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Passions Recaps: The week of January 17, 2005 on PS
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Monday, January 17, 2005

Julian learned that Katherine was alive. He went to the bed and breakfast and embraced Katherine then surprised her when he said he didn't hate her and even that he was glad she'd run away from Alistair. He asked her to stay in Harmony and make them a family again. He said that he would protect her from Alistair and would convince Sheridan to forgive her, but Katherine begged him not to speak to Sheridan.

Martin went to the church to give Pilar the divorce papers before he and Katherine left. Pilar lost her temper and threw Martin's shrine plaque at him, which knocked him out. She stopped the bleeding and realized she didn't want him dead at all. Martin woke up, and he and Pilar got caught up in the moment and shared a passionate kiss. Martin apologized and got up to leave, but Pilar blocked the door and told him he was not going anywhere until he told her why he'd left.

Gwen choked Sheridan, and Sheridan passed out. Luis and Ethan ran to Gwen's cell., Gwen told Ethan that she'd had to stop Sheridan before she took Gwen's baby, while Luis got the guard and sent him to get a paramedic. The paramedic revived Sheridan and reassured Luis that she'd be fine. Gwen was further convinced that Sheridan was going to kidnap her baby, and she rushed out of her cell to choke Sheridan again. Gwen was pulled back into her cell and put into a straitjacket.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

At the jail, Gwen was in a straitjacket and still swearing to Ethan that she needed to go to her baby girl. Ethan tried to comfort her while telling her that they didn't have a little girl. The guards tried to subdue her while she kept fighting. Luis comforted Sheridan, who Gwen had choked twice. Sheridan realized how sick Gwen was and didn't blame her.

Gwen went into a catatonic state suddenly, and her psychiatrist told Ethan it would be better if he left Gwen alone for a while. He said she had short-circuited. Ethan apologized, and Sheridan said she knew what it was like to have her dreams dashed when a mother lost her baby. Sheridan took Ethan and Luis to the Book Café.

At the Book Café, Beth had set up a special tea party for Fox and Whitney at Fox's direction. He wanted to give her a time away from all the negative things that had been going on and focus on the baby. He had gotten a baby name book and thought it would be nice if they had a son to name him after the baby's dad -- Nicholas Foxworth Crane. Chad entered and totally distracted Whitney.

Whitney felt pressured and snapped at Fox because her mind was on other things. Chad rushed to her side to help, but Ethan rebuffed him. She apologized for snapping at Fox and blamed her mental state on the stress of her mother's arrest filling the newspapers. Fox barely tolerated Chad being there. Whitney ran off to the restroom to be by herself and wondered how long she could keep the secret that Chad was her baby's father.

Ethan, Sheridan, and Luis arrived from the jail, and when Luis went for coffee, Ethan apologized again. Sheridan admitted that she thought every day of the baby she'd lost. She hoped for a miracle that she'd get to hold her baby. Beth overheard and told herself that was why she needed to keep Marty away from Sheridan.

Beth took Marty to see Luis at the counter. He told her about Gwen attacking Sheridan. Marty wanted a book read to him, and Luis recommended that Sheridan read to Marty, to take her mind off everything, if Beth was too busy. Beth insisted, "Not Sheridan," and suggested that Luis take him to a quiet corner and read to him.

Ethan and Sheridan watched Luis and Beth with Marty. She realized her baby and Marty were the same age and admitted to Ethan that she often fantasized that Marty was her missing baby. She promised not to flip out again. She said how overwhelming it was to find out that her mother was alive and well. She said that Luis hated her mother, so she had to also. She couldn't stand it if Luis thought she was taking her mother's side over his.

Ethan was astounded and said the mother and child bond was necessary and couldn't be broken. Sheridan wondered why her mother had left, and she couldn't forgive her. Ethan said he thought Sheridan was afraid of her mother getting between her and Luis. She said Luis was her life.

In a separate corner of the café, after reading books to Marty, Luis told Beth she was a good mother. She asked him how Sheridan was dealing with the news that Mrs. Wheeler was her mother. She imagined that Sheridan had to be excited to find out her mother was right there in Harmony with Luis' father. She continued to poke at the scab, saying, "Of course, she must hate her mother. She'd never betray you to forgive and love her mother."

Luis said he'd never forgive his father. Beth cattily said, "I don't know who I blame more: your father or Sheridan's mother." She sat closer to Luis and leaned in, getting cozy. Luis asserted that Sheridan hated both of their parents as much as he did.

At the bed and breakfast, Julian and Katherine discussed Sheridan. Katherine insisted that she wanted Sheridan to hate her as much as Luis did so Luis wouldn't abandon her. Julian didn't understand. She said it was for Sheridan's own good and happiness. She told him that she'd just found out that Alistair had told Sheridan she'd killed her mother. Julian wished he'd protected Sheridan like he'd promised his mother.

Julian told Katherine it had to be killing her to not reconcile with Sheridan. She told him not to blame himself for her mistakes. She told him that Luis blamed her for everything bad that had happened to his family. Julian was sure that Luis loved Sheridan so much that he wouldn't stand in the way of mother and daughter reconciling. He didn't want her to leave Harmony, and Katherine couldn't believe he could still find it in his heart to love her. Julian explained how bad his father was and how much Sheridan needed her mother's love.

At the church, Martin gave Pilar divorce papers. He wanted her to sign them and move on from the life he'd stolen from her. Pilar seemed to want to keep him despite his affair with Katherine Crane. He tried to leave, but Pilar wouldn't let him out the door until he told her why he'd abandoned her and the family. If he weren't in love with Katherine, she wanted to know why they'd run. He swore that Pilar had done nothing wrong, but he'd rescued Katherine by taking her away. Then, after he'd left, he'd realized he could never return.

Pilar wasn't satisfied with Martin's answers and insisted that he tell her the whole story before she would even consider signing those papers. She wanted to know what Alistair could possibly have on him that he would leave his wife and children to be Katherine's knight in shining armor then never send word to the family that he was okay. She asked how he could have an affair with Katherine. "Tell me! Tell me why you walked out," Pilar demanded.

Pilar told Martin she had gone over every detail of those days, trying to figure out what she had done wrong or how he could have an affair without her noticing. The only thing she could think of that was suspicious was a night that he had gotten home very late with mud-covered boots. Martin flashed back to burying something on the Crane estate. He'd told her that Alistair had kept him late working for Crane Industries.

Martin suddenly needed air and ran out of the church. Pilar grabbed her coat and followed. She found him sitting on a bench outside. She told him he looked tormented, and he said it was just his head. She apologized for hitting him with the plaque.

Pilar asked if Martin had loved her when they'd gotten married. He said he had -- with all his heart. He said he still loved her. Pilar said that if his feelings were true, he needed to tell her the truth so she knew why she'd spent the past twenty years, waiting for him to return home. She had been willing to put up with the struggles because she'd believed in him and their love. He said she didn't understand. She told him to make her understand.

At the waterfront, Julian and Katherine ran into Fox, Chad, and Whitney. Introductions were made all around, and Katherine hugged her two grandsons and the woman carrying her unborn great-grandson. She said she was sorry for all Whitney's troubles, and she needed to be worried about her mother. As she stormed off, Whitney declared she didn't care about her mother, and she could rot in jail.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Liz went to see Eve in jail and told Eve she didn't care if Eve had really poisoned her or not, because all Liz wanted was for Eve's life to be destroyed -- and it had been. Liz made it look like Eve was trying to kill her by putting Eve's hands on her neck and screaming for the guard. The guard arrived and pulled Eve off of Liz then told Eve that if she kept it up, she'd end up in solitary confinement. Liz promised Eve that she would do everything she could to see that Eve was locked up for a very, very long time.

Liz left, and Julian arrived to tell Eve about Katherine. Eve was concerned about Sheridan and said that Sheridan and Katherine needed to talk about Sheridan taking all the blame for Katherine's "death," or Sheridan would be tormented by that guilt for the rest of her life. She also told Julian that if Sheridan's sleepwalking started up again, she would fear for her life.

Julian went to visit Eve, leaving Katherine with Fox and Chad. Fox shared his concerns about Whitney with Katherine, and Katherine offered to try to talk to her. Katherine talked to Whitney about how Eve had thought she'd been protecting her, and Whitney broke down and confessed to Katherine that she was keeping a secret to protect her baby.

Pilar continued to beg Martin to tell her the truth and said that she knew him well enough to know that he was keeping something from her. He asked her to let it go, saying he was not worth it, but she insisted he tell her the real reason he'd left, and he finally agreed.

Sheridan asked that Luis call Father Lonigan to talk about rescheduling their wedding. Luis told her to get some rest, and she had a nightmare. Luis left to see Father Lonigan, and Sheridan started sleepwalking.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Due to news coverage of the presidential inauguration, this episode was preempted. This preemption was planned, and there were no lost episodes. Regular broadcasting resumed Friday where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Gwen was furious that she was being restrained in a straitjacket, but Dr. Sprague refused to loosen the straps and warned Rebecca that Gwen was violent and could even potentially harm her. Eventually Gwen slipped back into a catatonic state, and Dr. Sprague left. As soon as he was gone, Rebecca loosened the straps on the straitjacket. Gwen managed to wriggle out of the straitjacket and went after Rebecca.

Theresa and her baby got ready to go home. Ethan tried once more to get her to drop the charges against Gwen, but Theresa told him Gwen could rot in jail. Ethan threatened that if she didn't drop the charges, she might never see Little Ethan again because the courts wouldn't recognize Gwen's decision in her mental state, but Theresa said she was not stupid -- they'd turn to Ethan for a decision. The doctor entered and told Ethan he needed to keep Theresa calm. The doctor, the nurse, and Ethan helped Theresa into her wheelchair.

Katherine urged Whitney to share her secret, and Whitney reluctantly agreed. She began telling Katherine about how she and Chad had been in love before they'd known they were brother and sister, and Katherine stopped her and said she knew exactly what her secret was. She thought Whitney was afraid that the Crane bloodline would adversely affect the baby. Whitney pretended that Katherine was right when Katherine commented on how awful it would be if Chad were the father. Chad and Fox watched Whitney and Katherine from afar, and Chad told Fox he thought Whitney was still in love with him.

Martin was just about to tell Pilar the real reason why he'd left Harmony when Luis stormed over and interrupted them. He yelled at Martin to leave his family alone, and Luis didn't listen when Pilar asked him to hear what his father had to say. Martin lost his temper and snapped at Luis to shut his mouth for a minute, and Pilar told Martin to go ahead and tell her.

Alistair and Tina, his assistant, watched as Sheridan sleepwalked in the spot where the gazebo had been. Sheridan recalled a meeting between Martin and Alistair she'd overheard when she'd been a little girl. Alistair decided she had remembered too much and aimed a gun at her, ignoring Tina's attempts to dissuade him from shooting his own daughter.

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