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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 24, 2005 on GL
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Outside at Elizabeth & Company, Holly recalls her kiss with Sebastian before he fell from the airplane. Her thoughts are interrupted when Ross and Blake arrive and invite her to have dinner with them. Holly refuses, saying she has an appointment with the eye doctor. She asks Ross if he would drive her to the appointment. He agrees and Blake wants to ride along, but Holly admits she needs legal advice from Ross. Blake is confused but agrees to wait for them. At the hospital, Holly leads Ross to the AA meeting room. She apologizes to Ross for lying and tells him she can't face the meeting alone. Ross says he understands and would be happy to accompany her. Once inside, they realize the meeting has been cancelled. Holly suggests they join Blake at Company, but Ross wants to know the real reason they are there. Holly confesses Sebastian didn't die on the island of disease. She pushed him away to stop his kisses and he fell out of an airplane. She berates herself for being a victim of her addictions - alcohol, Roger Thorpe and now, his son Sebastian. Ross refuses to bear witness to her woe and tells her she beat her addictions and won when she shoved Sebastian away from her. They agree to keep the circumstances of Sebastian's death a secret from Blake.

In the study at the Spaulding mansion, Bill grabs Alan by the coat and flings him across the room. Alan demands to know why Bill has invaded his home and reaches for the phone to call security. Bill grabs the phone and says he is there because the company he formed with Olivia, Slingshot Enterprises, has lost customers since Alan arranged to air a TV program implicating Olivia and him in Phillip's death. Alan needles Bill about his company and threatens to do more damage. Bill returns the taunt, reminding Alan that soon his granddaughter, Emma, will be his child and no longer a Spaulding. Alan gets riled and tells Bill he will ruin him and his company if he attempts to raise Phillip's child as his own, 'That's a threat and a promise.' Bill responds he doesn't go for threats, he goes for the throat! He is in the process of strangling Alan when Olivia arrives and convinces Bill to control himself before he makes matters worse. Olivia and Bill argue when she suggests he leave so she can speak to Alan in private. Once Bill leaves, Olivia offers Alan a deal. If he backs away from Slingshot Enterprises and agrees not to fight her for custody, she will deny Bill the right to adopt Emma. Alan is intrigued but makes no promises. He says he will consider her deal and ushers her out of the door. Olivia smiles to herself as Alan shuts the door behind her.

Later, she meets Bill at Company who asks if their plan has worked.

In Gus' suite, Harley pleads with him to let her go so she can find Beth. He refuses, saying she is out on bail, for which he fronted the money, and he intends to protect his investment. Getting nowhere with demands, Harley becomes coy and flirts with Gus. She advances on him with kisses and whispers until he is backed into the wall. She saunters away to the bathroom and tells him not to go anywhere. Gus looks at his watch, nodding his head the instant Harley screams, 'I'm going to kill you!' from the bathroom. The room has no windows, her escape plan is foiled. Later, after another failed attempt to ride away to freedom beneath the room service cart, Harley breaks down and tells Gus that by keeping her from finding Beth, he is ruining her only chance to prove she may be innocent in Phillip's murder. She sinks to the floor and pleads while holding onto the bedpost. Atop the bed, Gus strokes her hair and tells her he knows she is innocent because she doesn't have it in her to murder anyone. Harley again begs to be let go so she can talk to Beth. Gus promises they will talk to Beth as soon as she returns from the spa. Harley, recovered, says that will be too late, 'I have to go now.' She stands, grabs the key from the bed and heads for the door. Gus tries to follow but falls down because Harley tied his shoestrings to the bedpost.

Gus arrives at the mansion to find Alan on the phone in the study. He demands to know where Beth is. Alan tells his son never to interrupt him that way again. Gus responds that Alan is harboring a material witness. Alan is shocked and tells Gus he is harboring someone who may be a cold-blooded murderer. Gus says he is protecting the mother of Phillip's child. Alan corrects him, saying he is only protecting his girlfriend. He tells Gus he is fired from Spaulding. Gus says he can't fire him and once he proves Harley's innocence he is going to take the company, the property and the great big old house with Alan's name on it. He storms off to find Harley.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Josh and Reva have gone out to dinner to try to get away from the "situation" at home. But Reva can't help herself, and tries to call Jonathan to check in on him. She doesn't trust the nurse they hired to take care of him while they were out. Her maternal instincts were right! Cassie talked the nurse into trading places with her so she could have Jonathan to herself. She confronts Jonathan about flowers which were sent to her wedding suite, but Jonathan denies everything. Dopey from pain killers and beer, he falls asleep. Cassie takes a close look at his pain killers and just as she pours a few in her hand, Josh and Reva walk in and see her. Reva demands to know what she has done to her son, but Cassie says she has done nothing. Reva is very angry and Josh and Cassie are angry with her. Josh tries to tell her that he is sick of the anguish Jonathan is causing the family. Cassie says her sister is "gone." When Cassie leaves to go home, Josh follows her. He thinks this is a family issue and they will work it out. But Cassie reminds him the problem is Reva thinking of Jonathan as family, too. Indoors, Reva tells Jonathan things will work out, as they always do.

Through some detective work, Harley has found Beth at a spa. She tries to talk with her, but Beth is hysterical. Harley assumes it is because Beth wants to confess that she killed Phillip. But instead, Beth admits the night Phillip was killed, she was going to beg to go with him! Harley is furious when Beth goes on to tell her that she wanted to go with all the children, including Harley's, and that no one would ever have seen the children again. Beth is shocked at herself that she could have considered such a plan, but Harley is crestfallen when she realizes this means she may have killed Phillip. She is inconsolable.

But...back in Springfield, Gus is chatting with Lizzie. She tells him her mother was with her every minute of the evening Phillip was killed. This directly contradicts what Beth has just told Harley. Does Lizzie believe her mother killed her father? Did Lizzie kill her father?

Unfortunately, Alan is very angry at Gus and has followed him to Elizabeth & Company to have words. Alan overhears a cell phone conversation between Gus and Harley, including when Gus tells Harley the judge would be very angry if he found out she had crossed state lines.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


As Danny is working out at the gym, Father Ray takes the opportunity to talk to him about Michelle. He tries to talk him out of getting a divorce. Danny confides in Father Ray that the Michelle he loved is not the Michelle that exists now. He is moving on with life. Ray leaves Danny, and instead goes to see Michelle. At the lighthouse, Tony confides in Michelle he is bothered that Danny worked on the lighthouse, so they repaint the ceiling. This leads to Tony and Michelle painting each other. Ray walks in to find Tony and Michelle on the verge of making love. Michelle asks Tony to leave, so that she may talk to Ray in private. As Father Ray attempts to convince Michelle her feelings for Danny will return, Tony goes to the gym to confront Danny. Tony attempts to goad him into a fight, but Danny repeats that he is moving on with his life. Tony goes back to Michelle and tells her they are meant to be together. Marina arrives at the gym and learns Danny intends to sue for full custody of Robbie.

Lizzie is at the Spaulding Mansion remembering her conversation with Gus, as Coop enters. Coop surprises her by saying he has made them reservations at Towers for the following night. Lizzie begins to take pictures of him with her dog, Roxie, with the intent of using the pictures on the new menu for Company. Coop and Lizzie continue to believe they are playing each other, until it almost leads to a kiss. Both back away and confess they have been playing each other in an attempt to gain control of Company. As they continue to argue and point out each other's faults, Lizzie taunts Coop by saying he is a bad kisser. This leads to Coop kissing Lizzie, and the decision to keep their date at Towers.

Harley runs out of court, upset they lost their motion, and goes to Company where she watches her family through the window. As she watches Buzz with Marina, Zack and Lillian, she begins to imagine what may happen to them if she goes to prison. She enters Company as Lillian leaves, and avoids answering Buzz's questions about court by teasing him about dating Lillian. Buzz becomes angry and walks away, assuming the hearing did not go well. Harley tells Marina how proud she is of her, and begins to ask her to take care of Zack, as Gus enters and stops her. Gus takes Harley outside, telling her that she is not allowed to say goodbye. As Buzz and Marina watch from the window, Harley tells Gus she has a responsibility to make sure her family is taken care of. Gus tries to convince Harley that she needs to continue fighting. He begins to tell her about a conversation he had with Lizzie, where she said she and Beth were together the night Phillip died. In shock, Harley tells Gus that Beth confided in her that Lizzie was at Company, alone, the night Phillip was killed.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Danny interrupts Michelle's plans to take Robbie from nursery school and show him the crane at the lighthouse. He says Robbie is afraid that Michelle will leave him again and he needs a routine after the upheaval in his life. Danny vows not to let her drag Robbie into Tony's mob world. Michelle claims Danny is punishing her for leaving. Danny says Robbie should live with him for the time being.

Alan tells Lizzie to report to him if Gus and Harley question her about Phillip's murder. He says Gus is not interested in finding justice and will throw Lizzie and her mother to the wolves just to help Harley. Alan tells Lizzie the Coopers took her father away. She has a hard time accepting Gus and Harley as her family's enemies. Alan plans to punish them and makes Lizzie promise to stay away from them.

At Company, Gus realizes that Lizzie lied about the night of the murder. While she told Gus that she and Beth were together the entire night, Beth told Harley that Lizzie was at Company when she arrived. Harley prevents Gus from going to find Lizzie. She pleads with him to go easy on Lizzie. Frank arrives and takes Harley back to jail for jumping bail. Gus tells Frank to find the real killer. Harley goes willingly with Frank. At the station, Alan tells Harley he turned her in because she destroyed his son. Harley accuses him of punishing her because Gus chose her over him. Harley warns him that Gus is ruthless so she suggests Alan should help her get out so she can help get to the truth.

Frank tells Marina that he's worried about her "rebound" relationship with Danny. He advises her to pull back from their friendship during the divorce. Marina finds Danny at Company and he breaks their movie date. Marina can't hide her disappointment.

Tony and Ray spar at the gym. Tony tells his brother to stay out of his business with Michelle. Ray says not to rush Michelle and Danny's divorce because she needs time. Tony claims Michelle loves him and Ray is trying to save a marriage which can't be saved. Ray says he's only trying to save Tony because he doesn't trust Michelle. He thinks her feelings for Danny could return just as her memory has. Lizzie interrupts. Gus arrives and confronts Lizzie about her lies. When Gus gets in her face, she runs into Ray's arms and then home to Alan. Lizzie wants Alan to make Harley and Gus suffer.

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Friday, January 28, 2005


Cassie's at the farm, feeling very nauseated. When she goes upstairs, Tammy comes over to drop off her laundry. She has this confused look on her face, which isn't lost on Edmund and he asks her what's she's looking for. Tammy tells him she's just wondering what happened to the flowers he sent her the other day, the ones with the note. Not letting on that he has no clue what she's talking about, he tries to get her to tell him what the note said, but she just thinks he's being ridiculous. After mentioning to Tammy that Cassie's not feeling well, Edmund leaves for Towers. When Tammy sees her mom, she informs her that she's going to orientation today for college. The conversation soon turns to what Jonathan did, with Tammy telling Cassie that there are times when she doesn't think she'll ever get over it. Cassie forcefully urges her to forget about Jonathan; he doesn't exist. Cassie rails about how much she hates Jonathan and what he's done to Tammy and Reva. She says they have to pretend he just went away. Tammy's a little shaken up by the outburst and laments that she didn't listen to Cassie in the first place when she warned her about JB. She starts to call herself a loser, but Cassie won't hear that and assures her that it's not true. When Cassie says she's sorry she couldn't have protected her, Tammy starts gushing about how amazing Cassie is--how smart and brave. All this talk is making Cassie uncomfortable and she still looks and feels pretty queasy. When she learns that the mere mention of food makes Cassie sick, Tammy guesses she's pregnant. The idea seems to startle Cassie and she denies it, but Tammy is sure--she had the same symptoms when she was pregnant with RJ. Happy for her mother, Tammy leaves.

At the Lewis house, Josh suddenly approaches Reva with a truce---if Jonathan moves out, after he is recovered, then Josh will try to accept him. That sounds reasonable to Reva and she egress that when Jonathan recovers, she'll ask him to move out. At that precise moment, Jonathan himself enters the room. Jonathan ends up alienating Josh by sarcastically asking if the two need their privacy and then asking if Josh would be his rehabilitation coach like he was Shayne's. When Josh leaves in disgust, Reva warns Jonathan not to push Josh and he states "Look what happens when he pushes back." Meanwhile, an upset Josh runs into Billy and Sandy and tricks Sandy into going inside. Inside, Sandy is shocked to see Jonathan. When Reva leaves to make a phone call, Sandy notices the apartment listings and cracks that he was here a lot longer. Before leaving, Sandy tells Jonathan that he thinks Reva's on to the real Jonathan. Sandy's crack about living at the house seems to upset Jonathan but he shrugs it off by telling Reva he's tired of just sitting around. When she offers to drive him somewhere, he suggests that she come with him so she can get to know the real him.

Sandy's now at the gym working out. A girl comes over and asks him to dinner, but he declines. As Tammy's about to enter the gym, she overhears the girl ask Sandy if he has a girlfriend. Sandy says no, but there is a girl he likes. When the girl leaves and Tammy enters right after, he's embarrassed that she actually heard him. Tammy then playfully asks him if he has a girlfriend. Sandy reiterates that there's a girl he likes. He doesn't really want to put a label on it. Tammy states that she thinks that would work on this girl he likes. They then start discussing how Sandy works out and when he mentions that he does some karate he offers to show her a few moves. However, Tammy's not a novice and when he tries to "attack" her from the back, she floors him. He then floors her right back and they end up kissing.

Dinah and Edmund enter the elevator at the same time at Towers. Dinah tries to make small talk but Edmund makes it quite clear he doesn't want to speak to her. Dinah maintains that she only wants to be friends, but Edmund is not interested. When they get off the elevator, Bill (who's having dinner with Olivia) notices Dinah calling after Edmund and warns her to stay away from him since he's unavailable. He tells her she needs to find a man who loves her as much as she loves him. Dinah states that she thinks Edmund does care for her, and she doesn't think that marriage will last anyway. She tells Bill that she could have ruined that wedding; she didn't, and that has to mean something. Suddenly, Josh and Billy see Bill and ask to speak with him alone.

Out on the terrace, Billy and Josh start talking about how the family needs to pull together and unite against the people working against them. They tell Bill they need him to come back to Lewis Construction. Bill's not buying that though--he thinks they just want him away from Olivia. Bill declines their offer by telling them that he can take care of himself.

While Bill's with the guys, Dinah's with Olivia who tries to set her up with a guy at the bar. Olivia invites the man, Corey, over but Dinah doesn't seem very interested in him. In fact, she practically tries to drive him away by telling him the sordid details of her life. However, her ears perk up when she learns he's a OB-GYN. She suddenly becomes very interested and starts talking about a friend of hers who's thinking of having a child. Corey's suddenly paged and leaves to make a call, leaving Olivia to note Dinah's sudden turnaround. Olivia thinks Dinah's the friend who wants to get pregnant and tells her she thinks it's a bad idea. Dinah maintains that she just doesn't want to be alone, but Olivia's not convinced that's a good enough reason to bring a child into the world. As Olivia asks who Dinah wants for a father, Bill comes back. Dinah walks off before he can talk to her about it. Alone with Olivia, Bill suggests that they need to speed up their plan with Alan. Meanwhile, Dinah is talking with Corey, mentioning that maybe she'll drop by the hospital and see him some time, since she very interested in what he does. Also at Towers, Edmund approaches Jeffrey and offers to buy him a drink. This is enough to shock Jeffrey, but Edmund maintains that he just wants to thank Jeffrey for being a good friend to Cassie. Jeffrey sees through Edmund and tells him to stop. He knows Edmund just wants to ask him why Cassie almost ran out on the wedding. He suggests that Edmund not dredge up the past; just be grateful they married. His advice doesn't exactly settle Edmund and he asks Jeffrey point blank about sending the flowers to Cassie. But Jeffrey clearly has no idea what Edmund's talking about.

Jonathan takes Reva to his hang-out--- a music store. The place is closed, but Jonathan claims that he knows the owner really well and has a key to the back door. He tells Reva to wait out front and he'll let her in. Unbeknownst to Reva, Jonathan picks the lock. Inside the store, Jonathan offers Reva a drink from his flask and they bond over their common taste in music. Jonathan then goes to take a CD, but off Reva's look informs her that the owner lets him take stuff and just puts it on his tab. He offers to get something for her, she accepts but leaves some money on the counter for hers. Reva comments that she knows how hard it's been at home. Vulnerable, Jonathan starts to ask about Sandy. Did Reva ever suspect that he wasn't her son? Reva is forced to admit that she never suspected a thing. But she goes on the say how she sees herself in Jonathan, more so then in any of her other kids. She tells him that for years people have been trying to tame her, and she'd almost forgotten what she wanted and needed until he came and reminded her. As she gives him a hug, the police burst in.

At the farm, Cassie is praying that she's not pregnant, horrified that Jonathan could be the father. Suddenly, the phone rings---it's the fertility doctor wanting to schedule a pregnancy test. Cassie manages to get an appointment immediately but before she's able to go out the door, Edmund returns. Suddenly Cassie hugs him and makes him promise that he'll love her forever not matter what. And she wants him to promise that they'll always give each other the benefit of the doubt and never jump to conclusions. Edmund's confused but promises. When he tells her that she should be staying home since she's sick today, she states that she's going to see her doctor, the internist. As she goes to retrieve something, the phone rings. Edmund answers: it's the doctor's office asking that Cassie bring her insurance papers for the pregnancy test today.

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