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Passions Recaps: The week of November 26, 2007 on PS
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Alistair has other plans for Fancy. He no longer allows Pretty to play around with the remote that control Fancy's brain at her whim, and Pretty can't understand why Alistair has changed his tune. Alistair tells her that she is obsessed with revenge, and she threatens Alistair that she would go to the police. In addition, Alistair tells her that it's only a matter of time before he clears his name and be back in control of the Crane empire. Alistair has thought of the perfect way to separate Luis and Fancy. He wants Pretty to get pregnant for Luis, but Pretty thinks that Luis would not want her because of the scar. Alistair tells her that she can be with Luis in the dark. Pretty, desperate for Alistair's love, agrees to do it. However, Alistair doesn't care about Pretty. He just wants to use her. Sheridan goes to the mansion searching for Luis, and she is pretty sure that Alistair knows his whereabouts. Fancy overhears and asks Sheridan why Alistair would know where to find Luis, and she demands to know Luis' whereabouts. Sheridan lies to Fancy and tells her that she and Luis are officially back together, but Fancy refuses to buy it. Sheridan tells Fancy to stay away from Luis because she is the one Luis loves. Fancy refuses to believe Sheridan, so she goes off to find Luis. Sheridan asks Alistair for Marty's whereabouts, and he tells her that Marty is dead. She finally tells Alistair that she knows that Marty is alive and that she and Luis are looking for him. She also accuses Alistair of orchestrating the phone call and have Luis trade his life for Marty's. Alistair shows Sheridan a picture of Marty, and she also demands to see Luis. Alistair tells Sheridan that she cannot have both Luis and Marty. She will have to choose. Meanwhile, Luis is at the old foster warehouse awaiting information on Marty. A mystery person comes up from behind and hits Luis over the shoulder, and he falls to the ground. Luis is stripped of all his clothing. He regains consciousness and realizes that he has no clothes on. Luis hears someone moans and goes towards that person. It turns out to be an unconscious Pretty. She comes around while Luis is right over her. She pretends as if someone was torturing her in order to gain sympathy from Luis.

In her quest to spread evil, Tabitha is having a hard time interfering with Kay's family. Every evil deed she conjures, Kay finds a way to stop her from causing pain to her family. They are both using magic to accomplish their goals. Tabitha wants to spread evil, and Kay feels that there is another way to go about getting back Endora and Miguel from the dark side.

Rebecca reminds Gwen that she cannot tell Ethan that Little Ethan (LE) is his son. Gwen is feeling guilty about the call Rebecca made to Juanita. She thinks that if Pilar's family is harmed, then she deserves whatever happens to her and Jonathan. She doesn't want to have that on her conscience. Back in Mexico, Juanita continues plotting to take out Pilar and her entire family. Rebecca places another call to Juanita, and this time she picks up the phone. Rebecca tells her that she told her about the wrong Pilar, but all Juanita hears is Pilar's name and nothing else. On the other side of the hospital, Pilar tells Theresa that it's noble of her to offer up Jane as a donor, but she doesn't think that it's the right thing to do. Moreover, Pilar is shocked that Gwen is willing to let Jonathan die than have LE tested as a liver donor for him if Jane is not a match. The doctor tells Gwen that even if Jane is a match, she is not the ideal candidate to donate liver because she is so young. In addition, the doctor asks if there is anyone else older than Jane who is more suitable for a match, and Gwen, lies and tells the doctor that there is no one else. Theresa cannot understand why Gwen would risk her own son's life, and Gwen is anguished over her decision to lie. She doesn't want to lose Ethan, and she certainly doesn't want Theresa to have him. Back in Mexico, Juanita shoots one of her henchmen because he could not find Pilar. She states that the next shot will be for Pilar.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's a tense time as Ethan, Gwen, Theresa and Pilar wait for Jane's test results to come back, to see if she can be a donor for Jonathan. Ethan is torn, wanting Jane to be a match, but worried about the risk to his daughter. Theresa goes to Gwen and tries to get her to change her mind, let Theresa tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son. He would be a much better donor for Jonathan. Gwen refuses, still not wanting to risk losing Ethan to Theresa. Theresa wonders what Gwen will do if Jane isn't a match, will she really let Jonathan die?

Luis is stunned to find a shaken and battered Pretty trapped in the warehouse basement with him. An emotional Pretty tells Luis how Alistair threw her down there when she refused to help him destroy Fancy and Sheridan. She goes on about her grandfather's terrible treatment, the horrible names he called her and playing on her worst fears - that no man will ever love her or give her children. Luis wonders how that man could be so cruel as Pretty revels in Luis' attention.

Tabitha works on destroying the love between Noah and Paloma to get a step closer to getting Endora back. Tabitha zaps Noah and Fancy to a romantic B&B room and manipulates them into each others arms, ready to make love and be caught by Paloma. Meanwhile Sheridan stops Paloma and tells her she needs Paloma's help as a police officer - Luis is missing and Sheridan fears his life is in danger.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tabitha spreads her wickedness by throwing Fancy and Noah in bed together. The only two people more shocked by the events than the forced lovers are Sheridan and Paloma, who walk in on them! Kay and Tabitha have a supernatural battle of the wills, Kay refusing to let Tabitha toy with her brother's happiness.

Alistair has Luis and Pretty trapped in a warehouse basement and tells them that their only opportunity to leave will be if Luis gets Pretty pregnant! Though Pretty acts astonished at her grandfather's bribe, she too has something to hide.

Gwen and Ethan are overjoyed to learn that Jane is a liver match for Jonathan, but when the doctor informs them of the health risks on a child as young as Jane, Theresa refuses to consent. She hints that there may be another possible donor.

Pilar gets an urgent phone call, causing her to worry that her darkest secret has gotten out, putting her family in terrible danger!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tension mounts at the hospital as Gwen learns that Jane has an ear infection and cannot be Jonathan's liver donor. Ethan and Gwen desperately search their family trees to find a donor, Theresa all the while stunned that Gwen hasn't said anything to Ethan about Little Ethan. Theresa confronts Gwen over the truth while Gwen seems to be losing grip on reality. Ethan enters alarmed by the yelling and to Gwen's shock, Theresa tells Ethan that they need to test Little Ethan's compatibility right now!

The fate of Luis and Fancy's relationship hangs in the balance as a groggy Luis continues to believe he is making love to Fancy while it is actually Pretty he is with. A thrilled Alistair watches, sure that his plan is coming to fruition. Luis, however, soon comes out of his haze and pulls away, shocked at what he is doing. Pretty does all she can to get Luis back into her arms, playing at his supposed guilt and revulsion. Luis again tries to find a way out of their prison as Pretty reminds there is only one way out... he must get her pregnant!

An increasingly worried Sheridan continues to search for Luis. On the wharf, she runs into a wounded Spike, still recovering from being stabbed by Esme's mysterious stalker. Sheridan asks Spike to help her search for Luis, in return for a large reward, and Spike agrees.

An anguished Eve is shocked when Valerie brings Julian to the house and breaks the "wonderful" news to him that she is pregnant. Eve is shaken, wants Valerie to be honest with Julian and tell him that she and Vincent are one and the same. Valerie starts to lose hold of herself and Vincent's voice slips out just as Julian enters the room....

Friday, November 30, 2007

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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