One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 3, 2007 on OLTL

Jared continued with his plan. David discovered Marcie and blackmailed her for one million dollars. Michael showed up in Paris. Viki returned to Llanview. The van exploded, and Marty was killed. Cole was missing. Back in Llanview, Cole pointed a gun at Ramsey but accidentally shot Miles.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 3, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, December 3, 2007

David holds Marcie's fate in his hands. As Marcie begs David not to turn her in for Todd's reward money, he's affected by her emotional plea. However, David stuns Marcie when he demands one million dollars in exchange for not turning her in. Meanwhile, Michael and Starr are sympathetic to each other's plight. With no other choice, Marcie has to call Michael for help.

In Ireland, John approaches the wrecked van containing Marty and Cole. When Ramsey takes off after Simon, John is forced to try to rescue them on his own. Marty pleads with John to rescue her son first, but both soon realize Cole is missing. Then, a horrified John watches helplessly as the van goes over the cliff with Marty still inside.

Jared sweats bullets when Charlie arrives at Asa's. Once alone, Charlie begs Jared for another chance, blaming himself for being a rotten father. Refusing to abandon his plan, Jared cruelly tells Charlie to stay out of his life. When Dorian eavesdrops on Charlie and Jared, she gets quite an earful.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Desperate to meet David's demands, an irrational Marcie requests that Michael send her one million dollars. As his heart breaks, Michael tells Marcie that he can't help her and she'll have to deal with the consequences of her actions. When Viki voices her sympathy for both Marcie and Todd, David is also affected. At the same time, Viki has no idea how close her nephew really is. Later, Marcie is speechless when David has a change of heart.

Still hurting from Jared's rejection, Charlie falls off the wagon. When Bo and Clint grill Jared about his ties to Charlie, he quickly spins a cover story. Unwilling to accept that Jared is Asa's son, Clint and Bo demand a DNA test, which Jared readily agrees to. Pretending to give a sample of his hair, Jared secretly switches it with David's. Meanwhile, Natalie is sick to her stomach over the thought that Jared could be her uncle.

John locates Cole, and attempts to save Marty from the wrecked van when it suddenly explodes. John and Cole work frantically to try to rescue Marty. Tragically, there's nothing they can do as the situation soon becomes hopeless.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Viki yells at David because he's used all the hot water. He comes out dressed only in a towel, and teases her that they could save water if they showered together and Viki begs him to give it a rest. Then he asks if she's saving herself for Charlie, who hasn't called. Viki says he probably has a perfectly good reason for not calling. Viki urges David to put some clothes on and they argue about him getting a job. He tells her he almost made a million dollars yesterday. Viki quizzes him, and he tells her he basically did the right thing because of her. She's proud of him. Viki's worried about Charlie and David says if Charlie doesn't treat her right, he'll kick Charlie's butt. David tells Viki that Clint and Dorian broke up because they each cheated on the other. Viki is horrified, because she doesn't want to hear about all the drama of her own life. The only thing she misses is her kids. David says Dorian is probably falling apart. They say goodbye to each other. She gives him a lottery ticket and he leaves. Viki turns on the television and hears that Marty was killed.

Charlie wakes up from being passed out on Michael's couch. He doesn't remember how he got there, and just feels like drinking more. Charlie tells him he's just blown 10 months of sobriety. He sees that he has missed a phone call from Viki. Michael and Charlie bond over coffee, and the fact that they have both lost their sons. As Charlie prepares to leave, he sees a photo of Marcie and realizes that he's seen her in Paris. On the spur of the moment, Michael decides to skip court and go back to Paris with Charlie.

Starr is still upset that Cole is missing. Blair has invited Langston and Markko over to cheer her up. Dorian arrives and Langston is happy to see her. Starr snaps at Dorian's trying to cheer her up. Dorian and Blair worry about Starr. Ms. Woodrow from child services shows up to tell them that Dorian will be Langston's foster mother. Everyone hugs excitedly. Blair welcomes her to the family and they plan to go shopping, get their hair and nails done so they can go to the ballet, which is a Cramer family Christmas tradition. Langston is overwhelmed. Starr really misses Cole. Dorian tells Langston that she will always be there for her, and convinces Langston to call her Dorian. Dorian gives Langston a muffin with a candle in it and has her make a wish. Starr is still upset and goes upstairs to lie down so she won't spoil Langston's happy day. Dorian wants to have a talk with Markko about dating her daughter. Markko reads about Marty's death on the Internet and has them turn on the television. Everyone hears the news report. Meanwhile, John and Cole arrive at La Boulaie. John confirms that Cole is staying with him tonight, then tells him to call when he needs a ride home. Cole rings the doorbell and Starr is ecstatic to see him. John leaves. Cole tells Starr his mother is dead.

Cole and John are on a plane. Cole has a flashback of watching Marty blow up in the van. John looks worried about Cole. The flight attendant comes to chat with John and Cole snaps at her angrily. John tells her they left someone they care about in Ireland. The flight attendant comes and asks if she can get something for John or "his son", and Cole snaps that he's not his son. John declines politely. Cole says he's nobody's son and chokes back tears. John says Cole will be okay and there will be people to help him deal with everything. Cole asks what did happen, and John explains that a tire blew out on the van and it went off the road, that things didn't happen the way they were supposed to happen. Cole says John saved his life, and John tells him that Marty did. John wishes he could have saved both of them. John tells Cole that he should call Starr when they land.

Talia and Antonio meet up at Rodi's to clear the air over her confession. Antonio takes exception to Talia calling him "Boss" all the time. Antonio asks if they can meet for a drink after work and Talia declines. Antonio wants to talk about what happened between them, and Talia is over it. Antonio thinks Talia doesn't want to work with him any more. Talia says if he doesn't want to work with her that's fine. Antonio clarifies that he'll do whatever it takes to make her more comfortable. Talia asks him to just keep their talk about business, and tells him to forget about the other night.

Rex tries to sneak a peek at Adriana's Christmas list. He gets anxious when he doesn't see his name on the list. They plan their first Christmas together. Then they get ready to leave for court, because they want to support Michael. Rex thinks it's his fault that Marcie's on the run with Tommy. He wonders what he can do and thinks he can get inside her head and somehow help her. Rex's watch has stopped and they are going to be late for court. Adriana writes in her journal that she wants to get Rex a watch for Christmas. They arrive at Michael's apartment, looking for him, when two uniform police officers arrive, also looking for Michael. They tell him that Michael was a no-show at court and they're there to arrest him.

Gigi shows up at Marcie's with more groceries and Marcie tells her someone from Llanview found her, but says they won't turn her in. Marcie wants to run for it; Gigi tries to convince her to stay in Paris. Marcie admits she called Michael to ask him for money, and she still loves him. She admits she wants to go home. Gigi tells Marcie that she's facing jail time if she goes home. Marcie hated hearing the pain in Michael's voice. She finds a doll that Gigi bought for Tommy. Gigi tells her she can't call Michael again. Marcie says she knows, and she wishes she'd told him that she loves him. Marcie thanks Gigi for everything she's done. Gigi suggest she get a job waitressing at the Bon-Jour Café. Marcie says that the last time she waitressed, she got fired, plus she's afraid of being recognized.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The search for Michael takes Rex and Adriana to Roxy's. She is surprised to hear that he's disappeared but offers to vouch for him. Miles is there and is quickly blamed. While trying to hear something on the news, they learn of Marty's death instead. Roxy tries to comfort Miles but he quickly departs.

Nat is comforted, sort of, by Jess and Nash, after she learns that Jared might be her uncle. Nash urges her to write him off while Nat is quick to defend him. When the Buchanans learned of his prison record he kept Tess out of it, she informs them. Jess points out that she's fallen in love so she will be hurt. The Brennans find it hard to believe that Jared has changed and figure he's just trying to take what's there for the taking. When Miles rushes in, crying, they learn the news about Marty.

Renee learns that Jared is Asa's son and she's thrilled. She doesn't need a test and is not surprised to hear the news at all. They should all welcome him to the family, she says, while Clint suggests they "boot him." Renee believes that Clint is just angry over what Asa didn't leave him and becomes angry herself when Nora begins to ask questions, like the attorney she is. Jared assures Renee that he's fine answering what he can. He's elusive while only admitting that his dead mother's name was Valerie Banks. Nora apologizes to Renee for overstepping but Renee merely smiles and mentions how full of surprises Asa always was. She rests her case. Everyone is just anxious to hear the results of the DNA test. When Nora receives a call from her assistant she learns about Marty. In shock, she's desperate to locate Cole and offer him a home. She heads out.

The Mannings, Dorian and the teens learn about Ireland as Cole recounts what happened there. He's miserable to know that he'll never have answers to all of his questions about his dad. He's inconsolable over his mother's death. Todd is very quiet and decides to leave the room. Cole needs some air and goes out alone. Blair sticks up for Todd to Dorian who unhappily realizes that Blair loves him. Langston feels she's a curse on the family for all that's happened since she was taken in. Blair runs after Todd who states that he didn't want Cole to look at him. He ruined their lives by raping Marty, he broods. He regrets his last words to her; he should have asked for her forgiveness. He was a total jackass. Blair is unable to console Todd who is extremely affected by Marty's death. Cole should feel comfortable in their house, he continues, but he's scared of Todd instead. He sees himself and Marty in their youth when he looks at the kids and he took away Marty's youth. He knows now what he did. She should have a legacy and instead the papers will talk about what happened, about what he did. Blair assures him that the Sun will do no such thing and she will be sure to help Cole now. Todd regrets trying to take Tommy from the McBains. The worst thing he ever did in a long line of things is what he did to Marty and now he's doing another worst thing, he continues. He doesn't deserve any of his kids and shouldn't remove Tommy from his family. Markko offers to look for Cole and Langston and Starr wait for news. Dorian answers a knock at the door and has her first face to face encounter with Nora since Texas.

John keeps thinking about Ireland and blames Marty's death on Lee, who finds him at the docks. John informs the FBI agent that he will have to answer to him. Lee defends his actions as standard procedure and won't answer to him. He wants John to sign off on his report which John refuses to do. He should have killed Lee when he had the chance, John snarls as he puts his hands around the agent's throat. It would be worth it to kill him. Lee pulls away from the subsequent headlock and the men tussle. Lee manages to pull a gun on John but suddenly Cole appears and he hears what happened, how Lee shot out the tires of the van. The men are distracted which leads to another physical altercation and Cole grabs the gun. When Lee refers to him as "son" it infuriates the boy. Lee killed his mother.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Feeling guilty concerning his past relationship with Marty, Todd tells Blair he does not want to hurt her anymore. He wants to leave her and will allow her to have custody of the children and the five million dollars he owes her. Blair tells Todd she will not let him walk out on their family. Blair attempts to explain to him that the children love and need him desperately. Todd is convinced that he should not be in his children's lives; he feels they should be protected from his influence. Blair suggests that Todd take all the time he needs to come to terms with his guilt over Marty, but demands that he considers his family. Todd is shocked when Blair confesses to still love him; he questions whether or not Blair realizes what she has said. Blair admits she has never stopped loving Todd and meant every word of her wedding vows. Todd stares at her speechless.

Gigi brings Marcie good news; Moe is willing to hire her as a waitress at the Bon-Jour Café. An excited Marcie wants to start immediately; she asks can she start tonight. Surprised that Marcie wants to start working so soon, Gigi offers to babysit Tommy and help Marcie out whenever needed. Marcie explains she needs to start earning money so that she and Tommy can eventually leave town. Gigi convinces Marcie to start work in the morning.

Upon arriving at the Bonjour Café with Michael, Charlie is anxious to see Viki but is told by Moe and Noelle that she has left town. Charlie is shocked to learn Viki returned home because someone close to her died; he wishes he hadn't had to leave town and could have been there for her. Noelle mentions that no one really knows where Viki actually went and wonders if Charlie plans to stay in town. Charlie is unsure of any future plans. Michael questions Noelle and Moe about a woman resembling Marcie. He asks if either of them ever saw her and Tommy in the diner. Noelle and Moe describe two strangers (Todd and Blair) coming into the diner asking questions about a woman and child. Michael realizes that Todd and Blair are the strangers they speak of. Noelle mentions that Gigi has a friend with a little boy. She tells Michael that the woman never leaves her motel room and Gigi often takes food to the woman and her child. Michael requests any other pertinent information. Noelle tells him that she does know that the woman stays across the hall from Viki and gives him what she believes to be Marcie's room number at the motel.

At Llanfair, Viki has thoughts of Charlie as she prepares to enter her home for the first time in a long while. Inside, Natalie, is trying to console Miles after hearing the news of Marty's death. Viki greets Natalie, Jessica, Nash and Miles in a somber mood. Everyone is broken up over Marty's death. They all wonder what will happen to Cole. Viki and her daughters agree that they will offer Cole any support he needs. Miles is taking the news extremely hard. Miles tells Viki he has attempted to gain necessary information needed to transport Marty's body back to Llanview but has had no luck. He doesn't want Cole to have to handle the matter on his own. Viki learns that Marty had no other family besides Cole. Miles explains that when he was friendly with Marty, she told him she had not taken the time to draw up a will because she couldn't bear to think of ever leaving Cole. Viki and Jessica are sure Nora will open her home to Cole. Natalie suggests that they plan a service for Marty; she offers to get in touch with Cole and asks Miles if he would like to be involved. A sadden Miles states that he was not on good terms with Marty when she died and feels they should seek the help of someone she cared about - he is not that person. The tragedy of Marty's death has Jessica questioning the fact that she and Nash have not had a will constructed. Jessica tells Nash that she would never want to think of what could happen to Bree if either of them were to die without a will in place. Nash tells Jessica that her family would always be there to make sure Bree is safe if anything were to ever happen to them. Jessica is adamant that she and Nash should immediately draw up a will in order to protect Bree.

Nora arrives at La Boulaie looking for Cole. She is greeted by Dorian, who refuses to allow Nora entrance into her home. As Nora and Dorian argue at the door, David appears and teases Dorian about the fact that she is walking with a cane. Nora and David both appear shocked, by Dorian's revelation that she was hit by car by an unknown person. Nora has no sympathy for Dorian and reminds her of how she hit and left Jessica injured. The two women begin arguing over Clint. Dorian accuses Nora of wanting to cause trouble for her and Clint from the very beginning. An upset Nora lashes back out at Dorian. Nora tells Dorian that Clint was in love with her and she broke his heart. Frustrated, Nora tells Dorian that she is impossible and criticizes her for being insensitive to the fact that she is concerned for Cole's safety and also mourning the death of her close friend. She demands answers from Dorian concerning Cole's whereabouts. Dorian tells Nora that Cole went for a walk and not to worry about him; Dorian states that she will make room for him at La Boulaie. Nora is upset that Dorian would allow Cole to be alone after losing his mother and reminds Dorian that Marty left Cole in her custody when she went to jail. Before leaving to look for Cole, Nora advises Dorian that Cole will live with her.

Upon hearing the news that Ramsey caused Marty's accident, Cole interrupts the brawl between John and Ramsey when he picks up the gun that was knocked from Ramsey's hand. An angered Cole points the weapon at Ramsey and accuses him of killing his mother. John begs Cole to put the weapon down. Cole becomes even angrier as Ramsey refers to him as son. He refuses to put down the gun and demands Ramsey explain why he caused the accident and tells him afterwards he can beg for his life. Ramsey continues to anger Cole as he defends his actions. Realizing that the situation is escalating, John knocks out Ramsey and tells Cole they need to talk. Cole continues to point the weapon at Ramsey. John warns Cole he would be throwing his life away if he shot Ramsey and reminds him that Marty would never want him to handle things this way. Cole tells John that so many terrible things have happened to his mother and all the people who hurt her are still alive. Cole wants to avenge his mother's death; he says he can do this by killing Ramsey. John explains to Cole that killing Ramsey will not make him feel any better. Cole questions if John had the opportunity to kill Spencer would he do so. John tells Cole he had the chance and didn't take it because it was not the right thing to do; he reminds Cole that Marty would expect him to do the right thing too. Cole is not receptive to John's pleas; he continues to point the gun at Ramsey.

Charlie sits in the diner engrossed with thoughts of Viki. Noelle tries to cheer him up by suggesting he call Viki. As Marcie and Gigi discuss Marcie's new job, there is a loud and constant knock on the door. Gigi asks Marcie if she is expecting someone; Marcie tells Gigi that she is the only person she knows. Michael stands on the other side of the door. Dorian and David reminisce about old times; the two begin to indulge in an intimate conversation. Upon hearing from Viki that Marty's body could not be recovered, Miles abruptly leaves Llanfair. Viki urges Natalie to not go after Miles and give him some time alone. Natalie is worried about Miles. On the docks, Cole is out of control and still pointing the gun at Ramsey. John tells Cole he will have to shoot him first. Cole panics and begs John to step aside so that he has a clear shot at Ramsey; John refuses. As Cole's hands shake uncontrollably, a shocked Miles appears behind Ramsey and asks Cole what he is doing. Cole fires the gun, striking Miles in the chest

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