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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 26, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, January 26, 2004

Mike, entering Katie's house, stares in horror as he finds Katie kissing Simon. Each man tries to get the other to leave, until Katie asks them both to leave. When Katie demands time alone without either Simon or Mike, they both promise to stay away until Katie tells them that it is time to come back.

At Rose's Roller Palace, the psychic tells Lily that she heard Rose's voice from beyond the grave saying that she wants Lily to be at peace, and that she wants Lily to know "It's not your fault." Desperate to hear more from her dead sister, Lily insists that the psychic accompany her to Rose's house. As the psychic is about to give up on hearing from Rose again, she touches a case that had been in Rose's bathroom. The psychic becomes agitated and announces, "Something happened to her when she was with these things - when she was in the bathroom of this house. Something horrible happened there!" Lily responds, "She was poisoned in the bathroom." Alarmed that she is in the house of a murder victim, the psychic tries to leave, but as she grasps the doorknob she glances in the mirror and then gasps in horror, "Rose's message - I got it wrong! Rose is caught between two worlds and only Lily can help her find her way home."

Jessica returns home to find that Sarah has broken into Bonnie's jewelry box. When Jessica shows her displeasure, Sarah accuses Jessica of not caring for her. When Jessica protests that she cares for Sarah very much, Sarah immediately seizes on the opportunity to ask Jessica to deliver a letter from her to Bonnie, which would be in direct violation of the judge's order for Bonnie and Sarah not to communicate for six months. When Jessica tries to explain that it would be against the law for her to deliver a letter from Sarah to Bonnie, Sarah gets angry with her. Jessica, capitulating, agrees to deliver the letter to Bonnie, but later, when she and Ben are alone, she tells Ben, "I have absolutely no intention of giving Bonnie this letter." Ben tells Jessica that she will not be able to carry off fooling Sarah for six months, and when Sarah finds her out, their relationship will be even worse. He points out that she will be lying to Sarah and betraying her trust, but Jessica persists in her plan to pretend to deliver Sarah's letters to Bonnie in prison. Later, Sarah asks Jessica to keep the delivery of the letter secret from Ben, so that he won't be angry at Sarah, and Jessica lets Sara think that she didn't tell Ben.

At the police station, Jack tells Carly that he is annoyed at himself for promising her that he would not go after Craig for asking Mitzi to implicate Paul. Carly tells Jack that she herself had acted toward Mitzi in the same way Craig had acted toward Paul, both out of jealousy. As Jack and Carly kiss, Carly's mobile phone rings. Rosanna asks Carly to meet her, and Carly suspects that Craig told her about asking Mitzi to lie.

Chris confronts Alison at the family planning clinic, demanding that she admit that he is the father of her baby. At first she continues to lie that Aaron is the father, but Chris informs her that he has seen the original sonogram and that he is certain that he is the father of her baby. They are interrupted by the agency director, and Alison uses this diversion to disappear. After searching every room of the clinic, Chris finds Alison halfway down the icy three-story fire escape. As Chris starts down the stairs, pleading with Alison to come back, Alison confesses that she lied at first because she thought he didn't want her, and later because she was convinced that he would try to take the baby away from her. Chris reaches his hand toward Alison to save her and moves suddenly toward her. At this very moment, Aaron arrives at the top of the fire escape and sees this: Chris lunging toward Alison, Alison loosing her footing, and Alison plunging to the ground where she lies unmoving.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Paul finds comfort with a lot of drinks at the bar while trying to hit on a few women. Then Barbara appears in his mind an he tells her top leave. People call and report drunken disorder and Hal gets the call and goes to the bar to find Paul. Paul said he was drunk but not disorderly. He said that drinking would make the pain stop. Hal goes to see Will who is upset not being able to see his mom. Hal delivers the news that Barbara won't be serving time for what she did. Will is happy and wants to see her and Hal said maybe in a few weeks only to see Barbara pop her head through the window. Hal is quick to try to get her to leave but not before her and Will exchange words. Will is then taken away and Hal threatens Barbara as Jen shows up and tries to get Barbara to leave. In the mean time Jenn tells Hal about Paul and he leaves and Jen continues to tell Barbara to leave. Jen then goes in to see Will and Barbara sneak in behind her and her and Will talk. Chris finds out Alison lost their baby and he decides to tell her himself but not before Aaron accuses him of pushing her down the ladder. Chris said she was afraid that Chris mad and tried to run but when she figured out Chris was ok with the baby she reached for his hand and a gust of wind blew and Alison lost her balance. Rosanna engages in a conversation with Carly over Craig lying only to find out Carly knew too. Carly said she found out from Jack and Rosanna said she wants Carly's help to get the truth from Mitzi. She said she may not want to be married to Craig anymore if he lied to her again. Trying to find Mitzi proved to be a dead end since the Lakeview said she left without leaving a forwarding address. In the meantime Craig went to see a daydreaming Dusty about being nicer to Molly since they both need her for their business. Dusty was daydreaming about Lily who he is attracted to again.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

In an attempt to get Hal to drop the restraining order against Barbara, Jennifer asks Paul to bridge the gap. Paul wants nothing to do with Barbara, even if it is Will's wish. He goes to James and asks if he had anything to do with Will killing Rose. James says what Paul lacks and his enemies have, is power. He gives Paul a medallion inscribed in Latin that warns to keep your friends close and enemies closer. Paul accepts this as long as he'll never have to see James again. James agrees and as Paul leaves, James put on his oxygen mask. Later, Paul meets with Jennifer and invites Barbara to sit and have lunch. Mike asks Katie to go away with him to Costa Rica. Katie balks but she shows Mike that she is still wearing his engagement ring. Katie goes to church for answers and finds Simon there. He apologizes for how he left her before and hopes it isn't too late for them. Katie refuses to run away with Simon and he decides to stay in town, despite the danger. Mike wants security around Katie, but Margo warns that Katie may not have moved on from Simon as much as Mike thinks she has. Sarah skips class and shows up at Metro. Curtis smoothes things over when Jessica finds out. Later, Sarah fumes when she overhears Jessica thank Curtis for helping her deal with Sarah. Bob arrives and learns Chris is being blamed for Alison's fall. The cops question Chris, who denies any wrongdoing. Aaron insists that he saw Chris push Alison, and it wasn't the first time. Chris charges into the cubicle and demands that Alison tell the police what happened. Alison is frightened into saying Chris made her fall and lose her baby. The cops arrest Chris for attempted manslaughter.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Paul made amends with Barbara for Will's sake. Paul talked about all the trouble that they had all been through and how much of an affect it had on Will. Paul told his mother that he loved her and Barbara repeated his words. Jennifer was watching the exchange with skepticism. When Barbara left the table, Jennifer asked Paul what he was up to. Before Paul could answer Barbara came back to the table and told them that they should take a family picture and send it to Will. When Barbara left again, Paul told Jen that he decided not to fight it anymore. He said the harder he tried to get away from their mother the worse it got. He said he was doing it for Will's sake and it was important that they all get along.

Rose left her life insurance to Dusty, which will make him a very wealthy man. Molly told Dusty that he should sign the check over to her to get rid of her. Dusty told her that he promised Rose's father that he would give the money to charity. Molly balked at his statement saying that Dusty wasn't a charitable guy. Dusty repeated it that he would not give her the money and he was going to do as he said.

Katie had a problem with getting back with Simon. She still has feelings for Mike and doesn't trust that Simon is out of danger. Simon pleaded with her bringing Katie to tears. Simon told her that if she didn't want him life wasn't worth living. Katie went into his arms and, as they were kissing, Mike walked in. Clearly upset, Mike wanted to know how Katie could go back with Simon after what he put her through. As they were arguing, shots were fired through the window. Mike grabbed Katie and threw her to the ground covering her with his body. Simon ran out looking for the shooter. When the shooting stopped, Mike told Simon that he should leave town. Katie decided to go with Simon leaving Mike standing there dumbfounded.

Lois the psychic was with Lily at the Roller Palace when she had a feeling that Rose was present in the room. Lois mentioned that Rose didn't have a chance to say goodbye to Luke, Faith and Natalie. Just as Lily gave the psychic money Lucinda walked in and asked Lily what she was doing. Lucinda tried to talk to Lily but Lily wouldn't let go of her grief. Lily told Lucinda that she would be all right and Lucinda, believing her, left. Later, Lily called Lois and asked her to come back.

Friday, January 30, 2004

by Andy

Lily tries to think of a way to get her kids to see the psychic as she returns home. Once inside, Emma shuffles the kids off to the kitchen, then Holden asks Lily why she gave money to a fraud. He says, "Everything you need to heal is right here in this house." Emma heads home, then Holden says he needs to check in with the vet. While Holden is gone, Lily rounds up the kids, all in their pajamas, and head to Rose's place to meet the psychic.

Paul, Jen, and mamma Babs enjoy dessert at the Lakeview while they look at the latest family portrait. A BRO employee rushes to Barbara and tells her Dartman & Rowe is cutting back on their BRO orders. Paul pipes up with an idea about how to broker a deal. Babs encourages her son to handle the problem, and to rejoin BRO. Paul balks at the idea, but Jen nudges him. Paul relents as Barbara promises to keep a healthy emotional distance. Jen also returns to the company. They toast the newly revitalized venture as Paul promises a new campaign with the slogan, "This is not your mother's BRO." They all laugh, but it has another meaning for Paul.

Carly revisits her dream to pursue a design career and Jack encourages her. But she seems defeated and says that every time she tries she ends "up kidnapped, or partnered up with Craig, or on the wrong end of Barbara Ryan's scissors." Jack notices that some of Carly's sketches are new and encourages her to reach for her vision. Carly says family is enough for her. Later, after Sage is in bed, Holden stops by to talk with Jack. Holden wants Jack to do a background check on Lois Sarafin. Jack says he'll call Holden tomorrow after he checks Lois out.

At Rose's place, Luke whines. He wants to go home when Lois arrives. Lily asks Faith if she wants to talk to Rose. Lois channels Rose's spirit sending Lily scrambling to get her kids to believe Rose is in the room. Luke doesn't believe and demands the woman tell him his nickname to prove her authenticity. Lois pauses, and Lily tries to reign in her kid. Luke runs out of the house, and into Holden's waiting arms. Holden enters the house and demands to know what Lily is doing.

At the church, Mike and Simon fight over how to escape the gunfire. Katie tries to walk but notices her ankle is sprained. They stop bickering when they hear sirens. Next thing you know, they arrive at Mike's old place. Mike gets some ice, and Simon pushes Katie to join him and go into hiding. Katie says she wants to stay with him because she doesn't want to lose him ever again. Simon leaves to arrange travel papers. Mike returns and pleads his own case. Mike wants a simple quiet life with children. He says if she knew how much he loved her, "You'd tell Simon to get out of your life right now so we can get on with ours." They end up kissing as Katie's heart is pulled in two directions. She pulls away from the kiss and tells him she will go away with Simon despite how much she loves Mike. Mike promises never to give up. Simon returns after Mike has put Katie to bed. He says the papers will be ready in the morning.


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