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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 2, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, February 2, 2004

Alison woke from a nightmare of losing her baby and found that Emily had gone directly to Susan's from the hospital to comfort her. Alison told Emily that she believed, because of Aaron's continued insistence, that Chris had pushed her off the fire escape after she'd told him that he was the father of her baby, therefore intending not only to hurt her, but to hurt the baby as well. Emily asked Alison directly what she actually remembered about the fall, but Aaron kept interrupting with his version.

Alison told Emily that she remembered that Chris had asked her to go inside and had asked her to trust him. She remembered Chris extending his hand to her, and she thought she'd reached for his hand. After Aaron interrupted again, Emily took him aside and sent him home. Emily gently told Alison that she needed to be completely certain about what had happened. Alison lashed out at Emily and Susan for caring more for Chris than for her then she demanded that they leave her alone.

Chris and Tom Hughes arrived at Kim and Bob's house from Chicago after posting bail. Tom learned from a telephone call that Chris was facing two charges in Cook County: assault and involuntary manslaughter. When Chris wanted to go see Alison, Tom insisted, "You can't go see Alison -- not now, not ever." When the two of them were alone for a few minutes, Chris told Kim that it was the first time he had thought only of Alison and that he still cared for Alison.

Kim left the room to join Bob and Tom, and Chris grabbed his coat and went out the kitchen door. In a few minutes they found that Chris had left, and Kim told the men there was no way they could keep Chris from Alison because he cared for her. Chris arrived at the door of Susan's house, and Alison tried to close the door on him. Chris finally told Alison that he'd reached out to her because he'd wanted to keep her and the baby safe, "because, Alison -- because I love you." Alison did not believe him, and told him that he was lying and that she did not want to see him. Susan forced Chris to leave, with Chris still protesting that he loved Alison and with Alison in tears.

Aaron walked into Metro and found Lucy, who was there looking for Craig. Aaron at last told Lucy that Alison had lost the baby and that Chris, not Aaron, had been the father of the baby. He went on to tell her about the abortion clinic and that he believed that Chris had pushed Alison. Lucy questioned Aaron about why he'd kept the truth from her, and he told Lucy that Alison had asked him to keep the truth from everyone. Lucy made him face the truth: he had been so caught up in Alison's drama that he'd forgotten everything and everyone else.

Holden took Luke and Natalie home after finding that Lily had taken them to Rose's to meet with Lois, the medium. Luke told Holden that Lois had only been pretending to be Rose because she had not called him Luciano, the way Rose always had. Inside the house, Lily caught Lois in the same mistake and accused her of being a fake. Lois angrily put on her coat to leave, insisting that Lucy had forced all of it on her, but Holden burst in and grabbed Lois' arm to force her to leave. Lois started, then accused, "You slept with her! You slept with Rose!"

Appalled that Holden had slept with his sister-in-law, Lois left the house, and Holden took Lily home with him, in spite of the fact that Lily saw that as further evidence that Lois was in communication with Rose. In a few minutes, Lily returned to Rose's house on the pretext of having left her purse and immediately called Lois on her cell phone, begging her to return. Lois asked Lily not to call her again, but then gasped and told Lily that "I have this feeling that she is very, very close to you right now." Lily opened the door and went out into the fog, following a mysterious figure shrouded in red.

Katie interrupted Simon and Mike on the verge of a fight then took Mike aside to tell them that, although she would always love Mike, she had to honor her wedding vows and go with Simon. She gave the grief-stricken Mike a watch engraved, "With all my love, Katie," and told him goodbye. Mike left with a determined look on his face, and Katie cried. Simon entered with a bag he had packed for Katie and told her they needed to leave immediately.

When Katie, horrified, said that she had to see Mike one more time, Simon convinced her that they had to leave right away to ensure Mike's safety. Mike went directly to Margo at the police station to tell her what was happening. Margo pulled up the file on Simon's murder of Bartleby Shears and issued a warrant for Simon's arrest, in order to keep Simon from taking Katie away. Mike and Margo burst into Katie's door and found the house empty and Katie's engagement ring lying on the table. Mike saw the ring and reacted, "The only reason Katie would leave this is to say goodbye. Where the hell did he take her?"

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Paul looked at Barbara's sketches and admired one in particular. She snatched it out of his hand but not before he saw that it was signed by Carly. Rosanna told Craig he was forgiven on one condition: he needed to apologize to Paul. Craig tried to convince Rosanna that Paul wouldn't want his apology. Paul and Barbara arrived, and Craig apologized. Paul asked Craig if he and Barbara could hold the press conference announcing the reorganization of BRO at Metro, and Craig agreed. Craig wondered what Paul's real reason was for having the press conference at Metro, but Paul kept him guessing.

Alison confided in Aaron that Susan was suffocating her. Aaron told Alison she could stay at his apartment for a few days and take a break from her mom. Bob and Kim tried to get Chris to understand that he had to stay away from Alison. Jessica warned that she would drop him as a client if he violated the restraining order that Susan had put out on him. John informed Chris that the board had voted to suspend him. Alison went to look at the babies, and Chris found her there. He almost had Alison trusting him when John arrived.

Margo urged Mike to accept that Simon hadn't kidnapped Katie; she'd chosen to leave. They went to the police station to question the man who'd shot up the church. The shooter informed Margo and Mike that he had been paid to shoot at someone and miss. He identified Simon as the person who'd hired him. Margo and Mike realized Simon had set Katie up so she would leave with him. Meanwhile, Katie and Simon were in a boxcar, reconnecting. Simon put Katie's wedding ring on her finger, and they began to make love.

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Lois tried to return Lily's money, but Lily wanted her to continue trying to contact Rose. Jack found out that Lois was a grifter from Atlantic City. Holden tried to set Lois up with a tape Rose had sent from Italy, but Lily wasn't convinced.

Rosanna was pleased that Craig had confessed, but Carly warned her not to expect the best of Craig every time. Later, Carly congratulated Craig on having survived his latest scrape with the law.

Dusty objected to the BRO party, reminding Molly she was an unwanted partner on her way out. Molly learned that part of the deal for Dusty not to testify against her was for her to leave. She refused to assist Craig any further with his adoption cover-up. After, Paul tried to convince her to give him the goods on Craig's scheme. Jennifer was skeptical of Paul's change, but Barbara was overjoyed. Barbara swore she'd live up to the faith Paul and Jennifer had in her.

Simon confessed to Katie he'd paid someone to shoot at the church but had needed her with him for her own safety. Grabowski arrived a day early and collapsed at Katie and Simon's feet. He warned them to leave the country fast then died. Simon wanted Katie to go back to Oakdale, but she refused to leave him, despite her fear. Simon left Katie alone to go to Grabowski's apartment to see if he had any passports or papers there. Katie had a nightmare then heard footsteps and someone trying to get into the boxcar. She aimed the gun but realized that it was Mike.

Thursday, February 5, 2004

At Rose's Roller Palace, Holden exposed Lois, the medium, as a fake. Lois tried to leave, but Jack barred her way and escorted her directly to the police station. Lily sadly told Holden, "You took something away from me today -- and I've already lost so much." When Lily and Holden returned to Rose's house, Lily described the terrible pain that she was feeling since Rose's death.

Holden talked to Lucinda, who suggested that Dusty might be able to help Lily. Dusty went over to Holden and Lily's house at Holden's request. Holden asked Dusty to talk to Lily to help her through the rough time. Dusty protested, but Holden finally told Dusty that he was desperate for help with Lily. Finally, Dusty agreed and went to see Lily at Rose's house, but Lily angrily asked him to leave.

Mike found Katie in the abandoned railroad car where she and Simon had been hiding. Katie showed him the body of the man who'd warned Simon and her, and Mike continued to urge Katie to leave with him. When Simon returned, Mike confronted Simon and forced him to admit that Katie's life would be in danger if she stayed with him. Katie told both men, "I'm still Simon's wife, so as long as he is alive, I am going to stay with him." Mike started to leave, but Katie asked him to let her and Simon leave on a supply boat of his that was going to Costa Rica.

When Katie took Mike aside and told him that she would always love him, but Simon was the one who needed her, Simon overheard the conversation. When Mike left, Simon took him aside and asked Mike to help him with a plan that would keep Katie safe, but "the downside is that she will hate both of us." When Simon returned after making plans with Mike, he found Katie crying. Simon told her that he had been selfish in asking her to go with him, but again she promised never to leave him. Mike returned after making arrangements for Katie and Simon to leave on his boat.

Simon walked out, telling Katie, "You're the most glorious person I've ever known." Katie started to tell Mike goodbye, but he stopped her, saying, "You might want to hold off on that." Outside, Simon said, "Goodbye, my love," and disappeared around the corner of the railroad car. Katie frantically looked for Simon, but Mike told her that he and Simon had planned for her boat papers to be bogus to prevent her from following Simon.

At Metro, when Molly asked Paul if he would keep Craig's illegal adoption of Cabot a secret, Paul instead promised to protect Molly and rushed out of Metro. Next, Carly walked in to ask Molly for help in protecting Rosanna by not letting Rosanna find out the truth about Cabot's adoption. Molly answered, "If the cops find out about Cabot's adoption, it won't be from me." Carly left, realizing that Molly had to have told someone else about the adoption.

Back at Fairwinds, Craig and Rosanna were enjoying an idyllic time with Cabot, picturing him as a teenager. Carly arrived at Fairwinds and found an opportunity to warn Craig that Molly might have told someone. Craig made an excuse to leave, went directly to Metro, and demanded that Molly tell him whom she'd told. Molly retorted, "Life's tough. It's every baby for himself." Meanwhile, Annabelle Fettle, ready to confess to the Canadian Mounties, asked for the name of "that backstabber" who'd turned her in.

Paul called the Canadian authorities, who told him they had Annabelle Fettle in custody. He then anonymously told them that Ms. Fettle had brokered an illegal adoption for Craig Montgomery of Oakdale, Illinois. He then fell asleep and dreamed that Rosanna went to him, crying that the authorities were trying to take Cabot from her. He awakened asking, "What have I done?"

Molly arrived at Paul's door, asking if he had told anyone about Cabot's adoption. Paul answered that he was going to make someone face justice. When Molly worried that everyone would find out that Paul had turned Craig in, Paul explained that he had identified himself as Ms. Fettle's ex-boyfriend and that Molly could not be linked to the accusation.

Jack's telephone rang. The Canadian authorities asked him to check out Craig Montgomery and tell him they were on their way to Oakdale. Carly was still with Rosanna when Jack entered, and Carly pretended that Jack was visiting Cabot with her. When Rosanna went to get Cabot, Jack told Carly that he was there to question Craig. Carly admitted to Jack that Craig had cut some corners on the adoption, but she begged Jack to protect Rosanna from the truth. However, Jack explained that the Canadian police were on their way to Oakdale to investigate for themselves, so Carly knew that no one could prevent the truth from being discovered.

Craig arrived at home, and Jack told him that he needed to go to the police station, since Annabel Fettle had been arrested, and the Canadian police were on their way. Craig begged Carly and Jack not to tell Rosanna, so they tried to cover up Craig and Jack's departure the best they could. Rosanna immediately looked at Carly, saying, "My husband just lied to me." When she asked Carly if it was something serious, Carly nodded sorrowfully.

Soon after Jack and Craig arrived at the station, Annabelle Fettle burst in, confronting Craig about the adoption. Unfortunately, Rosanna arrived at the door just in time to hear Annabelle say, "You and your wife had better kiss that baby goodbye." Rosanna looked at Craig and gasped, "What have you done?

Friday, FEBRUARY 6, 2004

by Andy

Holden and Lucinda argued about Dusty's involvement with helping Lily get out of her funk. He worried Dusty might get too close to his wife in the process. Holden admitted he hated Rose because she'd died and taken his wife with her. He left to check on how Dusty was doing with Lily.

Sarah asked Jessica if Bonnie had gotten her letter. Jessica lied and told Sarah that Bonnie had enjoyed the letter. Ben stopped by and asked Sarah to find Curtis. While she was gone, Ben encouraged Jessica to tell Sarah the truth. Jessica wouldn't break Sarah's heart and forced Ben to keep quiet.

Dusty tried to get Lily to grieve for Rose and move on, but she didn't want to listen to his plan. She lashed out at him, "Rose was my sister. To you she was nothing but another notch on your belt!" He wanted to use the money from Rose's life insurance policy as seed money for some sort of foundation. He said, "If we're gonna spend time missing her, let's make it count."

Lily was skeptical at first, but later warmed to his idea. When Holden arrived, Lily saw through the plan. Her defenses immediately resumed, and she told both Holden and Dusty to get out. Holden waited outside while Dusty did damage control. She headed home, leaving him alone in the house. Outside, she scolded Holden for trying to manipulate her feelings.

Rosanna found Craig at the station. Annabelle was nearby and promised to get Rosanna up to speed on all the sordid details of Cabot's adoption. Craig tried to blame everything on Annabelle, but she defended herself, "You laid down a truckload of cash for that baby. No way did you think the adoption was legal!" Rosanna couldn't believe what was happening. She asked Craig how much he'd paid for the baby, but he couldn't name a figure.

Rosanna knew in her heart the baby was not hers any longer. She wept as she thrashed Craig, "I asked you! I begged you! I made you promise me that everything was in order. You named him Cabot Montgomery! He was ours! We've lost him, and it's because of you!" All Craig could muster was a weak, "I didn't know."

Rosanna didn't buy Craig's lie and shoved his hand from her shoulder when he touched her. She spat, "I have no love left for you." She stormed out of the station as Craig shouted after her. Jack stopped Craig from pursuing his wife because a Canadian police office was ready to interrogate him.

Margo met up with Mike. She pleaded with him to let them know Simon's location. Mike told her Katie wouldn't be going with Simon because only his travel papers were certified. Katie's were fake.

Katie ran after Simon, but was stopped in her tracks by a locked shipyard fence. She screamed for her husband, and he popped out of the shadows. He told her it would be their final goodbye. She tried to climb the fence, but Simon coaxed her back down to the ground. Katie frenetically started to fall apart. She couldn't bear the thought of losing Simon again so soon after she'd found him.

Katie pleaded, "What about what I think? What about what I want? If you could love me like that, how could you leave me like this?" She and Simon kissed each other for the last time, and he walked away to the boat. Katie screamed after him, saying she would hate him forever for leaving her that way. As she wept, Mike appeared in the background.

Craig tried to bribe the officer, but the investigator said the baby had to be returned to Canada immediately.

Holden asked Dusty to keep trying with Lily, but Dusty said Holden was on his own from then on.

Rosanna burst into Fairwinds. Carly was holding Cabot. She told Carly to stay put while she ran into the other room. While Rosanna was gone, Jack called Carly and also told her to stick around -- and to not give Rosanna her baby. He said he'd be over in a jiffy.

Rosanna returned with an overnight bag packed. She asked Carly for Cabot, but she said Jack had told her not to give Rosanna the baby. Rosanna wept tears of desperation and begged Carly for help. Carly looked with pity upon her sister and said, "I can't."



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