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Passions Recaps: The week of January 26, 2004 on PS
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Monday, January 26, 2004

Theresa is thrilled when Fox and Whitney are able to figure out a way for her to see and spend some time with little Ethan. Fox has a hard time hiding how much he loves Whitney, and she is fighting her growing feelings for him. Julian tells Fox it's best that he gives up Whitney for her sake as well as his. Fox finally agrees.

Eve is anxious to be with Julian and makes up some excuse to Liz and TC so she can sneak out to meet him. Liz plants doubts in TC's mind and urges him to search for Eve. Liz is poised and ready to tell TC about Eve's sorted past so she can turn him against her.

Miguel and Jessica are devastated when they walk in on Charity and Reese in bed together. Miguel is in denial and believes that Charity must be under some kind of evil spell to act this way, but he comes around to the conclusion that this is not true. Reese and Miguel have an all-out slugfest over Charity, which couldn't make Kay any happier as she runs to him to comfort him.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Theresa is moved and happy when Fox says he wants them to be a couple. He's ready to settle down. Fox is speaking with a broken heart, however. He thinks he's doing the right thing by backing away so Whitney can be with Chad. Soon, Theresa begins to wonder if Fox really wants to be with her when she listens to him speak about what he gave up to make Whitney happy.

Julian and Eve grow closer as they speak about finding their son. TC and Liz find them together and things get ugly. Tabitha has a fantasy that she is "Crown Witch" after Charity seems to do just what Tabitha wants her to do. Charity tells a devastated Miguel that she can't see him any more. It's Charity's way of keeping her bargain with Death to spare the life of Miguel's child with Kay.

Luis tries to get in to see Sheridan as she is held virtual prisoner by by demented father, Alistair and his puppet of a doctor. Alistair orders Dr. Ackland to perform a life-threatening procedure to wipe out all of Sheridan's memories of Luis.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Luis has gotten into the psych ward, but can't find Sheridan. He begins a frantic secret search of the facilities, unaware that Sheridan is in danger from the electroshock treatments that Alistair has planned for her. When Luis finally finds Sheridan, will it be too late?

Dr. Ackland has his reservations, but follows Alistair's orders and starts to administer the electroshock treatments to Sheridan. He warns Alistair that the treatments could kill Sheridan, but Alistair is determined to erase Luis from Sheridan's thoughts.

Realizing that Fox will never be hers completely as long as Whitney is available, Theresa tries to convince Whitney that she should reconcile with Chad. Meanwhile, Eve is horrified when TC attacks Julian and tries to kill him after finding them together.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Fox tries to push thoughts of Whitney out of his mind by romancing an eager Theresa. Unfortunately, Ethan sees this and is upset by the notion that Theresa has moved on in her life without him. He has to remind himself that she's moving on because he pushed her away.

Whitney is so furious with her mother's betrayal of her father that she attacks Julian and promises that she'll let TC know that he and Eve have been up to something together. Whitney can't fathom why her mother was hiding at the Crane mansion. Meanwhile, TC tells Liz to back out when she tries to trash Eve.

They have no idea that Sheridan's life is in danger, but Luis and Ethan are still determined to find her and get her out of the psych ward in a hurry. Meanwhile, Antonio tries to see Sheridan, but Alistair sets up roadblocks to prevent him from doing so. Antonio is so frustrated that he turns on Luis and fights with him.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Theresa tells Fox that she and Ethan are the past and he's her future. Fox is pushing aside his feelings for Whitney and makes the same commitment to Theresa. However, past scenes of Theresa's romance with Ethan haunt her and Ethan as well. Ethan preempts Theresa and Fox's big night together because of his concern for Theresa.

Luis is frantic to have Sheridan released from the psych ward because he's concerned that her life and mental well-being are in danger. Luis tries to get help from his friends, who believe that Luis may be onto something. Meanwhile, Antonio begins to think that there is something wrong with the treatment Sheridan is receiving. Sheridan holds on to her memories of Luis.

Julian and Fox try to come up with a way to prevent Whitney from telling TC all she knows about Eve's relationship with Julian. As Eve prepares for the worst, Liz happily anticipates Whitney returning home to expose Eve's secret.

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