All My Children Recaps: The week of January 31, 2005 on AMC
Ryan learned that Jonathan had hit Maggie. JR subpoenaed Bianca to testify against Babe. Kevin Buchanan warned JR to stay away from Ace. Babe revealed the results of Ace's DNA test.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 31, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, January 31, 2005

After Greenlee tells Kendall that she and Ryan are trying to get pregnant, Kendall becomes upset and tries to leave. Erica meets up with them and senses that Kendall is upset and demands to know what Greenlee said to her. Greenlee is confused and tells Erica that she doesn't know what upset her and that she only mentioned that she and Ryan were trying to start a family. After exchanging barbs, Erica questions Greenlee on the timing of her announcement, knowing that Kendall still has feelings for Ryan.

Lily continues to put herself in danger as she tells Jonathan that she is working on a case and is looking to find drugs in his apartment. Jonathan is determined to know who "hired" her. As Lily tries to get away from him, Jonathan grabs her by the arm. Lily becomes upset and tells him about her Autism and how she can't be touched. Jonathan isn't phased whatsoever and still wants to know who she is working for.

Livia Frye gave Ethan the witness list that she was going to present at his trial. On that list was Ryan and Zach. Ethan refused to have them testify, telling Livia about holding a gun on Zach with Ryan witnessing. Livia couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Bianca finally persuades Ryan to go with her to Jonathan and Maggie's apartment. They walked in on Jonathan, Aidan and Lily discussing why Lily was looking for information on Jonathan. A shouting match among all of them left Lily upset. Lily accidentally told everyone that she was working on a case and a furious Jonathan demanded to know who hired Aidan. Ryan came to the conclusion that it was Kendall who hired Aidan. Ryan made Jonathan leave with him and brought him back to his place. Back at Ryan's, Ryan wanted Jonathan to tell him if he, indeed, hit Maggie. Reluctantly, Jonathan admitted that he hit her.

Back at Aidan's loft, Aidan discussed with Lily how dangerous his job is. Lily was confused since she thought they were a good team. Aidan comforted her by touching her arm. Lily is pleasantly surprise that his touch didn't hurt. Lily asked a hesitant Aidan to touch her again. Elated that they could now touch each other in similar ways to the way Dani and Reggie touch, Lily raced out of the loft to think about her future with her new boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Bianca tried to get through to Maggie. She explained the signs of abuse that she read about. Maggie thought about what Bianca was telling her as she began to defend Jonathan's actions. Maggie then told Bianca that she wasn't lovable by anyone. Bianca told Maggie that she was smart, beautiful, funny and strong and was a rock when she needed her most. Bianca pulled a tearful Maggie closer to her and kissed her.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Maria and Maddie spend some time together ice skating at the lake. While Maria warms up in the boathouse, Maddie takes advantage of the extra 10 minutes her mother granted her before leaving by returning to the lake to skate. She is soon joined by Zach. Maria tries to convince Zach that she is happily reunited with Edmund and that they are planning a family ski vacation. Zach isn't convinced and tells her so. Their conversation is cut short when Maddie returns to the boathouse. Later, Anita shows up hoping to meet up with Maria and Maddie only to discover they had left from Zach who is still there. She asks him why he did it, referring to Bobby's beating but Zach deliberately misunderstands her and tells her that it turned out Bobby was not the man he thought he was so he fired him. Anita lets him know that she hopes Bobby is far away where nobody can find him and beat him up again. She then warns Zach to stay away from her and her family. Zach insists that he wants only the best for Maria but Anita doesn't buy into it. She makes it clear to him that Maria and Edmund are happy together and that she sees through his concern for Maria. She knows that Zach would like nothing better than to destroy Maria's marriage. Zach doesn't deny it.

At home, Edmund is frustrated when Derek tells him that Bobby left the hospital and hailed a cab of his own accord. Edmund insists that Zach is behind it but Derek isn't convinced. He tells Edmund that in all likelihood, Bobby was getting even with Zach by making false allegations and then left town. After Derek leaves, Edmund puts a call into one of his contacts and instructs him to keep a close eye on Bobby's Cayman account, convinced that Bobby will access it as soon as possible. When he does, Edmund intends to be prepared to bring him back to Pine Valley. Just as he ends the call, Maria and Maddie return. When Edmunds asks Maria if Anita had heard from Bobby yet, she reminds him that it's doubtful that Anita would since their divorce is final. Maria then tries to plan their ski trip but Edmund isn't receptive. He tells her that the timing isn't right for a vacation because he has work to do. Maria is a bit taken aback and questions him about his commitment to making their relationship work. Edmund assures her that he wants nothing more than to get their marriage back on track and that part of his work is to ensure just that. Maria is doubtful. She tells him that she feels his work isn't drawing them closer but pulling them further apart. When Edmund asks her to trust him, Maria reluctantly agrees before retiring to their bedroom.

Kendall is babysitting Miranda when Ethan arrives at Bianca's loft. She blurts out to Ethan that she's still in love with Ryan. To her surprise, Ethan takes the announcement in stride. He lifts up a gift that he brought for Miranda and begins talking about assembling it. Kendall questions how he can take her announcement about being in love with another man so easily but rather than answer her, Ethan gives her a kiss then proceeds to try to assemble Miranda's gift. Worried that she has wrecked their relationship with her bout of honesty, Kendall asks him if she did. Rather than answer her, Ethan asks her if that was her intention when she told him about her feelings for Ryan. Ethan is pleased when she tells him no. He directs his attention back on to the toddler activity bouncer he wants to put together but Kendall isn't satisfied with his reply. She continues to question Ethan about his reaction to her declaration about Ryan so he asks her when the revelation came to her. Was it when Ryan asked her to run away to the Caribbean with him so that he can obtain a quickie divorce and marry her? Kendall is quick to tell him that just the opposite is the case. That Ryan and Greenlee are happily married and intend on starting a family. Ethan smiles and then resumes putting the bouncer together. Kendall is dumbfounded. She is unable to understand how Ethan can be so blasé about such a serious matter. Ethan offers to talk to her about it all night if that would please her but that it's not necessary to do so for his benefit. Kendall smiles and relaxes for the first time. She tells him that he's unlike any man she's ever met which has Ethan confessing that she too is unlike any woman he's ever known. They share a tender kiss. Kendall tells Ethan that he makes her feel like anything is possible. He in turn confesses responds that the closer he got to Kendall the more he wanted her. They happily assemble the bouncer, a product of one of the subsidiary companies owned by Cambias Enterprises.

After sharing a kiss with Aidan at his apartment, Anita tells him that her divorce was official as of that day. Aidan is pleasantly surprised by the news but is interrupted when Greenlee walks in, upset that Jonathan knows about the investigation. At the mention of Jonathan's name, Anita makes a comment that has them both turning their attention to her. When they question her, Anita tells them about her and Bianca's suspicion that Jonathan had hit Maggie. Aidan isn't surprised. He informs the both of them that his investigation has revealed that Jonathan had been arrested before for assaulting a woman named Lorraine Rossiter. Greenlee wants to know why, if that's the case, he isn't in jail. Aidan explains to them that he was put on probation and was ordered to take anger management classes. Anita makes her excuses and leaves. Alone with Aidan, Greenlee lets him know just how upset she is with him. She is convinced that now that Jonathan knows he's being investigated he will make sure to cover his tracks which might keep them from ever proving that he was the person who was responsible for her poisoning. She goes on to remind Aidan that without concrete proof she will never be able to convince Ryan that Jonathan is guilty. Aidan assures her that if there's proof out there, he will find it. Greenlee isn't reassured. She's then begins sharing her concerns that Ryan won't be able to handle losing another brother the way that he did Braden. Aidan tells her that if Jonathan is cut from the same cloth as Braden then maybe Ryan would be better off. As Aidan and Greenlee discuss the situation, Greenlee is torn between instructing Aidan to drop the case entirely and going ahead with the investigation. As she talks things through with Aidan she realizes that she really doesn't have any choice but to find out if Jonathan is guilty of what they all suspect. She realizes that until they know definitively, she will always worry that he would try it again.

Ryan confronts Jonathan about abusing Maggie. When Jonathan brings up Greenlee's poisoning, inferring that Ryan suspects him of it, Ryan asks him if he did drug his wife. Greenlee walks in just at that moment and awaits an answer. Rather than saying one way or another if he did it, Jonathan turns on Greenlee accusing her of hiring Aidan to investigate him. Realizing that things are quickly spiraling out of control, Ryan asks Greenlee to leave so that he can talk to Jonathan in private. Greenlee is understanding and leaves the apartment to go see Aidan. Left alone, Ryan once again faces his brother. He tells Jonathan that he doesn't believe that Jonathan poisoned Greenlee but he did, by his own admission, hit Maggie and that needs to be addressed. Jonathan tries to explain what drove him to strike Maggie. He tells Ryan that he'd been upset that day because Ryan had given up Cambias Enterprises. He had gotten drunk and when Maggie came home, she started in on him. Ryan can't believe his ears. He asks Jonathan if he hears himself. If he realizes that he's trying to blame Maggie for what Jonathan did to her. Jonathan refuses to take responsibility and tries to leave but Ryan refuses to let him. He tells Jonathan that he won't let Jonathan be like his father or their brother, Braden. He goes on to tell Jonathan the truth about Braden, that he had raped a woman. Jonathan is enraged to be compared to his father and brother and once again attempts to leave. Ryan physically restrains Jonathan all the while telling him that he refuses to loose another brother and will do whatever is necessary to get Jonathan the help that he needs. As Jonathan reveals his true fear, that Ryan will leave him as he did when he was a kid, Ryan tells him over and over that he will never do that again until he convinces Jonathan. Jonathan finally believes him and tearfully embraces his brother.

After kissing Maggie, Bianca confesses to her that she thinks she's fallen in love with her. Maggie's reaction is clearly not what Bianca is expecting. She questions Bianca's sudden change of feelings and accuses her of trying to martyr herself, sacrificing her own happiness to save Maggie from Jonathan. Bianca tries to convince her that her feelings are genuine but Maggie doesn't want to hear it. Instead she tells Bianca that what she felt for her all those months ago was nothing but a crush. Bianca doesn't buy it. She reminds Maggie of her reaction when she found Bianca and Babe in bed together and how she ran from the room and practically straight into Jonathan's arms. Maggie tells her that she'd always been attracted to Jonathan. She goes on to tell Bianca in no uncertain terms that she isn't gay and that she loves Jonathan. Bianca lets the matter drop and instead tries to convince Maggie that regardless of her sexual preference she deserves to be safe with whomever she was involved with. Just then Ryan and Jonathan enter. Maggie rushes to Jonathan who holds her tightly. Maggie is distraught when he explains to her that they can't get married until he's worked though his problems in therapy. He then begins gathering his things which further upsets Maggie who fears he's leaving her for good. Both Jonathan and Ryan try to make her understand that for the time being, it's best that Jonathan stay at the room Ryan has reserved for Jonathan at the Valley Inn. Before leaving, Jonathan faces Bianca and apologizes to her for the way he's treated her. He knows now, thanks to Ryan, that she was only trying to help Maggie. Once Jonathan and Ryan leave Maggie's heartbreak turns to bitter anger. She asks Bianca if she's happy now that she ruined things between Maggie and Jonathan. She goes on to accuse her of intentionally trying to sabotage Maggie's relationship with Jonathan because Bianca's relationship with Lena didn't work out. Bianca is speechless. She tries to reason with Maggie but Maggie isn't receptive. She refuses to listen to her. Instead Maggie goes to the door and demands that Bianca leave her apartment and stay out of her life. Bianca reluctantly leaves.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Erica drops by to visit Bianca and Miranda. When she sees her daughter, she's immediately concerned. Bianca explains that she didn't have a good night and, she notes as she sees JR walk up behind her mother, it seems her day isn't improving. He's there to ask Bianca for help with the custody hearing. Bianca wants nothing to do with JR or his custody issues. She remains adamant on the point despite Erica's best efforts to convince her that JR is just as much a victim of Babe's as Bianca herself was. Bianca doesn't see it that way and tells JR in no uncertain terms that she will not be a party to anything JR plans nor will she allow him to use her as the club that he beats Babe over the head with. JR tries to convince her to testify in court that Babe admitted that the DNA test David orchestrated confirmed that JR was his son. When Bianca tells him to leave, JR tells her that she forced him into his next move. He calls someone forward and has Bianca served with a subpoena. After JR leaves, Erica tries once again to talk to Bianca about testifying on JR's behalf. Bianca continues to try to explain to her mother that she doesn't want to be involved in any of it. Erica becomes slightly alarmed when Bianca indicates that she has some understanding in what motivated Babe. Erica doesn't share her daughter's views. She wants to see Babe and her parents pay for what they did to Bianca and she promises to do whatever it takes to make certain that they do. Bianca assures her mother that she does not condone or forgive Babe for keeping Miranda from her but she doesn't want to waste any more time dwelling on it or seeking vengeance for it. Erica corrects Bianca, telling her it's not revenge that she seeks but justice. They also discuss JR's actions on the night of Bianca's fall. Erica questions Bianca about exactly what JR did, specifically pushing her and intentionally trying to hurt her. Bianca admits that she doesn't know if JR tried to intentionally do her harm but she does know that he had every intention of taking her daughter and leaving with her.

Kevin goes to the jail to talk to Babe. When he shows her a recent picture of her son, Babe refers to him as James. Kevin is quick to correct her, telling her that his name is Ace Buchanan. He goes on to tell her that he's there to convince her to give up all rights to Ace in exchange for leniency in court. Babe refuses to consider it despite Kevin's best efforts. He leaves empty handed. Later, as Babe studies the pictures of her son, the guard announces that she has another visitor. It's Bianca.

Adam sneaks up behind David and renders him unconscious with a small stun device he has in the palm of his hand. He tries to lift David but is interrupted by Krystal. Krystal quickly picks up a club and threatens to 'split Adam's head open like a melon' Adam drops David onto the snow covered ground. She demands an explanation for the act of lunacy. She is baffled by Adam's bizarre behavior when he suggests that among other things the drugging and the time Adam was stuffed into a crate and shipped off to the ends of the earth have knocked a screw loose in his head. He goes on to tell Krystal that he's doing nothing more than pulling a similar prank on David and that it's all in good fun. Krystal can't believe her ears especially when Adam orders her to grab David's legs and help him load him into a nearby crate. Rather than help, Krystal demands answers. Adam's true intentions are revealed when he calls out for Winifred forward. Winifred, it seems, was hidden behind a grove of trees video taping the entire exchange. Adam reaches for the camcorder and asks Winifred to wait for him in the car. As soon as she's out of hearing range, Adam tells Krystal that he had the tape made for a good reason. Zach Slater's security tapes prove that David was responsible for Adam's disappearance but the tape that Adam made would go a long way in helping David when he goes to court to face charges for the crime. That the tape clearly shows Adam admitting that the disappearance was nothing more than a long line of pranks that he and David have pulled on each other over the years. In exchange for the tape that would in effect make David a free man, Adam wants the DNA results, certified, that David conducted on their grandson. Just then, unbeknownst to Adam, David comes to and springs on Adam. After a brief tussle, Adam once again explains why he's there and what he wants. Neither David nor Krystal are interested in making a deal.

Waiting for the elevator outside of Bianca's loft, JR receives a call on his cell phone. He rushes off to a park where he finds his son and his nanny. A woman has supposedly fallen through the ice prompting the bodyguard Kevin hired to run to her rescue. JR pretending to be a concerned bystander, calls 911. While the nanny's back is turned away from her charge, JR takes the opportunity to try to get a DNA sample. Unfortunately though, Kevin walks up just then and tells JR to get away from his son "Ace." When the bodyguard returns it's revealed that the incident on the lake was nothing more than a ruse. Kevin fires the bodyguard then turns his attention back to JR. He tells him that he can take all of the personal DNA tests he would like but they will never hold up in court. Only a court ordered DNA test would. JR leaves but not without first warning Kevin that he will get his son back.

Jonathan stops by to talk to Greenlee who is less than thrilled to see her brother in-law. He suggests that he's there to help her relationship with Ryan. He continues along that vein by confessing to her that he had always viewed Greenlee as the biggest threat to his relationship with Ryan but that after the previous night he realizes that she wasn't. That Ryan finally convinced him that nothing can come between the two brothers and if anyone, including Greenlee ever tried, then Ryan would always chose Jonathan. Greenlee raises an eyebrow at that bold statement but wisely doesn't challenge it. He goes on to admit that he has an anger issue and when a woman makes him angry he lashes out. Greenlee finally speaks up when he announces that he and Maggie are getting married. She quips 'You smack her around and she wants to marry you?'. Jonathan is clearly annoyed by the observation but decides to switch gears. He presents her with what he calls a peace offering. A breakfast complete with juice from her favorite place. Greenlee looks at the offering as if it were a coiled snake ready to strike but rather than reject it outright, sits down as he serves himself. She refuses to touch any of it though. When Jonathan insists that she try some Greenlee "accidentally" spills the juice all over the food. Jonathan realizes it was intentional and grabs Greenlee's arm as she prepares to fetch some towels to clean up the mess. He acts offended that she continues to believe that he's the one who poisoned her. He lets go of her wrist and warns her that the truth about who hired Aidan will come out. He goes on to inform her that at that very moment Ryan is interrogating Kendall about Aidan's investigation and who was behind it. Greenlee is a bit rattled but tries to hide the reaction. When Jonathan once again switches tactics and tells her that all he wants is to be friends, Greenlee tells him that Ryan gave his word that Jonathan did not poison her and she took his word for it so they should just leave it at that. Jonathan isn't quite pleased but says "Fine."

Kendall is startled when she wakes up to find Ryan sitting on her bed next to her bidding her a "Good morning sweetheart." She stammers that Ethan had just left a few hours earlier. Ryan could care less about where Ethan is. He's there to confront Kendall about Aidan's investigation. Ryan suspects it's all about revenge; Kendall hired Aidan to dig up dirt on Jonathan in the hopes of making Ryan pay. Kendall is offended by the accusation and becomes angry as Ryan warns her to lay off Jonathan or live to regret it. She challenges his certainty that Jonathan is innocent of drugging Greenlee and framing her for it. She goes so far as to suggest that he's using Ryan. He completely dismisses the idea and tells her so. Kendall realizes at that moment that, contrary to what he told Greenlee, he still believes that Kendall is the person responsible for drugging Greenlee. She reminds him that she was the one who saved Greenlee's life the night she was on the roof of Fusion which prompts Ryan to tell her to stop using that as her trump card every time questions arise about her own possible guilt in poisoning his wife. They argue back and forth until Ryan finally begins to plead with Kendall just to drop the investigation on Jonathan. Kendall tells him fine, that she will, then orders him to leave her place - to go home to Greenlee and start making the family that they plan on. Ryan though, isn't through with her. He demands to know once and for all if Greenlee, despite having promised to take his word for it, was also behind the crusade against his brother. Kendall refuses to answer him. She instead insists that she needs coffee and proceeds to make it. Ryan becomes impatient with her and insists on an answer. Kendall, fed up with Ryan, once again orders him to leave. She opens the door as Ryan once again asks her if Greenlee was in on hiring Aidan. Just then Greenlee walks up and tells him that she'll answer the question.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Greenlee shows up at Kendall's place to find Ryan and Kendall in the midst of yet another argument. Upon her arrival, Ryan asks his wife if she really took him at his word, or if she is still going after Jonathan. Greenlee insists that it is a private family matter and that they should discuss it at home. Before the Laveries can get very far, Kendall breaks in and says that going to Aidan and hiring him to investigate Jonathan was all her idea. She then puts a whole spin on it, even though Greenlee tells her that she doesn't have to do it. Kendall asks Ryan, if trust is so important to him, why he doesn't trust his wife. She takes it one step further and interjects that even though she went to Greenlee and asked her to join in the investigation - Greenlee turned her down. She tells Ryan that it's not Greenlee's fault that she thinks Jonathan is a freak.

In Ryan and Greenlee's apartment, Jonathan is staring out the window and drinking from a flask. While reliving the conversation that he and Ryan had about Jonathan getting help for his problems, he puts the flask in his back pocket, pulls on a pair of leather gloves and pulls a bottle of pills from his front pocket.

Ryan continues to lay into Kendall for her constant attack on people, especially those he loves. He believes that this is somewhat of a hobby for her, and after she couldn't hurt him and Greenlee anymore - she focused her sights on Jonathan. His first night in town, she finds out Jonathan's last name and she takes him to bed...and she's been screwing him ever since. Kendall quietly takes the verbal beating, and Ryan goes on to tell her that it doesn't matter who she chooses to attack, why or for how long - she will always be pathetic. That is the breaking point for Greenlee, who has been painfully taking this all in. She asks Ryan to stop, as his tirade isn't doing anyone any good. As he takes a few breaths to try to calm down, Kendall acts as if she is completely unaffected by his words. Aggravated, Ryan announces that he is done and that he and the wife should leave. Greenlee tells him that she needs to talk to Kendall alone and promises that she will catch up with him soon. Ryan relents, and leaves.

After he leaves, Greenlee tells Kendall that she didn't have to lie for her. Greenlee wonders why she did so, especially since she thought Kendall hated her. Kendall asks what reason she would have for not thinking that was still the truth. Greenlee counters and says that if Kendall still hated her, she wouldn't lie to protect her. Kendall tells her that it won't happen again - and that next time, she'll keep her mouth shut. Greenlee tells her there won't be a next time because she has to come clean to Ryan. Kendall is surprised that after all that has come to pass, Greenlee would stop the whole investigation. Greenlee says that she owes it to Ryan to be honest, and that she can't expect Kendall to continue lying for her. Kendall thinks it's a stupid move and tells her that she is sick of all of the drama, and asks her to leave. She tells Greenlee to do whatever she wants: go live her perfect life with her perfect husband and her perfect kids...and if she's lucky, Uncle Jonathan can teach the kids how to poison Mommy. She tells Greenlee that she can keep her promise to Ryan, as Kendall plans to do the same. Kendall confesses that she promised Ryan that she was done with the investigation - and now, because of Greenlee's choices, Kendall will follow through.

Ryan arrives home and finds his brother sitting in his dark and locked apartment. Slightly surprised, he asks his brother why he's there. Jonathan starts rambling about being at the hotel and feeling like the walls were closing in on him, so he chose to get out and come over so they could talk. He says that he used his old key, and he hoped that wasn't a problem. Ryan, who is still flipping out about the confrontation with Kendall, can't seem to deal with his brother's neuroses at the moment. He reminds Jonathan that he gave him the contact information for Dr. Ashborne and asks if he's made the call. Jonathan admits that he hasn't done so yet. Ryan tells him that because he hit his fiancé, his one priority should be to deal with his anger issues so that they can be reunited. Acting like a wounded dog, Jonathan recoils from Ryan's sharp admonishments and asks if the girls had succeeded in turning him against his own brother. Infuriated, Ryan reminds his brother loudly that he defended him to his wife, to the whole town. He insists that he is and will always be on his brother's side. Jonathan takes stock and suggests that perhaps his brother should also get help for his anger issues.

Moments later, as if the confrontation never occurred, Jonathan reveals that the leather gloves used to belong to Ryan. When they were younger, Ryan always told him that the matching leather jacket and motorcycle would follow. Jonathan always thought his older brother looked so strong and tough when he wore them. When Ryan left, he bequeathed the gloves to Jonathan. He also left him with the bottle of pills, which Jonathan reveals was originally filled with candy and labeled "Happy Pills." Back then, candy was all that was needed to make Jonathan smile - but when his little brother's face lit up, Ryan used to tell him that the pills were already working. Ryan appears pleased that Jonathan held on to them all these years. He thinks back, and then, feeling badly for yelling at his brother, once again apologizes for leaving him alone. Jonathan then goes back to the issue of therapy and says that he is going to make contacting Dr. Ashborne his number one priority and asks if Ryan had given any thought to getting help for himself. He suggests that since they both survived the horrors of Patrick Lavery, perhaps they could seek help together. Thankful, Ryan declines, as he feels his anger issues aren't as bad because he got out sooner.

At the townhouse, Kendall emerges from her bedroom in a bathrobe and is surprised to see Greenlee still there, waiting for her in the living room. Upset, Kendall demands to know what she wants. Greenlee admits that when she woke up this morning, Jonathan was in her apartment and they were alone. She tells her that being alone with Jonathan was creepy enough to give her goose bumps that she still has, especially since he admitted that he hit Maggie. Kendall, shocked at all this information, waits for more. Greenlee is stuck between a rock and a hard place: even knowing what his little brother did, Ryan is still completely supportive. How can she continue the investigation and get the truth about Jonathan, knowing that it may break her husband's heart?

Ethan finds JR at a table in the bar area of the Valley Inn. He takes it upon himself to join in, much to JR's chagrin. Despite the welcome, Ethan tells JR that he is there to help him. Slightly amused, JR believes that Ethan opened his new Cambias portfolio and saw Chandler Enterprises. He is betting that Ethan interrupted his lunch to offer the company back to its rightful owners - for a reasonable fee. Unflinching, Ethan informs the younger Chandler that the thought hadn't even crossed his mind. What he really wants is to help him regain custody of his son. JR is skeptical, because the last time they crossed paths wasn't exactly friendly. Ethan has put that all behind him. His bottom line is that Babe stole JR's son, and having more money than God will go a long way in the interest of doing what is right - reuniting father and son. JR says that there is no reason for him to believe Ethan, especially given that he is friends with Bianca. Acknowledging that, Ethan tells JR that his relationship with Bianca does not preclude them disagreeing on this matter. Suddenly, realization dawn on JR and he notes aloud that Ethan's willingness to help is not so much about he and his son - but more about Zach Slater and his son. He goes on to say that the only difference is that while JR would fight endlessly for his son, Zach was willing to continually deny Ethan as his own, in public. Quickly barring that topic from discussion, he redirects the conversation and says that becoming a Cambias not only provided him with money but also power. Ethan assures JR that his only desire is to help him regain custody. JR tells him that Kevin Buchanan has already tanked two previous hearings for him, and that he is going to take his third shot today. However, JR admits, this time will be different because Bianca will be on the stand and she will have to admit that she knew about the existence of the DNA test but chose not to share that information. Ethan is confused as to how that will help and JR confesses that she'd been subpoenaed, and so today, she will be asked under oath and she will have to tell the judge. He follows by saying that if Bianca lies on the stand, she'll regret it. Ethan leans forward and, in a menacing tone, informs JR that if he does anything to hurt Bianca, he will personally see to it that JR will be the one regretting his actions. He stands, throws money on the table to cover the bill and leaves JR to ponder all that had been said. Once in the lobby, Ethan makes a call. He tells the person on the other end to get all the information he can about the Buchanan family - especially the lieutenant governor. He wants to know all the specifics, and gives a one hour window for research.

Livia shows up at Jamie's jail cell (which he is sharing with his father). After informing him that his arraignment is in half an hour, she tells him that she just spoke with Babe. Unfortunately, Babe is refusing to admit that they both knew the baby was biologically hers when they took him. With an admission or some proof of those facts, Jamie would more than likely serve little to no jail time. Tad pipes up and says that proof exists, but Jamie cuts him off and says that no one will ever get their hands on it. Jamie tells Livia that Babe is not willing to sell her child for a lighter sentence, and neither is he. While both Tad and Livia feel that admitting they knew the truth about the relationship between mother and son is the best option, Jamie doesn't regard it as an option at all. He also tells her that if given the chance, he and Babe would do it all over again. Frustrated, Livia tells her client that he needs to pull it together before they go into the courtroom. No good will come from standing before the judge exhibiting such behavior. Jamie tells her that if she really wants to help, she should go and dig up some dirt on JR - and he notes that there is plenty of it. Livia pleads with Tad to calm his son down before the arraignment. She leaves, and Tad tells his son that when they are in the courtroom, they need to be model citizens. Jamie retorts that he will never comply, simply because the Chandlers own the courthouse - and that no matter what they do or say, they will lose. He says that all he really needs to do is get his hands on JR to solve the problem, but Tad puts a stop to it. He tells Jamie that with that kind of talk, he sounds worse than JR ever did. He tells his son that the focus need not be on anger - but rather on he and Babe as a team, working together to do what is best for that baby. He reminds Jamie that they can't effectively fight for James from the inside of a prison cell. Brooke, having arrived unnoticed, breaks in and asks Jamie if he has truly heard what his father said. She tells him that if he did, and he is willing to fight for the baby, she will be behind him all the way.

Bianca visits Babe in her jail cell. After some strained small talk, Babe asks Bianca why she's come to visit. She confesses that JR asked her to help take James away from his mother. After letting that information sink in, Babe acknowledges that under oath, Bianca will have to admit that she knew about the DNA test. She also notes that once JR provides enough incentive, he will get his own DNA test run, and then he will get his son back. Bianca looks at her, gaping, and then asks her old friend if she is really willing to give up so easily after everything she has gone through. Babe admits that she would rather die before JR got custody. She points out that she is obviously willing to do anything to protect her son, but she hasn't got a clue as to how to do that from where she is. Suddenly, she stops and says that Bianca doesn't need to hear her sob story and that she knows how Bianca feels about everything that has happened. Bianca corrects her and says that Babe doesn't have the first clue about her feelings. Slightly surprised, Babe tells Bianca that she just assumed she knew because Bianca told JR about his son. Pausing for a moment, Bianca then admits that she didn't exactly reveal the information as she had planned. She admits that she confirmed that JR's son was alive, but that she had to be tricked into it.

Babe then tells Bianca that she can't believe JR dragged her into the custody battle, but Bianca makes her admit who is really at fault for that. Babe revises her statement and says that what she can't believe is that even though he knows everything that she has gone through, JR is still willing to make Bianca relive it for his own gain. She muses aloud that she knows what it's like to lose a child - noting that her journey had her believe first that her son was dead, only to be blessed with the knowledge that he's alive and healthy...and then to have him taken away again. She continues by saying that it's funny how you can get used to having that extra weight resting on your hip...and now that they have taken her son, it's like a piece of her is missing and she's somehow off balance. She also confesses that she still listens for him. Growing up in hotels and in her most recent stint on the run, she could sleep through the loud noises like the blaring TV. However, one little whimper from her boy and she was wide awake and at his side. She knows that there is no point in listening fact, there's really no point in waking up. Yet still...she listens. Although her words bring tears to Bianca's eyes, there is still no forgiveness. She tells Babe that she lived through hell...listening for Miranda for ten long, lonely months. Just because of that, Bianca thinks that maybe she should be on JR's side.

Babe tells Bianca that while she hasn't done much right in the past year, keeping her son from JR was not one of those things - and she says that she won't apologize for that. Bianca questions why, when she knows how painful it is, she could let JR think that his son was dead. Pausing only momentarily, Babe says that her first and top priority is to protect her son. She says that it is her responsibility to make sure that James grows up to be a strong and decent man - and that her responsibility doesn't go away just because she messed some things up. She says that if JR wants a DNA test, he won't get it from her. Bianca asks if she is really going to take on the Chandlers, and Babe says that she has to - for the sake of her son. Just then, the outer jail door opens and David and Krystal walk in, and they are surprised to see Bianca. They try to exchange niceties, but Bianca is silent. She stares at them all for a moment and then goes to leave. Once she's gone, Krystal asks what Bianca had to say. Before Babe can utter a word, David tells them they don't have time for that. The guard is prepared to take her up for the arraignment, and David is sure that Livia will make sure that she is cleared of all charges. Babe looks despondently at her parents and is glad that her father has hope enough for all of them.

A short time later, Babe walks into the courtroom and takes her place between Livia and Jamie. Tad is standing on the other side of Jamie and they remain so when the judge enters the courtroom. They are all being charged with kidnapping, interference with the custody of a child, conspiracy, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, and endangering the welfare of a child; Babe has an additional charge of failure to return a child. Livia tells the court that the defendants have surrendered all of their papers and have strong ties to the community, both of which are strong arguments in favor of setting bail. The prosecutor questions how wise that might be and asks if he is just supposed to take her word. The judge says the process, with the addition of a hefty bail, usually does the trick. She sets bail at $500,000 cash each and pronounces that they are free until trial. The handcuffs come off and everyone rejoices. Opal hugs her son, and Joe says he will call Ruth to let her know that everyone is all right and safe. After he walks away, Opal notes that not everyone is all right, and points to Bianca sitting in the back of the courtroom. Tad tells his mother that he's going to go speak with Bianca for a moment.

He takes a seat in front of Bianca and asks how she is. After trading some dry humor, Bianca says that she's a mess. She says that her friend Babe stole her baby, and now the law is doing the same thing to Babe. She says there is so much going on, and more than laws were broken. She tells Tad that shortly before the arraignment, she told Babe that she hadn't forgiven her - but looking at her now, she can't seem to hate her. She thinks that makes her a sucker, but Tad disagrees. He tells her that all of the things that Babe has done over the past year have all been for the love of another person. She never took any pleasure out of the pain she caused, not like the Chandlers do. He said that even though those things may be unforgivable, he can't bring himself to hate her either - and neither can Jamie.

Brooke tries to convince Jamie that because she posted his bail, she should have the special privilege of demanding he stay with her until trial. At the same time, Krystal, while acknowledging that she couldn't tell Babe what to do, suggested that it would be best if Babe stayed with David. However, the duo has plans of their own, and go to walk out together. As they do, they come face to face with JR.

Lily is walking through the halls at school, going over a list that she made to help her be successful at investigating cases and solving mysteries. Dani enters the hallway from the other side and interrupts the review. Lily notes that Dani has just gotten cast as the lead in "Funny Girl", which means she must be good at acting like other people. She asks Dani for her assistance - Lily wants to learn how to act like a different person in order to help solve a mystery that she's working on.

Shortly thereafter, Lily reappears in a theatrical version of a princess costume. Dani notes that she will definitely turn heads and get attention dressed like that, but Lily tells her that she wants the opposite. She says that in order to remain confidential, she has to be unnoticed. Now understanding what needs to be done, Dani leads her away for another costume change.

Ryan asks Jonathan if he wants to call Dr. Ashborne from the apartment but Jonathan says that he will wait to do so from the hotel in case the doctor has time to talk. Jonathan starts to leave and then asks for the gloves back. Ryan tosses them to his brother, and Jonathan walks out the door. He passes a maintenance person as he heads down the hall. Moments later, the maintenance person looks up - Lily is in disguise, and she picks up her tools and starts to follow Jonathan out of the building.

Friday, February 4, 2005

JR crashes through the courtroom doors and tells Babe that he is going to take James away from her. When Brooke tries to defend Jamie, JR calls her a waste of space and Jamie tries to attack JR. Tad holds his son back as JR smirks and rants that Bianca will take the stand, tell the truth and seal the deal to get his son back. Jamie goes after him again, but the crowd restrains him. Tad tells him to cool down and they all step outside except for JR and Adam. Bianca asks to speak to JR alone and she states that he is awfully sure of what she will say on the stand. JR says that Bianca would never lie. Bianca says that when she woke up after her fall off the balcony, the doctors told her she might suffer from post-traumatic stress and not remember what happened. JR says, "You wouldn't." Bianca walks away and talks to Ethan. She confesses that she is not sure what she will say under oath, but is tired of being pushed around and used to get what other people want. She says that the truth can be tricky and that she can only do what she thinks is best for James, not anyone else.

Outside the courtroom, everyone is gathered in an office, with Krystal urging Babe to come clean about the DNA test and David protesting against it. The adults start arguing on what is best for their children, but Jamie yells and tells them to be quiet. He says that it is he and Babe's choice what they will do next and asks everyone to leave. The adults leave and David runs into Adam who tells him that time on his offer is running short. David says he would rather go to jail than hand over James to JR. As Brooke and Tad start to argue about Jamie's welfare, Krystal starts to have a panic attack. Tad rushes to her side and calms her down as David watches from behind.

Court comes back into session and Kelly Buchanan sneaks inside and sits in the back row. Bianca takes the stand and swears to tell the truth on the Bible. Bianca tells JR's lawyer that she was a friend of Babe's and met "Ace/James" two times. The lawyer asks, "Did Babe mention a paternity test to you?" Before Bianca can answer, Babe busts through the doors and says that she has a paternity test to prove she is Ace's mother. Bianca is dismissed and Babe takes the stand. Babe explains that she had took a swab of Ace's DNA one day when she was with Kelly Buchanan. Kevin says that Kelly would not allow that and Babe says that Kelly was distracted when she took the sample. After Babe's testimony, the judge rules in Adam and JR's favor and requests another supervised DNA test on Ace. David asks Adam for the tape and at first, Adam refuses since it was Babe who came forward and not him, but in the end, Adam hands him the tape. Bianca asks Babe why she did that and Babe said she did it for her and James. Ethan goes to visit the judge, tells her she made a wise choice and that the board will remember it. Babe turns and tells JR and Kevin that she will battle them both to get her child back.

Kendall starts ranting about Ryan, saying she hopes Greenlee has stretch marks that multiply and divide, when Zack comes over for a visit. Kendall says that Ethan is not there, but Zack says he is there to see her. Zack apologizes for using Kendall to get Ethan to try to leave town, but he was only trying to protect him from the Cambias' curse. Kendall tries to kick him out, but Zack stays and says that he needs a favor. Zack asks Kendall to make Ethan stop his claim to the Cambias' and save him from the curse. He says that Kendall knows how it feels to want the power and uses Erica as an example. He says that Erica rejected her more than once, but she still went after her stake. Kendall says that she will not help Zack put Ethan through anymore pain and then Ethan walks in.

Ryan holds the plane that Jonathan gave him in his arms when Greenlee walks in. Ryan asks her if Kendall will ever stop trying to tear them apart, but Greenlee comes clean and says that Kendall was covering for her. She says tried to stick to Ryan's word, but couldn't and paid Aidan to investigate Jonathan. She said that Kendall covered for her because she knew he would be mad. Greenlee asks Ryan to talk about Jonathan and try to make her understand him and what he has been through. Ryan says that his brother has problems, but isn't a monster that Kendall paints him out to be. Greenlee says that Ryan went through hard times too, but doesn't hit women. Ryan retorts that the only reason he wasn't tainted like Jonathan was because he ran away. Greenlee tells him not to blame himself for Jonathan's problems, but Ryan does not seem to listen. Ryan says that he needs to take a ride on his bike and get some air.

Jonathan goes to visit Maggie and she immediately embraces him when she answers the door. She leads him inside and tells him she has missed him. Jonathan says he missed her too, but wants to stop hating Bianca. Jonathan says that after talking with Ryan, he has learned he needs help with his anger and his hatred toward Bianca. Maggie and Jonathan share a kiss. Maggie tells him that when left, Bianca came over and said that she loved her. Maggie says that Bianca kissed her, but she pulled away, said she loved Jonathan and kicked Bianca out. Jonathan seems angry, but hugs Maggie and thanks her for "choosing him." He tells her they should go out to dinner and asks Maggie to wear a particular dress. He says he has to go take care of something and heads over to Bianca's apartment. When he knocks on the door, Marian answers and lets him in when he introduces himself as Ryan's brother. Her cell phone rings and she says that she has to go check on a gas leak and a house she is selling. Jonathan offers to watch Miranda, but says he understands if Marian turns him down. Marian agrees to let him watch her and when she leaves, he goes over to Miranda, pulls up a seat and looks on ominously at the baby.

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