All My Children Recaps: The week of January 5, 2004 on AMC
Jamie learned that Babe had lied about her conception date. Juan Pablo's enemies surrounded a ski lodge, trapping many Pine Valley residents inside. Edmund was shot while rescuing Maria. Jack and Erica were subpoenaed. Ryan found a doctor who was willing to switch test results for Kendall and Bianca.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 5, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, January 5, 2004

Lying in bed at the Valley Inn, Krystal tells Tad she can't believe how hard he worked for "this" as she hands him a piece of paper she pulled from her shoe. Tad insists it wasn't "work" as he unfolds the paper and exclaims, "What the hell is this?" Tad refuses to believe that one of Krystal's overdrawn bank statements is the piece of paper Babe so feared would ruin her life. Tad doesn't buy the tale but admits it was his most memorable New Year's Eve in years. Krystal goes to the shower.

Downstairs Simone is still angling to find Tad and bribes a bellman to get his room number. Brooke tries to convince Simone not to rescue Tad, as does Liza, to no avail. The bellman comes back with the information Simone requested and slips her Tad's room number. Simone goes upstairs and bangs on the door. Tad does not answer it. While Simone is gone to try to talk the bellman out of a key, Tad hustles Krystal out of the room. When Simone knocks again after failing to get a key, Tad answers in a robe and tells her he was in the shower the first time she knocked and did not hear her at the door. Tad gets Simone to believe him, and they have their first "date" of 2004.

Back downstairs, Krystal insists on toasting with Liza before Liza leaves. Krystal pours the champagne and raises a toast "To men. You've just got to love them, the simple, trusting souls." Krystal tells Liza she was right about Tad with a capital "S" - as in "Sexy" and "Starting" to get over his late wife. Meanwhile, upstairs Tad has just finished amazing Simone - and himself as well. Simone wants more "amazing." Tad is not sure he's up for it but appears willing to give it the old college try.

Back at Chandler Mansion, JR wants to talk to Babe about what happened at the Valley Inn. Babe gives JR the silent treatment and turns a cold shoulder. JR talks himself in circles trying to justify his actions. Babe rolls over and asks what he wants her to say, that she was meeting someone else in their room? Then she admits, "Okay, I was." JR appears shocked. "What's wrong? Why aren't you celebrating?" she asks. "Isn't that what you wanted to hear?" JR tells her, "You know it's not." Babe talks about how much she loves JR and trusts him but that she cannot love and trust enough for two as she gets out of bed and throws on jeans and a jacket to leave. "Have a nice life," Babe tells JR as she heads for the door. JR pushes the bedroom door shut as she tries to leave. JR tells Babe he loves her as much as she loves him and that is why he is jealous. Babe sweet talks JR. They kiss and make up. As JR holds Babe close in bed he asks her, "No more lies, right?" Babe tells him, "I told you. We're cool from here on out."

Maggie tries to talk sense to Jamie about Babe. Jamie doesn't think he can ever capture the magic he and Babe shared with any other woman. He explains to Maggie that it was like he knew Babe before he even met her and asks if she ever felt that way about anyone. Somewhat wistfully, Maggie says she has but only as friends. They share New Year's resolutions. Maggie has already broken hers - which was to keep her nose out of other people's business. Jamie's resolution is not to give up on Babe regardless of what she throws at him. Having already broken her resolution, Maggie dispenses yet more unheeded advice to Jamie.

Asleep at Wildwind, Maria dreams in flashbacks of her wedding and the plane crash but in this nightmare it is Edmund who is dead. The phone jars her awake. The voice on the other end tells her that Josť Alejandro did a stretch in prison with a brother of Juan Pablo's enemy. Maria cannot reach Edmund or anyone by phone to warn them of the danger Josť poses. Mrs. Santos arrives to baby sit. After making a couple of more calls to answering machines where the message might reach him before she does, Maria leaves to try to find Edmund in person and warn him. Brooke shares the name of the lodge with Maria and shows her its location on a map. Brooke wants to change clothes and go with her but Maria won't wait. Maria gives Brooke the name and number of Edmund's FBI contact because they might be able to get there sooner than she can. Brooke promises to call the FBI and apprise them of the situation.

As Josť closes the tool box that contains a bomb, Juan Pablo asks him if everything is okay. Josť tells him it is, that he was just checking to make sure they have everything they need. After Edmund gets through security because Josť was not at the gate, Aidan makes the rounds to check on things. He runs across Josť setting the bomb but thinks he is working on the heating system. Aidan insists on a report for the people freezing upstairs. Josť says, "Tell them to be patient and soon they will have more heat than they can handle." Aidan goes back upstairs but still can't shake the feeling that something is wrong.

Angry at their current conquests, Ryan and Greenlee almost make love at the lodge. Ryan, however, throws the brakes on "before we do something we'll both regret," he says. Disagreeing Greenlee grabs Ryan for another kiss and tells him then they can do something that only he will regret. When her playful antics fail to get Ryan's attention, Greenlee realizes he is still in love with Kendall. Greenlee tells him if he is dumb enough to believe Kendall he can have her. Greenlee storms out. Ryan goes looking for Kendall.

Since Edmund made it in using his 4-wheel-drive vehicle, Kendall figures she can use it to get a ride away from the lodge. As she goes to get her stuff, Ryan sweeps her aside and into the room he was just in with Greenlee. Seeing the messy bed, Kendall assumes Ryan and Greenlee had sex in it. Ryan tries to convince her that is not the case and that he cares about Kendall but gives up when Kendall asks how long it's going to be before Greenlee is crawling under his blanket again. Ryan goes into the main room and asks Greenlee if she is ready to go.

Everyone who is leaving is ready to go but Greenlee wants to talk to Pablo first. They both go on about how they should have met in another place and time. Ready to gag on the syrupy sweet dialogue of Greenlee and Pablo, Kendall heads for the car. Aidan stops her at the door refusing to allow her to open it because he saw a flash of light on the other side. Kendall says it was probably one of Juan Pablo's goons lighting a cigarette and yanks the door open against Aidan's wishes. There is a flash as Kendall opens the door and quickly slams it back shut.

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

At the Lodge, Kendall opened the door to leave and a barrage of gunfire started from outside. Someone ordered them to throw all their weapons down and come out. Inside, they got into defensive positions and as Greenlee and Kendall argued about the pregnancy, Ryan suggested the three of them go upstairs to die with a smile. They pushed him away and Kendall realized Aidan had been hit. Juan Pablo offered to go outside and turn himself in. They all argued, with Ryan wanting him to go but the others fearing for their own safety even if Juan Pablo turned himself in. Edmund spelled out their options and they all agreed to wait inside behind the barricade until help arrived. Suddenly, the men outside told them they had a hostage and Edmund realized it was Maria. She apologized and said she'd come up to give him a message that there is a traitor inside with them. Jose started to run, but Aidan grabbed him and demanded to know where the bomb was. Greenlee told Juan Pablo that Ryan is right and no one is safe around him. Downstairs, Ryan found the timer with only five minutes left and Jose said it was too late to stop it. Under duress, Jose finally told Aidan to cut the red wire and it stopped the timer. Ryan knocked out Jose and tied him up. Upstairs, they realized Edmund was missing and Aidan and Ryan went outside to create a distraction. Kendall, Greenlee and Mia picked up what they could find for weapons for self-protection and listened to a big gunfight outside, with Edmund chasing after Maria. Inside, the gals successfully subdued one of the bad guys but then Jose came upstairs and held them at gunpoint. Edmund found Maria and a gun was fired just as they hugged. Maria caught Edmund as he fell to the floor.

Bianca and Lena went back to Bianca's apartment and were met by Maggie. Bianca asked for their support with her plan to tell the whole truth about her baby to Erica and everyone. Maggie expressed her concern that it was a bad idea, because it would become all about Erica instead of about Bianca and the baby. Lena said Bianca had to tell the truth to Erica because it's best for Bianca and the baby. Maggie reminded them about Kendall's trial and the publicity that will generate and the stress to Bianca. Bianca said she'll tell Erica first, in confidence, and then will discuss it with Kendall and how the truth affects her defense strategy. Bianca told them about her Christmas miracle and realization that she can't hate her baby, no matter what, and doesn't need to hide the truth from herself or anyone else. Maggie changed her mind and promised her support. Bianca left them to tell Erica about the baby alone. Lena stayed to wait for her return and asked Maggie if she was only upset because she won't be going away and having Bianca and the baby all to herself.

Jack was at the boathouse, looking for Greenlee and clearly worried about her. Erica showed up and they strolled down memory lane before she reminded him that Greenlee is probably having a romantic evening with Juan Pablo. She told him Greenlee is a grown woman and Jack needs lessons in how to read women, because they run on passion and instinct. Erica spoke of secrets kept and lies told to protect the ones you love, no matter the cost and Jack realized they were no longer talking about Greenlee. She then told Jack if he came home with her, she'd tell him about one more secret she's kept to keep him safe. At her penthouse, Erica talked about the night Michael disappeared and Jack assured her he never believed she had spent the night with David but was glad Derek did. She was worried about how Jack would feel about what she'd done, but went on to say she had no regrets about what she did that night...later, she assured Jack she'd told him everything and had kept it secret to protect him and his honor, in the name of love. They kissed passionately, professed their love and he was carrying her off to the bedroom when Bianca knocked at the door. She came in and said she had something to tell them.

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Babe came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and was surprised to find Jamie waiting for her. He said he waited for JR to leave and then used the tunnels to get to her room. Jamie said he was worried about her after hearing JR yell at her. Babe said she and JR were fine and that she picked that fight with him to get them out of the hotel room so Jamie wouldn't get caught. Jamie was still worried about how JR treated Babe and said he wasn't going to turn his back on her or the baby. Babe said it wasn't his responsibility and asked him to leave. He demanded to know what was going on with Paul Kramer. She denied knowing him until Jamie forced her to admit it. She told him that Adam had invited Paul to Pine Valley to make trouble for her but it didn't work. The door opened and in walked Krystal. She said "This sure don't look good!" and told Jamie he didn't belong there. Jamie said he was trying to take care of Babe and her mother said she'd do that just fine. Jamie said he wasn't going to "let JR raise my kid!." Krystal forced Jamie out of the room and sat down with Babe. She asked if there was anyway to talk Jamie out of this nonsense but Babe said she didn't think so. Krystal gave her a tip on how to get rid of a guy "You've got to want to rid of him. So do you?" Babe didn't answer.

JR went to the hospital to find Paul. He asked Paul if the marriage was his idea or Babe's. Paul laughed and said "You've finally caught on to what she's all about!" and proceeded to tell JR that it was all Babe's idea. "I was loaded, she said let's get married. Next thing I remember was waking up with a huge hangover and a marriage certificate." He told JR they got the marriage annulled the next day and then wished JR all the happiness in the world. But then he gave a warning, "Watch out, there's a lot more to Babe than she lets on." JR walked away and Paul went back to getting ready for a transport. Jamie strolled in and asked if he was Paul. When Paul answered yes, Jamie punched him and ordered him to stay away from Babe. From the ground Paul said "You guys are lunatics! She's not even worth it!" JR walked over and demanded to know what was going on. Jamie told him if he wasn't going to protect Babe, he would. JR argued that this was about the baby and Jamie told him to shove it.

In the lodge one of the gang members found Mia, Kendall and Greenlee. He threatened them with a gun if they didn't help him get out. They said they wouldn't make very good shields but he said he'd take his chances. Greenlee started throwing barbs at Kendall, who returned the put-downs. Mia got into the argument and they all started yelling at each other. The man got in the middle and Greenlee yelled "Charlie's Angel!." Mia called out, "I'm Cameron Diaz!" She pulled the rug out from under the guy and when he fell Greenlee grabbed the gun. Meanwhile Maria ran to a small cabin and Edmund followed. He was shot in the back and fell to the ground unconscious. Maria started screaming and begging him to hold on. Aidan heard the shot and found them. He helped Maria get Edmund in the cabin as Pablo and Ryan came in the front door. They rushed to Edmund and Maria told them she needed blankets and a board to transport Edmund, and her SUV which had her medical bag in it. Ryan ran to get the SUV and Aidan went to the lodge for the blankets and board. Pablo found an injured hit man and he bent down to him. Pablo said "This is how it ends. You kill my brother, I kill you." The man said he hoped Carlos died like the pig he was. Pablo stood up and shot the man dead. At the lodge Aidan came in and found the girls. He told them about Edmund and they went to get the blankets as he took a toboggan down from the wall. They went back to the cabin and Ryan brought up the SUV and took the medical bag in to Maria. He found her crying and performing CPR because Edmund's heart stopped. She got a syringe out of her bag and gave him a shot directly in the chest. Aidan kept up the CPR and Maria found a faint pulse. They put him on the toboggan and carried him to the SUV. He was rushed to the ER and taken into a cubicle. Maria tried to follow but the ER doctor wouldn't let her. She fell apart and Ryan held her up as she watched the medical team try to save Edmund.

At Erica's Bianca sat down to tell her mother the news. She was very nervous but finally began by saying she wasn't going to Europe. She said that she had a wake up call on Christmas Eve that made her face her life and who she was and will be. Jack said she'd been astonishing throughout this whole ordeal. Bianca said there was someone who needed her to stay in Pine Valley. Erica sat next to Bianca and asked who and then said she knew why she wasn't going to Europe..Erica thought Bianca and Lena were getting back together. Bianca said that wasn't the reason. Erica told her that maybe going away would be good for her, especially now that the trial was going to start. Bianca said she wanted to face the trial and everything that went along with it so she could put it all behind her. She finally said she was staying for the baby. Erica said Kendall's baby didn't really exist. Bianca said yes she did and she was an innocent child no matter how she was conceived. Erica said she was glad Bianca had terminated her pregnancy and went on and on about how horrible it would be to carry Michael Cambias's baby. Bianca asked "What about Kendall? Isn't she your daughter?." Erica said yes and that she hoped the baby was anyone's but Michael's. Bianca said "What if it is Michael's, what then?." Erica replied she would never speak to Kendall again. Bianca was visibly shaken when her mother said the thought of Michael Cambias's baby made her skin crawl. She asked her mother if maybe she was so adversely affected by her own pregnancy because she was only 14 when it happened. Bianca asked if this could be a fresh start for them as a family. She asked her mother to open her heart to the baby and Jack agreed. Erica said she'd do anything for Bianca but she won't accept Michael Cambias's child. Bianca sadly said she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to and walked out the door. Jack followed and asked if there was something else she wanted to say. Bianca fought back tears and thanked him for wanted to help but said her mother said everything she needed to hear. Jack went back inside the penthouse and Erica said there was something else going on with Bianca. She couldn't understand how Bianca could feel compassion for Kendall. A man at the door knocked and Jack opened it to find himself and Erica served with subpoenas for Kendall's trial. And they were to testify for the prosecution.

Maggie tried to study while Lena looked through a magazine, waiting for Bianca to return. They discussed Bianca's decision and argued about what was best for Bianca. Lena finally said Maggie seemed to feel more for Bianca than just friendship. Maggie denied this completely but Lena didn't believe her. Bianca returned in tears and told Maggie she had been right about her mother. She said Erica will be devastated if she finds out about the baby. Bianca went past Maggie and into Lena's arms, while Maggie watched.

Thursday, January 8, 2004

Erica asked Jack to fix the subpoena because she couldn't tell the truth on the stand. Jack told Erica to do as he suggests and that she would have to admit again to the prosecution that she gave Kendall the combination to his safe. He agreed it would look bad for Kendall, especially since the gun in the duffel bag was his. Erica wanted to turn back time, to go back to when they were first engaged. They kissed passionately and were again interrupted by a knock on the door. David came by with his subpoena to suggest they decide what to say on the stand. Jack warned him that the love story is over. David was quite annoyed to learn that Erica had told Jack everything, but they all agreed to throw suspicion on themselves in order to save Kendall. They all believed that once Kendall was acquitted, no one else would be accused of the murder. David agreed his "relationship" with Erica was over and Jack stated his claim to her heart. When David left, Erica expressed her delight that they were back together. They once again tried to start an intimate moment when Greenlee came to the door. Erica rolled her eyes, but Jack was glad to see her. Greenlee poured out her heart about Juan Pablo and Jack comforted her as Erica looked on.

In JR's room, Krystal cautioned Babe that she won't get rid of Jamie unless she wants to. Krystal saw the cow that Jamie had helped steal when it came crashing out of the closet. Babe insisted that she loves JR and Krystal understood how Jamie still makes Babe feel special. Babe swore she would forget about Jamie. After more gentle prodding, Babe finally admitted there is a possibility the baby is not JR's and the conception date was fudged at the hospital. Krystal told her that Tad had destroyed those hospital records, but they were still worried about the computer records. Krystal told Babe they'd have to deal with everything, including her still being married to Paul Cramer, but only after Babe admitted what she really wants. Together, they got a trash bag and tossed out the cow from Jamie because Babe only wants JR and his baby.

Jamie and JR argued at the hospital about the way Jamie chases Babe and her medical information and the way JR treats Babe, especially on New Year's Eve. JR grilled him about what he heard and Jamie covered by saying he only watched the way he treated Babe at the party. JR suggested Jamie check himself into the psych ward. JR then ran into Kendall, who asked him to take her out of the hospital. They had lunch at the Valley Inn and talked about the Lodge and love. JR was solicitous toward her and she poured out her heart about Ryan. He asked for advice on how to trust Babe, who never seems to tell the truth and that someone else is as much in love with her as he is. Kendall was impressed by JR's willingness to stick by Babe out of love. Alan Singer came by their table to tell Kendall the DNA test was scheduled for tomorrow morning. She refused to talk to him without her lawyer, but he persisted. JR stood up and introduced himself. He also said as the head of Chandler Enterprises he was meeting with the governor tomorrow and could easily have Alan's appointment as Special Prosecutor undone. Alan left suddenly for another meeting. Kendall was grateful and promised to keep JR on as head of Chandler Enterprises.

Jamie meanwhile, headed for Dr Joe's office to get on the computer. Dr Joe came in and was surprised to find Jamie there. Jamie covered and said he used Tad's key to get in because he wanted to check email and talk to his grandpa about Babe. Dr Joe got paged and had to leave. Jamie broke into Dr Joe's computer, accessed Babe's medical records and found out there was a chance the baby is his, based on the real conception date.

Maria was despondent over Edmund's condition and told Ryan he needs a miracle to survive. Later, as Dr Grey, she found herself comforting another wife of an accident victim and assuring her that her husband was in good hands and would be alright. She told the wife to be strong, for her husband and their children. Ryan was impressed and was with her when the doctors came to talk to her about Edmund. They said Edmund wasn't stabilized yet and showed X-rays where the bullet was lodged in his spine.

Juan Pablo was clearly feeling guilty. When Greenlee tried to comfort him, he told her to stay away from him and that he has no feelings for her or anyone or anything. Later, Ryan stopped an angry Maria from attacking Juan Pablo when he tried to apologize to her. Maria cried in Ryan's arms and he comforted her.

Aidan was released from the hospital and Mia insisted they go straight to the motel without checking on Maria. Mia stayed with him but he was in a foul mood and clearly thinking only about Maria.

Friday, January 9, 2004

While Babe is sleeping peacefully, JR and Krystal walk in on her. JR seems concerned and asks Krystal if Babe is ok. Krystal explains that is she is fine, but just tired from her pregnancy. Krystal also explains that she has been stressed out-JR assumes the stress comes from Adam and Jamie and doesn't realize he is the one who stresses her out. Krystal bluntly asks him if he truly loves Babe and JR says yes, he does. Krystal bluntly tells him that Babe is also stressed out about her marriage; she is scared of losing JR. When JR reassures Krystal he isn't going to leave Babe, she believes him and asks him to tell Babe that as well. Babe wakes up to a smiling JR beside her. JR surprises her and tells her he has booked a belated honeymoon Caribbean cruise for them! JR even orders a special Caribbean lunch for them to celebrate! When Babe goes to freshen up in the restroom, JR finds Jamie's student ID on the floor. As soon as Babe comes out, he makes up a quick excuse, hides the ID in his shirt, and leaves.

Jamie makes a big announcement to Brooke and Tad at Tad's home. He tells them that he broke into Joe's office, looked up Babe's medical records, and can prove he may be the father of her child. Tad and Brooke get upset that Jamie broke into his grandfather's office. Jamie fires back at Tad, bringing up that he destroyed Babe's medical papers as well. Tad tells him he was trying to prevent Adam from stealing them and what he did is completely different that what Jamie did. Jamie says he needs all the information he can give Jackson to get the court ordered paternity test. Feeling defensive and alone, he tells his parents that if they don't support him, they can get out of his life forever! When Brooke tells him about the risks associated with the paternity test before the baby is born, Jamie seems concerned. Krystal barges in, blabs about Jamie's frequent visits, and threatens him if he interferes with Babe's life. Jamie leaves and of course, heads over to see Babe.

As soon as JR leaves, Jamie appears from the secret doorway. Babe tells him to get out, but Jamie insists on talking to her about the paternity test. Babe thinks that Jamie is there to bug her to take one and out of tiredness from fighting, she gives in. Jamie tells her he doesn't want her to take the test because it might hurt the baby. Babe is relieved, but gets angry when Jamie says he will get the test done, but only after the baby is born. He also tells Babe that he knows she lied about her due date because he saw the medical records. Babe gets upset and runs off, right as JR returns and another face-off between the two brothers begins!

Maria visits Edmund in his hospital room and becomes overwhelmed with emotion when she sees him. The doctor insists on operating on Edmund because of his weak pulse and the lodged bullet in his spine, but Maria protests. Maria tells them that she is concerned about his heart and it may kill him. Joe advises Maria to stop thinking like a wife and start thinking like a doctor. When Maria and Joe go outside the room, David arrives and Maria tells Joe that she wants David present in the OR. Joe is hesitant, but after Maria pleads with Joe, he pulls some strings and allows David to be present in the OR. David asks Maria if she really wants him to operate on Edmund, considering their past. Maria tells him that after what he did to her family, he owes her. If he saves Edmund, she will consider that debt paid in full. Maria says a heartfelt good-bye to Edmund before he goes to surgery and waits outside. Juan Pablo sees her and asks how Edmund is doing. At first, she explodes and then nicely tells him that Edmund is in critical condition. She apologizes to Juan Pablo for blaming Edmund's injury on him. She realizes that it is not Juan Pablo's fault Edmund got hurt; Edmund knew what he was getting himself into. Maria is more upset at her husband for going after another big story and putting his life on the line. When Brooke and Tad hear about Edmund from Joe, Brooke rushes to the hospital to offer her condolences to Maria. David walks out of the OR, Maria flashes back to her nightmare where she is alive and Edmund says, "I'm dead." When David gets closer, she whispers, "Edmund's dead?"

Krystal offers her sympathies about Edmund, but Tad is determined to keep her around. He grabs her purse and tells her she isn't going anywhere until she reveals the dirty little secret Babe is hiding.

Ryan meets Kendall at his new home. Kendall admits she was scared of losing Ryan at the shoot-out, and Ryan admits he was scared of not being able to help her. Bianca shows up for the meeting and Ryan gives both girls some promising news. Ryan says he has found a doctor who has agreed to perform the risky amino procedure and switch the results in Kendall's favor. Bianca is thrilled at the news, but when Ryan leaves, Kendall professes her doubts. Kendall thinks Ryan is trying to set her up. Bianca tells her that Ryan has helped them so much, there is no way he would trash that. Kendall tells Bianca about overhearing Greenlee trying to get Ryan to bring her down. Bianca doesn't think that Greenlee could ever get to Ryan so easily and assures Kendall that she has to open her heart and take a leap of faith. After all, Bianca took a leap of faith with David and Kendall; two people who came through for her and who she trusted. Ryan comes back and when the doctor arrives, Kendall asks her why she is helping them break the law. The doctor, Helen, simply says, "I am a rape survivor." Helen begins the procedure and when Bianca asks if the baby is a girl, Helen says she can't be sure yet, but sees no reason for the baby to be a boy. Helen runs into a problem and tells Bianca that because of the way the baby is positioned, it would be extremely risky and harmful to proceed any further. Kendall tells Helen not to proceed anymore, but Ryan and Bianca want to help Kendall. Kendall isn't risking Bianca's baby's life for her freedom and it doesn't matter if she goes to jail. Ryan promises that he will find another way to help her and then Helen says she has an idea!

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