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Passions Recaps: The week of January 19, 2004 on PS
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Monday, January 19, 2004

Kay sets a romantic dinner table at Tabitha's, but she's serving up trouble for Miguel. She has spiked one of the appetizers with a mickey and plans to serve it up to him to get him into bed. Meanwhile, Endora casts a spell on Reese to make him a handsome hunk, and Charity can't help but take notice.

Luis is successful in his attempt to break into the psych ward to be with Sheridan. She's so overjoyed to see him that she falls into his arms and they make love. Forgetting the obstacles they face, Sheridan and Luis talk about spending the rest of their lives together and achieving the happiness they are so desperate to have.

Beth tries to sidestep Dr. Culver's questions and says she wants him to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Gwen is in full investigation mode and asks Culver's staff what they can tell her about Beth and her visits to the doctor's office.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Miguel is feeling vulnerable and upset when he sees a picture of Charity and Reese at the ski lodge. This could be the wedge Kay has been looking for to seduce Miguel and turn him away from Charity for good. However, Pilar drops by unexpectedly and Miguel leaves to challenge Reese before Kay can seduce him.

Ethan and Luis realize that Sheridan could be in danger if she stays in the psych ward much longer. They try to come up with a way to get her out in a hurry. Meanwhile, Dr. Ackland is put on the spot when Alistair insists that he give Sheridan a lethal injection.

Beth realizes that she has to get rid of Gwen before she gets proof that she kidnapped Sheridan and took her baby away from her to pass off as her own. Beth puts on a disguise and runs Gwen over with a car as Gwen comes out of Dr. Culver's office. Meanwhile, Whitney tells a disbelieving Theresa all about her mother and Julian.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Dr. Culver shows up to care for his patient who called into his office frantic. After speaking with the nurse and realizing it was not a real emergency, he suspects Beth even more. Once informed that Gwen is in the ER recovering from the hit and run attack, Dr. Culver decides to stop in to see her. Telling her the details of Beth's attempts to fake her pregnancy, Dr. Culver deepens Gwen's suspicions. She vows to expose Beth. Just as Dr. Culver leaves, Ethan rushes in to see his wife. Gwen pleads with Ethan to believe Beth is at fault. Trying hard to reassure Gwen that she is being unreasonable, Ethan tells her to rest and tries to have her focus on getting pregnant again.

Furious as she watches Miguel run to Charity (not to mention seeing her own sister work so hard to push them together), Kay decides to take matters into her own hands and heads for the ski lodge. She can't believe the nerve of Jessica and Simone, working so hard to push the couple back together. Kay is hoping with a little extra effort on her part, she can finally get Charity out of the way long enough to win over Miguel. Endora gives Charity a new outlook on things, sending her straight into Reese's arms. Stunned, Reese can only stand there as Charity begins to kiss him. Maybe this will be the one thing Kay really needs to help her get Miguel- some help from the 'new' Charity.

A suspicious Luis goes to Beth's to talk to her about Gwen. While Mrs. Wallace stalls Luis in the doorway, Beth rushes upstairs and puts on her nightclothes. She turns on a heating pad and conceals it under the bed. After a few more preparations, Beth is ready to see Luis. As Luis walks into the room, he sees Beth 'very ill' in bed. He only gets a few brief questions in before Beth becomes upset at the accusations and begins a horrible 'coughing spell'. Meanwhile, Precious has some fun on Beth's behalf. Sitting quietly under the bed, she turns the heating pad all the way up, causing Beth to sweat profusely. Luis becomes distracted by the severity of Beth's flu and tells her she needs to be rushed to the hospital. Beth tries to argue with him, but with sweat still pouring off of her, she has little effect on him. After a persistent Luis demands she goes to the hospital, things really heat up for Beth. As soon as Luis leaves the room she jumps out of bed, and her nightgown is on fire! Screaming, she dances around trying to put out the flames.

Theresa tries to reassure Whitney, with no success. Pilar comes in and comments on Whitney's knowledge of the situation between Julian and Eve. Stunned, both girls stare at Pilar waiting to hear more. Pilar insists that after Julian contributed so much to hospital charities, Eve was very thankful and they shared a friendly hug. Theresa quickly agrees (with much relief) and reminds Whitney of how wonderful Eve is, and that she is a great mother and wife. Whitney continues to have flashes of Julian and her mother's kiss run through her mind, and knows she is the only one who really knows the truth. (Or so she thinks...) Meanwhile, hopelessly romantic Theresa gushes to Whitney about her future plans with Fox. She plans on marrying him and claims that her love for Ethan has finally died after seeing him turn his back on her when she needed him the most. Still unaware of all that Ethan has been doing to help win back her Little Ethan, Theresa insists that she will never turn to him again. As she tells Whitney all of this, Whitney seems so unmoved. Trying to be happy for Theresa, Whitney smiles some and listens contentedly, but you can see the hurt in her eyes every time Theresa mentions Fox.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Endora's spell takes a hold and makes Charity find Reese irresistible. Of course, the feeling is mutual. They climb into a hot tub together and it isn't long before they share a passionate kiss. Charity gets carried away by the moment and asks Reese to make love to her.

Luis feels sorry for Beth when he thinks she needs medical attention. Gwen is sure that Beth is evil and tries to kill her, but can't seem to convince anyone else of that fact. Beth panics when she runs into both Dr. Culver and Gwen at the Harmony Hospital.

Sheridan is moved when Alistair comes to see her, and she is filled with emotion when she tells her father that she loves him very much. Alistair is not moved by her words and decides to go ahead and gives her a lethal injection hoping to murder her.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Whitney's jealousy becomes more apparent as Theresa continues her talks of a future with Fox. After listening to some of Theresa's reasoning, Whitney tries to sway her off path by asking if she really thinks those are good reasons to marry someone. But, according to Theresa, the fact that Fox took her mind off of Ethan is reason enough. As the two watch the computer's live video feed, they see Fox and Little Ethan sitting together on the bed looking at a picture. Theresa thinks its sweet Fox is looking at the photo of 'her' so lovingly (he is really looking at Whitney). Whitney seems more distressed by the thoughts he's so smitten with Theresa. As Fox stares at the picture he talks with Little Ethan about women. Fox explains to him he is very lucky to have years ahead of him before he has these sort of issues to deal with. Also, he reveals his feelings towards Whitney, commenting on how beautiful she looks in the photo. As he and Little Ethan sit and chat, Julian overhears and comes into the room. Attempting a heart to heart with his son, Julian advises Fox to not peruse Whitney, despite how true his feelings may be. Julian tries expressing how much he understands before a phone call interrupts and Julian heads out.

At the ski lodge, Jessica and Simone give Kay a harsh welcome. Telling her the lodge is booked and she should go home, Kay announces she'll be staying with Miguel in his room. Despite her efforts to remind Miguel why she should, Simone and Kay tell her she will stay in their room so Charity and Miguel can be together. Once alone, Kay pleads with Miguel to reconsider being with her, for the sake of Maria. Miguel isn't persuaded and tries to explain to Kay his decision to remain true to Charity. Little does Miguel know his worst fears are just moments away from becoming reality. Heading into the room, Miguel is devastated to find Charity and Reese together in bed! It seems he's walked in just before things really got hot and heavy. Kay comes in next, just as shocked but pleased beyond her wildest dreams. A heartbroken Jessica comes in with Simone. Charity suddenly seems confused, as if she wasn't aware of her actions. Reese tries to console Jessica, but with no luck. It seems that the one thing that Miguel swore would make him forget about his true love has finally happened.

After an unfriendly confrontation with Dr. Culver, Beth tries sneaking out of the ER. She stumbles into Gwen's room and the battle begins. Gwen immediately begins questioning Beth, as Beth struggles to come up with her words quickly. Even when the nurse comes in to ask what Beth is doing, Gwen harshly explains that Beth has never been a friend, nor will she ever. Turning the tables on Gwen, Beth tries pulling up the deep hurt Gwen has recently been dealing with- the death of Sarah. Hitting a sore spot in Gwen's heart, Beth continues to dig into it deeper. Although Gwen becomes even more upset (even punching Beth in the arm) she continues to question Beth. She tells her sooner or later, she will expose her no matter what she tries to scheme up.

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