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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 12, 2007 on GL
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Monday, November 12, 2007

RJ asks Will why he locked himself in the barn and blamed RJ. Cassie finds Beth's missing money in RJ's pocket. Will tells Josh and Cassie that he'll do RJ's chores. Edmund learns that Cassie wanted Beth to leave Alan, and he starts putting the pieces together. Edmund questions Beth about the baby tests she's taken, when Rick arrives and steers her away. Josh gets the invitation for his ordination delivered. Edmund suggests to Will that Josh will get between Will and Cassie. Ashlee sends Coop champagne and apologizes for being hard to read. She kisses him and says he's the best thing in her life. Ashlee worries that Doris is going to rig the election and asks for Coop's help in stopping her. Frank threatens to hurt Doris if she doesn't stay away from his family. Doris overhears as Harley says Frank trumped up the charges against Cyrus and he's let free. Harley goes with Cyrus to buy Marina a bracelet. He and Harley bring up the kiss they shared in the rubble and share a close moment but they're interrupted when Marina calls. Marina toasts to Harley for Cyrus's freedom, leaving Harley uncomfortable. As she leaves, she wistfully watches as Cyrus gives Marina the bracelet.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Olivia enters her room and finds that someone had been there before and has left quite a mess. Olivia immediate thinks Phillip did this, and cautiously walks through the room inspecting the damage while keeping an eye out for Phillip. She notices an open window, and thinking Phillip may still be in the room, she calls out his name to see if he responds. She closes the window, then rushes to the door and out into the hall, where she is startled to see Lizzie just outside of her door. Olivia explains that she thought it might be Phillip. Lizzie questions if Olivia has seen him, and Olivia questions if Lizzie knows more about him. Olivia says she's considering getting a gun, and Lizzy is trying to have Olivia not go overboard with her nervous thoughts. While the ladies chat in the hall, Bill sneaks in the room, leaves a bunny, and leaves through the window. As they move the conversation inside, Olivia notices that the window that she just closed is now open, and walks over to close it again. Lizzie is expressing that it might not be a bad thing if Phillip was back, but Olivia asks her to remember the last time he was here, when he tried to kidnap the children, but Lizzie feels he was pushed to a breaking point, and that Olivia was at least partly to blame. They each say that they suspected each other about knowing more than they are saying and covering for Phillip. Olivia ends the chat by saying that if Phillip comes back and hurts her child, Lizzie will answer to her.

Later, Emma shows Olivia the bunny, and Olivia asks if the babysitter gave it to her. Emma says that she found it in the home and thought it was from Olivia. Olivia looks worried that Phillip left it there.

While Dinah is at CO2 getting a coffee, she gets a visit from Edmund. She asks why his isn't locked up, and he asks why she isn't resting at her room at the clinic. They exchange a few snippy comments at each other, and then Mallet appears and shoves Edmund away, warning him to stay away from her. In a private chat, Mallet says that he wants to protect Dinah from Edmund and tells her that if Edmund gives her any trouble, she should call mallet. He adds that she can call just to call as w ell. Later, Dinah and Mallet are at Towers, where Dinah says that for someone who doesn't want to hurt her, he has hurt her the worst.

At the farmhouse, Josh and Cassie are talking in the kitchen as Cassie is preparing to leave Will with Josh for the afternoon to spend some time alone with RJ, to help him not feel so left out. Will is lurking around the corner and hears Cassie's goal of doing anything to make him feel comfortable. He reveals himself, asking Cassie if they can go to the mall for some new jeans, but he did not get his way, and gave a disappointed look. Cassie and RJ leave for their time together, and Josh will spend the day with Will.

Cassie talks with RJ on Main St. about being an understanding brother, and then, Edmund appears and interjects his views on brothers, telling of his relationship with his brother Richard. He tells about how they had hard times, about knowing what it's like to feel left out, but now that's he's gone, he wished he would have been nicer to him. RJ responds that's it not like that with him and Will, but Edmund tells him it will be, someday, and that he should be nice to him now. Cassie stops the conversation at that point and sends RJ on an errand, and then tells Edmund to stop trying to wiggle his way back into her life. Edmund says that he realizes he did some horrible things but he's paid his price and he doesn't want to jeopardize his freedom now. Cassie asks him what he does want, and he replies that he wants some time alone with her. He says that since he heard Tammy died, he wanted to reach out to Cassie. Cassie allows a brief conversation about losing Tammy. Edmund talks of how he was Tammy's father for only a brief time but that he really cared for her, and felt her loss deeply. Cassie tells how losing Richard was hard, but losing Tammy was much harder. She also tells how Alan Spaulding is responsible but they couldn't prove it. When Edmund thinks she's amazing to be able to live in the same town, when he would want to hurt Alan really bad, Cassie reveals that she and Edmund are more alike than he may think, because she did some very bad things at that time. Edmund responds that he understands, because it's how he felt when he was losing her. Cassie says that she doesn't condone what he did, but she can now understand it better. The touching moments make Cassie a bit uncomfortable, and she stops the chat and leaves.

Back at the farmhouse, Josh and Billy are out in the barn with Will, as Will is happy to be painting a piece of furniture for his mom. While he paints, Josh and Billy talk about Bill (the son), and being worried that there's been no contact from him. Will announces that he's finished with his painting, and Josh tells him that he thinks he's ready for his next job, which is changing the lock on the barn so that no one will ever get locked in again. Will looks nervous and says he missed a spot on his painting. Josh looks at the lock and appears puzzled. After Billy leaves, Josh has a serious chat with Will, asking him to explain how he got locked in the barn before. Will replies, but Josh knows it can't be true, because of the way the lock is designed ­ there is a latch on the inside that prevents anyone from getting locked in. He tried to get Will to admit the truth, but will says that RJ doesn't like him and that he's glad Josh will be his father so that he can protect him, then hugs him.

Later, Cassie returns home and she and Josh talk about how their day went with the kids. Josh brings up the idea that Will may not have been honest about being locked in the barn, but Cassie questions this. Josh thinks that maybe RJ didn't do it, but Cassie believes he did and that Will did nothing wrong. Then, Cassie asks Will about the chat he had with Josh about the lock, and Will starts to cry, playing on Cassie's eagerness to do anything for him, while Josh stands back and watches Cassie buy into Will's act. Cassie sends Will to his room after reassuring him that everything is alright. He lurks behind a corner and overhears Josh and Cassie discuss the situation. He hears Cassie defend him and then hears how she tells Josh just to drop it.

Bill sneaks into Lizzie's room (which she shares with Bill's sister, Dinah) and pours himself a drink. Then he makes a phone call to someone and speaks briefly in nervous tones, asking if people have come looking for him and saying he's not coming back. He hangs up, and as he takes off his shirt, we see scratches and bruises on his back, right shoulder. Later, Lizzie walks in and hears a shower running. As she is wondering who is there, thinking it might be Phillip, out walks Billy, wearing nothing but a towel! A stunned Lizzie is frozen with her mouth dropped open, staring at him!

She asks why he broke into her room, and he explains he thought it was his sister's room. Lizzie confirms that Dinah stays there too. Lizzie wants to know why he never returned the phone calls, and that she and his dad have been looking for him and never got a reply, then suddenly there he stands. He downplays everything, which angers Lizzie. Bill flirts with Lizzie, telling her he doesn't remember her looking so good. Lizzie tells him she has to tell Bill that Billy's back in town, but Billy asks her to wait a little while. Just then, Dinah walked in and is surprised to see Bill. It's decided that he will stay there for a while. While Lizzie steps out of the room for a short while, Bill talks honestly to Dinah about some of the troubles he had in Venezuela, and Dinah lets him know whatever his plan is, she is on his side and wants to help.

The show ends with Edmund on Main St., on his phone, getting the details for Josh's upcoming ordination, and then says he plans to be there, and be a very big part of that day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

While on Lizzie's Sofa, Bill has a terrible dream of being awakened at his place in Venezuela while he and his lady friend rest. Thugs throw him up against a wall and blindfold him. He promises that he can pay them, that he can get his job back. They take him to a ledge of a building. Saying that he has outlived his usefulness, they prepare to shot him, but Bill awakens before anything happens. After Lizzie leaves for a meeting, Dinah comes into their hotel suite.

Dinah brings him some of Mallet's clothes, wondering why he felt like he had to leave where he was so quickly that he didn't pack clothes. Bill learns about her current medical issues as she struggles to figure out why he has returned to town. He tells her that things weren't great overseas and he wanted to come be with family. Dinah wonders why he didn't call his parents. Later at Towers, the brother and sister discuss Lewis Construction's new building project for Main Street. Bill can't believe his father is working with Lizzie—a Spaulding. Dinah assures him that Lizzie is a good person. Skeptical, Bill leaves to take care of something.

At the Beacon, Olivia runs into Bill Lewis in the hallway. She embraces him, glad that he's okay. Awkwardly they discuss Emma and Olivia apologizes for how their marriage ended. Emma comes into the hallway. They chat and Olivia learns Bill left the bear for the child. He promises to take her to the zoo to see real bears and tells Olivia that he will call her.

On Main Street, Bill gets a bear hug from Billy. Lizzie strolls up and Bill learns that she set him up on a date with his parents. At Towers, Billy and Vanessa have a meal with Bill. They try to explain to Bill that his firing was to protect him. Bill treats it as no big deal. Billy leaves the table to get dessert. Vanessa and her son discuss Billy's drinking problem. Vanessa believes he might be having a problem again. Lizzie, who reminds Billy of Mindy, might be a help, but then again, she might be enabling him. Vanessa is unsure.

Billy takes Bill to the farm. Alone on the porch, Billy tells Bill about Josh's new life and hears more stories about how wonderful Lizzie is. Billy loves her like a daughter. Hugging his son, he tells him that he's happy to have him back in town.

Bill returns to the Beacon and discovers Lizzie's diary. He reads the mindless things that Lizzie wrote with sarcasm. As he reads, an imaginary Lizzie appears in the room, speaking the things she wrote in the diary. Bill turns serious as he reads her thoughts about Jonathan and Sarah.

Meanwhile Lizzie meets Alan on Main Street. He tries again to warn her that Billy's just using her as a fall person in case he makes a mistake on the new Main Street project, which is being unveiling that day. Bill strolls up and defends Lizzie to Alan. He heard Alan's message on their machine. He affirms that Lizzie has worked hard and deserves to shine today at the press conference.

At Towers, Bill has drinks with Lizzie, and he pumps up her ego, telling her how wonderful she has been to him and his entire family. He says that they are lucky that Alan passed her up and touches her hand. Lizzie smiles. Pages of the diary fade in and out of the scene as Bill continues to sweet talk Lizzie. They wind up back at the Beacon, tearing off one another's clothes.

Afterward, Lizzie is passed out in the bed. Bill slips out with all her files. Down on Main Street, Billy stalls the investor of the Main Street project, Tom Nelson, as they wait for Lizzie. Tom is skeptical, believing he should have gone with Alan. Bill shows up and takes Lizzie's place at the press conference.

Frazzled, Lizzie hops out of bed and scrambles to make it to the meeting. She can't find her files, but she hustles down to Main Street. Since she's disheveled, Billy ushers her out of sight. Meanwhile, Tom Nelson decides that he wants Bill heading the project from here on out. Billy is noncommittal, but Nelson is certain they can work something out.

At Towers, Bill sits with Mr. Nelson and continues to dazzle him. Dinah approaches. Bill invites her to be seated and explains that Dinah will be working closely with him on the deal. Mr. Nelson goes to get Dinah a drink and Dinah asks Bill what he's up to.

On Main Street, Billy and Lizzie discuss what happened to her. She doesn't explain to him what really happened, just that she overslept. Billy says that while she slept, Bill came in and saved the project.

Back in the Beacon hallways, Olivia accosts Bill. She's anxious about him calling and being around. She faces a lot of unknowns since Phillip reached out to Emma. She wants answers from Bill. He seems so different now. Bill swaggers and swoops his head in a noncommittal manner and then kisses her. He pulls back, certain he can't go there again. Not just her, but to Josh and Billy treating him like a kid—none of it. He can't have any of that any more. He walks away.

In her hotel room, Lizzie finds her diary on the floor. She scoffs, "He used me." Meanwhile Bill returns. Tired he stretches out on the bed. Lizzie creeps in with a miserable look on her face. Lizzie swings a baseball bat at him but misses. They argue about how he used her diary to get her into bed and all for a business deal. Billy thinks Lizzie went after him and badmouthed him to his father. He thinks that is why he got fired. Lizzie has no idea that he was the focal point of the problems with Lewis. She swings the bat at him again. He crashes into the mini-bar and shards of glass cut up his arm. Lizzie apologizes as, seething with anger, Bill leaves the room. Lizzie cries on the floor. Billy comes in, wanting to know what happened. She sobs that it was his son.

At the barn, Bill and Billy fight about what happened with Lizzie. Bill sulks about going to the hospital without insurance because he doesn't have a job any more. He rants about Billy firing him. He says he was in Venezuela protecting the family interests and trying to make deals to keep himself in the country and alive. Billy wonders if all this was really worth his life. Bill believes that the deals, had they not been made, would have tanked Lewis. Billy and Josh would have blamed him for everything. He claims that when he got fired, he could not come through on his deals with the dangerous officials. He says he got dragged out of bed, blindfolded and taken to the top of a building to beg for his life, and it's all Billy's fault for firing him.

Billy murmurs that he didn't know. Bill believes it's fine. He can forget it. He can go have another drink and hang out with Lizzie. He can take his drink to the tallest building. When his hand shakes so badly that he drops it, he tells Billy to look down and see how many pieces are left. He goes to the door. Billy asks him to wait. Bill tells him that time's up and walks out of the barn.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bill doesn't think he's the one with the problem as he throws Billy's drinking habit in his face. Dinah realizes that guy that hurt Lizzie was Bill, and forces Bill and Lizzie to talk to each other. Bill can't help but be a little affected by the sight of her. Bill lets Dinah in on his business deal and keeps Lizzie aboard as well. Dinah "makes peace" with Vanessa and drops some papers and they get mixed up with the producers' files. Bill and Lizzie share a genuine moment of connection, but Bill cuts Lizzie off with a kiss and walks off. Just then a client Billy is talking to reads a news feed that proclaims Billy as a drunk. It turns out that Bill and Dinah were behind the leak. Will asks if Josh can teach him how to play baseball like Shayne, as Reva is stunned to find that the driver of her car is Edmund. Edmund says she doesn't want Cassie with Josh any more than he does. Edmund learns that Josh is adopting RJ and Will and kicks Reva out of the car. Reva finds Jeffrey watching the farmhouse, as Cassie and Will find Edmund waiting for them. Reva and Josh both agree that Jeffrey has no business watching Cassie's house. Cassie says if Edmund truly cares about her and Will, then he'll leave town. Reva tells Cassie that the two of them are just the girls to wipe Edmund off the face of the earth. Edmund tells Josh he knows that Cassie is covering the truth about Alan's baby.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Gus is at the mansion leaving a message for Harley's boys. He tells them how much he enjoyed spending time with them the other day and promises that they will do it again. When he hangs up, Natalia comes by and asks if he misses them. When he says yes, she asks about their mother and Gus admits that he misses her sometimes too. He states that Harley will always mean a lot to him, as does she. Natalia remarks how at one time he was everything to her. She states that she wants him to want her the way he used to, not just because he feels responsible for her and Rafe. Natalia tells him that she knows getting over Harley will not be easy. Gus tells her that he filed for divorce but she insists that he still not be free. Natalia wants to be the first in his heart. Later, Natalia goes downtown and is spotted by Alan. Alan invites her and Rafe to spend Thanksgiving with him and Alex at the mansion. Natalia asks if Gus will be there. Alan replies that as his son, he is always welcome but he predicts he will spend the holiday with Harley and her family.

Daisy passes Rafe on Main Street and confronts him about not being in a school for awhile. She talks about him avoiding her and he sarcastically thanks her for having the abortion; it was the best thing that ever happened to him. After Rafe stalks off, Daisy goes to see Gus. She tells him that she is worried about Rafe. Daisy points out that Rafe has been cutting class and she thinks the problem is Natalia. Daisy states that Rafe does not care about anything anymore. Daisy thinks it is because when Natalia sees her, all she sees is "abortion." Gus defends Natalia by stating that her faith is important to her. Daisy feels that it is hurting Rafe. When she leaves, Rafe arrives and Gus asks why he is not in school. Rafe makes up an excuse but Gus knows he is lying and grounds him. When Rafe starts to protest, Gus pulls out the "I'm your father" card. Rafe sarcastically asks how he ever survived the first seventeen years without him and walks out.

Natalia returns and Gus tells her about grounding Rafe. He talks about Rafe's attitude and he and Natalia need to pull things together for Rafe's sake. He thinks they need to move forward. They already have something that is real and powerful and they can give Rafe a family at the same time. He then shows Natalia a ring and asks her to marry him. A shocked Natalia asks for a few days to think about it since this is huge. She wants to be sure. Gus agrees to wait for her answer and tells her that he is okay with taking things slow. He tells her that will give them a chance to fall in love again. As they kiss, they are spotted by Alan.

Daisy sees Rafe on the street again and tries to talk to him. Angry that she snitched on him, Rafe refuses to listen. Daisy reminds Rafe about what he said to her about needing to face things instead of hiding away and urges him to do that. Daisy urges him not to ruin the rest of his life, but Rafe just stomps off.

At the Cross Creek cabin, Reva has mentioned to Cassie that Edmund should be wiped off the face of the earth. Cassie asks "as in kill him?" As they both jokingly talk about killing Edmund, Cassie realizes that Reva may serious. After Reva points out that he deserves to die, she shrugs off the idea admitting that something like that changes you. However, she insists that they have to get rid of him. Cassie is willing to just wait it out and hope he leaves but Reva insists that he is not going to do that. She admits to Cassie that Edmund approached her in her car and suggested they break up her and Josh.

While walking back to the farm, Cassie spots Dinah who is sitting on the edge of the bridge. Cassie asks how Dinah feels about Bill being back in town. Dinah loves it and states that Bill treats her like a regular person. He does not baby her like her mother or Mallet. Cassie tries to defend them but Dinah will not hear of it. Dinah changes the subject to Edmund and starts speaking nostalgically about him. Dinah notes that with Edmund she never felt like she ruined someone's life and she never felt like he was better than her.

Edmund confronts Josh at the farm about Cassie's DNA switch. Josh's reaction confirms what Edmund suspected-Cassie altered the results of the test. Edmund asks Josh how his congregation would react if this was made public. Josh tries to throw Edmund out but Edmund keeps taunting him. Josh tells Edmund that he will never get Cassie back. Edmund admits that is probably true; he just does not want Josh to have her. Josh tells Edmund that his first priority is to keep Cassie safe. Edmund states that the way to do that is for Josh to walk away from her. Josh scoffs and tells Edmund that even if he tried to walk away, Cassie would not buy it because she knows how much he loves her. Edmund knows one thing that could make Cassie believe it-Reva. Cassie would easily believe that Josh would leave her for Reva because others have warned her. When Edmund leaves, Cassie comes home. She talks about her and Reva's discussion about getting rid of Edmund. She states that while they were joking at first, it almost seemed plausible. Cassie shrugs it off since she is convinced there is no way Edmund can cause trouble. Josh promises that whatever it is, he will deal with it. He then tells her that Edmund stopped by and revealed that he does not think Josh is good enough for her. Cassie thinks that is a laughable thing for Edmund to say. Josh tells Cassie that will not let anybody hurt her. He will do whatever it takes to protect her.

Edmund meets with Will who tells him that Josh figured out that he locked himself in the barn. However, he states that Cassie did not believe it. Will tells Edmund that he does not think Josh likes him. Edmund promises the boy that he will take care of Josh. It is already done; there is only one thing Josh can do. Edmund later meets with Blake to talk about buying a house. Edmund admits that the years in Springfield were the happiest in his life.

Jeffrey comes home with a surprise for Reva- airline tickets for a Thanksgiving trip. Reva seems a little reluctant about leaving and tells him about Edmund wanting to get between Josh and Cassie. Jeffrey tells Reva that Edmund is no longer his fight. He then asks if she really wants to be in town during Josh and Cassie's first Thanksgiving. Reva thinks last year was bad enough and looks at the tickets. They are for Montana. Reva asks what is in Montana and Jeffrey says a Mr. JB Winslow and his daughter. Excited about getting to see Jonathan and Sarah, Reva hugs Jeffrey and thanks him for bulldozing his way into her life when she tried to push him away. Again, Reva brings up Edmund-she feels that he is not over Cassie. Jeffrey does not react and later makes a toast to passing the test. He knows Reva wanted to know how he would react to her news about Edmund. Reva denies it was a test but admits she was curious. Jeffrey admits that his first instinct is usually to protect Cassie; that is what he was hired to do originally. It is like josh's instinct is to take care of Reva. Jeffrey tells Reva that she showed him there are more important things in life. He is done protecting Cassie. Later, Jeffrey comes out of the shower to find that Reva is gone. She went into town to buy some gifts. Suddenly, he finds he has a visitor-Josh. Josh wants to hire him. It is about Edmund. Jeffrey is ready to refer him to Mel but Josh points out that he does not want to hire him as a lawyer. He needs the man who could get things done... a man who can get rid of someone.

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