All My Children Recaps: The week of January 12, 2004 on AMC

Maria fainted and later lashed out at David and Brooke. Greenlee decided to pursue Ryan. Ryan told Kendall that he wanted to marry her. Krystal warned Jamie and Tad to leave Babe alone. Bianca told Jack that she was carrying Michael's child. Michael haunted Erica, Bianca, and Kendall.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 12, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, January 12, 2004

Tad and Krystal continue to bicker over how much they love their children and will do anything to protect them. Tad tries to persuade Krystal to tell the truth about Babe's secret, but Krystal won't give in and adds that his taking her pocketbook isn't enough to keep her from leaving. Krystal tells Tad that Babe is just trying to hold her marriage together and Tad tries to use that to persuade her to work with him. She says no and Tad assumes that Krystal wants to protect the Chandler heir and the Chandler money. Krystal tells him she is not all about money and if she was, she would have found some old man who was close to croaking. She says money does not make happiness, love does. Tad

JR calls Jamie a stalker and threatens to put a lock on the secret door so Jamie can't come in unannounced. Jamie says that he needed to speak to Babe. JR pulls out Jamie's school ID to prove that he knows about his numerous sneak-ins to visit Babe. Babe comes in and yells at JR to stop being so cruel to Jamie. Jamie tells JR about not making Babe take the paternity test until after the baby is born. Then he spills everything about finding her medical records and proving the baby could be his, not JR's. Babe tells JR that Jamie is lying because medical records are confidential. JR kicks Jamie out and tells Babe to dress in something formal; he has a surprise for her. They go to the hospital where JR has set up an appointment with Dr. Parker to make sure the baby is fine. When they go in the exam room, JR asks when Babe's due date is. Babe nods at Dr. Parker, as to say it is ok for him to be honest, and Dr. Parker admits he miscalculated the due date by four weeks! Babe tries to lie her way out of Dr. Parker's mistake, but JR tells her he may have chose her over Jamie, but he never believed her. He even says that Jamie won't have to ask for a paternity test after the baby is born; JR wants the test too!

Ryan is delighted with himself for finding a doctor to play along with Kendall's fake pregnancy. Kendall doesn't seem as happy that the police will end up looking like fools, while she will shine. Ryan can see Kendall's doubts and begins to reassure her that he isn't going to deceive her. She tells him that she overheard Greenlee trying to persuade him to bring her down at the ski lodge. Ryan tells Kendall that he did not accept Greenlee's proposal. Kendall won't accept what he says, just because he says it. After all he could be lying. Ryan gets frustrated and tells Kendall that he has done everything to help her, what else can he say' 'Do you want me to say I love you'' he asks her. Kendall asks him if he does, and he says, "Will it make any difference?" He even goes as far as to suggest they get married and make their own baby! Kendall thinks Ryan is crazy and Ryan tells Kendall she is always trying to test him. He says she doesn't trust him because of her, not him. He has not given her any reason since he has helped her with the baby to doubt him. Kendall asks him why he even sticks around if he is tired of being tested. He tells her that he won't walk away from her this time -- the ball is in her court. Kendall tells him she trusts him, they agree that their relationship is ok, but when she leaves, you can feel the unresolved tension in the air.

Greenlee tells Jackson that she loves Juan Pablo and can not accept a life without him yet. Jackson advises Greenlee to stay away from Juan Pablo, if she wants to live. Jackson leaves and asks Greenlee to stay the night with Erica. He and Erica share a passionate good-bye and Greenlee assumes he is back together with Erica. Erica suggests that Greenlee give Juan Pablo some space and back down. But Greenlee tells Erica she would never back down to get what she wanted. Erica's admits that is true, but she and Jackson had to separate for awhile to understand and forgive each other. Greenlee takes that chance to bring up Erica's lie about her paternity to Jackson. Erica admits that she always knew Jackson would forgive. Erica even tries to comfort Greenlee some more by suggesting she let go of Juan Pablo. When she does, Greenlee suggests bedding Ryan and saving him from Kendall. Erica tells Greenlee to leave Ryan alone and let him be with Kendall. Greenlee rushes off, feeling empowered after her talk with Erica, and goes to see Ryan. She tells him that she wants him to help her get over Juan Pablo. Erica receives a visitor... its Kendall, asking for her help.

David tells Maria that Edmund is alive and recovering. They were able to stop the bleeding, but had to shock him back to life two times, which could end up causing brain damage. Of course, David says they have to wait until Edmund wakes up to determine if there is any damage. Maria gets overwhelmed and faints. Everyone helps her get to a chair to relax, but she ends up freaking out instead. She starts yelling at everyone, letting all her anger out at David, Brooke, and Juan Pablo. Jackson comes over and tries to calm Maria, but it is no use. After she has insulted everyone, she cries and just breaks down. David goes over and tries to comfort her. After she has calmed down, she apologizes to everyone and asks Brooke to stay, while she takes care of things. She is scared of telling her kids about Edmund because she is not sure what to say.

Jamie goes home and tells Tad he went to see Babe. Krystal gets all fired up, Jamie tells them he is going to wait until after Babe has her baby to run a paternity test, and leaves. Krystal begins to tell Tad just how messed up his kids are and even goes as far as to insult Dixie, but Tad stops her. She backs down and they talk, with Krystal slipping out Babe's real name, 'Arabella.' After Krystal leaves and they come to a mutual understanding about protecting their kids, Tad begins a little research on Arabella Chandler.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Boyd showed up at Aidan's motel room and a miffed Mia left after hearing he was there to discuss Kendall.

Greenlee begged Ryan to tie her up again and they argued about Juan Pablo and the past. She wondered what to do, now that she's given up on Juan Pablo or falling in love with anyone she doesn't understand. Ryan complained about people turning on each other after opening up. Ryan guessed that she only wants him to help her get over Juan Pablo, the way Leo helped her get over him. He reminded her that she and Leo had fallen in love. The more she talked about how she and Ryan may have a future, the more she realized the feelings were not mutual. Ryan did, however, assure her that he did want to help her and he left to get a pizza. When Greenlee answered a knock at the door, she was shocked to find Mia standing there. When Mia guessed that Greenlee has a thing for Ryan, Greenlee replied that she's not as dumb as she looks. Greenlee commented that Mia is only worried that if Kendall doesn't have Ryan, she'll run back to Aidan. Mia could only sigh that it wouldn't be the first time Kendall pulled something like that. Later, Ryan returned with a pizza, thrilling Greenlee that he remembered her favorite, veggie delight. She told him she had something to say but needed him to keep a wide open mind. She outlined another marketing plan for Fusion called How to Get a Man, with women chasing men who don't realize it until they've been caught.

When Juan Pablo asked David about Edmund's condition, David reminded him that Greenlee had been married to his brother and he nearly got her killed...he was not going to tell Juan Pablo anything. Juan Pablo went into Edmund's room and apologized to his friend. David did tell Bianca that Edmund was still in serious condition and it's too early to tell what will happen. David discussed her pregnancy and agreed with Bianca's plan to stay in town. Bianca lamented her failed attempt to tell Erica the truth. Jack walked up to them and he and David flung testosterone at each other. When David walked away, Jack pressed Bianca, knowing that there was something she needed to tell him and was surprised by the way she pushed him away. Bianca told her uncle that hearing about Edmund made her think of her father and how much she wishes he was with her now. Later, David told Bianca that he wished he'd told Edmund earlier that Maria was alive. Bianca promised to tell her mother as soon as the time was right, but not during Kendall's trial or it may kill her.

Kendall went to Erica's and begged her mother's help to make it stop and save her, before she loses everything. Erica asked her to explain and Kendall reminded her of when Erica told her that she tends to sabotage relationships and pushes people away. Kendall assured her she did not blame Erica, or anyone, any more. Kendall needed to know how Erica stopped pushing people away too. Erica said it was a daily struggle and it helps having people in her life who are worth the risk of hurt and disappointment. Erica gently told her that she makes it hard and seems to go out of her way to make people think the worst of her and that she should trust Ryan. She even suggested that Ryan may be as afraid of her as she is of him. She advised her to start proving to Ryan that he can trust her, instead of looking for reasons to not trust him. Erica told her to count all the people who do care about her and have helped her, even though she knows Kendall isn't telling the truth about marrying Michael. Erica was ready to kick her out if she didn't start to trust and tell the truth. If Kendall couldn't trust Ryan, Erica begged her to trust her and let her help her. Kendall was reluctant, but she started to open up and tell Erica everything...until she saw the subpoena on the coffee table. Kendall stormed out after learning that Erica had told the police that Kendall knew the combination to Jack's safe, where the gun was kept. Jack returned just as Erica looked at an old picture of Bianca and realized that Bianca has gained weight and is glowing...and she doesn't have to worry about anorexia. Jack had a recollection of Bianca's refusal to hug him at the hospital and they way she tugged at her coat...light bulbs flashed over his head.

Maria went home and pretended to the kids that Edmund was awake and talking. She said he had hurt his back and needed to stay in the hospital. The kids wanted him to come home and take care of him themselves, but Maria said he has to stay there. She suggested they write a letter to daddy and sent them out of the room. Isabella knew there was more to the story and comforted her daughter. Maddie ran back into the room, crying, after hearing a news report that Edmund had been shot. Maria assured her daughter that Edmund was going to be fine. Maria later continued to worry about her husband, still lying unconscious in the hospital bed.

Boyd told Aidan that the witnesses at Kendall's wedding are on a six-month luxury cruise, but the preacher can't be found. Aidan freaked out with worry that the prosecution has him already, all set to tell the truth on the witness stand. Kendall came to the door, surprised and grateful to hear that Aidan was leaving town to find the preacher. Boyd apologized for not finding him himself and wondered whose arms she was running to next. His jealousy was showing and he vowed to forget her and her conniving ways of keeping him interested as he walked out. When Kendall went to leave, she exchanged a surprised look with Mia who was standing in the doorway.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Kendall opened the door to Aidan's room and found Mia ready to come in. She asked where Aidan was and Kendall told her he had left, after giving her a big kiss. Mia told Kendall to leave Aidan alone, he wasn't interested in her anymore. Kendall argued and said she was in big trouble and Aidan wanted to help her. Mia said he just feels obligated to see the case through. Kendall blew her off and plopped down on the bed. She turned on the tv in time to see a news report saying there was a hearing about her case. Kendall grabbed her purse and ran out the door.

Bianca met up with Dr. Helen Lawson outside her door. She went in with Bianca and asked if she really wanted to go ahead with the test. Bianca said she wanted to help her sister, she had no second thoughts about it. Dr. Lawson asked Bianca who she thought killed Michael Cambias. Bianca said everyone who loved her hated him so it could've been anyone. Then she asked the doctor "Am I crazy for having his baby?." Dr. Lawson said all decisions are different paths on the road to recovery. Her cell phone rang and it was Kendall telling her about the court hearing. She said she'd be right there. Dr. Lawson prepared Bianca's arm for the blood test and Bianca asked "When does it stop haunting you?." As Dr. Lawson drew the blood she answered that it never stops, "there will always be 2 people in you, the woman you were before the rape and the woman you are after." She finished up the test and said she was taking it to the courthouse. Bianca stayed home.

Erica and Jack were talking in her loft when he got a call from Livia saying there was a hearing about the DNA test. Jack rushed off to court. Erica headed over to Bianca's. She found Bianca trying to put together a wooden rocking chair. The mother and daughter worked on the project together and laughed and chatted, having a great time. Erica said Bianca was growing up before her very eyes and that she inspired her. Erica tried to hug Bianca, who backed away quickly. Erica asked her not to put distance between them. Bianca changed the subject by telling her the best memory she has. She described Erica taking her to a Hollywood premier and how special she felt because Erica chose to take her instead of "a star." Erica said she would always choose her.

In the courtroom Livia sat up front getting papers together when Derek came in. She was happy to see her brother but he was less than thrilled that they were on opposite sides. The prosecuting team came in and Livia told them that their case was so weak it would never make it to a jury. Kendall arrived as Judge Lambert was announced. She muttered to Livia that she was the same judge that let Michael Cambias go for Bianca's rape, "I'm screwed." Allen Singer stated the prosecution's case against Kendall and said the wedding and pregnancy are at odds with the time of death of Michael Cambias. Livia said the amnio procedure was life threatening and asked the court to reconsider it. The judge said she was overturning the order for the test. Mr. Singer asked to postpone the trial until after the baby's birth so they could safely do a DNA test. Livia said Kendall wanted a speedy trial. Kendall stood up and said she'd take a test and prove she was carrying Michael's baby. Livia and Jack tried to stop her but she went on about Dr. Lawson's new test. The judge asked Dr. Lawson for more information, which she provided. She also said she had with her a vial of Kendall's blood, taken before witnesses, that could be tested immediately. When asked who the witnesses were, she answered, "Dr. David Hayward, Ryan Lavery and Bianca Montgomery." Jack raised his eyebrows and stared at Kendall. The judge asked the prosecution if this was acceptable. Mr. Singer said he wanted to research the test further and have Dr. Lawson take another blood sample with him as a witness. Judge Lambert refused his request and told the doctor to turn over the vial to the court. She adjourned and Kendall turned to Livia, very happy and exclaimed "Things finally went our way!" Livia gave her a nasty glare and told her if she ever did anything like that again she would get off the case.

At the bar JR sat alone drinking. David came in, sat at the bar and ordered a drink. JR started bad mouthing David, who tried to ignore him. Finally David said "I hear congratulations are in order, you got married and have a kid on the way." JR replied, "The best part is I didn't even have to drug her to get her to marry me!." JR kept picking at David, trying to get David to fight. He even brought up David's relationship with Dixie but David remained calm and tried to walk away. JR followed him and nearly got a punch in when Krystal got in between them. She told JR to back off or she'd open up "a can of whoop-ass" on him. David introduced himself and said Junior just needed to walk it off. Krystal took JR to a table and tried to talk sense into him. He told her that he knows Babe slept with Jamie and that the baby may not be his. Krystal was worried about Babe so she left. JR got up and ran into Jamie. They started their usual fight about Babe and the baby. Jamie asked if they couldn't put their differences aside for the baby's sake and for Babe. JR said "Sorry Jamie. I'm sorry I every called you my brother, I'm sorry my mom ever married your dad." Jamie sadly walked away and JR turned to the bartender and ordered another drink. The bartender refused to serve him and JR got belligerent, "Don't you know who I am?." David piped in "Nobody cares who you are." JR turned to David and punched him. The bartender took JR outside and told him to leave. The bartender came back inside and told David "That's one angry young man.." David replied, "He's got alot to be angry about."

In Babe's room she heard a knock on the secret tunnel door. She thought it was Jamie and opened it, only to find Tad. She grabbed a pillow and started to beat Tad with it. He fell into a corner and she pounded him repeatedly with the pillow. Finally Tad crawled under the bed and refused to come out until she put the pillow down. She agreed so he came out. Tad said he came to apologize to her and make sure she was alright. Babe was skeptical but Tad said he was sorry both his boys were making her miserable. Babe said it was kind of his fault. Tad was very comforting and said she would get through this and Babe started to cry. Tad hugged her and Babe pulled back saying , "Oh my God, are you trying to hit on me?" Tad was horrified and said he doesn't do mother/daughter acts anymore. Babe said JR was the one she loved. He said something had happened between her and Jamie though. Babe softened towards Tad and he offered some advice, saying "Give the truth, have faith and there's not much you can't work through." Babe smiled and said "You're ok Mr. Martin." Tad flinched at being called Mr. Martin and told her to call him Tad. She smiled again and said she felt like she could trust him and was going to tell him everything. As she started to speak Krystal came in and hit Tad over the head with a vase. She told Babe that Tad was the last person she should trust. Babe cried "What does it matter? It's all going to come out anyway!." Krystal and Babe rolled an unconscious Tad onto a blanket and pulled him into the secret tunnel. Then they shut the door and Krystal pushed a dresser in front of it. Then she got Babe to lie down in bed and they turned on the tv. They saw a report from the court house and Kendall was explaining the DNA test she was going to take. Krystal got excited and said that test was the answer to their prayers.

Erica got ready to leave Bianca's and gave her a hug. Shortly after Bianca shut the door Jack knocked on it. Bianca let him in and said he had just missed her mom. Jack said he saw Erica and she looked happy. "It's safe to assume you haven't told her the truth, " he said. Bianca asked what truth and Jack answered "That you're still pregnant

Thursday, January 15, 2004

At Bianca's, Jack laid out his theories about secrecy, Kendall, the pregnancy, blood tests, her weight gain and asked her if she is still pregnant. Kendall walked in, stunned and started defending her sister. But Bianca blurted out the truth and that she planned to keep the baby. Jack was supportive, albeit disappointed she hadn't told him sooner. He also thanked Kendall for helping Bianca, but stopped her from saying any more, fearing he'd have to put her in jail if she incriminated herself in any way. Jack wanted them to tell Erica right away about the pregnancy. Jack thought Erica would be sympathetic, but Bianca and Kendall strongly disagreed. Jack told them he and Erica are back together and he thinks she can handle it. Bianca asked him to please keep her secret from Erica until the trial is over. Jack promised and left after telling Bianca that Travis would be proud. They discussed the DNA test and Bianca insisted they can trust Ryan and Dr Lawson. Later, Bianca sat in the rocker, remembering Mona and hoping the Kane women would be strong enough when the time comes.

Reggie went to see Erica, pretending to look for Jack, but she knew it was something else. He asked about Bianca and how to make sure whoever killed Michael is not punished. Erica said it would be up to the judge and jury, but Reggie worried about the system not being fair. Reggie was feeling lonely, isolated from his sisters now in foster care, and said he was just a screw-up with a rap sheet. Erica said her rap sheet could match his. He was surprised to learn that Erica has done time in the past and she said she didn't want Kendall to spend one night in prison. Reggie was adamant that Kendall was innocent. Erica wondered how he knew and Reggie said he was observant of the legal system and hoped the guilty party would confess soon. Then he let it slip that he knows what time security at Erica's building locks up and Erica guessed he learned that the night Michael disappeared, when they all thought he stayed there all night with Bianca. Reggie insisted he had slipped out to be with Joni and asked if Erica thought he would lie. Erica said "definitely." Later, Reggie and Erica were doing chocolate fondue when Jack returned and Reggie left. Erica told Jack about her fun day with Bianca, assembling the rocking chair and talking and getting everything out in the open. Jack hugged her and kept quiet.

Greenlee and Ryan were still in front of the fireplace and started some romantic wordplay, under the guise of a Fusion ad campaign. Greenlee kept pushing and Ryan said it was getting late. Ryan was surprised to hear Greenlee say she was planning to spend the night. He turned on the lights and Greenlee said she needed to stay there to keep from chasing Juan Pablo. Ryan said he'd save her from herself and whisked her off to BJ's.

Mia and Simone met at BJ's and discussed New Year's Eve and Kendall's trial. Simone said that she'd told people that she'd been with Mia the night Michael disappeared and wanted Mia to confirm that alibi if asked. Mia guessed she'd spent the night with Carlos and Simone admitted it. Ryan and Greenlee walked in. They saw a news bulletin and discussed Kendall's pregnancy. Mia and Simone were shocked to learn that Ryan had given Fusion to Kendall, but he refused to discuss it. He only asked them to keep Greenlee with them and away from Juan Pablo. Greenlee remained convinced Kendall's pregnancy was all a lie and kept trying to guess how she could possibly pull it off and swore she would cut the umbilical cord herself if it was true. Greenlee told Mia and Simone that she was plotting to get Ryan away from Kendall.

Ryan went home and was surprised to see Kendall there in a sexy nightgown, apologizing and asking for a chance to make it right.

Upstairs at Chandler mansion, Tad was passed out in the hidden passageway as Krystal and Babe discussed their plan to prove her child is JR's by getting a DNA test like Kendall's. Krystal did not care who the father is because it was her grandchild no matter what. She said they would just make sure the birth certificate showed JR's name, with Paul Cramer's help. Tad woke up and started banging on the door, asking for medical assistance. Krystal told him his timeout wasn't over yet and pretended to leave the room. Tad was frustrated and left to escape the passageway elsewhere. Krystal told Babe that one day he'd thank her for the valuable lesson and admitted she finds Tad attractive.

Downstairs, Adam looked gratified as he thanked an obsequious Mary for mastering the art of martinis. As she was asking how to make Babe and Krystal more miserable, JR entered and wondered if Adam would be the next suspect if Kendall is acquitted. Adam was confident the cops would not be coming for him. Mary murmured about witches as Opal, Liza and Marian all entered and started bickering with her. Opal's arm was in a sling and she blamed Palmer. They all explained they had been invited to dinner by Babe. The cook hadn't been notified and Mary suggested eye of newt, toe of frog, and pork rinds. As they waited for Babe, Opal dug out her tarot cards and Palmer rolled in on a wheelchair, blaming Opal. He said he was there hoping to catch Krystal, and Mary noted the word "catch" that he used and Opal looked jealous.

Upstairs, there was a knock at the door and Krystal held a vase, ready to strike as she opened the door and frightened Mary. Mary told Babe about her guests being downstairs and Babe and Krystal raced out as Mary caught her breath.

Downstairs, Liza insisted to Marian that Tad was not, could not, be serious about Krystal. Adam wanted to ask everyone to leave, but JR threatened to move out if he did. Palmer urged Adam to be a better father and Adam barked back at him about falling for Krystal, calling her a gold digging predator. Palmer said "speaking of which, what happened to Mary?"

Just then Tad tumbled, arms and legs akimbo, into the room from behind a wall. He blamed Krystal for locking him up as Babe and Krystal came down the stairs. Babe apologized for forgetting about the dinner party and suggested everyone get to know Krystal while she cooks. Mary sent Winifred to get some nibbles, preferably not canned cheese. Babe asked for chips and dip.

Tad confronted Krystal who suggested he just be glad she didn't strip him buck naked. Opal pulled The Hanged Man card from her tarot deck and told Palmer that was his future. Liza impatiently asked Tad if he could stop staring at Krystal for two minutes and Tad denied anything was going on besides trying to find out a secret. Tad coldly stated that just because she is pretty and free-spirited doesn't mean every guy on the planet is attracted to her. Liza rolled her eyes with Marian, and they watched Krystal flirt with Palmer. Marian remarked that Krystal is even more brazen than she was at that age. Liza called Tad an idiot. Marian said that together, they could beat her. Tad pulled Krystal aside for a chat and warned her about payback.

Babe grabbed JR to go upstairs for a chat. JR told her that he would not cave on the paternity test as he listed the lies he knows about. Babe said Bianca was right, it's hard for children of uberparents to deal with life. JR got snide and Babe assured him she loves him more than money and the test would prove the baby is his.

Opal read Krystal's tarot cards as Marian tried to push a reluctant Liza over to talk to Tad who thought Mary was circling Tad like a shark. Opal saw death and destruction in Krystal's future unless she leaves town. JR and Babe came back downstairs and JR pulled Liza aside to talk business. The police entered the house and Adam was defensive and indignant. The police informed him they were there to make an arrest. As everyone guessed that Adam was under arrest for Michael's murder, the police announced they were there to arrest JR, for assaulting David Hayward.

Friday, January 16, 2004

David told the police to arrest JR for assaulting him at the bar. When the police go to handcuff JR, Babe rushed forward and tried to stop them. Tad said that if JR hit David, he probably deserved it. "Dixie would be so happy your watching over her boy," David said, which made JR angrier. Adam pulled David aside and told him to drop the charges against JR. David said that he would not drop the charges, until they made a deal about the night Michael was murdered. Adam asked David what Michael's murder had to do with JR's arrest. The police cuffed JR, Babe begged for them to let him go, and JR barked at her to leave them alone. As the police read JR his Miranda rights, Krystal came forward and said she was a witness. She said David hit JR first, but JR did not go along with her lie. He blurted out that he did hit David first because he insulted Dixie. David claimed he did not mean to disrespect Dixie; JR was drunk and came in that bar upset about family problems. Adam asked the police if he could get a few minutes alone with JR before they took him to jail. The police agreed and went for snacks in the kitchen while David, Adam, Tad, and Palmer went to talk in the library.

The women are left alone and they all dived toward Mary with insults. Mary admitted that she is a eavesdropper and backstabber, but when she brings up Babe's shady secret, Opal gave her the next blow. Opal blabbed about Mary lying to Jackson about Greenlee and Krystal seemed satisfied that Opal was taking up for Babe. Opal warned Krystal to stay away from Palmer, and Liza retorted that he is not her type. Marian snorted, "She's everyone's type." Marian even added that Tad belonged to Liza and Krystal ran off the list of women Tad seemed to "belong to." Suddenly, Mary took center stage and began choking on a grape, while the women gaped at her! Marian got up and saved Mary's life, although no one seemed to be rejoicing. When Mary called Marian her friend, Marian stated that their friendship is over since she is working with Adam to break up JR and Babe.

Krystal told JR that he should have went along with her story, but JR lashed out and said that he didn't need to lie. "Babe learned from the best," he snapped and walked away. Babe followed him outside and she gushed about how much she loved him and their baby. He touched her tummy and told her that he was so happy when he found out he was going to be a father. For the first time, he had something of his own to love and he didn't expect to feel that way again after his mother died. Babe told JR that he was a good man and when she tries to hug him, he backed away and ushered her inside the house.

Once alone, David told Adam that he can not mention Erica's involvement the night Michael disappeared to the cops at all. Palmer told David about shooting Adam. David asked Adam if he shot Michael and Adam did not answer him directly. Tad brought up Adam using Erica as a shield to protect himself and Adam claimed that David could also do the same. Adam expected Palmer to defend him, but Palmer suddenly seemed to have a memory lapse and said, "Maybe I didn't shoot you." Palmer accused Adam of killing Michael and Adam denied it because he didn't have a motive. Palmer said the strain with his family and losing his company was more than enough motive to kill Michael. David told Adam to swear that he will not even breathe Erica's name to the cops or else he and JR will both go to jail. Adam agreed to David's terms and David leaves. He goes to tell the police not to arrest JR and that the charges have been dropped. Tad told Adam that he didn't believe he and Palmer's story and if he found out they killed Michael, he wouldn't let Kendall go to jail. David thanks Adam and leaves with a big smirk on his face. Adam went to find JR and of course, Mary followed after him. The rest of the party guests filtered out and Babe told Krystal that if she could get Paul Cramer to help with the paternity test, her marriage would last.

Kendall assured Ryan that she had no more doubts or reservations about him. She trusted him and wanted to make up for all the terrible things she did to test his trust. They share a kiss, but Ryan was still hesitant about Kendall's new found trust in him. She told him that she spoke to Bianca and Erica. They made her realize what a fool she was and that she didn't need to hassle Ryan. They made her realize she is alone because she pushes the people who love her away. Kendall told Ryan how thankful she was for his help with the trial and fake pregnancy. In order to prove that she truly trusted him, Ryan asked Kendall to take a truth test for him. He would ask her a question and she needed to tell him exactly how she was feeling at that moment -- she had to be honest. Kendall asked him if she could ask him some questions and he agreed. First, Kendall asked, "What are you thinking right now?" Ryan said, "Shopping." Kendall thought Ryan was joking, but he said he wished he had a bed, not the hard floor, so he could make love to her all night. Surprised and touched, Kendall asked "Do you love me?" Ryan says, "Yes Kendall, I love you." Ryan asked, "What are you feeling?" Kendall said she was scared and when Ryan asked why, she asked "Do you care for Greenlee?" He admitted he did care for Greenlee, but he didn't love her the way he loved Kendall. "Believe in us," he said. Kendall said she believed in them and loved him too. They made love and held each other close afterwards. Kendall admitted to Ryan that Tad, Boyd, and Aidan dumped Michael's body in the landfill. Ryan seemed impressed, but ushered thoughts of Michael out of her head.

Maggie came home and saw Bianca reading about Kendall's trial on the front page of a trashy tabloid. She told Bianca that Kendall would be set free and not to worry. Bianca filled Maggie in about Jackson figuring out she was still pregnant and admitting the truth to him. There was a knock at their door and Maggie figured it was the pizza delivery person. When she opened the door, she got the pizza, but Lena as the delivery person. Lena said she saw the pizza coming on her way in and brought it up for them. Lena also said she brought the entertainment, which turned out to be some funky, old school music to dance to. Lena and Bianca start dancing and Maggie lets her guard down for once; she dances with them and doesn't feel like a third wheel. After the dancing, Bianca sat down to rest and she felt the baby kick for the first time. Lena and Maggie touched her tummy and felt it too. Bianca took a nap, but woke up when she had a nightmare about Michael, who always seems to torment her in her dreams.

Jackson told Erica that nothing is wrong with him, he just missed her terribly. Erica asked him if something was wrong with Kendall or her trial. He told her that he has a solid case and if Kendall passes the DNA test to prove the baby is Michael's, she will look even more innocent. As soon as Jackson spoke about the baby, Erica cut him off immediately with disgust. Erica changed the subject quickly and told him that Reggie knows something about the night Michael was murdered, which might make him a suspect. Jackson told him Erica not to worry about Reggie, Bianca, Kendall, or herself because he will do whatever he has to do to protect his family. Erica told Jack not to sacrifice himself for them, especially since he knows what Erica did the night Michael was murdered. Jackson took her thoughts away from all the drama, but dancing with her and taking advantage of being alone. Jackson and Erica conveyed their love in her bedroom and afterward, Jackson held her close when she heard thunder outside.

At the Pine Valley landfill, a hand shoots up from under the trash and debris. Beyond the grave and from the depths of hell, Michael pops up from under the pile, his eyes raging with fury, and a taunting smirk plastered on his face!

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