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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 26, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Zach and Greenlee were still in the bomb shelter. Richie called down to them and pretended to be a rescue worker that was searching for them. Greenlee was elated and called back up to Richie telling him to get help. Still, it was hard for Richie to hear her, so Greenlee started to bang on a pot. Richie said to bang once if Zach Slater was down there, so Greenlee complied. Richie smiled slyly as he found the cover to the bomb shelter. Richie then put the cover over the shelter and hid it with leaves. Zach and Greenlee realized that the man above was not going to help them and began to fight. Greenlee blamed Zach for her problems, but Zach asserted that she was to blame. Then, Zach looked weak and slouched down. Zach closed his eyes, but Greenlee tried to keep him awake for fear that he would not wake up.

Aidan recalled happy times he had with Greenlee. Aidan then looked on his computer for clues to where Greenlee could be. Aidan was determined to find Greenlee.

Kendall walked into her home with Ian in her arms. Kendall was pleasantly surprised to see Myrtle sitting in the living room. Myrtle comforted Kendall about Zach's disappearance. Myrtle was sure that Zach would return home to his family. Then, Josh arrived with balloons. Josh wanted to be there because he knew this would make Zach happy. Meanwhile, Erica called Jack to ask if he was coming, but Jack purposely did not answer. Then, they sat down to eat and Kendall insisted that they put two extra place settings out for Zach and Jack.

Joe said grace at The Comeback. Afterwards, everyone stated what they were thankful for. Adam said that he was grateful for his son, especially because he was sober. JR looked sheepish and got up from the table. Adam followed and apologized to JR for taking about his drinking problem publicly. JR snidely reminded Adam that recently he called him a spineless coward. Adam felt guilty, but JR told him not to because it was true. Then, Derek got a call stating that the blood in JR's car matched Zach's blood. Derek called for backup and, when JR saw the cops, he discretely left the bar. Meanwhile, Joe gave Jack the papers signed by Mary to have Greenlee committed. Joe explained that Erica had them forged. Jack was irate.

Jonathan and Ava walked into the penthouse while Babe, Ryan, and Annie were fighting about Richie. Jonathan suggested they go out to the balcony where they recalled their unpleasant Thanksgivings from the past. Jonathan promised Ava a happy life in the future and Ava smiled. Then, Jonathan asked why JR was bothering her at The Comeback the other day. Ava claimed that it was about the Ava network. Meanwhile, Babe scolded Ryan and Annie for playing games with Richie. Babe felt that Richie deserved another chance to be a part of their family. Babe then asserted that she would not help Ryan and Annie spy on Richie. Annie insisted that Babe should help them because Richie could be a serious threat to their family. Babe was uncomfortable and wanted to leave, but Emma was disappointed to see Babe and Little Adam leave. Babe decided to stay.

Amanda and Janet were eating dinner. Janet asked if Jamie drove Amanda to the hospital. Amanda reminded Janet that she and Jamie were just friends and that Jamie moved to Africa. Janet explained that her medication gave her memory loss. Then, Janet asked if Amanda was happy. Amanda admitted that she was lonely and told Janet about her failed relationship with JR. Janet felt that JR needed to be punished. Amanda told Janet that she did punish JR, but it was a secret how. Then, Janet looked weary and covered her eyes. When Janet uncovered her eyes, she spoke to Amanda as if she just arrived. Janet asked if Amanda wanted to eat dinner, forgetting that they already ate. Amanda looked sad and concerned.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

After Thanksgiving dinner, Babe tells Annie she is glad Richie did not show up because he did not get played by Annie and Ryan. Annie said she just wants to find out what her brother is up to. Babe receives a call Joe, who tells her that Richie is in the hospital. They immediately go to the hospital and are informed by Joe that Richie has pneumonia. Joe said it could be life-threatening because of Richie's cancer, and the fact that he was searching for Zach all night did not help matters. Babe is first to visit Richie, who says he thought he could help find Zach because he has a wife and children. Babe tells Richie he has to fight to get well. Richie says everything will be alright because he needs more time to be with her. Babe goes back to Annie and informs her that Richie wants to see her. Annie goes into the room and Richie admits he came to Pine Valley to hurt her. He said he has no regrets, but is not looking for her forgiveness. Richie tells Annie to look in his jacket for a gift for her. Annie rummages through the pocket and discovers a vile of poison. He suggests she poison him so her family can be safe and he can be free. Richie says the poison will make his heart stop, like the ammonia, and the doctors won't suspect anything.

Ryan visits Kendall and Ian. Ryan tells Kendall that Spike can stay with her tonight since it is Ian's first night home. Kendall says that she has not heard anything new about Spike, but she is positive that he will come home soon. She thanks Ryan for being so supportive, despite the fact that he accused her of setting up Greenlee. Ryan says that sometimes Kendall ticks him off, and right now, he is more concerned about being her friend. Kendall wonders if perhaps what is happening to Zach is karma for how she has treated Greenlee. Derek comes by and says police found JR's car abandoned in an airport parking lot. He said dried blood on the passengers seat matched Zach's blood on Zach's car. Derek says police are looking for JR, but that is not good enough for Kendall. She immediately heads out the door to find JR, but Ryan stops her. Derek says he will find JR and leaves Kendall to care for her sons.

Tad hunts down Aidan at the home he and Greenlee shared on the run. Aidan says he has not heard from his friends in Canada and the motorcycles are still outside, so he is worried Greenlee is in danger. Aidan hopes Greenlee will return to the home she and him shared. Tad tells Aidan that he will find Greenlee and goes outside to investigate. Tad comes back inside, but did not find anything new. He suggests they wait until the morning to search again. Aidan tells Tad that he loves Greenlee. Frustrated, Aidan knocks over things in his apartment, and says that he does not want another person he cares about to disappear. Tad offers to stay with Aidan, but Aidan says he wants to search for Greenlee alone. Aidan walks through the woods and finds a piece of paper on the ground. Next, he finds Greenlee's cell phone and begins calling her name.

Greenlee begins to panic when she realizes Richie has covered up the hole in the shelter. She starts throwing cans at the hole and knocking over boxes, screaming for Richie to return because she does not want to die there. Greenlee stacks the boxes under the hole so she can stand on them. She grabs onto the top of the ledge and tries to make her way up the wall, but loses balance and falls. Zach checks on Greenlee and tells her that she has to pull it together. Greenlee starts having trouble breathing, and Zach kisses her to help her breath. When it doesn't work, Zach tells Greenlee to think of something calm and safe, so she fantasizes about Aidan rescuing her. Zach passes out and Greenlee rushes to his side, saying he can't die on her.

Erica apologizes for being so harsh on Jackson and offers to help him. Jackson says it is too late for her to help considering Greenlee is missing and might be dead. Jackson shows Erica the forged papers to the mental institution for Greenlee. Shocked, Erica says that she just wants to make everything right now. Jackson says nothing she can do will change was has been done. He says their relationship is over. Erica does not take him seriously, saying she will not accept they are through. Jackson says he has forgiven Erica so many times for the stunts she has pulled, but not this time. Erica says Jackson has always forgiven her because he loves her. She says the only way they can get past what has happened is marrying each other again. Jackson says being married won't make a difference. Jackson tells Erica she incapable of loving anyone but herself, which makes Erica think he is only trying to push her away. Despite the harsh words, Erica says Jackson still has not said he does not love her anymore. When Jackson says those words, Erica says he is lying. Jackson opens the door, motioning for her to leave, but she refuses. Jackson walks out instead, leaving Erica alone.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Annie was with Richie in his hospital room. Richie pleaded with Annie to give him poison. Annie stared at the vile of poison and seriously contemplated giving it to her brother. Then, Annie put the vile up to Richie's lips, but pulled it away. Annie poured the poison down the drain as Ryan and Babe entered. Annie informed them of what Richie asked her to do. Ryan and Annie were appalled that Richie would ask her to commit murder. Still, Babe did not want to believe that Richie would do this, but Richie did not deny it. Then, Annie told Joe about the incident. Joe immediately paged a psychiatrist to consult Richie. Then, Ryan and Annie went outside. Annie was distraught that she almost killed her brother. Meanwhile, Babe chastised Richie for being a "coward." Babe felt that Richie should live in the present and enjoy his life. Richie asked Babe for a hug and they embraced. Then, Babe left the room and scolded Ryan and Annie for treating Richie so badly. Ryan then informed Babe that JR was involved in a hit and run. Babe was shocked and left the hospital. Then, Joe told Annie and Ryan that Richie might not make it through the night.

Adam found JR drinking in a bar. Adam asked JR for the truth about Zach's accident. JR explained that he got drunk and blacked out. Adam promised JR that he would fix everything. Adam wanted to be JR's alibi for the night. So, Adam brought JR to the police station to be questioned by Derek. Adam then asserted that he was with JR all night. However, JR denied this and admitted that he was not with Adam. Derek then arrested JR.

Aidan found a house in the woods. A man named Sylvester lived there and refused to speak with Aidan. So, Aidan broke into the house and questioned Sylvester at gunpoint. Sylvester said he did not see Greenlee, but that he saw a "shifty" man on his property. Then, Aidan searched the house and found nothing. Aidan proceeded to search the outside of the property, even though Sylvester told him to leave.

Zach told Greenlee that he loved her. Greenlee realized that Zach was hallucinating and thought she was Kendall. So, Greenlee pretended to be Kendall to keep Zach awake. Zach promised to get home to Kendall and their sons. Greenlee then asked what Zach would do with her once he got home. Zach stated that Greenlee got what she deserved and that he would set her up all over again if he had to. Greenlee looked outraged.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lily asks Erica why she was not with her and Jackson for Thanksgiving dinner. Erica tells Lily that she wanted to be with Lily, but felt Kendall really needed her more. Erica says that she and Jackson are taking a break from each other, giving Lily the impression that Erica must have done something to her father. Erica explains that Jackson is really worried about Greenlee and needs to focus on finding her right now. Erica says that she has a special surprise for Jackson and would like Lily to be a part of it.

Aidan shows Jackson a map of all the different locations Greenlee has traveled to. Aidan says they need to put their clues together and find Greenlee. Jackson worries they might not find Greenlee alive at this point. Jackson gets a call from Lily, who says that Erica wants pictures of Greenlee for her show. Lily immediately hangs up and goes home to get the pictures.

Kendall has a hard time concentrating at home, so she watches New Beginnings. Erica talks to a woman who lost her family in a fire, and has expressed her grief with painting. Erica tells the woman that she used writing as a form to deal with her pain many years ago. Kendall yells at the television that her mother can not relate to the woman's pain because her husband did not die. She turns the television off and tosses the remote aside, snickering that maybe she should start weaving potholders to deal with her pain.

Jackson goes to New Beginnings to find out why Erica needs photos of Greenlee. He demands the pictures back, thinking Erica is going to ruin Greenlee's reputation. Erica ignores Jacksons request and goes ahead with the show. She shows pictures of Zach and Greenlee, asking the public to call if they have seen them. Once the show is finished, Jackson complains that Erica has now made matters worse for Greenlee.

In the bomb shelter, Greenlee thinks about how Kendall and Zach have treated her while Zach lays unconscious and bleeding. Greenlee goes over to Zach and pretends to be Kendall so he will wake up and talk to her. Greenlee tells Zach that nothing will come between them, even though she saved his life. Greenlee says that Greenlee feels so sorry for what happened with Spike, and maybe they should do something to make up for the pain she caused her. Still thinking he is talking to Kendall, Zach says they did what was needed to protect the family. As Zach begins to close his eyes, Greenlee begs him to stay awake. Zach asks Greenlee if she remembers the lobster, and Greenlee pretends to know what he is talking about. But Greenlee gets the conversation back to herself, telling Zach that she misses her friendship with Greenlee. Zach tells Greenlee he can't believe she wants to back down, especially since she almost told the truth in court. Stunned, Greenlee realizes that Kendall was going to admit everything before Aidan pulled the alarm. Before Greenlee can ask Zach why Kendall didn't tell the truth, Zach's vision becomes clear. He sees that the person he has been talking to is really Greenlee not Kendall. He tells Greenlee that Kendall didn't tell the truth because he would not let her.

Krystal shows Tad a newspaper headline saying JR has been arrested in the case regarding Zach's disappearance. He immediately rushes to the jail to have a talk with JR about his drunk driving and failure to admit he may have hurt Zach if he can't remember what happened. JR says he remembers going to The Comeback and going to the parking lot the night Zach disappeared, but nothing more. Tad leaves the cell and finds Amanda, Babe and Ava waiting to see JR. Tad tells the girls he is worried JR is giving up on his case. After Tad leaves, Babe is the first to see JR, who makes Babe promise that their son will be raised right, if she has to become a single mom. Amanda tells JR the man she knew would fight back for his freedom, but JR has no fight left. Ava walks in and tells JR she does not think he had anything to do with Zach's disappearance. Ava says if JR was involved with the accident, he would have had blood on his clothing and skin. JR wonders why she cares, but Ava says she doesn't care. She just wants to prove she is right. But he had nothing and she saw him at The Comeback that night. Krystal finds Babe at the police station, but is not happy to hear how JR is holding up. Krystal cautions Babe not to get too involved with Richie or JR again.

Amanda takes some Fusion layouts to Kendall, who is pleased with what she sees. She thanks Amanda for working so hard while Kendall is going through such a hard time. Kendall says she is having a hard time not wondering where Zach is, but doesn't know how to not think of anything else. Kendall tells Amanda about the woman on New Beginnings who lost her family and began painting. Kendall immediately is horrified when she realizes that Janet paints too, but Amanda says it is not so much about painting, but about finding some way to handle the pain.

Tad goes back to the office and reports to Aidan that JR doesn't remember anything. They look at the map again and Tad suggests that maybe Greenlee and Zach ran into each other since Greenlee's cell phone and JR's car was found only a few miles apart. They figure Greenlee stumbles upon Zach and tries to help him, but something went wrong. Tad is still wondering Sylvester had something to do with the disappearance, but comes up with a plan to get on the man's property without being shot. Tad and Aidan show up at Sylvester's home and offer a large amount of money to stay at the house until Greenlee and Zach are found. Sylvester takes the money and leaves the home quickly.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Jack reads Erica the riot act for once again failing to listen, instead doing more harm than good. Erica insists that she was only trying to help, and tries to drive the point home by referring to Greenlee as their daughter and the lot of them as a family. Jack is incensed that she would dare do such a thing, especially after her stunt with the commitment papers. She tells him that the only way they will be successful in finding Greenlee and getting her home safely is by working together. He reiterates that they are no longer together and reminds her that he told her as much when they were at his house. She tells him that she didn't believe him then and she certainly doesn't believe him now. He offers that if she really wanted to help, she would get Kendall to confess to what she did so that Greenlee could get off the hooks with the cops. Erica scoffs at this notion, not willing to jeopardize her own daughter's future for the sake of doing what is right. She attacks him, saying that he incites her fury on purpose. She wants to know why he does that instead of trying harder to believe the good in her. Jack feels that this proves his point and before walking out, he tells her that he is no longer in love with her and will, with everything in him, make sure it stays that way. Once alone, Erica realizes the gravity of the situation.

Kendall places many calls to Derek to see if there are any updates but when she finds no progress, she feels like she is going insane. She decides to try some form of creative therapy as a way to distract herself but can't find the inspiration to focus. As if in answer to her troubles, the doorbell rings and she finds a delivery man with a package from Zach on the other side. After she signs for it and retreats back into the house, she finds that her loving husband ordered something for her the week before. She reads the love note included, and then opens the box to find a beautiful bracelet. She cradles his gift close to her while she cries, missing Zach even more. She then has an idea come to her, and while wearing the bracelet and staring at pictures of her boys, she starts to channel her energies on to a piece of paper. She works steadily, even ignoring a call from her mother. However, Erica soon shows up at her door and will not be ignored. She lets herself in with a key before Kendall can get to the door and demands to know why she was ignored. Kendall sees beyond all of Erica's bluster and knows that she has had another fight with Jack. Erica blows her off, instead asserting her belief that Kendall is becoming complacent. Kendall admits that she is stir crazy without her husband, but that trying to get some peace and quiet was a better choice for her.

Zach realizes belatedly that he confessed his sins to the wrong woman. Greenlee is completely irate over the fact that they could have avoided being stuck together in the bunker if he had just allowed Kendall to do as she had planned in the courtroom. The only thing keeping her temper from flaring out of control is the certain knowledge that Kendall must still care about their friendship. Meanwhile, in an effort to ignore her ire, Zach stares up and discovers that there is a ladder leading to the surface, and notes that they only need to figure out how to get up there. He offers to do it himself but Greenlee steps in because she is lighter and in better shape, health-wise. She is frightened of the task, but Zach bolsters her resolve by reminding her that climbing out would be her ticket away from him. He grabs a rope that he found earlier and uses it to connect them to the ladder. He then hoists Greenlee until she can grab hold of the rope and make her way up to the bottom rung. Fear strikes her midway, but Zach continues to encourage her, wanting out just as badly as she does.

Annie's father shows up at the hospital and he locks horns with his daughter again over their opposing feelings about Richie. Ryan can't believe how horribly his father-in-law speaks to Annie and insists that Walter really doesn't know his daughter at all. Walter excuses himself in the face of that accusation to talk to a new arrival on the floor, Dr. Chambers, Richie's psychologist from prison. He thanks him for affording Richie the opportunity to get out of jail early and enjoy his life some before succumbing to his disease. As they talk, Ryan watches and recognizes the doctor. He and Annie wonder why he showed up and Ryan goes over to try to find out more information. Failing that, he makes a point to do some more investigation. He finds Julia and asks her why the doctor would have been called here. She informs him that he needs to look elsewhere for a reason because for the hospital to do so would be against regulations.

Babe visits Richie and tells him all about the case that is coming down on JR over the hit and run. He flashes back to his role in all of it, but isn't compelled to confess. Their conversation is interrupted when Julia stops in briefly to take his vitals. Walter follows her in, surprising his son. He takes a moment to thank Babe for being such a good friend, something that he feels Richie really needs right now. The doctor stops in just then and says that all of Richie's stats in regards to the pneumonia all look like Richie is coming out of the woods. He then asks the two visitors to leave so that he can run some more tests, and they do so in short order. After they go, Richie notes aloud to himself that if he lives long enough, he might actually be able to make his plan work. Meanwhile, when Walter and Annie get to the general waiting area outside the room, Walter sits down and affects somewhat of a sad face. While Ryan and Annie watch them, Babe is concerned but he tells her that his expression is not one of sadness, but rather extreme gratitude because Richie seems happier than he has been in a long time. Then, Corrina brings Emma back to her parents, and the little girl notices Walter's tears. She asks Annie if she knows the sad man, and Annie explains that the man is Richie's father. Emma connects the dots, noting that he must be Annie's father too, which would make him her grandfather. She is more than pleased because she'd always wanted a grandfather.

Back inside the room, the doctor finishes up with the tests and excuses himself. The jail psychologist comes in from a side door and watches Richie for a few moments, unnoticed. He then wakes the patient and tells him that he was concerned when he heard that Richie might die of his most recent sickness. He notes that dying so soon was not part of their plan.

Ryan steps away and places a call to the jail where Richie served his time and poses as someone from the state psychiatric board, returning a call to Dr. Chambers. He acts surprised when he finds out that the doctor isn't in and asks probing questions until he finds out that the doctor called in sick. When he hangs up, he is more curious than ever as to why the doctor lied and then made a trip to Pine Valley.

A short time later, Jack arrives at the hospital and tries to interrupt Julia with a request. From his voice alone, she mistakes him for someone else and explodes a little because she is very busy. When she realizes who it is, she immediately apologizes. He asks if he can get his hands on Greenlee's medical records so that Aidan can do some cross referencing to make sure the police didn't miss anything when searching for Greenlee in area hospitals. She is initially skeptical but seeing the desperation in his eyes, she agrees to see what she can do. A few minutes later, she says that she can help but that it might take a little while. Jack tells her that he can't wait because he has to meet with a client at ConFusion, but Julia tells him that the bar is on her way home and that she can drop them off once she leaves work. Jack is grateful, and then they part ways.



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