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Passions Recaps: The week of January 24, 2005 on PS
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Martin ends up telling Father Lonigan the secret that has haunted him for twenty years after Luis drags Pilar away. Luis will not let Pilar go back to hear any of Martin's "lies", even though she begs him to. Father Lonigan tells Martin he can't keep carrying this horrible secret, and he must unburden his family by telling them the truth. Martin agrees. He finds Luis and Pilar and tells them they're not leaving until they hear what he has to say.

Alistair tells Tina that Sheridan has passed out because whatever she was remembering while she sleepwalked was too awful. Katherine finds Sheridan lying on the ground and thinks she wakes her up, but Sheridan is still sleepwalking. Alistair considers shooting both Katherine and Sheridan but changes his mind when he hears what Sheridan is mumbling. She is repeating "it was here." Alistair says that if Sheridan is remembering what he thinks she is remembering, Katherine will be eliminated for good. Sheridan is shocked to see Katherine standing in front of her and says she's dead, she can't be there. Sheridan cries "I killed you!" and starts choking Katherine!

Ethan surprises Theresa when she sees he has arranged to have her entire house made wheelchair-accessible and brought Little Ethan over to visit her. She is extremely grateful and is more hopeful for the future. Theresa is still convinced that she, the baby, Little Ethan and Ethan will be the perfect family and Gwen will spend the rest of her days in prison.

Gwen goes after Rebecca and tells her to get out of her way; she has to become the best hopscotch player in the world so she can teach her baby girl how to play. Gwen trips and falls, and when she gets up doesn't know who Rebecca is and is hallucinating that people are coming after her.

Fox thinks that Whitney was thinking about terminating the pregnancy, but Whitney denies it and tells him she doesn't even remember what she said to Katherine. When Chad tries to say something, Fox tells him to mind his own business and Whitney says that it is Chad's business, but she manages to come up with another cover story. Whitney tells Chad that she won't ever push him out of her, or her baby's, life.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


At the Bennett house, Ivy is cooking up pasta sauce for Sam. Sam's busy with the local crime spree and he tells her the governor is breathing down his neck, which isn't surprising since he's in Alistair's back pocket. Ivy calls Jessica to come down for dinner, but she's ignored. Jessica's tired of Ivy's spaghetti sauce and is dressed saucily enough to go out for a little excitement. Ivy tells Sam she thinks he should keep an eye on Jessica. Then talk turns to Eve and the charges leveled against her. Ivy says she can't believe Eve would poison Liz. When Jessica doesn't come down, Ivy goes up to check and finds she's gone. She comes back with a handful of naughty stuff (a report card with C's and D's, cigarettes, and sexy lingerie) from a shoebox sticking out from under her bed. Ivy says Jessica has changed since she quit selling Mark Cosmetics. Sam is in denial that this can be Jess's stuff. He's sure it belongs to Jessica's wayward friend Dara. He just can't believe his daughter is on the wrong path. Grace raised the girls to be good. Ivy reminds him that Kay got pregnant without being married. Sam snaps at her that if she's saying Grace wasn't a good mother then she better not because he won't have her badmouthing Grace.

At Tabitha Lennox's house, Kay, Simone and Paloma are getting gussied up for a little clubbing. The girls head to a club that is playing U2's new hit. Simone and Kay order soda. Paloma tries to order tequila and the waiter tells her to come back when she's 21. The girls start looking at the guys, but Kay isn't interested because she's waiting for Miguel to come back to her and Maria. Paloma gets up to dance and Kay and Simone are amazed that Paloma is a "good Catholic girl" the way she dresses and dances. They reflect on how their mothers tried to teach them to be good girls and they should have practiced what they preach. Now Grace is off with David in Europe and Eve is in jail on attempted murder charges.

At the Bennett house, Jessica sneaks out the back way down the stairs and out the door and runs into Tabitha. She bribes Tabitha with free babysitting if she doesn't tell her dad. Tabs is surprised at her state of dress and Jessica says it's the way all her friends dress. Tabitha comments that they must ALL look like hookers then. She asks Tabitha if she remembers being young and Tabs goes off to a memory of a past with Rasputin. Tabitha stays just outside the Bennett house (with the babies) spying on Ivy and Sam. As she watches Sam and Ivy, she thinks Jess may really be headed for the dark side. She reflects back to a date she had with Attilla the Hun.

Jessica heads to the same club where the other girls are. She sits at the bar and lights up a cigarette. A guy joins her and after he lights up as well, the bartender asks them to put them out. Jessica orders a "Cape Cod" and he wants a vodka rocks. They commiserate about not having a place where they can have fun. He recommends they go to his place.

Kay and Simone sneer at the way so many of the girls in the club are dressed like hookers, especially the girl hanging all over that guy at the bar. Kay and Simone go over to them and when they get close, realize it's Jessica!

At the Crane estate, a sleep-walking Sheridan tells Katherine that she can't be there because she's dead and she killed her. Katherine says she doesn't know what Sheridan is thinking about, but she's alive. Sheridan grimaces and repeats her claim. Alistair and Tina watch from behind nearby bushes. Tina is amazed that Sheridan can sleepwalk through this and Alistair is so glad that Sheridan will get rid of his slut wife for him. Sheridan yells that she needs to be dead and starts strangling her mother. Sheridan slips and falls. Alistair cheers her on from the sidelines. As Katherine gets down to check Sheridan, her daughter grabs her foot and pulls her to the ground. They chase around until they get to the family crypt. Sheridan keeps making a stabbing motion at her mother and telling her she must die. (Suddenly Sheridan remembers being young with Alistair and Katherine fighting. Katherine screams that Alistair must die and Sheridan stabs her mother in the back as she says "No! You can't kill my daddy!") Back to the present, she throttles Katherine yelling through clenched teeth that her mother must die.

At the church, Luis tells Martin to hurry up and tell the story. Martin says it is a story of life and death, but Luis says he's just trying to scare Pilar. Pilar wants to know whose death. Martin says he carried this dark secret in his heart for years. He asks Luis if he remembers when he built the gazebo and Luis found the corner of a burlap bag. (We see a flashback of the building project with younger a Luis and Martin) Luis remembers Martin freaking out and telling him not to touch it. They are interrupted by a phone call to Luis from a Crane estate maid. She went to give a phone message to Sheridan from Gwen's psychiatrist and found her bed empty. Luis is sure she's sleepwalking, so the story will have to wait.

Luis, Martin and Pilar go to the cottage to find Sheridan. She's not in the cottage, so they go outside to look and hear her scream loudly.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Luis, Pilar and Martin find Sheridan choking Katherine by the Crane mausoleum. Luis pulls Sheridan off Katherine and Martin cradles Katherine and prays that she is still alive, while Pilar looks on. Katherine wakes up. Sheridan stops sleepwalking and falls into a deeper sleep, so Luis takes her back to the cottage and tells Martin to come too so he can tell them his secret. Alistair intercepts Martin as he starts to follow Luis and warns him that no one must know their secret, but Martin says there's nothing Alistair can do to stop him from telling.

Theresa chooses the name Jane for her baby, after Jane Eyre. Ethan wants to make sure she is all right alone with Little Ethan and Jane before he goes to visit Gwen. Theresa ends up kicking Ethan out, enraged that he wants to go visit the woman who paralyzed her and is frantic when she realizes that Jane has a high fever.

Gwen, in her jail cell with Rebecca, settles on Ashley for "her" baby's name and is frustrated when she can't get out of the cell to go see her children and Ethan. Rebecca tries to get her to rest until Ethan gets there, and Gwen falls asleep but is jolted awake when she overhears Rebecca talking to herself about how Theresa is trying to steal Ethan. Ethan shows up at the police station to visit Gwen and he and Rebecca are alarmed when Gwen is convinced she hears her baby crying.

Jessica's friend at the bar tries to get Jessica, Kay and Simone to come back to his place, but Kay slaps him, throws a glass at him when he tries to drag Jessica off and ultimately ends up starting a fight between him and the guy Paloma was dancing with. Jessica, Kay and Simone are thrown out of the club and locked out, but Paloma is trapped inside.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005


At the teen club, Simone, Kay and Jessica get thrown out and the door locked behind them, but Paloma is grabbed by the guy she was dancing with and hauled off to an employee locker room where he turns up music on a boom box and assaults her. She tries to escape and then fights him. He tells her she's going to get what she's been begging him to do all night. The girls keep pounding on the door to be let in so they can get Paloma out, even though they don't realize she's in trouble. The young man hits Paloma across the face and berates her for teasing him and then trying to walk out. The girls finally have an attack of conscience (despite being Police Chief Bennett's daughters) they decide to call 911 about the bar fight and then stay out of sight when the police show up. Paloma's attacker continues to beat her and appears to rape her. He hears the cops and gives Paloma one more whack and then tosses her to the floor where her head begins to bleed. When the police clear out the club, they miss the room Paloma is in. Just as a cop makes a second sweep of her area, he gets called away. The girls worry that Paloma will get arrested. They also worry about how they are going to sneak back into their house.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa's baby Jane has a fever and Theresa can't get the wheelchair unstuck. She damns Gwen for putting her in this predicament and herself for throwing Ethan out. She can't reach the medicine because it's in a kitchen cabinet. She can't give her a cool bath because she can't bend over. She calls 911 and gets put on hold, then transferred around to various doctors' answering services before getting cut off. She remembers that there's medicine in her bag and when she reaches for the bag, the medicine bottle runs under the sofa. She leaves desperate messages on Pilar's cell phone and at the jail for Ethan. She calls for a taxi, but it will be a long time before they get there because she needs one that is wheelchair accessible. Finally, an hysterical Theresa wakes up little Ethan to help her with a cold cloth and to watch for the taxi.

At Gwen's jail cell, Gwen is still delusional, thinking she hears her baby crying. She wants to be let out so she can go to the hospital to take care of her baby. Ethan tells Rebecca that Theresa is adamant about not dropping the charges. Rebecca gets out of the cell and discusses Gwen's condition with Ethan. Rebecca blames Theresa and Ethan reminds her that Gwen stabbed Theresa. She tells him that he has to find a way to convince Theresa to drop the charges against Gwen or she'll just keep getting worse. Ethan swears he'll find a way to get Theresa to relent and reminds Rebecca that Theresa can't walk and holds Gwen responsible. Gwen declares that she's going to kill Theresa and that she should have done it while she had the chance. Then she asks Ethan where the other children are. Rebecca says if people hear her now she won't be able to use the insanity plea. Gwen slips between a catatonic state and angry, insane rages. Gwen yells that Theresa has their Ashley and they need to get her back and then they need to kill Theresa. Gwen is sick and tired of waiting for Rebecca and Ethan to get her out of there! She starts yelling for someone to get her out of there. She wants her baby now! The jailer comes to tell Ethan he has an urgent message.. In order to distract Gwen, Rebecca starts showing her all her diamonds, but that only makes her shriek that she wants to kill Theresa again and again and again! The message is from Theresa and he has to go meet her at the hospital. Gwen hopes Theresa is really sick. Her ultimate wish is that Theresa has an aneurism because it will be painful and then deadly. Then she can get "her" baby back

At Sheridan's cottage, Sheridan has a horrid nightmare of herself as a little girl where she stabs her mother as Alistair and Katherine fight. In the cottage living room, Luis, Pilar, Katherine, Martin and Alistair are gathered. Luis finally demands Martin to tell the whole story. Sheridan wakes up from her nightmare in a cold sweat. Luis blames Martin and Katherine for Sheridan's nightmares and sleepwalking. Alistair says nothing will help Sheridan. Martin agrees to tell the truth. Alistair tells Martin to be quiet and that this is the price he has to bear for what he did. Pilar and Luis encourage him to tell and Alistair threatens him. Alistair won't let him bring him down. Martin tells Pilar she'll hate him when he tells her. Katherine tells him she'll love him no matter what. Sheridan comes running into the room from her nightmare. She sees the hand prints on Katherine's neck, but doesn't remember that she attacked Katherine. (Katherine flashes back to the attack) Sheridan asks Alistair if he attacked her mother again. Luis keeps trying to convince her to go back to bed. She doesn't want to be treated like a child. Suddenly, Sheridan notices all the dirt on her hands and she realizes she was sleepwalking and that she must have been the one to attack Katherine. Then she remembers the dream and her father and Martin building the gazebo. Under his breath, Alistair says "Sheridan, for your own sake, don't remember anything more." She wonders how she could have hurt Katherine and Alistair says it's because she's a Crane. She tells them her dream of stabbing her mother and gets hysterical as she remembers the blood on her hands. Alistair taunts Martin with Sheridan's breakdown. Luis tells her that if she really stabbed her mother, Katherine will have scars. He asks Katherine to show them that she doesn't have any scars. Katherine reluctantly starts to lift up her sweater so Sheridan can see her back. Alistair tells Sheridan to be careful of what she wishes for!

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Friday, January 28, 2005


Ivy finds Jessica outside trying to sneak back into her room by way of the trellis. Even though Jessica swears she'll never do it again and begs Ivy not to tell Sam, Ivy calls him outside anyway. Sam doesn't want to believe that Jessica, who he always thought was "the good one," would do something like this, but he tells Kay and Jessica they're both in big trouble. Back at the club, a police officer finds Paloma on the floor of the office and calls for an ambulance.

Gwen is still determined to murder Theresa and tries to work out a way she can get herself into the hospital so she can. Julian arrives and tells Eve that bail has been set, so she can go home. Before they leave, Eve remembers that she saw Rebecca down in the church basement by the punch bowl the night Liz was poisoned, and excitedly asks her if she saw anything. Rebecca, of course, lies and says that she was only down there for five minutes and points out again how all of the evidence points to Eve. Gwen comes across a mirror in her mother's purse and uses it to cut her wrists so she can get admitted to the hospital.

Theresa makes it to the hospital and frantically hands Jane over to a nurse. Little Ethan is taken upstairs to the playroom, and while Jane is being examined by the doctor, Ethan comes to see what's going on. Theresa explains to him what happened and tells him he should have been there for her; he should have been concerned about her and not Gwen. Theresa is terrified that she won't be able to be a good mother to her son and daughter.

Sheridan is hysterical, and keeps insisting that she stabbed and killed her mother. Luis tries to assure her that it was just a nightmare, but Alistair says to himself what she is remembering is totally real. Alistair tells Katherine that the fact that Martin hasn't shared his secret with her should give her some idea of the impact it would have. He says that by Martin revealing his secret, they would be condemning Sheridan to a life of anguish and urges her to convince Martin not to tell. Meanwhile, Pilar asks Martin to swear he will tell her his secret.

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