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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 19, 2004 on GL
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Monday, January 19, 2004

Carrie recounts the tale of the museum curator and the mysterious white powder he found in the sarcophagus to Jeffrey. She also spells out the connection to the Spauldings. Through a series of flashbacks, Carrie tells the story of Maryanne's death to Jeffrey. He realizes that if what she is saying is true, it could tear Springfield apart. He knows Carrie may want some sort of vengeance, but he warns her to be careful.

After Tony sneaks into the file room at Lewis, Bill returns and surprises Eden in the office. A nervous Eden tries to persuade Bill to go home. Tony rifles through the stack of files. Bill agrees to leave but hears a noise from the file room. Eden stops him, and says not to go in the file room. Tony remains still. Bill suspects Eden is up to something. She claims she's just tired and achy from the horseback riding and wants to go home. Tony's relieved when he hears the office door close.

Phillip agrees to marry Olivia. She says their marriage will give him something to come back to but she wants to keep it a secret for now. Phillip doesn't react.

Beth is hesitant, but Christopher thinks it may be a good idea for Lizzie and Phillip to see each other. As usual, there are fireworks when Olivia and Lizzie come face to face outside Phillip's room. Lizzie visits Phillip, and promises not to let him fall. She says he's here because of her. Phillip embraces Lizzie, who tells Beth everything is going to be okay.

Olivia arrives on a doorstep and looks around to confirm she's unseen. She asks the man there where "she" is, and he gestures toward another room. It becomes apparent Phillip and Olivia's daughter is alive!

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Emma's caretaker is revealed; it's Sam, Olivia's brother. Olivia tells him she asked Phillip to marry her and he said yes. Sam wonders how long Olivia can keep lying.

Olivia asks Jeffrey if a decision Phillip makes while he's in Ravenwood would stand up in court. Jeffrey warns her to watch out for Alan and Alexandra.

Alexandra wants Buzz to let the Buzz Cooper she knows out of the bottle. Buzz agrees, hands her a motorcycle helmet, and says, "Come on, let's go." Alan encounters Buzz and Alexandra after their ride. He tells Buzz to walk away from Alex or else and Alexandra overhears.

Jeffrey runs a conspiracy theory past Gus. Later, Gus asks Alan if he knew a woman named Maryanne Caruthers. Alan assures Gus he does not know her, but Gus can sense there's more to it than that.

The girls realize they've let Carrie control everything, and decide to pay her a surprise visit. Alan creeps around the museum and hears them. He's frustrated when he just misses them. Marina instructs them on how to search Carrie's place without tipping her off. Alan does a search of his own. Unseen, Carrie watches Alan with hate in her eyes. She quietly declares that he'll find her in due time. The girls continue their search; unaware Carrie is on her way home. The girls are caught. Carrie says she's not important to the story, but she would like to tell the girls about Maryanne. Marah discovers that Carrie was Maryanne's aunt. Carrie says Maryanne's memory will live on through them. Marah and Marina leave, but Michelle stays behind to congratulate Carrie on her performance. She accuses Carrie of being out for revenge.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Ed meets with Dr. Grant and owns up to his two medical mistakes, spinning it in a more positive light by attributing the mistakes to exhaustion and emotional stress due to Shayne's accident. Dr. Grant is understanding and tells Ed to take a long weekend to recuperate, thus circumventing Rick's attempt to force Ed on a long-term leave of absence. Rick is displeased at the turn of events.

Reva and Josh run into each other at the hospital. She begs him to let her in on his turmoil, but just as he's about to confide in her, he shuts down. He makes excuses and goes off to meet Ed. Josh tries to talk Ed into going to the police with him, but Ed just wants to sit tight. Josh is adamant that they not follow Alan into folly once again, especially when it seems that Alan would stoop to murder to keep their secret about Maryanne. Ed grows agitated and confused, and he gets another violent headache. Ed rushes off.

Michelle grows a spine and accuses Carrie of wanting vengeance, not justice, for Maryanne. She makes it clear to Carrie that she's through with the mind games and manipulations, and that if Carrie means to harm Ed she'll have to go over Michelle's dead body. Carrie insinuates that if she truly wanted vengeance, it would've been all too easy. It seems she's had the three girls under surveillance for years. Michelle gives Carrie the juice – either she makes herself known to the men, or Michelle will give her up herself. Carrie's imperious look turns sinister.

Michelle and Rick confront Ed once again. Rick tries to talk Ed into taking more time off, but a defensive Ed ends up in another argument with his children. He takes off yet again with headache in full force, and we see him over-medicate himself. Meanwhile, Michelle tries to ascertain if Rick can keep the Maryanne Caruthers secret.

Cassie is suspicious about Olivia's repeated disappearances. As she and Edmund discuss Olivia, talk turns once again to the night of Cassie's miscarriage. Cassie confesses that she's had the recurring fantasy that her baby didn't really die, that it was all an elaborate palace conspiracy to rob Richard of an heir. Edmund is understanding of her feelings and starts to wonder if her fantasy is in fact reality. With that in mind, he approaches Olivia, who still has many important palace and island connections. He starts to explain his theory that a baby thought dead is indeed alive, and Olivia immediately thinks Edmund is on to her until she realizes he's talking about Cassie. Edmund asks Olivia if there is some credence to Cassie's fantasy because it was extremely chaotic at the hospital that night and Richard had many enemies (besides Edmund himself) who would've concocted such a scheme. When it becomes apparent that Cassie doesn't know that Edmund is looking into the fantasy theory, Olivia advises him not to go further until he gets Cassie's okay since only a mother knows what's best for her child. Olivia goes off to make a secretive phone call and to leave Edmund scratching his head at her parting remark. Olivia's phone call regarding certain preparations for her and Phillip is overheard by a hidden Lizzie.

Cassie and Reva meet up at Company, and Cassie tells an incredulous Reva how Edmund has helped her come to terms with her miscarriage. Cassie also expresses guilt that she's kept Sandy at arms length and goes off to make amends with him. Josh joins Reva and admits that he is indeed going through extreme turmoil and that he needs to do the right thing, as Reva herself would do. Reva assures Josh that she'll be beside him all the way.

Cassie stops outside Sandy's apartment and is stunned to hear Richard's voice.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Edmund speaks to Colonel Dax about the night Cassie lost her baby.

Cassie is surprised to find Sandy watching a tape of one of Richard's speeches. He admits she is the reason he's become interested in the father he never knew. She encourages Sandy to make a connection with Reva, but he's hesitant. She's impressed with him when she learns the reason is because he doesn't want Reva to know how rough he had it growing up.

Tony wants to get to the bottom of the Lewis Construction mob connection, and confronts three construction workers about whom he's suspicious. Later, he sets up a meeting with the mob boss Angelo Bruzi.

Shayne and Marina set up Marah on a blind date. Bored, Marah perks up when she sees Jeffrey enter the restaurant. She sits down at Jeffrey's table, and is embarrassed when Jeffrey's date arrives. Marah's date Luke unknowingly saves her from further humiliation with Jeffrey and Miko. Thinking of Marah, Jeffrey says he isn't interested in going back to Miko's room.

Harley is horrified to realize Brad has set up a private party for the two of them. Alone for a moment, Harley is able to snap photos of some documents in Brad's briefcase with her cell phone.

A preoccupied Gus tells Buzz he learned something about Alan and a car accident thirty years ago. Buzz encourages Gus to drop his investigation into Alan's past.

An amorous Brad advances on Harley but her ringing cell phone luckily interrupts. Jeffrey gets Harley out of the jam, and Brad leaves to intercept an incriminating message before his wife gets it. Shaken by the close call, Harley wishes she didn't have to lie to Gus.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Olivia arrives to find a sleeping Phillip. Anxiously, she tries to wake him. Beth and Alan are skeptical when Lizzie says she overheard Olivia planning to kidnap Phillip. Alan assures Beth and Lizzie that Olivia will be out of their lives for good when she signs over her shares of Spaulding stock. To ease Lizzie's mind, Beth offers to take her to Ravenwood. Phillip is dazed but awake as Sam enters with the minister. Lizzie and Beth arrive to find out Olivia didn't kidnap Phillip; she simply married him. Alan tells Buzz that Gus asked him about Maryanne Caruthers. Josh disapproves of Billy performing damage control with Rick. Billy is suspicious that Josh called Frank, the Chief of Police, to work security. Bruzi tells Tony he could use a guy like him and Tony's listening. Eden sneaks in and watches the meeting. Tony orders Bruzi to get out of town. Eden is grabbed from behind. Bruzi declares that Tony's not taking his offer is a mistake. One of Bruzi's henchmen brings Eden in with a knife to her throat. Danny prepares for a press conference with Lewis Construction. Noticing how tired Michelle is, he says she can sit this one out and he'll take Robbie. Danny leaves and suddenly Michelle is wide awake. She calls Marah and lets her know that either Carrie comes clean to their dads, or she will. Michelle adjusts the gas on the fireplace and the pilot goes out. Michelle fights fatigue as gas seeps into the room. The press conference starts with Josh announcing Lewis Construction's plan for a new rehabilitation center and their endorsement of Danny. Danny accepts the check from Billy and gives a simple speech, crediting Michelle for where he is today. Meanwhile, Michelle struggles to breathe. She looks up to see Carrie standing there, a cloth over her mouth.

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