One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 12, 2004 on OLTL

Starr's plan to help her father escape from a prison van went awry; Troy escaped instead and took Matthew hostage. Viki learned that Blair had slept with Kevin the same night she'd accused Todd of rape. Starr refused to eat until charges against her father were dropped. Kelly devised a plan to get pregnant.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 12, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, January 12, 2004

Palace Hotel Bar

Kevin leaves Blair a message telling her he is worried about her and to call him. Kelly approaches him and asks if he's calling Blair. He asks if she has seen Blair. Kelly replies, "no, obviously you haven't, maybe she doesn't want to see you. Maybe she blames you for what happened." (sidebar: that's a mean thing to say. Where's the kind, sweet, funny Kelly we once knew and loved?) Jessica sees them and comes over to congratulate them on the baby. Jessica is confused about Blair's accusation.

Kevin tells Kelly that if she is not pregnant soon the press will find out. She says if they will find out why doesn't Kevin tell them. He said he would never do that to her, he doesn't hate her. She makes some joke about them going home to make up. Asa and Dawes show up. Dawes congratulates Kelly, who tells them she has to go home because her Doctor said she had to be careful. Dawes tells Kevin it's good to see him and his wife getting along because the rumors were spreading about him and Blair and now she has accused her husband of rape, "must be one of the few occasions she wasn't out with someone else."

Dawes tells Kevin it's going to be hard keeping Kevin's name out of the papers, but he can make it happen. Kevin asks why he would do that for him? Dawes says he can help him out with some construction contracts. Kevin tells him to take his contracts and go to hell.

Marcie and Jessica talk about how lucky she was that Antonio showed up in time to get her away from Troy. She admits, though embarrassed, that it's as if Antonio knows she is in danger. Marcie says it was the same for her and Al. Jessica tells her she misses Al and can only imagine what she and Natalie are going through. Marcie tells her she has a lot to keep her busy with the radio show, work and school. Later, Antonio arrives and Jessica tells him to do what he thinks is right about taking his job as a police detective back, but she thinks he is a good cop and he loves it.

Stephen and Nora have a friendly drink and they talk about Serial Killer (sidebar: which I think Stephen is the real killer). He asks her to dinner.

Llanview Police Station

Nora and Bo talk about Troy's confession to being the Music Box Killer (MBK). Nora feels duped for believing Troy when he told her he was not the killer. Antonio interrupts. Bo tells Antonio he wants him back on the force. Antonio thanks Bo for the offer. Bo tells him that he(Bo) turned his badge in and Troy has confessed, but he needs someone he can trust to continue on the case. Antonio tells him that he is not sure he can detach himself. Bo said the way he handled Jessica being held hostage by Troy proves he can control how he responds. He suggests Antonio talk it over with Jessica and get back to him. He then tells Antonio that he is not asking him as the police Commissioner, but as a friend. Antonio says, "well, whether I come back or not we will always be friends."

Todd tells Evangeline that he did not rape his wife and he wants to talk to his kids. Nora approaches in time to hear him. She tells him he can forget it. Evangeline warns Todd that his best defense may include dragging Blair name through the gutter. Nora interrupts and asks if she is his counsel. Evangeline confirms that she is. Nora recommends she take a look at his 1993 trial records before she agrees to anything because Todd doesn't like to lose. Evangeline is surprised by Blair's rape kit, which shows she had sex with two different men that night. She asks Todd if he knows who the other man was. Todd, "yeah, Kevin Buchanan."

Later, Evangeline tells Kevin that he has to talk to her about what happened between him and Blair. At the courthouse, Dawes drops off an envelope to Evangeline. He tells her it's a little something that might help her with the Todd Manning case. She opens the envelope and it's pictures of Blair and Kevin kissing.

Rae offers an ear if Nora wants to talk about Todd or Troy. Nora tells her she doesn't want to talk about them. She tells her how she has plans with Matthew and maybe after that they can sit down with a bottle of wine.

Antonio accepts his job but he won't take his badge until he talks to Evangeline.

Bo calls Mary Ann to talk about Matthew's event being canceled. She tells him that she thought Matthew was with Nora. Bo panics.

Viki's House

Dorian talks to Viki about Todd. She brings up their talk in the cave, how they were both afraid for Todd to return to Llanview. She asks Viki how could she harbor him when he kidnapped Starr and raped Blair. Viki sets her straight by reminding her that Starr was the one who ran off with Todd and he brought her back and Todd denies raping Blair. Viki tells Dorian that she spoke with Todd and he says what happened between he and Blair was consentual. Viki asks Dorian that if something violent happened between Blair and Todd, then what was it that triggered such violence since Todd has always loved Blair and would never hurt her. Dorian says, "If you're looking to blame someone you don't have to look all that far. How about your son Kevin." Dorian tells Viki that Kevin sleeping with Blair while his wife is pregnant with their baby is as criminal as Todd raping Blair and they both should be in jail. She leaves. When Kevin arrives at Llanfair, Viki tells Kevin that things are going to get ugly and she is concerned for him. He tells her not to worry and have a little faith.

Dorian's House

Blair tells Starr that Todd hurt her. Starr says, "I know he hurt you but what did he do? What exactly is rape?" Blair explains to Starr what rape means, "it's when someone forces someone else to be close sexually when they don't want to." Starr tells her Todd wouldn't hurt her and that she thinks Blair is lying just to get rid of Todd. (sidebar: this storyline is taking quite a turn when Viki and Starr are doubting Blair's honesty, though Viki maintains she is not taking sides.) Starr asks if Todd is going to jail. Blair tells her it's for a judge to decide. She also tells her that what Todd did to her, he did to someone else before. Starr wants to know who, but Blair tells her to ask Todd about that. Starr asks how long would he be in jail and Blair says a long time. Starr gets upset and yells at Blair, telling this isn't what she wants. Blair tells her that she wish she didn't have to do this, but she has to. Later, Starr calms down and is on the couch with Blair hugging her. Blair tells her she knows she is upset, but it is wrong to hurt people. Starr agrees. She and Blair share another hug and Blair tells her she loves her and Jack very much more than anything in the whole wide world.

Blair looks at a family picture. Dorian comes in. Blair tells her it was so hard watching Starr see the police taking Todd away. The phone rings. Dorian answers, but it's Nora for Blair, she wants to keep and posted on Todd's arraignment. She tells her that she is going to recommend that bail is denied. Blair agrees because she doesn't want Todd getting to the kids, especially to Starr because he's already done a number on her. Starr comes downstairs in time to hear Blair tell Nora to keep her posted from the courthouse. Starr gets her coat and bag and leaaves. Later, Nora calls Blair and tells her Todd was remanded without bail. Blair takes a cup of milk and cookies up to Starr and realizes she is missing.


Todd is remanded without bail. Starr asks Matthew to help her save her dad. She intends to use his knowledge of map reading. He is hesitant, but she reminds him he owes her.

The Road

Matthew complains he is cold. Starr tells him they can't leave or she might not see her father again. Matthew lies on the side as Starr waves the police van for help. She tells them that he is very sick and may die. Todd tries talking to Troy, but he is spaced out. The officers are hesitant but remember that Troy is a doctor. Starr pleads with them to get him before her friend dies.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

At Starr's insistence, Matthew feigns illness to force the prison van carrying Todd and Troy to stop. As Troy is led out to tend to Matthew, Starr urges Todd to run. Fearing that he could put Starr in danger, Todd resists making an attempt to escape. In the chaos, Troy kidnaps Matthew and takes him to a fishing shack. After being returned to the police station, Todd pleads with Blair to drop the charges.

Evangeline is shocked by Todd's violent history. Nora urges Evangeline to cut a deal for Todd and avoid a trial. Evangeline agrees to offer Todd the chance to plead guilty to a second degree felony charge.

The pressure on Kevin increases when the press learns about his and Blair's affair. Kevin receives a subpoena to give a deposition and blood sample to use as evidence at Todd's trial. Kelly fails in her attempt to seduce David. Natalie realizes that she considers John to be a friend. Roxy tells Asa about Nigel buying the hotel in Angel Square and informs Asa that Nigel won't be working for him much longer.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Evangeline runs into R.J. on her way to see Todd and the two have an awkward conversation about a trust fund set up for Jamie. Reaching Todd's cell, she finds Viki who is on her way to juvenile court for Starr, but has stopped by to see her brother first. Viki has learned how worried Todd is about his daughter and promises to look out for her. She assures Todd that she's on his side. Once she leaves, Evangeline reveals that she's put in a good word with the D.A. about his trying to stop Troy, however she urges him to accept Nora's offer of 5-10 years for sexual assault (down from rape). He would have to plead guilty but she doesn't think there's any other way; it's not looking good for him. An indignant Todd insists that he and Blair had rough sex because she wanted it that way. She tripped and that's how she was bruised, and now she's only getting back at him. A furious Evangeline orders him to never say that out loud again. They would not be able to prove what he says, but she would not be able to put him on the stand anyhow, due to his temper. She urges him to take the deal. Swearing that he's innocent and loves Blair, Evangeline questions Todd on whether Blair asked him to stop or not. Todd wants his day in court and Evangeline believes that she can beat Nora.

Jess runs into Asa at the Palace restaurant while she's holding a sleeping Jamie. He's worried about Matthew and annoyed over his company being sued so he's short with her, calling her a nursemaid and a free nanny. Attempting to explain the situation to her grandfather, she refuses to discuss a possible marriage, but accepts his apology. He just doesn't want her stuck with someone else's baby, he says, as he waves some shiny coin in front of the baby. All women like money, he exclaims. A none-too-happy R.J. observes and joins the pair at their table. He wonders if Keri would appreciate the Buchanans buying her daughter and asks where Antonio is. Jess proclaims that the baby needs all the love they can all give and informs him that Antonio is working. When Asa needs to head for court, he pulls his granddaughter aside, warning her not to let R.J. give her a hard time. Jess reassures R.J. that she is not trying to replace Keri. He reminds her that she's just a babysitter.

Before heading to juvenile court, Blair informs Dorian that she was unable to sleep, being so concerned about Starr. Dorian adamantly refuses to let her niece drop the charges against her husband and when Starr joins them, Blair refuses to let her give the orders. While waiting for the older women to get ready, Starr imagines the perfect scene; she proclaims her dad's innocence in court, has Dorian gagged, the judge cries and announces the verdict: "guilty of love." Todd is freed and the family is happy once again.

Troy watches over a lightly sleeping Matthew, confiding that he didn't kill all of the women even though he said he did. He doesn't know why he said it. The boy awakens and asks to call his mom.

While John informs Bo and Nora of the ongoing search for Matthew and Troy, Nora receives the phone call from her son. Unfortunately, the call doesn't last long enough to be traced, though Nora asks Matthew various questions, insisting that he only give her yes or no answers. When he tells her of the road sign that he saw, Troy grabs the phone from his hand, disconnecting the call. He becomes agitated and concerned about the lies that are being told about him. He asks for the little boy's help. They reminisce about previous, good times.

Back at the station, John learns that Troy is using the guard's cell phone taken from the van and the boy's words help to narrow the location. Stephen reassures Nora that Troy hates women, not children, so therefore he will not hurt Matthew. Nora is Troy's lifeline. Nora mentions the badge for orienteering that Matthew earned. "He'll never be lost," she says sadly. She tries to call Troy back but his phone has been turned off. Stephen suggests she ask to see him the next time that he calls her.

Viki is the first person the Cramer women see when they arrive at court. Consoling Starr, she also mentions that Todd is very upset over her actions of the previous night. Asking to speak to Blair alone, Viki asks if she's certain that Todd knew she didn't want sex.

Once in court, Starr is called to the stand, where the judge quiets her when she attempts to speak up about Todd's innocence. She insists that she will run away again to be with her father, even when the judge threatens to put her in a delinquent home. The judge reads the list of charges and orders her to apologize to Nora and Bo. She demands that the girl stay out of trouble and orders Viki to oversee the 50 hours of community service that the child must take part in. (She reads that Viki watched over the girl before with good results). Dorian objects but the judge stops her from speaking. Starr announces that she would rather be in reform school than be with her mother. On the way out, Blair is spotted by Asa, who stops to threaten her if she doesn't drop the charges against Todd. He does not want Kevin involved.

Roxy and Nigel emerge victorious with the signed papers for the hotel that Nigel purchased. Asa sees them and Nigel learns that Asa has already heard the news. Nigel apologizes for having to leave Asa's service and is suspicious due to Asa's quiet demeanor. That spells trouble.

Starr apologizes to Nora and suggests that Troy would never hurt Matthew. Nora learns of Asa's threat to Blair. She will make sure that Todd is punished. Starr gets a note to Todd that she has a new plan for his escape, which upsets him. Blair and Starr return home where Starr refuses to ever eat again. Blair tells the little girl she can't change what happened; Todd hurt her.

Matthew plans to yell at Starr when he sees her and he wants to go home, he tells Troy. As Nora gets news that the abandoned van has been located, she receives another call from Troy. She affirms that he's a good man and offers to see him. She swears on Matthew's life that there will be no cops involved. He puts Matthew on the phone to his mom and dad so he can tell them that he wants to come home.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Kelly turns to David for help when she can't be artificially inseminated. David warns her that she is becoming obsessed with her marriage to Kevin and refuses to help her. Kelly states that she will ask Joey to impregnate her, but quickly realizes that it is a bad idea. Seeing Paul at the Palace, Kelly comes up with an idea for getting a baby.

Aunt Betsy confronts Paul with pictures of him with Michelle, but he convinces her that David is deceiving her. Recalling the conversation that he overheard between David and Betsy, he states his hopes that David has claimed that there is some illegitimate heiress. When Betsy confronts him, David convinces her to hold off on finishing her will until she meets Adriana.

Antonio tells Evangeline that he is returning to the police force. R.J. reinforces his stance on Jessica's place in Jamie's life to Antonio. When Evangeline tells R.J. that Antonio is back on the force, R.J. is outraged. After picking up Jamie, he again reminds Jessica that she isn't Jamie's mother.

Jessica asks Stephen to review the information she has collected on the Music Box Killer. He agrees, then rushes to the police station when Rae requests his help with comforting Nora, who is terrified that the plan to rescue Matthew backfired. When Troy falls asleep, Mathew sneaks out into the wilderness and finds his way to the police station with Ron's help. With Matthew's help, the police are able to find the cabin where Troy is hiding. When Troy is arrested, he offers to tell the police who the Music Box Killer is.

Friday, January 16, 2004

With Starr refusing to eat, Dorian asks Viki for her help. Meanwhile, the judge confirms that Nora has enough evidence against Todd to proceed to the trial phase. Out on a hefty bail, Todd beelines it right to Blair.

John gets Troy aside and interrogates him. Troy tells him that "the doctor" is the Music Box Killer. Rae thinks that he's talking in some sort of code and that he is referring to himself.

Michael tries to sabotage Marcie's date with Greg but ends up looking like the jerk in the end. Looking out for her friend, Marcie encourages Jen and Ron to hook up so she'll stay away from Rex. At the same time, as John gets ready to head out of town, he asks Natalie for one last quickie game of billiards.

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