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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 9, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, February 9, 2004

Chris is at Metro drowning his troubles, when Molly advises him, "Deal with what's going on in your life." When Chris confides in Molly that, because everyone close to him disapproves of Alison, there is no one he can comfortably talk to, she suggests that he must learn to deal with his loss on his own. Then Chris will be able to really help Alison when he is allowed to talk to her again. While Chris is talking to Molly, Alison arrives at Aaron's apartment with her suitcase. The first thing she sees is a box of baby things. When Aaron arrives, he finds Alison clutching a Teddy bear and crying. Aaron rushes out with the box of baby things, and when he gets outside the door, he immediately calls Emily to come help Alison. As soon as Emily arrives, Aaron leaves to dispose of the baby things. Alison cries to Emily that she feels totally alone without the baby. Emily tries to console Alison by telling her that the baby gave her a wonderful gift, the ability to love unconditionally. At last, Emily convinces Alison to go to a support group that is meeting in ten minutes. They arrive a little late at the Durgin Street Shelter. They walk in to hear Chris speaking to the group about how much he loved the baby that he and Alison lost.

Katie cries, hanging on to the chain link fence, as Simon leaves on the ship. Mike and Margo come up behind her and try to comfort her, but Katie spits at Mike, "My husband's gone. Are you happy?" First Katie blazes at Mike for making decisions for her, then she finds out that Margo had time to stop Simon, but didn't. Angry at both Mike and Margo, Katie storms back to the railroad car. Mike and Margo follow and watch Katie from the car, but are aware that Katie does not want to be around either of them. Margo calls Henry to help Katie. Mike grumbles, "I'm done running after Katie Frasier." While Katie is pacing and remembering making love to Simon the night before, Henry arrives and reassures her that Simon left her because he loved her so much. When Katie asks Henry how she can go on, knowing that Simon is alive somewhere and still loves her, Henry tells her that this is what real life is like, and that she has to go on. When Henry reminds Katie that Mike loves her, Katie retorts, "That's not the kind of love I need."

The Canadian inspector bristles at Craig's offer of "compensation," telling Craig that the inspector's job is to bring the baby back to his birth mother. The inspector assures Jack that he will not press charges against Rosanna if they recover Cabot immediately, so Jack leaves, accompanied by Craig, for Fairwinds. Meanwhile, at Fairwinds, Rosanna insists that Carly prove her loyalty as a sister by driving her car to help them escape. When Jack and Craig arrive, they find Carly, Rosanna, and Cabot gone. Carly, driving the car, tries desperately to convince Rosanna to do the right thing and turn herself and Cabot in to Jack. Craig and Jack try to call their wives on their cell phones, to try to avoid notifying the authorities. As Carly and Rosanna talk in the car, Rosanna realizes that Carly knew that the adoption might be illegal for a long time. She accuses Carly of not caring for her, and Carly feels torn between her sister and her husband. Carly finally answers her phone and Jack tells her that there will be no charges brought against Rosanna if they bring Cabot back to the station. Carly hangs up and tells Jack that she is going to turn off her cell phone. The Canadian inspector arrives at Fairwinds and tells Jack that he has 24 hours to find Cabot and return him to the inspector. After that he will notify the FBI and report the kidnapping. Jack puts out APB's on Rosanna, Cabot, and Carly. Jack warns Craig that he and Rosanna might go to jail. Meanwhile, Carly and Rosanna arrive at a cabin in the woods. Carly tells Rosanna that she will have some time with Cabot before she has to give him up, but Rosanna has other ideas. She tells Carly, "I am going to take Cabot and I'm going to smuggle him out of the country, and I want you to help me."

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Susan informs Aaron that she's taken a restraining order out on Chris. Emily wants Chris to leave but Alison insists he should stay. Alison shares with the group and says she doesn't blame Chris for losing the baby, but blames herself. Chris expresses his love for Alison. Susan and Aaron see them together and head off to call the police. Alison asks if Chris is trying to get her to not testify against him but he replies no as the police arrives to bust him. Alison realizes Chris didn't push her off the roof. Clark gushes over how much he adores Lucy to Lucinda. Alone, Lucinda tells Lucy that Clark is not for her and Lucy admits she's trying to put Aaron behind her. Madison threatens she will tell Lucy the truth about Clark, but he convinces her to keep quiet. Paul and Molly struggle with the guilt over what they did to Craig and Rosanna. Jack gets word that Cabot's birth mother wants him back, and Craig is crushed. Jack sympathizes with Craig when he realizes what Craig did to Rosanna is exactly what Julia did to him. Rosanna wants to flee the country with Cabot. Carly and Rosanna clash and Rosanna finally accepts that she must return and give up Cabot. She asks Carly to bring Jack to the cabin and Rosanna calls Paul, and asks him to fly her and Cabot out of the country. Paul feels guilty for causing her situation and agrees to take her. Carly returns and she tells Jack what Rosanna wants. Craig wants to go with them but Carly says no. She blasts Craig and she and Jack leave. Craig follows against Jack's orders. When Carly and Jack arrive, they find that Rosanna and Cabot are gone. In the airplane, Paul promises to stay with Rosanna.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Dusty gives Molly a check to buy her out of Metro, but she isn't going anywhere. Lily warns Lucinda to stop interfering in her life. She insists it's up to her to decide how she mourns Rose. Lucinda is genuinely concerned and fears Lily has lost all ability to get on with her life. Lily calls Dusty to reopen the idea of a charitable foundation. She agrees to head up the foundation with Dusty, but is only doing it to get everyone off her back. Alison confirms Chris didn't push her. Aaron is livid. Alison admits to being confused after the fall and feels she's poisoned Aaron's mind against Chris. Emily clears up the fact Chris didn't break the restraining order. Alison and Aaron make up and look into dissolving their marriage. She'll move back to Susan's. Chris assures Alison he loves her. Emily and Susan warn Chris not to hurt Alison again. He promises them he won't. Rosanna regrets asking Paul to break the law and thanks him for being such a good friend. She confesses having empathy for Cabot's birth mother and the pain she's endured. Carly blasts Craig for Rosanna running away. She blames herself for not pursuing her doubts about the adoption. At the cabin, Jack gets word that Rosanna is returning to Oakdale. Craig breaks the news to Lucy about Cabot, who is devastated. When Craig learns Rosanna and Cabot were found, he leaves a heartbroken Lucy. After, Lucy ditches Clark and runs past Aaron to find her family. At the police station, Rosanna refuses to hand over Cabot to the Canadian police. She finally says an emotional goodbye to Cabot. Rosanna tells Craig that from this day forward, he is dead to her.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Holden came in to see Lily making valentines with Luke and Faith. Lily pushed him out of the room telling him that he will spoil the surprise. He told her that he was glad she was back to her old self but Lily still has the sadness in her eyes. After the kids leave, he gave Lily a rose bush that he named after Rose. Lily was touched and told Holden she loved him very much.

Bob was on the phone with Tom. The charges were dropped against Chris. Chris was very happy and wanted to go see Alison. Kim tried to tell him to give Alison some time but he went anyway. Susan presented Alison with annulment papers for her and Aaron to sign. Alison was offended that her mother would do that but Susan said someone had to. He showed up at Alison's with a dozen red roses. Alison was happy to see him and Chris asked Alison to go to Metro with him and they left. Kim showed up to talk to Susan about Alison. She felt that Alison shouldn't go after Chris. Susan mistook what she said and accused Kim of not thinking Alison was good enough for Chris. They start to argue and each brought up things that happened in the past. Kim told Susan that the Stewart women can't be trusted and she stormed out. Susan just laughed as the door slammed.

BRO had their opening at Metro. Most of Oakdale was there especially Carly who showed up in fabulous red dress. Barbara quickly told her she wasn't welcome but it didn't deter Carly. Hal brought Emily and was suspicious of Paul's sudden affection for his mother. Jennifer said she was skeptical too but said that the business was a perfect way for them to make amends.

Rosanna woke up at Paul's crying out for Cabot. Carly, who was in the next room with Paul, ran in to comfort her. Craig arrived and Paul told him that there was no way he was going to see Rosanna and slammed the door in his face. Carly left and ran into Craig but wouldn't help him. After Paul left, Craig tried again and Rosanna answered. He tried to apologize but Rosanna told him that he ruined any chance of them getting back together. Rosanna told Craig that she was leaving to get away from him and everything that reminds her of him.

Friday, February 13, 2004

by Andy

Margo learns of Sarah's letters to Bonnie and scolds Ben and Jessica for ignoring court orders. She hopes Jessica's lie doesn't catch up with her. Carly is sad because of her conflicting feelings about her career. Paul threatens to tell Will Hal isn't being supportive. He demands an apology, but Hal refuses. Paul confirms his commitment to Barbara, family and the business. Barbara is on cloud nine that Paul defended her. Chris stuns Kim and Bob with the news of him and Alison moving in together. Susan overhears Alison share the news with Emily, and she hits the roof. Susan is angry Emily won't back her up and Kim extends an invitation for Alison to move into the Hughes house. Chris and Alison decline. Clark slips Lucy a mickey and she gets lightheaded. Aaron wants to take Lucy home but Clark insists he'll do it. Paul notes Aaron is upset. Craig makes a last ditch appeal to Rosanna, then falls with chest pains. At the hospital, Craig asks Rosanna not to leave and she says she won't, but she confides in Mike she is leaving Craig. She phones Paul to bring Lucy to say goodbye. Katie gets jealous when she sees Mike embrace Rosanna. Katie and Mike finally say goodbye. Margo finds Katie as she breaks down. Rosanna leaves Craig a goodbye note. Paul catches Clark trying to take advantage of Lucy. Paul takes care of Lucy, who doesn't want authorities called. Rosanna arrives and promises Lucy that she won't go anywhere until tomorrow. Paul calls Carly, interrupting a romantic moment with her and Jack, and wants to talk about her future at BRO. Katie finds Rosanna's note to Craig, and Margo hides it. They promise to take care of their brother.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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