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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 12, 2004 on GL
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Monday, January 12, 2004

In his hospital room, all surround Shayne as he attempts to stand up on his own. He soon tires and sits, but Josh is quick to remind him how his son was never one for giving up. Shayne tries again with the help of Remy, Josh, Marah, Reva and Rick. This time he finds his balance and one by one they let go. Nico watches from the window as Shayne takes a single step and then another toward an elated Marina. When Ed joins him in the hallway, Nico says, "Almost makes you believe in miracles." Unsmiling, Ed responds, "Almost" and walks away.

Back in the room, Shayne can't wait to get home and start making more progress. Marina leaves to call Frank and Buzz, thanking Nico for all his help along the way. Reva cries at seeing hope in her son's eyes once again. Ed enters and congratulates his patient; he envies Shayne's courage. Josh shares Ed's sentiment. Both men look forlorn. Reva notices and reminds them it is a happy occasion. When Ed walks away, Reva asks Josh what that was all about. He is hesitant to answer, but when he speaks, he asks his wife if she believes in redemption. She wonders where this is coming from - he seems so far away. Isn't Shayne walking again redemption enough? Shayne can't wait to go home for his mom's home cooking. As they start to leave, he insists on walking out of his hospital room. His family helps him to his feet.

Outside Shayne's room, Marina tells Marah she is thankful for the timing. She needed something uplifting right now in the midst of the Marianne Caruthers mess. She now admits her skepticism about the scarab rings is gone - her wish came true, and so did Michelle's (Danny's campaign for mayor is thriving). She asks Marah about her wish. Marah lies and says it was the same as Marina's, but if she had another one (vividly remembering her night of passion with Jeffrey), it would be for "someone who gets me... who would love me for me."

Eden stands in her bathtub covered with suds and tells Tony to take one last look. He relishes in the fact he is able to get to her. She grabs a towel and asks him to leave. Their cell phones ring simultaneously and a recorded voice tells them both Bill and Danny are in danger. He wants to meet tonight at Towers parking garage and warns them to tell no one. Not keen on his idea of "handling it," Eden won't let Tony go alone.

In the parking garage, Tony tries to persuade Eden to go back to the car as she's catching cold. She stifles her sneezing as he places his jacket around her shoulders. Suddenly, the lights go out and distant headlights blind them. A man in black stands in front of them and the same recorded voice tells them he'll do all the talking. He is dressed in a long black coat and refuses to come out of the darkness and show his face. He asks if they've told anyone about their last conversation. He assumes they have looked into who might be causing trouble for Danny and Bill. Laughing, he recalls the old radio show, "The Shadow Knows." When he mentions Danny's campaign, Tony becomes defensive. Eden thought this was about Lewis Construction. The Shadow says they are connected and that certain people behind the scenes are using the campaign for their own "corrupt purposes." He says Tony, especially, should know about whom he's talking. Tony swears the mob has nothing to do with his cousin's mayoral campaign; he's clean now. The Shadow laughs and says Danny did not bring the mob into Lewis... "Bill did."

Bill comes home to an empty apartment, peeks at Eden's proofs from the Bad Girl photo shoot and calls his girlfriend's voice mail. He invites her to meet him at Olivia's for a drink as he stares at the photo of Eden scantily-clad on horseback.

At Olivia's bar, Harley chokes down oysters, refusing more, "You know what they say about oysters." She implies Brad is trying to seduce her. Listening in from his office, Jeffrey O'Neill warns "Terrier" to be careful; Brad is the key to Spaulding. Harley admits her client is attractive, especially his position at such a powerful company. However, she is quick to mention Marie, Brad's wife. He promises their affair could be kept quiet. He spoons out another oyster to an unsuspecting Harley just as Gus surprises them. He thought she hated oysters. Brad says he just happened to run into Harley while she was waiting for her client and bought her a drink to thank her for all her help on the Lori Jensen case. As for the oysters, that was a bet. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a twenty for Harley just before excusing himself from the table. (Jeffrey is impressed by Brad's finesse). Harley removes her pin (the bug) and puts it in her purse, much to Jeffrey's dismay - she's still on the clock! Gus tells Harley he is concerned about Buzz. Gus saw him snap at Marina and now he's acting as if he were leaving town, even talked about changing Company's menu. Harley has a hard time believing that but suggests Alexandra may be the cause. When Gus mentions Spaulding Pharmaceuticals, Harley panics and leaves to see her dad.

On his way out, Gus meets Bill who is looking for Eden. Bill is hopeful his girlfriend and her brother can make amends and get along again. Gus insists he has tried. Bill offers to tell Eden he and Gus are working together. Once she discovers the two of them trusting each other she may see her brother in a new light. They get a drink to discuss it further. Bill proposes joint ventures between Spaulding and Lewis Construction. In the past, profits were lost simply because Josh and Alan didn't get along. He thinks he and Gus can change that situation. Gus reminds Bill that his stay at Spaulding is only temporary and he will be returning to the police force. Bill asks him to at least think about extending his stay. It'd be good for Spaulding, Lewis, and it may help Eden come to her senses about her brother, "It's good for everyone."

At Company, Buzz receives a package - his plane ticket to Athens. He excuses himself to the cellar, returns with his army duffel bag and begins writing a goodbye letter. He is sad he will miss Harley's wedding, he wants the best for Frank and Darcy, and hopes one day Marina will be able to forgive him. Harley arrives, sees the bag and begs her father to talk to her - she can handle it. He suspects she's been talking to Marina. When Harley says she knows everything, Buzz says he just wanted to "go quietly," and that everything is in the note. Harley wants to help and refuses to let him go. She promises she will get him the best doctors and treatments out there; she will not let him die! A confused Buzz assures her he is in perfect health. Relieved, Harley repeats what Gus told her about changing the menu and the possibility of leaving town. She was scared something was seriously wrong. They are interrupted by a waitress who hands Buzz the phone. On the other end, Marina cries happy tears and tells her grandpa how thrilled she is Shayne walked. Buzz says Shayne owes his progress to her because she stood by him through it all. He breaks off and covers his face with his hand. He says he is happy for them both and hangs up the phone. Harley sees Buzz's sad expression and asks what's wrong. He confesses he's felt useless lately and it gets him down. He tells Harley what Marina called about - Shayne is walking. Harley comments that both Shayne and Marina are two kids who never give up. She suggests Buzz stop moping and makes him promise not to change the menu. He agrees, and after she leaves, he rips up his goodbye letter.

Outside Company, a concerned Harley calls Frank. She believes Buzz is keeping something from them. She thinks they should give him his space rather than risk losing him again.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

The Shadow vanishes after telling Tony and Eden to follow the trail of crumbs. A cop stumbles across them and to divert his attention, Tony pulls Eden into a kiss. Eden wants to ask Bill point-blank if he's involved with the mob, but Tony thinks Eden should check out the paper trail at Lewis Construction. She'll have to get her hands on Bill's keys to do this. Later, Eden feels guilty as she watches Bill put the keys on the dresser.

Alan implies to Alexandra that Gus will replace Phillip as CEO. Bill sings Gus' praises to Alan and Alexandra; Alan reacts with fatherly pride.

Alexandra notes something's been bothering Buzz for weeks now. When Gus mentions Alan's car being found in the river, Alan becomes upset and leaves. Jeffrey asks Gus what's eating at his dear old dad.

Carrie is upset that Michelle isn't with Marina and Marah. After all, she summoned all of them. Michelle lies to her father about a busy night and sneaks out of the hospital, but a suspicious Ed follows her. Carrie wants to know how the men reacted to the letters. Things get tense between Carrie and Michelle.

A distressed Ed wants to call it quits, but Buzz and Alan force him to take them to where he last saw Michelle. At the museum, Buzz says Michelle must've realized she was being followed, because the women have disappeared. Meanwhile, Carrie leads the women into her secret room. From now on to be safe, this is where they'll meet.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

At the hospital, Rick confides to Michelle that he's going to ask Ed to take a leave of absence. Ed's lack of focus at work is endangering patients, and Michelle sadly agrees.

Meanwhile over at Company, Ed broods over a cup of coffee. Frank chats him up and voices his opinion that while Danny is a nice guy, he's not so sure that a nice guy doth a mayor make. Ed makes his excuses and exits.

At the museum, Marina, Marah and Reva are discussing Shayne's improvement. As Shayne enters the room in his wheelchair, Marina nags him to walk for Reva. Shayne snaps at her nagging and heads back to his room, and the women follow. Sandy shows up, and he and Marah have a conversation in the living room. He decides to stick his nose into her business and grills her about Jeffrey. Marah points out her business is none of his, but also goes on to cover up her liaison with Jeffrey.

Over at Eden's palace of love, Bill is sacked out in bed while Eden tries to work up the nerve to make copies of his office keys. Tony furthers her anxiety by calling from Danny's office for a progress report. He reminds her they need access to the Lewis files to ensure Bill's keeping his hands clean, thereby not endangering Danny's mayoral race.

Right after Tony hangs up with Eden, Danny enters the office. Tony questions him about Bill's trustworthiness. Danny states his faith in Bill, although adding he wouldn't trust him as much as he would trust family. Danny bugs Tony to take Bill's place but Tony begs off, preferring to watch Danny's back from outside the political arena.

Cassie shows up at Company to catch up on her friendship with Harley. Although Harley is distracted and pressed for time, the two talk about Cassie's unlikely relationships with the devious Olivia and the devilish Edmund. Cassie admits she loves Edmund, though she'll never love him (or anyone) like she loved Richard. She defends her relationship with Edmund and declares her happiness.

Back at the museum, Jeffrey drops by with a congratulatory present for Shayne. He and Marah converse privately, or so they think, in the living room. Although both profess to miss the other, Jeffrey reminds her that a relationship between them can never be. They make reference to their night together and then sadly part. Sandy then comes out of hiding, having eavesdropped on the entire conversation. Bristling, he goes off to confront Jeffrey. Sandy tracks Jeffrey down at Company and proceeds with a lot of macho posturing in the guise of protecting Marah and his family. Jeffrey calls him on it (in addition to getting Sandy in an arm lock) and lets the young man know he gets what's really bothering him: Sandy loves Marah, and it's killing him because he can't have her. As Jeffrey shoves the young man away, Sandy mutters sadly he (Jeffrey) can't have her either.

Over at the hospital, Ed shoves a lab report at Rick, which shows he has a clean blood alcohol screening. Rick asserts he knows his dad hasn't been drinking, but something is definitely up with him. Rick tries to persuade Ed to take a long holiday with the invisible Holly, but Ed sees through his charade. Ed accuses Rick of seeing him as a liability to the patients, something Rick can't deny. They say a lot of hurtful things to each other, ending with Rick not believing the man before him is really his father, and Ed stating Rick is not behaving like a loyal son. Fresh off this confrontation, Ed pops some prescription pills.

Reva and Shayne are alone in his bedroom, and she praises her son's determination to overcome his injuries. She then says she senses Shayne is on the verge of being a quitter.

Eden makes the key copies while Bill is showering, but suffers great and teary pangs of guilt. Bill goes off to work, and Tony shows up immediately thereafter. He praises Eden on doing what needs to be done, but Eden still suffers from guilt. She points out there could be another scenario their friend The Shadow alluded to - that Danny is the one who still has ties to the Syndicate. Tony denies this, claiming Danny is squeaky-clean. At that moment, however, Danny is welcoming the mobster Salerno into his hotel room.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Ross asks Blake to be his campaign manager, but she says he should hire someone who really knows how to win elections.

Salerno visits Danny. He offers a five-figure check made out to cash, but Danny refuses to accept it. Later, Bill suggests Ross has broken the law by exceeding his campaign limits. Ross lets Danny and Bill know the law allows him to use his unused Senate campaign funds. Danny realizes he can't win the money war with Ross.

Jeffrey asks Harley about her breakfast with Brad. Brad is turning up the heat romantically and Harley can hardly stand it. She tells Jeffrey that Brad and Alexandra used to be an item. Alexandra wonders why Harley has been pumping Brad for information about her. Buzz suggests Alex have lunch with Harley. Meanwhile, Jeffrey gives Harley the same idea. Not thrilled at all, Alex calls Harley and invites her to lunch at Towers.

Shayne admits to his parents that he is scared. Josh assures him that he will never be disappointed in anything he does as long as he gives it his best shot. Reva tells Shayne a story to show him that he needs to start living again.

Billy, close to ordering two fingers of bourbon, calls Josh for support. Josh insists nothing is worth hitting the bottle ever again. Billy apologizes to his brother for not looking out for him in the past.

Harley and Alexandra sit down to an awkward lunch.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Alex and Harley sit down for lunch, each sizing up the other. They throw around some petty banter, and then the conversation turns to Alex and Brad Green's past relationship. Harley tries to dig for more information, but Alex counters by turning the conversation to Gus and insinuates that Gus' stay at Spaulding may be longer than Harley thinks. Harley proclaims Gus to be a cop through and through, but Alex counters that what others want for their lives doesn't count, and what Alan wants for them does.

Alan and Olivia run into each other outside of Phillip's room. He offers to buy her out of Spaulding so that she can set up shop elsewhere. Olivia is initially outraged, but agrees to look at any agreement his lawyers draw up. Meanwhile, Phillip is hallucinating. He imagines himself as a lawyer who is grilling...well, himself on what he wants out of life. Alan enters to visit, while Olivia stays to talk with a just-arrived Dr. Langham. Alan is dismayed that Phillip appears catatonic, while Dr. Langham exposits to Olivia that Phillip is clinically depressed and not psychotic. He further goes on to say that being non-responsive is Phillip's way of coping, and that he really does understand what's being said to him. While Alan vows to keep Phillip safe from Olivia, Olivia vows to look out for Phillip and his interests. Olivia takes her turn to visit Phillip and manages to elicit a small response from him. She goes on to say that she's accepting his marriage proposal from a few months before.

Cassie and Danny exchange pleasantries at the Beacon as an intrigued Jeffrey observes. After Danny leaves for an interview, Jeffrey approaches Cassie and voices his approval of her keeping a low profile re: her business relationship and friendship with Danny. Through a series of manipulations, he gets her to openly back Danny for mayor before letting her know that she did exactly what he wanted.

Michelle busts Buzz for following her. They then argue about invasion of privacy, with Michelle taking a ride on her moral high horse. Ed interrupts, and privately Buzz lets him know that another meeting is needed. Buzz calls Billy and Josh and instructs them not to tell Alan. Once all the men are assembled at Company, Buzz voices his theory on the mystery tormentor. He theorizes that the person hasn't approached them directly because he/she wants to get their revenge through the children (Marah, Michelle and Marina); i.e., an eye for an eye. Alan shows up (having been alerted by Billy) and proceeds to tell them that they need to find and then get rid of the tormentor.

Meanwhile, Carrie makes a phone call to an acquaintance from her European travels. She intimates that she wants to tell the story of Maryanne Caruthers. The recipient of the call? Jeffrey O'Neill.

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