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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 2, 2004 on GL
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Monday, February 2, 2004

At Towers, Beth found Jeffrey O'Neill was human, after all -- he had feelings for one woman, Marah Lewis. When Marah called, fearful she was being stalked, Beth urged her former lover to go to her. After he left, Alexandra tried to persuade Beth to help her get rid of Olivia. Beth was reluctant but agreed to go with Alex to question Phillip about his motives for getting married.

At Ravenwood, Phillip was hesitant to sign the document placed in front of him, but Olivia persuaded him to sign without legal counsel. When Beth and Alexandra arrived, Olivia said Phillip didn't want to see them, and as his wife, she had every right to keep them from going into his room. Beth was convinced Olivia was dangerous.

At the museum, Jeffrey dressed Marah's cut from the razor blade in her doll and demanded to know about her stalker. Marah explained the doll's mysterious appearance after so many years and mentioned Michelle's accident. She thought the two incidents were connected but had no proof. Jeffrey suggested a private investigator. He promised he'd let nothing happen to her.

Marah persuaded him to stay for coffee. Alone, Jeffrey called Carrie's machine, demanding that in order for their deal to stand, the three girls had to remain unharmed. Otherwise, "there will be hell to pay."

Outside Company, Frank and Rick had a heart-to-heart. Rick was worried about Ed. Frank sympathized; when Buzz had returned to Springfield, it had taken Frank some time to adjust to having his father back in his life. He suggested that was all Rick needed too.

At the hospital, Ed's bottle of pills was empty. He was surprised to find Mel in his exam room, wanting a checkup for her queasiness. Ed refused to help -- there was a rule about treating family. Mel wanted the best for her baby and insisted her father-in-law humor her. Ed's vision blurred as he was about to take her blood. He couldn't do it.

Mel noticed Ed's shaky hands, but he said it was the effects of a long day. He left the room and told a nurse to page Mel's doctor and Rick -- he was "off-duty until further notice." Rick joined Mel, who assured him they had done the right thing. "We needed to know," he said. Ed needed help, and Mel thought that way, he would think that leaving the hospital had been his own decision. However, Rick knew his father better than she did.

Jealous of Cassie's relationship with Edmund, Tammy decided she needed a makeover in order to attract the right kind of guy. She wanted magic, romance, Shakespeare -- all that Joey lacked. Cassie admitted the glamour was nice, but she was with Edmund because he was a good person, not because he was a former prince. She urged her daughter not to change; she would find her prince just the way she was.

Lizzie entered, still upset over her dad's marriage. Cassie saw how angry Lizzie became at the mention of Olivia's name. However, Lizzie promised she wouldn't act on her anger. She said she was dealing with it. Unconvinced, Cassie called Olivia, finally understanding why she had kept her baby a secret. She warned Olivia to be careful.

Lizzie told Tammy that she'd lied to Cassie -- she hated Olivia, and her family wouldn't let Olivia get away with marrying Phillip. Tammy was sick of hearing Lizzie's problems. She'd rather concentrate on her own, starting with a new wardrobe. Lizzie snarled that nothing ever happened to Tammy but quickly took it back, apologizing.

Tammy admitted Lizzie was right. In the hallway, an angry Lizzie told Cassie that she'd thought she could count on her friends, but Tammy was too caught up in her own problems to care about Lizzie's. Cassie entered her hotel room and found Tammy ogling herself in the mirror, wearing one of her mom's sexy black dresses.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Tony was determined to find out who was after Danny. Danny asked Eden what Tony was not telling him. Bill interrupted before Eden had much chance to respond. Eden urged Bill not to lose his moral compass. Danny cornered Eden in the elevator. Eden swore she and Tony were trying to help Danny. She told Danny about the Shadow and his allegations against Bill.

Edmund met with a San Cristobel delivery room nurse, who revealed that she had seen Cassie's baby alive. The nurse recalled that the doctor had asked to be alone with the baby, but then she clammed up and hurried off. Olivia was worried that it might be too difficult for Cassie to be around Emma, but Cassie insisted she'd accepted her loss. That was not the impression Olivia had gotten from Edmund. Cassie maintained that if Edmund was investigating the death of her child, it was not for her; it was for him. After, Cassie confronted Edmund about his investigation, demanding that he stop it.

Reva tried to reach Christopher. Marah speculated that Carrie had lashed out at her. She hoped that Josh's opening up to Reva was a sign that he was ready to deal with his part in Maryanne's death. Shayne encouraged Marah to make amends with Sandy. Reva was happy to have her children visit. Reva saw Marah's cut hand and asked her what had happened.

Reva said Christopher would like to run some tests to check her psychic ability. She surprised Sandy with a gift. He was impressed with how Reva had decorated the guest room. Somebody followed Marah when she left the house. Reva flash cut to an image of someone holding something that belonged to the family. Sandy pocketed Jonathan's baby shoes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Cassie realized that Edmund wanted to find out about the child she'd lost, but she didn't want him to. Cassie couldn't help but ask if Edmund had learned anything about her baby. Edmund lied that he hadn't learned anything.

Plagued by yet another migraine, Ed couldn't take one of his pills in front of Michelle. A concerned Michelle wanted Ed to work toward something loving and normal, but when he suggested spending time with Robbie, she refused. Michelle insisted that Ed wasn't himself; her concerns were genuine. Ed asked Michelle to leave. Michelle told Cassie about a new designer drug going around.

Marah finally saw Carrie for who she really was and ordered her to get out. She accused Carrie of hiding the razor blade in the rag doll. Carrie insisted that if she'd wanted to scare Marah, she wouldn't have had to do a thing. Reva told Josh about Marah's mishap with the razor blade. Josh covered his panic. Marah opened the door, and Shayne thrust the doll in her face. He admitted he was responsible for digging out the doll and taking it to the museum, but he assured her that he wouldn't have put the doll in a basket full of pins and scissors.

Billy and Buzz worried about what might happen next to the girls. Josh called a meeting of the circle. Billy thought it was time to go back into the tunnels, but Ed and Alan refused. Alan wanted to speak with Buzz privately. Frank was looking for Josh because Josh had called him to talk about police business. Frank thought it was odd that Josh had called the cops then canceled.

Billy worried that Ed wouldn't be able to keep it together. Alan thought Buzz was the only one who would do what needed to be done.

Thursday, February 5, 2004

Lizzie could not believe Phillip would willingly marry Olivia. Phillip insisted he'd married Olivia because he'd wanted to and sometimes, people just had to accept things. It was part of growing up. Lizzie reeled over Phillip's response. Sandy stopped Lizzie from ordering a vodka tonic. He told her she needed to straighten up, and she was a bit taken aback by his sharp tone. Lizzie commented about Sandy's interest in her.

Jeffrey told Gus that he wanted to know exactly what happened at the Spaulding board meeting. Alan showed Alexandra a forged letter from Phillip, declaring himself well. Beth couldn't resist tweaking Jeffrey about Marah. Alexandra worried about Gus attending the board meeting.

Danny and Tony confronted Jeffrey about being the Shadow. He neither confirmed nor denied Danny and Tony's allegation. Tony said the next time Jeffrey needed to send a message, he should leave Eden out of the mix. Jeffrey asked why two crime families had decided to wage war in Springfield. He mentioned the new street drug "D" and said that, for all he knew, somebody could be making the stuff right there in Springfield.

Gus managed to inquire about Antimonious, although Alexandra turned the discussion to the Bad Girl campaign. Gus sided with Alexandra against Brad. He turned the discussion back to Antimonious and questioned a fax he'd found in Brad's office.

Later, Brad asked what Gus had been doing snooping in his office. Alexandra made it clear that Brad needed to lay off Gus. Alan and Alexandra prepared to badly lie about Phillip to the board. Alan proposed that Gus stand in for Phillip on the board, but Olivia declared that wouldn't be necessary. She was taking Phillip's seat.

Friday, February 6, 2004

Olivia had every intention of taking Phillip's place on the board. She used Alan's memo to her advantage and said that Phillip was obviously lucid enough to make his own decisions. Alan had no choice but to give Phillip's seat on the board to Olivia. Olivia informed Alan and Alexandra that Phillip had left instructions that Alan and Alexandra were not to disturb him. She questioned Gus's agenda.

After, Olivia vowed that one day, Spaulding Enterprises would be all hers. Gus told Harley about the board meeting. Harley left a voicemail for Brad, asking him to meet her later.

Reva and Cassie arrived for Cassie and Marah's psychiatric tests and were surprised to find Jeffrey with Christopher. Jeffrey explained to Cassie and Reva that Christopher had invited him to be an observer. The tests began, and Cassie was certain that she had zero psychic ability. Marah told Jeffrey she'd tried to clear her mind, but something kept getting in the way.

Buzz left Billy and Josh for poker night. Marina lied to Shayne about her meeting with Carrie. She moved down the dark, eerie tunnel, on her way to Carrie's room. Marina heard a rumble in the walls; as she looked around, dust and dirt fell from above.

Josh was upset to find Buzz packing a gun. Assuming the gun was Alan's idea, Josh reminded Buzz that Alan had gotten them into the mess. Reva had a vision about the tunnel collapsing and somebody dying. Marina realized that Carrie wanted her to get lost. The men heard the rumble as the walls buckled and the passage collapsed on Marina.

Carrie called Marah to the meeting. Jeffrey still wanted Christopher to deliver Reva. Reva worried about her visions. Not realizing that Marina was trapped, the men wanted to get out of there before the tunnel collapsed on them.

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