One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 9, 2004 on OLTL

Todd agreed to accept a plea but later changed his mind. John did his best to protect Natalie. Todd attacked Kevin in court. David and Dorian stopped Adriana and River's wedding. Rae was kidnapped. Marcie dedicated her radio show to Al. Ben woke up from his coma.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 9, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, February 9, 2004


Starr lets Todd in after Viki leaves. He tells her he is going to take the plea bargain. She starts freaking out. She promises to hate Blair forever if Todd goes to jail. He tells her she needs to be there for Blair because he won't be. He tells her that he has messed up a lot and people always gave him a second chance, so he will give Blair a chance. Starr hugs him and tells him she doesn't want him to go.

Police station

John explains to Rae that though he might want to be friends with Natalie, he cannot put her in danger and must put distance between them. Bo and John think the Love Child Killer in Chicago could be the Music Box Killer. John and Bo ask Rae to talk to Troy. They think he might be able to help them find the killer.

When she returns, Rae is hesitant to tell John and Bo what Troy told her. She tells them she will sleep on it because an innocent person's career is on the line. John and Bo receive a video from the Killer. It is a press conference that John did years ago. Bo sees that the Killer is obsessed with John and he feels it may be his downfall.

Campus Library

Stephen asks Nora how she feels about Troy being exonerated. She tells him she doesn't want anyone to be punished for something they didn't do.

Rex's Apartment

Jen berates Rex some more for sleeping with Lindsay. He denies it and promises to tell her the truth. He tells her that he and Lindsay are just friends. She doesn't believe him and tells him maybe she should go to London and try to work things out with Joey because at least he never lied to her. She storms out of his apartment. Lindsay shows up and Rex lies about who was at his place. He tells her it was Roxy. Rex and Lindsay make out.

Jen stops by in the morning and hears laughing coming from the apartment. She knocks but then changes her mind and leaves.


Evangeline tells Nora that Todd wants to take the deal. John stops by Stephen and Nora's table. He enlists Stephen's help with reviewing the Love Child case. He then tells them that he sent Rae to talk to Troy. Stephen is surprised by the news.

Evangeline and Nora seal the deal, but Todd shows up to tell them the deal is off.

An antsy Jen shows up at the bar and order a shot of tequila from Natalie. Jen wants to know why Rex is so selfish. Natalie explains that Rex never had anyone in his life besides her and Roxy. He won't go around showing his feelings. Natalie promises Jen that if Rex cares about her, she will do her best to talk him out of it.

Jessica tries to get Natalie to come and stay with her.

John apologizes to Natalie for his behavior at the Police Station. She is distant and cold. He explains to her that she is a target because she is in his life.

Kevin and Kelly

Kevin rubs Kelly's feet. Todd barges in unannounced. He tells Kevin that if he ever sleeps with Blair again he will kill him.

Statesville Prison

Rae asks a distant Troy if he knows who tried to frame him. Troy tells her about a doctor who took great interest in his life. He tells her she knows who he is, Stephen Haver. Troy asks Rae why Nora and Stephen came to see him together. He wants to know if they are seeing each other. Rae tries to explain that she believes they are just friends, but Troy goes ballistic and the guard takes him away.

Stephen's Office

Rae leaves Stephen a note. She sees a file on his desk and goes through it. She then searches his drawers and finds a diploma for a Samuel Hartford, one of the doctors who was involved in the Love Child Murders. As she hurries to leave, Stephen enters.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Todd shows his nervousness. Nora and Evangeline make strong opening arguments. Dorian is first called to the stand. She retells the night of the alleged rape. Evangeline cross-examines Dorian. Evangeline brings up the point that the doctor who examined Blair did not say Blair was raped. She also gets Dorian to admit she despises Todd. Evangeline cross-examines the doctor who looked after Blair initially. She confirms that Blair had unprotected sex with two different men on the night she said she was raped. Kevin is called to the stand. As Kevin describes his relationship with Blair, Todd loses control and tries to attack him. The judge revokes his bail and orders the bailiff to shackle him for the remainder of the trial.

Dorian's House

Blair refuses to stay away from the Courtroom as Nora recommends.

Kevin and Kelly

Kevin leaves Kelly to go to Court.

Stephen's Office

Stephen asks Rae what she is doing in his office as he hides a set of keys behind him. She tells him she left him a note. He looks at what she is holding and asks her about it. She tells him the truth and asks what he is doing with the medical license of the doctor who treated the Love Child killer. Stephen worms his way out of it by saying he collects memorabilia of famous killers and he got it on the internet. He then realizes that Rae must have gone through his desk to find the license. He asks her what was she doing going through his desk. Rae explains herself and tries to leave, but Stephen asks that she stays for a few minutes because he wants to talk to her about something. Rae begins to play Stephen. She asks about his grandparent's death. He gets solemn. Jessica stops by and asks about her keys. He gives them to her.

Natalie's House

Jessica can't find her keys. Carlotta shows up to help Natalie put Cristian's things away, but Natalie is not ready. She soon changes her mind and calls Andrew to let him know she will be donating Cristian's things to the church.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The White Rose Killer shows definite similarities to the Music Box Killer, Bo and John determine as they view an old tape left for John of his old press conference from that investigation. Marcie delivers the surveillance tape of the older tape being dropped off. She immediately recognizes the young man as a student at the university and John promises to find him.

Michael/Al plunges ahead with his plan to have the group, Simply Red, perform for Marcie on Valentine's Day. He's hoping that after all is said and done, she will realize that he is Al, when she looks into his eyes. Luna becomes sorrowful as she realizes that she will have to say goodbye to Al, once all of his Al memories are gone.

David is thanked by Dorian for spending the night and helping her get over her traumatic court appearance. The search is on for Adriana and River and the thinking is that perhaps they've received money from Paul. David calls Roxy and tricks her into letting him know their whereabouts; Willie's Wedding World in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The pair, plus Carlotta, head out.

Concerned that the jury is seeing her in the wrong light, Blair can only be hopeful that Todd will hang himself with a display of his violent behavior. Kevin and Kelly arrive for Kev's turn on the witness stand and are happy to see Asa's show of support. As court reconvenes, Todd, in shackles, is led back into the courtroom. He is warned to keep quiet. Viki arrives to give her brother support, much to Asa's disbelief. As Kevin continues his testimony, he talks about the incident in Saranac and how he was worried about Blair, in response to Nora's questioning. Evangeline backs him into a corner when he admits to lying about his whereabouts to his wife often, thus leading to the conclusion that he might not be telling the truth now.

At Rodi's, Roxy learns that Nigel has received a condemnation notice on his hotel, courtesy of Asa. Obviously, he is angry over Nigel's quitting and only had to make a few phone calls to city hall. Nearby, as R.J. reads about the trial, the bartender voices his own opinions of what must be Todd's sleazy lawyer. R.J. promptly puts the man in his place.

John's search leads him to the diner, where he locates the young man who delivered the tape. It turns out that he was paid $20 to do so, but didn't get a good look at the man making the solicitation due to the dark. He does remember that the bill had a symbol on it and he spent it the previous night at the diner. John is able to obtain the bills from the register and locates the one in question. Later, upon a closer look, he finds the words "You go where I lead you," imprinted. Shortly after, he receives a call from the killer who suggests that he watch the old tape all the way to the end.

Michael/Al agrees to help Marcie move out of Jen's place and begs her not to cancel their Valentine's Day date, when he arrives at the police station. He happens to have a book that belonged to Gabrielle, that he located after her death. Upon questioning, he reminds Bo that he was present at the hospital and saw it there. He tells the commissioner that Gabby was happy at the end and thanks him. He quickly covers up by thanking him for his dedication to the citizens of Llanview. Bo heads to court for his turn on the witness stand.

Back at Rodi's, Michael/Al determines that he has lots of people to say goodbye to. He meets Luke West, a manager for Simply Red and tries to make a deal for the band to serenade Marcie on the 14th but is unsuccessful. R.J. overhears and offers to make Capricorn available, offering a surprise gig after their concert and a full payment with media coverage. After making a phone call, Luke agrees to the deal. Michael/Al is curious as to why R.J. has helped him out but is grateful.

Under oath, Bo states that it was a good thing that Todd was locked up for another investigation previously, but Evangeline helps Todd's case by reminding Bo that Todd was not a suspect and that he mentioned how much he loved Blair. When the next witness, Rae, does not show up, court is adjourned. Evangeline thanks Viki for showing up. Viki manages to give Todd a special card from Starr.

Once at home, Roxy comes up with the idea that she and Nigel could shackle themselves at the hotel so that they are unable to be moved, but he decides that the chains she has are too flimsy. When Jess comes by looking for Nat, she learns of the latest goings-on. A comment she makes leads to the new idea of putting a picket line in front of Asa's business.

John learns that the phone call from the killer is traced to a phone booth on campus. As Jess arrives and looks on through the window, he and Bo watch the tape to the end. The final, sweet and then appalling moments of Caitlin and John together, with her murder and his wounding are there for all to see.

Jess arrives at Rodi's, still in pursuit of Natalie. Michael/Al offers to listen if she wants to talk but she tells him it's girl-talk. He reminds her of Al, she tells him. He says goodbye. Evangeline arrives after a day in court, and is pleased to accept the offer of a wonderful sounding, relaxing date with R.J. for Valentine's Day.

Once at home, Kevin and Kelly share a moment until the mood is ruined by a call from Blair, who thanks Kevin for his court appearance and apologizes for what he had to go through.

After viewing the tape, John loses it. He vows to find the man responsible for his fiancée's death, as well as several others and kill him. Once outside, he cries out in agony and apologizes to Caitlin.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

David and Dorian interrupt River and Adriana's wedding. Both are outraged when they convince the judge not to marry the teens. Taking them back to Llanview, Dorian orders River to live with Andrew, while Adriana stays with her.

Nora becomes worried when no one has heard from Rae. Bo gets the police involved when Nora voices her concerns. In an attempt to find Rae, Nora and John go to see Troy.

Rae wakes up locked in a room with no windows. The Music Box Killer begins talking to her and tells her that her life depends on what she does. Sliding a script under the door, he instructs her to call the police with a warning that if she tries to alert Bo, she will die.

Daniel warns a friend of Riley's to stay away from him. Lindsay tries to gain Daniel's forgiveness. Marcie continues to debate whether or not to go with Michael on Valentine's Day. Asa announces that he and Renee are getting married again.

Stephen warns Jessica to keep her distance from John. Jessica tells Natalie about the tape that she witnessed John viewing. Natalie goes to John to check on him, but he snaps at her. When Jessica sees John, she begins to believe Stephen's assessment that John is overly obsessed with the Music Box Killer.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Marcie dedicates her Valentines Day show to Al, causing him to worry that she will never realize that he is inside Michael's body. Luna fears she made a mistake, but Megan shows up to offer support. Luna is desperate to interfere, but Megan reminds her that it is up to Marcie and Al now. When they both make it to Capricorn, Al and Marcie share a dance.

Viki dresses up to spend Valentine's Day with Ben. Thinking about her daughter, Viki tells Ben about the garden she planted for Megan and shares memories of the couple's time together. Recalling a dance they shared, Viki is certain that Ben can hear her. As Viki prepares to leave, Ben wakes up.

The rain causes Blair and Starr to cancel their plans with Addie. Starr again encourages Blair to drop the charges against Todd. Todd tries to bribe a guard to let him out of jail for the night to see Blair. Blair dreams that Todd comes to her and she admits her love for him. David proposes to Dorian.

Kelly and Kevin share an intimate evening together. River and Adriana share vows in Angel Square. Natalie and Jessica help each other through the lonely holiday and Natalie decides it is time to let Cristian go. Trying to win her back, Rex gives Jenn a picture of her with her father.

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