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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 26, 2007 on GL
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Monday, November 26, 2007

At Towers, Lizzie tells Bill that his family is doing just fine without him. Later, Bill and Billy start to bond over Thanksgiving memories, but when they address the present, Billy says that Lizzie is more a part of this family than Bill. Lizzie overhears, and Billy throws Bill out. Josh calls Jeffrey to find out what's been done to Edmund. Josh is worried when Cassie gives in to Will and agrees to let him visit with Edmund. Josh wonders what Will knows as Will insists that Edmund is inside the room and hurt. Josh pretends to call the front desk and tells Will and Cassie that Edmund checked out and left a forwarding address in San Cristobel . Josh tells Roc to continue babysitting Edmund until Jeffrey can put his plan into motion. Marina misses being a cop -- and Mallet's company. Marina and Cyrus both apologize for Thanksgiving, then begin to make love. After, Cyrus gets uncomfortable at the mention of Harley. Later, Harley's a bit flustered when Cyrus takes her hand, then realizes that he's just putting salt on it to take with the tequila shots. Harley learns from Lizzie that Gus is engaged to Natalia. Harley kisses Cyrus. Both feel awkward then try to blame it on the alcohol. Harley admits to Cassie that she doesn't know what she feels for Cyrus.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Olivia listens to her messages at home and hears Alan ask her why Gus is still around Natalia when she should be holding up her end of their bargain to keep Gus distracted, in exchange for Alan's protection from Phillip, who, at this point, has yet to make an appearance but there seems to be clues that he may be around. Next, Olivia runs into Frank outside of her room in the hallway, and wonders if he is there on a case about Phillip. Frank tells her he's not, but sees that she is concerned about Phillip. She can see that Frank was being vigilant about checking on this, in case Cyrus was involved and Frank can get him out of Marina's life. Olivia offers Frank advice: the more he tries to hold on to Marina, the further he'll push her away. She tells him he's acting like Alan Spaulding, which gets Frank's attention.

Later, Olivia talks to Alan at his mansion, where Alan confides that Natalia has made him feel again, and that he will continue to pursue Natalia, and that Gus is dead to him now. Alan still wants Olivia to try to get close to Gus. Later, Olivia sees Gus at Towers, and they share a drink. At one point, she considers telling him about Alan's plan, but she doesn't. She truly likes Gus as a friend, and offers her congratulations at hearing of his engagement, and wishes him happiness. It appears that she may not do what Alan requests her to do.

Cyrus shows up at Harley's house where he, Harley, and Marina will be working at the new detective agency, which is un-named for now, as Cyrus doesn't seem to fit the description of an "angel", so keeping the name of Harley's Angel's doesn't seem to be a good idea. Harley acts a little smitten, yet nervous about appearing to be so, and sets up the work area so that Marina is in between the two of them. But while waiting for Marina to arrive, Harley's computer freezes up, and Cyrus leans over her to work on it, which puts the pair in a very close situation. Marina arrives, and states that she needs an extension for her laptop computer. Cyrus goes straight over to the closet where it is stored, and Marina notices that Cyrus knew exactly where to go and comments about that, though not in a suspicious way. Cyrus innocently explains that he stayed there while Harley hid him there when they were trying to find Marina. However, when Harley realizes that other information could be shared if they worked together, she questions if it was a good idea to all work together, saying she's not sure she thought it through enough. Harley leaves to talk to Gus about a case they have to testify in, leaving Cyrus and Marina wondering what to do for jobs, and income. Cyrus thinks of a way to come up with some money. He goes to the Spaulding mansion and antagonizes Alan into giving the newly formed detective group a case to work on tracking down Phillip Spaulding.

Meanwhile, Frank goes to Harley's house after talking to Olivia and apologizes to marina and is trying to understand and accept her decision to be with Cyrus, after making it wasn't an act of rebellion. He tries to offer a large envelope, which Marina mistakenly thinks it's money, a sort of payoff, and she also accuses him of acting like Alan Spaulding. He quietly, and sullenly leaves. After he's gone, Marina opens the envelope to discover there was a police case file in it Frank had offered her a case to help her financially. The detective group now has two cases.

Gus and Natalia are at the mansion, trying to avoid Alan so that they can delay telling him about their new engagement. Since Alan has shown signs of wanting Natalia for himself, they are not sure how he'll take the news. Just then, Alan walks into the room, and Natalia shows him her ring. Alan offers congratulations, and Natalia walks over to him and thanks him. Alan tells her he couldn't be happier that she'll be a part of the family, then pulls her in and kisses her on her mouth! He apologizes for going too far, and then tells her that he hopes she'll take on the Spaulding name and enjoy all of the power that goes with it. Gus tells Alan her last name with be Aitoro, and that they will be moving out of the mansion one day. Alan tells Natalia that he'll be there for her when Gus breaks her heart one day.

Gus and Harley meet on Main Street to discuss a case. Gus tries to ease into telling Harley about being engaged to Natalia, but she tells him she knows before he has the chance. He tells her that he wanted to give his son, Rafe, some stability by marrying Natalia, and to be a good dad, and to do something in a big way to make up for all of the lost years. Finally Harley asks Gus if he wants to married to Natalia. He never really answers this, but they go on to discuss how they should not discuss the "other" partners in their lives. Harley informs Gus that she's leaving the police department and starting up her detective agency again, which means they will no longer have to work with other. As they say their goodbyes, Gus tells her that he'll miss working with her, and she says the same thing about him. Then she asks him to testify alone, saying she has a stress headache and is going to the spa.

While Harley gets a massage, she imagines that Cyrus suddenly is the one that rubbing her back. Then, the real masseuse wakes her and tells her that she fell asleep.

Harley returns home, where Marina is till there, leaving a cheesy love message on Cyrus' voice mail. Harley sees how much Marina cares for him, and smiles, as she is happy to see her niece so happy. Marina tries to convince Harley to give the detective agency a chance, and promises to be more sensitive around Harley by not gushing all over Cyrus in front of her. Marina shows Harley the information that Frank gave her, and Harley agrees to give it a chance. Marina leaves through the back door to look for Cyrus to tell him the news, as Cyrus walks in through the front door, and tells Harley he got them another job. He proceeds to tell her that he wants to do something special for Marina, and tells Harley of his idea to give her a day at the spa, and how he wants to tip the masseuse to let himself take over the massage part way through, and asks Harley if she thinks that's a good idea. Harley is shocked to hear him describe her dream so well! Marina returns, and Cyrus tells her the good news about getting the job, and Marina informs him about the job from her father.

After Gus leaves his visit with Olivia at Towers, he finds Natalia working at the hotel, and he tells her of how their relationship feels right now, now that Harley and Alan know, and since someone wished him congratulations and he could really feel happy about things now. Olivia overhears his joy from the hallway, and is happy for him. She then sees that she has a text message from Alan that says, "You still need my help. And I need yours." Olivia erases this message.

In the last scene, the camera pans Olivia's room from left to right, until we see Olivia laying on the floor, unconscious, with no visible signs of why.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Life

Olivia is passed out on the floor in a room at the Beacon. Natalia rouses her. Olivia immediately asks where is Phillip. Natalia explains that she found her on the floor and no one else was in the room. Olivia figures out that she was hit over the head. Natalia finds a note from Ava that says she took Emma to the library. Natalia takes Olivia to get her head checked out at the hospital. Rick looks over her wound. They discuss Phillip and how she wound up on the floor. Olivia doesn't remember, but she fears Phillip is after Emma. Rick promises to help her if Phillip comes after her.

After an extremely long wait at the hospital, Olivia runs into Beth, who's there visiting Rick. They discuss what happened to Olivia and Olivia learns that Beth also received a present for her baby from Phillip. She hasn't told Rick or anyone else about it because she feels a present is harmless. Beth wants to believe that Phillip may have mellowed after all the years he's been gone, but Olivia thinks Beth ought to know better than that.

Back at the Beacon, Olivia beefs up security. She asks one of her guards for a gun. He hands her a number for someone who can get her a weapon quickly. Ava and Emma return from the library. Rick calls Olivia back to the hospital to go over her test results. On the way to the hospital, she runs into Gus on Main Street. Natalia has told him about the incident. He's interested to know exactly what happened. After she tells him, she says she doesn't even trust Rick. Gus tells her that Rick's motives are not in question. He asks her to call him once she knows her results.

At the hospital, Rick tells her that she fainted. She had a splinter in her skin. He thinks she may have hit a coffee table on the way down. He wants to run more tests and send her to a heart specialist. Olivia waits around in the hospital for Dr. Lang to see her. After an examination by Dr. Lang, she learns that she might have an advanced case of dilated cardiomyopathy. He wants to medicate her to alleviate the stress on her heart. Olivia finds it hard to believe that she has a weak heart and never knew it. Dr. Lang explains it's a condition that manifests itself over time, but she is at risk for heart failure. The only cure is a heart transplant. Olivia nods with a blank stare as the gravity of the news sinks in.

Olivia loses the number of the gun dealer and after a meeting with her Beacon staff, she meets with Mel regarding guardianship of Emma. Mel advises her that if she has no guardian, Phillip can take custody of her. Mel suggests she draw up paperwork to make Bill her guardian.

Olivia meets with Bill Lewis. Bill keeps promising to spend more time with Emma. In conversation she learns that Bill kicked Billy out of his own company. Bill thought Olivia would be proud. Instead she's shocked at what kind of man he has become.

On Main Street, she runs into Buzz handing out campaign literature. After he gives a button to a little girl, Olivia remembers how good he was with Emma. She goes to see Ava who glows with joy over her day with Emma. She sees some sort of look on Olivia's face. Olivia makes comments about youth and enjoying life, letting nothing weigh her down. Ava is confused by where all the talk comes from, but Olivia doesn't tell her about her condition.

Back on Main Street, she sees a flyer that says, "Talk to God. He listens." She talks to God. She tells Him that she's never asked Him for a damn thing and she never will. She thinks that He owes her one. If He's going to give her two daughters and then rob her of a future with them, then she asks for one thing in return. She asks for forgiveness for what she is about to do.

Olivia marches into Alan's parlor. She tells him that she will break up Gus and Natalia with no questions asked. In return he must always keep Emma from Phillip in case she isn't there to do it herself. He swears to keep Emma safe. Satisfied, Olivia leaves as Alan is still asking her about Gus.

Back at the Beacon, she talks to Emma while the child sleeps. She asks her not to listen to anything people will say about her mother in the future. If she does, then she'll never know how much she brought to her mother's life. Gus comes to the door as she tells the sleeping girl about all the wonderful things she has done for Olivia, all the joy she brought her. She sobs on the child, telling her how much she'll miss her. Gus comes to Olivia. She holds onto him and sobs.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Olivia confides in Gus she thinks she's dying. Alan mentions to Rafe that Gus and Olivia have been spending a lot of time together. Olivia makes Gus swear not to tell the Spauldings about her heart condition. She asks Gus to sleep with her, but a flattered Gus denies. Rafe sees him kiss her on the cheek as he leaves. Gus calls Olivia to check in and Olivia reports to Alan that getting close to Gus will be fine with her. Daisy says that Rafe needs her - and so does Natalia. Nat threatens to throw Daisy out. Natalia tells Alan that Rafe's upset about the abortion, while Daisy acts like nothing happened. Rafe doesn't want Natalia to marry Gus anymore. Daisy slips Rafe a note and they slowly break down the wall between them. As Will acts out, not wanting to be in the shepherd in the play, Cassie almost misses Edmund. Josh reveals to Cassie that when Edmund wouldn't go away, he went to someone he knew would get the job done. Will starts crying, wanting Edmund back. Cassie asks Josh to let Edmund see Will for 10 minutes and he calls Jeffrey. Edmund taunts Jeffrey to get it over with and kill him already. Josh and Jeffrey inform Edmund that he will be sent to a compound in SC called Peaceful Valley or he'll be tried for Alonzo's death. Edmund begrudgingly agrees and tells Will to let Cassie raise and take care of him. Will begs for Edmund to stay and see him in the play. Everyone is shocked when Cassie says that Edmund can stay - just until Will's play.

Friday, November 30, 2007


At Harley's, Cyrus gives Marina the news that he is divorcing Alex in exchange for taking Alan's job. While Marina goes to follow up on the lead Frank gave her, Cyrus stays with Harley to figure out where Phillip is, Harley tells Cyrus about Phillip and he becomes concerned that the case is too personal for her. Harley insists it will be fine. The pair visits Beth since she told Harley she heard from Phillip. Actually, she received a gift from him--a baby spoon. At first, Beth states that she does not know where the gift came from but Cyrus charms her into admitting that the Beacon's massager brought it to her. Harley and Cyrus then find the messenger to shake him down for information. They chase the guy to the Beacon's stairwell and confront him. Cyrus intimidates the man into promising to fax a bill of sale to Harley's. While Cyrus is talking, Harley starts to get dizzy and freezes on the stairwell. With the messenger gone, Cyrus notices Harley freaking out and talks her out of the room. Afterwards, Cyrus tries to talk to Harley about what happened but she blames it on skipping breakfast. Later, back at Harley's a fax comes through. When Cyrus states that it might be about Phillip, Harley is confused as if she did not hear Cyrus discuss a fax with the messenger. A concerned Cyrus makes it clear that he does not think Harley's problem was due to not eating and admits that he has nightmares. He then talks to her about their shared near death experience and accuses her of acting as if she does not feel anything. Harley blurts out that she felt as if the floor was moving in the stairwell as if she was in water and that is why she held on to the rail for dear life. An understanding Cyrus embraces her as Marina walks in.

Will asks Josh and Cassie if Edmund can stay for Christmas. Josh and Cassie make it clear that Edmund is needed at San Cristobel. That is where his home is and where he is happiest. Josh leaves and Cassie takes Will to the church for the pageant rehearsal. Later, Will Cassie that he is playing the angel now since James had to drop out. Meanwhile, Beth has to take James to the hospital because of an injured arm. James tells his mother that he thinks one of the shepherds tripped him.

Jeffrey arrives at home with flowers. Reva knows something is up and asks what he died. Jeffrey tells her that they have a houseguest---Edmund. When Reva starts to object, Jeffrey tells her that Edmund knows about the paternity test switch and so Josh asked him to make the problem go away. Jeffrey tells Reva Edmund had a choice between going to Pleasant Valley (a posh maximum security prison) or being set up for Alonzo's murder. Reva agrees to let Edmund stay.

Jeffrey takes Edmund to Cedars to get his cuts looked at, There Edmund comes face to face with Beth who suggests that he leave town as he is useless to everyone now. Edmund also taunts Rick and reveals that he knows Beth's baby is Alan's. Edmund states that he would not want Rick to lose everything unless he was pushed too far.

Reva visits Josh. She warns him that she does not like what Edmund is doing to him. Reva does not like the idea of Josh getting rid of Edmund and warns him that once he goes over the edge, there is no going back. It will haunt him the rest of his life. Josh does not heed Reva's warning. Later, Jeffrey confesses to Reva that there is no Pleasant Valley. Edmund is going to San Cristobel on charges of killing Alonzo. He will die,

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