couldn't tell Bianca that their ruse was part of an alibi for the night of Michael Cambias' disappearance. Adam arrived a short time later and, after David left for an appointment, demanded to know if Erica had lost her mind. The last time she and David had gotten involved, he recalled, things had gone terribly wrong. Erica whispered the real reason for her carrying on with David. Adam's brow crinkled and he told Erica that she could have used him for an alibi - because he saw exactly what she'd done the night Michael vanished.

At Enchantment, Derek and Justin hounded Lena for details of her whereabouts the night of Michael's disappearance. Aidan arrived just in time to prevent Lena from saying anything that could potentially be used against her. He also reminded the authorities that unless Lena was under arrest, she didn't have to say anything. Derek and Justin filed out of the office, but first issued Aidan a warning to stay out of their business. Later, Maggie and Bianca arrived and Maggie accused Aidan of trying to get dirt on Lena so that he could pin Michael's murder on someone... someone other than Kendall. Aidan claimed that his motives had changed; he was now trying to create so much confusion with as many possible suspects and motives that the police could never solve the mystery behind Michael's death.

Kendall and Ryan's kiss turned even more passionate. As Kendall lifted Ryan's shirt and gently kissed his chest, she suddenly realized that she needed to stop. A stunned Ryan tried to talk her into continuing, but Kendall refused. Kendall took the ring Ryan had given her as an engagement ring from a nearby drawer and demanded to know when things between them went wrong. Ryan didn't allow Kendall to take all the blame for their relationship's collapse. He explained that there had been too much going on in his life - Gillian's death, his affair with Liza and her resulting pregnancy - and he needed to get away from it. Seeing Kendall and Aidan together, he added, was just the finishing blow. Kendall claimed that she hadn't been truly interested in Ryan romantically and was now just using him as a test to see if she truly loved Aidan. Ryan erupted and the two engaged in a shouting match. As Kendall kicked Ryan out of her condo, she screamed that she'd like to send him to hell with Michael Cambias. A few yards away, Derek and Justin overheard everything.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

At BJ's, Adam continued to urge Erica to rely on him instead of David, since he saw what she did. Erica denied any trouble and Adam reminded her he knows her, well enough to make her marry him twice. Adam demanded to know why she needed David as an alibi and Erica told him to leave it alone. Adam insisted she needs his help. Mary approached just then and said that Jack dumped her just in time for her to go on the prowl again. Erica called her hateful and suggested she get a life and stop following her around. She further stated that Mary's language was as crass as her perfume.

JR, Babe and Jamie walked in and Adam groaned and muttered "oh god, they're going public." JR made the most of it and proudly announced his marriage, introduced his wife, and that the food and drinks were on him. Babe was positively giddy when she saw Erica and JR told her she'd been his stepmom, twice. JR introduced them and Babe was a gushing, babbling fan. Erica was completely gracious and congratulated the newlyweds.

Later, Mary told Erica she must be proud to see her influence on such a trashy girl. Erica laughed and said it was nothing compared to the thrill Mary gets when the high school boy's hockey team bus pulls into town. Erica asked about Greenlee and Mary said she was doing better. Erica guessed she must be fine, now that she's regained consciousness and can remember all the horrible things Mary has ever done to her. Erica also guessed that Mary ran to Jack for comfort and knowing Jack as she does, and knowing that Jack knows Mary, he probably rejected her. She compared Mary to a rodent; running, running, running on her rodent wheel all day, spending all that energy and getting nowhere. Erica sighed and predicted that Adam would also eventually tire of her one day. As Erica stood up to leave, Adam told her he knows who he can trust and asked if she does. Adam was fuming over JR, but Mary talked him out of making a scene and promised Adam she had enough information to get Babe out of their lives for good.

JR left Babe with Jamie to make a call. They argued and Jamie said it wasn't obvious that she loves his brother when they were in the hotel room and the way she kissed him at the Chandler's. She said Jamie gets to her and things get out of control before she knows what's happened. They were miserable about the situation but she insisted she loves JR. She promised Jamie she would never kiss him again.

JR proudly returned with a full press corps in tow and asked Adam to pose with the happy couple. Adam fielded questions as though he really was a proud and happy, albeit surprised, father. JR also announced that Adam was retiring and as soon as the Cambias estate was settled, he'd be running Chandler Enterprises, with Liza Colby. Mary congratulated Adam for handling things so well because it frustrated JR to not get a rise out of him. She assured him she'd handle everything and that he needs to keep his hands clean so he doesn't lose his son when his mall rat wife deserts him. Adam told her he's counting on her.

Jamie was frustrated watching the festivities and asked for a beer but the bartender refused to serve him. Mary kindly brought one over to him and sat down to chat. She told him how close Jamie and Babe had seemed on the porch the other night. Jamie got up and left without drinking the beer or answering her questions.

Jack and David bickered at the hospital over Erica; Jack told David he knows it's all a charade to give Erica an alibi. David was smug and suggested Jack not threaten him. Reggie walked up just in time to hear David insist he and Erica are as close as they seem. Jack and Reggie discussed Greenlee, but Reggie only cared about Jack getting back together with Erica. He urged Jack to forgive Erica before she moves on with someone else, e.g., David. Jack gently tried to explain that things will work out in time before he was paged and had to leave.

David and Erica met within earshot of Reggie and she told him that Adam says he saw what she did that night. Adam hadn't specified what he'd seen and Erica hadn't admitted anything, she said. Erica urged him to rush to talk to Adam to find out what he knows. He said he couldn't go because he has an appointment. Reggie came up at that moment and punched David in the face before he whisked his "stepmother" away.

In the Enchantment offices, Bianca continued to outline all the reasons and possibilities for her being the one to murder Michael. Aidan listened with interest and Lena finally shouted at her to shut up so the police don't hear what she's saying. Maggie, Lena and Aidan tried to be supportive and told her that even though her entire family is wrapped up in it, she has to take care of herself. Aidan suggested she reclaim her life and leave everything else to others and he left. Lena said that whoever stopped Michael doesn't feel that they've done anything wrong, and going to prison for killing Michael would be a reward, not punishment. Before leaving, Lena had a flashback to tossing a gun in the water down at the docks.

Aidan went to see Boyd in his office and noted that Boyd seems to have been out of sight since Michael disappeared.

Maggie and Bianca talked...Bianca couldn't get Lena's words out of her mind and she asked Maggie if she's seen Lena the night Michael disappeared. Maggie said no. Bianca couldn't help expressing her doubts about whether she was doing the right thing in keeping the baby. Maggie was supportive and presented Bianca with a gift, a baby book. Bianca was moved to tears.

Kendall and Ryan talked to Derek and Justin about what they thought they overheard and that they were really just working out their relationship. Ryan told Derek she has issues with rejection and told Kendall it is over and they argued. Everyone was surprised when Ryan said he was moving into Michael's place, now that the police are done investigating the condo. When Derek and Justin left, Ryan and Kendall congratulated themselves on fooling them. Ryan expressed his concern for Kendall and not wanting to see her being jailed for murder and Kendall agreed to tell him everything about her and Michael. She told him about meeting Michael and how he'd used her and that she had fallen in love with him before he made her look like an idiot. She delighted in telling Ryan about teaming up with Erica to bring Michael down, but blamed herself for Michael attacking Bianca. She said she didn't kill Michael, she married him to take away his power and money. She handed Ryan the keys to Michael's condo. When Ryan opened the door, he shouted to Kendall to come see what he'd found...a large Luminol splatter on the wall, showing where blood had been found. Ryan was evidently allergic to the Luminol and Kendall handed him a bottle of Michael's allergy pills. Ryan took one before Kendall left. Kendall said Michael was alive when she helped him pack for Vegas. Kendall found Lena outside, upset about her role in Michael's games but there to deliver papers to Kendall.

Alone, Ryan walked around the condo and noticed that the police had dusted for prints. Suddenly, he became dizzy and had trouble breathing. He fell to the floor, knocking things over as he went.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Bianca waited for David in the exam room at the clinic. He arrived and she asked about his hurt lip. David said he ran into a well deserved punch. Bianca wanted to know who did it but David wouldn't tell her. She said he looked fine earlier when she saw him with her mother. David promised that whatever was going on between him and Erica, he would not tell her about Bianca's pregnancy. Bianca said she didn't expect to see him with her mother and David said that things have happened that have brought them together. Bianca said her mother belongs with Jack but that she still hoped that David would find happiness. Maggie arrived and David began the sonogram. The girls were completely amazed by what they saw. Bianca wanted to know when they could find out if it was a boy or girl. David said not for another 3 weeks.

Adam was reaching for a book in the library at his home when he pulled his injured shoulder. Tad walked in and questioned him about the injury. Adam still said it was an "old injury" but Tad didn't believe him. Tad said he believed it happened the night Michael Cambias stopped torturing the town. Adam denied killing Michael but Tad continued questioning him, "Are you sure Palmer didn't con you into a last hurrah?" Adam said he was thousands of miles away from Pine Valley that night. Stuart walked in with a large painting of a cow. Adam was repulsed when Stuart said it was a gift for Babe. Tad started in on Stuart who said he and Adam were together for their whole trip, except when Adam went into town to get parts for their boat. He said that was when Adam hurt his shoulder. Adam said he pulled his old injury and Stuart asked "What old injury?" Tad told him the story Palmer and Adam had told about a fight in Pigeon Hollow. Stuart didn't remember any of it but said if Adam had been injured that badly he would have had to do Adam's chores and he'd remember that. Tad wondered who was telling the truth. Adam ordered Stuart to get the hideous painting out so he left. Tad got in Adam's face and said he was on Palmer's jet that night and that they did something to Michael Cambias. Adam asked Tad if they could just be on the same side for JR and Tad said he was looking after his beloved step son. He said he didn't want JR to have to watch his father get carted off to prison. David Hayward walked in and said he'd like to see that. David claimed to be there to pick up a donation for the clinic. Adam wrote a check and handed it over and asked him to stay and tell him what the money was going towards. Tad told them to play nicely and left. Adam grabbed the check back and crumbled it up. He said Erica must have run right to David. "I know what Erica's motives are, and mine. But what are yours?" he asked David. They discussed Erica's involvement in the murder. Adam said he wasn't going to tell David anything because David was only trying to protect himself, not Erica.

Reggie and Erica talked in the hall outside Greenlee's hospital room. Erica told Reggie he shouldn't go around punching people. Reggie told Erica that Jack was ready to get back together, all Erica had to do was to "suck it up and make friends with Greenlee." She said she couldn't stand Greenlee and Reggie told her she could make peace with her, just like she did with Kendall. Erica started to soften and Reggie told her to go in the room and wrap Greenlee around her finger and Jack would follow. She said Greenlee brings out the worst in her so Reggie volunteered to do the talking. They went into the room and both Jack and Greenlee were surprised to see Erica. Reggie said Erica came to see Greenlee because she gives a damn about her. Greenlee said she heard Erica's voice while she was out of it and Erica said yes, she did come in to see her and that she told her what she thought of her. Greenlee wanted to know what Erica said and Erica replied "I told you that you are the bane of my existence" and went on with more insults. Greenlee smiled and said that was why she woke up, she never could resist a good fight. Erica told her to get better and walked out, with Jack following her. In the hall Erica told Jack she goaded Greenlee into battle and Jack said that was just what she needed. They discussed the murder investigation and Jack admitted that he thinks Derek is withholding evidence. Erica said it just never ends, that Michael Cambias is torturing them from the grave. In the room Greenlee told Reggie that this family thing wouldn't work, they had nothing in common. Reggie said nothing but Jack. Then he told her that even though she was high maintenance he would give her a try anyway. Greenlee smiled and agreed to do the same. Out in the hallway Erica and Jack began to argue about David Hayward when Derek showed up. He told them he had some questions about the murder. Erica pulled out her cell phone and said she was calling her attorney. Jack started to get angry and Derek said he wasn't there to talk to either one of them. Reggie came out the door and said he was getting a milkshake for Greenlee. Derek said Reggie was the one they needed to talk to.

Ryan staggered around the condo, unable to breathe. Kendall came out of her door and stopped for a moment when she heard a strange noise. She didn't hear it again so she went on her way. Ryan stumbled to the telephone but passed out on the floor before he could dial.

At Enchantment Aidan questioned Boyd regarding his activities the night Michael Cambias disappeared. Boyd couldn't remember and got angry. Aidan said he was trying to protect Kendall as Kendall walked in. Aidan told her he checked with the Vegas police and the witnesses to her wedding are now missing. Kendall blamed Ryan but Aidan said it wasn't possible for Ryan to do anything to her witnesses. Aidan turned to Boyd and said someone left town that night and asked Boyd if he won big in Vegas. Kendall told Boyd to leave and then turned to Aidan. She asked him what he was trying to prove. Aidan said the more suspects there are the harder it will be for the police to prove. He told her he had spoken with Bianca and Maggie, which upset Kendall. She told him not to drag Bianca into this. Aidan said Bianca was more resilient than Kendall believed. Kendall told him that Bianca was dealing with more than just the rape, that she got pregnant because of it and then terminated it. Aidan was horrified to hear about the pregnancy and abortion. Kendall begged him to drop Bianca's name in connection with the murder, "She had a hard decision to make and I told her to do it, terminate if she wanted and she did." Aidan was worried about how this effected Kendall but she told him to just leave Bianca and Boyd alone and left the room. Boyd returned and threatened Aidan.

Bianca and Maggie sat in their apartment looking at the picture from the sonogram. Bianca said the best part of today was seeing that innocent little face. Maggie realized she was late for her study group and rushed off. Bianca got the baby album out and began to put the picture in it when someone knocked on the door. She was startled to see Kendall there. Kendall asked to come in but Bianca told her the place was too messy. Kendall told her she didn't put Aidan up to talking to her and she was sorry. Bianca said she had completely forgotten about it and she wasn't mad at anyone. Kendall asked again to come see the apartment and Bianca reluctantly let her in as she stacked books on top of the baby album. They sat and talked for a few minutes and Bianca told her she was going to join a volunteer program and that David was helping her. Kendall said she would miss her but that she was doing the right thing, getting out of Pine Valley for a while. Bianca offered to make them some decaf coffee. She went into the kitchen and Kendall began looking through the books on the table. She got to the baby book and stood up with the book in her hand. She turned to Bianca and asked "What is this??"

The sun was going down and Aidan knocked on Kendall's condo door. When he got no answer he turned and for some reason went to Michael's door. It was unlocked and he went in, finding Ryan unconscious on the floor.

On his private jet Palmer spoke with Jennings, his pilot. Jennings apologized for losing the August flight logs. Palmer told him they weren't there to discuss that, they were there to talk about a raise. The two men walked to the front of the jet and Tad sneaked on the plane. He snooped around for a moment then picked up a pillow that had a blood stain on it.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Erica continued to give Derek a hard time for not respecting Jack and letting him know that he was out of line. Greenlee hearing the raised voices in the hall came out and told Derek that Jack was with her all night. Derek told Greenlee that was good to know but Reggie was who they needed to question. Erica and Jack were shocked that they wanted to question Reggie. Erica told Derek that Reggie was just a child and there was no reason to question him. Reggie said that he was no child and was just as capable as anyone else....Jack interrupted him by telling him that was enough. Jack also demanded to know why they wanted to question Reggie. Derek told him that a person who is being detained said that he sold Reggie a gun, a .38 special to be exact, so they want to take him in for questioning. Jack told Reggie to go with them and he'd be there shortly. When Reggie, Derek and the Asst DA left Jack escorted Greenlee back to her bed. Jack told her that she didn't need to lie for him. She said that he was her father. He told her that wasn't a reason to lie. He added that he only saw her in his office briefly and was pretty rude to her in insisting that she left. Greenlee told Jack that he was always so busy protecting everyone else someone had to get his back. He smiled and told her that she was stubborn. She told him that she takes after her father. Jack opened the door and asked Erica in to the room. He asked Erica to keep Greenlee company. Neither women were thrilled with this idea. He told Erica that Greenlee was bored. Erica told Jack that there was a game room and the sun room. Jack said that Greenlee isn't supposed to be out of bed without assistance. Both women reluctantly agreed. Jack kissed Greenlee and thanked Erica for staying.

Greenlee told Erica she must still love Jack and wanted to score big time brownie points. Erica sat down to read a magazine and Greenlee was balling up tissue paper and trying to throw them in the bedpan. Erica asked if she could get something for Greenlee, who said no. Erica offered to turn the TV on, Greenlee said no, Erica poured Greenlee some water but Greenlee wasn't thirsty. Greenlee started to stir in bed showing signs of discomfort. Greenlee tried reaching for the buzzer but Erica grabbed it from her and told her that she'd help her with whatever she needed so that Greenlee couldn't say Erica didn't want to help. They played tug of war with the buzzer until Erica pulled out of the wall. Greenlee gave in and told her that she had to go to the bathroom. Erica said she'd get someone, opened the door to yell for a nurse; without any luck. She said to Greenlee "where is everyone?" Greenlee replied budget cuts, short of staff. Erica opened the door and called out cold blue but no one came. Erica helped Greenlee to the bathroom and back. Greenlee told Erica she looked flushed. Erica said that if Greenlee ever told anyone about her helping her to the bathroom she'd kill her. Greenlee said she'd die before telling anyone.

Ryan arrived to the hospital by ambulance. Maria was in the ER so she looked after him. Aidan asked how Ryan was doing and she said they'd have to wait and see at the moment. Aidan told her that she seemed to be comfortable. Maria asked if he meant by calling out orders. He said about everything. She told him that everything was still coming back to her and sometimes it was a lot to deal with being at the hospital doing surgery, being a wife, and a mom. He told her that you have to commit yourself sometimes and that was what she was doing. She said true and asked how he was doing. He told her that he was trying to commit himself to a few things too. When Derek came down to the lobby to leave Maria told him about Ryan and gave him the allergy pills that Ryan took telling Derek that there was poison in them. Derek asked if she thought someone emptied the allergy medicine and put the poison in and she said yes. He asked how Ryan was doing and Maria told him that it was fifty-fifty and she'd know more after his stomach was pumped and how much was in Ryan's system. When Maria went into check on Ryan he was staring blankly at the ceiling. She was trying to get him to respond to her when Ryan went into a seizure. A little while later Aidan asked if Ryan would be okay. Maria said yes he's already asking to go home. Aidan asked if it would be okay to go in and see Ryan. She told him yes.

Ryan told Aidan he didn't look to good. Aidan told Ryan that he didn't look good himself. Ryan thanked him for saving him. Aidan just told him that his door was unlock and Ryan replied " you just could resist coming in for a look around." Aidan told him it was something like that. Ryan told Aidan that he owed Aidan for getting him help. Aidan said well you can answer a question. Ryan asked what. Aidan asked who gave Ryan the pills. After a long silence Ryan answered Kendall.

At the police station Derek and the asst DA was asking Reggie if he knew of this guy Sergeant Slick. Reggie said it sounded like a cop. Derek told Reggie that he was a gang member who told them that he sold Reggie a gun. Jack walked in and asked if the guy who claims to sold Reggie the gun was arrested. Derek said yes for illegal gun sales, etc. Jack said that is about 10 years then asked the Asst DA what he offered the guy. Justin answered that if the guy turned evidence then a year probation. Jack laughed and said for that amount of time I'd offer up John Ashcroft. Derek told Jack that he shouldn't be in there while they were questioning Reggie because he was too close to the case. Jack reminded Derek that Reggie was a minor and Jack was his father and would stay in there. Derek told Jack that if he wanted to act as Reggie's father then he needed to recuse himself from the case. Reggie stood up and told Jack that he wanted Jack to be the DA because he had people to protect. Reggie told Jack that he could take care of himself. Jack said that he'd be staying the DA on the case and he was going out to call Reggie an attorney so they couldn't question Reggie. When Jack left Reggie said Jack worries too much. Reggie sat down and coughed saying he needed a coffee. Justin asked how he wanted the coffee. Reggie said black with sugar. When Justin left Reggie said he was hungry and asked if he could get a tuna melt. Justin returned with the coffee and Reggie took a drink and spit it out asking what the heck that was. Justin said coffee just like you said you wanted. Reggie said he like latte. Derek got aggravated and told him the quicker he finished the quicker he could go home. Jack saw one of the lab guys and asked what he had. The guy told Jack that it was the poisoned pills. Derek came out of the office and asked whose finger prints were on it. The man answered Ryan Lavery's and the guy Jack asked who else's finger prints were on the bottle.

Kendall asked Bianca if she was still pregnant. Bianca denied it saying that she wasn't repeating her mothers mistake and having a child out of rape. She turned away from Kendall. Kendall told Bianca that she was a bad liar. Bianca turned around and said she wasn't lying. Kendall said that she could tell she was lying because her voice was quivering when she said those awful words so much so that she almost felt sorry for Bianca. Kendall also told Bianca that she wouldn't look her in the eyes when she said. Kendall asked again if Bianca was still pregnant. Bianca told her yes. Kendall said that she thought she was terminating the pregnancy and then asked what happened. Bianca told Kendall that she didn't terminate because of her. Kendall said she didn't understand because she was there and told her to terminate if that was what she needed to do. Bianca said yes that's right, she knew that it was hard for Kendall but she told her to terminate and that took a lot of courage and she knew right then and there that she had to keep her baby. Kendall asked who else knew. Bianca told her David, Maggie and now you. Kendall asked how she was going to hide the pregnancy from other people she loved. Bianca told her of the plan to leave town and come back with the baby saying it was adopted. Kendall asked if the pregnancy was messing with her hormones making her brain mush. Telling her that people would put it together Bianca returning with a baby nine months after her rape. Bianca said she would work out the details. Kendall looked at the sonogram of the baby then turned around excited saying that Bianca had to tell because the baby was the sole heir to the Cambias fortune and this would stick it to Ryan. Bianca told Kendall she didn't want the Cambias money. She wanted her baby not to know her father raped her. She wanted this baby to grow up knowing love and not being afraid to love in return. She wanted the baby to have everything Kendall didn't. Kendall understood and left the Ryan thing alone. Kendall just cried and said she was going to be an Aunt. She sat on the floor looking at the sonogram again. Bianca looked at Kendall and smiled. Then came around the couch and lifted Kendall's hand to her stomach. Bianca knelt down and hugged Kendall.

Friday, October 31, 2003

Babe walks down the Chandler mansion stairs, all dolled up in a sparkling black dress and an original Opal hairstyle. She immediately seeks to get JR's attention, but he is more concerned about the newspaper article announcing his new bride. He can only focus on the picture of Adam, Babe, and himself the night before that was taken at BJ's. Babe tries to get JR's attention again by telling him that she bought an outfit for Colby because Liza dresses her like a drab church girl. Still seeming uninterested, Babe asks him about her hairstyle. JR finally attends to her needs and suggests they go up to Adam's bed for a romp because the maid is changing the sheets on their bed. Babe suddenly jumps off him and gets very angry at JR for suggesting they make love on his father's bed. She hates when he brings up his father and realizes that JR may have married her to simply stick it to Adam. Babe brings up the dinner party that blew everyone away and the party at BJ's that turned into a media frenzy. He claims that he did all of those things because he is proud to call her his wife, but she thinks otherwise. She tells him he used those times to get back at Adam and none of it was for her benefit. She adds that the thought of them making love in Adam's bed, just so he can walk in and find them, disgusts her. She tries to run off, screaming she is going to leave and pack her bags, but JR holds her back. She wiggles free and yells at JR that he does not own her. She starts tearing off her bracelets and JR begs for her to let him explain. She agrees and he says that he loves her and everything he has done has been for her, not Adam. He goes on about how proud of her he is and how Adam will never accept their marriage, until there isn't one. Babe tells him that Adam looks at her as though she is a fish he wants to drown. JR promises her that they will get everything they want, as soon as he is done with his father. After he has tried to weasel his way out, he tells her that she is free to go if she's like. Babe hugs JR and tells him she isn't going anywhere.

Palmer claims he shot Adam because Adam insulted his eyebrows, claiming they were dyed. Tad finds it hard to believe that Palmer shot Adam over something as silly as that, but Adam backs the story up. He even unveils his shirt to show a bullet mark on his back shoulder. Palmer and Adam squabble, claiming to get revenge on another, and so on. Tad doesn't buy their story for one moment and asks Palmer about the pay phone call. Palmer tells Tad he doesn't know anything about a phone call and has no evidence against him. When Palmer threatens to shove him off the plane if he doesn't quit making trouble, Tad has a realization about Michael's death. He thinks that they lured Michael onto the plane, killed him on the jet, and threw him off the plane, but their plans got messed up somehow. Adam admits to Tad that yes, they wanted to send Michael to his death, but he never showed up for it to happen. Palmer explains that Michael once offered to work with him to bring Adam down, so when he called him to take him up on the offer, he agreed to meet them on the jet. Palmer goes to a flashback: he and Adam are impatiently waiting for Michael to arrive, Adam pulls out a gun, Palmer tells him he can't aim a gun, they struggle for the gun, Adam jokes about his dyed eyebrows, and Palmer pulls the trigger, shooting Adam's shoulder. Palmer's flashback then shows him holding up a knife he said he used to remove the bullet. Adam interrupts his flashback and tells Tad that Michael never showed up and he was flown back to Canada. When Adam leaves, he rolls his eye and sighs in relief. Palmer tells Opal and Tad to get out. Opal seems disturbed by their story, but not Tad. Tad doesn't believe it all and tells Opal that it's missing some parts.

When Adam gets home, he gets a surprise of his own. He sees Babe and JR is very little clothes under a sheet in his living room.

Ryan tells Aidan that Kendall gave him the poisonous pills. Aidan says that Kendall probably didn't know the pills were harmful. Ryan doesn't seem so sure and suggests that Aidan and Kendall's whole relationship is based on her greed for Michael Cambias' fortune. Then Ryan adds that Kendall is a nutcase because she married her sister's rapist and now, has given him poisonous pills. He suspects that her actions are from some type of influence from Aidan. After all, Ryan tells him that he is the one who suggested she throw herself at him to prove a point. Aidan tells Ryan that she still has feelings for him. Ryan accuses Aidan of using Kendall to get Michael's money. Aidan tells Ryan he is wrong and before he can get anything else out, Maria walks in, sporting an angel's halo and carrying a king's crown for Ryan. She tells Ryan that the police are there to question him. Aidan advises Ryan not to talk to the police, but Ryan ignores him, and Derek and Justin walk in. Derek and Justin ask Aidan to leave, and he follows Maria out. Derek brings up the fight Kendall and Ryan had the night before to try to get him to rat Kendall out about the pills. They ask him who gave him the pills and he says, "The woman I loved."

Outside Ryan's room, Aidan pleads with Maria to make up a phony excuse to get the police out of there. When she asks him why, he tells her it could save Kendall from going to prison. She refuses him at first because of Kendall's reputation, but has a change of heart. When she walks in the hospital room, Ryan is making quite a scene! He has put on the crown and acts as though the "woman he loved" is Queen Elizabeth! She quickly tells Derek and Justin that Ryan is suffering from temporary neurological damage and needs to be left alone. Ryan starts going into some chest pain and when Maria leans close to comfort him, he grabs her and kisses her! When Maria pulls away, Ryan seems quite fine and quits his act. He tells the cops that Maria had nothing to do with it and he is willing to answer their questions. Maria walks out and tells Aidan what happened. David appears and tells Aidan he heard about Ryan. Aidan practically accuses David of making the poison pills for Michael to choke on, but David ignores him and walks off. When Justin question Ryan again about who gave him the pills, he is silent. Justin tells Ryan that if he stops covering for who gave him the pills, he will tell him what he needs to know. When Ryan asks him what he means, Justin says he will give him Michael's time of death, if he tells them who gave him the pills.

David calls someone and tells them about Ryan taking the pills.

Kendall, obviously touched by Bianca's secret, gushes over the sonogram and how beautiful the baby is. She asks Bianca if she is sure David will keep her secret because of his close relationship with Erica. Bianca reassures her that David has been nothing but kind to her and taken the necessary precautions to keep her pregnancy safe. David even put her medical records in Frankie Stone's file. Feeling that Bianca's secret is safe, she offers to help her with the pregnancy. Bianca appreciates the offer, but tells Kendall she can't accept her help because she has so many other problems to worry about. Kendall tells Bianca she loves her and she will always be a sister to her, no matter what she has to deal with. Bianca and Kendall share laughter over the possibility the child could be a male, although Kendall claims she can feel the "woman energy" already. When Bianca begins to talk about the labor process, she jokingly asks Kendall if she would go to Bermuda and have the child for her. Changing the subject, Kendall brings up the plan that Bianca has made for her child. Kendall tells her that she can't protect Erica from the truth and her baby from the truth about her father at the same time. Although Bianca thinks telling Erica about the baby would destroy her, Kendall disagrees. Bianca tells Kendall that Erica can never about her secret.

Erica looks over Frankie's file, which is lying on the nurses' desk at the hospital. When David spots her, he rushes over to her, snatches the folder, and asks her why she is looking at patient records. Erica says the file was laying around and inquires as to why the deceased girl's files say she has an appointment that day. David claims it must be a mistake, but Erica doesn't believe him. She thinks that Bianca used Frankie's name when she terminated the pregnancy to protect her identity. Instead of giving Erica a verbal answer, he hands her back the file. David tells Erica that Bianca came in for a routine appointment, which is normal after an abortion. David reassures her that Bianca is fine and goes off to be with another patient. Erica leaves and heads over to Bianca's apartment.

When she arrives at the apartment, she hears Kendall and Bianca arguing over something they can't tell her. When she asks what it is they don't want her to know, Kendall says that Bianca is planning on doing a semester abroad at school. When Erica asks how they suddenly became so chummy, Kendall explains that they made up and put their past behind them. Erica still doesn't believe them and tells Bianca she knows about the appointment. Bianca immediately thinks she meant the ultrasound, but Erica explains that David told her about her routine check-up to see how her body is healing from the abortion. Bianca is relieved, but Erica still pressures them about what they are hiding. Kendall speaks up and says, "Bianca, you don't have to tell her. I will."

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