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JR blackmailed Babe. Jamie convinced Paul to talk about the helicopter crash. David stopped Babe from telling Bianca the truth. Zach admitted to Maria that he was aware that Michael had turned into a monster. Greenlee told Ethan that Zach was Alexander Cambias, Jr.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 11, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, October 11

JR showed Babe a videotape that had been secretly recorded when Bess had been taken by her nanny. In the edited video, Babe and Jamie implied that JR would be better off if he were killed. JR used the tape to blackmail Babe, saying that if she didn't sign away custody of Bess, he would use the tape in court to have both Babe and Jamie thrown behind bars. Babe didn't blink, saying that maybe she would take matters into her own hands and kill JR after all. That way, she figured, JR wouldn't get custody of Bess either.

Jamie ran into Paul Cramer at SOS. He bought Paul round after round of drinks hoping to get him drunk. Paul did show signs of becoming tipsy, but he didn't blab anything about switching the babies as Jamie had hoped. After Paul walked way, Jamie remained convinced that Paul was up to no good.

Tad's sudden appearance spooked Kelly Buchanan. Kelly accused Krystal of spying on her and said that she would do the "right thing" without any intervention from Krystal of her friend. Krystal was furious that Tad had spoiled her chance to get Kelly to spill. Tad tried to dig for information on why Krystal was chatting up Kelly, but he didn't quite get to the real reason. Krystal then said that she would give Tad the answer to his question but it wasn't the question or the answer that he had expected. Krystal told Tad that she could not accept his marriage proposal.

Maria denied that she had "swooned" when Zach revealed that he had faked his own death. Maria pleaded with Edmund to drop his personal grudge against Zach, but Edmund stubbornly refused. Maria argued that Edmund's determination to stick it to Zach was taking away from the time that they could be spending together. Edmund stated that as long as Zach was a part of their lives, he would try to find a way to get rid of him.

In Zach's office, Zach revealed that he still had a copy of the surveillance video that showed David boxing up Adam and shipping him off to Mongolia. David knew that he couldn't match monetary bribes with Adam, so he asked Zach what was keeping him from turning him into the police. Zach explained that he hadn't figured out who he liked least David or Adam. David was certain that Zach would eventually side with Adam, but asked Zach for a few weeks to help resolve a matter of urgency to his daughter, Babe. Zach admitted to liking Babe and seemed to agree that David had bought himself a few week's worth of time. David quietly fantasized about getting Paul to sign a confession that he had been solely responsible for the baby swap. Still daydreaming, David then chuckled evilly as he signed what he said was Paul Cramer's death certificate.

Tuesday, October 12

Babe tells a dismayed David and Krystal that she signed over custody of Bess to JR. Krystal explains to a surprised Babe that Kelly Buchanan denied that Paul stole a baby for her.

David prevents Babe from telling Bianca the truth but assures her that he has a plan to get Paul to make a full confession.

Jonathan accuses Ethan of pretending to be someone he's not. Ethan later connects with Kendall and they both head out to get the shirt from Bianca, who says it's gone. As it turns out, Jonathan stole the shirt with plans to destroy it.

Bianca tells Zach that they're both stuck in the past that they can't seem to shake free of. Kendall and Ethan hunt through Michael's condo, looking for something that might have his DNA on it. Meanwhile, Ryan and Greenlee decide to cut their honeymoon shirt and return to Pine Valley so they can uncover the truth about Zach and Ethan.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Reggie and Dani planned to confront the "hot girls" in the music store. The hot girls invited Dani to one of their parties, but Dani said she would be busy with a Fusion party. Dani asked for help with Calculus homework and they said they have a weirdo friend who will do it if she'll get them into the Fusion party. Dani wondered if they all share everything and if they all have the same nasty std, the one she learned about on a text message on her phone. They all freaked out and Dani reminded them it's not so funny when the joke is on them. Reggie came over and they defended Lily and warned them to stay away from her or they'd spread the word about the std. Reggie was very impressed with Dani and they left to go home.

At home, Jack was beside himself with how to reach Lily and have her stop being mad at him for ruining her life. He tried to explain that if the girls asked her to do their homework, they are not really friends. Jack was harsh and told her those girls never really liked her. Lily was very upset and ran into her room. Livia came over to discuss a law issue and Jack asked for help with Lily. Lily finally came out and talked to Jack and Livia and said she was going to bed. She went to the music store instead, to see her friends, who were busy dissing Dani. Lily explained she really does want to be their friend and they left the store with her.

Bianca and Kendall were stumped by the disappearance of the shirt with possible Miranda DNA. Ethan accused Zach of taking the shirt and wondered why he wants to keep him from his birthright. Erica walked in and told Ethan it was time for him to leave town. Accusations flew over who took the shirt and Zach tried to throw blame on Ryan, which gave Bianca another suspect and she ran out. Erica offered to talk to Ethan alone and Kendall and Zach left. Back at the condos, Zach tried to befriend Kendall, but they only argued over the past, rejection and revenge. He accused her of fighting her battles through Ethan. He stopped her from slapping him and told her she can't handle the truth. Zach warned her to stay away from Ethan and offered to pay for her therapy. Kendall accused him of having his own issues about Michael, who was a twisted monster.

Maggie went to Jonathan's and found him burning Bianca's camisole. He said he had to protect his family and Maggie said he is hurting someone she loves. He tried to explain his childhood traumas and fear of Ryan leaving him behind again. He begged Maggie to tell him how to make it up to Bianca and left to tell Bianca, who was standing at the door when he opened it. She asked if he took the shirt. He started to explain when Maggie told her he didn't take it. Bianca left and Jonathan was surprised she lied for him. She explained just didn't see the point of hurting Bianca by telling her. He told her he is falling in love with her.

Erica confronted Ethan about his closeness to her daughters. She told him he is clever and cunning and using her daughters. She reminded him of how hurtful it is for him to be proving he is related to the animal who raped Bianca, tried to rape her and Kendall. She accused him of being evil enough to be a Cambias. Ethan said he understood her concerns but he still wanted to prove who he is and asked for any suggestions. Erica continued to be suspicious of him and his motives. He explained if he is a Cambias, he'd like to make up to her daughters for the hurt that's been caused. Erica was moved and asked him how shooting Ryan fits into that plan.

Bianca arrived to apologize to Ethan for not having the shirt. Ethan was sympathetic and confident of finding another tactic and left. Bianca and Erica hugged.

Thursday, October 14

At the Fusion offices, Kendall and Jonathan are snippy with each other and use Simone as somewhat of a go between to snarkily relay messages. Ethan interrupts with his arrival and Jonathan immediately goes off. Simone takes this opportunity to leave the room. Jonathan tells Ethan that he is not welcome at Fusion, but Ethan merely tries to avoid dealing with him, stating that he is there to see Kendall. Jonathan will have none of it, especially because he thinks any business he has can be conducted via phone. As Ethan informs Jonathan that the business doesn't concern him, Ryan and Greenlee come in behind him. Ryan pipes up and asks if Ethan has any business that he would like to finish with him. Ethan, clearly irritated, approaches Kendall and asks if she is all right. Kendall hadn't returned his phone calls, and he wanted to check up on her. Kendall, more worried about Ethan among the current crowd, suggests they talk elsewhere. Before they can leave, Ryan stops them. He tells Ethan that he may have a way to find out exactly who he is. Ryan invites Ethan to the roof to chat, but Ethan wonders aloud if Ryan plans to push him off. Ryan promises that in his current state, he is of no threat to Ethan. While Jonathan performs a quick search of Ethan for concealed weapons, Greenlee expresses her concern about her husband being alone with the suspected marksman. Ryan assures her that he will be fine, but her fears are not allayed.

After they leave, Jonathan goes to call security in case Ryan needs backup. While he is in the other room, Greenlee and Kendall talk about how they got where they are from where they were when they started Fusion. They talk about all the damage that was done, especially when it came to fighting over Ryan. Greenlee admits that she pushed Kendall to desperation, but Kendall corrects her. She says that she went over the edge on her own. They wonder if they can ever get back to where they were, but Greenlee suggests that they just start by not being enemies.

Up on the roof, Ryan hints that he may be able to help Ethan out, but he has questions he needs answered before they proceed. He wants to know what his connection is with Zach Slater. He is confused why, if they didn't know each other before [in England], why Zach continues to want to help him. Ethan is unsure as to what that has to do with the search for his identity. He lets on to his frustration, as Ryan seems to be all about lies and empty promises. He tells Ryan that he is simply trying to prove who he is and he can either accept it or not. Ryan wants to know what the consequences would be if he chooses not to accept it. Ethan tells him that there is more than one way to get Ryan out of the picture. Ryan says that if he didn't know better, what Ethan said could sound like a direct threat. Ethan clarifies by saying that the board members seem willing to accept his mother's letter as truth, and they can vote Ryan out and install him as CEO. Ryan tells him that they simply want a puppet and he will not win that way. Ethan thinks that it is all a part of Ryan's bluff and that he really doesn't have anything of use for him. Ryan assures him that he does - but has decided not to share it. He warns him not to trust Zach. Ryan tells Ethan that Zach has many faces, and he should be careful and make note of which one Zach has out before trying to deal with him. Ryan leaves Ethan on the rooftop to contemplate all that has been said.

Back down in the Fusion offices, Greenlee questions Kendall's loyalty to Ethan out of concern for her husband. She is worried that Ethan will hurt Ryan, but Kendall promises she would never let that happen. Greenlee asks Kendall if she is crazy and Kendall cringes. She denies being crazy, and tells her old friend that she wishes people would stop using that as an excuse simply because they don't understand. After looking at her thoughtfully for a moment, Greenlee asks if Kendall is attempting to convince her - or herself. Ryan returns to the office sans Ethan, and Kendall asks after his whereabouts. Ryan kids that he had to push Ethan off the roof, but Kendall thinks his joke is in poor taste. She heads to the roof to see if she can catch up with Ethan. When she leaves, Greenlee asks Ryan what he learned. Ryan admits that he got a lot of attitude but very little information. He tells her that as far as he could tell, Ethan is unaware that Zach might actually be his father. Just then, Jonathan comes back into the room and tells Ryan that security is at the ready. Ryan assures him that the guards are unnecessary as he has everything under control. He then tells Greenlee that he has some errands to run and asks Jonathan to keep an eye on her, quipping that she would make him an uncle one day. After Ryan's departure, Jonathan goes overboard being nice to Greenlee and she has to remind him that she isn't actually pregnant. Regardless, he runs off to get her some orange juice as a preemptive strike of sorts. When he is out of the room, Greenlee muses about the joy of a little Ryan.

Back on the roof, Kendall meets up with Ethan, who has been taking in the view and contemplating all that had transpired between he and Ryan. Kendall confesses that everyone was right: they have told her that she is so gung-ho to find out who Ethan is as a way to work through her own issues. She asks if she somehow forced him into his current position, and apologizes if that is the case. Ethan, finally shaken from his stoic silence, tells her that he made the choice to stay on his own. He tells her that she shouldn't blame herself - especially not for what is going to happen. Kendall, appearing slightly alarmed, asks if he intends to harm Ryan. Ethan stares back at Kendall, but offers no answers.

At the Montgomery residence, Jack and Reggie are attempting to clear a clog from the drain of the kitchen sink. Once the job is completed, Jack realizes the time and asks Reggie to wake his sister, as sleeping in is not in Lily's schedule. Reggie goes to do so but returns moments later and informs his father that Lily isn't in her room. Jack calls Derek to report Lily's disappearance but is unable to furnish any real clues as he is unaware of how long she had been gone. As he discusses the possibilities, Reggie's cell phone rings. It's Dani, and although he initially tries to brush her off in lieu of looking for Lily, he quickly changes his mind. Dani tells Reggie that Lily is at school, and that he and Jack need to come down immediately. She refuses to say whether Lily is all right, and instead just urges them to hurry.

In the interim, the "cool girls" try to convince a scantily clad Lily that she is hot, and that all she needs to complete the package is a boyfriend. Jack arrives and sends the girls away. He gently tells Lily that she needs to go home because she isn't dressed appropriately. This disruption to her schedule upsets Lily - as she doesn't understand how what the girls encouraged her to do is wrong.

While they talk, Reggie and Dani talk to the girls around the corner. Dani doesn't have any reason to not send the rumor around that the girls have STDs. Reggie tells them that they will stop picking on his sister or they will have him to deal with. Jack joins Dani and Reggie and confronts the "cool girls" about what they did to Lily. The start to insist that they were only trying to do something nice, but he reveals that he knows about Lily doing their homework. As they attempt to look sheepish, Jack tells them that he should tell their parents. They half-heartedly apologize, but walk away mostly unscathed. As they head back to talk to Lily some more, they see a boy trying to hit on Lily. She handles the situation awkwardly, but Reggie ends it, knowing exactly what the boy wants from Lily. Jack suggests again that they go home, but Lily wants to know why Jack is upset and what she did wrong. Sensing his daughter's increasing amount of stress, he agrees to let her stay if she wears a jacket and keeps it zipped. She happily obliges and prepares to head off to class. Dani, not meaning to overstep boundaries, asks Jack if he has talked to Lily about the birds and the bees. Jack tells her that Lily had a class when she was away at school, but Dani doesn't think that will be sufficient. She thinks that Jack needs to help Lily make it apply to herself: he needs to teach her how to handle interacting with boys, and how to say no when she feels like she wants to say yes. Jack, although appearing mortified, agrees that he needs to step up and thanks Dani for her insight. Reggie and Dani say they need to get to class, and once they are away from Jack, they start to plan. Reggie thinks the "cool girls" need to suffer a lot more than a rumour about STDs would inflict. He tells her that he has a plan that will do some serious damage.

Over at the graveyard, Zach arrives and after glancing at Michael's grave, notices Myrtle sitting on a nearby bench. As she tries to get up and falters, he tries to assist her. She refuses his help, saying she knows exactly who he is. Wearing a familiar, slightly panic-stricken face, Zach waits for her to tell him exactly who she thinks he is. She tells him that she knows he was behind the "Murder" game at the casino where Ryan got shot, and she scolds him for digging up the past. She tells him that Michael was an awful person - a menace to this town - and no one needed to be reminded. Zach tells her that he is looking for the truth about Michael, and asks her if she would give him her opinion. She originally denies his request because she doesn't think she could do so without using language unbefitting for a lady. Zach tells her that he would appreciate it if she could try. She tells him that Michael was monstrous and evil and that he preyed on other people. He used his hardships as a reason to indulge in a lust for power and domination instead of rising above. She goes on to say that weak people sink into and enjoy the evils of the world, and Michael was one of the weak. Zach thanks her for being so candid, but she doesn't let him get off that easy. She wants to know why he is so interested in the history and he simply replies that some ghosts need to be buried. He promises that in his quest for truth, he would not hurt Bianca. She assures him that if he did, he wouldn't have to question for an instant the hand at his throat, making him pay for such a crime.

Over at Wildwind, as Maria pours juice for breakfast and chatters happily, Edmund sits stone-faced waiting for a break. When he finds one, he tells her that they need to talk about the man who is always in the room with them. Initially Maria insists that she has moved on with regard to Zach, but Edmund stops her. Perplexed, Maria waits for an explanation. He tells her that he is to blame for Zach being a constant presence between them. He has been holding a grudge against Zach for once loving her, and once making love to her. He has been having issues with being in a wheelchair and not being the man he used to be, and dealing with it by conducting his endless search for the truth about Zach. He apologizes for all that he has put her through and promises that, as of today, it's over. He admits that he will be willing to aid the police in any way he can if they come up with something - because if Zach is guilty of shooting Ryan, he should pay for it. However, his personal crusade is over. Maria is ecstatic about this new turn they have taken and seals the promise by laying a kiss on her husband. They start to talk about making plans for the holidays when her cell phone rings. She answers it and finds Zach on the other end of the line. He tells her that he is at the cemetery, at Michael's grave and that he needs her. In vague language, so as not to tip Edmund off, she says she will be right there. She apologizes for abruptly leaving in the middle of their planning, but there is an emergency. Edmund says that he is fine, and that they can pick up where they left off that night, over candlelight.

Shortly after her departure, Aidan arrives to see Edmund. He starts to fill Edmund in on the lack of updates he has, but Edmund seems unfazed. He announces that they should leave the investigation to the police because he has better things to do with his time. Aidan, stunned, asks what brought about this turn of events. Edmund tells him that he is more interested in showing Maria exactly how much he loves her. As Edmund continues to tell Aidan that a future with Maria is all that is important, Ryan walks in. He tells the duo that he thinks he knows who Zach Slater really is. Ryan thinks that once Edmund knows the truth, he may change his mind about giving up the search.

Over at the graveyard, Maria arrives and Zach tells her that he is starting to believe all of the things he is hearing about Michael. He tells her that two people, besides her, have been completely honest with him and he has no more reason to deny it. Maria guesses that Bianca is one of the people he has spoken with, but inquires after the other. Zach tells her about his encounter with one Myrtle Fargate and fills her in on what she told him about Michael. Zach is torn up inside because he believes that everything is his fault. Maria counters and tells him that Michael was responsible for his own actions. Zach clarifies and says that if he had stayed instead of leaving his brother with Alex Sr., he could have prevented Michael from becoming who he was. Zach believes that he could have stopped Michael from inflicting that pain on Pine Valley. He goes on to tell her that he hears both his father's voice and brother's voice in his head, blaming him. Zach believes, in a roundabout way, he is responsible for Michael's murder.

At Wildwind, Ryan asks Edmund and Aidan to think about a car crash, where the fire was so hot that the body was burned to ashes. He asks them to think about how protective Zach has been with regard to Ethan ever since he arrived in town. And then he tells them, as realization dawns on their faces, that he believes Zach is really Alexander Cambias, Jr.

Friday, October 15

Maggie goes to see Bianca to check to see how she is. Bianca tells Maggie that although the camisole was just a shirt, it had a lot of meaning to her. Maggie tries to divert Bianca from the "stolen" theory and says that maybe she lost the shirt. Bianca argues that someone broke into her apartment and shows Maggie her front door lock, which has been scratched from someone picking it. When Bianca goes to call the police, Maggie warns her they will only think she is crazy for getting worried over a shirt. Bianca points out that if she had walked in the robber, he or she may have hurt her. Maggie blurts out, "he would have never hurt you." Bianca puts the phone down and realizes that Jonathan stole the shirt and Maggie has been lying for him. She tells her that she could understand why Jonathan might not tell the truth, but Maggie, her won best friend lying to her is something she can't accept. Maggie says that she did not want her to hate Jonathan because they are falling in love. Bianca is shocked that Maggie would choose her new boy toy over their long lasting friendship. When she asks for her shirt back, Maggie tells her that she can't have it back; the shirt was burned. A heartbroken Bianca tells Maggie to get out.

Greenlee seems to be the envy of perfection and joy as she bounces around the Fusion office with a smile plastered on her face. Simone tells her she is just amazed at her transformation-from marriage to talk of babies. Greenlee removes her wedding ring and hands it to Simone, doting that "there is your key to happiness." Simone and Jonathan are shocked, but Greenlee immediately snatches it back when she realizes Simone thinks she was giving it to her permanently.

Ethan tells Kendall that he does not want to hurt Ryan or anybody to prove who he is and Kendall offers to catch him before he falls into something deeper. Ethan asks her if she ever thought of giving up when she first came to Pine Valley and tried to win Erica's love. Kendall admits that she only wanted to be like her mother, since her father turned out to be so rotten, but with him, it seems that every seed is rotten. He tells her that even if he gets the money and companies, he will still feel like a failure for turning into his grandfather. She tells him that he can stop his quest to be a Cambias now in Pine Valley without leaving. Ethan jokes that she would not miss him, but she disagrees. She retorts that incase he had not noticed, her list of friends is not big. He also tells her about both of his offers to leave town and forget his quest, which Kendall says aren't too shabby.

Edmund refuses to believe that Zach might be Alexander Cambias Jr. and snaps at Ryan and Aidan to shut up about their theory. He wheels himself out of the garden, leaving Ryan and Aidan to ponder what his real problem is. Ryan and Aidan wonder why he has dropped Zach after months of hard work. Ryan and Aidan agree to continue searching their theory about Zach and Ryan leaves. Edmund returns and Aidan asks him why he got upset. Edmund tells him that if their theory is true, then Maria may have lied to him and she would never withhold information from him that important.

Maria embraces Zach and tells him not to blame himself for what Michael did to Bianca. Erica just happens to walk by and can't help but to mimic, "I guess they ran out of rooms at the Pine Cone Hotel." She calls their behavior disgusting and Maria immediately tells her to mind her own business. When Zach tries to walk away, he expects Maria to follow but she tells him she wants to talk to Erica alone. Maria tells her she has overstepped her bounds and then Erica retorts that Maria and Zach are lovers. She even goes as far as to say that Maria must be the reason he even came to town. Erica says that Maria just wants her to keep her mouth shut about what she saw. Maria scoffs that no one believes anything she says anymore, especially after she ran out on Bianca and lived it up in Las Vegas with her brother-in-law. Erica says that if she gets Ethan and Zach to leave town, she will keep her little graveyard romance a secret. She tells Erica that she won't let her use Edmund for her own personal gain, like she has with her family.

Zach goes to visit Bianca after Maggie has left and immediately begins apologizing. He tells her that he finally believes all of the evil things people have said about Michael and asks her how he can help her. Bianca is grateful for his offer, but tells him he is not responsible for Michael's actions. She does say that he could try to get some evidence for Ethan to prove he is a Cambias, since her shirt is gone. Zach refuses and tells her that the Cambias name is a curse and if Ryan is not careful, the money will suck him in too.

Edmund has a vision while sitting outside that he and Zach are in front of each other, circling around, with Zach claiming his stake to Maria. When he realizes he is daydreaming, Maria walks in and asks him what is wrong.

Ethan and Kendall go back downstairs to the Fusion office where Ethan tells Ryan he wishes they could find some peace. Ryan offers to meet him tomorrow and joins Kendall on the elevator. Ethan tells Greenlee soon he will be out of her hair, he just wanted some answers. She tells him that he has been asking the wrong folks then. "You should ask Zach since he is Alexander Cambias Jr.," Greenlee replies matter-of-factly.

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