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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 12, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Amanda walked into The Comeback to find JR drinking scotch. Amanda sat next to JR with great disappointment. Then, because JR was drunk, he accidentally told Amanda that he slept with Babe and proposed to her afterwards. Amanda called JR a pig for sleeping with one of her best friends. JR tried to take back his words, but the damage was done. Amanda told JR to drink until his liver exploded as she poured scotch into his lap.

Babe met Richie at the boathouse. Richie admitted to Babe that he had leukemia. Babe finally believed that Richie came to town to reconnect with his sister. So, Babe encouraged Richie to make amends with Annie. Richie felt this was impossible, especially because of Ryan. Richie then explained about how Ryan kidnapped him and held him hostage on a plane. Babe was astonished that Ryan would make such a drastic move. Richie said that he did not care about Annie and Ryan because he wanted to concentrate on Babe. So, Richie asked Babe if she would go on another date with him. Babe accepted. Meanwhile, JR stumbled past the boathouse with a bottle of liquor in his hands. JR saw Babe and Richie together and looked upset. Then, JR passed out in the bushes.

Ryan watched Aidan carry Greenlee out of the courthouse without protest. Aidan and Greenlee then went to the Wildwind stables. Greenlee wanted to thank Aidan, but he did not want to hear it. Aidan said he could be thanked once Greenlee's name was cleared. Then, Aidan gave Greenlee a disguise that made her look like a tough, male biker. Aidan explained that Greenlee would stay with his friends in a safe house until she could safely get into Canada. Then, Julia entered the stables. Aidan explained their plan and begged Julia not to tell. Julia told Greenlee that life on the run was not easy. Greenlee began to waver over leaving Jack because she loved her father. Still, Greenlee decided that running away was her only option.

Jack and Erica were at the courthouse. Erica told Jack that Greenlee's behavior was not his fault because he did not raise her. Jack became enraged. Jack wondered if Erica was able to deal with Kendall's hateful behavior since she did not raise Kendall. Erica claimed that she was only trying to support and comfort Jack during this difficult time. Jack asserted that if Erica was going to bash Greenlee, then he did not want Erica around. So, Erica left and Julia entered. Julia told Jack that Greenlee was safe, but that she hated putting Jack through this. Julia also relayed Greenlee's feelings of love for her father. Jack looked relieved as he hugged and thanked Julia.

Zach and Kendall brought Spike to the hospital to see Ian. Kendall wanted to take Ian home early for fear that Greenlee would take her revenge out on the babies. Joe said that Ian could not go home until Thanksgiving. So, Kendall wanted the family to stay in the hospital until then. Zach complied with Kendall's wishes and ordered an extra crib for Spike. Then, Erica entered and admitted that she forged the papers to get Greenlee committed. Kendall believed that Erica gave Greenlee another reason to make their lives a living hell. Kendall then vowed to protect her family from Greenlee, no matter what.

Meanwhile, Zach and Josh were outside. Zach told Josh to find Greenlee and Aidan. Zach also warned Josh to be careful with Aidan since Aidan recently threatened Zach's life.

Ryan went home distraught over his decision to let Greenlee escape. Ryan told Annie everything that had transpired and wondered if he was a good guy or a bad guy because of his actions. Annie believed that her husband was a good man. Annie was also shocked that Kendall put her freedom on the line to frame Greenlee. Ryan then wished that they had a boring, normal life. So, Annie made popcorn and put on a movie to relax Ryan.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Zach calls Hannah and asks if she has made any progress finding Aidan and Greenlee. Hannah says she is working on it and goes inside The Comeback to meet Tad. Hannah asks Tad if Aidan ran off with Greenlee, but Tad says he does not know anything. Hannah says she know he is covering for Aidan, but admits the concept of what he did for Greenlee is pretty romantic. Tad recalls his own days of sweeping Dixie off her feet, and asks Hannah if she found true love after breaking up with Zach, but she says no. When Tad walks off to get some coffee, he sees Hannah snooping at his notes to try to find clues on where Aidan is. Tad bluntly asks Hannah how much Zach is paying her to find Aidan. Hannah admits she is working for Zach, but has also done dirty work for Adam too. Hannah says Adam hired her to work for Zach so she can get his money back, but Tad doesn't understand how that has to do with Aidan and Greenlee. Hannah says when Zach needs her help she gives it to him because of their history. Hannah says she is only working with Adam because he is blackmailing her with the fact that she slept with Zach's father. Hannah asks Tad not to tell Zach about her relationship with Alexander, but promises not to tell him about Aidan and Greenlee's whereabouts.

Kendall has a nightmare that Greenlee shots her in the woods as revenge. Suddenly, Greenlee is the one shot and Kendall is holding the gun. Startled, Kendall wakes up saying "You made me do it" at the hospital while visiting Ian. She immediately tells Zach about her dream and admits she is worried Greenlee is going to seek revenge to make up for how they hurt her. Kendall blames Zach for what has happened because he did not consult her on his own plans for Greenlee. Zach says he will always take care of Kendall and their family. Kendal says she doesn't want his protection, and he struts off angrily.

Adam goes to the Pine Valley Inn restaurant to meet Krystal and Jenny for breakfast. Adam says he has made a reservation for the presidential suite, but Krystal does not seem impressed with the gesture. She thinks he just wants to have sex with her and has not interested in forming a relationship with Jenny. Adam says he has enjoyed his time with Jenny, but Krystal wonders if he can accept that Tad is her father. Adam thinks Krystal's issues have more to do with them getting past the way they hurt each other. Krystal gets up with Jenny and tells Adam he needs to think about what he wants.

Ava find JR passed out and drunk in the bushes at the boathouse. When JR asks for her to help him up, she refuses. JR stumbles to his feet, barely able to stand up straight. Ava tells him that she doesn't want to be around him when he is drunk. She tells him that he is pathetic and should not be near his son. JR says he will not get plastered again, but Ava doesn't believe him. JR walks off, but manages to trip down the stairs first. He goes to the hospital, and sees Brian, a man who was in AA group with him. Brian asks JR if he will be coming to the AA meeting, but JR jokes he is just there for the free coffee and leaves.

Aidan tells Greenlee that he needs to dig into Kendall's computer to figure out what programs she used to make the fake diary and set Greenlee up. Aidan promises Greenlee that his friends in Canada will take care of her while he has to be away. He tells Greenlee that he will be back soon and gives her a kiss. After Aidan leaves, Greenlee breaks down in tears, but only for a few minutes. Aidan returns and immediately embraces Greenlee. He tells her that he heard her say she loved him the other night while she thought he was asleep. Aidan tells Greenlee he loves her too. They make love on the couch.

Krystal goes home, but Tad is not happy when Adam shows up at the door with roses for Krystal.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Adam brought flowers over to Krystal's home with hopes of talking to Krystal and Tad. Tad did not want to see or hear Adam, so he slammed the door shut. Adam, however, was persistent and banged on the door until Tad opened it. Adam then came inside and announced that he and Krystal wanted to be together. Tad asked Krystal if this was true and she said yes. Krystal wished that the three of them could work things out, but Tad was not interested. Tad told Krystal that she could live with Adam, but Jenny could not go with her. Adam felt it was a double standard that Colby could live with Tad, but Jenny could not live with him. Tad stated that the situation was different because Colby was old enough to make her own decisions. Then, Colby entered and Adam took her aside to explain that he and Krystal wanted to reunite. Colby was happy, but also felt torn because she loved Tad too. Then, Adam asked Krystal and Colby to go home with him, but both declined the offer. Adam looked distraught as he left.

Ryan received a phone call from Tom Brennan, the man who claimed to see Richie kill his friend as a child. Tom heard that Ryan was looking for him. Ryan said this was true and asked for Tom's help with putting Richie back in prison. Tom was reluctant to help Ryan because he feared that Ryan was secretly working for Richie. Ryan swore that he was not Richie's ally, but Tom hung up anyway. Then, Ryan made a call to get his phone tapped. Shortly after, Tom called back to warn Ryan about how dangerous Richie was. Ryan told Tom to email him if he was not comfortable speaking on the phone.

Richie and Babe were spending time together on Babe's patio. Richie was joking and appeared to be in a good mood, but not Babe. Richie realized that Babe was sad about his illness. Richie told Babe not to concentrate on his leukemia. Richie wanted to live life to the fullest without feeling sorry for himself and he wanted Babe to do the same. Babe was amazed at how positive Richie was over his dreadful situation. Babe then admitted that her life was complicated, especially because she slept with JR. At first, Richie looked upset, but then he understood why Babe went looking for comfort with her ex. Then, as Richie kissed Babe, his phone rang. Richie read an email on his phone. The email was intercepted from Ryan's computer. The email was from Tom stating that Richie killed the boy in the lake. Richie looked extremely nervous. Richie then rushed off with the excuse that he had to take care of something very important at work.

Zach was at BJ's when he saw Lily. Lily stated that she was there to meet a man, Richard, for a date. Lily was excited to date this man because he liked numbers, but disliked being touched. Zach was glad that Lily found someone she could relate to. Lily thought that she and Richard had the potential to be a "golden ratio." Zach did not understand what this meant. Lily explained that this was found in math, art, and nature. Lily said that people believed the golden ratio could also be found in good, strong relationships. Lily felt that Zach and Kendall had the golden ratio. Zach admitted that he and Kendall were fighting because they were not honest with each other. Then, Zach inquired about the screen saver on Lily's computer. Lily said it was a house called "Paradise." Lily considered the house as a possible wedding location for Ava and Jonathan, but Ava did not like it. Zach thought a retreat to this house might be what he and Kendall needed to mend their relationship. So, Zach took down the address and left to find Kendall. Meanwhile, Lily waited for Richie to show up and began to look sad as time passed and Richie did not appear.

Kendall and Erica were outside Ian's hospital room. Kendall vented to Erica about her frustrations with Zach. Kendall was annoyed with Zach because he kept the truth from her again. Kendall was also displeased because Zach's failed plan might have exacerbated the desperate situation with Greenlee. Erica urged Kendall to forgive Zach. Erica felt that Zach loved Kendall more than any other man in the world. Erica asserted that Zach had good intentions when he tried to help Kendall with his plan against Greenlee. Kendall began to calm down and felt guilty for being so hard on Zach. Erica thought tea would make Kendall feel better, so they left to get some. Meanwhile, Zach came to look for Kendall, but she was already gone. So, Zach got in his car to look for the house on his own. Then, when Kendall got back to Ian's room, the nurse said that Zach was looking for her. Kendall felt embarrassed because she told Zach she would not leave her boys, but when he came to see her, she was not with them.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Annie asks Ryan if he has heard from Tom, who claims he saw Richie murder someone. Ryan says he has not heard from Tom, thinking that maybe Tom is lying about what he knows. Babe pays Annie and Ryan visit to tell them that she thinks they are treating Richie unfairly, considering he is dying. Babe says Richie came to town to start over, and has been through hell from his own sister. Annie says that she doesn't Richie like she does, and he is just manipulating her.

Richie breaks into a car, turns it on and says he is on his way to see Tom. Richie cranks the music up loudly, and begins his trip. Richie opens the glove compartment and finds a picture of JR, Babe and Little Adam, which indicates he has stolen JR's car.

Zach pulls over to ask a woman with a fruit stand for directions in the evening. He says that he needs to get to Paradise Hill, and the woman says he is only about 25 miles away. Zach decides to give the woman a lift, and as she asks questions about his relationship with Kendall, it makes Zach think of the wonderful memories he shares with Kendall.

Kendall spends time with Ian in the hospital and sees Josh. She asks him if she has heard from Zach in the last few hours, but Josh says he does not know where Zach is. Kendall tells Josh that she and Zach had a fight about Greenlee, and she is worried something bad is going to happen. Josh says he has heard rumors that Kendall framed Greenlee. Kendall admits it was true, and said she was going to confess everything until Greenlee got away. Kendall says that she was not the only one with a plan – Zach and Erica had the same idea, but they never shared it with each other. Josh admits that he knew about Zach's plan, and helped convince Greenlee she could have Ryan's baby. Josh offers to find Zach so Kendall can stay with Ian. Kendall tells Ian about how she met Zach, and remembers when he asked her to marry him. Zach pulls off on the side of the road when he gets a flat tire.

JR comes into the bar, drunk, and demands the bartender pour him a drink. Jackson comes in moments later, grabs JR by the collar, and tells him his days of messing with Greenlee are over. Jackson lets go of JR when the bartender comes to check on them. Jackson tells JR he knows about Zach's plan to get Greenlee shares of Fusion. When Jackson is about to hit JR, Julia grabs his hand and pulls him away. Julia tells Jackson she has seen Greenlee and she is OK. Jackson says he is worried that the cops will catch her. Jackson tells Julia what JR, Zach and Kendall did to Greenlee, just so they could get Greenlee's shares of Fusion. Derek comes in and tells Jackson they have received a tip that might lead them to Aidan at a convenience store. Jackson rushes off to follow Derek.

Jonathan returns from his trip and meets Ava at The Comeback. Sporting a more classy look, Ava tells Jonathan her days of dressing like a tramp are over with. Jonathan tells Ava that he was hoping Jackson would have punched JR, but at least it makes him realize he is glad they didn't get involved with JR's schemes. Jonathan gets a phone call, and jets off to handle a problem at work. Ava walks over to JR to see how he is doing. JR walks off, and runs into Amanda. He puts his arms on her shoulders and they walk off.

Jonathan calls Ryan and tells him someone has hacked into the work email accounts. Ryan's thoughts immediately jump to Richie. They realize Richie read an email from Tom saying he knows Richie killed someone and wants to meet Ryan. Ryan figures Richie is on his way to find Tom. Ryan runs out, ready to find Richie himself.

As Richie speeds down the highway, he does see Zach on the road changing a tire. His car rams into Zach and Kendall's coffee cup falls to the floor.

Greenlee tells Aidan that she wishes they could run away together. Aidan says he will take her across the border, return to Pine Valley and clear her name. Greenlee isn't sure returning to Pine Valley is best because people still hate her. Aidan says he doesn't care where they go, but nothing can be done until her name is cleared. Aidan offers to get them some food, but Greenlee wants to go with him. Aidan says she has to stay at the house for her own protection. Aidan breaks out Alfonso, the stuffed tiger, to keep Greenlee company while he is gone. Aidan and Greenlee decide to change locations, but Greenlee is worried she left Alfonso behind. When Aidan goes outside, he sees cars coming, and they immediately go back inside. Aidan tells Greenlee she will have to go by herself on his motorcycle. He hands Greenlee a cell phone and the keys to his bike. They tell each other "I love you" and Greenlee jets out the back door. When Derek comes inside, Aidan says he doesn't know where Greenlee is. Aidan claims he was looking for her too and followed a lead she may be there. Greenlee works desperately to start the bike up.

Friday, November 16, 2007

At the cabin in the woods, Jack pleads with Aidan to give up information on Greenlee, but Aidan refuses, believing that to do so would ensure a swift trip back to jail for his lady love. Jack admits that he is worried because to stay in town, to keep him as her lawyer – that is what would have worked out in the end. Aidan tells him that they had a small window of opportunity to make their plan work and they had to take it. Derek shows up then and starts to question Aidan about his involvement in Greenlee's escape. Aidan maintains his innocence, but Derek isn't buying it. They do a verbal back and forth dance, with Derek coming close to outright blaming Aidan for letting Greenlee get out of jail, and Aidan not admitting any culpability. The conversation starts to get heated when Aidan insists that Derek and his men are not doing nearly enough to investigate Kendall and Zach, instead satisfied with the easy way out. During the yelling match, Jack spots Greenlee's stuffed tiger and manages to hide it before the detectives searching the house see it. He then comes to Aidan's defense and announces that he is Aidan's lawyer. In that capacity, he tells Derek that he needs time alone with his client. Reluctantly, Derek leaves, but not before noting that they are both on thin ice. Once alone, Jack demands details so that he can have a prayer of helping his daughter. Aidan finally spills the details, including noting that the reason Jack was fired was to save him from the possibility of being disbarred. Derek returns a short time later, after he and his men discover the bikes. Aidan again tries to act like he is clueless, but Derek won't let up this time. Jack tries to distract him so that Aidan can get out, now that they both know that Greenlee didn't make it out of the area, but when he goes to leave, he finds two of Derek's men blocking his way. Suspecting that they would try that, Derek places both of the men under arrest for obstruction of justice and hauls them back into Pine Valley.

In his haste to get to his childhood friend, Richie hits Zach with his car at a high rate of speed. He pulls over to the side of the road and goes back to check on him. Believing that he won't make it, he reaches into Zach's suit pocket and steals the wad of money from his clip. It is then that Zach regains a modicum of consciousness and asks for help. Knowing that he can't leave him in the middle of the road, he picks Zach up and puts him in the passenger side of his stolen car. He then takes the picture of JR, Babe and Little A and sticks it under the tire of Zach's car and speeds away. Zach randomly asks for help in the form of a hospital or a call to his wife, but Richie refuses, instead pushing him out of the moving car once they made it down the road a piece. Zach rolls down the embankment and when his body stops, his head lands with a thud on a rock.

At the hospital, Erica stands by helpless as Kendall frets over the fact that she can't get in touch with Zach and doesn't know where he is. Lily comes on the scene, and after overhearing Kendall's dismay, tells them about Zach going to see the house and where it is located. In the midst of it all, Erica notices that Lily is dressed up, so the young girl tells them about the coffee date that she should have had, and then says that since the hospital was the last place she saw him, she thought she would look for him again in the same space. Then, after trying Zach a few more times, Kendall decides that she needs to go out to the house to see if she can meet up with her husband. Erica insists that she is coming with her but Kendall is upset because she feels like someone she trusts needs to stay and watch over the boys. Erica calls her son and asks him to come back to the hospital to help Lily with the task.

Ryan and Jonathan race to catch up with Richie and possibly get to Tommy Brennan first. They feel that if that happens, they can get the man to safety, and Derek can question him free and clear to get the information they need to prosecute Richie. Ryan believes that if they can't pull this off, his family will never have any peace. Jonathan offers an alternative, where he would take care of making sure Richie can't terrorize them again. Ryan thinks that Jonathan wants to kill him, and refuses to use his brother as his personal hit man. Jonathan clarifies that he would only hold Richie hostage until he died of his disease, but Ryan wants to do things the right way.

Greenlee runs through the forest as fast as she can, taking only a few short breaks to catch her breath. At the first one, she flashes back to various scenes where the people that have meant something to her dismiss or discount her in some heartless way. Her anger over that fuels her to run some more, but at one point, she trips and falls – right into Zach's unconscious body! She tries to rouse him but he is out cold, so despite herself, she tries to call for help. When she finds that her phone doesn't have a signal, she promises him she will call once she finds a functioning phone. Not wanting to leave him all alone where help couldn't get to him, Greenlee scopes out a nearby house and plots to take him there. She yells at him a lot, not realizing how seriously hurt he is. She gets him to his feet and tells him to lean on her for support. They are almost to their goal when the ground gives way and the two of them disappear into the earth.

A knock comes on Tommy's door and when he asks who it is, he is told that the visitor is Ryan Lavery. Not knowing what Ryan sounds like, he trustingly opens the door but finds Richie there instead. Although he tries to close the door quickly, Richie is slightly faster and forces his way in. He immediately intimidates Tommy, asking about his plans for talking to the Laverys about how things were when they were younger. Tommy tries to convince him that he was running a con, that he made up some lies so that he would be able to squeeze some money out of them. Richie doesn't really buy it and his suspicions are confirmed when he finds an envelope of evidence regarding the death of the boy that Richie allegedly drowned. Fearful for his life, Tommy tries to make a run for it but Richie trips him, causing the young man to fall and hit his head. He then pleads with Richie, promising to do anything he wants as long as his life is spared. Richie warns him that if he has any further contact with the Laverys, or stays where he is so that they can contact him, there will be hell to pay. He then alludes to a confession as to what he did by saying that the friend of theirs died quickly, but notes that others are not so lucky – their suffering is dragged out over a long period of time. Feeling that he has sufficiently scared Tommy, Richie takes the evidence and leaves. He doesn't get too far away before he burns it all to ashes.

Ryan and Jonathan arrive at Tommy's place a short time later and after knocking at the door and receiving no answer, they kick the door in. They find that they are too late, and that Tommy packed and ran in a hurry.

In the car, Kendall and Erica talk about the possibility that Greenlee won't come back to Pine Valley. While Erica seems pleased at this turn of events, Kendall doesn't think it will help. Although Erica has never really liked her, Kendall can clearly remember the good times she had with the woman she once thought of as her sister. She believes that regardless of how we feel about people, everyone is entitled to their dreams. She goes on to say that the dreams Greenlee had were not unreasonable, and that if those that betrayed her don't do something to rectify it so that Greenlee can have her basic rights back, that betrayal will loom over their head. Although Erica is set on trying to convince her daughter otherwise, she lacks the time to do it. They spot a car up ahead and recognize it as Zach's. They stop and Kendall desperately calls out Zach's name, but to no avail. Kendall then notices the pool of blood on the ground and fears the worst.



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