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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 19, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, November 19, 2007

J.R. stumbled into the Comeback as Ava was playing pool. Ava told J.R. he looked terrible, which irritated J.R. Ava stated that she knew the horrible behavior of drunks too well. Then, Ava and J.R. sat at a table. Ava explained that she had encountered many nasty drunks when she'd lived on the streets. Ava had been physically and emotionally abused by the alcoholic men she'd encountered.

J.R. looked sheepish and admitted that although he felt awful, all he wanted was another drink. J.R. compared his lust for alcohol to the lust he had for Ava. J.R. also admitted that he did not know how he'd gotten there because he was so drunk. Ava wished J.R. good luck as he left the bar. Then, J.R. walked to his car and was dismayed to find blood on the front seat. J.R. worried that he'd done something very bad.

Ryan and Jonathan were in Tom Brennan's home. They were frustrated because they could not find Tom or any evidence against Richie. They assumed that Richie had gotten to Tom first and decided to go home. On the drive back, Ryan wondered what Richie's next move would be. Jonathan said that he could tell Ryan because he had once had the same mindset as Richie.

Ryan urged Jonathan not to recall his sordid past. Ryan assured Jonathan that his past actions had not been his fault because he'd had a brain tumor. Still, Jonathan understood Richie's frame of mind. Jonathan explained that Richie would not stop until he'd completed his quest for revenge. Jonathan then warned that Richie would not hesitate to take Ryan and Annie down with him.

Richie went to see Annie at the penthouse. Annie did not want to speak with her brother, but he insisted. Richie claimed that he wanted to make peace with Annie because he was dying. Annie did not believe it. Richie persisted that it was true because he'd found someone he wanted to live out the rest of his life with, and he did not want Annie interfering. Annie realized her brother meant Babe.

Annie did not want Richie to have a relationship with her friend. Richie promised that he truly cared for Babe. Annie was skeptical. Annie compared Babe to their mother because they were both beautiful women with big, open hearts. Annie did not want Richie to destroy Babe like he'd destroyed their mother. Once again, Richie vowed that his feelings for Babe were pure. Then, Ryan came in and yelled at Richie to get away from his wife.

Derek chastised Aidan and Jack for obstructing justice. Then, an officer whispered something to Derek, and he announced that they had to make a stop before going back to Pine Valley. So, they went to the scene where Kendall and Erica were waiting by Zach's car. Aidan and Jack were surprised to see Kendall and Erica. The women explained that Zach was nowhere to be found. Then, Kendall realized that Greenlee was in the area because Aidan and Jack were there.

Kendall assumed that Greenlee had run over Zach to get revenge. Jack defended his daughter and worried that the blood by the car might be Greenlee's. Then, an officer announced that the blood type matched Zach's blood type. Jack let out a sigh of relief, and Kendall became outraged. Kendall yelled that everything was Greenlee's fault. Jack retorted that Kendall was to blame because she had framed Greenlee. Then, Derek yelled at everyone to stop fighting. Kendall looked around the car and found a picture of J.R., Babe, and Little Adam. Kendall secretly put the photo in her pocket.

Zach and Greenlee fell down a shaft. At first, they were unconscious, but they finally awoke, dazed and confused. They did not know where they were.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Zach and Greenlee awakened in the abandoned mineshaft, a bit disoriented from their fall. Greenlee looked for her phone but found nothing. Zach, still bleeding from his head, managed to stand up, while Greenlee stumbled around with a bad leg. By using a flashlight, Zach and Greenlee figured out that they were in a bomb shelter built in the 1960s. Zach accused Greenlee of hitting him with a car, but she was surprised to find out that was how he'd gotten hurt. Greenlee wondered if Zach would have lifted a finger to save her if their roles had been reversed.

Zach said they needed to stop getting distracted and figure a way out of the mineshaft. Greenlee found a first-aid kit and tried to treat Zach's wounds. Zach saw a hole above them. Greenlee thought she could climb through the hole, but Zach said it was too high. Greenlee told Zach they had to treat his injuries before they became fatal because she did not want to be blamed for his death. After Greenlee and Zach downed some whiskey, Greenlee began tending to Zach's wound. She pulled a piece of wood out of Zach's hand and began sewing.

J.R. assumed that he had to have hit a deer with his car but realized that there was unknown blood in the front seat. Kendall found J.R. in his boat and accused him of having something to do with Zach's disappearance. J.R. said he had not seen Zach in weeks, but Kendall pulled out a picture that she'd found under Zach's car on the side of the road where he'd been hit. J.R. said he had not hit Zach, but maybe Zach had gone to get help.

When Kendall asked where J.R. had been that evening, J.R. said it was none of her business. Kendall threatened to go the police unless he told her exactly what had happened. J.R. admitted he'd been so drunk that he'd blacked out. Kendall decided to haul J.R. to the crash site so he could remember what had happened.

Once Kendall and J.R. got to the site, J.R. said he had never been to that area before. Since nothing was triggering J.R.'s memory, he was positive that he had not hit Zach. Kendall decided to show Derek the photograph, but Derek was unable to do anything to J.R. without proof he'd hit Zach. Kendall suggested he search J.R.'s car for some answers. J.R. called one of his buddies and asked them to make his car disappear from an airport quickly.

Ryan told Richie to get away from Annie, but she said everything was fine. Ryan asked Richie if he'd gotten rid of Tom or hacked into his email account, but Richie denied any involvement. When Richie left, Annie said that her brother seemed to have real feelings for Babe. Ryan figured Richie was just playing Babe and was not capable of human emotion, but Ryan figured they could use Richie's attachment to Babe for their own gain. He figured they could learn what Richie was really up to through his relationship with Babe. Ryan suggested they invite Richie to Thanksgiving dinner, but Annie was uncomfortable with Richie being around Emma. Ryan promised to keep Emma safe and figured if Richie truly wanted to hurt them, he would have done it already.

At the Comeback, Babe and Colby tried to organize Thanksgiving dinner. Adam and Tad walked in at Colby's request. She asked them if they would spend Thanksgiving together, but neither one seemed excited about the prospect. Adam and Tad agreed to dine together, but they would play darts to determine where dinner would be held. However, once they began arguing, Colby cut the game short. Finally, Colby decided to take matters into her own hands. She said Thanksgiving dinner would be on neutral ground -- at the Comeback.

Richie visited Babe with flowers in one hand. He admitted that he had wanted her more than anything the night before, but he'd been scared of being hurt. Babe admitted that she had doubts about their relationship, too. Babe said she knew what it was like to make mistakes that would land a person in jail, but she'd become a different person. Babe admitted she had stayed with Richie because he liked the person she had become -- not the person she'd been in the past.

Richie received a call from Annie, who apologized for the way things had ended before Ryan had gotten home. Annie told Richie she did not want to fight with him and invited him and Babe to Thanksgiving dinner. Richie agreed to attend dinner and told Babe about the invitation. Babe said she appreciated the offer but had plans with Krystal already. Richie said he did not think he would be welcome without Babe, so Babe caved in. Richie watched a news anchor talk about Zach's disappearance and remembered he was the one who had hit Zach.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Erica was at the set for New Beginnings. Erica and Pam were excited that Celine Dion was going to be on the show. Then, Celine arrived. Celine expressed her sympathy for Erica's family, especially Kendall. Erica was grateful and thanked Celine. Then, the show started, and Celine sang the song "Taking Chances" from her new album.

Ryan went to see Kendall at the hospital. Kendall thought that Ryan was there to lecture her about Greenlee, but he was there to comfort Kendall. Then, Ryan took Kendall to the scene where Zach had been hit. Derek stated that Zach and Greenlee were still missing, but every police officer available was looking for them. Aidan was also on foot, looking for Greenlee in the woods.

Then, Kendall broke down and told Ryan that Ian was going home from the hospital. Kendall explained that Zach had willed Ian to live and looked forward to taking him home more than anything else. Ryan assured Kendall that Zach would be found, and he took her back to the hospital. When Kendall got to Ian's room, Erica, Josh, and Spike were there already. Joe entered and asked if Kendall wanted to wait for Zach to be found before she took their son home. Kendall asserted that Ian was her good luck charm and that Zach would return home if Ian were there. So, Kendall got Ian ready to leave.

Richie went back to the woods where he'd left Zach. Richie wanted to find Zach before anyone else did. Richie hoped that Zach had gone into the woods to die like an injured dog. Then, as Richie searched the woods, he encountered a strange man. Then man yelled that Richie should not be there and walked away. Richie was not deterred by it and continued his search. But, as Richie went on, he began to grow weak from his illness.

Meanwhile, Zach and Greenlee were asleep in the bomb shelter. When Greenlee awoke, she tried to wake Zach up too. Greenlee affirmed that Zach should not sleep because of his injury. Greenlee then announced that it was Thanksgiving. Zach was determined to escape because Ian was going home. Then, as Richie fell to the ground, he knocked leaves into the shaft of the bomb shelter. Greenlee ran to the opening with hopes that they were saved.

Krystal, Babe, Ruth, and Opal were preparing for Thanksgiving at the Comeback. Babe tried to explain that she would be spending the holiday with other people, but Krystal assumed that Babe was taking extra guests to the bar. Babe clarified that she was going to Ryan's home to have dinner with Richie. Krystal was shocked. Krystal warned Babe that Richie was dangerous, but Babe did not agree.

At that time, J.R. arrived. Babe asked if it was okay to bring Little Adam to Ryan's house. J.R. was so concerned over his blackout that he gave Babe his blessing. Krystal was agitated. Then, Amanda entered to tell Krystal that she could not make dinner because she had other plans. Babe tried to say hello, but Amanda did not want to speak to Babe or J.R. Babe realized that Amanda knew about their affair. Then, Amanda left and went to visit Janet in the mental hospital.

Meanwhile, Tad and Adam arrived at the Comeback. They exchanged glares but remained civil. Then, all the other guests arrived, like Colby, Dre, Wren, Jack, Lily, Sean, Hannah, Julia, and Cathy. Everyone began to sit for dinner.

Babe arrived at the penthouse. Babe asked Annie and Ryan why they had invited her and Richie. Annie and Ryan tried to pretend that the holiday made them want peace in the family, but Babe was suspicious. Babe realized that they wanted to use her as a spy against Richie.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC Daytime opted to air encore episodes of classic moments of its three dramas. No new episodes were broadcast. This schedule change was accounted for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday, November 26.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC aired college football in place of its daytime lineup. No new episodes were broadcast. This schedule change was accounted for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday, November 26.



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