One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 26, 2004 on OLTL

Flash and Riley said a tearful goodbye. John and Antonio received a call from the Music Box Killer and traced it to Llanview University. Jen was shocked to see Rex and Lindsay kissing. Natalie was attacked. Al/Michael made a plan for Marcie to fall in love with him. Starr was in trouble for writing on a hospital wall.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 26, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, January 26, 2004

Rex's Apartment

Rex gets ready to leave but Lindsay arrives to tell him she has something for him. Lindsay gives Rex a blue vase as a thank you gift for being supportive. Lindsay tells Rex he still cares about Jen. He tells her Jen has moved on and so has he. Rex makes Lindsay a bad cup of coffee. He tells her he didn't learn good taste growing up. She tells him it's never too late to learn. He said but he has good taste in women "classy." They kiss. Rex wants Lindsay to teach him about food, wine, clothes, etc. Jen knocks on the door at an inopportune time. Jen explains about the radio show. She asks Lindsay why she was at Rex's. Lindsay tells her she came to give a thank you for helping her the night before. Jen cannot remember Lindsay telling her Rex came to her aid but Lindsay convinces her she did. Rex cleans up. He finds a suitcase. Rex calls John who sends an officer over.

Radio Station

Marcie prepares Jen for her interview. Jen gets nervous when she thinks Professor Barnes might know they are talking about him. Jessica arrives with Tammy who wants to pull out of the interview. Marcie decides to go ahead without Tammy. Jessica suggests a new spin like how difficult it is for students to come forward. Stephen and Rae show up. Stephen tells Jessica that he and Rae have been talking about the reprisal of the Music Box Killer but they have no clues except that maybe the real killer is out there. Jen gets even more nervous about her interview. When it's Jen's turn to speak at the round table discussion she backs out. Marcie talks her into continuing. Jen starts telling her story and soon mentions specifics including the professor's name. Professor Barnes bursts into the room and takes the microphone. He said he heard the buzz around campus all day and he intends to defend himself. Professor Barnes turns the table on Jen and suggests she bring charges against him if she feels her character can withstand the scrutiny. Jen leaves. Stephen says they need one more woman to testify against Professor Barnes. Tammy walks in to come forward against Professor Barnes.

Police Station

John tells Antonio that the Bureau wants him in New Jersey. Antonio doesn't understand why since the Music Box Killer has struck again. Antonio gets a phone call. Detective Parish, the detective assigned to flash has not checked in. Antonio and John ask Riley about Flash's parents. Riley leaves Antonio's office and begins to cry.

Asa's House

Riley rushes in to see Asa and ask if Flash is home. Riley tells him that he and Flash had an argument the night before and she never came home. Asa tries to get Beau on the phone. He tells Riley to go and look for the detective who should be watching Flash. Kelly gives Asa optimistic words about Flash. Asa gets an early edition of the Philadelphia Post. The cover story is Blair and Kevin with a picture of them kissing. Kelly looked open mouthed. Asa gets a phone call about Sarah. He falls a part.

Outside Campus

Flash's body is found by a young couple. John tells the couple to call him. Antonio tells John he will wait till after Gabrielle's service before he tells him about Flash. Riley walks up to the crime scene and makes a scene when he thinks it's Flash. Antonio tells him she was murdered. Jessica surveys the crime scene. Stephen comforts her in her time of disbelief.

Campus Drawing Room

Al urges Tammy to reconsider. Marcie thanks Al/Michael for getting Tammy to talk.

Stephen's Office

Stephen and Jessica talk about Professor Barnes. Stephen suspects Barnes will wait for the University to fire him and then sue. Soon the conversation turns to the MBK. Jessica admits that she has been procrastinating on her second article. She thinks she is afraid. Stephen tells her to write of her fear. Rae enters and tells them there has been another murder.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Viki's House

Kevin tells Viki he is resigning. He tells her about his progress with Kelly and how he wants them to work things out now that she is pregnant. Viki questions her pregnancy. Kevin defends her. Viki invites him to return to his position at the Banner. She gets a phone call about the recent murder. It is announced on TV that Kevin has stepped down from his position as Lieutenant Governor.

The Park

Al/Michael talks to Luna about his doubts for meeting his February 14th deadline to get Marcie to fall in love with him. Marcie asks him why he donated the bench in Gabrielle's name. He tells her it's just a bench and that Gabrielle was an amazing person. They agree to get beyond the past.

Outside Campus

John and Antonio get a print from Flash's Discman. It's Riley's print from when he picked it up. The rest of the Discman is wiped clean. John gets a phone call from the Medical Examiner's office. Flash is ALIVE! He has hope that she might be able to I.D. the killer.

Rex's Apartment

The police confiscate Troy's belongings. Rex and Roxy step out in the hallway as ordered by Antonio. Before leaving Roxy picked up a pair of leather gloves. She guesses that by the initial "L" it's not Jen's. She thinks he is trying to stick it to Jen by being with Lindsay. Roxy unloads all her unwanted items: Elvis bronze figure, disco ball etc. Rex and Roxy have a dance.


Matthew gives Bo a surprise. He rented his favorite movies to cheer him up. Bo gets a call from John. He tells him about the new victim. Bo updates Nora and goes to work. Nora and Matthew returns for his gloves. Matthew wants Bo to spend the night at their house. He suggests that Nora and Bo get married. She explains that she doesn't love Bo as a wife does a husband.

Antonio brings Jamie to visit Carlotta. She alludes to a secret that may be unforgivable.

Inside Campus

John shows Bo the new evidence. They are all the same as the others. Daniel arrives and is updated. He is told he cannot release any information. He then learns that it is Flash. He tells John and Bo that he cannot hold that information from Riley. Bo and John find a clue. The killer has uneven legs but wouldn't walk with a limp because he could have lifts on his shoes.

Marcie gives Al/Michael an album that Michael's mother recorded. They share a kiss. She starts to cry. She tells him the only she likes him is because he reminds her of Al. He said he would take whatever he can get. They leave to listen to his mother's album. John sees Al/Michael with the album. They start to talk about their mother. They play her album

Marcie excuses herself and places a call to information for Eve McBain. Marcie gets a hold of Eve and invites her to a dinner party.

Kevin arrives with Viki. Kevin asks Dr. Haver about the killer and why he keeps ahead of the police.

Asa's House

Bo tells Asa that Flash is alive but if she wakes up from coma she may lose her voice. Asa gets angry. Asa blames Bo for what happened to Flash. Bo tells Asa that he lost Gabrielle to the killer and wants as much as he does to find him.

Inside Campus

The killer takes out a Music Box.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

As a concerned Viki talks to Stephen about the latest victim, an equally concerned Antonio insists that Jess have a police escort. She assures him she'll be fine as she'll be meeting with Stephen for interviews. Stephen talks about how wonderful his mother was, like Viki, and asks Jess to be his research assistant. He mentions that serial killers don't come from loving homes and that they are abused; that they could be anyone that she knows.

Jen and Marcie talk about guys over breakfast. Jen admits to liking Ron but feels that there might still be a chance with Joe since they're still married. Marcie claims not to like Michael/Al since she loves and will always love, Al. She insists that they're just friends, even if they did share a kiss.

Lindsay meets with Rex for brunch and tells him that though she's not embarrassed to be seen with him, she'd like to keep it quiet. David is unable to get a rise from Kelly, who is confident that everything will work out, even though Kevin doesn't know she's not pregnant. He heads over to Lindsay, who informs him that she's having a business meeting. He pulls Rex aside and grills him on whether he's seen River at the club. Denying that he would since River is a minor, David threatens him, knowing that minors are indeed served at the club. Jen arrives and wonders who Lindsay is with. She gets the wrong impression when she spots David with Rex, thinking that David is the man her mom is hiding. Rex pretends that he's run into the women accidentally and insists he's not stalking Jen.

As Asa visits with Sarah, Cord arrives to see his daughter. Later, they meet at Asa's home with Bo, Riley and Viki. Cord blames himself for what happened and vows to get the person responsible. They all agree to keep the secret that Sarah is alive so that they can draw the killer out. Asa blames Riley for what happened but Cord does not; he takes him along to the hospital for a visit. When they step out for coffee, Sarah awakens in Asa's presence while the doctor advises everyone that Sarah's larynx has been severely damaged. He won't allow questions from the police. Cord suggests that Riley visit with her and she cries when she sees him. He sings to her as Cord steps into the room and causes Sarah to cry even more. Arrangements have been made for Sarah to see a doctor in London. She will return with Cord and they will be met by Clint and ambulance at the airport. Before she leaves, Riley tells her that he's changed his mind, that he will tour with the band. They both sob as they bid each other farewell.

John sets up an appointment to meet with Troy and agrees to set a trap for the killer. He and Bo decide to keep the fact that Sarah is alive a secret. John receives a phone call that Troy tried to kill himself and discovers that he's near death. At the hospital, Michael/Al discloses that the doctor's system is loaded with hallucinogens. John hesitatingly agrees that his brother has changed recently. A dazed and out-of-it Troy agrees with John that he was set up. At first he thinks that Colin is the one who got him drugs but as John tries to help him with the recent past events, he realizes that it was someone else, someone special. After much questioning, John is unable to get anywhere with Troy; he's just too full of drugs. Later, alone, Troy yells and frantically tries to fight off the unknown, unseen killer.

Michael/Al runs into Marcie at the diner and agrees with her that they're just friends. When she steps away to take a phone call, Luna appears and tells him not to worry, that he's on schedule. Marcie's call is from Eve McBain; she sets up a dinner date. Michael/Al asks Marcie out but Greg shows up with concert tickets for the same night. She quietly tells Greg that she has other plans as she pencils in Eve McBain's name in her datebook and then announces to Michael/Al that she'll see him instead.

Kevin and Kelly arrive home after a counselling session with Rae. They are both full of apologies for past mistakes and agree that they must be honest and open with each other. Kelly admits to not being honest recently, but before she can say anything, Viki shows up to give up-to-date details on Sarah's condition. She tells Kevin that she's proud of him for his recent decision. In the meantime, Kelly receives a call from the doctor and it's good news. A beaming Kelly is really pregnant after all and tells an inquiring Kevin that she wasn't being honest because she was worried that he wasn't happy. She's cries that all is perfect. He insists that he really is thrilled.

At the station, Bo wants details of both Sarah and Troy kept under wraps. Stephen drops off notes of his sessions with Troy while Jess shares news of her new position with Rae. They agree that Stephen is quite the catch for some lucky woman. Jess even mentions the wonderful relationship with his mother. She leaves with Antonio and later, as they kiss, Bo receives a phone call from the killer, with voice disguised and distorted. He taunts them and begins the countdown, backwards, from ten to one. He appears to have Jess in his sights as he gets to one.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Starr begins her community service at Llanview Hospital. When she finds a marker, she writes on the wall in an attempt to make her supervisor call Todd. Instead, the nurse calls security, who takes her to Todd when Blair can't be reached. Starr is stunned when Todd is upset at what she did. When Blair shows up, she passes out as her headache escalates.

David tells Nora that Todd confessed to him, but she refuses to accept his offer to testify. When she asks Rae to evaluate Blair, Nora realizes that she still feels guilty about defending Todd when he raped Marty. Stephen tells Nora that Troy is asking to see her and offers to escort her to the hospital, where Troy says he knows the identity of the killer. Though he fades in and out, he manages to tell her that he didn't attempt suicide.

Evangeline warns Todd that trying to persecute Kevin in the papers is only going to help the prosecution prove that Blair isn't lying about the rape. At the Palace, Jordon asks Evangeline to the hospital gala but she refuses, stating that it would upset R.J. When Jordon tells Evangeline that he knows Marty Saybrooke, she calls her to ask for her help in proving Todd's innocence.

Kevin helps the police by printing a few lies in the Banner about Troy being able to identify the Music Box Killer. After he returns to the paper, Jessica tells him that one of the editors resigned. With the position open, Kevin tells Kelly that he is considering hiring Blair. She is upset at first, but agrees despite her reservations, although she makes a point to let Blair know that she is watching her.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Todd worries for Blair's health, but she gives him the cold shoulder when he tries to check on her.

Stephen surprises Jessica by showing up at her apartment with research for his book. After questioning her relationship to Flash, he gives her a little bit of insight into his past. When he meets with Rae, she informs him that Flash is alive and the information about her identifying the killer was a ruse.

The killer calls John, telling him that he knows about his past. When John tries to keep him on the phone, he tells John that he doesn't want to make him late for his dinner party, surprising the agent with his knowledge about his private life. John tries to intimidate the killer by telling him that he knows who he is, but the killer says he knows better. When he hangs up, John tries to trace the call.

Midnight Logic plays their last gig at Ultraviolet in tribute to Flash. Lindsay shows up to try to cool things off with Rex, but he insists on keeping their relationship going. R.J. warns Rex against using Lindsay.

Marcie prepares for a dinner party. Al is surprised when Jen answers the door instead of Marcie. Jessica catches Jen hitting on Michael. When he turns her down, she and Ron go to Ultraviolet where she catches Rex and Lindsay sharing a kiss. When Eve McBain shows up at the dinner party, Al realizes that he doesn't have any memories of Michael's childhood. John leaves to go to the police station and leaves a warning for Natalie to be extra careful. When she shows up at his apartment, Natalie is attacked by the Music Box Killer.

Realizing that there was a conflict with the babysitting schedule, Antonio calls R.J. and informs him that Carlotta will be taking care of Jamie. When R.J. shows up and starts arguing with Carlotta, neither noticed Jamie falling out of her crib. At the hospital, the two make amends when they find out that the baby is okay.

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