One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 24, 2005 on OLTL

Blair received a tip regarding Margaret and Todd. Margaret dressed up as Blair. John realized that Cristian might not really be Cristian. Jessica recalled Tico's murder. Kevin retrieved Ace from the Chandlers, but Kelly insisted that the baby be returned to his birth mother. Rex was released from jail. Marcie supported Michael.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 24, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Todd and Margaret miraculously make it through the explosion at the cabin. Margaret still has romance on her mind even though Todd makes it clear that he is madly in love with Blair.

At the same time, Blair refuses to end her search for Todd.

John sees the scorched remains of Cristian's notebook in the fireplace and retrieves it. As he reads through its charred pages, he comes to the conclusion that Cristian isn't Cristian after all! He immediately calls Natalie to come to the lodge, where he tells her of his theory and asks her to get a sample of Cristian's DNA.

Kelly learns from Kevin that Bo found Ace. Although she wants Ace to stay with his birth mother, Babe, Kevin is determined to reclaim "his" child. Bo and Daniel get into a verbal spar and Nora is caught smack in the middle.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

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Kevin tracks down JR Chandler in New Orleans and forces him to turn Ace over to him. JR does so, but declares an all-out war on Kevin, saying that he WILL get his son back. Kevin attacks Babe but then slowly begins to soften toward her.

John's theory that Cristian is an impostor is something beyond Natalie's comprehension and she refuses to help John get what is needed for a DNA test. John takes in Natalie's response but turns to Evangeline for assistance in having the test on Cristian done on their own. As John is learning that Cristian purchased a gun, Jessica gets yet another terrifying letter.

To get Todd to make love to her, Margaret dons a blond wig and turns on a southern accent to be more Blair-like. Blair, meanwhile, finds herself at a dead end when one of the mechanics at the garage that did business with Margaret fails to give her a lead. Unfortunately, Blair leaves too quickly because another mechanic shows up who can tell her what she needs to know.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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John calls Evangeline, presumably for help on the Tico Santi case, but he surprises her with a take-out dinner. He pulls her into a passionate kiss, telling her there's to be no talking about the case or work.

Colson refuses to let Rex go, citing the other charges that he's being held on, such as hiding the gun in Dorian's office. Jen shows up to visit Rex and he reminds her of how he'd do anything for her because he loves her so much. He admits to having tried to stop but he can't. He does promise to change if he is able to get out of the mess that he's presently in. Feeling responsible for his plight since it was her he was trying to cover for, Jen reminds him that she could never feel the same for him after knowing that he slept with her mother. Rex's attorney shows up but he never gets to chat with his client. He thinks that Rex is just a spoiled boy with a big mouth.

When Riley looks for Jen at the gallery, Lindsay conceals her true whereabouts but he figures it out. He's concerned that Rex really does love Jen because he's seen the way he looks at her. Jen shows up with a surprise dinner but Riley has already taken off to look for her.

Blair and Kelly meet up at the Palace where they both drown their sorrows. Blair has had no luck in locating Margaret and Todd but she swears she will never give up. Realizing that Kevin is avoiding Kelly by not answering her calls, Blair suggests that they drop on over to the Buchanan household and get some dirt from Asa.

Kevin returns home with Ace/James and Nigel promises to keep the media at bay. Kevin promises the baby that it's a new beginning and that no one will ever come between him and his family again. He ignores the repeated phone calls from Kelly, but she shows up with Blair and is shocked to see him with their son. She takes the same position as before, that the boy deserves to be with his real mother. Begging her to help him win custody over the Chandlers, Kevin still refuses to see that the baby is really not theirs. He forces the baby into Kelly's arms, hoping to persuade her to see his point of view. Kelly learns that Babe is in FBI custody for kidnapping and Kevin admits that he feels badly about that. Originally he wanted revenge but he did see how much Babe loves the baby. The Buchanan family is better than the Chandlers are though, he continues. They don't have all the awful escapades going on and he wants Kelly to help him win. He wants their family back like before. Kelly tries to convince him of the pain he'll be in when he loses the case and she plans on going to the FBI or whomever she has to, to straighten everything out.

Margaret, dressed like Blair, puts on the New Year's Eve video of Blair singing, and mouths the words to Todd who closes his eyes in disgust. He gives Margaret a hard time, not cooperating with any of her demands. She finally threatens to choke him to death if he doesn't make a baby with her.

Missing Jen at the police station, Riley runs into his dad instead who lets it be known that she's still a suspect in Paul's murder. She also still appears to have some kind of feeling for Rex, he states. Lindsay drops by to see Rex as well, telling him knowingly that he may have done what he did for Jen but he did it for the money also. Daniel warns Lindsay to be prepared; he won't make any more mistakes in capturing the person responsible for Paul's death. Blair shows up to find out if there's any news on Todd but both Bo and Nora are out and Daniel is too busy for her. She has her own idea and calls the Sun office, arranging a meeting with one of her staff. Daniel reaches his breaking point when Rex keeps annoying him and arranges for his immediate release.

Winding up back at the gallery, Jen assures Riley once again that there is nothing between she and Rex and that she only feels guilty since he's in jail because of her. She's confused over why he's doing what he is since she's innocent in the first place. She loves Riley who has seen her during her best and worst times. He's hurt that she still tells little lies and perhaps this means that she's hiding something, he declares. Jen is hurt that he doesn't believe her, they argue briefly and make up. He admits that he's like Rex in that they'd both do anything for her. Lindsay returns and hears, vowing that Daniel had better watch out.

Blair has her meeting and sees the new morning edition of the Sun - a front-page picture of Margaret with the glaring headline WANTED! She doesn't care if they're sued.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005


At the cabin, Todd tells Margaret it was a pathetic attempt in dressing up and acting like Blair. He said he would rather be dead than to have sex with her. Margaret saw the newspaper article that Blair wrote about her - accusing her of kidnapping Todd. Margaret informed Todd that since her threats against him aren't working, she will threaten Blair's life. Margaret thinks that if she threatens Blair, Todd will have no choice but to perform. Blair tells Starr that she was right and that Todd never voluntarily left them. She told her how she thinks that Margaret has kidnapped her father and that she was going to find the proof to give to the police. The mechanic at the auto shop (where Margaret went to get her car repaired) saw the newspaper article and called Blair to say that he has seen Margaret. Blair leaves to talk to the mechanic.

Evangeline tricks Carlotta into drinking out of a coffee cup at the diner, to get her DNA. As Evangeline is about to take the cup, Marcie comes up to her before she can get the cup in her bag. Marcie is concerned that Michael is missing and may be distraught on being suspended from the hospital. Marcie thinks if Jessica could just remember who she saw pull the plug on Tico, Michael would come back. Evangeline urges Marcie to speak with Jessica and try to spark her memory. As Marcie goes to Jessica and Antonio's table, Evangeline is able to take the coffee cup. John meets Evangeline at the diner and Evangeline shows him that she has Carlotta's cup and a possible match to Cristian.

Marcie finally gets Jessica to go to the hospital to retrace her steps. Jessica, Antonio and Marcie walk the halls exactly as Jessica did the night Tico was killed. Jessica remembers walking to his room, and looking at him through the window. Jessica becomes upset as she finally remembers who she saw kill Tico.

John questions Cristian to find out why he would purchase a gun. Cris tells John that he bought the gun to protect Jessica and Natalie in case Jessica's stalker poses any problems. Natalie tells Cristian that she is worried that he bought the gun. As Cris leaves the room, John tells Natalie that the one way she can find out who Cris really is, she will need to provide him with a DNA sample. Natalie finds Cristian's shaver and reluctantly brings it to John. Angrily, she give the shaver to John and tells him that if the DNA is indeed a match to Cristian, he must leave them alone to get on with their lives.

Kelly sees Kevin and Ace at the Palace eating breakfast. Kevin convinces her to join them in hopes she will get on board with him in trying to get Ace back. Kevin got a phone call and found out that the Chandler's are requesting a DNA test be done on the baby. Kelly tries to urge Kevin to stop the fight in keeping the baby, and let him go back to Babe. Kevin said he will continue the fight for his son, with or without her.

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Friday, January 28, 2005


Since Dorian believed Margaret was dangerous, Dorian was worried for Blair as she continued to search for Todd. Adriana and Duke overheard Dorian's telephone conversation with David about getting revenge on Viki (Dorian blames Viki for losing her hospital job). Adriana decided she would spy on Kevin for Dorian. Duke was appalled. Starr promised Jack she would find their Dad. Reporters arrived to speak with Kelly regarding Ace. Dorian advised Kelly was unavailable and proceeded to conduct the interview herself. When Dorian suggested Adriana break up with Duke, Adriana decided not to spy after all. Duke was concerned about Adriana. Starr convinced the reporters to hold a press conference regarding Todd. Todd vowed he would kill Margaret if she hurts his family. As Starr was pleading for information on Todd's whereabouts, Todd saw the telecast. While hiding in the bushes, Margaret watched Starr and Jack.

At the diner, Natalie gave John DNA from Cristian's razor to prove he is Cristian. Evangeline offered to help by keeping the test a secret and by obtaining results quickly. Cristian arrived and was angry Natalie was speaking to John. Natalie, being supportive, asked Cristian to get rid of the gun. Still hearing voices from his brainwashing, Cristian told Natalie he could not. Evangeline told John, if he isn't Cristian, he loves Natalie very much. Seeing how much the gun bothered Natalie, Cristian told Natalie he would get rid of the gun for her. As Cristian and Evangeline spoke with Carlotta, John and Natalie discussed what happens if Cristian is an imposter. Natalie was convinced it is Cristian. Natalie pushed John to admit how he feels about her. They agreed they both want each other to be happy. Carlotta wanted to have an anniversary party for Cristian and Natalie. Cristian became anxious. Viki arrived at the diner to announce Jessica remembered a stranger killing Tico. John, Natalie and Cristian left to see Jessica.

Antonio asked Jessica not to protect anyone and tell who killed Tico. Jessica said she doesn't know who killed Tico, since she saw a stranger pull the plug. Antonio did not believe her. As the police arrived to take Jessica's statement, Antonio told her he knew she was lying. John arrived and pushed Jessica to remember. Antonio believed Jessica was covering for someone. As Antonio pushed Jessica to reveal who killed Tico, Jessica announced Antonio killed Tico. Cristian was shocked and became enraged.

At the cabin, Todd pleaded with Margaret not to harm Blair. Blair located the garage where Margaret had her car fixed. The mechanic told Blair Margaret needed her car fixed quickly as her husband was just released from the hospital. Blair spoke to the doctor who treated Todd and with the mechanics help, located the cabin where Todd was being held. Todd told Margaret she would have no leverage if she killed Blair. Todd said if Blair was dead, she could kill him as well. Margaret became enraged and left to find Blair. Todd was determined to get free and save Blair. After seeing Starr and Jack on television, Todd tried to break free. As he was struggling to free himself, he accidentally set the cabin on fire.

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