All My Children Recaps: The week of February 2, 2004 on AMC

Erica suffered a memory blackout. Ryan admitted that he had feelings for Greenlee. Fred testified that he had performed Kendall and Boyd's wedding ceremony. Bianca's confession overwhelmed Erica. Kendall caught Greenlee destroying the Fusion offices. Adam, David, and Tad were arrested.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 2, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, February 2, 2004

Jack wondered why Bianca would think Erica had killed Michael. Bianca explained her flashes of memory and seeing someone hiding in the bushes and a black jacket sleeve. Bianca was confused by her memories, and Jack tried to convince her she was expressing fear, not memories. Bianca gasped with the realization that Jack thought Erica was guilty. He denied that and said that Bianca needn't accuse Erica to save Kendall, since the trial was going so well.

Erica continued to lunge at Kendall with scissors, thinking she was actually attacking Michael. Aidan rushed in and pulled Erica off Kendall as she screamed that "this time," he had to stay dead, and she had been so sure he was dead the last time. When Erica collapsed, Aidan wanted Kendall to call the police, but she wouldn't. Aidan wanted the police to hear Erica's confession. Kendall called Bianca and told her about Erica's breakdown, asking her to head over right away with David. Bianca rushed out and left Jack screaming for a guard.

Erica awoke and wondered why Kendall had drugged her and taken her there. Erica was leaving when David and Bianca entered. Erica was upset and said she'd blacked out, just like the night Michael had died. Outside, Aidan accused Kendall of covering for Erica the whole time, and she only thanked him for his help. He saw the ring, and she told him about her engagement.

Jack approached then, saying he'd found a friendly judge and had been able to post bail. They told him about Erica's breakdown, and he rushed in to Erica's side. Aidan told Kendall about Reverend Lomax being safe and secure. He suggested Kendall stay away from Erica.

Erica told Jack that she'd blacked out, and Jack reassured her she could not have done anything wrong. Erica said she was upset by the DNA results and the way Bianca was defending Kendall, upset enough to see visions of Michael. Bianca walked in just in time to hear Erica say that because of Kendall, Michael was still alive. Erica was upset to hear Bianca defend Kendall again and left with Jack.

Bianca had another flashback and asked David if her mother had killed Michael. David said he thought Erica had gone home when he'd left her and that even Erica probably didn't remember what had happened. Bianca realized that Erica's breakdown had been caused by her defense of Kendall and the pregnancy. Bianca became terrified of destroying Erica with the truth.

Ryan stammered his shock over Greenlee's suggestion that he sleep with her to prove his love for Kendall. Ryan was firm in his refusal, saying he could not hurt Kendall. Greenlee continued to press and told him she wanted him. Ryan asked her to stop playing games, and she told him how empty she'd been without him and how she needed him. He flatly stated he could not help her, even though at one time he had wanted her too. She insisted he should sleep with her to get her out of his system, for his sake and Kendall's.

Ryan and Greenlee kissed, and Ryan admitted he was tempted, since she was someone he could talk to, but he said he could not sleep with her. He promised to always be there for her and that he and Kendall would rush to her aid anytime she needed it. He asked Greenlee to respect his decision and leave Kendall alone, or their friendship would be over. She promised to not cause any trouble for him or Kendall. Greenlee and Ryan said goodbye at the door, with Kendall listening to them call each other their own secret weapons and Greenlee saying she'd keep her promise about Kendall. They kissed on the cheek, and Greenlee left.

Mia was befuddled by Fred Lomax, who seemed to not be playing with a full deck. She tried to find out who he was and realized it was all about Kendall and assumed he was there to marry Aidan and Kendall. He blabbed that Kendall was already married -- to Michael Cambias -- and he had performed the ceremony. He launched into one of his unearthly diatribes, and Kendall realized that Aidan was protecting Kendall, and she had probably married an impostor. He asked her some questions, and she told him about her relationship with Aidan. As she whined, he went out the front door.

Back at the Pine Cone Motel, Mia started a search for Fred. When Aidan returned, she told him he would hate her when he found out what she'd done. Mia was working up the courage to tell him and was delighted to hear Aidan say he did not need to go to Kendall's rescue anymore. She changed her mind about telling him, and they hugged.

Meanwhile, Reverend Fred Lomax took his tin foil to the courthouse and sat at the judge's bench, declaring that justice would be delivered by his hands.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

At home, Kendall explained to Ryan about Erica's blackout and attack the night before. She remembered seeing Greenlee leave Ryan's the night before and asked Ryan if he would tell her if someone was out to get her. He assured her that she didn't need to worry about Greenlee anymore. Juan Pablo knocked at the door and suggested he could give Ryan the real killer.

Juan Pablo talked to Kendall and offered to go to the police with Carlos' gun, which might have been the murder weapon. Ryan was not interested in any help from the man who had put most of Pine Valley in the line of fire. Juan Pablo told Kendall his offer would stand, and he left. Kendall tried to get Ryan to understand the need for reasonable doubt and was hurt to hear him use Greenlee's name to justify his lack of trust in Juan Pablo.

Maggie went home and found Bianca searching the web for a one-way ticket out of town as soon as the trial was over. She explained her fear that the truth would kill Erica, given her obviously fragile emotional state. She promised Maggie she would pay half the rent until the lease was up. Maggie looked hurt to be left out of Bianca's plans and assumed Bianca was leaving with Lena. Bianca hadn't thought of that and explained that they weren't even back together yet.

Bianca continued to justify her reasons for leaving town for good. Maggie was upset about her leaving, and Bianca promised to keep in touch, and as she tried to comfort Maggie, they suddenly kissed. Bianca wanted to talk about what had happened, but Maggie only wanted to rush out. She did as soon as Lena entered, wondering what had happened. Bianca did not want to discuss it, and they left for the courthouse.

In the parking garage, Maggie was still upset and distracted when she started backing out, and she hit Jamie, who lay on the ground, moaning. He seemed fine, though, and she was so happy that she kissed him hard.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Greenlee went to see Mia, who was stressing about hurting Kendall unintentionally. Greenlee told her she had given that up then accused Aidan of being the father of Kendall's baby. Boyd rushed in, full of concern about their plan to help Kendall gone awry, and Aidan rushed out with him. Greenlee tried hard to resist getting involved in Mia's problem but was keenly interested once she heard about Fred being the one who'd married Kendall and Michael. Mia begged her to help Mia find Fred, and Greenlee finally agreed. They went to the courthouse to make sure he didn't show up there.

At the courthouse, Palmer and Opal feuded over what he thought was her excessive use of perfume. Rev. Fred Lomax interrupted with one of his wacky outbursts. Opal went to Justin to ask him to get rid of Señor Loco, pointing to Fred. Justin wasn't interested in anything but convicting Kendall.

Kendall and Reggie arrived at the courthouse, with Kendall saying the truth needed to stay hidden. The press interviewed Kendall, and she explained she would not be taking the stand. Greenlee jumped in, protesting Kendall's innocence, but it only goaded the media into pushing Kendall into agreeing to tell her story on the witness stand. Kendall turned on Greenlee, accusing her of breaking her promise to Ryan. Livia was furious and reminded Kendall of the risks; she suggested Kendall take off the engagement ring from Ryan.

Ryan entered and hugged Kendall as Mia and Greenlee looked on. The trial started with the prosecution asking for more time to complete their search for Fred Lomax, which was denied. Greenlee had a fantasy of the judge reading a guilty verdict, finding Kendall guilty of murder; treason against friends; fraud against Boyd, Aidan, and Ryan; and finding her to be a "scheming, lying, backstabbing bitch."

Ryan ignored Kendall's cries for help and crawled back to Greenlee in the dream. Greenlee returned to reality when Mia found Fred, and they realized he could tank Kendall's case. Mia wanted to sneak him back to the hiding place, and Greenlee finally agreed that Kendall did not deserve prison. However, when they turned around, Fred was gone again.

In the courtroom, the prosecution rested, and Kendall took the stand. She admitted she had hated Michael and that she'd married him to save Bianca, hoping to stop him from stalking Bianca. She explained Michael had wanted to own a Kane woman and make Kendall a pariah, and in return, she'd hoped to get their companies back. He'd promised to leave town, and she'd agreed to send him money.

Kendall continued, explaining that Michael had forced her to sleep with him to seal the deal and insisted they had spoken the week before his body had been found. Livia had phone records to prove that phone call. Kendall said he'd ordered her to buy the meat-packing plant where his body had been found. Kendall said she was keeping the baby because it was innocent, pure, and perfect. She had everyone in the room eating out of her hand, and the judge called a recess.

Mia and Greenlee found Fred again in the lobby and tried to get him to go outside with them. Kendall arrived in time to see them all together, and Fred called out to her. Mia and Greenlee tried to get him out of there, but he wouldn't stop talking to Kendall about her marriage, and he asked about Michael.

Tad went to see Simone in the Fusion office. She was delightfully surprised. They kissed, and she wanted to thank him in the supply closet. He tried to start a conversation about their relationship, how happy he was that she'd returned fun, grins, and giggles back to his life. He said they had started out casual but had changed course. Simone jumped on Tad and to the conclusion that he loved her.

Tad stopped kissing and tried a do-over, but Simone would not let him finish trying to tell her about Krystal and Liza. She said that she had no reason to be jealous and was just happy to have Tad and to be in love. Tad was clearly uncomfortable and could only tell her that she deserved happiness.

Juan Pablo entered then and said he was there to see Simone about Michael's murder. Simone did not want to discuss that night and asked Juan Pablo to leave. However, Tad wanted to hear the whole story and reminded her that he'd heard Simone promise Carlos she wouldn't tell and that they knew Carlos' gun had been fired that night. Juan Pablo demanded to know if Carlos had killed Michael. Simone said no. Carlos was innocent, and so was Kendall -- because she was the guilty one. She was the one who had pulled the trigger.

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Jamie was startled by a sudden show of passion from an aggressive Maggie, who assured him that their previous lack of chemistry had just been a phase from which she'd recovered.

Jackson urged Erica to stay away from the courthouse after her blackout the night before. When she vehemently objected to being grounded, Jack told his shocked fiancée how she'd attempted to stab her own daughter in the belief that Kendall was Michael Cambias.

Though Aidan tried to hurry Rev. Lomax away, Alan and Justin were thrilled to discover that their star witness had been delivered straight into their hands. Simone explained to Tad and Juan Pablo how she'd accidentally fired Carlos' gun while disarming him. Greenlee encountered a sea of grim and disapproving faces along with a tongue-lashing from an angry Ryan.

Meanwhile, Mia reluctantly admitted to a fuming Aidan that she was responsible for freeing Fred from the shack. Liza kept her cool after spotting Tad and Simone in a clinch. On the stand, Fred stunned the courtroom onlookers by identifying Boyd as the man who had married Kendall in the ceremony he'd performed. Jamie and Maggie "borrowed" the back seat of a luxury car for some love in the afternoon.

Aidan provided Livia with information about Fred with which she easily undermined the wacky man's credibility. Later, the judge ordered all of Fred's damaging testimony stricken from the record. Liza warned Simone that she and Tad were an item once again. Greenlee attacked Kendall on the stand and ripped off her dress, exposing the phony pregnancy padding for all to see.

Thursday, February 5, 2004

Greenlee's outburst failed to convince the judge to grant a mistrial. Noticing everyone's anger, Greenlee didn't really understand why she was getting the cold shoulder. Jack and Ryan's admission that they'd already known the truth about Kendall shocked Greenlee.

Kendall accused Ryan of selling her out and was ready to dump him like a hot potato. The recent events at Kendall's trial weighed heavily on Bianca's conscience. Realizing she had to clear the air, Bianca told Erica the secret she had been keeping from her.

After having sex, Jamie and Maggie got caught on the backseat of Adam's limousine by -- of all people -- Adam. Adam called the cops and had them arrested for breaking into the limo. Later, Adam showed up at David's cabin after David summoned him there. When Adam showed up, David held him at gunpoint.

Friday, February 6, 2004

David continued to aim the gun at Adam, claiming he had set him up as Michael's murderer. David said he'd found a gun, with the initials MC on the bottom, planted in his home by Adam. Of course, Adam denied planting the gun, and when he tried to leave, David shot at him but did not hit him. Adam turned around and walked away from the door, as David asked Adam why he shouldn't die for framing him. Adam said that if Davud did shoot him, he would not get away with it.

David explained that all he had to tell the cops was that he and Adam had been in a physical struggle, and he'd shot Adam in self-defense. David even told Adam that if Adam confessed on tape to killing Michael, David would not shoot him. Adam did not agree, and David blurted that they both knew Erica had had the planted gun the night Michael had disappeared. Adam tried to leave again, but no luck.

David told Adam that he wouldn't let Kendall, Bianca, or Erica take the fall for Michael's death. Tad walked by the window and saw David pointing the gun at Adam. He sneaked in and, after wrestling David to the ground, grabbed the gun. Instead of letting Adam go, he held the gun to Adam and David. Tad told them that he wasn't going to let Kendall go to jail for something she hadn't done, so David and Adam should start telling him what they knew. He figured they could both be the killers, even though they denied it.

Tad actually called the cops, saying he had two killers with him, and when the police arrived, Adam and David both told the cops Tad had been holding them hostage. David even said that Tad had confessed to killing Michael. Tad could not believe what he was hearing and showed them the gun he'd found, with the engraved initials. Not knowing what to believe, the cops arrested Tad, Adam, and David.

Ryan was beyond shocked at Kendall's accusations that he and Greenlee had teamed up together to send her to jail. Kendall told Ryan that he hadn't helped to make her think otherwise when he'd spent all his time holding Greenlee's hand instead of being by her side. She told him that she'd overheard his last conversation with Greenlee and about them teaming up so they could both get what they wanted. Ryan asked Kendall to take everything back that she was spitting out, but she refused and asked him to deny it, if it was not true. Too shocked and hurt to say more, Ryan walked out on her, leaving Kendall to cry and stare at her engagement ring.

Jackson told Greenlee about Bianca's pregnancy and Kendall lying to protect her sister, not ruin Greenlee's life. Greenlee seemed a bit disgusted that Bianca wanted to keep the child, but Jackson explained that Bianca had not been able to go through with the abortion. Jackson continued to fill Greenlee in on everything -- from Ryan finding the sonogram picture to all the other people who knew Bianca was pregnant.

Greenlee turned the situation into her own selfish pity party and even threatened to jump out her window, but Jackson pulled her away and told her to cut the "melodramatics." When Jackson tried to leave, Greenlee pulled the "I guess Kendall is more important than your daughter" routine. She asked Jackson if Reggie knew the truth, and he told her no. Greenlee figured out that David, Lena, and Maggie also knew the truth.

Jackson told Greenlee that she had been kept in the dark because she couldn't be trusted. Greenlee said that she had gone after Kendall because she'd stolen Fusion, and Greenlee had a right to fight for what was hers. When she asked Jackson to leave and he stayed put, she walked out and slammed the door.

When Bianca told Erica that her blood had been used on the DNA test, Erica denied it. She told Bianca that her blood could not be a match because she had aborted her pregnancy. To prove to her mother that she was pregnant, she removed her bulky jacket to reveal her round tummy. She even put Erica's hand on her belly so she could feel the baby, but Erica quickly removed it, as though she had burned her hand on a stove.

Bianca confided that she was seven months pregnant and hadn't told Erica because she'd thought it would hurt her. When Erica asked her why she hadn't aborted the pregnancy, Bianca said she hadn't been able to because of Kendall. If Erica had aborted Kendall, she would never have been born, and Bianca would have never had a sister to love. Bianca also said that she'd dreaded telling her mother because she knew her choices would disappoint Erica deeply.

Erica asked how Bianca had thought she could hide the pregnancy. Bianca explained about leaving Pine Valley until Kendall had gone on trial, and she said that once other people had found out, things had gotten worse. When Erica asked who else knew her secret, she explained about Ryan's involvement and that David knew because he was her doctor. Erica was silent and walked to the window. Bianca walked over and told her that she was keeping the baby after he or she was born. Erica still remained silent, and Bianca tried to get her to be honest about her feelings.

Edmund consulted with a doctor about possibly having some surgery done to repair his legs. The doctor explained that the bullet could be removed, but it was a risky and possibly deadly procedure. Maria walked in, and when the doctor left, she got upset at Edmund for not informing her about consulting another doctor. Edmund told Maria that he simply wanted to weigh his options. Maria understood but urged Edmund to let his body heal first before he went making decisions about major surgery.

When Edmund asked Maria if she really believed his body would heal, she said yes. Edmund agreed not to make any rash decisions. When Maria walked out of his room, she ran into Ryan and immediately told him that she had lied to Edmund. She told Ryan that she'd lied about his chances of healing because the alternative surgery could kill him. Ryan assured her that she was not a terrible person, and when people loved someone, they did crazy things. Maria could see that Ryan was really talking about Kendall, but he ignored the topic and simply said he was done with the idea of having a true love.

Greenlee went to Fusion and started relieving her anger by messing up her office and throwing papers everywhere. Kendall walked in, and Greenlee stopped acting like a child. She looked back at her.

Erica recalled the moment Bianca had been born and how happy she had been. There was a knock at her door, and Bianca encouraged her to ignore it, but Erica got up because "it may be something important." She opened the door and saw Jackson. He gave her a hug and told them that he had been battling with Greenlee. Bianca broke in the conversation by telling Jackson that she had just told her mother "some very difficult" news. Erica made an excuse to get away by offering to brew some tea.

When Erica left, Jackson said that Erica seemed to be taking the news rather well. Bianca agreed and said that her mother's calm behavior was scaring her. Jackson encouraged Bianca to go and let him handle Erica. She left, and when Erica returned, she told him about Bianca's pregnancy. She admitted that she was upset Bianca had kept the news from both of them. Jackson got uncomfortable, and Erica could immediately tell that she was the one who hadn't known the truth. She asked Jackson if he'd known, and he said, "Yes, I knew."



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