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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 26, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, November 26, 2007

In Old Town Faith and her friend run into Lucinda and they have a chance to talk. Faith tells her about the fight between Jack and Brad and that her mom left Thanksgiving dinner early to go to the Lakeview; but Lucinda suspects that Lily left to be with Dusty.

In Dusty's room at the Lakeview, Lily awakes to him ordering them a large breakfast. She laments that she feels like an outsider to her family and wishes she could spend more time with her girls. She tells Dusty that the only time she feels not under fire is when she is with him. They enjoy breakfast in bed until there is a knock at the door; it is Lucinda. She demands to know what they are doing. She confronts Lily about Faith telling her that she left dinner, but Lily tells her it's none of her business. Lucinda tells Dusty to leave her daughter alone, Lily is outraged and tells her to leave. Before leaving Lucinda asks them if this is really what they want. Lily is upset that Faith thought that she left just to be with Dusty, but he calms her and tells her it's not her fault. Lily thanks him for being there for her.

Later in the Lobby, Lucinda meets up with Lily and wants to talk about things, but Lily wants her to let it go. Lucinda shocks her by apologizing. She tells Lily that she worries that Dusty is remembering her the way she was in the past, but Lily tells her that Dusty makes her happy. Lucinda wants her to be happy but is convinced that it isn't too late for her and Holden. Lily tells Lucinda that Holden has already drawn up divorce papers and she plans on signing them. Lucinda is worried about the kids not understanding that they will still have two loving parents.

At the farm Noah dropped by and Luke apologized to him for the dramatics at Thanksgiving. Noah tells him it wasn't a big deal. Luke asks him to stay and eat some leftovers, but Noah says that he only stopped by to drop off a homework assignment for one of his classes. Noah seems uncomfortable and leaves. Holden notices Luke is upset and asks what is wrong. He tells Holden how he had said that he loved Noah him when they were at the Police station with Winston and worries that he might have scared him away. He wishes he knew how Noah felt. Holden pointed out that he calls Luke his boyfriend, goes out of his way to come see him- even when Luke makes him feel unwelcome at times, and spent the holiday with him- so that's got to mean something. Luke then asks Holden if it isn't too late for him and Lily- Holden tells him it's too late for that. Luke uses Holden's words and says that she comes there even when he makes her feel unwelcome- so it's got to mean something. Just then Lily shows up, but she said that she needed to talk to the kids. Holden left for the barn. Lily tells Luke that they are still a family and that he and his brother and sisters mean everything to her. Luke tells her he understands but mentioned how upset Faith was that she left during Thanksgiving dinner. Lily tells him that she had to work, but Luke tells her that Faith thinks she left for Dusty and asks if she was wrong. Lily darts the question and points out that Faith seems to want to be with her friends more than with her anyways and that sometimes she has to work on holidays. Holden comes back in and comments on her and Dusty "working" at the Lakeview. "Is that what you're calling it now?" he sneered. Luke leaves the room and they argue about her relationship with Dusty and she tells Holden that it's not for the children to know. He tells her he is through explaining her behavior to the children and she is on her own.

At Al's Noah thanks Dusty for the way he was with his father. Dusty tells him that if his father isn't proud of the way he is, that's his problem and to just be himslef. Noah wants to know why Dusty is being so nice to him after what his father did to him; Dusty tells him that they are friends. Noah looking much happier,leaves. Dusty calls Lily and knows right away she is upset and wants to know what he can do to make it better. Lily comments that no one else wants to see her, but he tells her it's their loss.

Carly and Kit try to make some decisions about their new business venture. They both agree that they feel that each of their luck is changing. Carly tells Kit about what she did to Jack; to her surprise Kit breaks into laughter. Carly tells her that it isn't a joke, but Kit points out that no one died and that she only did it because she loved Jack. Carly wished that Jack saw it that way. Kit comments that she is hungry and Carly leaves to go get food at the store. JJ shows up and is shocked to see Kit. He attacks her, thinking she had done something to Carly. They are struggling as Carly arrives back from the store and she stops him. She tells him that it's ok and Kit apologizes for the past, but JJ thinks she is trying to trick Carly and runs out the door.

At WOAK, Brad shows up to work and tries being extra-nice to Katie. He tells her he will make everything up to her, starting with lunch, but she declines his offer. Jack shows up- Brad tells him that he isn't going to let him near Katie and the two exchange words, but Katie breaks it up. Jack tells Katie he wants to talk to her and she agrees. Brad tries to stop her, but she talks to Jack anyway as Brad listens. Jack wants to know how she can continue to talk to Brad after what he did, but Katie tells him that she decided to forgive him and suggests he do the same. Jack said that he hopes she can forgive him too. Katie tells him that she has forgiven him, but she can't go back to where they were. Jack asks her what it would take to give them another chance. He tells her that he loves her; she tells him that she loves him too, but he chose Carly over her and would do it again. Jack tells her that won't happen again and seeing Brad listening angrily tells him to get away from them so they can talk. Brad tells him he isn't eavesdropping, but is working. Katie convinces him to leave them alone. Jack again pleads with her for another chance, but is interrupted by JJ calling about Kit. Jack abruptly leaves for Carly's house as Katie stands there flabbergasted. "Need I say more?" says Brad. They argue about Jack's loyalty to his family and Brad tries to woo her with a massage. She tells Brad that that they just work together and maybe someday they can be friends again- but that is it. Brad tells her that this is fine with him. He tells her he will back off until she is ready. Katie tell him that she needs time to take care of herself and reiterates that they will never be anything more than friends.

With gun in hand Jack storms into the house. Carly tries to explain what is going on, but Jack won't listen. Kit tells him that she is very sorry for what she did and extends her hand in peace. Carly tells him to put down the gun so she can explain. He sees the plans for Metro and wants to know why they are there. She tells Jack she is redesigning Metro for her client; Kit who is buying Metro. Carly tells him that she and Kit are now partners. She explains about the check from the insurance Co., but Jack tells Kit to get out of his house. Before leaving Kit swiped the check and stuffed it into her bag.

Jack is infuriated that he once again left Katie because he thought his family was in danger. He tells Carly that she is not to have anything more to do with Kit, or he will fight for sole custody of the kids and will make sure she won't be allowed to see them ever again. He leaves Carly standing there shocked.

In Old Town Kit is on her way to a bank to cash the check. Carly frantically calls her and tells her that going into business is a mistake, but Kit pretends there is a bad connection and hangs up.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To Emily's horror, Chris tells her he's found them a place to live. Emily urges Chris to take his time before making any permanent decisions. Dusty confronts Emily about the paper. Tom and Dusty lay down the law with Emily, who doesn't like it. Chris asks Dusty for info regarding the foundation. Dusty threatens to pull the foundation if Chris becomes Chief of Staff. Bob is furious with Chris for overstepping and puts Chris in his place. Emily lays into Dusty, and decides to move in with Chris. Parker gets an idea to set Katie and Jack up. Jack reiterates that Carly can't see the kids until she gets rid of Kit. Brad asks Katie out, but she can't because she's going skating with Parker. Parker convinces Jack to take him skating. Carly tells Kit she needs her money back, but Kit says it's too late. Sage runs away to join Carly. Parker gets Jack and Katie together and they realize it's a set up. Before Carly can go after her, two bad Santas take Sage hostage. Jack and Katie decide to make the best of the situation and skate, but Brad crashes the party, literally. Jack and Katie decide they can skate together, platonically. Parker distracts Brad, then calls him on his feelings for Katie. Carly manages to make a cell phone call to Jack who turns off his phone, and Carly's caught by one of the robbers.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thinking that Carly is just calling him to check in and play games, Jack ignores her call and focuses on spending quality time with Katie at the ice rink. He tries to convince Katie that he wants to be with her and not Carly, but Katie believes she sees through to his real feelings. Jack asks Katie is they can please date, but she shoots down the idea saying they have been there before. Jack convinces her to just focus on the time they have together now and have a little fun. Meanwhile at the ice rink, Parker asks Brad to back off and give Katie and Jack a chance at happiness, but Brad reassures Parker that Katie won't pick Jack this time.

While being held by two gunmen, Carly is caught trying to call Jack for help. She tries to reassure the robber that she didn't call anyone and continues to try to persuade the thieves to let Sage go. The gunman threatens Sage's life and holds Carly to the ground. While the two fight, Carly's phone accidentally dials Brad's phone and he hears her struggling with the gunmen. Brad takes the phone to Jack and tells him he thinks Carly is in trouble and he needs to hear what is going on. As Sage yells for help, Jack listens to his earlier message from Carly and learns that the two are being held captive. Jack calls Dallas at the police station as Brad listens and hears another voice and sirens at the scene. Brad stays with Parker as Jack and Katie run to Old Town to save Sage and Carly.

Brad and Parker arrive at the farm and Brad explains the situation to Emma and leaves Parker with Emma and heads out to Old Town. Dallas, Jack, and Katie arrive on the scene and they watch Kit trying to talk the bad guys out of taking Sage. As Kit struggles with the bad guy, Jack grabs Sage and gets her out of danger as a gun goes off wounding the thief. The police take the criminals into custody as Jack, Carly, and Sage share a family hug. Katie and Brad see the three sharing their hug and Katie realizes that she doesn't belong there, so she leaves with Brad. Jack thanks Kit for saving Sage and walks off to find Katie. He finds her gone and takes Sage, Carly, and Kit to the station to give their statements and have Sage talk to the psychologist. Carly tries to convince Jack that after today they should give Kit a chance. Jack tells Carly to do what she wants where Kit is concerned, but to understand he is still going for full custody. Sage is brought back to her parents where she reminds them that all she wants for Christmas is for them to be together. Jack explains to Sage that isn't possible and leaves Sage with her mom and heads out to find Katie.

Brad takes Katie to the television station and comforts his friend. Katie admits that she now understands that Jack and Carly have a bond that she can never share with him. Brad tries to convince Katie that Jack still loves her and that it can work, but Katie tells him that she knows now it really can't ever work. Katie recounts her past problems with men and admits how much she cares for Jack, but knows she can never have a family with Jack the way Carly and Jack do. Brad tells Katie that she will be able to have a family with someone and as they are talking Jack arrives and asks to talk to Katie alone. Jack tries to start things where they left them at the ice rink, but Katie cuts him off and explains she can't be on the outside looking in anymore. She storms out leaving Jack alone.

Back at her house, Carly gets Sage ready to go back to the farm, but Sage reminds her mom that there is still time before Christmas for her family to be back together. Kit arrives and Carly tells her that they can be partners.

Earlier, Meg and Emma share quality time at the farm and talk about Meg's impending motherhood. Meg tries to be happy, but can't help but focus on how much she loves Paul. Meg reassures her mom she is fine, but admits she is a little scared to be around Craig for fear of slipping up and revealing her true feeling for Paul. Emma questions if Meg is scared Craig will hurt her, but Meg explains that she isn't worried for herself, but for Paul's safety. Emma encourages Meg to stay away from Paul and focus on her marriage with Craig for everyone's security. Meg leaves the farm to grab some lunch and meet up with Craig.

At Memorial, Paul implores Rosanna's doctor to help her and stop her from slipping back into a coma. Craig overhears Paul's pleas and tells him what is happening is karma. Paul blames Craig for Rosanna ever being in a coma and Craig quickly puts the responsibility squarely on Paul's shoulders by reminding him that stress can bring on a recurrence of her coma. Craig tells Paul to stay away from Meg and Paul confronts Craig about his true intentions with Meg once the baby is born. After his confrontation with Craig, Paul asks Rosanna's doctor if stress is what brought on this latest episode. The doctor admits he doesn't know exactly what caused Rosanna to slip back into her coma, but he needs to focus on his health and being there for Rosanna.

Craig heads to the Lakeview and runs into Evan Walsh who unloads his latest concerns with not being able to get lab time at Memorial. Craig assures him that he has gotten him the time he will need and that he wants him to work hard on his research so that the two can leave a positive legacy.

Paul heeds the advice of the doctor and decides to go out to eat and runs into Meg ordering her lunch. Paul tells Meg that Craig told him he knows about their affair and she should be concerned that Craig forgave her. He warns Meg that once her baby is born everything will change. Meg explains that Craig is different with her and everything will be fine. As she gets her order and turns to go, Meg doubles over in pain and Paul questions if it is the baby. Meg recovers and the two share lunch as Meg explains to Paul that she is fine, it was just hunger pains. As Meg and Paul stand up, she again has the pains and Paul insists on taking her to the hospital. Paul reassures Meg that she and the baby will be fine as the doctor arrives and confuses him as the baby's father. Out in the hall Craig has arrived for a meeting with Chris, but learns from a nurse that Meg is there with complications. As Paul straightens the doctor out about whom he is and is set to leave, Craig arrives and questions what he is doing there with Meg. As the two start to bicker, Meg starts to cramp again and the men are sent out of the room by the doctor. Out in the hall, Craig asks Paul what happens and he details the events leading up to their arrival at the hospital. Craig sarcastically thanks Paul for his good deed and sends him off to be with Rosanna. In her room, Meg prays aloud for her baby to be o.k. The doctor examines Meg and tells her the baby is fine, but she needs to eat better and avoid stress. Craig is brought into the room and the doctor tells him he needs to calm down and lets them listen to the baby's heart beat. Meg and Craig share a hug as Paul looks in sadly.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Noah wants to go out in public with Luke, but calls Luke his friend in front of other people. Noah says he isn't hiding his relationship with Luke. Luke can't get Noah to say he loves him, and Holden advises Luke to be patient with Noah. Holden learns Dallas stood Bonnie up. Lily will sign the separation papers after her lawyer reviews them. Noah outs himself to a girl, then sees Lily kiss Dusty. Noah stalls Luke and Holden from going inside. Noah reveals that Lily's inside with Dusty. Luke tells Lily he knows what she's doing. Lily admits to her affair with Dusty and that Holden knows. Luke realizes Lily lied about where she was on Thanksgiving, and says it's better if she doesn't come to the farm anymore. Sofie shows Aaron a hat she made for the baby. Cole arrives and throws out the baby hat. Gary has the adoption papers for Sofie and she gives Gary the baby hat. Iris urges Cole that he needs to go to LA with Sofie, now. Sofie tells Aaron she and Cole are leaving for LA tonight. Gwen confides in Alison that she and Will are adopting. Alison recognizes the similarities between Will and Gwen and Cole and Sofie's adoptions. Alison tells Barbara she thinks Gwen and Will could be adopting Cole and Sofie's baby. Barbara lies to Alison, and then alerts Iris that they have a problem. Aaron finds out about Will and Gwen's adoption from Alison, and her fears that it's the same baby. Alison learns about the hat, and says they need to figure out what's going on for Will and Gwen's sakes.

Friday, November 30, 2007

At Will and Gwen's, Barbara arrives and sees the ornament she gave Will and Gwen and thanks Gwen for opening it and putting it on the tree. Gwen thanks Barbara for being someone she can trust who is looking out for her, as opposed to someone like Iris, who was always conning her. Barbara tells Gwen the lawyer has given the adoption paperwork to the parents-to-be, so now it's just a matter of waiting for the baby to be born. While she's with Will and Gwen, she gets a call from Cole, who tells her that Sofie has suddenly developed bad cramps and is at the hospital. Barbara rushes off and goes to the hospital, where she meets with Cole secretly and discovers his main concern is that he still get his money even if something's wrong with the baby. Cole goes back out into the hallway and runs into the doctor, who tells him the baby is okay and is a girl, but the doctor says Sofie absolutely cannot travel at this point in her pregnancy because the baby appears to be coming sooner than they'd expected.

Alison and Aaron come up with a plan to try to get more information about the baby Will and Gwen are adopting. Alison puts on some padding and meets with the adoption lawyer Barbara's been using, telling him she's 7 months pregnant and looking to place her baby for adoption. When she requests younger parents, of about her own age, he tells her they're difficult to find, even though he's actually doing such an adoption right now. He opens his briefcase, and Alison sees the cap that Sofie knitted, which Aaron has described to her. The lawyer says a birth mother knitted it for her baby, and Alison tells him she thinks she has all the information she needs for now, and she gets up and leaves. Meanwhile, Aaron visits Sofie in the hospital and finds out she's having a girl and that the baby will be here before Christmas. Aaron finds Alison and passes along this news; she says they should find out if Will and Gwen have gotten similar news tonight. She also tells Aaron about seeing the knitted baby cap.

Barbara rushes back to Will and Gwen's place to tell them that the baby is a girl and is coming sooner than they originally thought; Will and Gwen are thrilled, and Will wants to call Alison and tell her, but Barbara stops him from doing so, saying they should have a quiet night alone before things start getting hectic with a baby around. She leaves, and Will is about to turn off his phone when Alison calls; he tells her the exciting news that the baby is a girl and is coming soon, thereby confirming Alison's suspicions that the baby he's adopting is actually Sofie's. Alison hangs up and tells Aaron, who says they have to let Will and Gwen know what's going on, even though Alison knows it's going to make them terribly upset. Aaron goes back to the hospital, where he sees Cole and slugs him. Alison goes to Will and Gwen's place and tells them that she has to talk to them about the adoption.

At Carly's house, a package arrives; it's a case of Jack's favorite kind of beer, accompanied by a card that says, "All is forgiven." Although Carly momentarily thinks it's from Jack, Kit comes downstairs and looks at the card and tells Carly it's for her, from someone she had an off-and-on relationship with whose name is Sam. Sam obviously doesn't know that Kit's on the wagon, and Carly tells her she'll be better off without the complication of a man in her life. Shortly thereafter, Sam knocks on the door, having decided to come in person to tell Kit that he's willing to try again. He and Carly don't hit it off very well, and Carly leaves to put the beer in the refrigerator (and 2 in the freezer, per Sam's request), while Sam tries to convince Kit to take him back. Carly walks back in, and Sam says he'll give them some time to talk about it; Kit is impressed that he's giving them privacy, but Carly tells her it's a bad idea to get back with someone she's had such a rocky relationship with. Kit sees her point and asks if she can just have some time alone with Sam to tell him. Carly agrees and leaves to go shopping.

At the police station, Jack tells Margo he wants to make up with Katie and is going to start by sending her flowers. Margo tells him that's a bad idea and convinces him that's not the way to get Katie back. Meanwhile, at WOAK, Brad gives Katie a single rose, but she turns around and gives it to another female employee, saying Brad was too shy to give it to her himself. Brad is hurt, but Katie tells him even though she's forgiven him, she's not willing to do more than be his coworker, and she tells him she's giving up on being anything else with anyone at all. Just then, a deliveryman arrives with a bouquet of flowers for Katie; she goes off on a rant about how everything will be fine now that someone's sent her flowers, and the puzzled deliveryman leaves as quickly as possible. Katie reads the card and then goes to the police station to confront Jack about the flowers. Jack swears he didn't send them even though he'd thought about doing that, and she says that's good, because she's not willing to get involved with him like that again. Jack tells Margo he's going to go find out who sent the flowers, and he goes and finds Parker, who has just bought a present for Katie with her name on it. Jack tells him he knows he sent flowers to Katie on his behalf, and Parker admits it, saying he's just trying to get them back together. Jack wonders if that's because he wants them together or because he wants to hurt his mom. Parker says it's both, and Jack tells him that Carly is as hurt as she can be right now because of what she's done. Parker leaves after suggesting that Jack check on that house he and Katie were going to buy, and Jack tells him he needs to stay out of it from now on. Jack literally bumps into Carly, who drops a book she's just bought about women making it on their own. Jack laughs at the thought of Carly needing a self-help book, and she tells him it's for Kit. He says he hopes she's happy living with Kit, and he's sure JJ thinks it's a swell idea; Carly snarls that the only reason she's living with Kit is to give Jack one more thing to feel superior about. Carly goes back to her house and hears Kit and Sam making up, so she sits outside on her porch rather than interrupting them, wondering if she really deserves all of this.

Jack returns to the police station, where he calls the realtor for the house he and Katie were going to buy; the realtor tells him it's just been sold, and Jack is furious and has a fit at the station, with Margo watching and shaking her head. Meanwhile, Brad has gone to visit Vienna, who tells him that even though Katie says she's totally done with the idea of marriage, Katie still wants that house and home with kids running around, saying she'd wanted that first with Mike and then with Jack. Brad leaves in a hurry to go do something. Meanwhile, Katie runs into Nancy at the Lakeview, and she tells her how nice it is that Nancy has such a full life without a husband. Nancy says her life wouldn't be so full if she hadn't been married for so many years and had such wonderful children to make her life complete, and she cautions Katie against giving up on the idea of wedded bliss too easily. Katie gets a call from Brad, who says he has to talk to her about work, so she tells him to come meet her in her room at the hotel. He arrives, and then he confesses it's not about work. He shows her the realtor's flyer on the house she wanted and says that he's bought it, for her, because he wants her to have the house, and the life she wanted, with rabbits and plenty of kids. Katie is stunned and says that's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her, but she can't possibly accept it. Brad asks why not, and she says because the house only comes with a garage, no kids. Brad says this is a 2-part gift: he buys the house, she gets the rabbits, and when Katie asks about the babies, Brad says, "We'll make them!"

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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