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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 3, 2007 on GL
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Monday, December 3, 2007

After there is mention of Doris slipping in the polls, Ashlee wonders if her mother's planning on fixing the election. Ashlee urges the hacker Doris hired to fix the campaign to not let her win. Ashlee tells Doris she's put a stop to the election fix. Doris promises to win the election fair and square. Later, Ashlee is stricken when she hears that Buzz is no longer leading in the polls. Marina is glad that Cyrus was there to comfort Harley, but Harley is clearly uncomfortable. Marina is surprised when Cyrus says he doesn't want to be partnered up with Harley. Marina overhears Cyrus telling Buzz he may want to check in on Harley. Marina and Cyrus make their way to the bed and Cyrus happily avoids conversation about Harley. Edmund asks Rick to find a way to get him to stay in Springfield or he'll out the paternity of Beth's baby. Jeffrey finds Rick hovering over Edmund who lies face down on the floor. Rick explains that he gave Edmund something that would knock him out for a while. Rick wants to take Beth on an impromptu European getaway. Jeffrey has tied Edmund up, and Reva privately tells Edmund that this is his last chance.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Josh goes to Billy's room and finds him a mess, wearing the clothes he slept in, an empty flask in one hand, and more clothes strewn all over the floor from his attempt to pack for rehab. Josh is supportive, saying he's glad he's going for the help. Billy offers to help Josh with Edmund by getting his hands dirty if needed, but Josh tells him he doesn't want him involved, and adds he needs Billy to be clean and sober. Bill tells Josh that he thinks his son, Bill, has changed, and that he doesn't think Bill's sorry at all for his recent actions against him or for how he treated Lizzie, and he thinks the best way to try to get through to him to change now that's it's gotten this far is by fear.

Later, after Josh leaves, Lizzie goes over to Billy's room to help him prepare to leave for rehab, and finds him passed out on the bed, clutching a bottle of Bourbon. When she tries to wake him, Billy calls Lizzie "Mindy". She informs him that she saw Bill talking to Alan, which upsets Billy. But Lizzie tells him she will work closely with Bill to keep an eye on him. When Billy tells Lizzie that he's going to rehab after Josh's ordination, she wants to take him straight to rehab herself, but Billy insists that he goes, because he hopes it will be a good example to Bill, about making good choices.

Reva is at her home, babysitting Edmund, and talking to Jeffrey on the phone outside, while a guard stands at the front door, ready to help Reva if needed. Reva goes back inside, and Edmund questions her about what she meant last night when she said he had one more chance to prove himself, and then asks why she didn't want Jeffrey to hear it. Reva tells him that she knows that he knows about Cassie changing the paternity tests. Edmund can now see that Reva is involved, and tells her that it makes sense that she would try to protect Josh. Reva tries to get him to think she's trying to protect her sister, Cassie. He agrees that could be true, but only as a secondary concern, and adds that this isn't about Cassie - it's about "Joshua" (as he calls him) and then adds "It always is". Edmund goes on to say he knows what's expected of him, that he'll keep quiet and live out his days in a plush jail-like compound. You can see the look on Reva's face, as she feels guilty hearing this while knowing the truth. She asks him if he came here for Cassie. He answers that he came here to make amends. Reva questions that he wouldn't being making amends if he sends Cassie to jail, and asks him "Is that what you really want?" Edmund wants to hear answers from both the yes and the no POV, and asks "What if I said it is?" and Reva replies that he'll deserve everything he'll get. Then he asks, in a most sincere tone, "What if I said all I want is what's best for Cassie? That I want her life to be happy and full. What then, Reva?"

Reva ends the chat with "It's time to go"

Back at the farmhouse, Cassie is trying to get Will's wings to stand up on his angel costume, and mentions that maybe she should call Beth to see how she did it. Will, trying to get Cassie to not make that call, tells her that she can do it by herself. Then he practices his line from the play: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will toward men." Will then asks to practice with his Uncle Edmund, but when Cassie tells him that Edmund needs to return to San Cristobel , Will whines and protests that he wants Edmund to stay in Springfield. Cassie reminds him that Edmund has to go back to finish Alonzo's work. Then she calls Beth to get advise on the wings. Cassie discovers that Will didn't tell her everything about how he got to be the angel - he didn't tell her that James fell off the stage. She asks him why he didn't tell her that part, and Will gives her the excuse that James seemed embarrassed by it and didn't want anyone to know. Cassie interprets this as being considerate of James' feelings, and tells Will that was very thoughtful of him. Then Cassie suggests they go to see James to cheer him up. But Will doesn't like that idea, and finds excuses to not go to visit James.

Josh arrives home, and Will rushes over to him thinking it's Edmund. Will's joy turns to disappointment when it's only Josh, and he excuses himself to go to his room to practices his lines for the play. Cassie fills Josh in on the real reason James had to drop out of the play, telling that James broke his wrist, and that Will acted strangely at the idea of going to visit him. Josh chalks it up to Will be nervous about the play. Cassie questions about how hard it will be when Will finds out that Edmund won't be coming back, but Josh reassures that kids are resilient and he'll be fine. Josh calls Will back into the room to try to convince him it's a good idea to visit James. Just then, Edmund and Reva arrive, and Will is thrilled! Will gets out of his talk with Josh by asking Edmund if he'll help him study his lines, and Edmund says he will.

Alone with Will, Edmund asks him if he caused James to fall off of the stage. Will replies by asking "Would you be mad if I said 'yes'?" Edmund says he wouldn't, and then asks why. Will answers that he thinks he's a better angel than James. Edmund tells Will that they are a lot a like, because he used to think he's be a better ruler than his brother and a better wife to Cassie than Josh. Edmund teaches Will that although he feels this way, he has to ACT as if he cares about what happened to James, because it will help him gain the trust of others when he pretends in that way.

Josh asks Reva is Jeffrey is working out the details of their plan, and Reva answers yes. This now lets Cassie know that Reva also knows about this. Cassie, not knowing that the real plan is to send Edmund to San Cristobel to face phony murder charges that will likely result in his execution, states that it's the best thing for him, and that as much as she wants Edmund to leave, she doesn't think he needs to suffer any more than necessary, so sending him to a plush prisoner compound sounds fine to her. The more they discuss this, and the more Josh speaks of this in a calm yet ominous way, the more uncomfortable Reva seems to be. Reva states that she finds it hard to understand how a man like Edmund, who appears to have some goodness in him, can be responsible for some of the horrible things he's done to people.

Meanwhile, Josh answers a knock at the door - it's Bill. He tells Josh he's not there looking for his father. Josh tells him he should be, and that he should be trying to repair the damage and the pain he caused his father. Bill replies that his father is responsible for his own actions. When Josh asks Bill why he's so angry and what happened in Venezuela to make him want to hurt the people who care about him, Bill responds, saying he's not trying to hurt anyone. Bill offers to do something for Josh's ordination on behalf of Lewis Construction, such as announcements, but Josh doesn't accept anything. Josh, perhaps trying to use strong tactics as he and Billy discussed earlier, tells Bill that until he makes amends for his actions, he is not considered part of the family.

Later, Bill shows up at Alan's mansion and extends an invitation to the church when Josh is ordained; Alan says yes.

Inside, Edmund talks to Cassie, with Will making his card nearby. Edmund says his goodbyes to Cassie, saying although the place he thinks he's going to is very nice, it will be missing the fact that he can't see her or Will, and that both she and Will meant a lot to him. He also tells her that the last thing he wants to do is hurt her.

Back inside now, Josh brings supplies over to Will so that he can make James a card, and Will, fresh from his talk with Edmund about acting, sits down and creates the card. Josh walks Reva to the door, and Josh again says how he wants to get Edmund away, before he can cause any more damage.

Inside, Edmund talks to Cassie, with Will making his card nearby. Edmund says his goodbyes to Cassie, saying although the place he thinks he's going to is very nice, it will be missing the fact that he can't see her or Will, and that both she and Will meant a lot to him. He also tells her that the last thing he wants to do is hurt her. Cassie tells him he could think of this as a new beginning. Edmund responds, telling her how much it means to here her say that. Them Edmund walks over to where Will is making his card, to try to prepare him for his leaving. Will tells Edmund that the others are trying to get him to leave, and asks him why isn't he fighting to stay, because he always taught Will to never give up. Edmund gets a look on his face and with a renewed sense of fight, he tells Will he's right.

Bill (the son) is at Towers when Alan sends a drink over to him, so that they can toast - toast Bill for stealing Billy's most important client and outing Billy as a drunk all in one week. Lizzie shows up, and after exchanging a few words with her, Alan walks away. Lizzie talks snippy at Bill, but he downplays it and shows a cold attitude on personal matters and an almost ruthless, underhanded style with business matters. After Lizzie leaves, Bill is on his phone, sounding like he's speaking as a company PR person and appearing somewhat sincerely affected by this, telling someone that Billy will be away "indefinitely", that he has a long road ahead of him, and they hope he pulls out of it. Alan approaches Bill, and tells him that he seems to have done what others in his family have not been able to do, and that is "eradicate that pesky little thing called a conscience." Alan invites Bill to do business with him sometime. After Bill leaves, and while Alan is having a salad, Billy walks in, all cleaned up and ready to take on the world, and he tells Alan to stay away from his son, and that when it comes to something like this, Billy warns Alan that he doesn't play nice.

Later, after Bill's talk with Josh, he sees Lizzie in the hallway at the Beacon Hotel, where she has a near-empty vodka bottle in her hand. She tries to find out if Bill's words and behavior towards her that first night they were together were lies or real. Bill tells her he's not that same sweet guy that left Springfield, and Lizzy asks "Who the hell are you?", then walks away.

Back at Cross Creek, Billy arrives to talk to Reva. Reva confides in him about the plans that Jeffrey has for Edmund, and letting it be known that this weighs heavy on her mind, as she expresses concern about Josh to Billy. Billy advises that Josh has been there for them before, and now it's time for them to protect Josh in this case, trying to re-assure her that this is the right thing to do.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Inside the Light: Good Night Sweet Prince

Josh's ordination and Will's play are today. The angel and the minister get ready for their big night, but both of their outfits seem crooked. Meanwhile at Cross Creek, Reva and Jeffrey debate about where Edmond is headed. One of their guards hustles Edmond back into the house after he tries to escape.

As Rick and Beth prepare to go to the ceremony, Reva and Jeffrey bring Edmond to the farm. Edmond slips Will a note that he wants him to read at the very end of his pageant. He tells him to make eye contact with Reverend Rutledge and don't forget the tears.

At the church, Josh and Billy discuss Billy's journey to rehab. Billy talks to his son about why he brought Alan to the ceremony. Billy kicks Bill out of the church while Alan cozies up to Beth. He hands her a card. Rick intercepts it and Alan explains it was merely a get-well card for James. He takes it back, deciding he'll just put a stamp on it and mail it.

Edmond and Rick have a heated exchange in which Rick threatens to up the dosage if he drugs Edmond again. Edmond notes that Rick has brought his medical bag with him. Meanwhile Reva and Jeffrey worry about Edmond. Jeffrey explains that Edmond will leave before the end of the pageant. Reva believes this will upset Will.

Rutledge welcomes everyone to St. Mark's. Edmond takes his seat beside Rick and slides the medical bag closer to him. The pageant begins. During the show, Alan slips in and sits right beside Beth. Alan wonders if Beth is comfortable and Rick takes offense. Another guest of the church asks them to be quiet. Suddenly, Jeffrey sends his goons in and they rush Edmond out. While everyone's clapping, Will calls for Edmond.

After the play, Will is recognized as the special angel. He rushes up to Josh and Cassie, upset because Uncle Edmond is gone. He knows Edmond didn't want to leave, but Jeffrey's making him. Josh explains that Edmond must return to San Cristobel to answer for crimes. Rutledge interrupts to pull Will away for pictures. Cassie's upset that Edmond got taken out with Will watching. She goes to Reva, concerned that Will needs to say goodbye. She wants a number to contact Edmond so that Will can speak to him. Cassie presses for a number and Reva tells her the truth about where Edmond is going.

Meanwhile, on Main Street, Edmond complains that he couldn't say goodbye to Will. As they banter, Jeffrey hints that Edmond isn't going where he thinks he's going. Jeffrey's men grab Edmond as Jeffrey explains that he's sending him back to San Cristobel to stand trial for Alonzo's murder. He tells him he will be convicted and executed. Edmond cries that he didn't do it.

Back at the church, Cassie and Josh are guilty and astounded to learn about Edmond's fate. Meanwhile, Jeffrey continues to explain to Edmond the fabricated evidence they have against him. Jeffrey's hired hand shuffles him away.

Josh is disconcerted, feeling as if it's all his fault. Cassie believes he did what he had to do. It's in no way his fault. Jeffrey comes in and Josh wants this thing called off. He's upset about being able to take his oath under the circumstances. Jeffrey bids him to take his oath. Josh believes that if they go through with this, they'll be no different than Edmond.

Meanwhile, Will berates Cassie for letting Edmond be taken. Cassie tears into Jeffrey for the position she put Will and Josh in. Jeffrey leaves and Josh explains to Cassie that he wants her to cover with Rutledge. He has to go find Edmond.

Later, Beth asks Rick for something to clear her headache. He goes to his medical bag and discovers things missing. On Main Street, Josh finds Jeffrey's hired hand passed out on the ground with a syringe nearby.

Back at the church, Cassie helps Josh put on his robe and she learns that Edmond used a syringe on Jeffrey's guard. He says he left word for Frank on his way back to the church. Rick overhears as Cassie wonders if Edmond will speak about what they did with the paternity tests. Cassie urges Josh not to feel guilty about anything that happens to Edmond. Rutledge starts the ordination.

Back at Cross Creek, Reva and Jeffrey debate about what has happened. Edmond peeks into the windows as Reva advises that they do not dwell on the situation. Rick comes over to inform them about what Edmond did with the syringe that was in his bag. He wants Edmond stopped before Josh gets back involved. Rick is certain that Josh will protect Edmond's life at the expense of Beth. He claims he'll dispose of Edmond himself if he has to.

At the church, Cassie presents Josh for ordination. She is asked if the manner of his life is suitable for this order. Cassie says yes. Josh takes his vows as Edmond hides up in the balcony of the church. Reva and Jeffrey return to the church. Billy goes to the balcony and sneaks a drink. Edmond ducks down. Jeffrey disappears. Reva looks around and then goes into the hallway and heads up some stairs. Cassie looks at her curiously. Reverend Rutledge asks if anyone knows of a crime or impediment to stop Josh from his new order. If so, he wants them to speak now. Edmond begins to speak, but a noise on the balcony makes him crouch back down.

Will has come to the balcony. Instead of speaking to the church, Edmond crouches down with Will. He explains that they are all after him: Jeffrey, Rick, Josh, Cassie and Reva. He tells Will that it's all part of their plan. Cassie pretended to care about him and have a bond with him through Will. Edmond swears his revenge. Will yells at him that he can't hurt his mother.

Rutledge prays over Josh as he kneels. The ceremony ends when Rutledge hands him a bible. Edmond tries to explain to Will that his mother is selfish and incapable of love. Will continues to tell him it's not true. As the audience applauds Josh, he takes his place at a side pulpit and begins to give a speech. He expresses his honor in accepting his new charge.

Meanwhile, Will continues to argue with Edmond. Edmond tries to calm him, explaining that what he does, he does for him. Will grumbles how that is what his father said. He says that his father wanted to hurt his mother, but Will says that he showed him good. Edmond looks puzzled at the child. Will glares evilly at Edmond.

Josh continues his speech. Edmond's body sails over the balcony. Edmond lands head first onto the hardwood floor in front of Josh. Someone screams.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Today's show starts with yesterday's ending, with Edmund up in the balcony of the church with Will, as Edmund tells Will Cassie is selfish and a liar. When Edmund tells Will that whatever he does, it's for him, Will says (referring to his recently killed father, Alonzo, "That's what my dad said. He wanted to hurt her too. But I showed him. I showed him good." Edmund leans over the edge of the balcony some, and seconds later, he has fallen and landed on the floor below at Josh's feet.

As paramedics attend to Edmund, stunned guests mingle. Jeffrey and Reva converse about the situation, while a lot of unspoken thoughts are obvious to both, each seems to wonder if the other is responsible for what happened. They continue this at Towers, and when Rick appears, Jeffrey notes how if the police wanted to look for people who might want to hurt Edmund, that if they started at their table, they might not find a need to look further. Rick then gets an update: Edmund has slipped into a coma, and he wasn't able to talk before that happened. Jeffrey realizes that now, the police will piece together information gathered from what people tell him, then they begin to get their story straight: that all three of them were on the ground when they noticed Edmund up in the balcony, alone, and that as he leaned over to get a better look, he fell over the edge. Each of the three believe one of them did this, and they believe they are covering for each other.

Later, Mallet arrives to question Jeffrey, Reva, and Rick. He makes a comment on how everyone else's attention was on Josh, but these three have a similar story. As Rick leaves with Beth, she asks him if Mallet was right, and has Rick been lying. Rick only says that Edmund tried to start trouble, and the three of them didn't want that to happen. As Mallet wraps up his talk with Jeffrey and Reva, and seems highly suspicious of them.

At the hospital, Rick is told that he will not be the doctor on this case, as ordered by boss Charles Grant, because of his history with Edmund. Then, Mallet shows up to start investigating what happened to Edmund. Rick excuses himself, saying he has to go to check on Beth. At the same time, Josh, Cassie, and Will walk in. They ask Will to sit and wait while they give their statements to Mallet where Will won't have to hear such terrible discussions. After they step away some, Will enters Edmund's room, looks at an unconscious Edmund and asks, "Do I look sad enough, Uncle Edmund? Like you told me? You tried to hurt my mom." Edmund opens his eyes, but cannot speak with so much equipment hooked up to him, though his eyes say a lot. Cassie quickly finds Will, and hearing her speak to Edmund as if he may be awake, Mallet rushes in to see if he can tell him what happened. Mallet notices that some buttons are missing from Edmund's shirt, and asks him if someone did this to him. Later he tells Cassie that there are three buttons missing from Edmund's shirt. Knowing Will had some brief time alone with Edmund, Mallet asks Will what he thinks about what happened in the room. Will only says that Edmund looked sad, and Cassie and Josh whisk Will away.

A short while later, Mallet approaches Josh and Cassie with an update on Edmund's condition: he is unresponsive, will go to surgery where they think they can stabilize him, and after that, it's a matter of time to see how he does. All the while, Will is looking at three buttons in his hands. Mallet then questions Josh and Cassie, saying that witnesses said that Edmund was drug out of the church, and ask the couple if they know where Jeffrey was taking him. Before they can answer, he asks another question: Did they notice anything unusual right before the accident? Cassie remembers seeing Reva go up the stairs to the balcony, then answers "No, nothing." Then she wants to go home, saying she wants to get Will home.

Back at the farmhouse, Josh tells Cassie that he will now take charge of what happens to Edmund, saying Jeffrey took things way too far. Cassie says she feels bad because all of this is over something that she did, but Josh tells her all he wants to do is protect his family from him, as we see Will around the corner watching this and looking at those buttons he has.

Then later, Josh asks Cassie why she was tense at the hospital. Cassie again says she wanted to get Will home, and Josh accepts that and walks away. Cassie then calls Reva and leaves an anxious message for her to call.

As Olivia is in the hallway trying to get an appointment to see her doctor, Bill shows up un-announced with ice skates for Emma. Olivia tells him that if he can't commit to being in her life, then he can't be in it at all. He leaves the skates and walks away looking somewhat dejected.

Gus and Natalia are at Towers after shopping. Natalia tells Gus she wants to set a date, so they don't have to wait much longer to be together in a more intimate way. They go to Olivia's room to look at books to plan their wedding. When Natalia uses the bathroom, Gus asks Olivia how she's doing with her recent health crisis, and Olivia said she has to go to see her doctor now. Gus insists on helping her, since he's the only one who knows about it, and tells her to wait outside for him. When Natalia returns, Gus tells her that Olivia had to leave, and then says he just got a call from the police station, and that he has to go too, but that she should stay to look at the books as long as needed. He leaves, but Natalia doesn't want to look at the books by herself, so she leaves shortly after, just in time to see Gus escorting Olivia out of the building.

At the hospital, Olivia hears the doctor say they hoped to have better news, but before he could go on, Gus uses the Spaulding name as he introduces himself, and tells the doctor that Olivia is the mother of one of Alan's granddaughters, and reminds him of how much money Alan has donated, then asks if that would have anything to do with Olivia's placement on the heart transplant list.

Later, she passes Alan on Main Street but in her confused state, she doesn't acknowledge him. When he asks what's wrong, she claims nothing. She reveals that she is concerned about Gus, but Alan tells her that she can trust Gus, but not Olivia. Natalia leaves, and later, Gus sees Alan on Main Street. Gus tells him he knows he wants Natalia, but this time, he loses. After Gus walks away, Alan says to himself "Oh no I don't."

As Olivia arrives at her room, Natalia steps out from nearby, and wants Olivia to tell what's going on with her and Gus.

Lizzie is on Main Street waiting for Bill for a business meeting with a new client, Andrea Daniels, when Bill arrives appearing to be a little tipsy and no time to talk strategy. Ms. Daniels arrives, and she have Bill have flirty moments while Lizzie tries to focus on business. Bill soon asks Ms. Daniels to let Lizzie handle the numbers while they enjoy some time together, and she says yes. They leave, and Lizzie is left with more tasks as Bill goes off to play.

Later, Lizzie meets Vanessa at Towers, and tells her that she is concerned about Bill's drinking, saying she doesn't want to see him get hurt, and is afraid he may be going down the same path as his father. Vanessa said she'd talk to him; Lizzie encourages she do that soon. Next, we see Vanessa knocking at Bill's door, and when he doesn't answer, she walks in, and see that both he and Andrea are very scantily clad and drinking. A surprised Bill awkwardly tries to explain, but he forgets Andrea's name, she gets angry, then grabs her things and leaves, still wearing only a black, lacy, see-through bedroom attire. As Bill stands in the doorway, calling for her, Lizzie lets her presence be known, and Bill realizes she set him up.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Natalia goes to Olivia's and confronts her about leaving with Gus. Olivia does not take to Natalia's jealousy very well and asks if she is suspicious of Gus. Natalia responds that Olivia is the one she is suspicious of. She has heard about the kind of woman Olivia is. Olivia agrees that she is known as a man-eater and husband-stealer. She tells Natalia that if she really wanted Gus, he would be hers. Nat tells Olivia that she and Gus have years of history, a son together and are engaged. Olivia comments again on Nat's jealousy and tells her if Gus is satisfied she should have nothing to worry about. She tells Natalia that the person she should worry about is Harley since Gus still loves her and always will.

Bill rants to Dinah about the day he has had-he was turned away by his family, Olivia will not let him see Emma and even Lizzie is getting to him. He tells Dinah about a lead on an apartment complex that is being bid on but he needs some numbers. He starts to ask for her help but then suggests that is a bad idea. Dinah tells him to cut the reverse psychology and who the mark is. Later, Dinah tells Bill that she likes what happened to him since Venezuela. Before he was too nice and she had the feeling that he was not happy. As if he was trying to be the good son.

Mallet meets with Marina to ask her to help him on the Edmund case. He fills her in on what he knows so far and tells her his belief that it was no accident though everyone else is in a hurry to dismiss it as such. Mallet and Marina discuss Edmund and how he pretty much deserved what he got. Mallet states that he might be able to look the other way and dismiss this as an accident. Marina does not believe that-- he is too good of a cop. As they are discussing the possibility that this was a suicide, Mallet's phone rings. There is a report of a home invasion so Mallet rushes off to respond.

At Towers, Harley confides in Cyrus that she has not been sleeping well. Cyrus tries to get her to talk about it but she quickly changes the subject to why they are there. She wants to interview everyone who was around when Phillip disappeared. Her first interviewee is Gus. Cyrus offers to talk to Gus on his own but Harley insists she has to; Cyrus does not know him well enough. Cyrus counters that Harley is too close. Gus finally approaches and asks for a moment alone since he thinks Harley wants to have a private conversation. However, she makes it clear that she called him there to discuss Phillip. Harley suggests that they all talk on the balcony which Cyrus does not think is a good idea but Harley presses on. Gus and Harley small talk about the kids. Harley, standing by the rail, seems nervous on the balcony but when Cyrus interjects, Gus blurts out that he wants to talk to his wife. Meanwhile, Gus notices Harley's unease but she insists she is okay and is ready to get down to business. Since he lives in the Spaulding mansion she asks if he has heard anything in regards to Phillip. Harley seems to phase out for a second but quickly covers. Gus tells her that he does not think finding Phillip is a good idea and tells her that if she needs anything she can reach out to him.

Harley returns home and is pleasantly surprised to see the boys decorating a Christmas tree. Apparently Frank got it for them. After the boys tell her about a drunken Santa they saw, Zach asks if Gus will come soon since they both miss him. Harley dodges the question by suggesting that they open the Christmas cards that are on the table. With the cards she finds a note "Don't bother looking-you'll see me when I'm ready. Later, Harley hears a sound outside and becomes startled. Thinking it is Phillip, she gets her gun and goes outside only to come face to face with Natalia. Natalia asks to come in; she wants to talk about what will happen after she and Gus are married. Natalia tells Harley that she wants Gus to remain a part of the boys' lives. Harley does not really want to have this conversation right now but Nat insists that they have to deal with each other. Harley tells Natalia that she lost her high school boyfriend; she just lost a husband. With that, she shows Natalia the door.

With Natalia gone, Olivia gets another visitor. This time it is Gus who came to check up on her. When he asks how she is, she teases that he should kiss her and find out. The talk turns to Olivia's condition and her need for a heart. Gus tries to encourage her by pointing out that Rick had a successful transplant but Olivia points out that is because Richard happened to die. There is no magical prince whose heart she can have. She jokes that maybe she can Reva's then mentions that she is too far down on the transplant list anyway. Gus suggests that they need to get her to the top of the list. He tells her that the problem is she is listed as not critical and states that she needs to get a second opinion. Olivia is tired of dealing with doctors and hospitals. She does not want to focus on her condition; she'd like to talk about something new and exciting. Gus mentions that he is getting married. He states that he would like to do something special for Natalia but does not know what. Olivia suggests a wedding on the beach at sunset with a quartet playing. She states there should be flowers, a symphony and everything should be in white to symbolize a fresh start. Gus nixes the idea by asking if that is not a little over the top. He does not think Natalia wants all of that. Olivia shrugs and states there is always City Hall.

Cyrus returns home to Marina. He seems concerned about something and asks Marina if Phillip would hurt Harley and her kids. Marina points out that Phillip was not always a bad guy though he was at the end. Soon the subject changes and they begin taking off each other's clothes. Suddenly there is a knock on the door: it is Alex. She is there with divorce papers. When Marina asks about immigration, Alex states that she will tell them that it was a real marriage; it just did not work out. Cyrus tells Alex that although he cannot forgive her for what she did to Marina, he is sorry for what he did to Alex. Cyrus tells Alexandra that she is a special woman and she deserves to find a man who wants her for more than a green card. Before leaving, Alex congratulates Marina on winning Cyrus and hopes she has better luck keeping him at home than she did. She then tells Cyrus that they could have had something special. When Alex leaves, Marina asks Cyrus if he has any regrets. He tells her not marrying her instead of Alex. They talk about getting some champagne to celebrate his divorce. Cyrus decides to buy some and realizes that he left his wallet at Harley's.

Meanwhile, Harley stands on a ladder in order to put the star on the tree. When she is done, she realizes that she cannot get down. Luckily, Cyrus arrives. Harley tells Zach to let him in. Seeing her frozen on the ladder, Cyrus asks Harley if this is the same game they played the other day. She confirms it and Cyrus gets her down by telling the boys that they are going to pretend they are fire fighters rescuing "Mrs. Flannigan" from a burning building. After her rescue, Harley sends the boys to bed. Cyrus tries again to get Harley to talk about what happened but again she dodges the question. Instead she asks why it is always him who is there when it happens. She then comments on how when she was little, Frank used to stay up with her when she was scared; she wishes she could feel safe again. After calling Marina to tell her he will be late and not to wait up, Cyrus offers to stay the night with Harley.

Gus is now at Cedars, presumably to speak to Olivia's doctor. He runs into Natalia and spins a story about consulting a doctor for a case. Nat mentions that she saw him with Olivia earlier and asks if they were conducting surveillance. Gus assures Natalia that there is nothing going on between him and Olivia. Nat warns Gus that she does not trust Olivia; she thinks she is a threat. As they leave the hospital, Gus makes a jjoke about how she is beautiful when she is jealous and asks where this is coming from. Does she really think he would ask her to marry him and then go chase after another woman? Natalia states that she wanted to be with him for so long; she is afraid of losing him now that they are so close. Gus assures her that she is not going to lose him to anyone.

At the Beacon, Olivia intercepts a visit by Melinda, Gus and Natalia's wedding planner Olivia looks over the plans and makes some adjustments stating everything should be white.

Bill is at Towers waiting for Dinah. After he leaves her another message, she enters the restaurant with Mallet right behind. It turns out Mallet caught her breaking into Andrea's house. Mallet lays into the pair; he could have shot and killed Dinah. Mallet tells Bill that when he apprehended Dinah she gave a story about knowing the woman and wanting to borrow shoes. Dinah insists that is the truth but Mallet sees through the lie. He then lays into Bill for using Dinah to do his dirty work. Mallet points out to the both of them that if another cop had responded to the scene, Dinah would be in jail right now. He blasts Bill for sending Dinah out in her present condition. That comment sends Dinah off and she asks Mallet how he knows this was not her idea. Mallet continues that what she did was dangerous-the police respond very seriously to break ins. She could have been killed. Bill shrugs off his concerns by turning away and walking off. When Mallet grabs his shoulder to continue the conversation, Bill slugs him and Mallet fights back. Dinah breaks it up and tells Mallet to leave; he hates anyone who treats her as if she were normal. Afterwards, Dinah presents Bill with the competitor's bid. Bill tells Dinah that since everyone is out to get them; their job is to get them first.

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