One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 19, 2004 on OLTL

John began to have doubts about Troy's guilt. Jen was treated for alcohol poisoning. Rex and Lindsay made love. Lindsay discovered a note from the killer in her art gallery. John and Natalie played pool. Kevin told Kelly he wanted a divorce, though Kelly believed there was hope for them. River kept Adriana hidden.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 19, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, January 19, 2004

Rodi's Bar

John and Natalie play one last game before he leaves town. Natalie notices that John's game has gotten much better. She asks him if he is setting her up. Natalie wins the game. Natalie tells him she might play pool again after he is gone. She admits that she will miss him. He gives her his number. She gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Kevin meets Kelly to tell her he still wants a divorce and that even IF she is pregnant it doesn't change things. She tells him that when she starts to show he will have to believe her. He tells her that the court subpoenaed him for Todd's rape trial and they have his blood sample, which will prove he slept with Blair. He suggests she file for divorce. She refuses and tells him they both made mistakes, but she will stand beside him. He is baffled that after everything he put her through she still loves him. She tells him nothing will change the way she feels about him. He agrees to go ahead with however she wants to handle the situation. He leaves. Kelly tells Dorian she sees hope for her and Kevin.

Evangeline meets with Jordan. He gives her contact information on a man who is supposed to be an expert on rape cases. She believes Todd is innocent. Jordan goes to the bar for a drink while Evangeline goes to make the phone call. R.J. approaches him. He is jealous that Evangeline made time for Jordan when she told R.J. that she was too busy with Todd's case to see him. R.J. wants to know how does Jordan see his evening ending with Evangeline. R.J. subtly threatens him. Jordan tells him that he and Evangeline are just friends. R.J. says that's what Evangeline keeps telling him. Jordan asks, "so what hell is your problem?" Evangeline returns and want to know what IS his problem? Jordan leaves. Evangeline tells R.J. that ever since Keri died there is void in him that no one can fill.

Rex meets with Lindsay and tells her to talk to Jen. Lindsay doesn't agree. Rex had too much to drink, so Lindsay drives him home.

UltraViolet Nightclub

Jen waits at the bar while Ron goes to look for Marcie. Rex comes up to her and asks, "what the hell are you doing with that guy?" Jen tells him that he does not have an exclusive on her and whatever they had is over. Rex wants them to be together, but Jen doesn't like who she is around him. She wants to be a good person and be with someone steady. Rex snaps, "so you can cheat on him?" He tells her he genuinely loves her. She doesn't buy it. Ron walks up and asks if there is a problem. Jen tells him that there was none and Rex was just being Rex. Rex walks away and calls Lindsay, telling her he needs to see her. Jen gets drunk and passes out while dancing with Ron.

Dorian's House

Starr refuses to eat until they let her see Todd. She faints. She wakes up and asks for a glass of water, but then refuses and runs upstairs. Blair comes home and Dorian fills her in. Blair tells Dorian that Todd wants her to drop the charges for the kids' sake. Dorian tells her not to back down, that Todd raped her and she had the courage to tell the world. She shouldn't back down, not for the kids, Todd or anyone. Viki comes by with a message from Todd telling Starr to eat. Starr writes back a note telling him she will eat when Blair let her see him, so if she starves he will know it is all Blair's fault.


Starr sneaks out of the house.

Dorian is upset with Blair for letting Viki give Starr the note. Dorian tells her she has to go meet with Kelly. Blair begins a tirade about how she shows favoritism toward Kelly. Dorian denies the accusation and tells Blair she cares about all her girls. As she opens the door, Kevin is in the doorway. Dorian won't let him in, but Blair tells her to let him in. Blair apologies to Kevin for being subpoenaed. He gives her a hug and tell her it is not her fault. Kevin asks her what does she want him to say on the witness stand. She is in shock that he would perjure himself for her. Blair tells him no. Starr returns with Todd and they stand outside. He tells her to sneak in like a mouse. She says Blair probably wouldn't notice since she has company. She points out Kevin's car.

Kevin prepares to leave and Blair catches Starr going upstairs. Starr tells her she was hungry. Blair is happy that Starr is talking to her and she is eating. They go upstairs. Kevin tells her he will let himself out. As he opens the door Todd attacks him. They fight until Todd pins him against the wall and begins to strangle him with his own tie.


Evangeline tells Viki that if Todd doesn't obey the restraining order the court placed on him to stay away from Blair and the kids he will go back to jail and she is not sure she can save him.

Todd tells Blair if she loved their children, she would drop the charges and spare the kids embarrassment. Evangeline and Viki interrupt them and pull Todd away, then tell him to respect the judge's injunction or he won't see the kids again. Blair tells Todd to stop using mind games and to forget it because she won't drop the charges.

Todd's Penthouse

Viki gives him the note from Starr. He is not happy. Viki tells him her suggestion to have Starr come and stay with her at Landfair. Todd sees an opportunity to visit, but Viki warns him not break his restraining order. She leaves. Starr sneaks in. Todd is not upset, but he is worried. He tells her to stop doing things like that. He then leaves her to eat. She is enticed by the food and begins to eat as well. He takes her home and asks that she stop her hunger strike.

Lindsay's Apartment

Rex kisses Lindsay.

John's Apartment

As John opens his door he sees in red "323" written on the board and the Music Box plays.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

As Dorian and Kelly return home, Blair breaks up the fight between Kevin and Todd. Blair refuses to call the police about Todd. Kevin is touched when Kelly promises to support him during Blair's trial. Kevin and Kelly later share a kiss. Blair has a nightmare about Todd, who has a loving dream about Blair.

As Bo and John work to decipher the latest clue from the Music Box Killer, they wonder if Troy has an accomplice or if they have the wrong man behind bars. Riley takes Flash back to Asa'a mansion after Bo places her under police protection again.

Ron rushes Jen to the emergency room, where Michael/Al treats her for alcohol poisoning. Marcie's urgent phone call regarding Jen stops Lindsay and Rex from making love. Marcie is grateful to Michael/Al for saving Jen's life and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

David informs Dorian that he wasn't able to find Adriana in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, River has brought Adriana back to Llanview and is hiding her in the abandoned theater. River plans to marry Adriana. Dorian and Carlotta have a cryptic conversation about the danger Adriana could be facing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

As R.J. prattles on, Lindsay daydreams of her previous encounter with Rex. When called on it, she confides that she's worried about Jen. R.J. admits to not being very happy with Jess spending so much time with Jamie. She comes from money and is not familiar with real life. She has no job. R.J. is adamant that she will never replace Keri. Lindsay defends Jess.

Marcie gives Jen advice as she returns home from the hospital, only to be greeted by Rex, still holding on to a spare set of keys. Marcie tells him off and Jen orders him to leave. He's just no good for her, they tell him. He walks out but not before grabbing the flowers he's brought. He'll give them to someone who appreciates them, he tells them. Jen likes Marcie's suggestion that she move in; besides Marcie being able to tutor Jen, they're both lonely and will be great company for each other. Jen thinks a Caribbean trip would be a good idea for winter break over Valentine's Day and offers to pay for Marcie's trip. When Al/Michael stops by to check on Jen, he mentions that Marcie is an excellent tutor. When the girls wonder at his comment, he quickly covers and instead tries to talk them out of their trip. He offers to take Marcie out to lunch while Jen rests.

An angry Dorian catches David listening in on her telephone call with Carlotta as she's promising to continue her search for Adriana. Dorian is positive that River only has fond memories of the girl since he's back to his "old self." David suggests that he accompany her to Puerto Rico and even thinks it's a good idea that they get married. Dorian makes light of his suggestions and makes one of her own. She thinks that David should come up with "evidence" to prove that Adriana is her biological, illegitimate daughter.

Adriana hides out courtesy of River, who brings her a supply of food. He's worried that Paul saw him and he lied but it's decided that he's on their side. Paul actually spies on the couple, unseen. The young couple discuss marriage and are visited by Roxy, who is in on their secret. Later on, alone, they cuddle and reminisce.

Jess pays John a visit for help on her article about the recent murders. She learns that he's not leaving Llanview yet and begins to pry. John reluctantly ends up alluding to some information and Jess is able to pick up on some clues. She wonders how Troy was able to get in and out of jail and to the various locations, unless he had some help. She points out that Lindsay could be a possible suspect since she seemed almost too sympathetic when Troy held them prisoner. John suddenly needs to go out.

Rex turns up at Lindsay's place and though she stops him from saying too much, R.J. catches on and leaves them while he goes to get partnership papers drawn up. Rex offers the flowers in thanks for the previous night and begins to kiss Lindsay again. John bangs on the door, catching Rex and Lindsay in a state of undress. Hurriedly picking clothes up and hiding the young man, Lindsay opens the door when John announces that there could be charges against her. Once inside, he looks around, realizing that she's not alone. When he finds her illegally owned gun, he persuades her to travel with him to Statesville, to visit with Troy. Lindsay is convinced that he's not the killer.

At the diner, R.J. picks up Jamie from Carlotta who is impressed with his behavior. When Jess walks in, he hurries out. Jess is there to meet with Stephen who is curious about her relationship with R.J. She also mentions that John now seems unsure that Troy is the killer and thinks it's possible that an accomplice is involved. In fact, she divulges, she's convinced that John has changed his mind about Troy. Roxy stops by and inquires after River. She's heard that he's broken-hearted, she confides to Carlotta. On the contrary, Carlotta replies. She's heard that he's over Adriana. Since Al/Michael needs Marcie to fall in love with him by Valentine's Day, he continues to try to talk her out of a Caribbean trip. She refuses to believe he'll miss her and suggests he visit his mom instead. She mentions an old record that she saw that his mom made, though the doctor seems unfamiliar with it.

Paul pretends to be looking for Adriana at Dorian's house as David gives him a rough time. Paul informs David that he knows what he's up to. When Dorian heads out with suitcase in hand, both she and David give Paul different destinations. Paul asks lots of questions, but relates that he's there to pick up some left behind belongings. David is highly suspicious. Shortly after, Paul receives a call from Babe but refuses to discuss their annulment. River returns and Paul tips him off to irregular goings-on. He suggests that River and Adriana get married as soon as possible.

Rex returns to Jen's house for his gloves, refuses to take the blame for her getting drunk, and mentions that he gave the flowers to her mom. "She's a great lady," he states deliberately. As Al/Michael helps Marcie move some of her things in, Rex leaves grumbling.

Once at Statesville, John wants Lindsay to get Troy to talk about how he painted John's wall. He leaves Lindsay behind to wait for the prisoner, who is led out, seeming dazed.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Lindsay visits Troy in prison and is surprised when he doesn't recognize her. When John insists that she help him get Troy to talk, Lindsay questions him about the murders. When they return to the police station, Nora agrees to drop all charges against Lindsay. John receives a call from his headquarters, he informs Nora that he is to close the case, despite his suspicions that Troy isn't the Music Box Killer. When Lindsay returns home, she finds a music score painted on a canvas.

Blair is furious when she finds Todd at her office at the Sun. Instead of working with him, she quits her job. When she gets home, Starr again blames Blair for her separation from Todd.

Viki tries to help Addie understand Todd and Blair's problems. After Viki leaves, Starr asks Addie to help her get her parents back together. When Viki asks Todd about New Year's Eve, he gets angry that she doubts him. His confusion about that night concerns his sister. Evangeline informs Todd that they have a chance in court.

Kevin and Kelly make love. After she leaves, Blair shows up and questions Kevin's feelings for her.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Talk about a cliffhanger Friday!!

John escorts Lindsay back to the Gallery, she wants to show him the blood written music notes that were hung in her studio. Much to her dismay, when they arrive there is not a hint of evidence that anyone was ever there. John looks at her with some disbelief, but she is frantic that the "real" killer is after her. John tells her he will get police protection for her and leaves the gallery. Just as he leaves, Lindsay gets a phone call, to which no one responds on the other end, she is sure it is the killer.

Moving Day

Marcie is moving in with Jen today, with help from Ron, and surprise, Dr. McBain, a.k.a "Al." "Al" and Marcie are discussing books when Jen and Ron show up with some pizza to celebrate. Jen mentions some drinks, to which the three say no. Jen gets annoyed, asking if Marcie thinks she is an alcoholic. She then quickly turns to ask what the Dr. thinks. "Al" responds by saying someone who drinks so much that they end up in the Hospital might be a problem. He then goes on to say that if she did indeed have a real problem, she is in great hands now that Marcie is living with her. He then says Marcie is the type who would sit up with her all night, sing to her, do anything that it took to get her well. Marcie gets upset hearing of all the things she did for Al, and leaves the room. Ron goes to comfort his sis. "Al" then asks Jen what the problem is. She tells him that Marcie did do all those things for Al, but she tells him he had no way to know of that, not to worry, but that it would be best if he left, and he does.

The Many Faces of Blair

Kevin stops by to see how she is doing. She immediatly begins to come on to him, gets him in a lip lock, (But believe it or not!) Kevin pulls away saying this was what he always wanted, but things have changed now and he is giving his marriage a second chance. Blair gets mad and storms out. Blair stops to have a drink and runs into Kelly. Blair apologizes to Kelly (about time!) for having slept with her husband that night. Kelly asks her to rethink the charges against Todd, saying it will hurt a lot of people including Jack and Starr. Blair refuses, and says she is going to go through with the rape trial. Kelly does say if she forgave Kevin for the infidelity, she needs to let it go for Blair as well. But things still don't look "peachy" with these blonde cousins. Later Kevin and Kelly meet with Asa and the Govenor. Kevin states he wants to resign as Luitenant Govenor. Asa and the Govenor are in shock as Kelly and Kevin leave. Kelly claims she will stand by her man no matter what, and the two kiss.

Jessica in the meantime is working on an article about the Music Box killer, she interviews a few people, then spots Flash. She goes up to her cousin, who is with Riley. She asks her a few questions, to which Flash answers it was scary being "A worm on a hook" for the killer. Jess says thanks to her cousin and leaves the lovebirds alone. "The Lovebirds" get into a fight, Flash is annoyed at the cop lingering behind them and says, "We are having a fight do you mind." The cop says he will give them some privacy for a minute, but for Flash to stay put. They are back and forth about the band, Flash is angry that Riley doesn't seem to care about the band anymore and only cares about his lost cause of a father. Flash then storms out. A second later the cop comes back freaked out that Flash is gone, Riley points him to the door Flash just walked out of, and the cop runs to find her.

Back at the Gallery

Rex stops by to see Lindsay. He gives her a glass of wine to calm her nerves. She tells him how she thinks the killer is after her. Rex says all the other murders have been mainly college students, and suggests maybe this is a warning that Jen could be the target. She leaves to go see her daughter and tells Rex to lock up whenever he leaves. Later, as Lindsay approaches Jen's door, she turns and senses someone is watching her. We then see Lindsay through the bushes, so someone is watching her.

The Next Morning

Marcie hears the door and goes to open it, and its "Al." She tells him if she is looking for Jen she hasn't seen her since last night. He tells her he came to see her and brings her a book they were discussing. He tells her he is sorry, she tells him she had no way of knowing and all is forgiven. (But what about Lindsay, hmmmmmm)

That same morning Jess is walking out of the campus when she spots John McBain. She asks him if he can be of any help to her article. He tells her his FBI superiors have ordered him back to New Jersey, they belive Troy is the killer and they got their man. Jess asks John if he belives that, but he says it's out of his hands now and he is going back to NJ. Jess says how confused she is, if there is another killer, he was set to kill last night. John kind of shrugs and the two part ways. In the distance we see a music box, the camera rolls in closer we also see a body with blood, Sarah "Flash" Roberts!!!!!

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