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Passions Recaps: The week of November 19, 2007 on PS
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Monday, November 19, 2007

While Esme and Julian continued with their romp, someone watched them on the outside of their room. Fancy walked in on them and was shocked to see her friend with her father. Fancy disapproved, since she and Esme were so close in age. Fancy reminded Esme of the curse -- all the men she bedded end up dead -- and Esme told her that if Julian was not killed, then the curse was broken. The mystery person continued to watch Julian and Esme.

Tabitha continued to unleash evil on the people of Harmony, since there was no indication of when she would get Endora back. She had to keep up her evil ways until Endora was returned to her. Kay wanted to stop Tabitha, but she reminded Kay what was at stake. Kay told Tabitha that there was good in her, and Kay tried to convince her to stop her evil ways. However, Tabitha was too busy trying to spread evil.

Meanwhile, Paloma and Noah were spending a romantic morning together, so Tabitha decided to plant seeds of doubt in Paloma's head by zapping a few pictures of Noah and Fancy and making sure that they appeared in plain view. Tabitha had accomplished her goal because Paloma was jealous. Back at Tabitha's house, Kay tried to look in the magic bowl, but Tabitha prevented Kay from seeing that she was causing conflicts for her brother Noah. As soon as Kay turned her back, Tabitha stated that Noah and Paloma would suffer.

Eve passed out on the floor in her old office as a result of drinking booze and pills Vincent slipped in her bag. Valerie appeared and asked Eve to examine her. Eve reminded her that she no longer practiced medicine and advised her to see another OB/GYN. However, Valerie insisted that Eve examine her.

Eve asked the paternity of Valerie's child, and she immediately assumed that Julian was the father. Valerie told her that she was not so sure, since she might have had more than one partner. She told Eve that Vincent was one of her partners. Eve confirmed that Valerie was pregnant. Eve proceeded to examine Valerie, who was really Vincent, and when Eve saw Valerie's reproductive organs, she fainted. They reminded her of what she'd seen on Vincent when he'd exposed himself to her.

Luis broke the news to Sheridan that he had to pay with his life in order to get Marty back to them. Luis blamed himself for Marty's disappearance, so he didn't mind sacrificing his life for Marty. Sheridan refused to agree to those terms, even though she loved Marty. Sheridan told Luis that if he was giving up his life for Marty, he would also have to give up Fancy.

At that very moment, Fancy walked to the door of the cottage and overheard Luis telling Sheridan that he had sacrificed his life for Marty and that he loved Fancy but had to do it. Fancy got it wrong and thought that Luis was telling Sheridan that he was giving her up, so she beat Luis to the punch by telling him that she had made the choice for him, then she broke it off with Luis.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tabitha delighted in watching the turmoil of Harmony's citizens through her magic bowl. Meanwhile, Kay was horrified and refused to do any evil acts. She planned to counter some of Tabitha's evil by searching for a spell to make Noah and Paloma happy.

Fancy demanded that Luis explain why he was being so secretive about him and Sheridan. He struggled to tell her the truth, remembering the promise that he'd made to Sheridan. Fancy got fed up waiting for a good explanation and declared that she and Luis were officially over.

Gwen and Ethan found out that they were not matches for Jonathan's liver transplant surgery. Gwen realized that Little Ethan might very well be the key to saving her son's life, but that meant telling Ethan that he was Little Ethan's father.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ethan wanted Theresa to consider having Jane tested to see if she was a match. Theresa wondered if she should tell him the truth about Little Ethan also being a sibling of Jonathan's.

Luis told Sheridan that he had decided to abide by the kidnapper's demands and sacrifice his own life in order to get Marty back. Sheridan refused to let him do it. She wouldn't be able to stand losing Luis. He told her that his mind was made up. He felt obligated to get Marty back because he felt responsible for losing him.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

It was Thanksgiving in Harmony, and things were about to go crazy.

Tabitha was determined to spread more evil throughout Harmony by destroying Noah and Paloma's relationship. She cast a spell that made Noah and Fancy want to get back together. A war of the witches began as both Tabitha and Kay tried to get what they wanted. Noah and Paloma's relationship might not be able to survive the experience.

Eve woke up from her drunken stupor and was shocked to find none other than Vincent in her office. Vincent taunted his mother and told her that he wanted to make her look like she was having a mental breakdown. That was not all; Eve was shocked to find out Vincent's biggest secret of all.

Gwen was angered when she found out that Ethan had gotten Theresa out of jail. Ethan begged Gwen to drop the charges against Theresa. Gwen refused; she wanted Theresa to go back to jail and get what she deserved for trying to poison her. Theresa tried to explain that it had been an accident, but Gwen wouldn't listen. Ethan told Gwen that Theresa was the one who would decide if Jane would have the surgery or not to help Jonathon. Gwen could agree to drop the charges against Theresa in order to save her son's life.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Passions no longer aired on Fridays. The show aired Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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