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Bo and Kevin Buchanan prevented JR from leaving with James. Jamie, Babe, and Tad were imprisoned. Bianca begged Ryan to stop Jonathan and Maggie from eloping. Ethan rejected Zach's attempts to bond with him.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 24, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Edmund, Ryan and Aidan were annoyed to find Bobby had left the hospital. Maria wondered why Edmund was worried about Bobby stealing from him. Edmund said Bobby stole the evidence against Zach and vowed to not let Zach get away. They found a note from Bobby saying he was afraid to stay in town and testify against Zach. A witness saw Bobby get into a cab and leave the hospital. Derek said without Bobby, they can't pin anything on Zach. Edmund tried to hire Aidan to find Bobby, but Aidan deduced that Edmund had paid Bobby to lie about Zach and called him a fool. Edmund exploded and said the only reason Bobby was still alive was to help him put Zach behind bars. Aidan bristled and said the only reason he'd help would be to protect Ryan and Greenlee.

Maria had to tell Anita that Bobby skipped town. Anita asked Maria to be careful around Zach. Maria defended Zach and said it was over anyway. Anita was delighted to hear that and about her and Edmund trying again. Maria was worried, though, about Edmund's volatility lately.

Anita saw Aidan and told him she hopes they never find Bobby and he never comes back. She was tired of always worrying about him and his latest schemes. She felt relieved and free.

Edmund went to see Maria and she sat in his lap, sad about thinking she'd known Zach.

Jonathan asked Greenlee and Kendall if they really thought he drugged Greenlee. She explained how she'd connected the dots and they led to him. Jonathan blamed Kendall for turning Greenlee against him and said he doesn't like being used. Kendall dared him to let his inner bad boy out and demanded to know how he felt about her and Greenlee. He scarily said he had no other choice...and picked up the phone to call Ryan and ask him to come over. Jonathan was smug after learning that Greenlee hadn't told Ryan her suspicions. Jonathan wanted to clear the air and Ryan was incredulous that Greenlee thought Jonathan had poisoned her and that Kendall agreed. He was even more stunned to learn they'd broken into Jonathan's apartment to find evidence and Jonathan provided his laptop for their search. He said his hard drive was clean because he'd downloaded all the Cambias files to disk. Ryan called off the search and Jonathan said he didn't want to come between Ryan and his wife so he would leave town. Ryan insisted they settle the misunderstanding and tried to convince Greenlee Jonathan could not have done it. He apologized to Jonathan. Jonathan manipulated the situation and insisted Ryan not blame Greenlee for not liking him, saying he probably never gave her a chance. Ryan asked them both to get along and said he still wants to build a new company with Jonathan. Greenlee tried to say something to Jonathan, but he said forget it. Kendall stayed behind after they left and told him she didn't believe his act for one minute and threatened to come after him if he hurts Ryan or Greenlee.

Tad noticed shadows under the door and warned Liza, Colby, Jamie, Babe and the baby. Outside, Adam and JR gloated and JR ordered his henchman to kick the door in. They were surprised to find Tad sitting alone doing a crossword. They ordered a search of the place and Tad refused to answer questions. JR vowed to find his son. Adam found Colby's favorite teddy bear and Tad said it was his and he couldn't sleep without it. Tad told JR he doesn't have a son. JR pulled a gun on Tad to get an answer. Tad was unflappable and after all the threats, only asked JR to not to mess with his hair and refused to tell JR anything, for the baby's own good. Adam warned Tad, but Tad said he would never pick up a gun and point it at JR. JR was furious that Tad seemed to think he wouldn't pull the trigger, but Tad said he thought he would, which was why he wanted to protect the baby from JR. JR accused him of playing hero, but Tad denied it, since he hadn't been able to save JR. Adam begged to know where their children were, but Tad still refused to answer and said JR's son deserves a better father than JR. JR fired a warning shot. Tad tried to talk JR out of it and Adam asked for the gun, saying he and Tad had this date for years. Just then, Adam got a call giving him an address for Jamie and Babe. JR put the gun down and they left. Tad ran out after them.

Jamie, Babe and the baby escaped to an empty carriage house, courtesy of Tad. They planned to wait there until it was safe to catch the boat to Argentina. Jamie found a gramophone and they danced, dreaming of their future.

Outside the door, JR and Adam were stopped by the cops who asked them to leave so they could make an arrest. JR refused. JR, Adam and the cops burst in to find Babe holding the baby, with Jamie standing next to her.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

by Elisabeth

Kendall pays Aidan a visit at his apartment/office. She wants to hire him to investigate Jonathan Lavery or, more to the point, get dirt on him because she thinks that he's behind Greenlee's poisoning. Aidan has no interest. He thinks this is just another attempt of Kendall's to make trouble for Ryan. Kendall ignores his snide remarks and forges ahead, explaining to him why she's so convinced that Jonathan is the guilty party in the poisoning. As Kendall relentlessly argues why he needs to accept her offer of employment, Aidan makes his way to the computer. Frustrated with her constant chatter, he tells her to be quiet so that he can do his work...taking the first steps to investigate Jonathan. Kendall is thrilled. She happily leaves minutes later. Shortly after her departure, David and Krystal show up demanding to know the whereabouts of Tad. Aidan is less than pleased to see them. He flatly refuses to help them, having absolutely no sympathy for their concerns over Babe and the baby. They leave empty handed.

Ryan is hurt over Greenlee's suspicions that his brother was the person who poisoned her. He feels that Greenlee just doesn't understand Jonathan so he tries to give her insight. He tells her that his stepfather was a cruel man who would bring out the strap to show the brothers that they couldn't be loved but that while he succeeded in breaking Braden, he failed to do the same with Jonathan. Jonathan is like Ryan and fought back. Ryan admits to Greenlee that Jonathan has issues but that he's not evil. Certainly not evil enough to poison her. Greenlee is sympathetic but unswayed. As Ryan opens a bottle of wine, he tells Greenlee that not only is he still looking for the person who poisoned her but that he has a lead. Greenlee is surprised but quickly disappointed when Ryan tells her that his suspect is the woman who does all the dirty work for Zach Slater. She's even more convinced that Ryan is on the wrong path when she learns that Bobby Warner is behind the lead. She points out to Ryan that she was poisoned over a period of time which would mean that the hitwoman had to have had access to her on several occasions and that Greenlee would have noticed her. Ryan dismisses that argument by suggesting that because she's a professional hitwoman she would know how to remain below the radar. Greenlee goes on to remind Ryan that Bobby Warner was willing to take money to seduce her which clearly means that for the right amount of cash he'd say anything. Greenlee's attention is momentarily diverted when she notices the wine they'd been sipping and asks Ryan if it was from Jonathan. Ryan confirms that indeed Jonathan had given him the wine which prompts Greenlee to set her glass down. Ryan is annoyed. He tells her that the wine isn't poisoned and he refuses to be pitted against his brother. Greenlee tries to calm him down, explaining that it isn't her intention of turning him against Jonathan but that she simply doesn't believe Jonathan is innocent. Ryan reminds Greenlee that when they found the pills at Kendall's condo, Ryan was convinced Kendall was guilty but that Greenlee believed otherwise. When she asked Ryan to trust her, he did. That there are two people in the world that he trusts implicitly and those two people are Greenlee and Jonathan. He wants her to return the favor, to trust him when he tells her that Jonathan isn't responsible for poisoning her. Greenlee takes a moment to gather her thoughts then assures Ryan that if he wants her to take his word for it that Jonathan didn't do anything to harm her then he can consider his word taken. Ryan's relief is evident as he draws Greenlee into an embrace.

When Maggie arrives home, she's happy to find Jonathan there. She starts to talk to him but realizes by his continued silence that something is amiss. When she asks him what's wrong, Jonathan picks up a knife and tells her to go ahead and take it. To use the knife to plunge it into his heart and finish the job she started when she betrayed him by talking to Greenlee about him. Maggie is flabbergasted. She has no idea what Jonathan is talking about and tells him as much. When he accuses her of discussing the possibility of him poisoning Greenlee with her while they were at their apartment celebrating Ryan's birthday, Maggie defends herself. All she had done was show Greenlee her watch. Jonathan is unconvinced. Maggie becomes increasingly anxious and upset as the argument continues while Jonathan is holding the knife. When she asks him to hand the knife over to her so that she may put it away Jonathan is offended by the implication that she fears what he would do with the knife. He tells her that he can't be with a woman who is afraid of him and flinches every time he's near. Maggie is devastated. She tells Jonathan that she loves him and begins defending him against all of the accusations that the people around them are making. Jonathan is appeased. He is also moved to propose to Maggie. When he suggests that they runaway and elope, Maggie's response is interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Bianca. Jonathan begs Maggie to ignore it and to not let Bianca intrude on their private moment together.

Taking a break from going over business reports, Ethan turns on the television while Bianca fetches some pictures of Miranda that she wants to show him. A special news break announces that New Orleans police are closing in on Lt. Governor Buchanan's kidnapped son. Both Babe and Jamie's names are given as the suspected kidnapers. Bianca is dismayed, Ethan is outraged. He listens as Bianca fills in the blanks as to how Babe ended up on the run with the baby but he isn't impressed. He makes no attempt to hide his animosity for Babe and all of the things she's done despite Bianca's claims that she in effect did the same thing when she refused to tell JR about his son after she found out the truth. Ethan isn't as quick to paint Bianca with the same brush as he does Babe, claiming that Babe did much worse than Bianca. Their discussion is cut short when Kendall arrives at Bianca's and immediately starts grilling her about Maggie and more specifically Jonathan. Confused, Bianca asks her why the sudden interest which prompts Kendall to confess that she suspects Jonathan was behind Greenlee's poisoning. When pushed by Kendall if there is anything about Jonathan that she didn't know, Bianca finally reveals to her that he was the one who burned the shirt that could have proven Ethan was a Cambias. Ethan is outraged but not surprised. He stops a furious Kendall from leaving the apartment and going after Jonathan by reminding her that they are better off waiting to see what Aidan uncovers before confronting Jonathan. He tells both Bianca and Kendall that until they talk to Aidan both ladies are to stay far away from Jonathan. Kendall agrees while Bianca remains silent. Bianca quickly gathers up her things then asks Kendall and Ethan if they wouldn't mind watching Miranda while she ran over to her Uncle Jack's to drop off some Cambias paperwork. As soon as they agree, Bianca is out the door. Kendall is suspicious. When Ethan asks her why, Kendall points out that since being reunited with Miranda, Bianca hasn't let her out of her sight once so it's more than passing strange that she would do so now. Ethan brushes off her concern, claiming that they are family so she obviously trusts the two of them with Miranda.

In the hallway, Bianca calls Jack on the cell phone, reschedules her meeting with him for the following day then leaves.

At the hideaway, JR and Adam confront Babe and Jamie. Adam demands to know where Colby is but it quickly becomes clear to him that neither Liza nor Colby are hiding out there. When the police go to place Babe and Jamie under arrest, they tell her to hand over the baby. Babe refuses. The detective informs her that it wasn't a request. Babe is adamant. She refuses to let go of James. Intervention comes in the form of Adam when he asks the detective to step outside with him for a few minutes so that JR and Babe can discuss things. The detective reluctantly leaves, reminding everyone that the place is surrounded so no one had better try to escape. Once the police are gone, JR once again goes to reach for his son but Jamie blocks his path telling him that he would have to go through him to take the baby. Before things can deteriorate, Tad steps between the two. He reminds Jamie that he is no position to make more trouble for himself before turning his attention to JR and asking him if he really intends to keep baby's mother out of his life. Tad also lets everyone know that, as far as the world is concerned, the baby they are fighting over is Ace Buchanan, kidnapped son of the Lt. Governor and that at any moment the baby will be taken into custody and returned to the Buchanans so they all need to work together. JR focuses his attention on Babe and asks her how she could have done what she did. Taking the baby and going on the run. Babe isn't remorseful as she reminds him that she did to him what he did to her when he took Bess away from her. JR points out the difference...that she knew Bess was alive while he believed his son was dead. He then seemingly runs out of steam and tells her that he doesn't want to fight anymore. That he just wants to hold his son. Babe, against Jamie's strong objection, hands James over to JR. Overcome with emotion, JR holds his son for the first time. The tender moment is short lived when Babe goes to take the baby back and calls him James. JR pulls away from her, holding his son tightly, and asks her in disbelief if she really named his son after the man who kidnapped him. Babe avoids answering him, instead asking him to return the baby to her but JR will have none of it. He calls for the police to come back in. When they do so he demands that they arrest Jamie, claiming he tried to take his son and flee with him. It takes a half dozen police officers to subdue a fighting Jamie while a tearful Babe, who herself is being handcuffed, cries out to Jamie. Adam soon joins the group and demands that Tad too be arrested for among other things aiding and abetting the kidnapers. JR tries to then leave with his son but is stopped by the police. They tell him that the baby is Ace Buchanan and he will be returned to his father, the Lt. Governor. Adam quickly calls the Attorney General then hands the cell phone to the detective. The detective quickly rescinds his order and allows JR to leave. Unfortunately JR gets no further than the front door where he is again stopped by Kevin and Bo Buchanan who are there to take Ace home.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

by Elisabeth

Trying to get some information on Jonathan via the internet, Aidan seems to hit a dead end. His attention is temporarily diverted with the arrival of Lily who has stopped by to visit with him. She begins talking, saying things like "Dude, check you out. You rock hottie. Where's your bling?" Aidan is amused but puzzled and asks her why she's talking like that. She explains that she hears Danielle using similar phrases and thought it was cool. Aidan tells her that he prefers Lily when she's just being herself. While Aidan goes to rid himself of an ink stain on his hand which Lily had pointed out, Lily makes her way to the computer. By the time Aidan returns Lily announces that she was able to 'crack the code' which results in Aidan being able to bring up a record for Jonathan Lavery.

Brooke is visiting Jamie who along with Tad is in jail.. While they are talking David joins them. He wastes no time blaming Jamie for Babe being behind bars and promises not to let Babe go down with him. Brooke is livid. She reminds David of his own complicity in the events that led up to Babe and Jamie being arrested but David will hear none of it and leaves in a huff. Brooke leaves shortly afterwards and runs into Adam in the squad room of the police station. She immediately confronts him about his role in Jamie's arrest. She warns him that she will do whatever it takes to make certain that JR suffers just as much as Jamie if Adam doesn't back off from her son. Adam isn't intimidated. He reminds her that if she should publish anything slanderous about JR she'll end up losing Tempo. Brooke could care less...Jamie is more important.

Erica pays a visit to Babe and reads her the riot act about her actions and treatment of Bianca, her supposed best friend. Babe has little choice but to listen to what Erica has to say. When Krystal tries to stop Erica from trashing her daughter, Babe stops Krystal. Erica isn't impressed with Babe's willingness to hear her out. She instead begins talking about JR and how Babe had absolutely no right to let him believe his son was dead. She points out that it's a pattern with Babe, letting others believe their children are dead while she enjoys parenthood. Babe defends her actions, claiming that JR poisoned her and that he only wants to own his son not be a true father. Erica sees no justification for what Babe did and tells her as much. Just then JR arrives. He is furious about the custody hearing that didn't result in the return of his son. Convinced that the Buchanan's paid off the judge, JR realizes that he needs a DNA test to confirm that "Ace" is his son which is the reason he is there to see Babe. He tells her that in order to save herself, she needs to provide proof that she didn't kidnap a stranger's child but reclaimed her own. Babe sees through his attempt to gather DNA and tells him that she'd rather spend an extra 25 years to life in jail than to see JR with their child.

Meanwhile Adam is doing his best to blackmail Tad into revealing Colby's whereabouts in exchange for both he and Jamie's freedom. Tad has no interest in making any kind of deal with Adam and tells him as much. Frustrated Adam leaves and contacts Llanview D.A., Daniel Colson. After exchanging a few words, Daniel Colson walks up to David and begins talking in a very sympathetic manner about Babe, playing up how he thinks she's just an innocent victim in everything. David is suspicious but listens to what he has to say. Eventually Daniel tells him that if Babe were to testify against Jamie then he would in return offer her a very generous deal. David considers for a moment then tells Daniel that if he wants Jamie then he himself will testify against him. Daniel is somewhat surprised, even more so when David tells him that he can testify that Jamie has killed.

Kendall pays a visit to Greenlee only to discover that Greenlee has changed her mind and no longer is interested in proving that Jonathan drugged her. Suspecting there is more to Greenlee's sudden turn around, Kendall questions her and soon learns that Greenlee is dropping the matter because of her conversation with Ryan the night before when he asked her to trust him about his brother. Kendall presses Greenlee wanting to know if she truly believes Jonathan is innocent. Greenlee admits that, no, she still believes he was the one behind her poisoning. More so when Kendall points out the same flaws in Ryan's theory about Zach's hitwoman, that Greenlee did when Ryan initially told her whom he suspected. Greenlee shares with Kendall the strange exchange between her and Jonathan the last time they were alone together. How he said that Greenlee was everything to Ryan and if anyone wanted to get close to him they had to get rid of Greenlee first. Both feel that this could be the motive for Jonathan poisoning Greenlee. Kendall offers to take responsibility should Ryan find out that the two of them are still trying to prove that Jonathan was behind the poisoning. Greenlee is surprised and asks her why she would be willing to do such a thing considering their history. Kendall explains that she's happily involved with Ethan and wants to find the person who framed him for shooting Ryan and framed her for poisoning Greenlee. Greenlee is more than satisfied. They agree to watch the other's back.

Maggie tells Bianca that Jonathan proposed to her and she has happily accepted. She goes on to shock Bianca with the announcement that they plan to elope to Las Vegas that very night. Bianca tries to convince Maggie to slow things down. To get to know Jonathan before marrying him. She talks of planning a big dream wedding hoping to talk her out of the elopement but it's to no avail. Maggie is determined to go through with the wedding. Desperate, Bianca tells Maggie of Kendall's suspicions about Jonathan but Maggie turns the tables accusing Kendall of being paranoid and a known liar. Bianca then asks Maggie if she said or did something to make Maggie so determined to marry Jonathan right away. Maggie, exasperated, tells Bianca that she's too full of herself if she believes she has that much influence over Maggie's decision to marry Jonathan. Just then Jonathan walks in with a bottle of celebratory champagne. Jonathan doesn't waste time trying to convince Bianca that they are a happy couple. He tells her how much Maggie means to him and then asks Bianca for a fresh new start between the two of them. Bianca accepts with hesitation. He invites her to join them for a glass of champagne then further surprises her when he suggests that she join them as a "best man..or best bridesmaid...or whatever" when they leave for Las Vegas. Maggie is quick to say that Bianca can't just drop things and join them, making it clear she does not want Bianca along for the wedding. As Jonathan goes to open the bottle of champagne he makes some rather curious comments about Miranda being a 'baby mogul who has to keep her board happy so that they won't take away her 'baby caviar. Bianca is somewhat put off by his words while Maggie seems completely oblivious to the undercurrent. Instead she seems determined to get Bianca out of the apartment. When she finally does manage to usher Bianca to the door a few minutes later, Bianca again tries to convince Maggie to postpone marrying Jonathan much to Maggie's dismay. Alone now, Jonathan presents Maggie with a set of Love Knot wedding rings which touches Maggie deeply. Later, Maggie tries to talk about their plans for after the wedding but Jonathan wants to make love. When Maggie pushes him away, claiming not to be in the mood, Jonathan pulls away and starts flipping channels until he finds a gay porn movie with two women. Crudely, he asks Maggie if that would get her in the mood. If she would like to do to Bianca what the two women were doing in the movie. Maggie is offended and hurt as she tells him that she has no interest in watching two women having sex. Jonathan manipulates the argument that ensues to put Maggie on the defensive. She pleads with him to make love to her so that she can proof he is the one she loves and wants to be with. Tearfully she begs him to forgive her.

Back at home, Bianca is greeted by Marian and Stuart, who had been babysitting Miranda. Left alone with Stuart, Bianca confides some of her concerns to him regarding Maggie but is careful to only refer to Maggie as her friend, not by name. Stuart's advice prompts Bianca to vow that she will do what is necessary and stand by her friend. Bianca once again leaves, returning to Maggie's apartment. In the hallway she overhears the argument between Jonathan and Maggie and is moved to reach for the door when she hears Maggie begging Jonathan to forgive her.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

by Audra M. King

Derek and Bo Buchanan are in the interrogation room when Jamie is brought in. Derek introduces them and says that the detective has a few questions about an ongoing investigation. Jamie says that he isn't talking to anyone without a lawyer, and certainly not to anyone named Buchanan. Bo steps in and tells Jamie that his questions are not about the kidnapping case - they are about the murder of Paul Cramer. Bo starts to question Jamie - but prefaces it by saying that Paul had a way about him and it wasn't always good. Bo said that he could understand if Paul got on Jamie's bad side. He starts to run down the two altercations that were on record, both of which ended with Jamie knocking Paul out. The first was in Pine Valley at the hospital and the second was in a Llanview nightclub called Ultra Violet. He asks Jamie to explain what happened, and Jamie tells him that Paul had been harassing Babe and he took it upon himself to defend her and put Paul in his place. Bo looks back through his notes and realizes that one of the incidents happened in January when Babe was still happily married to JR. Derek breaks in and asks if Jamie thought JR couldn't defend his own wife. Bo asks if he had been carrying on an affair with his brother's wife. Jamie assures them that he was just being a friend. Bo muses aloud that Babe is lucky to have a friend like him - defending her without question, putting his life on the line. He supposes that Jamie would do anything for her. Jamie interjects that he could ask Chief Frye for an answer to that question. Already in the know, Bo tells Jamie that he must be referring to when he got thrown in jail and ended up getting stabbed. Knowing that was for Babe as well, Buchanan wants to know if Jamie would kill Paul for Babe.

David visits Babe in her jail cell, and Babe tells him that the police took Jamie away and she couldn't find out what was going on. She begs David to find some answerrs but David wants to concentrate on his daughter. He tells her that Jamie has his own friends and family, and she needs to be concerned about herself. He goes on to say that he will do whatever he can to get her out of jail, but Babe says that she and Jamie are in love and are in this mess together. David continues to try to convince Babe that the cops will be pulling a "divide and conquer" strategy and that she needs to work on getting herself cleared and out of jail. Babe tells him that she can't think of herself as separate from Jamie, and she won't because he would never turn on her. This garners a look of dismay from her father and she asks what he knows. He balks and then informs her that Jamie is probably being questioned by Llanview police. Babe asks if it's regarding the kidnapping but David corrects her and says he's talking to homicide, most likely about the Cramer murder. She reminds him that David lied to Tad to keep him from tracking the kids down while they were on the run. David tells her that she needs to do whatever it takes to get out of jail, even if it includes abandoning Jamie. He reminds her that there is a war between the Buchanans and the Chandlers over her son, and that she's caught in the middle. Babe insists that because she is the mother, she will be able to get James back. David points out the implausibility of that statement, simply because there is no way that she could raise a child in jail. He tells her that she needs to make the police think that she was a confused young woman who would do anything for her child, and convince them that she was under Jamie's influence and control. Babe refuses to desert Jamie like that because of the love they share. She says that anyone who truly thinks that Jamie could commit murder is a fool. David finally admits that he saw Jamie at the cemetery that night standing over Paul Cramer's dead body. Instead of reacting as he thought she would, she realizes that her father is the one that told the police to question Jamie.

In the interrogation room, Jamie stays silent and unwilling to answer the last question. Buchanan tells him that they have a witness that places him at the scene of the crime and understanding slowly washes over Jamie's face. He asks Jamie to fill in the blanks, but before responding, Jamie asks Derek if he thinks he's capable of murder. Derek feels that everyone is capable, if the situation is right. Returning his attention to Bo, Jamie admits that he was at the cemetery that night. He had every intention of making Paul admit how he screwed everything up with Bianca, Babe and the babies. He had tracked Paul to the cemetery but before he could get near him, he heard a gun shot. By the time Jamie found him, Paul was already dead. He goes on to admit that while he wasn't sorry that Paul was dead, he was sorry that he didn't get there in time to make Paul fess up. He then says that he wasn't the murderer, but if their witness says otherwise...they can just tell Hayward that he's as big of a liar as Cramer was.

Back downstairs, David tries to convince Babe that everything he did was for her own good. Babe doesn't want to hear excuses. She demands that he find the detectives and do whatever it takes - lie, cheat, steal, tell them he was the one that killed Paul - to get Jamie out of the suspect's chair. David doesn't think it will be that easy - and it certainly won't help to keep her safe. Babe tells him that she doesn't care about her own welfare. She finally admits to her father that Jamie and James are her new family, and they mean as much to her as he and her mother do. She says that no one will take that away from her. David tells her that he just wants to get her out of jail, but she says that she will find a way on her own - and she won't abandon Jamie in the process.

A short time later, David shows up in the interrogation room. The police officer escorting him initially tries to stop him from entering the room, but Derek and Bo verbally grant him admission. David tells them that he wants to retract his statement because it was all lies. They detectives find that odd, as Jamie just verified that he was indeed at the cemetery. Jamie confronts David and asks if he's going to add some more lies to his statement - and when he doesn't receive a response he adds that for all he knows, David is the guilty one. He then asks to go back to his cell so that he can get away from David.

Once gone, David tries to leave but Bo stops him and notes that Jamie made an interesting accusation, but didn't hear a denial. Annoyed, David says he wants to get the questioning over. Bo tells him that if he has anything useful to add to the investigation, he should feel free to do so. Ever snarky, he tells them Paul made fun of Opal's accent once, so she shot him. Buchanan grins wryly and then dismisses Hayward. Once he is out of the room, Derek asks Buchanan's thoughts. Bo says that while Hayward is a huge pain - he doesn't think that he murdered Paul. Derek echoes the sentiment, only about Jamie. Bo thinks that perhaps the real killer is waiting for him back in Llanview.

By the jail cells, Babe sees Jamie being brought back. She tries to talk to him but initially the guard starts to lead Jamie away. They plead with him to give them a minute, and after promising they won't rat him out, he allows it. Jamie is able to reassure her that David did what she asked and he will not be charged with murder. They kiss, exchange loving words and then the guard cuts them off.

Slater enters his living room with a bag and his jacket in hand. He starts to gather up some random pieces of paper from the coffee table, and glances at a letter laying on an end table. Before he could pick it up to read it again, there is a knock at the door. When he opens it, Erica strides in. She tells him that she was concerned about punishing Babe for what she did but now that Bo Buchanan is on the case, she is certain that everything is taken care of. However, that's where she feels Slater can help out. She starts to explain what she means but then she looks down and sees the packed bag. She asks where he's going and he tells her that he's moving back to Vegas. She tells him that he can't but he counters that he can and will, because of business. Shocked by this planned move, Erica calls him a spineless coward. Erica asks Zach to save her the time of trying to figure out his reasons for leaving by just telling her the truth up front. Still not giving in, Erica decides to just start talking until she hits a nerve. First she mentions Dr. Maria "Boom Boom" Grey, and says that even though she chose to go back to Edmund, that's no reason to leave town. Zach doesn't flinch and so she moves on and mentions Ethan. Immediately, Zach tells her to lay off his son. Impressed that she figured out the answer so quickly, she waits for him to expound. He tells her that Ethan has made it perfectly clear, by pointing a gun at him, that he doesn't want Zach in his life, so he's leaving. Erica thinks that his reasoning is just a cop out and that he doesn't know the first thing about parenting. Barely keeping his temper under control, he tells Erica to take her challenges and her advice and leave before he picks her up and tosses her out himself. Not willing to give up that easily, Erica asks again why it's so easy for him to just run away. Finally he shows her the letter he looked at before her arrival. It's a letter from Bianca, and Erica reads part of it aloud. In the letter, Bianca says that she can't imagine why Zach did the things he did to his own son, and that she doesn't want that kind of person near her daughter. She suggests that he do everyone a favor and leave Pine Valley for good. Impressed by her daughter's words, she asked if this is the real reason for his hasty departure. Never one to give up much, he just says that Bianca's letter just gave him more proof that life in Pine Valley would be much easier with him gone. Ready to take his leave, Erica stops him once again. She asks him to sit down because she isn't done with him. Agreeing to a quick conversation, he takes a seat. Erica admits that she wants him to stay because she's selfish. She knows that he fights dirty and that will help her protect her daughters. Seeing right through her smoke screen, Zach says out loud what Erica had been dancing around: if Zach and Ethan make up, they can leave town together and move to Vegas. While that would be helpful, Erica knows that will never happen and Zach knows it too. He still wants to leave but she tells him that the one thing with children is that you can never predict their future. She tells him to sit tight because she's got more notes for him on the subject. Admitting that Kendall pulled some of the same stunts with her that Ethan is pulling with Zach now, Erica tells him that children will constantly throw varying levels of punishment at their parents. They want to see how far they can push and still be loved. Zach asks where she got all of her advice and Erica tells him that she had a kind and benevolent mother, and she learned a thing or two. Zach reiterates that Ethan already showed that he didn't want Zach around and Erica calls his bluff. She reminds him that Ethan jumped through flaming hoops to prove he was a Cambias - and she wants to know why, when Ethan throws a few hoops back his way, all he can do is run. Zach still wants to leave and catch his flight but Erica stops him one more time. She realizes that what he is doing in the here and now is truly the Cambias curse: he couldn't handle the pressure from his father, so he disappeared. Now, he can't handle the pressure from his son, so he's going to do it again. The only difference this time is that he doesn't need to fake his death - he can just hop on a plane. She walks out and leaves him to mull over what she has said.

Charles, a member of the Board (at Cambias) is wrapping up some business with Ethan while Ryan packs up some papers in the background. Charles tells Ethan that he is glad that there is a family member back at the helm, and that he speaks for the Board when he says they have every confidence that Ethan will do well in his new position. Ethan thanks him for the vote of support, and with a nod to Ryan, Charles takes his leave. Ethan turns to face Ryan and says that he has one more thing to ask of him before he goes. Ryan thinks he is mistaken, as the transfer is complete and there is nothing else tying him to the corporation. Ethan clarifies by saying that what he wants to know is what Ryan plans on doing about his brother. Ryan thinks that Kendall's paranoia is running rampant and anything that she has told Ethan about Jonathan is a lie. Ethan tells Ryan that she had some good points and that he should consider them instead of ignoring her completely, considering that she has no reason to lie. Ethan asks if he has any other reason to not to believe her, and Ryan says that Kendall just wants what she always wants - revenge. Ethan doesn't buy it because if that's what she truly wanted - to get back at Ryan through Greenlee - she could have stood back and watched her fall off the roof of the Fusion building. When he gets no answer from Ryan, he goes on to ask why everyone in Pine Valley is intent on believing the worst about Kendall. Ryan says it's because they know who she really is. Ethan counters and says that Bianca is one of the people that knows Kendall, and yet she's always willing to cut her some slack. Ryan agrees and says that it's just because Bianca is one of the most forgiving people he knows. Ryan goes off on a tirade about how Kendall must have really sucked Ethan in - but then assures him that she has no proof. He tells Ethan that he pities him and offers some words of advice - watch your back. Ethan, finding the latest offerings of no use to him, asks that they just get back to the question at hand - what is Ryan planning to do about his brother? Ryan, still believing that Jonathan didn't do anything, tells Ethan that he should be worrying about the real culprit - his father. Ethan admits that Zach is a liar, but also states that they are off-track. He tells Ryan that there is no proof that Jonathan didn't poison Greenlee. Ryan repeats that his brother is innocent - and that if Ethan chooses to believe what Kendall is telling him while she is crying on his shoulder, then he is also choosing to play right into his father's hands. Ryan believes that Zach's M.O. is to make sure that all of the attention is focused on Kendall. In that way, he can do whatever he wants without anyone noticing. Not losing his train of thought, Ethan once again tells Ryan that he needs to consider that perhaps Jonathan isn't innocent. He also says that if he is innocent, he would like to see proof of that. Ryan counters and tells Ethan that if he wants proof, it should be something that clears his father's name. Ryan then breaks it down for Ethan: Ethan is about to go on trial for attempted murder, and Ryan can either testify that Slater did it...or not. Ethan admits that jail would be one way to shut him up, but it wouldn't protect his wife. Ryan says Ethan needn't worry because Greenlee will be protected. However, what he does need to do is stay away from Jonathan...because if he doesn't, Ryan won't need a high-powered gun to exact his revenge. Ethan says that he refuses to let the people of Pine Valley tear Kendall down anymore. He will give her everything that she deserves and more. Ryan, feigning indifference, just quips that Ethan signed on for the hardest job in the world - and he wasn't referring to the one at Cambias Industries. Ryan goes to leave, but then turns back to remind him to stay away from Jonathan and to keep Kendall away from him as well. Now alone in his office, Ethan wraps up a phone call with someone Cambias previously did business with. He hangs up and then stands and straightens some papers on his desk. Sensing a presence, he looks up and sees Zach walking into his office.

Back at his loft, Ryan flashes back to the conversations between him and his brother, his wife and his ex, both at the apartment and at Fusion. Both times, he defended his brother's innocence, not even entertaining the thought that the ladies could be right. He then hears Greenlee saying that Jonathan wants her out of the way, and that Ryan can't see that because they are brothers.

Bianca is standing outside of Maggie and Jonathan's apartment and she can hear them arguing. Jonathan is brow beating and berating Maggie and Bianca can't take any more of it. She bangs on the door and demands to be let in. There is a moment of silence, and she bangs on the door again. Jonathan yanks the door open and proclaims that her presence is exactly what they needed. Ignoring him, Bianca walks past him and approaches her old friend. She tells Maggie that she heard the argument from in the hall and heard him using her to make Maggie feel bad. Over his protests, Bianca insists that she knows what she heard. Instead of admitting defeat, Maggie goes on the defense and asks why Bianca was listening in on their private conversation. Flabbergasted, Bianca tells her that it couldn't have been private because she could hear it from the hall. She continues to ask Maggie if she can see what Jonathan is doing to her. Unwilling to give up, Maggie simply says that Bianca doesn't know or understand what she has with Jonathan. Bianca tells her that she knows exactly what Maggie has and it isn't pretty. She goes on to say that love is not about control, and yet that's what he was doing by belittling her to get her to do whatever he wanted in bed. Maggie asks why she cares, and Jonathan successfully breaks in and says that he'd like to know too. Jonathan asks Bianca what's going on with her, why she is so involved and what her real feelings are. Bianca bluntly tells him that she hates what he does to her. The Maggie she knew would never let anyone roll over her, nor would she ever beg anyone for anything. She turns back to Maggie and says that she wants her to be with someone and she wants her to be happy - but Jonathan can't provide that for her. She tells Maggie that Jonathan is beneath her and that she needs to be with someone who will love and respect her. Jonathan breaks in again and asks if Bianca hates him and if it's because of who he is. Before she can answer he continues the barrage by asking if the real truth is that she wants to be him, beneath Maggie. He wants to know how she really feels: is she in love with Maggie? Ignoring him once again, she tells Maggie that she sounds like the textbook version of an abuser's partner. She points out telltale signs - like him getting angry with her all the time and making her feel like everything is her fault. She tells Maggie that she needs to leave him before things get worse. This sets Maggie off and she finally lets Bianca have it. She tells her that people get angry in relationships and people fight. Perhaps that wasn't how her relationship was with Lena but that's not the standard for all relationships. Maggie points out that Bianca doesn't know how she is in a loving relationship, so she has no right to speak on it. Bianca, refusing to back down, insists that Jonathan has abused her mentally, emotionally and physically. She tells her that all of the times Jonathan says that he loves her, he would never hurt her, he can't live without her, or makes her believe that he is hurting over something that she supposedly did - that's control. She asks what kind of relationship that is, and Maggie tells her that it's the relationship that she is in. She tells Bianca that she loves Jonathan and he loves her, and he gives her all that she wants and needs. She goes on to say that even though Bianca hates men and had a bad experience with one, that doesn't mean that all men are evil, like Michael Cambias. Bianca tries to correct her but Maggie keeps the floor. She says that she loves Jonathan and wants to marry him. Spent, she turns her back on Bianca and hugs Jonathan. He in turn declares an end to the war and says that Maggie has chosen who she wants to be with, and now Bianca needs to let go. He kisses his fiancée while Bianca looks on in horror. Frustrated, Maggie breaks off the kiss and asks if Bianca is going to stand there and watch, or leave. A moment passes and then Bianca grabs her things and runs out the door. After she slams the door shut, she stops so that she can hold back her tears.

Back in the apartment, as soon as the door closes, Maggie asks Jonathan if he's mad. Back in nice guy mode again, he soothes her fears and tells her that she was wonderful and that he loves her so much. They sit on the couch, and Jonathan placates her by telling her he would understand if she wants to delay the wedding. Overcompensating yet again, Maggie insists that she wants to marry him as soon as possible. Jonathan declares that he just wants to be the man that she deserves.

Ryan's reverie is broken when there is banging at his door. He rushes over and opens it to find a panicking Bianca. She is upset and rambling on about how she had just been "over there" and it was terrible because he was so mean and hurtful. Ryan asks who hurt her, and Bianca clarifies that she meant Maggie, not herself. She starts to launch into her hysterical chatter again but Ryan wants to know who is hurting Maggie. Bianca stares at him with pleading eyes, and tells him that she means his brother - and she insists that Ryan has to stop him.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

by Sarah McNeil

Bianca tells Ryan that he has to stop Maggie from eloping with Jonathan. Ryan asks Bianca to calm down, sits on his couch and asks to explain what she is talking about. Bianca tells Ryan all about Jonathan hitting Maggie on the face, but when Ryan asks her if she actually saw Jonathan hit Maggie, Bianca tells him no, but that she saw the bruise and her story and Jonathan's for why she got bruises were not the same. Ryan tells Bianca they when he saw his brother and Maggie on his birthday, they seemed happy and in love. Ryan even says that if there was proof Jonathan hit Maggie, he would go after his brother himself. Bianca explains to Ryan that Jonathan is cruel to Maggie and that he constantly talks down to her. She notes that he even made her beg for sex and used their friendship to make Maggie think that she wanted to bed her, Bianca says. Ryan asks Bianca if she is perhaps a bit jealous of Jonathan. Bianca is shocked and says this is not about jealousy, it is about Jonathan's abusive behavior. She says that she would be happy if Maggie was in a healthy relationship, but this is a bad one. Ryan says that he knows Jonathan better than anyone else. Bianca says otherwise. She tells him that he admitted to stealing the shirt she was wearing the night she gave birth to Miranda. She was going to use the shirt for DNA evidence to help prove Ethan was a Cambias. Still unable to see the truth, Ryan says that Bianca is just believing everything Kendall has been saying. When Bianca is out of the room, he starts thinking about what has happened. He flashes back to Greenlee admitting her suspicious thoughts about his brother. He remembers his father insulting him, beating him, then taking it out on Jonathan when Jonathan tried to defend him. Bianca comes back in and tells Ryan that he does not know his brother anymore. She says that she won't stand back and let him hurt Maggie.

Maggie praises Jonathan as they lay in bed, telling him that he is romantic, spontaneous and everything that she has ever wanted. Jonathan tells her that he wanted her from the moment he put his eyes on her. Jonathan gives Maggie a handful of cash and insists that she go buy a wedding dress. He even describes the dress he wants her to wear and the style her hair should be, which is up in pins so he can take it down. Maggie calls Jonathan's behavior romantic and goes out shopping.

Lily comes over to visit Aidan and asks him to rate their "date" on a grading scale of 1-100. Aidan rates their date a perfect 100 and says he had a great time with her. Lily tells him that she wants to help him solve the case, but Aidan insists that he works alone. When Lily excuses herself to go wash her hands, Greenlee and Kendall come crashing in, saying that they want to go after Jonathan also. Aidan threatens to tell Ryan what they are up to if they insist on helping. Greenlee pays Aidan a wad of cash so they can officially be clients and he can't tell Ryan anything. Lily comes back out and says that they should listen to her "boyfriend" then leaves. Greenlee and Kendall give Aidan suspicious looks and he explains that he was hanging out with her, is a boy and is her friend. Aidan adds that they should stay away from Jonathan because if they are right, he could be very dangerous. Ryan gives Greenlee her money back and says that he is off the case. Kendall and Greenlee insist that they need his help, but Aidan refuses to help unless they back off. Kendall and Greenlee tell Ryan they will back off, but when they go to the bat at The Valley Inn, they both enjoy glasses of booze and toast otherwise. It seems they have their friendship back, but Kendall looks hurt when Greenlee says that she and Ryan are trying to have a child. Back at Aidan's, Aidan is on the phone with someone asking for information about a woman, Lorraine, who filed a domestic violence complaint against Jonathan three years ago. Reggie comes over to pick up Lily, but Aidan says that Lily already left. Reggie says that as long as Lily has her map, she should be fine. After Reggie leaves, Aidan remembers Lily saying that she wanted to be his partner and help solve the case. "Bloody hell," he says as he figures out where Lily might be.

Erica tells Jackson that she is keeping Zack around so she can destroy Babe, David and Krystal, but Jackson insists that Zack should leave town because he has only hurt their family since he arrived. Erica says that she does not want Ethan involved with Kendall at all, but Zack can be of use to her. Jackson asks Erica to let the law handle Krystal, Babe and David. Erica says that she wants to trust the law, but that it has failed her before-Michael Cambias, for example. Erica says that Zack really cares for Miranda and Bianca and he will use that to get revenge on the people who hurt them.

Zack goes to visit Ethan in his office in an attempt to reconcile their relationship. It fails and Ethan continues to talk down him, saying his wished he was dead. Ethan says that Zack would probably be as bad as a father as Adam Chandler, controlling and always trying to dictate his life. Zack tries to work things out with his son, but Ethan refuses. After Zack leaves, Jackson goes to see Ethan and hands him a file that is will supposedly destroy Zack.

Lily goes to Maggie and Jonathan's apartment as Jonathan is packing for his eloping trip. Lily says that she is there to ask him questions and when she asks for Maggie, Jonathan gets defensive. Lily says that it is no problem if Maggie is not there and asks Jonathan to put out his hands. When Jonathan asks Lily what her investigation is about, Lily says that she is looking for proof that he hit Maggie and asks to see his medication cabinet. Jonathan seems to get angry and walks toward Lily when she says that no one knows she is there.

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