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JR found the cash from Adam's safe in Babe's purse. Bianca was rushed to the hospital. Greenlee fell into an abandoned mine when she went to talk to Leo. Kendall returned Ryan's engagement ring. Babe went to Llanview to seek Paul's help. Erica was horrified when Kendall revealed her plan to plead guilty.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 9, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, February 9, 2004

Tad, David and Adam arrived at the jail, surprised to find Jamie and Maggie locked up, in separate cells. Jamie thought Tad was there to get him out, but all three were locked up in the cell with him as Adam told Tad about catching Jamie and Maggie in his limo, playing "motel mambo." Tad wanted confirmation from Jamie that he'd "worn a raincoat." Tad explained he was bystander to justice, to keep a power hungry jackass and a demented vigilante commit murder and let Kendall take the blame. Adam scoffed at Tad so Tad accused him of only being angry that his car gets more action than he does. Tad and David bonded and told Adam they would tell the police that they saw him shoot Michael. Jamie and Maggie were released. Livia showed up and Tad started outlining his theories involving David and Adam about the night Michael disappeared. He started out by discussing Michael's gun, found in Adam's possession. Adam and David refused to talk. Tad played the JR card and reminded Adam that Kendall was JR's friend. Adam hinted that he was only protecting the person who really did kill Michael. Tad wondered who and Alan Singer walked in, curious about the answer. Tempers flared while they argued about who killed Michael and Livia said she'd ask for a postponement while David and Adam get checked out by the police. Suddenly, Alan bent over in pain. Livia called for the paramedics who wheeled Alan out, saying he'd had a heart attack. Livia went with him, telling Tad, Adam and David they could expect subpoenas.

Back at Tad's, Maggie and Jamie laughingly discussed their adventure and Jamie said he'd do it all again. She started to leave, but he asked her to stay and they kissed.

Kendall and Greenlee confronted each other in the Fusion office. Greenlee tried to apologize, but Kendall wouldn't hear it and only accused her of hate and wanting to push the needle in herself. Greenlee apologized again and asked about Bianca. She congratulated Kendall for being such a good big sister and blamed her for not trusting her enough to tell her the truth and keep her from making it worse. Greenlee was teary-eyed as she told Kendall that she can't stand herself for the horrible deed she's done, but she can't fix it either. Kendall only wanted to know about Ryan's involvement and if he'd been behind Greenlee all along. Greenlee denied a conspiracy and tried to get Kendall to see reason. They continued to fight and call each other names as Kendall outlined her proof. Greenlee said she knew Kendall would turn on Ryan, sooner or later. Kendall told her she was "not only a bitch, but a stupid bitch." Kendall wondered if she'd slept with Ryan and Greenlee only kept her guessing. Greenlee reminded her she'd already apologized but Kendall only laughed at her, saying how comical the tears were. Greenlee had enough and let Kendall think Ryan wanted to destroy her. As Kendall stormed out, Greenlee accused her of being beyond stupid for thinking everyone wants to stab her in the back, including Ryan.

At Erica's, Jack admitted he's known that Bianca is pregnant by Michael and didn't tell her. Erica crushed a glass in her hands and tried to assure Jack she's not losing it. Jack was worried at how calm she was. He poured a glass of brandy as Erica demanded to know why he hadn't told her. He explained that Bianca had asked him not to say anything after he had guessed the truth. Erica asked him if he'd asked her to marry him only to protect her when she found out. He said yes, he wanted to be by her side and wants to marry her because he loves her and considers her his soul mate. Erica expressed her concern that Bianca will never be able to get over the rape now. She told Jack she was exhausted and asked Jack to leave, saying she was going to bed. Jack refused to go away and said he'd be in the guest room. He held her hand and Erica blew up about a broken fingernail. She calmed down and when Jack left the room, Erica poured herself a glass of brandy.

Ryan went to see Bianca and she told him about her plan to leave town with Kendall in Palmer's jet, and that she'd told Erica about the baby. Bianca found the engagement ring and Ryan told Bianca that Kendall had pushed him out of her life. Bianca was stunned and lectured Ryan about Kendall and her trust issues and urged him to go back to her. Ryan was reluctant but Bianca insisted Kendall was worth it. Bianca explained that fighting for Kendall was like fighting for her baby and begged him not to give up.

Bianca, Jack, Kendall, Ryan, Greenlee were all left dreaming of better times. Erica finished fixing her nail and walked to the bathroom carrying the glass of brandy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Tad, David and Adam woke up in jail, grousing about their night and Tad calling the other two "the chainsaw twins." When the guard announced a visitor to bail one of them out, Adam was sure it was Barry, his lawyer. They were all surprised to see Erica. Adam thanked her for coming to bail him out and David jumped up to thank her and promised to take her to lunch. She apologized and asked Tad if he was ready to go. She let David know she was upset he'd kept Bianca's pregnancy from her. Adam warned her not to trust Tad. As Adam and David argued, the guard came to get David who'd also been bailed out. Tad and Erica went to the boathouse and she told Tad this was where she'd ended up that night. Erica didn't answer Tad's questions and only told him to back off David. She told Tad that Adam and David didn't kill Michael, that she had the gun before they did and she'd aimed it at the filth that had raped her daughter. She explained she'd gone to Michael's with David, to put the impotence drug in his scotch. She was to distract Michael while David worked. Michael let them in and guessed they were there to apologize. Erica informed Michael that he would never get away with raping her daughter. Michael insisted Bianca had asked for it. When David poured himself a drink, he put the drug in Michael's decanter. Erica and Michael argued about Bianca and as David stopped Erica from hitting Michael, the flask with the drug fell out of his pocket. Michael was very suspicious and as they all struggled, Erica found the gun and warned David to step away. Tad listened intently to the story and asked if she was the one who shot Michael. Erica only said she'd never felt so righteous. She flashed back to that night, when David tried to stop her from shooting, insisting that the chemical castration was just as effective. Michael was knocked out and as David poured the contents of his flask into Michael's mouth, Erica ran out of the condo. She told Tad she had no memory of where she went or what she did or what happened to the gun. The next thing she remembered was sitting in the park, without the gun. Adam says he saw her during that period and told her she did nothing wrong, but she's still afraid she'd killed Michael. Tad opined that maybe she'd seen Adam shoot Michael. She then told Tad about the blackout the other night when she attacked Kendall, thinking it was Michael. She asked Tad to investigate her to find out what happened during those missing hours. He was reluctant and suggested she work with Jack or Derek, but Erica insisted she needs Tad's help in order to keep both her daughters lives from being destroyed by something she's done.

Greenlee woke up in the Fusion office after a nightmare that Kendall had been executed. Mia and Simone came to work, looking at the mess and wondering what had happened. Greenlee tried to explain that she was only protecting Fusion, but Mia and Simone expressed their compassion and concern for Kendall before leaving. David came to thank Greenlee for bailing him out and told her he understood why she did what she did to Kendall. She cried on his shoulder and he tried to blame Ryan for his part, but she jumped to his defense. David was annoyed to think she was hooked on Ryan again. Greenlee vehemently denied any feelings for Ryan and only wished Ryan and Kendall could run off and she could fix the problem she'd created. They discussed Bianca, the baby, and Erica's nightmare coming true. David told her he may have to leave town for awhile and she stomped out, vowing to fix everything.

Brooke came to Tad's and was glad to see Jamie. He was trying to explain why he hadn't called her the night before, when Maggie walked into the room yammering about spending the night in jail. Brooke said she knew enough to know they weren't arrested for sitting in Adam's car and asked for the R or X-rated version of the story. Jamie admitted they'd done exactly what she didn't want to think they'd done. They explained that Adam had dropped the charges and Maggie rushed out, worried about the impression she'd made on Brooke. Brooke explained she was upset about the situation and Jamie got defensive about Babe before rushing out to class.

Bianca woke up with another flashback of seeing a black sleeve the night Michael died. Lena came over with breakfast and Bianca wondered about her black coat. Lena said it wasn't new, she just hadn't worn it in a long time. Bianca was distraught over everything that had happened, but was pleasantly surprised to see a cupcake with a candle from Lena to celebrate her birthday. Maggie came home and said she'd spent the night at the library. Lena told Maggie about everything that happened at court and left. Maggie wanted to talk to Bianca about all the excitement, but Bianca wanted to discuss the kiss they'd shared the day before. Maggie said she didn't mean for Bianca to take it the wrong way and it had been a mistake. Bianca didn't believe her and reminded her that lies don't work. Maggie said she wasn't at the library; she'd spent the night with Jamie and really likes him. Then she rushed out to go to class. Bianca was making another birthday wish when there was a knock on the door. She was stunned to see Greenlee.

Babe interrupted JR as he was getting into the safe before leaving the house and said he couldn't go anywhere until he talked with her. They bickered again about Jamie, the paternity of her baby and she tried to assure him he was the father. He took cash from the safe, saying he had to bail out his father. She railed against Adam, but he said his father only loves him and wants the best. She was distressed to think he was not only taking Adam's side, but was becoming just like him.

Krystal came in the room to announce she'd heard that Adam is in jail. JR said he was on his way to bail him out. Krystal couldn't wait to go bail Tad out. Babe told her mother that nothing mattered, since JR had turned against her already. Krystal gave her a pep talk and Babe happily skipped over to the safe, opened it and said she was ready to get back the man she loves. Mary watched with interest from the stairway. Babe went to BJ's and met Paul Cramer, passing him a stack of money to falsify the prenatal paternity test right away. Paul only said that Adam was more generous when he asked him to convince JR that Babe was bad news. They discussed the paternity tests and how Paul shouldn't trust Adam. Paul was not interested in helping Babe and Babe assured him that the last thing she wanted was for the baby to be his. Jamie came up to their table, wondering what was going on.

Liza went to Tad's and told Brooke she'd wait for Tad. Brooke was confused and Liza explained that Simone was history and she and Tad were together now. Krystal burst in to also wait for Tad. Brooke asked them not get blood on the carpet and to tell Tad she's looking for him and left. Krystal suggested that she and Liza cut cards or play paper, scissors, rock for Tad. Krystal told a surprised Liza that Tad was sleeping with both of them, plus Simone too. Simone was shocked too when she walked in and heard the news.

Adam was glad to see JR and happy to be bailed out. They hugged and went home. Adam said he may have to leave town for awhile and JR wondered if he was guilty of murder. Mary walked in to welcome them to the crime scene, explaining the safe had been Babe.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

As Liza and Krystal sniped back and forth about how Tad had returned to his philandering ways, a na´ve Simone wandered into to room and was devastated by the news that Tad was seeing someone other than her. Tad arrived home a short time later and blasted Liza and Krystal for blurting out the news of his pseudo-infidelity. Simone stormed out of the house as the other two women argued that Simone had walked in on their conversation. Tad took Liza to task, saying that Liza's slip of the lip was done to get Simone out of the running. Tad raced off to find Simone, leaving Liza and Krystal to continue their bickering. Liza claimed that Krystal was "dumber than a box of hair" for thinking that Tad would ultimately end up with her. Krystal, however, was sure that she would win Tad's heart and offered Liza some "friendly advice" to help her cause because she enjoys "a good competitor."

Babe assured Jamie that he hadn't wandered in on a secret conversation; he had simply heard things out of context. Jamie asked Babe if Paul was blackmailing her, a claim that Babe denied. Babe seemed touched that Jamie cared about her and guaranteed him that one day he would make a girl very happy. As they shared that tender moment, JR burst into the restaurant and accused them of being a little too cozy. Jamie tried to make a hasty exit, but JR ordered him to stay for dinner - dinner that Babe would be buying. JR revealed that he knew that Babe stole $20,000 from Adam's wall safe. He snatched his wife's purse and rummaged through it for a few seconds before producing a wad of cash. Babe lied about her reason for taking the money, claiming that she needed the cash to buy a surprise gift for JR. JR didn't buy it, not did he believe Jamie when he chimed in that money was an attempt to buy him off and get him to leave town. JR sassed that $20,000 must not have been enough to get Jamie to leave town. Sneering, Jamie explained that he would not be bought off. Shortly after Jamie left, Babe revealed that the money could be put to good use - a new paternity test that could be done safely before the baby was born. It was the same paternity test Bianca had undergone to help "prove" that Kendall was pregnant. JR was pleased that Babe wanted to prove the paternity of her unborn child, but shook things up when he announced that he wanted the test done immediately. Krystal arrived a short time later and Babe pulled her aside and nervously detailed how JR wanted the paternity test conducted as soon as possible. Krystal tried to calm her daughter's fears, saying that they would come up with a way to keep her in the clear - no matter what.

Greenlee showed up at Bianca's apartment asked for a few minutes of Bianca's time. A truly remorseful Greenlee apologized for her courtroom antics. Bianca shook her head and said that it would be only a matter of time before everyone knew that she was carrying her rapist's child. "You could have told me about the baby," Greenlee retorted. Greenlee waxed on about how they all could have been a happy family. She added that there was nothing she wouldn't do to fix the harm she had caused. "Some things can't be fixed," Bianca replied softly. "Some can," Greenlee countered. "Maybe it's not too late." Bianca was fearful that Greenlee might cause even more harm by trying to fix things. Greenlee stopped at the doorway, turned around to face Bianca and assured her that she was going to be a "great mom."

Ryan raced into Kendall's condo to tell her that he was there for "take two." He then produced Kendall's engagement ring and announced that he wanted it to go back where it belongs - on Kendall's finger. A stunned Kendall asked why Ryan had suddenly done an about-face. Ryan explained that had had a discussion with Bianca and realized that Kendall needs to be dealt with in a special way. Kendall was not happy that her little sister was pleading her case. "Is it so hard to believe I want to share every crazy, waking moment of your life?" Ryan asked tenderly. A still-dubious Kendall asked Ryan about his being in cahoots with Greenlee. Almost on cue, Greenlee appeared in the doorway and announced that she could clear up any and all confusion about what had happened in the courtroom. Greenlee admitted that she had been "awful" to Kendall. She then spoke calmly and purposefully. "Get this clear," she stated. "Ryan had absolutely nothing to do with what I did." She added that Ryan had tried to talk her out of harassing Kendall. "There are a lot of things that I can't make right," Greenlee continued. "I am sorry for so much... make that everything." With that, Greenlee turned and raced away. Ryan, still awed by Greenlee's confession, told Kendall that she had to believe what he was saying. Surprisingly, Kendall suspected that Greenlee's mea culpa was part of a plan by Ryan and Greenlee to dupe her. Ryan was astonished and angrily told Kendall that he would not be part in playing games. Kendall stated that she had also grown tired of the games. A now furious Ryan warned Kendall that if he walked out the door, he would not be coming back; there would be no third chance. In Kendall's mind, Ryan believed that he could cozy up to Kendall and thereby convince Bianca to sign over all of her baby's inheritance from the Cambias estate to Ryan. Ryan put his hands to his face and did his best to control a scream that was ready to erupt from his throat. Ryan noted that he "valued [Kendall] more than anyone or anything" in his life. He walked towards the door. Before he was able to leave, Kendall shouted for him to wait.

Tad tracked Simone down at Fusion, but, citing a deadline, Simone wanted nothing to do with Tad. Tad apologized for not telling Simone the truth about his dating other women, but noted that when he tried to come clean Simone ran in her own direction. Simone admitted that she was the one who'd taken their no-strings relationship and introduced "the L word." To Tad's surprise, Simone announced that she was remaining "in the game" and would be content with Tad's dating Liza and Krystal. Tad was stunned. He muttered that "women in Pine Valley have really changed" over the past 10 years. Simone touted that she was the perfect match for Tad and knew that he would end up picking her as his exclusive mate. Simone planted a passionate kiss on Tad, but pulled away before Tad could take things further. Simone reminded Tad that she had a deadline and told him that he'd had to wait until later for the rest.

David visited Bianca at her condo and assured her that Erica was doing okay under the circumstances. Bianca feared that Kendall's fate had been sealed. David, however, smiled and informed Kendall that he had been subpoenaed by the defense and would do his best to cast as much doubt on the prosecution's case against Kendall as possible. Bianca made a strange expression and said that she felt "weird." David asked her if the baby was kicking, but Bianca said that whatever she was feeling felt different than anything else she had felt before. Her face dropped as she wondered if her water might be breaking. Fearing that her baby might be in jeopardy, Bianca began to panic. She told David that it was too soon for her water to be breaking. David grabbed his coat and told Bianca that he was going to take her to the hospital.

Greenlee headed to the beach to feel closer to Leo. She told Leo that she had ruined everything for everyone in her life. Instead of changing her ways, Greenlee remarked that she had "backslid" to her old ways. She wished she, Kendall and Ryan could have remained on good terms and been "a fabulous friend triumvirate." She mulled the idea of going back to Paris and wished she had gone there after Leo had died. "You're the only friend I have left," Greenlee whispered. Greenlee decided that it was time to head back home. She stomped along the snow covered ground. As she walked, her heel got wedged in between two wooden planks along the ground. Greenlee rolled her eyes and grumbled that everything seemed to be going wrong for her. She took her foot out of her shoe and tried to pull the heel loose. Without warning, the wooden planks gave way, sending Greenlee hurtling downward into a pit.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

David carries Bianca into the ER. She fears her water is breaking. At the hospital for blood tests, Babe sees Bianca and asks what is wrong. "My baby! I can't lose my baby!" Bianca cries. With JR by her side, Babe brings much comfort to Bianca. Bianca makes David promise he won't let them take her baby. Tests reveal a break in the wall of the amniotic sack but it has resealed itself and there is no sign of infection. Bianca and baby will be fine. Thanks to this scare though, everyone in Pine Valley is learning Bianca is pregnant with Michael Cambias' offspring.

Boyd discovers Erica at her desk at Enchantment. Buried in work, she tells Boyd that's where she belongs and demands he bring some test results to her immediately. "Yes, Ma'am," Boyd replies and leaves. Jack wanders in as Erica continues working. Jack has been worried sick because he could not find her and because she hasn't returned any of his calls. "And why is that, Jack? Afraid I'd attack Bianca with these?" Erica retorts holding up a pair of scissors. Jack assures Erica he knows she would never hurt her daughters. No matter how hard Jack tries, Erica will not let him in. All Erica will do is work. Jack notices Erica's engagement ring missing from her finger. She says she took it off to put on hand lotion last night and must have left it laying on her nightstand by accident. The phone rings, and it is David calling from the hospital to let her know Bianca is there. Erica and Jack leave for the hospital.

Ryan tries to work things out with Kendall yet again. "You make us or you break us," he tells her. Kendall blames Ryan's "best friend" Greenlee for her predicament. Kendall refuses to trust and reconcile with Ryan. She returns his engagement ring and tells him goodbye. Kendall sees no way the jury can fail to convict her now and seriously considers accepting the DA's deal that would land her in Statesville for 10 years, which she says Livia is encouraging her to take.

Ryan goes to the bar at the Valley Inn and orders a double scotch. Mary Smythe finds him there. Mary tries to tell Ryan how he should be thanking her and Greenlee for all they've done for him. Ryan tells her to find another moneybag and leaves.

Greenlee falls through the boards her heel was stuck in and lands in an abandoned mine shaft. From her hole in the ground Greenlee bemoans her fate. Her cell is fully charged but no signal. She finds a match and lights an oil lamp on the mine wall. At one point she hallucinates Ryan has found her. Realizing it was not real, Greenlee begins calling Ryan's name.

Krystal asks Babe why she did not tell her about Bianca being pregnant. Babe tells her mom she didn't know. Babe, Krystal, and JR put their heads together and figure out Bianca's child is from the rape. Babe reminisces with JR how lucky they are to know their baby was conceived only in love. JR agrees but says it may have been with his brother and throws Jamie in Babe's face. Babe leaves to wait for news of Bianca in a friendlier place and to get Dr. Joe Martin to draw her blood for the test. Krystal jumps JR. She tells him if he clog dances on Babe's heart he's going to be dealing with the "mother of all mother-in-laws" and that he will lose Babe in the process so that by the time the test results show he is the father, she won't want anything to do with him. JR straightens up and treats Babe better when she comes back from having her blood drawn. JR leaves for the office after a while. Babe makes a beeline for Llanview where she gets Paul drunk and gets him to agree to making sure the test results say JR is the daddy of her baby.

Aidan visits Kendall at her condo. She tells him he can stick a fork in her and Ryan, that they are done. Aidan offers his shoulder to cry on. He does not want Kendall to quit fighting and take the deal. The jury hasn't convicted her yet. Aidan feels responsible because he brought the minister to Pine Valley but Kendall blames Greenlee and Mia, not Aidan.

Erica and Jack arrive at the hospital. Seeing Erica filling out the insurance papers for Bianca and watching how she is acting Krystal observes, "She is walking a tight rope that's about to snap." Erica finds out Bianca is not losing the baby and refuses to go in and see her even though Bianca's been asking for her. Erica tells Jack it's because she doesn't want to upset Bianca and tells him to give Bianca all her love. Kendall has heard of Bianca's pregnancy problem by this time and enters the hospital just in time to hear Erica say "what a blessing it would have been if Bianca had lost that baby."

Friday, February 13, 2004

At the hospital, Erica refused to talk to Kendall about Bianca's pregnancy. Rolling her eyes, Erica blasted Kendall for wanting to make a scene. Surprisingly, Erica refused to go into Bianca's room and visit with her daughter. Instead, she said she would leave Bianca to Jack and speak with her daughter by phone later. When Bianca learned that her mother wasn't going to visit her, she immediately knew why. Kendall and Jack tried to convince Bianca that things were not as bad as she feared, but Bianca understood that her pregnancy was still something that her mother couldn't handle. Later, as Bianca slept, Lena and Maggie stopped by to visit. Bianca awoke quickly and called out for her mother. Lena gave Bianca a CD of children's songs and the two argued over whether a song was called "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "Eensy Weensy Spider." Maggie was noticeably uncomfortable with the two women's bonding and left the room in search of soda. While Maggie was away, Lena asked if something had happened to upset Maggie.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Maria surprised Edmund with a signed book by Ernest Hemmingway. Edmund led his wife to believe that his hospitalization had prevented him from doing anything for her for the holiday. Then, a violinist appeared from out of nowhere and serenaded the couple. Later, Maria gave Edmund a massage and was heartbroken when her husband couldn't feel that she was rubbing his legs.

As Ryan rode his motorcycle towards city limits he took a spill and crashed into the guardrail on the side of the road. He eventually regained consciousness and cursed the weather and his bike. Ryan wheeled his motorcycle over to the side of the rode and made some adjustments to it. He examined himself and found a cut on his forearm. He walked off into the woods to walk off his anger and nearly tumbled into the same mineshaft as Greenlee. Unaware that Greenlee was fast asleep in the hole, Ryan tossed Kendall's engagement ring into the mineshaft and announced that tossing the ring was the only way to be rid of Kendall for good. With that, Ryan hauled a large rock from nearby and covered the hole so that it wouldn't pose a danger to anyone else. Greenlee heard the noise and spotted Ryan's ring on the ground. She called out to him, but Ryan had already hopped on his motorcycle and drove off.

Kendall tracked Erica down to her office at Enchantment to finish their discussion from earlier. Kendall explained why she and Bianca had kept Bianca's pregnancy a secret. Erica was still upset, but praised Kendall for being there for her sister. Kendall then revealed to Erica that she planned to plead guilty to Michael's murder and accept the ten-year prison sentence. Erica immediately rejected her daughter's plan. She then ordered Kendall to go home and get a good night's rest. She would not, she repeated, let Kendall take the fall for Michael's murder. After Kendall left, Erica sat down in her chair and drifted off into deep thought.

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