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Monday, December 3, 2007

Dr. Chambers was with Richie in his hospital room. Dr. Chambers stated that he got Richie out of prison early because of a deal they made. Then, Lily entered. Lily was surprised to see that Richie was sick. Lily asked if this was why Richie stood her up on their date. Richie looked confused and asked Lily what her name was. Richie then told Lily that he was having a private conversation. Lily left and began to get upset. Lily was hurt because Richie hardly remembered her. So, Lily deduced that Richie might have memory loss due to his illness. Meanwhile, Richie grabbed Dr. Chambers by the throat. Richie said that he remembered the deal that they made and promised to comply. Richie affirmed that the murder would be carried out just as they planned it. Meanwhile, Lily was outside the door and heard Richie discussing murder. Lily ran off in a distressed state.

Jack and Julia were having drinks at ConFusion. Jack vented about his worries over Greenlee. Jack stated that Greenlee did not deserve what she was going through. Julia agreed. Jack was very surprised. Julia said that she did not know Greenlee well, but trusted Aidan's opinion. Julia and Jack then discussed their happiness over Greenlee and Aidan's relationship, even though they were shocked by it initially. Julia proceeded to chat about her life with Cathy. Julia was very pleased with her family, friends, and career. Julia stated that she did not need romance because the rest of her life was so good. Then, Jack and Julia left the bar. Jack arrived home and called out for Lily, but there was no response. Then, Jack found Lily rocking back and forth in a dark corner of the living room.

Annie and Ryan brought Emma to the park. Emma was delighted to see her grandpa was there. So, Annie told her father that he could spend time with Emma as long as he did not take his hatred for her out on Emma. Annie and Ryan then watched as Emma eagerly played with her grandpa. Annie wished that she and her father could reconcile, but feared it was impossible. Ryan was upset that Richie poisoned his father against Annie. Ryan then stated his feelings of mistrust for Dr. Chambers. Ryan felt that something was not right between the doctor and Richie. So, Ryan made a call to get the transcript of Dr. Chambers' testimony that helped Richie get released from prison.

Kendall and Erica went to see Tad at his office. Kendall and Erica wanted to hire Tad to find Zach. Aidan was irate and stated that they were too busy to take on a new case. Then, Aidan and Kendall began to fight over Greenlee. Tad tried to calm Aidan down, but he wanted Kendall to leave. Erica also tried to calm Aidan down by telling him about her attempt to help find Greenlee on New Beginnings. Aidan claimed this was only a ploy to get Jack back. Then, Aidan stormed out and Kendall spotted a map hanging in the office. The map had pins placed on it that highlighted areas that both Zach and Greenlee had been seen. Kendall demanded to know if there was a connection between their disappearances. Tad said he only had a few theories, but promised to tell Kendall if he found anything concrete.

Greenlee climbed a ladder to the top of the shaft, but fell as she neared a possible opening. Greenlee was discouraged because the ladder broke, which ruined their chances of climbing out of the shelter. Greenlee became distraught and starting yelling that they were going to die. Then, Zach realized that the walls were weak and came up with another idea to escape. Zach thought they might be able to dig their way out. So, Zach started to dig. Greenlee then wondered if Kendall was glad that she disappeared. Zach explained that Kendall did not hate Greenlee, but feared her instead. Greenlee could not understand why Kendall feared her. Zach proceeded to recount all of the terrible things Greenlee did to Kendall's family. Zach asserted that Kendall would never forgive Greenlee. Greenlee said nothing as she helped Zach dig.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ava comes to visit JR, determined to prove he is innocent. Ava pulls two containers of alcohol out of her bra and hands them to JR. Ava says that if JR gets drunk again it may bring back memories of what happened that night. JR agrees to try Ava's idea, but tells her to leave. Ava says she needs to stay to ask JR questions. JR takes a sip, and then trashes the rest down the water fountain. JR says he does not want to disappoint Little Adam by becoming a drunk father. A police officer comes into the cell and tells Ava that she has violated the law by smuggling alcohol into jail. The office hauls Ava away to press charges.

Rachael gives Kendall a cup of tea to calm her nerves after they put Spike and Ian to bed. Kendall falls asleep on the couch, but wakes up when she dreams about finding Zach trapped under a tree. In the dream, Kendall tries to reach out to Zach to help him, but Greenlee shows up and shoots Zach. When Kendall rushes over to Zach, Greenlee is the one shot and Zach is holding the gun. Kendall wakes up and rushes out the house to look for Zach.

Aidan calls Greenlee's name in the dark woods, but does not hear any response. Aidan notices that the pattern in the leaves show someone has been digging around that spot recently. Aidan doesn't give it much thought thinking it might be a pile of rubbish Sylvester tried to hide, but leans down and delves through the leaves anyways. Aidan rummages through a trashcan and finds ingredients to make drugs. He turns around and finds Kendall behind him.

Tad asks Hannah to stop by so he can apologize for walking away from her when she confided in him about her relationship with Alexander. Hannah tells Tad that she is not offended, especially since she was using him to get information on Zach. Tad asks Hannah how she feels about Zach missing. Hannah says she has moved on and no longer has feelings for Zach. Tad says that Hannah has been through her fair share of trouble, particularly with Adam. He said he got angry at Hannah because he knows how evil Adam can be. Tad admits that giving up everything good in your life for Adam is hell, and wishes he could have been there to help her. Hannah admits she is not completely free of Adam unless she comes clean with Zach and Kendall. Tad promises to take care of Adam if he pesters Hannah anymore.

Adam tells Krystal that it is stupid JR would rather go to jail than take his help to free his name. Adam says JR should not go to jail for a crime he isn't even sure he committed. Krystal says JR might be innocent, but it is hard to be sure because he blacked out from drinking so much. Krystal understands that Adam wants his family back together, but he should not give up on the idea. Adam blames himself for JR's actions, so Krystal tells him to reconcile with JR before it's too late. Krystal tells Adam that he should not take advantage of the time he has with JR. She learned that quickly when she thought Babe was dead. Krystal says Adam just needs to love his children without conditions and unreasonable expectations. Frustrated with Adam, Krystal decides to leave but Adam asks her to stay. Krystal says she has to call Tad to inform him she is with Adam. Tad picks up the phone and agrees to stay with Jenny the whole night so Krystal can be with Adam.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Julia went to see Jack because he accidentally took her house keys home from the bar. Jack apologized for the mix up. Jack then explained that Lily was having a meltdown, but did not know why. Julia wanted to speak with Lily. Lily said nothing when Julia and Jack entered her room. Julia asked Lily if they could do an exercise together, like the ones they did in life skills class. Lily did not verbally respond, but rocked back and forth. So, Julia made a list of everything that made Lily feel happy and safe, like her family and home. Then, Julia asked Lily what made her feel scared. Lily recalled Jonathan lying to her about his disability. Then, Lily remembered overhearing Richie talk about murder. Lily yelled out, "Murder!" Julia and Jack were confused and inquired what Lily meant by this. Lily only became more agitated and did not give anymore details.

Richie saw that Babe was speaking with Joe outside of his room. So, to ensure that Babe would visit him, Richie got out of bed and fell to the ground. Joe and Babe rushed to Richie and helped him back into bed. Joe stated that Richie needed his rest because he would be discharged soon. After Joe left, Babe asked Richie where he would go when he was released from the hospital. Richie claimed that there was no one to take care of him. Babe felt bad and urged Richie to stay with his father or a nurse, but Richie refused to burden anyone. Then, Richie embraced Babe and apologized for getting her involved with a dying man. Babe had tears in her eyes when she left. Babe then went to see Ryan. Babe pleaded with Ryan to get Richie a nurse. Ryan shunned the plea because he did not care about making Richie's life comfortable.

Jonathan went to see Ryan at his penthouse. Jonathan saw that Ryan retrieved a ton of information on Richie and Dr. Chambers. Jonathan offered to help Ryan read through all of the material. Then, Jonathan found something suspicious. Richie met with multiple life insurance companies before his release from prison. As they read more, they found that Richie met with a particular life insurance agent six times. Ryan wanted to go see the agent. Jonathan insisted that Ryan stay with his family and offered to go for him.

Kendall told Aidan that she believed Zach and Greenlee were together. Aidan agreed that this might be a possibility. So, Kendall suggested that they team up to find their loved ones. Aidan did not want to work with Kendall because she set Greenlee up. Kendall persisted, so Aidan said that he would work with her only if she admitted that she framed Greenlee. Kendall admitted her guilt. Aidan thanked Kendall for the confession. Then, Aidan divulged that he never had any intent to work with Kendall and kicked her out of the cabin they were in. Kendall banged on the door and demanded that Aidan let her back in, but Aidan did not comply.

Zach was upset because his cell phone battery died. Zach had been looking at pictures of Kendall, Ian, and Spike on his phone. Zach worried that he would not see his family again. Greenlee assured Zach that he would walk into his house to see his family once again. Zach's eyes filled with tears as Greenlee vividly described his eventual homecoming. Then, Greenlee stated that she really wanted to go home to see Aidan. Greenlee proceeded to thank Zach because he indirectly set them up when he hired Aidan to keep a watchful eye on her. Greenlee recalled all of the happy times they shared. Then, Zach and Greenlee continued digging, so they could escape and get back to their significant others.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ryan drops by unexpectedly to visit Spike before he undergoes surgery to correct his hearing loss. Erica pops in next as Ryan takes Spike upstairs to assure him he will be with him during the surgery. Also, Ryan asks Spike to be brave for Kendall and Zach. Erica spies Kendall's notepad on the table. Kendall explains that she has been writing to deal with Zach's disappearance. Erica thinks that is great, but suggest her time be better spent looking for Zach. Kendall tells her mother she visited Aidan at his cabin in the woods, but Aidan threw her out before she could find out anything. Kendall says she admitted framing Greenlee for kidnapping to Aidan, but worrying about what Aidan will do to her is the least of her worries. Kendall says Aidan loves Greenlee and he had every right to kick her out. Ryan comes downstairs as Erica heads to work. Ryan gets a call from Jonathan and agrees to meet him somewhere to bust Richie.

At the cabin, Aidan immediately rushes out the door when he sees something odd outside. He goes to the woods and discovers personal belongings of another person scattered on the ground. Aidan calls out to the person, asking them to come forward and promising not to hurt them. When something in the woods dashes off, Aidan quickly follows but loses the path. Aidan goes back to the cabin and gets a visit from Kendall.

Adam gets discouraged when JR refuses his help with an attorney. Krystal walks in and suggests Adam let JR handle his own problems. Krystal tells Adam that she needs to get home to Jenny, which only angers Adam that Tad does not want Jenny near him. Adam says that he has changed now, and if Krystal can trust him, then Tad should be able to. After Krystal leaves, Adam finds a certification of some sort on the floor under a couch.

Tad panics when he finds Jenny missing in her crib, but calms down at the sight of Colby feeding Jenny. Colby says she can't sleep because she is too worried about JR's fate. Colby tells Tad that she wants to visit JR and he agrees it is a good idea. Krystal comes home and finds Tad repairing a chair that JR used to rock in. Krystal reminds Tad that Adam is worried about JR too. Tad says that the best thing Adam could have done for JR is let Dixie raise him. Krystal thinks Adam has changed, but Tad says what Adam did to Jenny is not worth forgiving. When Tad accuses Krystal of choosing Adam first over Jenny, she slaps him across the face. Krystal claims Tad's issues are not with Adam - they are with Dixie because she stole Kate from him. Tad storms out of the room and when Krystal picks up his tools, she accidentally cuts herself with a knife. Moments later, Adam knocks on the door looking for Tad. Adam sees Krystal's cut and immediately says they should go the hospital. Adam suggests they bring Jenny to the hospital so Krystal can see a doctor.

Tad goes to the hospital to see Joe, but he is in a meeting. Tad confides in Julia that he does not trust Krystal anymore because she is back with Adam.

Ava goes back to visit JR and pretends to be Colby. Ava says she is only helping JR to prove she is right, but they are interrupted by Livia. Ava's act is up, and she walks out as an officer lets Livia in the cell. JR assumes Adam hired Olivia, but Livia says Tad asked for her help. JR is not interested in the help, so Olivia pulls out a picture of Little Adam to give him some inspiration for clearing his name. Colby comes by and asks JR why he started drinking again. JR promises to never take another drink, but Colby has her doubts. Livia comes back and tries to rack JR's brain to see what he does remember.

Amanda finds Babe at Fusion who has been working all night. Babe snaps at Amanda when she asks about how JR is doing. Babe apologizes, saying she is just stressed out with so many different things in her life. Babe says she wishes JR could remember what happened that night, making Amanda flash back to when she left with JR at The Comeback. Babe tries to talk to Amanda about letting go of JR, but Amanda claims she is through with him. Amanda admits she was hurt when he slept with Babe, but she only visited him in jail to see him suffer. Ava walks in when she overhears Amanda saying JR always has people clean up his mistakes. Ava tells Babe and Amanda she is through with JR. Amanda drops the bomb about Ava's plans to get JR drunk so he would remember what he did. Babe immediately gets upset, but Ava assures her JR did not take a sip of the booze. Amanda makes a snide comment about Ava's loyalty to JR, and when Ava grabs her arm, Amanda's purse flies to the ground. An unmarked DVD case lands on the floor when Babe goes to pick it up. Amanda says the DVD is just a bunch of family photos she forgot to leave at home. Babe and Ava leave Fusion. Amanda plays the video, which shows a very drunk JR making a fool of himself on the yacht Nov. 15. Amanda asks JR to admit every awful thing he has done to turn her on. So JR admits he ran over Amanda, tried to kill Babe, faked his own kidnapping and make Greenlee believe her embryos existed to get Fusion shares.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Lavery brothers find their way to the office of the insurance agent that sold Richie his life insurance policy. Posing as FBI agents, Ryan plays the nicer of the two as they intimidate him into talking. When the agent caves, Ryan invites him out into the hall to spill his guts, leaving Jonathan in the office to snoop. The agent offers that he didn't know that Richie was connected to the mob, as the brothers suggested, and promises that he would never have done business with the prisoner if he'd had any inkling. Just when the agent starts to get nervous about Jonathan being alone in the office and suggests that maybe he should call a lawyer, Jonathan comes bursting out and says they've been called away to a drug bust. Safe for now, the agent scuttles back inside his office. Once the door closes, Jonathan says that he hit pay dirt and whips out a copy of Richie's policy. Ryan looks it over and discovers that Dr. Chambers is the beneficiary. They connect that fact with the evidence that proved that Chambers was the force behind getting Richie out of jail early. Ryan is confused though, when he reads the policy and finds that it is null and void if the policyholder dies from a pre-existing condition. He then stops for a minute and it all comes together: trying to hang himself, trying to crash the plane, trying to get Annie to poison him they were all attempts to die in a way that would award Dr. Chambers the money.

At the hospital, Richie asks Annie if she had any regrets about not killing him when she had the chance, believing that she lacked the guts to go through with it. She tells him that the guts came in to play when she was trying to resist the urge to help him die. She backs off of the animosity, telling him that she and Ryan agreed to Babe's idea to provide nurses for him when he is released from the hospital, and says that once she gets the information finalized, she would forward it to him. Richie walks about the room, stopping at the window when he notices how friendly their father has become with Emma. Annie thinks he is threatened by it, but Richie tells her that he thinks it is long overdue. He then asks her to send their father in so that he can say goodbye to him before he returns to Chicago. She does as he wishes, and he waits for her to look up from outside before closing the blinds to his room. Sealed inside, Richie begs his father to not fall for Annie's games, and says that after everything that she has done to them, the only real family that Walter has left is his son. Walter protests slightly, saying that Emma was not the one who did wrong, and that because she is of their skin, it's only right to get to know her. Richie convinces him that Annie is just using her daughter as a pawn to get back into his life, and he needs to protect himself from that. He then tells his father that he doesn't want to be mean, but says he is worried that Walter will fall prey to Annie when he is gone. Walter caves, and when he leaves the room, he angrily tells Annie that he no longer needs her offered ride to the airport, despite the fact that his granddaughter is hugging him lovingly. He leaves, and Annie storms back into the room and demands to know what Richie said. He feigns weakness, and says that he only told his father goodbye and that he loved him. Annie doesn't believe him, saying that he really was threatened by the bond that was being formed between Walter and her daughter. She tells him that she will not allow him to take everything that makes Emma happy away from her, but Richie plays innocent and asks her to go so that he can get some rest.

Kendall bursts into the cabin and despite Aidan's efforts to get her to leave, or to be helpful elsewhere, she stays put. She tells him that he needs to clue her in on his game plan so that she can lend a hand. He asks her what she could possibly bring to the table, so she invokes the thoughts of her sons one premature who is missing out on precious bonding time with his father, and one about to go into surgery and who needs all the love he can around him. Aidan accepts that offer and proceeds to dangle several strings in front of her face as they talk about possible plans of action. He then asks her to look through a box of things comprised of items that were left behind by the previous owner and things that Aidan had found on the grounds from his searching thus far. As she does so, she asks if apologizing at this juncture would do any good, but he tells her no. She continues to look and then finds a piece of paper and asks where he got it. He looks at it and tells her that he found it in the ditch by the road near where he found Greenlee's cell phone. She gets excited and shows him the bracelet that Zach had made for her, which bears more than a striking resemblance to the drawing. She tells him that it is 100% proof that the two loves of their lives are together, and if so, this means they have a better shot of surviving.

Tad meets up with Julia at the hospital for coffee, and confides in her about his latest ire regarding Adam. Julia tells him that Krystal may not be able to, or may not want to get rid of Adam, and that he might need to get used to that. Unwilling to sacrifice his daughter for Krystal's choices, he says that if Krystal can't decide, he may just do it for her.

On the other side of the hospital, Adam, carrying baby Jenny, brings Krystal in so that a doctor can attend to her wound. One takes them into the nearest cubicle, and although Krystal protests and says that the cut is nothing, the doctor agrees with Adam and thanks him for bringing her in. Krystal tells her ex-husband that she will be fine, and that he can feel free to put her daughter in the bassinette and leave. He refuses, wanting to see her through the ordeal and help her out any way that he can. When the doctor finishes sewing her up, he gives her the standard warnings about keeping it clean and covered while it heals. She tries to take Jenny in her arms, but Adam indicates that he will carry her out to the car so that she can avoid breaking her wound open. When they exit the room, they run into Tad and Julia. Rage immediately flows through Tad's body when he sees his daughter in his archenemy's hands. He immediately takes hold of his daughter and reassures her for a moment. He then hands her off to Julia and asks if she can take her away for a while so that three of them can talk. Julia obliges, and when they are gone, Tad is forced to listen as they admit that in addition to holding the baby, Adam was again in their house. Adam tells him that he needs to cool off because he came over to talk to Tad. He says that whether Tad likes it or not, Krystal has been choosing to see him and that can only mean that they need to come to some sort of more peaceful agreement, but when he looks at Tad's face, he sees that his offer will not fly. Tad says that he would never consider anything of the sort, and that it is now apparent that he will have to look after Jenny's welfare all by himself. Julia returns and hands off the baby to Tad, citing that she has to return to work. Tad stalks off with her, with Krystal behind, trying to find out where he planned on taking their daughter. Adam tries to follow, but drops a paper out of his pocket. Julia calls to him so that she can give it back, and he rudely snatches it from her hands. He finally takes a good look at it and realizes that it is a certificate of adoption. He then wonders aloud how it got underneath the couch in his house.

In the bomb shelter, in the midst of chipping away at the wall, Greenlee starts to have another panic attack and can't breathe. Zach thinks that she must be hungry, and suggests that she take a look at the supply of food again. She thinks that the selection is much less than appealing but she gives in as a way to try to staunch the overwhelming tide of her fear. She picks through the cans but doesn't find anything that she can imagine stomaching. She then makes a find a stack of love letters written by a previous tenant. He tells her that she should read them if it will help her calm down, and she proceeds to do so aloud. He only lets her continue for a few minutes before demanding that she stop, as they are reminiscent of his feelings of missing his family. He continues to dig and suddenly hits something solid. Greenlee excitedly races over to see what it is, thinking that perhaps their work hadn't been in vain and that they might get out soon. Zach works at the object so they can find out what it is, and Greenlee is horrified when Zach pulls out a skeleton hand.

Ryan returns to the hospital and Richie pretends to be excited that his entire family has been in to see him. Not in the mood to play games, Ryan drops a copy of Richie's insurance policy in front of him. Once he realizes what it is, Richie sees that the game is changing once again. Ryan announces his realization that Richie's arrival in Pine Valley was never about the damage he could inflict on his sister or her family, but rather about finding a way to accidentally die so that the policy would pay out to Dr. Chambers.



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