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Aidan and Kendall agreed to work together to find Zach and Greenlee. A snake bit Greenlee. Ryan had Richie committed, and Richie met Janet there. Jonathan was the only one able to calm Lily. Ava was unsettled by their obvious connection. Spike got a cochlear implant. Joe explained that Spike's hearing loss was not a result of the accident as first believed, so the implant might not be the success that Kendall and Ryan hoped it would be. Things heated up between Tad and Krystal. Tad took steps to keep Jenny safe from Adam. He filed for full custody. Amanda struck a bargain with Adam. She provided JR with an airtight alibi in exchange for a small fortune. Adam decided to keep the contents of the DVD to himself when JR was released into his custody but rejected his overtures of peace. Adam made an interesting discovery about Kate.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 10, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Ryan brought Richie's life insurance policy to the hospital. Ryan discovered why Richie had a death wish. Richie took out a life insurance policy that would pay one million dollars if Richie was murdered. The beneficiary of this policy was his psychiatrist, Dr. Chambers. Richie denied that he and Dr. Chambers created this scam. Richie claimed that the papers Ryan had were a fake. Ryan did not believe this and vowed to watch Richie for the rest of his "short, pathetic life." Ryan refused to let Richie bait Annie into killing him. Richie retorted that Ryan was worried because Annie was teetering on the edge of insanity and might actually kill her brother. Ryan then left the room to speak with Joe. Ryan insisted that Joe have Richie evaluated for psychiatric illness again. So, Joe had Richie brought to the psych ward. When Richie entered the ward, Janet was there. Janet saw Richie and called him a "dreamboat."

Jonathan and Ava went to Jack's house because they were concerned about Lily. Jack explained that Lily had breakdowns before, but never about murder. Jack tried to find help and left a message with one of Lily's favorite teachers. Jack also called Julia to thank her for her support. Meanwhile, Sean tried to give Lily some soothing jazz music, but she refused to listen. Then, Ava tried to talk with Lily. Ava said she would gladly switch lives with Lily if it would help ease her fears. This did not help either and Lily became more agitated. Then, Jonathan entered. Ava left the room, but stayed close so she could eavesdrop. Jonathan said that he was trying to be a detective like Lily and figure out what was wrong. So, Jonathan began to ask Lily questions. This worked and Lily explained the entire situation with "Richard." Jonathan realized that Richard was Richie. Jonathan assured Lily that he knew Richard and that there would be no murder. This finally made Lily calm down.

Zach found a skeleton hand while he was digging in the bomb shelter. This freaked Greenlee out completely. Greenlee began screaming that they were going to die. Zach grabbed Greenlee and told her to snap out of it, but Greenlee was inconsolable. So, Zach grabbed his tie and sternly said that it was time for Greenlee to shut up. Greenlee was scared and wondered if Zach might hurt her. Zach explained that he wanted to blindfold her and give her a drink. Then, Zach handed her the bottle of liquor they found. Greenlee did not want to drink, but Zach insisted. As Greenlee pulled swigs from the bottle she recalled the last time she was trapped with skeletal remains. Greenlee recounted that she stayed strong when Jonathan held her hostage with his dead brother, Braden. Greenlee asserted that if she could survive that, she could survive this. Then, Greenlee blindfolded herself and imagined going home to Aidan as Zach continued to dig.

Kendall boasted to Aidan that she helped him figure out that Zach and Greenlee were together. Aidan admitted that without Kendall's charm bracelet, he would not have realized that Zach drew the sketch he found near Greenlee's phone. Then, Kendall called Erica to tell her the good news and to check on her sons. When Kendall got off the phone, Aidan told her to go home. Aidan believed that Zach would want Kendall to be with her sons, especially because Spike was having surgery the next day. Kendall stated that she had to be like Zach and take care of everyone. Aidan told Kendall that she needed to be a mother and go home to her sons. Then, Aidan promised that even though Greenlee was his priority, he would search for Zach as well. Kendall thanked Aidan and left.

When Josh entered Kendall's home, Erica was there trying to accomplish many tasks. Josh told Erica that he wanted to be there for Kendall, so he was moving in. Then, Josh wanted to discuss Jack with Erica, but Erica pretended to be too busy to talk. Then, Joe came over to prepare Kendall for Spike's cochlear implant surgery. Erica told Joe that he was not welcome in their home because he tried to destroy her relationship with Jack. Joe was adamant that Jack deserved to know the truth, but Erica was still outraged. Joe felt that Erica was manipulating Jack, just like she manipulated Jeff's heart. Then, Joe left. Josh then insisted that Erica talk about her relationship with Jack. Josh stated that he was on Erica's side. Josh understood that everything Erica did was in order to protect her family. Erica still felt that Greenlee needed psychiatric help, but admitted that she should not have forged the papers to get Greenlee committed. Then, Josh told Erica that if she wanted Jack back, she would have to admit her guilt. Josh felt that if Erica said she was sorry, Jack would forgive her. Erica was unsure if Jack would take her back. Josh believed that Jack still loved Erica and urged Erica to apologize. Then, Kendall came home. As Kendall walked through the door, she reassured herself that her family would make it through this rough time.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Krystal comes downstairs to find Tad feeding Jenny. When Krystal tries to hold Tad, he is reluctant to give her to Krystal because he does not completely trust her anymore. Krystal asks Tad if they will ever get past this issue, but Tad can't believe Adam only cares about anything other than himself. Krystal says she expects Tad to respect her feelings and is tired of having to explain her relationship with Adam to him. Tad says he will no longer allow Krystal to jeopardize Jenny's future because of her feelings. Krystal says Tad thinks he is so pure that he has the right to justify controlling Jenny. Tad says Jenny is a child, and he is just looking out for her. But Krystal says the real issue is Tad having it out with Adam. Tad says he is intentionally endangering Jenny life and pulls out lawsuit papers to state he is suing her for full custody. Tad admits he thought about getting an injunction against Adam, but knew Adam would buy his way out of it. He says it won't be long before Krystal wants to move back in with Adam, and try to take Jenny with her. Krystal notices the dates on the paperworks are a few weeks old, leading to believe Tad planned to sue for full custody for awhile. Tad said he wanted to give Krystal some time to set her priorities straight before serving the papers. Krystal says if he goes through with the papers, it is war.

Adam goes to see JR in jail. He asks if JR has remembered anything about Zach's disappearance, but his mind is empty. Adam tells JR he has made bail for him, as long as JR agrees to house arrest. JR figures his house arrest would be at the yacht, but Adam says that is not the way it works. The judge did not feel comfortable allowing JR back on the yacht, so he will have to stay at Adam's house. JR says he would rather rot in the cell than move back home. Adam storms off, leaving JR to ponder his choices.

Amanda looks at the video of JR confessing his sins again. She calls her mother's hospital and asks that Janet be upgraded to a fancy room with daily spa treatment. Next, she reserves a red sports convertible. When Adam gets home, Amanda is waiting for him in the living room. She tells him she has information that will prove JR is innocent for $1 million. When Amanda brings up the box she stole of Jamie's, Adam remembers the sheet of paper he found on the floor. Annoyed, Amanda walks out, leaving Adam to look at the paper in his pocket. Suddenly, he realizes it is prove that Kathy is Kate Martin.

Kendall, Ryan, Annie and Erica prepare themselves for Spike to go into surgery. Joe comes to get Spike, assuring Kendall that he will be OK. Ryan tells Spike to be strong and soon he will hear how many people love him. Kendall kisses Spike's cheek and reminds him she loves him. Joe takes Spike his arms and off to the operating room. Joe comes back to show Kendall, Ryan, Annie and Spike what the cochlear implant looks like and how it will be implanted in Spike. He promises to come back with updates and leaves. Kendall begins to panic, asking where her husband is until Josh comes by with a shirt of Zach's. Kendall calms down and hugs her brother. Josh assures he that Spike will be fine, but that does not make Kendall feel any better. Annie and Ryan bring lattes and offer to help Kendall however they can with Zach's disappearance. Jackson comes by to see how Kendall is holding up while Spike is in surgery. When Kendall brings up Greenlee, Jackson said he does not want to talk about that it is time to focus on Spike. Ava and Jonathan join the gathering next and everyone begins buzzing about Lily's breakdown. Erica interrupts, wanting to know why she was not informed of Lily's experience. Jackson says he did not think of calling Erica, but she is better now. Joe returns and informs the family that everything is going as planned with Spike's surgery. Kendall tells everyone she is working with Aidan to find Greenlee and Zach because they believe they may be together. Ava tells Jonathan that she was amazed at how he was able to connect with Lily when she needed him. Jonathan asks Ava if she is bringing this up because he knows she went to see JR in jail. Ava says she feels bad for JR and just wants to help him. Jonathan says he will not discuss this issue with her at the hospital as Joe announces the surgery is over. Good news: the surgery was a success!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Greenlee realized why Zach was in a bad mood, Spike's surgery was today. Zach did not want to discuss it; still, Greenlee reassured him that Spike would be ok. Then, Greenlee wanted to make a confession, just in case they died in the bomb shelter. Greenlee then admitted that she tried to kidnap Spike. Greenlee proceeded to cry and apologize profusely. Zach said nothing and continued to dig. Greenlee was appalled that Zach said nothing because she wanted him to confess his sins. Zach refused to admit anything or apologize for anything. Greenlee was outraged and called Zach cruel. Zach continued to dig and stated that his compassion was for Spike, not Greenlee.

Ryan wanted to celebrate Spike's successful surgery, but Kendall was still doubtful. Kendall worried that Spike's implant might not work and that Zach might not come home. Ryan assured Kendall that everything would have a happy ending. Then, Ryan admitted that he allowed Aidan to break Greenlee out of the courthouse. Kendall looked shocked and wondered why Ryan was telling her this now. Ryan wanted to be honest with Kendall and asked for honesty in return. Kendall said she would do anything to bring Greenlee home, but she needed to focus on the present, not the past. Then, Kendall walked away and bumped into Hannah in the hall. Hannah chastised Kendall for being a "bitch" and driving Zach away. Hannah blamed Kendall for Zach's disappearance. Kendall called Hannah desperate for trying to seduce Zach and for using her dead son to do it. Hannah stated that if Zach was her husband, he would be home safe. Then, Hannah left and Joe entered. Joe announced that they had to wait for Spike's swelling to go down, but, in the meantime, everyone could visit him. So, Kendall, Ryan, and Annie went to see Spike. They were all elated to see the boy healthy. Then, Ryan and Annie left. Kendall told her son that when he went into surgery, she made a life-changing deal with the "cosmos." Kendall wondered how to keep her end of the bargain.

Aidan was in the woods looking for Greenlee when he came across a sleeping bag. Aidan approached the sleeping bag and a man grabbed him. Aidan quickly turned around and restrained the man. The man claimed he was only camping and promised to leave. Aidan saw that he had a military first aid kit and asked if he was army or navy. The man denied that he was in the military, but Aidan did not believe this. Aidan said he had a house that the man could stay in, if he helped him look for Greenlee. The man agreed and introduced himself as Quentin.

Babe went to see Kendall at the hospital, but worried that Kendall would not want her around because of her ties to JR. Babe told Annie this, but Annie thought hat Kendall could use all of the support that she could get. Then, Annie explained that Richie was put in the psych ward. Babe was irate and did not feel this was warranted. Annie detailed Richie's plan to have her kill him. Babe did not believe this, so Annie walked away very frustrated with Babe.

Janet was trying to talk to Richie in the psych ward, but he wanted no part of it. Janet sternly warned Richie that he did not want to cross her. Janet stated that bad things happened to people that made her mad. Richie realized who Janet was and apologized. Janet said she would only accept the apology if Richie told her everything about his life. Richie explained that his sister, Annie, was the town saint and he was an ex con. Janet recalled that she had a sister that everyone loved. Then, Richie said that he was dying of leukemia and wanted to get out of the hospital to see his last Christmas. So, Janet said she would help Richie escape.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kendall tells her son that Zach will be home soon to see how strong he has been through the surgery. She tells Spike that he and Ian are best and most perfect little boys in the world, but can not go through with her promise. With everything that has happened, Kendall says she will not leave Spike. Kendall tells God to forgive her choice, but understand she doing it for her family. She sees Aidan outside and tells him that she will not confess what she did to Greenlee. Aidan agrees that turning herself into the authorities is not the right decision because it won't change anything. Kendall disagrees, saying it would change everything for Greenlee. Aidan said Greenlee would not want Kendall behind bars away from her children, and blurts out that maybe she won't make it out alive. Kendall gets upset, thinking Aidan has lost hope. He says he has waited his whole life for a woman like Greenlee and it is not too late for them to find her. Kendall realizes how much Aidan loves Greenlee and hugs him.

Zach asks Greenlee how their food situation is looking, but she says everything is not edible. And water smells more like a swamp, she adds. Even though the water may not be drinkable, Greenlee decides to take a bath with it. She suggests Zach do the same, but little do they know a snake is lurking around the remains of the last resident. Zach could care less about the shower and keeps working on the wall. Greenlee jumps back toward the wall, overwhelmed with anxiety to get out. She decides to look for the love letters to get her mind off their troubles. When Greenlee reaches into the box, the snake bites her.

Krystal storms into her house, ranting about Tad's actions, with Babe following behind. Babe says she does not blame Tad for being upset, considering Adam stole their daughter and she lied about Adam pretending to be Stuart. When Babe asks her mother what Adam said about the custody suit, Krystal admits she has not told him anything, making Babe wonder if her mother really trusts Adam. Krystal says the issue is not about trusting Adam, it is about Tad trying to tell her who she and Jenny can spend time with. Babe thinks Krystal is having a hard time sharing Jenny with Tad and Adam. Krystal says she knows Adam made a mistake, but she loves him.

At jail, Tad tells JR he has served custody papers to Krystal. JR does not support Tad, saying he is doing exactly what he did to his mother. Tad says the situation is different Krystal can visit Jenny anytime without Adam around. JR says Adam bought out a judge so he could be released on bail, but has to be released to his father's custody. Also, he would have to be under house arrest. Tad warns JR to be cautious because he doesn't want him to get under Adam's spell again. JR says he is going to take his father's deal, and Tad agrees to support JR's decision. JR is released and taken to Adam's house. As soon as JR comes home, he tells Adam that he is not interested in bonding with his father. He is only there to figure out what happened to Zach and stay sober. Adam promises to stay uninvolved in JR's affairs, and decides not to tell him about the deal with Amanda. Adam hands JR the DVD and asks him to put it in the vault on the way home.

Tad goes to Krystal's house and finds her packing up Jenny's clothing.

Amanda says she will help Adam clear JR's name, but wants $5 million instead of $1 million for the work. She tells him that JR owes her money for being part of his fake kidnapping, but never paid her. Now, Adam needs to get rid of both debts. Adam demands to see Amanda's evidence to help JR so she begins to play the video of JR confessing his sins. Although JR admits his guilt, Amanda says it will prove JR was with her the time Zach disappeared. Adam refuses to Amanda's terms and ways to torture JR. Amanda pretends to delete the video, but Adam knows better, so she pulls out another copy. Adam agrees to the terms, but asks for JR's yacht as interest. Amanda hands Adam the phone so he can arrange a money transfer. Minutes later, Amanda has her money and papers to the yacht. After Amanda leaves, Adam says that there is no price to pay for helping JR.

Friday, December 14, 2007

JR stores his father's DVD in the vault with questions unasked, and this action surprises Adam. He tries to goad his son into a desire to find out, but JR tells him that the disc probably contains information that can be used to blackmail someone, and that he wants no part of it. Adam decides not to push any farther, instead choosing to focus on his good mood, which does not go unnoticed by his son. JR thinks that his father has some machinations to go after Tad for what he is doing to Krystal, not realizing that his father is not yet in the know. When he realizes this, he fills Adam in, and sets off a firestorm. Adam immediately tries to grab his things so that he can charge off and save the day, but JR gets in his way. He tells his father that regardless of his feelings, the fight is between Tad and Krystal. Adam thinks that Tad's only goal is to keep him from being with the woman he loves, but JR reminds him that Tad is only doing what Adam has done so many times before fight for his child. JR also points out that of all of them, Tad had lost the most: Dixie again, Jamie to medicine halfway around the world, and Kate. Although he doesn't like that version of the truth, Adam grudgingly concedes the win to his son. JR tells him that if he decides to go after Tad anyway, he would be making a huge mistake. With that, JR goes upstairs to settle back in. Adam takes that moment to call Barry and see what information he had been able to discover about Tad's daughter. Barry reveals that he had been very lucky and with what he had found, and could confirm that the adopted daughter of the Mershons, the very little girl who had been graciously taken into Julia's home, is indeed Kate Martin. Adam asks if there had been any hint that Tad had picked up the trail there, but Barry tells him that Greg Madden covered his tracks very well, and that Tad wouldn't have been able to find anything without the child's name. Reveling in success, Adam remarks that Tad has no idea how close he is to the child that he and Dixie finally created.

Tad comes into the house to find Krystal packing Jenny's things and forbids her from taking their daughter anywhere near Adam. She tells him that she is not running to Adam, but rather away from him. Her plan is to move to another city somewhere else and when she lands, she will let Tad know and he can move there so that they can re-start their life as co-parents together. Tad refuses to consider it because he thinks that there is no way that either of them could or would want to start over at this point. Krystal tells him that staying isn't an option but Tad reconfirms that if she can't resist Adam like a normal person, if she gets hauled back in under his control, she will have to do so without their daughter. Krystal is outraged, stating that he can't keep her away from her daughter. Her anger getting the best of her, Krystal announces that she is taking Jenny and going to Babe's house. Tad realizes that Krystal does not fully understand him and says that she can do what she likes, but their daughter will not leave the house they built together for another one. He tells her that if she left, it wouldn't be long before Adam manipulated her into moving back in. Krystal continues to rage on, saying that no one manipulates her not Adam or Tad. She needlessly reminds him that she is Jenny's mother and can do what she pleases, but Tad fires back that she didn't get that way on her own. He then informs her that his lawyer has a list of all of Adam's misdeeds, and that all it would take is one call to grant him temporary custody. Their warring makes their daughter start to cry and both of them go to comfort her. Krystal demands that after all he'd lain out, that he not stop her from going to her child when she is so desperately needed. She reaches in and picks Jenny up, soothing her. The peace lasts but a minute before Tad takes her up to bed. She warns him that their fight is not over, but Tad chooses not to respond. Krystal then grabs her coat and heads out the door. A short time later, Adam shows up on Tad's doorstep, completely unannounced and equally unwelcome. Tad invites him to leave as quickly as he came, but Adam tells him that he has information that Tad would be very interested in and that would maybe change his mind about filing for custody. Tad doesn't believe him but is intrigued nonetheless.

Kendall brings baby Spike home and finds Ryan waiting for them. They quickly discuss how well Spike seems to be doing, and Ryan notes that they wouldn't have discharged himm if they didn't think their son was ready. He then checks to see if there are any updates about Zach or Greenlee but sadly, there are none. This prompts Kendall to tell her oldest son that his stepfather wanted to be there but couldn't. Ryan looks on, listening to her words sympathetically, causing Kendall to snap a little because it seems as though he is looking at her as a widow. She marches upstairs to put Spike down for a nap, and when she comes back, she apologizes for her rash behaviour. They order dinner and share some small talk about other things going on in their lives. The conversation circles back around to Kendall, and she talks about how she has been feeling the need to be in more than one place at the same time for a while, and how she hasn't been dealing with it well. She then tells him about the promise she made to god that she would confess to what she did if Spike made it through the surgery. There's a moment of silence, and then Ryan expresses regret for the things he did to Greenlee, a woman he once loved with all his heart, and then asks if Kendall has any regrets. She tells him that although she almost backed off of her plans a bunch of times, she ended up feeling that she had to go through with it to avenge what Greenlee did to her son and that she will never be able to forget. Ryan tells her that it takes all of his strength not to think of Greenlee when he looks at his son, but is able to do so by throwing himself into every single experience he has with Spike. He then says that he thinks that Greenlee has been punished enough, and now, is lost somewhere. Kendall becomes agitated, saying that Greenlee is with Zach and that they will be found and Zach will come home to his family. Ryan apologizes for upsetting her and then asks what she would do or say if Greenlee walked through the door at that moment. Kendall thinks on it a moment and then honestly says that she doesn't know. They are then interrupted by a visit from Joe and assume that he is there to check up on Spike. He tells them that he actually discovered some news during Spike's post-op that he thought they would want to know. Although they are initially worried, Joe soothes them and says that his belief that Spike's prognosis is good remains the same. He then tells them that they found a genetic anomaly that proves that Spike would have gone deaf even if the accident hadn't occurred.

Aidan and Quentin meet up at the cabin and review what areas they covered. Quentin brought back a rock with blood on it that he believes could belong to either Zach or Greenlee. Aidan writes it off as it most likely being Zach's blood, but Quentin proceeds to give a laundry list of reasons why the prospect of finding the missing alive looks bleaker. Overcome with emotions while envisioning the worst case scenario, Aidan grabs Quentin and demands that he believe they will find Greenlee and Zach before either of them perishes. Quentin is offended that Aidan dared to lay his hands on another soldier and forces Aidan to apologize for it. Aidan then tells him that they need to go out and search the grounds again. Quentin doesn't believe that there is anything left to look for but Aidan tells him that he won't stop. As they scour the area one more time, Aidan insists that he knows Quentin not personally, but knows the kind of person he is based on knowing what type of training he received in the Army. He warns his new recruit to not let his training take over his life shortly before they hit what could be pay dirt. Aidan had been hitting the ground with a walking stick when suddenly, the sound it made changed. They discover a shaft in the ground that had been obscured by its lid and some leaves. Aidan insists that he needs to investigate, so after rigging their rope, Quentin steadies himself and slowly lowers Aidan down.

In the bomb shelter, Greenlee is convinced that she will die from the poison the snake injected into her system when she was bitten. Hysterical and panicky, she rants and freaks out, demanding that Zach kill it. He does and then once again works to pull her off of the ceiling. He eventually calms her down enough to get the poison out, and then says that they will use the creature to nourish themselves. The experience having caused her to lose all hope and become resigned to a fate of dying, undiscovered, in the bunker, she refuses to eat and curses him for not letting her die. Zach tells her that they have come too far to give up now but Greenlee tells him that the only thing that she has done her entire life is fight, and she is tired of it. Zach tells her that she has really impressed him with her tenacity while in the shelter and tells her that they survived this far by sticking together. He asks her not to let him down. He tells her to keep pressure on her wound as he gets back to work. She stops him moments later, having heard something. All is silent in the bunker as they try to determine what it is.

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