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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 24, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Aaron and Alison struggle with the doctors' ban of sex. Aaron even calls Ben, who is having dinner with Jessica, to try to get him to define "sex." Finally, Aaron and Alison kiss passionately.

At metro, Lucinda asks Sierra to come to work with her at Worldwide, then they leave for Lucinda's house. At Lucinda's, Dusty is on the verge of proposing to Lucy, but he discovers that she has decided to attend Williams College and must leave this very night. Dusty understands that Lucy needs to grow up and become independent. Instead of the engagement ring, Dusty gives Lucy back the necklace that she had given to him to bring him luck and to keep him safe. He tells her, "I hope you get everything you want," and they tell each other than that they love each other before she leaves. Dusty advises a distraught Rafael to let Lucy do this for herself, and Lucinda tells Dusty that she admires him for not proposing.

Luke tells Lily that he saw Holden kissing Julia. Meanwhile, at the Snyder farm, Holden finds himself alone with a scantily-dressed Julia, after she has sent J. J. home with Jack for the night. Holden tries to pull back from Julia a little, but she turns on the poor pitiful act about never having a home, and Holden stops her with a kiss. Holden and Julia begin to make love.

At Carly and Jack's house, J. J. is visibly disappointed that Carly is going to be around for his visit with Jack, and Carly is not too thrilled to hear Jack promising to take J. J. to a Cubs game. Lily bursts in to tell Carly that Luke saw Holden and Julia kissing, and Carly tells Lily that J. J.'s visit must be a set-up, so that Julia could get Holden alone at the farmhouse. Lily dashes to the farm, and Carly calls Julia a "lying, deceitful tramp" to Jack, which an angry J. J. overhears.

Lily walks into the bedroom at the Snyder farm and finds Holden and Julia in bed together.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Alison helps Aaron recuperate from surgery in their apartment. They clearly enjoy each other's' company and struggle to follow Ben's advice that they not have sex until he is recovered. Ali has a brainstorm and calls Nancy Hughes to "chaperone." Nancy comes right over with a plate of homemade cookies and some old fashioned advice. She is worried that Alison doesn't want to be alone with Aaron, but when Ali explains that it is because they are so much in love, Nancy understands clearly. She tells Ali that this is a time for them to get to know each other, to dream together, and that their love will grow. Later, when Aaron is ready for bed he finds that Ali has separated their bed with a sheet, as she's probably seen on old movies. He laughs at her strategy, but it works!

Will shows up at the Lakeview, believing he was there to meet his sister. He is not happy when he sees Barbara and she tells him she had to lie to him because she knew he wouldn't come to see her willingly. Barbara tries very hard to convince him that he must come live with her and Hal (she claims that Hal doesn't love Emily any more). Will doesn't buy it -- but he does believe Barbara when she tells him that Paul in working with Emily to try to prove her innocence. Will later finds Paul and Rosanna and accuses them of trying to betray him.

Susan and Emily try to enjoy an evening out, but talk turns, of course, to Emily's arrest. Susan doesn't trust Paul and is afraid Paul is trying to use Emily to get back at his mother, whom he hates. Emily doesn't agree with her about Paul, but she asks her mother some questions about what kind of drug could've been used to make her terrorize Rosanna. Susan suggests perhaps a psychiatric, hypnotic drug.....and Emily goes looking for it in Barbara's Lakeview Suite. However, instead of finding a drug, she finds Barbara. An argument ensues.

Jack is still angry at Carly because JJ overheard her rant about Julia. And he is also incredulous when Carly tries to tell him that Julia is now after Holden, and that she wanted JJ to stay the night with them so she could have Holden to herself. Jack insists that Luke didn't understand what he saw between Holden and Julia and that Holden loves his family, and would not let Julia tear them apart. Jack is well meaning, but wrong, as Lily has walked in on Holden and Julia in his bed at the Snyder farm. Lily is angry and hurt but Holden doesn't seem to be particularly sorry that she saw them. He is concerned, however, when Lily tells him that Luke saw Holden and Julia kiss at the cabin. Adding insult to injury, Julia can't keep her mouth closed: "If it makes you feel better to blame me, then go ahead," she says carelessly and leaves the room. Holden can't tell Lily that he loves Julia, but he does admit they slept together. "How can you be unfaithful to me again?" But Holden doesn't see it as infidelity as he feels the marriage was over a long time ago. He had better not put too much faith in Julia, however, because as soon as she dressed she drove right out to Jack and Carly's home. Although she claims to have come to pick up JJ so they could both spend the night at the Lakeview, she must know that JJ is asleep by now. Getting to the real purpose of her visit, she goes on to tell Jack and Carly that she left the farm because Lily caught her and Holden in an awkward situation. Jack is shocked! But

Carly is not. "You and Holden have an intimate moment and you come to tell Jack?" she says. Julia insists what happened between her and Holden is their business, but she does admit that she wanted to tell her side of the story to Jack before Lily told Carly. When Julia leaves, Jack still can't believe it is happening. "I can't believe he'd do this to me!" he says. Carly reels at the words, but Jack denies that he is jealous. Carly tells Jack that the only reason Julia came to their house was to make him jealous and "she succeeded in spades!"

Julia runs to the Lakeview to get a room for the night. She sees Lisa and is crazy enough to tell her that she and Holden are seeing each other. Lisa is shocked and stammers "I used to care about you!" Julia insists that Lily and Holden's marriage is over: "We're together now," she says, reminiscent of the comments she made to Carly before Jack regained his memory. Also in characteristic form, Julia breaks into tears. She is relieved when she hears Holden's voice over her shoulder. She cries some more as they embrace and he tells her: "I told Lily our marriage is over."

And indeed he must have, for Lily is still in Holden's room at the Snyder farm, collapsed in a heap of tears.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Off of his confrontation with Paul about helping Emily, Will goes missing. Rosanna notifies Alison, who tracks Will down at the Snyder Barn. She promises she's not mad at him just because Emily's her sister and she tells him she'll always be there for him. Meanwhile, the dishes from Emily's kitchen are tested and come up spotless -- unusually spotless for an old set of cups. Hal, Emily and Paul quickly speculate that these could be brand new cups used to replace the ones Barbara used for drugging Emily. Rosanna then bursts in with the news of Will's disappearance and begs Paul to get his priorities straight by concentrating on his family and letting Emily take care of herself. Later, while Barbara is brought in and remains defensive in her involvement, Paul agrees to concentrate more on his family and later, Will returns. Meanwhile, Susan checks in with Barbara's old psychiatric hospital and learns that a vial of suggestibility drug has turned up missing.

Lucinda tells Jordan that Sierra will be his new boss at World Wide, but Jordan realizes that it's just another ruse Lucinda concocted to separate Craig and Sierra. Jordan then surprises Lucinda by resigning. Later, Lucinda makes a mysterious call offering someone else Jordan's old job. Meanwhile, Sierra tells Dusty she applauds him for letting Lucy go without proposing, but he surprises her by saying if he had it to do over again, he'd ask her to marry him. Sierra still thanks Dusty for always being there for her and they agree to always keep in touch.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Tom enters the police station and Emily tells him that she had some legal questions for him. They squabble about Daniel and how he is handling Emily's arrest. Emily says she is trying to prove that she is innocent and asks Tom for help. Tom agrees to help Emily retrace Barbara's steps. He asks for the surveillance results on Barbara's movements and hands it to Emily. Emily calls Paul and has him meet her at a dumpster. Emily has found the broken cups. Over at the Lakeview, Paul asks Will where he was when he disappeared. Will believes that Paul is helping Emily instead of believing him. Paul said he believes Barbara is behind all of this but doesn't have a chance to finish because Barbara walks up. Barbara tells Will he needs to come home to Hal's house and to prove it, will go back to jail. Will says he is happy over at Kim and Bob's. Paul scoffs at Barbara's remarks and tells Will he has to go get a phone call. He tells Will not to listen to her. Barbara cries as she convinces Will to go back home but he says that Barbara doesn't have to go to jail to prove anything. Barbara and Will go to the police station to see Hal and give him the good news. Paul and Emily walk in. Paul tells Will they now had the proof that Barbara was behind the plan to hurt Rosanna.

Mike is cleaning out some things so Jennifer can settle in. Jennifer has to leave to meet Jordan because he has something personal to tell her. Mike says, "How personal?" Jen responds that there is no going back with Jordan. Mike agrees the same about Katie but Jennifer says, "Has anyone told Katie?" Mike goes up and kisses Jennifer. He promises her that it really is over with Katie. Jennifer meets with Jordan who tells her that he is leaving town. Meanwhile, Katie hands Henry a note and asks him to call Mike and read it word for word. Henry tells her flat out no, he doesn't want to do it but can't give Katie a valid reason. He finally tells Katie that she has to call Mike herself. Later, Katie arrives at Mike's to offer him a remodeling job at the gym. Mike sees through her plan and gives her the name of another carpenter. Katie then tells Mike that he still loves her and always will. Mike tells her she was wrong but when she told him to prove it, Mike got all flustered. Katie said she will find someone else and as she was leaving, tells Mike that if he wasn't over her, this wouldn't be such a big deal. Katie runs back to Henry upset that Mike didn't take the job. Henry agrees to talk to Mike. Later, Mike tells Jennifer about Katie's visit. Jennifer says he should take the job.

Lily called Julia over to Lucinda's to talk about Holden. Lily is very upset because of her children. Lily tries to explain to Julia how she is ruining the lives of her and her children. Julia told Lily that sometimes marriages don't work out and she should realize that Holden doesn't want to be with Lily anymore and leaves. At the farm, Holden is trying to explain to Luke about the separation. Luke becomes angry and tells Holden that Holden is only thinking of himself. Luke says that Holden never would have moved out if Julia hadn't come to town. As they are talking, Julia comes in and Luke promptly leaves. Julia plays on Holden's emotions and they start to kiss. Jack comes in and says, "Sorry to interrupt you." Jack asks to talk to Julia alone. Jack tells her he doesn't like to be used and wanted to know when it became a game!

Jack was hurrying to get JJ ready for school. When JJ picks up his backpack an envelope falls out with some pictures in it. Carly picks it up and pulls the pictures out. Jack comes back in briefly to tell Carly he is going out to the farm to confront Julia about setting up the whole scenario with JJ. After he leaves, Carly calls Lily and tells her to get right over. Carly shows Lily the picture and wants to find out who the guy in the picture is so that they can get him to town. Carly has JJ come back from school and when he sees the picture he says it was his best friend Keith!

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Paul and Emily confront Barbara and Barbara is devastated when Will sees the truth and rejects her. Hal revokes Barbara's ability to live in his care and she is sent back to prison. Emily is triumphant over Barbara but Barbara gets the last word when she reminds Emily that Hal didn't believe in her and Emily must live with that truth. Meanwhile, Rosanna is reminded of Cabot when Jordan comes to say goodbye. Later, Will, Rosanna and Paul all apologize to each other for their actions and plan a new beginning, starting with the party Rosanna originally wanted to have for Will. Jennifer learns all and everyone seems to be looking ahead, until later when Rosanna hears the cries of her son all over again.

While Carly convinces Lily that she must go through Julia's things to find out about the mysterious Keith, Holden and Jack nearly come to blows over Julia. Later, Lily sees Holden and Julia kiss and runs out of the room, driven to find dirt on Julia. She runs into Julia's room where she spots Julia's address book and a letter from Keith with a Chicago address. Just as she is about to leave, she finds herself trapped by Julia and Holden about to enter the room to make love.

Jennifer, thinking it would be the best thing for all involved to have everything out in the open, explains to Mike why he should work for Katie. Later, when Henry tells Katie that he will go try to convince Mike to work for her, he is floored when Mike so readily agrees. When Henry returns with the news of Mike's change of heart, Katie immediately suspects that something is going on but hopes that their time spent together will pay off.

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