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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 3, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, December 3, 2007

Katie is shocked that Brad bought her a house and is more shocked that he wants to have children with her. She tells him he cannot replace Jack and she won't marry him or anyone else. Brad tells her he didn't ask her to marry him but rather is offering to have babies with him- no strings attached. He said he wants to do this since he ruined her chances to have a family with Jack and that Vienna said her biological clock is ticking. Katie is insulted and throws him out.

In Old Town Jack meets the real estate agent and tries to get the house back, but the agent tells him the buyer is motivated. She tells Jack that the buyer of the house is a local TV celebrity and that his last name is Snyder too.

Back at Emma's a furious Jack ambushes Brad pinning him to the kitchen counter. He demands to know why he bought the house for Katie. Brad tells him it is for he and Katie's children to live in. Jack doesn't buy it, but Brad tells him that he is trying to help Katie realize her dream of having kids. Jack is skeptical of his true intentions and doesn't think Katie will go through with it anyway.

At Al's Katie confronts Vienna and blames her conversation with Brad for his crazy offer. Vienna tries to offer her a gingerbread child to smooth things over but Katie is not amused. Henry agrees it is crazy- but Vienna does not. She tells Katie it is what she wants and that if Brad can give her that then she should consider it. Henry is surprised when Katie agreed with Vienna. Katie says that she isn't necessarily going to take Brad up on his offer, but has to face the fact that marriage may not happen for her. Katie says she doesn't want to give up her dream of being a mom. Vienna tells Katie to call Brad despite Henry's protests and he urges her to think about it over. After Katie leaves, Vienna asks a nervous Henry when it will be her time to have a baby. Henry tells her that the idea of being a parent terrifies him, but Vienna is sure they would have beautiful children. Henry tells her someday; Vienna warns him that if he waits too long she will find her own Brad Snyder.

In Old Town Jack sees a young family and imagines it is Katie and Brad. Emma approaches him and wants to know why he looks sad. He tells her about Brads plans to have a baby with Katie. He tells Emma that he loves Katie and can't imagine living without her. Emma tells him to fight for her but he better move fast.

A flustered Jack shows up at Al's and wants to know where Katie is. Vienna coldly tells him that he lost his chance with Katie. Jack leaves in a hurry to find her.

Back at her room, Katie stares at the gingerbread child and suddenly grabs her cell phone.

At Emma's, Brad plays with Natalie's baby doll but is interrupted by his cell phone. It is Katie; she asks him to come over. At her room she emphatically tells him that she wants to make a baby with him. He starts to kiss her, but she stops him. He is shocked when she tells him that they aren't going to have sex, but are going to have artificial insemination. He tells her that's not what he had in mind, but Katie tells him this is the only way she will accept his offer. She tells him that she will make an appointment with the doctor and will call him. Brad is less than enthusiastic, but agrees.

In Barbara's limo, she and Iris scheme about how to keep Sofie away from Gwen and Will. Barbara tells her that as soon as Sofie has the baby girl to make sure she leaves town. Iris swoons over having a granddaughter, but Barbara tells her to forget it; they all must leave so Gwen and Will never find out the truth. Iris says maybe she will, maybe she won't, but Barbara warns her that if she doesn't leave she will find a way to make her.

At Gwen and Will's, Ali tells them she might know who the birth mother is and tells them the baby they are going to adopt is Sofie and Cole's. Will and Gwen don't want to believe her and want to know how she knows this. Ali tells them that they are all being manipulated. She tells them about her conversation with Cole at the bar and that she and Aaron believe he is selling his own child. Will and Gwen still don't want to believe it. She tells them that she dressed like she was pregnant and met with their lawyer and saw the hat that Sofie gave him. Will and Gwen realize she is right. Gwen wants to call Barbara right away, but Ali tells her not to because she suspects she is in on it. Gwen is certain that Barbara wouldn't do something like that. Ali told them how Barbara acted after she confronted her, but Gwen still is not convinced. To her shock, Will agrees that Barbara could do this. Ali leaves them alone with the news and Gwen is horrified that Barbara has did this to them and they leave to confront her.

In her hospital room Sofie lovingly talks to her unborn daughter, while out in the hall Cole and Aaron exchange punches. She hears the commotion and sees them fighting and wants to know why. Aaron tells her that he knows who is adopting the baby; Will and Gwen. Sofie doesn't believe him. Aaron tells Sofie that Cole is selling their baby. Cole denies this and the hospital security makes Aaron leave. Back in the room Sofie wants to know why Aaron would say something like this, but he tells her to not listen to him. Cole leaves to find out when she will be discharged and Aaron sneaks in. He tells her that Cole made a deal to sell their baby and tells her everything he and Ali found out. Just then Cole came back with security to again throw Aaron out. Sofie demands to know how he could do this to her. Cole tries to make up excuses, but Sofie tells him to stop lying and threatened to leave him if he didn't tell her the truth. She asked him if he knew Gwen and Will were going to adopt their baby. He tells her he just found out. He tells her again that he wants to give the baby up for adoption so she can have a better life then what they can give her. He tells her that he lovers her and leaves her to rest. He calls Iris and tells her what has happened.

At the Lakeview, Iris tells Barbara that Gwen and Will know that truth. Barbara is horrified as she sees them walk by looking for her.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lily's anxious about her girls' night with Faith and Natalie. Faith confesses that she doesn't want to leave Holden alone and thinks Lily is in better shape than Holden because she has Dusty. Lily reassures Faith that her kids will always come first. Lily tells Dusty how alone she feels. Will and Gwen confront Barbara about setting up the adoption of Sofie and Cole's baby. Barbara convinces Gwen that Iris is the culprit, and Iris tells Barbara it's going to cost her. Barbara offers Iris money to take the fall and leave town. Barbara is about to pay off Iris when Will and Gwen catch them red-handed. Gwen tells Iris and Barbara she and Will don't want the baby, and Will banishes Barbara from his life. Cole assures Sofie they can get married once Gwen and Will have the baby. Barbara informs Cole that the deal's off, and he panics he might be stuck with the baby. Sofie walks in on Cole packing his bags, and begs him not to leave. Cole declares that he doesn't love her and leaves. Chris is frustrated at the work Bob has him doing. Emily asks for Evan's number and Chris is taken aback. Tom advises Chris to have patience with Bob. Emily shows Dusty her cover story on Bob Hughes, and the two begin to fight.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lily and Dusty enjoy breakfast together in his room and the start to get frisky when Dusty sees The Intruder sitting on the desk and starts to vent about Emily putting Evan on the cover. Dusty picks up the phone to call Emily as Lily looks on. When Emily doesn't answer, Lily confronts Dusty about why he is really angry; not at the cover story, but at his ex-girlfriend. Lily is frustrated by Dusty's interfering with Emily and accuses him of still having feelings for her. Dusty claims to just want the best for Emily, but Lily tells Dusty that Emily chose Chris and then decides it is time for her to go until Dusty can concentrate on her and not Emily. As Lily is leaving, Dusty admits to her that he has feelings for Emily, but no chance of a future. She explains that she feels the same way about Holden and the two head out for their busy days leaving plans for later up in the air.

Down in the lounge Emily and Chris discuss The Intruder cover, as Evan walks in and thanks Emily for putting him on the cover to help get him attention for his work and lab space at Memorial. Chris tells him to be patient until his dad sees the article and offers Evan the space at the lab. Evan explains he might not need to wait for Memorial to offer him the opportunity since other labs are beating down his door since the article came out. A frustrated Chris asks Evan to give him more time to get his dad on board.

Kim finds Bob at her office caring a copy of The Intruder. Bob shows Kim the article and vents his frustration at Chris's poor decisions since his return to Oakdale and Memorial. Kim implores Bob to take it easy on Chris, especially since he hasn't been home for Christmas in such a long time. Bob refuses to let Chris's latest lapse in judgment slide and the two leave the office to find Chris and confront him about the article.

Kim and Bob arrive at the Lakeview to talk to Chris, but Bob reminds Kim that this is business and he needs to do this alone. Bob heads into to talk with Chris and Emily excuses herself as Bob and Chris get into it a discussion the article. Bob congratulates his son on humiliating him and tells him that even though this has caused problems he wants to table the discussion until after the holidays. Chris tells his dad that he and Evan need an answer right away.

In the lobby, Kim sees Emily and confronts her about the article and asks her why she is trying to tear her family apart. Kim explains that Emily acts like she knows Chris better than his own family and tells her that Bob's experience at Memorial is more important than Chris wanting to fund some project. Kim asks Emily what she is getting out of all of her meddling and accuses Emily of using Chris. Emily tells Kim to back off and let Chris make his own decisions.

Bob tells Chris if he wants to leave Memorial he understands, but hopes he can stay in town for Christmas with the family. When Emily returns Chris makes is clear he will stay for the holidays and Bob is happy with his decision. Emily tells Chris about her talk with Kim and the two focus on telling Chris he won't be getting a lab at Memorial. Chris tells Evan to wait until after the holiday, but when Evan explains he can't wait, Chris tells him he thinks he can make this happen if he just gives him a little more time. When Evan leaves, Chris explains that if he gives his dad irrefutable proof that he is right then he will have no choice but to let Evan have the space at Memorial.

Out in Oakdale, Bob runs into Dusty and criticizes him for letting the cover story on Evan run without getting medical information. Dusty explains that Emily ran the article by Chris and that the only reason she wrote it was to help out Bob's son. Bob is disappointed to learn that Chris knew about the article before it ran and that it wasn't just Emily's work. Bob explains to Dusty that the article is inaccurate and filled with medical flaws and Dusty agrees to look into it and talk to Emily.

Lily returns to the hotel and asks the hotel clerk if Dusty has returned. She is discouraged to hear he hasn't been back and decides to phone him. She asks if he is available for lunch, but he puts her off and tells her he will call her later.

Brad and Katie enjoy breakfast at Al's Diner and Brad shares the news of their impending artificial insemination with Vienna and Henry. While Vienna is happy and encouraging, Henry shares his disappointment with the two before going outside to call Jack and asks him to save Katie. When Katie goes outside to talk to Henry, he expresses his concerns with Katie's reasoning for choosing Brad as the father of her child and urges her to think hard about her decision. When Brad comes out and suggests that they use the artificial insemination as a segment for their show, Henry sends his best friend a knowing looking of disappointment.

Katie and Brad arrive at the hospital and discuss the impending procedure. The nurse hands Brad a cup and some magazines and tells him to get started. When Brad leaves, Jack arrives and asks Katie why she is making a baby with Brad, who looks just like him, if she never wants to see him again. Jack explains to Katie that by choosing Brad as her baby's father, she has made sure they are linked together forever as family. Jack explains that her choice is cruel because it will force him to see her and love her and not be able to have her. Jack continues on by asking Katie, "Why Brad?" Katie explains that Brad is sweet and kind and willing to do anything for her. Katie tells Jack to leave her alone or she will call Margo on him.

Off in the exam room, Brad is struggling with the task at hand and fantasizes that Katie searches him out and tells him that the entire ordeal with artificial insemination was just a test and that she wants to conceive their baby out of love. Brad is shocked back to reality by Jack coming into the exam room and telling him he won't let him get Katie pregnant. Brad tells Jack he has "nothing to say about it" and that this is Katie's decision. Jack enlightens Brad about why he believes Katie chose him to be the father and suggests that Brad couldn't "make his deposit" because he knew it wasn't right. The two discuss what being a father is all about and Jack explains that may be Katie has no plan on Brad being a part of the baby's life. Jack sarcastically wishes his brother, "Good luck!" and heads out. A visibly sad Brad leaves the room and explains to Katie that he was unable to produce a sample and tells her that may be she should get a donation from a sperm bank.

In the meantime, Henry returns to the diner and is confronted by Vienna who wants to know where he was. Vienna grills Henry about what he was doing and learns about Henry calling Jack. Vienna slams Henry for not letting Katie have her baby and be happy. Vienna is angry at Henry for interfering with Katie's dream of being a mother, but Henry suspects that Vienna may be mad at him for more than not letting Katie have a baby. Henry explains that he wants Katie to be happy with Jack and that he is the best choice for her. Vienna on the other hand says that Jack broke Katie's heart and that Henry shouldn't interfere with Katie's choice. Vienna leaves to offer support to Katie.

Vienna finds Katie at her hotel room and asks how the doctor's appointment went. Katie explains that may be Henry was right and the two head into her room where Brad has decorated it with pink and blue balloons and bunnies. Katie is grateful for Brad's sweet gesture and Vienna shares that she wishes Henry would be as enthusiastic about having children with her as Brad is with Katie. Vienna's remark inspires Katie to call Brad and ask him to come over. Brad arrives and begins to apologize for pushing her to have a kid and that he understands why she might not want him as her baby's daddy. As Brad babbles on Katie jumps him and starts kissing him. Brad is shocked by Katie's kiss and even more surprised by Katie's request to have a baby "the old fashioned way."

Jack arrives at Al's and thanks Henry for letting him know and assures Henry that Brad won't be fathering Katie's baby. Vienna walks in and lets Jack know that Katie and Brad may not be able to have a baby through artificial insemination, but they may try the old fashion way.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Katie agrees to get pregnant by Brad. Katie and Brad are awkward with each other. Vienna sees that Katie may be falling for Brad, even though she won't admit it. Katie alerts Brad that she's ready, just as Carly interrupts. Margo informs Jack that there was a problem at Metro and he should be the one to tell Carly. Jack calls Carly to the police station with Kit. Jack tells Carly that Sam has a rap sheet. Jack won't let their children be around Sam and Kit. Jack reveals to Margo that Katie is planning on having a baby with Brad. Margo assures Jack he has to trust Katie to do the right thing. When Paul tells Rosanna she might be able to go home, she says she's not sure it's a good idea. Rosanna demands to know what was going on between Meg and Paul. Rosanna realizes that Paul might have left her if he had found out that he was the father of Meg's baby. Paul swears that all he wants is to be with Rosanna. A woman sharing the elevator with Craig and Meg goes into labor. They realize they'll have to deliver the baby. Craig is a good coach for the pregnant woman, and the baby is born. When Paul leaves Rosanna's room, he sees Meg and Craig kissing.

Friday, December 7, 2007

At Memorial Hospital, Eli King, the DNA lab technician, overhears Craig and Meg talking about their baby. Craig leaves, and Meg asks Eli how Craig might have found out about the paternity test. Eli says there are several people who could have let it slip out, then he says she seems happy and seems to have forgotten all about the "other" candidate for her child's paternity. Paul walks out of Rosanna's room, and Eli sees the look they exchange and guesses that Paul is "Mr. Other." Meg doesn't confirm it but says it doesn't matter anymore. Eli gets a page and excuses himself, while Paul discovers that Rosanna's discharge paperwork is backed up. Paul leaves to check on that, and Eli takes the opportunity to go speak to Rosanna, telling her he knows she was up and visiting his office when she was supposedly comatose. Rosanna denies it until Eli waves a videotape in front of her, telling her he has it on tape that she altered the results of Meg's baby's paternity test. He says he assumes that means "Mr. Other" is her husband, and when Rosanna suggests keeping that information quiet for everyone's sake, he bribes her, apparently requesting a large amount of money, in cash. Rosanna agrees to the bribe but says she'll need some time to get the money together.

At the diner, Kim and Bob are enjoying a quick snack together, and Kim says she hopes some day soon they can do this more often. She's willing to start taking more time off at the station if Bob is willing to give more responsibility to Chris. Dusty walks up and tells Bob he's told Emily not to write any more articles about Evan Walsh. He also tells Bob he hopes Chris doesn't become chief of staff any time soon. Dusty goes to sit down at the counter, and Bob tells Kim he was impressed with Chris's recent work on department head evaluations. Kim suggests he tell Chris that, and Bob leaves to go to the hospital. Kim approaches Dusty and asks him to give Chris a second chance, pointing out her long relationship with him and Jennifer and her support of Jennifer's foundation. Dusty appreciates that but says Chris is out for himself, and someone needs to keep an eye on him.

At the hospital, Chris shows Evan Walsh the research facilities and promises to double the space for them if Evan will wait until he can get the project approved. Evan needs a positive answer soon, and Chris assures him that Bob's not going to be calling the shots much longer. Bob walks up and says he wouldn't be so sure about that. He asks Evan to leave so he can talk to Chris, and then he tells him how disappointed in him he is for continuing to go behind his back about this research project. Dusty walks by and overhears Chris accusing Bob of living in the stone age; Chris says he would make a better chief of staff because he'd bring the hospital into the future and put it on the map, saving lives in the process. He asks his dad if he wants his resignation, and Bob says if Chris doesn't respect him anymore, he should pack up and leave, so Chris storms out, telling his dad that he'll regret this. Bob takes a sip of coffee from his "Dr. Bob" coffee mug, looking upset about the exchange with his son. Kim runs into Chris in the stairwell and asks if he knows where Bob is, but Chris's beeper goes off, and he says he has to leave. Meanwhile, Dusty, who had walked away, walks back by the office where Chris and Bob were arguing and finds Bob lying on the floor. As Kim walks up, Dusty tries to revive Bob.

Craig and Meg have dinner at the Lakeview, and Craig tells her that Evan thinks he'll be able to bring the research project to Memorial. Meg says Bob objected to it, and she says Chris needs to be careful not to overplay his hand with his dad. Evan walks up and says they have a problem, telling them what happened with Bob and Chris. Craig says he'll go talk to Bob, and he goes to the hospital, where he sees Eli King in Rosanna's room, talking to her. He waits until Eli leaves, then goes into Rosanna's room and asks her what that was about. Rosanna says it's not his business but it was just a lab tech discussing some of her test results, and a disbelieving Craig walks away; he lingers, however, long enough to watch as Paul wheels Rosanna out of the hallway, with Eli watching.

At the Lakeview, Katie tells Carly to get out, but Carly tells Katie she's making a big mistake by trying to have a baby with Brad. Brad asks Carly to leave, but Carly says he's the worst thing that could happen to Katie. Brad puts his pants on and goes into the hallway to talk to Carly, leaving Katie in the hotel room. Brad decides this is all sour grapes on Carly's part, saying she can't have Jack, so now she doesn't want him to have Katie, either. Carly says she's just trying to help Jack because she thinks he actually still loves Katie, but Brad tells her to leave. He goes back in the room, where Katie tells him she thinks Jack sent Carly to break them up, but she wants to go through with their plan. Brad says it just doesn't feel like he thinks it ought to feel, but before he can say much more, Katie drops her robe, and Brad reacts predictably, falling into bed with her, where they proceed to make love.

Jack runs into Parker while out shopping at Old Town, where Parker proceeds to ask him about his relationship with Katie and give him advice. They take Jack's packages back to the farm, and Parker tells Jack that he has a feeling he and Katie will end up married again. Jack then gets a call from Katie, who reams him for sending Carly to interrupt her evening with Brad. Jack denies having done that, but Katie says it doesn't matter, because neither he nor Carly is going to stop her from making a baby with Brad. Jack warns her that having a baby with the wrong person can haunt you for the rest of your life, and Katie pointedly replies, "You ought to know," but hangs up on him anyway. Jack tells Parker to watch his sister, because he has to leave, and Parker wonders if Jack's going to go kill Carly; Jack say, "No, but very close." He goes to Carly's house and waits for her. When she walks in, he tells her that Katie thinks he sent her to the hotel, and Carly apologizes, saying she was just trying to help. Jack says she's probably driven Katie right into bed with Brad, and when Carly acts upset that that might be the case, he accuses this of being just what she wanted to have happen all along.


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